Thursday, October 16, 1890

Olean Democrat

Location: Olean, New York

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Olean Democrat, The (Newspaper) - October 16, 1890, Olean, New York SIXTEEN PAGES PAGES! The Democrat. VOL. XI. CO.' NEW YORK, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 16, 1890. NO. 47 r AJILLKll DEAD. A BRILLIANT LEGAL LIGHT RUTH- LTi-LY EXTINGUISHED. Thp ti JurU Tl Was, u IViv i n ;mh- injrtt.n a J. i sSo.u- Sur- roiiiidrd liy V, -in of of i i-. A St. -j i: rv, o the t m d oil j o' J'r.-fm ate Just ce re i .j, ral rl 0 for a by cl.-ht n fjvr min- Miller ot who (la'.s hourly- f.i-i the fa-, a' utes btfor Samuel r.-fm 'cr. jus- tipe of li.p fe'ip-vm- (ii'irt of the ITnited States, v-ho ar residence in this city last nijchr, xras born at Jtlichmond, Ky., April 15, ISIQ. HP -r.duatcd at the medical department cf th? Transylvania University in lfV'8. a ui pr.uti-cd medicine for a few years, but became a lawyer. In 1850 Judge Miller removed to Iowa, where he became a prominent among Republicans in chat state. He, however, declined nomination to numer- ous state offices, devoting his time and efforts to his profession, in which he took high rank. In 1862 President Lincoln appointed Mm associate justice of the supr- me court of the United States. He was at the time of his death thp oldest justice in continuous service on the supreme couri bench. Judge Fieid who was .--.piointfd by President Lincoln in 1863 comititc next, and Judges Bradley, appointed in 1870, Marian, Gray, Blatchford, Fuller, Lamar and Brewer following next in order of seniority of service. AN EXTRA SESSION OF CONGRESS May be Called by the President at an Early Day. WASHINGTON, Oct. A large number of political gossips in Washington are of the opinion that the president will call an extra sessioa of congress. While it is known that the Republican leaders are not of one mind on the extra S'-ss.ion ques- tion, it is believed by many of those who are supposed to kuow wnat is going on, that the president has already "made up his mind to issue a proclamation before the concressional elections convening con- gress about Nov. 11. It is said that a number of conferences have taken place between fiepubliean sen- ators on the subject and iliac it has been talked of at cabinet meetings. At these discussions a majority of those iu attend- ance were in favor, so report, says, of con- vening congress at. an early day. Should an extra be called its main purpose will be the passage of the elections bill and the congressional appor- tionment bill. PITTSBURGH HONORED GUESTS. Tho Iron and Steel Men Entei tainol In the (dv. -i I U ,.u i .n. il (c hour city .-it '1 he 'othe v. ith d lob- lU-iacnt DEATH OF GEN. BELKNAP. Oct. yesterday morning the v.CMC r and the Ltwi'jn .'i'< n house I v. r a seekers after i'lloi 1 cfomp'inying th (i -.t Iron aii t-ttp ever h< Id in Ameri'-f, 1 throngs in the hotel pi i t hot ouphly enjoying i; they were 1. At U o'clock the distingu shut visitors .'i.'ute'l for Carnegie hall in Allegheny, of the and their ladies p eierring to walk the, nrl" :md a At 10 o'clock the tl'-leprali s were all i-i iheir places. The auditoriu-n with its M-a.iug capacity of was comfortably J lied. The decorations were confined to the nationalities Sir J.-iniev rvidj ch I'rni-in of the niec'ting. Jolm H. ErickF.on. cbair- m.'n of the general re. option committee, lelivere 1 address, cf welcome. The papers v ore read: "The 1 robable Future of the Manufacture of Sir Lothian Bell, b.irt., F. R. S., Aiii! liesborough; "The of Iron and Hteel Ships against Foundering from Injury to their Shells, including the use of by Nathaniel Barnaby, K. C. B. (.ate chief constructor of her 3sty's London; '-Tho Development of the Marine Engine and the Progress made fa Marine Entrineering during the past Fif- teen by Mr. Seaton, M. J. C. E M. I. M. E., M., Coundl L, N. A., Hull. At 1 o'clock the clvlex.-ites left for Wild- wood, v. here the petroleum and gas field? were inspected. One of the wells was shoi with nitvo-glycenne while the visitors w ere present, delegates as did not go to the oil fields were escorted to th? ex- and ether points of interest about the city, including Davis Island dam and 'he Ohio river connecting bridge. THE COAL Members of the Trade" Discuss Farther Restriction in Pennsylvania. PHILADELPHIA, Oct. meet'ng of the anthracite coal trade was held yester- day at noon at the office of the Reading iompany on South Fourth street for the purpose of talking over the situation und lisRttssing the question of further restrict- the production. The following officials were present: W. rl. Saye, general coal aorent of the Lehigh Valley railroad; E. Hill, coal ageat. Lehigh Coal and Navigation company; W. E. Street, secretary Pennsylvania company: F. Wilson, general sales agent, ngh and Wilkes-Barre Coal company; E, .i. Holden, vice president, Delaware, L'-icJi- d, wanna and Western railroad; James C. treasurer and general sales agent, and Hudson Canal company; T. Moore, sales agent, New York, Susque- rianna and We-tsrn railroad company aud M. Richjirds, general coal sales agent, leading railroad. Xo definite conclusions were reached and they adjourned to meet in New York on the 18th inst THE ERIE'S TROUBLES. Expires Suddenly at His Washington. WASHINGTON, Oct. Gen. W. W. Belknap, secretary of war during Presi- dent Grant's second term, was found dead in his bed at 9 o'clock yesterday morning. It was believed that death occurred be- tween 1 o'clock Saturday night and 9 o'clock Sunday morning. From John W. Cameron. Gen. TJflkaap's business assoc- iate, it is learned for some ti-ne it has been the general s na.bit to meet a feTr friends at the- home of Dr. who lives less than a square for a social game of Late Saturday night he was there usual, and remained unt'l nearly mid- night, when he returned to his, apartments in the Evans building at 14'20 Xew York avenue, and presume tly retired immedi- ately. He was never again seen alive. About o'clock yesterday morning Mr. Cameron arrived at the building, and taking the mail for and the gen- eral from t he box en the first floor pro- ceeded to the second floor, where their offices and the general's apartments are located. He had separated the genera "i'.s mail from his own. which he 1 reading, when the j-ervam prl ket-ps the rooms in order rapped at the door and in- quired if Gi-n. was out cf the city, saj ing she 1'ad several times siuce Sunday morning tried the door but found them locked. .Mr. Cameron, startled at what the pirl had said, immediately tried the doors himself, but thry were "locked. The jani- tor was summoned and the door was un- locked when the botly was found lying on the lied, part.y uncovered. A physician was and after making a brief exaiuin.-i: ion. he expre'-.'-c-d the opinion that had from a stroke ot spoj.k-x.'. The coroner afterward arrive-! the bodv in .Mrs Belknr.p, who has bee-n at Xewpnrt other TO during the srinr.] -r motithv in New York city diKiiix the vir< was Mini- by anl .-Ko the gpn- 'i n. Hiiqli, frn77n hiv in CLj- whore he i< cuijii'.rf'l in the offices of 'he lialtimorp and ilailroad Think the Toinp-sny is Playing a of TiiafT. YORK, Oct. n. :.e Federal ion of En-. met in Jersey i, M; 10 whstt i.erof tbs lefusul o .'.c omt'any. Yotir.gson TV und the follow, ii c I it true that iiie '.'cs rhan competing o: it le-ss ou some ti-iii- v. M ,iisist on their ut did not inten y would not have H- ir.inittee is in the present d to be in no in- of them think the a game of bluff. lu- of c i sist on them -e i Icimi'.lated.'' f h ivc power The men are d for trifling and c-.mpanr is play- A CHILD FATALLY INJURED. For some years Gf-n had been n constant coul. as the of Gen. Belknap wsi ktiown st ih" war department. Act- inn >trrc-tary (irant or'lerfd the flagon the t uildniK if> IT pnt at half ia bfitiT of tbp ex retiry. and pavf direc- the building Vx> draped in black for the rmUmary period He com- nririra'of! toe family of the de- io whatever astiKtaccf tbey TTL-ht department in tbe for the itopvr on the body of r.jxrlosed tht fact that of ihc inrer lining of the benrt. T-ttlle t Heimerlee Rnn by a Itiiflstlo Drarman. BUFFALO. Oct. Early last evening, n-.ploye J by the KutTalo Carting .iiiy. i" n stake wacon corner cf Mortimer and .t-.-ts with a load of furniture. XTIO-A i 'In .vn and ran over a four year-old Marsiaret Heimerl-r. She wa.< T ir-'.y brtiis? 1 and int'-rua'.ly i'lj'ircd. r.r.-l f.-irrifl to her ti n iiei-e .ble tr> viv- ?he -jiM's life, and she died a few lir.Jir 1 Ti. dr" <T. Mush, ns MXIU as hv t-r-. -iu: had rr.n ovrrthech53 t d li-v ris .-iUdu K 1. <-cn fo io -i levrlnnd'd Alrrt "VJI.ANP, OCT. 1 nT.ti nntifie-1 thf -pi iy morning that ii.- J-TJ- r i O.Tnuijh the n certain rJ-c. i 1 ;1 if- t in q a cl i Tny '.-Tf-rr-d a 5n 'a tl." Vi't-'i ho fni' ".-lit. i 7j'i l.f'i Tbr- .Tt f ill tic tbat it lottery I A BOX OF GIANT POWDER EXPLODES IN A WORKMAN'S t- ND3. Two MPII lull Ilo.lics fully ?I Knilly Six of AVhoKi Tit? Accidmt Occurrd at Tunnel, Thirty West of Lcj-.'lville, Col. LKADVILLE, Oct. 15.-A terrible explosion was rt-porte.l at the Iva-ihoe Busk tunnel, thirty miles of here yesterday morning. One of tin? workmen entered the tunnel with a box of giant powder, remove 1 one of the s'icks und accidentally knocked it against the wall. It explode 1, killing him instantly end frightuilly mangling his bo-ly. The of the caust-d the entire of powder to explode with ter- rific force, lulling a man who was work- ing near and badly injuring eight others, six of whom will die. It is impossible present to obtain a list of the names. THE DEAD JURTST. Arrangements Completed for the Funeral of Justi-e 3Iiller. WASHINGTON, Oct. The arrange- ments for the funeral of Justice Milter were completed last night. The funeral serrices will take place in the supreme court room at the 2 and 3 o'clock Thursday afternoon. The Dr. Shippen of this city will condncfc the ser- vices, and Rev. Dr. will de- liver the address. The remains will be taken from the court room to the Pennsylvania depot, thence to Keokuk, la. The justices of the supreme court will act as pall bearers and will accompany the remains to Keokuk. Tho train will leave here at p. m. on Thursday and will reach Keokuk Saturday morning about 10 o'clock. The arrangements for the funeral of Gen. Belknap are not It has been decided, however, that the funeral will take place from St. John's church in this city and that the general will be buried at Arlington. TEN MS. A You t L .r tillK' him. HTI t her t he man -rht I'cr hrre the authorities 1 t that she to or PEARLY STORY FROM WISCONSIN. The Precious Gains Sjihl to Abonn-1 in tin- Small CHII.TOX, Oe-t. 13 c-xcitcmcnt cau.sod by discovery ol in the nsar Albanv. in this ha.s -prt'iJ tj this "His ge-j.s 1 cf-n in the north and south blanches of the the ller ,'.i ;.iid creek, besrles num- erous lakes which lie in the county of Ti.e v.-.atc-r is very clear and comes mestly from f.prini's, which are numerous in this coui'ty. The bottom of these streams are sjiidy and fnll of gravel, and in this gravel are millions clams. Oatof t-.voorthree varieties of the pearl-producing clams are found, and the numl er of pearls found in a single clam averages from on" to fifty. Specimens t-f rl.e pe rls have been sent to Chicago. Xew Ycrk and ililwaukee. and favorai le report? as to their value have been returned. CINCINNATI'S CROOKEDNESS. THE SUPREME COURT ADJOURNS. Ceremony of Announcing: tin- Death of Justice Miller. WAsniXGTOS, Oct. TThen the su- preme court of the United Slates assem- bled yesterday the room in which it holds its sessions was crowded with spectators, most of them being present to hear the announcement of the of Associate Justice Miller. The chair tha- had been occupied by the deceased jurist was Heavily draped in black. There were no other signs of mourning about the conrt room. Whc-n ihs crier had announced that the court was session. Chief Justice Fuller announced in a low voice the death of Justice -Miller. "On this he said, "no business will be transacted and the court adjourned until Monday Members of the conrt thea filed out to their robing room. The whole ceremony did not over two minutes. The Legislature Try to Straighter, Affairs in the Paris of America. COLUMBUS, O.. Oct. legislature convened in extra session rday. The governor's xts fora that session because of the deplorable condition of the public seivice at Cincn- nati, and for the purpose of securing the necessary legislation to give the people an opportunity to select the members of cer- boards of the November election. He. says it is unnecessary to enumerate the charges of crookedness which been made an'i concerning wLich a major- ity of the members are informed. The message says the has come to recru- late. und at the adjourns.! session a-lopt a new charrer for The message cites the statement of a prominent citizen that Ciucinna-i the lowest grade of politic-il morals of any city in the country. THE NEWS CAME TOO LATE. Count of Paris at Gettysburg. GETTYSBURG. Pa., Oct. 15. The Count of Paris aud his fellow touri-ts a'-rived here evening at o'clock over the Western Maryl-md road. Gens. Newtori. Slrt-uni. Howard an i IVitterFelu, are here and will go over the field with the to- 'ay. explaining their positions during tbe fitrht. The t'.ay will be devoted to a thorough inspection of the entire 1-attie fi: Id. evening a re- ception will be temiered the count at which the freedom of the toxm will be ex- him. Death of Jack McAnliffc's "VTifc. YoriK. Oct. Mrs. Kate McAn- liffe, an actn-ss ctirzagel with tha Djnuely Girurd Xutural Gas Company." and the wife "f Jack McAuliffe, th- champion lightweight pri7e fignter, suddenly last in the Pic'.e hotel on Sixth aver th The cause c.f her death is sup- PO-PH to have heart Mrs. Mr-A-htTe was known on the stare as K.Ve wujf-h wa- an Kelp .VrA'ilifft- marri--d Ja k in California some months ago. A Suicide's Imparts Jojful licence to Her Byinz Hnsband. j LOUISVILLE. Oct. Robert Cole w..s lying on death bed la-t v.-eek from a wound produced lyhi'.'-Tvn hand, the result of des-pnndvncy ca-i-ed by his I wretched poxerty. Mr- Cole rtceivei a j telegram from New York :.n: TI that j she and her brother, a ri.--iil--ir of I were the heirs to r... e-t.ite ral'reu j at The glad ticliim? were read to I the husband, bxit they c imo too late. In tvv o hour? he dead .vlrs. c'ole c ime from Southampton. Er.gland, la.iny age. 'i he money was left to her and her brother. John Evans cf New York, by ;-.n aunt who lived i in Southampton. A jsta-c UKIAII, Oct. ovtr! rid rolibed Sunday n north of this place. The Wells-: company's trerti-ure 1 ox nd tbe I i States mail v.'ere While robber was cutting the :nail s-cks c Driver McDanicIs a i istnl nt i but it did fro off. rfiL-b-.-r rt-i o and fire! two shots at he n TV l '1 her ''n fir A'Si l hp for Tbf "1 a r< i 11 tri r HitA pl..a 4' '1 iTii In c f ml r ot toe into THE ,'CAK r 1 ENTHUSI -r i_i r- n A in' '-I1 ''C'M' r tariff u C ri 'i Me! HE FLOtt Ti.e I A II v.nx'i r.oi: ti.e K.-nr Then, cock at li- V r M yi. tine Arid 'i I 'K I'd Ii O'-t. tin- X. Y., I. i and .T-nator Trunk II v 1 n am'ilujce of S.r-TJ p.- i le 1 fr :u ea-t at p tl tu ij.c Pow-rs hot'l a nil tee. lie was at ti.e rink, as Georce F. Daniorth r ij-pe and a lati-e i, New York i ;.ttj.ri''.a-jce. Speaker ii for is eenat'. r. sided r Der Iict7n-: wero in said v.-hf-n intr I tha-ik you ing. bur I thank vou not ace.dents. The line.- i-f- in 'Le of hi? I believe this to the cause- of good go-e'-ament in country. Parties ar laid very f f- lows ir. th'- ft, Ano'L r mr r. e'.icvesic progress, bri" thar the I C'.cs forward. ;s z is a licau. I: unfair to speak of the LisV. of !t is isL-ir because r: har'- La'I very littls to do it. V.'e i c.-" -i zf} ahp-.-'I and drag Icinot -r.Li ia a ;iri' I: -.1.7 man vrca: i f-id h-_- a favor cf on part br c--ly to ta e 7ip the events cf rhe "ytars asl Tvhat ip t.are aad K-her. different havr ratine tn lie r.-It of the to role is premfc. ca-_ Co outragr? t re public try. have system rclt nv the rrs'i- jarity. The the Democr live sc-Tith rf and D ion's Hue. Northern Dens'X-rs-3 ssder the of the I ba-e heard Dem- ocratic frria the North ter under their sri say whar ih-r wou'.d do at convenient nrae. B-tnt they nevtrr do I wish it other- wise. I think some Derriccrsts begin to see this ti_ing rightly. Seme are losing t goverz- Ic-ion a cJi e. tLs c o; miliions -f peorl.- without their ilk t-n it ia ih- Ti-.e Wo em 3-r it. --f rt iry a: ict- the MtKinl-.'v t th Democratic niicd civerc every farm with a iro fill-d every city tne well which I ni? to r.izht They sat throngh that. But whet: the question of giving a ored man his seat came up the Deiprv. cratic p.-.r-y adequately bv Perhaps it was bp- -e Pu'fe.svir had a high of For at any they got up an-1 I f? tho biiiliiinsr. The U -mot-rats allowed the tiv i.i.! t pas- "or the sake of inn the constitutionrhty of the of An Alabama ha? re dy dec.ded that it nai. It But we are to I a l v a t. b> thr people of utitty i- not cr: lljr- i i V, e c. 11 i a u M< h Of -IK-, id vote -.1 Inive arts con- ti We 1 c-'.r. fi-'c-i'ls s. i ones x d in- i ii'i t' j s iji.l to Jc-vy h a r.if 1 n btir-iiilatc tlie f f art Ho ia this country, i become the largest nation of the ecnli. We propos-e to s'lpplj- our own ii" and when we hfe'j supplied them propose to supply forc-ijrrn marke'.s. We ni have ;-F.fI have th'-m. VMS r.iove forward. There are other plcr'g'S to be redeemed. The federal elec- .II mv.-t be passed. There are r.--i-i thU la-v. no matter it may cot in the blood of the black man, S'nce Clayton of took his de- part-are from this world it has become set- tied that no Republican, black or white, fchail Save any part in the government of f-'-outhern We are pledged to rii-h- this great wrong. If we can control h'jisa cf representatives.-then we may the fact thar the battle has been foe ght oat and the victory won. If we acr-jraplish the legislation to which our is comtaitred tr.en troub- -..erLer- were frequently inter- tiori ratried bv i appause. STABBED A BREAD KNIFE. 3Tnn Canses a Eoiv "Which in HLi n are -I r- a; r.-_s antagonist, Au this jttiicnire James innnate of the hosse, stepped bc-'Tveea trie man and received the fcaiie tiirass ia die lack, inSieting s dangerous cnt. McLanghlia thea stabbed Mahony dire.tly ever the heart. The two men removes to fie Ixospltal. die. -wotnid is a serioas escaped- TO CLEANSE CfNCJNNAT! POLITICS. of the to Ac- tion on Governor Campbell's 2Iessagew O.. Oct. branches of general assembly convened yester- day at 10 o'clock. A joint committee of both houses called on the governor and nc-tif ed him that the legislature was ready to what he had to say. In a fetrmin- utcs Private Secretary Meeker appeared the was read :n both L-mrihss ".of-re n and artenttve In the it was referred to t-e committee by a vote of E5 1C Ia the st-nate the Republicans opposed -t, Mr. of Lawrence wanting it laid on t-e table. Mr. Cole of Scioto moved to amend by referring it to sen- ate as committee of the whole for im- mediate action. This was defeated, ilr. Richards on a motion to refer to the ju- d-.ciary cotnmittee made a long speech- against it in which he into tbe11 history of the Cincinnati r.ffair. Tbe'-.- senate .idjoumed to inee: at o'clock. lit-jr.! V. th? nz to be of a ,d cf the thcT th-? 1 as an AHr of MAKTIXSVILLE. Oc-. liquor Sealers of Morgantov. a are alniocst in a state of siege. Saturday a mite bomb was placed under drug store and the explosion which fol- lowed scattered the druggie's "red eje" promiscuousiy. diimaging and the building A notice wa? pl.iccd on Xortnan's drag store door saying hia next in litie. William saloon keeper. notified to leave withia twenty rf tb a h y lr r-i "if t ,1 HIM tbe American Flag. Tonovro. Oct. public ce'pbration of Ibe anniversary rf the bat- tle of Qownttorrn Heights took plnoe Mon- day. The ceremonies ia the w-pre strongly patriotic. an1 T'nioft Jack floated fr. n all At the Dnf- strict trbool. tbe in inion. the American -was prodncp-3. and thf children grew exritod an 2 vigorously, and wore not quiet'-d nnti'tbe flag pinn'-d beneath the TDKI i ,7trk, of t f'T) a h' an-i I? "jrn L h v 'cr Koine, 1- I'n i n -ir-. It. ..'.It HI hr ;r> v J >s? 8.0 soon he 1th Ar, Cat' --H br r- Oct r rk bv -it rJ-> h liftf i r- M able to at the to his nr.ud tbe .n f hlrh .1 a t'ie V foUB llTW were r ,M