Saturday, January 27, 1912

Olean Times

Location: Olean, New York

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Text Content of Page 1 of Olean Times on Saturday, January 27, 1912

Olean Times (Newspaper) - January 27, 1912, Olean, New York TUB, JVJUTHKR. 6now flurries tonight Sunday, not much chance In tem- perature. LEASED WIRE SERVICE OF THE NATIONAL NEWS ASSOCIATION S THE OLDEST DAILY NEWSPAPER IN CATTARAUGUS COUNTY Paly Orobtei tarty Dttcater 3232 OLEAli MTt'KUAV, JAN. 27. Itf'l2. SUFFERERS NO AB> FROM (MCTMDiT Congress Will Decline to Make Affibjtiiation of tor by Mr. Wilson Committee Gives' "'SANK ITALIAN RUNS AMUCK, No Official Seasw for Its Fail- ire tin Act, But is Understood to fclieve 11 Heed Was Great Govtrnor Should Have Called Legislature to Extra Session Washington, Jan. sufferers from the.flood at Austin, Pa., on Sep- tember. 30th last, which swept away so .many lives, will get no relief from Congress. The appropriations commit- Wrecked Interior of Catholic Church in New Jersey. Hammonton, N. J., Jan. 27. Driven insane suddenly from some unknown cause, Antonio Bernato, an Italian, today wrecked 'the interior St. Joseph's Catholic church at this place, causing about terrorized the whole town and held a large posse at bay for nearly an hour. PEACE HOVERS OVERUWRERCE tee, it was stated on good authority toilay, will make no appropriation for that purpose. This decision was reach- ed by co.mmittee after considera- tion bl the bill of Representative Wil- son asking for an appropriation of The State of Pennsylvania, it was represented to the committee by .the delegation from Austin, had made no provision for the relief of the suffer- ers, owing to the fact that there had been no session of the State Legisla- ture since the flood. The only financial aiil received, according to the state-] l ment of the delegation, was J700 from] But They Are Making Attempts to the county and in private con- tributions, In addition to provisions and clothing. j While the committee gives no ex-j .Lawrence, Mass., Jan. planation of ita action in denying thei first definite attempt to extend the plea of the Austin sufferers, but will j strike of mill operatives at Law- STRIKERS FBKL THAT PROGRESS HAS BSiEN TOWARDS AGREEMENT. MUCH MADE ASSASSR BIG OH FIRE IN NEW YORK -HATT OIL WORKS 'SUSTAINED Ex-tend Trouble to Other Parts of State. From left to Right: Princess BRRUN, Jan. the occa only daughter, Princess Victoria Lou ed. The princess is the youngest strikingly handsome young woman, Vicotrla Ixniise, Emperor Wllhebn Grand Duke Adolph Friederick. eion of Bmperor Wilhelm's birthday yesterday, the engagement of his ise, to Duke Adolph Priederick of wan annouuc- child of the royal family. She was b orn on Sept. loth, 1902. She is a and is fond of all outdoor sports and is an excellent horsewoman. simply fall to make any provision for relief as requested in tlie bill of Mr. Wilson, It Is unofficially stated that it help was badly needed the Governor of Pennsylvania should have convened the State Legislature in extra session ami taken such measures as the situa- tion ..warranted. Ctorning, 'Jan.. Prank Baldwin of Austin, Pa., has been ap- pointed by tli'e-federal court master in entity in ail action by which William G. Pheips as trustee for bondholders! seeks to realize on a mortgage! against the Baylisa .Pulp Paper com- pany of Austin, whose dam gave way on September 30th. Senator Baldwin is directed to sell the real estate of the Bayless company on February 14th at Condersport, Pa. rence over the whole state was made today. A sub-committee of the. strikers' committee went to Ply- mouth lor the purpose of Inducing WANTS TO AMEND INSURANCE LAW Hotchbiss Also Recom- mends Increase in Salary from to strike leaders Bttor and William M. Albany, Jan. to Company, of which William M. Wood is president, to The conference heild between John Piirroy Mitchell (tying. New York, Jan. Pur- roy MItchel, president of the board of aldermen, is in a critical condi- tion in St. Luke's hospital and may die. Ho has been ill several weeks from typhoid fever. At the hospital it was admitted today mat Mr. Mit- chell's condition Is eerlous. the strikers ilie Insurance law are recommended rf It is felt that substantial progress! intondent of Insurance llotchkiss, Cardinal William H. All for the reception whioh U to to the second 'newly consecrated American Cardinal W11- llain H, O.'flonnell, who will arrive tomorrow morning on board the Steamship Canopic, were practically concluded today. has .been made and hopes for a set- tlement are felt everywhere. MORSE REMOVED TO PIEDMONT HOTEL Pardoned Banker Still Too Weak and m to Make trip to England Atlanta, Ga., Jan. W. Morse was removed from the coast hos- pital at Ft. McPherson to a suite of rooms in the fashionable Piedmont hotel early today just after dawn. Dr. A. It. Fowler, the former prison phy- sician, now Morse's specialist, took charge of the arrangements for the removal and the early hour was chosen to avoid a curious crowd. Dr. Fowler says it IB Impossible to say how long it will be before Morse will be able to make his hoped-for trip to Europe. whose term 'expires Feb. 17. He would have the term of his succes- sor end in July, pointing, out that i the new incumbent must spend half a year before he can get in touch with the legislature. He also rec- ommends that the salary of superin- tendent bo increased from seven to ten thousand dollars. He also rec- ommends that the expense of exa.mi- nat'ion of companies be no longer re- funded to the state treasury. 2O Farmers to Build a Telephone Competing Line. Angelica, Jan. farm- ers living just east of this village have organized the East Angelica Telephone company. The officers are: Jesse Bullock, president; Dav- id Evans, secretary; Ray Wafler, treasurer; James Lytle and Fred Weeks, directors. The farmers became dissatisfied with the service given 'by one of the big companies. They will build their own lines and conduct with the com- peting central office in this village. Stor? is a Fake, Says Gaby, and (tanner Bags Added Ttat Reports of Her Were Greatly London, Jan. a American eipreulon jyUle. Deiljri, Parisian dancer of .ktogi, today dU- jaliMd that she had been serried In city to Harry Pllcer, member of the Winter tlarden compwij .with her in New York; Afttr explaining that WM Hie victim of practical joke the singer continued: "One can't get married in London on the day after arrival, you know, and I only arrived here Wednesday. Anyhow, Mr. Pilcer li already married. I brought Mr, Pilcer to London with .me to In an engagement at the Alhambra. That cablegram to New York announcing my wai a fake." BISHOP COLTOX DOES NOT KNOW Still Unaware That Dean Haniel Had Passed News Kept From Him Until More Fully Recovered. Buffalo, Jan. surprising fact was learned today that Bishop Colton of the Roman Catholic diocese of West- ern New York, had uat yet .been ap- prized of the death, on January Kith last, of the Rev. J. J. Hamel, of St. Mary's parish, Olean, one of the most Inir.ortant parishes In the diocese. The weakened condition of Bishop Colton made It appear unwise, to break to him the news of Dean Uamel's death at this time. So soon as the-blshop has gained sufficient strength from his re- cent lllncBS the matter of a successor to St. Mary's parish will be taken up, and it is believed great care will be eicrelsed in filling the vacancy, be- cause of the importance of the parish. RUSSIA ABSOLUTE MASTER OF PERSIA Subjection of Tbat Country Made Complete by Order Forbid- ding Use of Firearms Tabriz, Persia, Jan. sub- jection of Persia was riiade absolute in this city today by a proclamation forbidding Persians to bear arms. The commander of the. Cossacks was or- rttred to disarm all Persians within a fortnight. Man Killed at Pottvllle By Slewing oi Sleds Portville, N. Y., Jan. 27, This morning about eight o'clock as Porter Hanks, Jr., was drawing a load o! chemical wood to the Pennsylvania station in this village to lie loaded, sleds slipped, pinning him be- tween the load and a car In such a way to crush his torso. He was taken to thn home of his father on Temple itreet, where he cared for by Or. M. J. McCarey. In spite of everything that could be done for him, however, he died this afternoon about two'o'clock the result of his hurts. Mr. Hanki. wliow home IB at Deer about four from here, waa atout IB yean of-age.. He Is survived a. wlte and three children. TUT OR ROOSEVELT WERE NOT MENTIONED New York Republican State Com- mittee Adjusts Role to Fit New Primary Law New York, Jan. New York Slate Republican Committee met today am! adopted the report of a sub-com- uiittce of seven by which tlie organiza- tion of the rules of tlie state commit- tee are brought into fidjustment with state primary. Tlie sub-com- mittee's report was u lengthy and in- tricate one. Secretary CHeuson said af- ter the meeting that neither the names of President Taft of Theoddre Roosevelt had been mentioned. HUNT FOIt WOIA'KS. Dunkirk Ximrods Alter Those He- ported Visitors Krom Canada. Dunkirk, Jan. of hunters from this city are In the country near Westfield and Barce- lona, aiding In the search for the three wolves which are reported to have come across the lake on the ice I from Canada. I Old residents of this city say they I remember instances of foxes having i crowed from Canada, but that they j never ibefore heard of wolves mak- ing the long trip. It was many years ago that the lant wolf was killed in Chautauqua county. Exploded a Bomb in an Attempt to Kill Manchu General and Leader at Midnight STHAMttK IS ASHORK. lint All Passengers Are Said to Hove Been Take Off. Seattle, Wash., Jan. Alaska Steamship Company's steam- er Santa Anna Is ashore In Oarta Bay, Alaska, but all of the passen- gers have been taken off. A LOSS Of IN 8PKC- All Available Fire KlKhtliiR Ap alus Wa.s Kiixhcd To Tin- Scene to Check Spread of l-'laiiu's. .New York, Jan. which started today in the I'ratt Oil Works at tlu> foot of North Twelfth atiwt, WilllaiiiBuurg, gained rapid headway uaO threatened destruction of a num- ber of I lie big oil tanks and surround- ing buildings. So rapid was tlie spread of the HaiiK'S that four alarms wt-nij sounded in rapid succession bringing all available lin- fighting apparatus to the scene. All factories nearby closed down at 10 o'clock. Snow and cold iiampered the llrwiien. At o'clock two hours after "the flames broke out they were still burning fiercely. Two fireboats had been summoned and were helping fight the lire from the water front. Aa fast as possible the Immense oil tanks were drained. At the loss was, estimated at. fully The burned giillnns of oil in thu1 tp.nning department of the oil works in WIlliainBhurg. Spontaneous combustion is Itelicved to have started the fire. Another Bomb Was Thrown at Tientsin and Score of Rebels Were Pat to Death at Pekin For Harder IVItin, .Jan. Liang, one of flic fonunoHL of the imper- ial Lst. and a. leader of the army league, was fatally Injured by u bomb at miilniK-ht. The assailant was killed 'by the iufernul machine. The assassin was blown to pieces by tin1 Xewti of the outrage <Teai.dd gn.'iit. excitement, especial- j ly in Mnnrliu fin-lea, because of the I importanco the Munrhu soldiers were ordered to make a complete investigation to as- certain how many were in the con- spiracy and orders were given to put the of the plot to death upon rapture. (General Liang was at onu time viceroy of Manchuria, and was one of the most, trusted of the MunclMis. In November last he was appointed Tartar general at Jfilml. tlm seat of the imperial aum- tner It IF. reported that more I han a of inibjorts were seized by Mancliu suldierH and put to death today jifur brutal tortures. 'Pi en t si n. Jan. attempt was made h'-n1 today to assassinate Ceneral an Imperial- ist, hy a rebel sympathizer. A bomb was ihrou'ii at the general as he stood upon the railway platform, but the aim the wuuld-be assassin was bad, and the machine exploded at a safe distance. The man was Imme- diately seized and placed under ar- rest. FRANCE WANTS ITALY TO MAKE APOLOGY Peppery Frenchmen All Stirred! Up by Fresh Seizure of French Vessel Paris, Jan. for satis- faction from Italy were Increased by Intense. Indignation today over the seizure of the French steamer Tavig- nano in French waters off fliban, Tu- nis, by an Italian warship last night. When it iH-came known today that the warship bad tired on barges which put 01? from shore to take off the steam- j ship's passengers the agitation even j spread to official circles. Despite the Thomas Lynd Died Suddenly In Geneva This Morning KILLED IN' WRECK. James T. Harahan, foriicr president of the Illinois Central railroad, who was one of the five men killed -in railroad wreck on the Illinois Central Railroad''at Centralia, 111., when the Panama Limited, running at the rate of fifty miles an hour crashed into the private car occupied by Mr. Har- ahan and other railroad officials, which waf attached to the rear of the fieml- nok Limited, killing him snd four of the other (Teneva, N. V., .Ian. 27, Thomas, a prominent hotelkceper of tin's city, diod suddenly this morning. .Mr. Lyncl's wife died here early in the week and It is 'believed that grief fol- lowing his loss was at least a contrib- uting cause to his death. M. J. Lynd of Olean, a brother, was with him. Thomas Lynd was a son of Mark Lynd of North Seventh street of this city and was well known heie. He formerly managed a large hotel in Philadelphia, and for some years past had been located at Geneva, where he v. as t.he proprietor of one of the leadT ing hotels, which he recently sold. Mr. and Mrs. James Sullivan, ex- Alderman M. J. Lynd and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lynd all went to to Geneva Wednesday following the death of Mrs. Li nd and some of them have not yet returned. The two sudden deaths so close together In the same, family ex- cite the profound sympathy of the en- tire community. Besides the relatives mentioned Mr. Lynd is survived by a brother, Henry of Buffalo, fact that the. Tavignano was released today the government Is being peti- tioned to make Italy render public urology and to guarantee uninterrupted passage, of inoffensive merchant ships through the regular channels of traffic. Fireman Violently Insane. .New London, Conn., Jan. ing violuutly insane, James ilcClus-1 Abdul Hamid. deposed Sultan of i ky, a fir.emau, employed on a Cen- Turkey, whose private correspoh- tral Vermont line steamship, plung--deuce will soon be officially publlsb- ed into the harbor. He was drowned ed by the new Government in Con- before he could be fished out. stantinople. -f-t Paraguay is Clamoring For War Against Argentine and Latter May Shell the City Asuncion, Paraguay, Jan. demonstrations were made in the streets of the capltol today and mobs marched up to the executive palace shouting 'Down with and "Let us fight." Reports from Buenos Ayres that Argentine was making pr ra being Milled tor service.

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