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New York World (Newspaper) - June 7, 1887, New York, New York Number of Published Imst Week nnd also Durlns the Corresponding in Four Preceding Years 1883 1885 1884 Published Last Week PECDHAK DISCOVERT AMONG UNCLAIMED BAGGAGE OP THE A Box Blarkeil to n German Stuff Omcer Comploto FlanB of French ami OfTicer to Ilnve neon 1887i W York CABLE DEBPA3VH TO THT jounial Zit an ar itolowon the recent Ctutmpague says that all the unclaimed baggage was brought to Havre and placed laoao at tho warohonsea of the Among this unclaimed baggage were few valises and two or These havo JUBI been opened for the purpose of tracing their In oae of the trunks a singular discovery was On tho trunk was tho name of a Ger l man stair In the trunk cards bearing tho Umo name aud rank were There were also jnthla trunk very accurate nnd complete sketches of various forts and protected places In Franco which were clearely the work of a There were other papers In tho trunk which further established tho Identity of tho officer in It 13 now was lost or drowned during tho dis Sir Charles Dllke and Lady Dilko are in Paris on their way back to Sir Charles has been Interviewed by a He says that he Is giv ing his entire attention now to literary Tho translations ol His unloves the FortntglMv Re view aro soon to bo printed In book form lie Is now preparing a series of articles upon the Eng lish Paris olllclals are very ranch disturbed over the discovery of very large through which a number of tho leading banks In Paris and through out Europe have lost large These forgeries consist of very skilfully concocted letters of credit purporting to havo been Issued by the Anglo Callfornlaa Bank of San The letters of credit aro always presented by very gentlemanly looking who nave with them letters establish ing their Everything Is In such regular form that many of the most prominent banks have been The largest sum drawn from any one bank was It Is estimated that this gang of swindlers has succeeded in getting upward of i from various European banks through those fraudulent letters of credit and havo thus far escaped PROTESTING THEIR The Ticrlilnli ministers Deny Having Bern lirlbed liy Grant June de Montebello and tho 1ronch and Russian ambassa dors Have lodged objections on the part of their governments to the ratification by Tur key of the AngloTurkish convention relative to in communicating his Governments hinted that if the Sultfm ratified the such action might cost him his Ho also Indirectly charged England with bribing the Grand Vteier with and other palace officials with large In order to secure their approval of the The after his Interview hurriedly summoned Sir Henry Drummond tho special British Envoy with reference to aud questioned him as to the truth of these Sir Henry indignantly denied that he or his Gov ernment had been guilty ol The Tnrklsii ofllclals who were said to have received the bribes also warmly protested their innocence of the A STEP TOWARDS Cnimila Condemned for Kuisluc Her Dues on English nnd foreign June Standard this morning Canada a severe lesson for Increasing her duties on Iron and it Is a selfish policy and can only tend to sunder the colonies Irom tho mother Tho increase was It on the hollow pretense of a de Bire to check the rapid increase of trade with the United States in our We decline the offer with We do not want our trade fostered at the expense of our even If it could be done but It cannot Be done in that The In terest of Canada Is to foster trade with the United States by every means in its The freer trade Is on the Canadian Bide the larger It will be la spite of tho Insane tariff of the United and the larger the trade with tho United States the richer will the Canadian people and tho more business will they do with other Is the Averngo Clrcmntion of Hie For the Jjnst EIGHTEEN Last Sundays 10 NEW JUNE 10 PRICE TWO recently raised a military force lo march agalust the natives of luresHaluaiu ami ronipcl them to sign Tho German how assisted by dispersed tuc iiiuuuiwuif uiHMClaVU It la expected that Peters will take a forci to Iangani and cause further of men THE THISTLE Tho Footcli Ynclit Benin the Irex and In n Ancn Off June A brink breeze was blowlnK this morning when the yachts started in tlie ract Jt Dover around a course forljfour milOH Tno Thistle led She turned the nier within her own and was a quarter of a mile atitad of the otlier yachts at the end of two the Vnlatlo had covered twentytwo or hair the length of the she led the Geuesia by five mluulea anil fortytwo The Irex one minute behind the A tnick lo considerably Interfered wltli the but subset quenlly cleared Ttie Thistle waa the first to eroas the flushing leading the which was eleven The iccx was The exact time at which the nrat three boats finished was and the i fVRRTTilV I Incoming among tliem that I a friends and and kind lug the time tuo Thistle won by live Tno Genosla beat tlie Irex by iialf a minute counting the time The wind was true and mere was no The prizes were aud a gold Tho Thistle again justified her claim to the liuu of She left the others Hteaihly all through the The Gencsta fairly beat Hi for second Fog prevented a view o the boats from the but did not Interfere with the Tho coarse was The iirst part of the race was a beat over a leegoing tide then there was a dead run from tlio iirst to the second and over tho third side or the triangle there was another thresh airainst the A separate sweepstake race wiw won by tlie Nep tune in Tho Foxhound was her time being PAYING 01T OLD RnasiiiH Kotaliatinu leuOcrmau in 1ST8 n ml Juno liusslan ukase forbidding foreigners to acquire estates on the Western Iron tier of Kussla Is designed principally to put an end to tlio inllux of Germans into There are in Russia so many German warehouses and the productions or are of profit to Germans that the Russian Government regards them as detrimental to the owing to their competition nitu lluaslan most or the iennsm in Russia are members of the German annv reserve in the event of they might become hosillu familiar with Russias re sources and strategic and might seek an alliance with the The ukase will not effect its object immediately as It does not disturb foreigners who are already Many hold land under temporary con cessions which will hot be renewed WIILU their terms It is expected that the tenants will then leave tlielr holdings und that the owners ol tho land will find circumstances so adverse that they also will be compelled to with tlte RuBslunlzlng movement in tlie Baltic will produce an increasing breach be tween Germany and Russia and render a renewal of their former cordiality whlcH wus un dermined by Prince Bismarcks action at tlie Berlin Jongress and his policy in the Bulgarian TUK REPUBLICAN LEADER EVADES AN IN VITATION TO HONOR THE Imlior RUM niaciissfna tho Incidents of the Sutnrdity Dcmoimtrntlnn Fool in e Tnwirris OMIricn not RO Bit tor fin it Prominent 3Ion of all ItvrUcs Suy oltlio Unfortunate It Reeras as if the visit of Editor William OBrien to this city waa luted to bear an unusually impor tant crop of threatened Ills with drawal from participation in thcpanidc Saturday has ever since caused his friends to hold up their hands in because they allege that for him to have taken part would have brought disaster to the Irish Last night witnessed another nar row it should turn out to be an another distinguished gentleman from receiving a set buck to what is popularly be lieved to be the ambition of his all on account of James as the city IH at present stopping awaiting Uie sailing tomorrow moroing of the is to carry him to Yester day the joint committee of the Irish societies that iuslml arrangements for tne dinner to be given to OBrien tills evening conceived tlie Idea that It would be a capital thing to have Jllalne present at tUc llo waa known to have on a good many occa KOUS expressed hla sympathy with the Irish cause in and toulglits it wua would receive eclat from his besides giving him au opportunity of putting on record once more his condemnation or English misrule m Whether the committee had forgotten about or did not choose to consider tho recent events that would make the receipt of such an Invitation a serious embarrassment to is not At nuy about s oclock yesterday afternoon ihOBfi comprising the lull wcmlcd their way to the Fifth Avenue where Jllalne Is stopping Judgo of the City Jamca MiUB Commissioner John Cullanan and Bryan They were accompanied by through whom they were to be introduced to Tlielr cards were sent to Illalncd but ttie answer came back that he waa not A note was Uieu left for informing him ot the committees desire that he should attend the din and Btntinu that the comniittee would return hucr tinevening to receive his A sub did call and again iho m coming among Kindly and merciful critics I have louud you I have every reason to be gratelul to the Aiiurlcjin and in an especial manner to the Kew York not merely for patriotic but for personal motives as I have already and I repeat it most timt m it literal ant true sense you men of the New York press have saved our lives and havo secured the triumph ol our cuusu In Canadiu The hostile newspapers In Canada nuu entered into u conspiracy lo ignore ami to sup press the tale unit we hud got to imt when they found that we had gut represent all VCH of tho New York press with us they that tho tallow caudles might nx well enter into a conspiracy to keep the world in darkness whllu the midday sun was They lulled in aud when they fulled to ex tinguish our voices tuey tried to extinguish our They failed there ond again I aay it moot gratefully tlmt we were saved by Hie vigilance of the New York press ami saved by the heroic de votion of the four and I am proud to call lUcm who accompanied me Iron end to eud ol CunudiL and wore on hand lu every hour of Ulnl cnlty and of You can therefore without my jr nny more about how Ailments of an Imperial tv PtiblUMng Company York fBPECIATj DESPATCH TO THE June news from the medical iircles in Berlin now possesses the greatest inter The Crown It is is coming to so as to be near The lat ter IB to see the Prince again this week and has left for The aged Emperor is also It la said that he has caught a slight ne has been obliged to give up going to where he ex pected to attend a Even tho slight illness of tho Emperor Is a subject for grave oonaidera The constant danger with him is develop ment of the weakness of Ills A NEW ENGINE OF Germany Equips Ilor Army witb n AVomler fully Combined ThePrtsn PuUishtny Company Xea York fSPEClATiCAnlE DESPATCH TO TTTK June German authorities have added a new machine to their military His a combination of steam electrical ma chine and huge It can bo run over any Kind of It will bo used lor tde purpose of projecting a strong light iu frout ot important so aa to guard against Inventors of iho graphiphone in the United States will havo to look to their Western the at have just In vented an apparatus which makes a perfect ana permanent record of sounds transmitted ttirougli tho A 03 Tlio Hoards of a Late Prime Minister Arc Confiscated by tho June It la reported that hidden treasuru to tho value or sterling has been discovered In the palace of a deceased Vizier tit The it is has confiscated the treasure and is having it conveyed to tae imperial A Fremnttiro Jiiorfrernitnt June Has boon proved beyond ilonbt bj tno plcKing up ot tho captains that Ine steamer Sir John Lawrence was lost In tlie recent cyclone oil tills The steamer carried fSO aud it la believed the whole number were Tbe largest part of the passengers wore native Indies wno wire going to In to celebrate the Juggernaut teatlvaU The catastrophe has cast a feeling of gloom over the Hindoo community and all the best families are In mourning for relatives or trlenda wlio were among the A Hiislnn WnrnliiR tn June Nome Vremya Bays the flm attempt made to replaoo tho present Emir of Bokhara by hla brother will be a signal for lius elan occupation ot tho It adds that It sus pects the English to be intriguing lu aud warns England that such instead of ren dering Russia more pliable la accepting the pro posed settlement of the Egyptian will have a contrary Kntnl Cnllliflon In June collision lias occurred In tno Channel between the British bark from New York for and tlio British steamer The steamer was and her captain and four seamen were The Tern was 600 tons and was from Slccli crranean Wacncrn In June Keldl and Stanton have gone to ttayreuth to conclude a contract for the production of Wagners lyric dramas In Amer Herr Sold has acquired tlio American right lo perform Wagners wlilcu lie will pro duce in the woru came back tlial Blalne waa not They were received ijy his Just what happened at that interview the committee did not HIM m desirous of some of tiitm asserted their ignorance of any uncti second At any rate there is a unanimity of neutl inent among tup nnmbcrs In favor of making no furtner ellori to Btcure hlalneu attendance ut the IN OBUIKNa A3 trowbie that arose on Saturday ItKLpHis as though the tlrtn has turned towards Eviitir A good many eveu of those who denounced him most bitterly Saturday night appear to have muulued lu a good sober second and to titve realized the fact tliat he could not have iicteii differently without bringing disaster to ihe emwtt Tilth which lie has been Olirien it himself averse to going on any further wilh tlie He suld yesterday when to on the subject I do not wish to continue a discuKsiou with ttiat might develop Into a mere flinging of adjectives ut each others I am eoniltiiiit that the tjciter judgment of tlie alter considering whiit haw already bceu will inu in the course I Tlitre were dozens of callera upon him yester while he would nay nothing further for he waa not averse to talking with ttiirin river his reasons for taking ttie atand ho These some of them identified wllh labor were lu accord in the belief that Mr OHrleu was very in doing what he had and that lie had acted irom an earnest an t iuteiiiirent purpose to prevent harm coming to the Irish It was conceded that It would have teeu ruinous to his party for OBrien to liave Even ihe Tory of England a chance to him with the ami this opportunity would have been it was if he had satupon the same platiorm with John wheu tlie tatter was frctm from ihe presiding chair of a inttiiuii at wiiica a professed physlcaliorcc maa was the WHAT ONE LABOK 31AX showiug that a cuanpe o view is rapidly taking ttlli remarks of one of OBncuu visitors are who is a repre sentative of District Assembly composed mdiily ot car und was very earnest tu declaring that there had beun au entire i there were 700 ot us TIiilfccd there that our idta being that we were 10 do what we could to help the cause ot and uotltlug I assure that 11 we had had ttie least Idea of the situation the whole 1UO 01 us would have walked right home Ive talked with a Rood many oj the men aul I Hnd that to he tne way they all look at Georpe McQuadA who was largely in strumental la arranging the and woo Indignantly resigned us aoon as he found the turn affairs Imd was at the Hoff maa House last He told OBrien taut tlnce Saturday night he had met a lame number 1 men active in the Labor ranks while all regretted what had oc a lurce number of them were vigorous in ihlr ilenuuLiaUou of what the managers of the meKtlui liail Itobert Ulla Kert lie tiiu founder of the Centrnl Labor Union and one of tlio most Influential men in I met him and he was sorry having to taWo uu eariv train to his Home on Long he mold not call unon OBrien In but he renuesied me to nay that ho believed OBrien h id acted ptriectly rltlu and that the workmamen liaU no grievance not against McQnade also called particular attention to Hie interview wltli McGlynn imblulieu m TUK WOBLD tuts morning When our friends detfrmlnad to reeeot bir dicUtloo without him and la I leel towarua the American pvesH anu tue press ot New And tuts not merely ou my own ac but on account of the Immeasurable and in calculable strength of your sympathy und advocacy of thu causu that ia dearer to me than Ap I aliall carry home with me a lively tho lim lor the wonderful intellectual the crUpuusd and power of your great an energy of mind und body that Oils us Old World newspaper men with utttr 1 will also btluji awuy must pleasant and kindly memories of my visit here I wish each ami nil 01 yuu prosper ous and brilliant caiturs tu the profession ol jour preat it is at IH Bttll in its an lar an Its Influence over tho dcs tluies of Uiu world is There were oilier speeches by JoaupH jolin Cockcrlil and William known among Irreverent as Hill tiled tu smooih qpwn liifi curly locks as He came forward lu respond to a and said J am not a mid 1 havent the honor to a lueiiunir bl the club art but I wanted lu nay lo OBrUn that I feel awanu place in my ooiom fur and to jrivu him u rccliJi whltili 1 havi um lor taking etry Htalns out fif a dress milt HO timi you wouldnt know that nn tijig lum ever struck ai i luive been lu the lecture1 my and Know how to remove 1 want to Bay and behalf of that we weleomu nud tluvi we an Kind tliat hti IH here and tlial all ui1 intj linibH aro wilh TUK flUlTOKTH Last night a Hjjeclal meetlnir of the Municipal Council of the National was held at the Court corner of Kignieciitu street and Fourth The Municipal Council is com lodmi ol dtloyaieA irom ail Uio branches ot the Land Leuitue in New York Thin resolution waa uuauliuously Tlmt tho iMiininijuil Council of tho Irish Nalltinul of Now Yitvli iuiloino tlio jiohltiun tiiktii by iu connection tlio fonifinHtrHtion nt Union Kiitiaro baturday oven iiiEf HHi tidelity to the on which tho Iritili nro conducting thoir tor timiut ruin imd would nob per mit him to mirsuu Hiiy otliur and wo eipreHH our fonvjolion tnut onlnt juduiiiunt of the who iJHTt over lifccn tho nniiiihtny uf our will lastly tioiiir UHrion in mfubfiic to tio comproinisoii by iltmrly lorotKii tn mission nnd OBrtaiii to STRICKEN DOWN AT THE WASHINGTON PHI ATTACKED BY Ills ttVfl Arm nnil lieu SmtAcnly Bccomo UHP Hit IIc on Uio lie tlio Sirolio Ills Ilind JorfeotlT Clenr Some tllo lloneflciMit of tlio fiOnnrotm June the nsed millionaire was suddenly stricken with paralysis In Ihe left arm aud left leg this afternoon while at the fie had been bright nnd had gone to his olllce during tho as was his and Had not tlie slightest premonition of Wlnlo dining witli the members of his including his Miss nnd he suddenly exclaimed Who hit me ou itn tiiud le a of thu party ol which caino to thn llolfman IIuuBeuid haudcd OtJtlcnun envelope itiuloa for tlie cause and u note exprcuulng her ud for tliu He liad During Ihe uvcniiijr a ijluckliordcred card came nji to OltrknH room bearing tlie name of tlio widow or John t IrlBit Hit c was aucumpanied ly IICT HIUI Captt iTaucu Tliey uotli exprcaBod to UUrien tnulr entnu sntBtlc approbation uf his recent The miiucr to be given In OBriens honor at the Iloflniun lloufm thin evening promlKCS to be a jcrand Tnere will liu lift and at most of them will be seated very wellknown Among Hie lavileu cueala who will be present are ol Isew Collector Alajor Judge Van Kecurder ux Judge resident of tho Hoard ot Aldprmtm Mayor of Brooklyn Mayor ol Jersey city Mayor i Mayo Charles V ey City iVIlllani m the head1 at the eutno time placing the spot where ho said It felt as it ho had re ceived a A moment later ho felt lor his fork wilh his left hand nnd could not Und nor did lie know when It wns put into his Ills mliul was perfectly clear aud he insisted that there wan nothing tho matter with except a leeltng of numbness In his lelt After ho had finished hiH dinner ho attcmpteJ to go to the next when he found that his loe was also ailected and that he had lost control over Tlie servants assisted him to a iota In iho next and Lincoln nnd Daniel llagner were By tlielr advice Corcoran was put to bed and an which put him to Lincoln said tonight Corcoran lias had a stvoko or of sensation In the lelt arm ami left mind was perfectly clear when I and hn was alto gether himself except for the IOSB of sensation In tnc left arm and left lie could move both af fected limbs but Had no in When I failed an hour later he was In the sumo condition nnd there liml been no furUicr develop ment of Hie Ills granddaughter was tlien reading to him from the We can not tell what caused the nor can we tell us yet whether It will extend to other parts of his body or BiiliBUle An intimate friend of Corcoran said he did not know to what to ascribe the except that Corcoran was an old man who would celebrate his eightyninth birthday on a A consultation of physicians wns hciii which ou the whole was no further a vance of the paralysis being At midnight Corcoran wan resting quietly and his mind continued perfectly Corcoran for many years has been a promi nent llgnre In Washington and his fame us a philanthropist has become International in Among Ilia prominent chnrHatiic acts was Hie founding of tne Louise flome lu an institution named for his wife and occupied by aged Lcntlcwomeu in Indigent The nuignUleeut Corcoran Avt Uuliery of the capital Is aiso a monument to his It wns through his exertions and ut his expense that the remains of John Howard Payne wore brought from Algiers aud Interred In their native Corcoran la per haps the only man outside the Cabinet with whom President Cleveland nan dined In the society season Corcoran Is a wel como guest ut all gatherings lu the Bishop ot Trenton The toasts and responses will be as follows Our Tim United Clnirlurt Irtsland and hor Itidlit Onr WiMlar Tho Immediately after the dinner Kilbrldo aud Charles special correspond ent of the Dublin will be driven to the wharf of the which steamer sails tomor row mornlnit at 7 There will bo a mid night turnout of tho Sixtyninth Hcglmcut to escort tue party to live AT THK IAHTYS The OBrien Incident was discussed at tho regular meeting of ihe Dnitcil Litior At the mooiing of tlie Twcutletn Assembly Dis trict the following resolution was adopted William OHrimi rufiiHod to Htand on a platform wltu tins iulliitinotiof ttiepoli tioinna to uuutlmirfivurito wudyoof division to divide the Jriali in thoir noble endeavor lo ro doemlruUnd uini WH clwulnre that Iho canHi of Ireland is UUUHO which IH bound liy no KuoKrnpicid und is TtioviMuuut wo nnd we indorBo tno flution of thn Union inoutlotf in tlio pubitive position tuey hitvo The regular buslnOHS meeting of the Twentythird Assembly District was held at its 18U7 Third Kteers then called up tho OBrien declaring ttiat the Chairman of tho party had been grojHly lie moved that the action of the committee in insisting that McMackin should preside and In refusing to inane any change tn the resolutions be The motion was received with great applauau and was unanimously James Arcnib of tho Central Lnbor said yesterday Tho trouble with OBrien Is that he thinks only of what the London Times or tho Tories lu Parliament will ignoring altogether the people iu U is tho Bcotuh and Irish people that should he They are the real and when they learu that ho has snubbed the organized workingmcu of New the cause that ho Is supposed to represent will not be John McMackln said I am entirely satisfied with tho as they stand and 1 havo no doubt In my mlud tuat the Incident will be helpful to our Uaulel Grand Marshal of tho labor said OBrien had the right to rogu his conduct while lu America to conform to tho plan laid down by tlit leaders on Hie other The SiioilB of a Mummy for Ihe Juno who will represent tho Khedive at tho Jubilee ceremony in will take a present to Queen Victoria from the Khedive consisting of u priceless necklace ot Egyptian antique of Nuncio June the newly Appointed Papal was consecrated as Arch blahop yeaterday by Cardinal or in too presence of the Highest Court oilleiuls and Church A dinner was afterwarda given in hla Honor by Cardinal German Quiirrula In Ja e vices from Zanzibar flay that Karl the Chief of the GermanAfrican nf Kulnir June la ofllclally announced that Emperor William caught a cold during his visit to Kiel last and Is compelled to remain In his lie bos no serious SIIIUUB friiiu Uio M tho soninlaw of President denies thn report that Ho recently suffered ncavy losses by Bourse The Versailles Defense states that the Bulgarian Crown wus offered to Duo dAloneon with tho approval of all the but that the Duo de clined Houses In Ilnmburg which were occupied by people have been demolished to allow of Im provements in connection with the caual and titu new A Wlfaa Tiiuciilnc JUDO convloKrt of being an accessory to an assault upon a young was today sentenced to live years In Auburn His wllo made a scene m the courtroom by fnMng on her knees and InjPjnK God to prevent tho separation of man and wifei beseeching Judgo Morgan to recall the THE LUCKY Ho HouItM u Ciood SirliiK of lIovolnnilH liifurimil Tnu PlCOSlKCT lUCk ftt teacleti the 1reHiUent Tho weather lu the morning WUH u fresh brecxo Ing up ttic naU aliowcry clouds turancrtng IjuL qut ulwuya likllng the KoportH from itio guides who had coino ou from the lake to tlio weat and who had found the bluck Hies luriubly numtTous nnd led to a of the programme urruncetl lust limtcud or the trip to Kolltiisund Floodwood tioiidH It wus dtt cldcd u spend ihe Uuy on and near Upper Haranac The boats were got out nt 10 oclock anil the Pres Lumont und two other of Uio with tour uoata aud a went off with thulr trolling lines out mid with abundant luuelica a boar Uuving ttollud down tlie lake towurds Birch auu huvinif djspaichcd tho temptmu the return up tau luke made A ahowur net iu into lu tho Jurit UH the boaia were put into Fish Creek to give the 1rcHl iient u chunco tu take Home speckled trout with u H and which contented every fuot or ttie ad vance uado by the 1reaidenta ilufing made ii good light for a the llBhunuen finally gitve up vho LmUlu untl with cjnialiL by tho and with many evi dences of bad ubaiie ironi tlitir winged ud After laudltiK at the ut tho nuti were He hud caught one fish weighing Hevon and ihreo quurtor one of BCTCU oue or tnroe mid oue of two It wuu the best Havo of New York cauirht a twentythree pounder at the lower end of the undHcntltby tho host of as u present to The President examined it with laughing eyna aud ex predsed a desire to be able to lake It to Albany with him for his friend ThiH afternoon Cleveland cave a delightful to the ladiea of the Saranae It wan but wan u mouv Uleveljucl making and pouring the und Lumont anu Itoainau aBHiatiny Owing to prior arrangements consuming ull of the two dayH rejimtnlnt of the visU ho wus coinptlled to decline au Invitation to fish in the stocked poud belonging to Nathan ou Lower Burauuc BOSTONS EXTUEME LOVE OF A Iliotnerniilior ArrcHtntl for TnklnR Younu Ltidios in Cnrinilrtl TO TUK 1 June Klmer one of the beat known and fashionable in this appeared Hi Court today to answer the charge of printing and aclliut indecent photo thlckorlnti has taken the portraits of many actresses In ih studio on and has the negatives ol photographs of moat of Bostons prominent society lie was arrested last on Informutinn furulahed by a young whose imine the police refuse to Chlckering was tt once released on and whou his case came up yesterday an adjournment was granted uutll Friday in order to further It in said that many young women from Common wealth avenue ami tno Jiack Buy have posed re cently In Various striking Thtlr expla naUon la tnat as devotees or true art there can be nothing improper lu tho exposure of natural The photographs Have been widely dis tributed aud jrcatly admired among the young womens imlmnte Tlie suttden passion lor such displays of art tins spread and some of the photographs have foiiud tlielr way ouuide of tho select circle where thuy were Intended to be and u U thai same ol the pvl viitii negatives have beuu reproduced and copies put on sale quietly about the Tins WOKLD cor rcflpoiid em was nhown a few days ngo a doxoii Hainples of tliese They many of taken lu vanuuri alter tnu famous In uio French Salon and In reproduction ol Clnek Must ol the pictures were so arranged ihe of the subject were Ihe naim of the photographer was not Imprinted m the which aro larger than the cabinet Chickinlnfr snys that whiles ie docs not care lo any his cuslninurn iiavi bueu or lu what cur tailment ol uUiru they inuy nuve fecyii lit lo employ lib the present prosecutim is a case ol black Ho says that he wan visited tiy a wnmim who told him know ot hln jilcturCA aim siitd bUe would uKiko a against him unieus lie puld hLi1 liush This Ciiickeriug refused to do and his arrest was tuo He Intends to make thiu hln defense raiker than to go Into the MUCH Ion of who I la patrons arc and how he took their The rcfiirsi1 to jjlve much Information about hi They have In uielr several of tlicae but the nnine of the artist ia not printed on any of far they have little but circumstantial but they promise that when tho auain cornea up there will be Home DISCOVJ3UEI IN A NUNS Sisicr llonrlrliit 7rnipItM with Ilor uiit anil i lie Alarm TO LA June The IninatcR of tho convent here worn aroused shortly after midnight by u violent ringing of the bell which IB usually devoted solely to the purpose of calling the slaters to their dally Tho Mother and her Hturtlcd Hock rushed from their roonm to uncer tain the cause of llir unusual and found tiliitor Henrietta fraulicaJly tugging at the bell rope and screaming for Tho nuns Httccucded with some dilllculty in calm ing their hysterical ulster aud couveyeU her to her own HiHtur Jlenrluhu thcu informed too aimizcd HiHterhoud tlutt about oclock she wtU4 awtikened by au unknown who wus endeavor iiitr to wrup a large handkerchief her mouth eyideiit purpose of nn Kls ter who In n healthy at once grappled wllh her und n Btrutgio luritlngNome niinutes tho woman making every endeavor to reach the open which the intruder had evidently The struggle was a uoiHeless which ac counts for the fact that the oilier Bleep urn in the dormitory were not Ulster lleuricha ilnally reached thu nnd with a sudden wrench treed tier henil irom tho tsllkcu The man atafitrered buck us UK Iniendcd vicilin freed Without a horiltation the woman jumped from rhc window to the a distance of eighteen eseapliitf without material Jlunnluito the bell which huiifiln an outnlIo who rung Tho unknown aconndrol had meantime dropped tci the and be lore helpcould be procured lie had HIS RIFLE FATAL TO TWO WOMEN AjSD TWO MEN SHOT BY A WHO KILLS Simon NollftonM Fight for a Rnlcotn Clnlm in a Ulooily Willow Her Son tml Who Oelciited llliu ut ImW ICUlttil ivntl ninn niortnlly Tj llgut rod and The creek wan swarmlnpr with black put lull Olirlena olilecllons to the rOBOiuttciiB unu JlcMuckln on but they were not laid before Iho oominlltee until i oclock on Sttunluj It was loo late tHcn to arranue senior ineratcr of tho General Executive ol L i nnd a known aympa thlzci imdworkoi for Irelands was In Jumen He was aaKed Inn opin ion ol OBriens refusal to review tho parade on lie said I think tho paru OHrleu prize to which ollrleu made re the goodwill and the urnallets throuahout the ulwuji bare tho leellctf made a grave mistake In not attending the meet Jt was entirely too big au affair for him to THE TAMMANY MENS Congreaamttaclect Goclcrau said Tummany Hull had no part In lunuenciUK OBrieuB relusal to attend the Henry George and McUlyim have iniide a Bcrlous for wnen Ihe Irishmen who still follow them oome to look at the mutter us they Iliey will Bee tlie danger ahead and refuse to have anything more to du with bringing about the reign of anurehy lu this Asuemuljman Cantor HaW I think It will aut as a boomerunif ou tho people who got up the They mount to make OJirlen und the IrlHh causo Iho medium of advertising organisation and ilielr but Olirien wuu too wideawake for Deputy Ittgister another Tammany Hull said OUrlen is a man of sound common which Uo showed by refusing to give countenance to tneso Had ho con he woald have given thu lingHali Tories the opportnnitr they have been Beckluit to flnd a lonndatlon for their charge that Parnoll ana those associated with him lire In league with An archists and Tammany Hall had noth ing whatever to do with Oliriens OlerK of tne Board of Bald McOlyuaa remark that there more re lllilon In Socialism aud Anarchy than among the scnoca and Pharisees who Hit In the cnlef scats In the and thank God that they aro not IIB ottior men aro will cost iho labor inoveiuoaf 100 aupporters lor every one it will give Flattn tho Best Dlalnfectnnt foinouMhold V I hey Found Ijlvuly iBIKCIAL TO THE I June Tho explorers sent ontby Torreu report that there la an actlvo volcano fourteen niilca southeast of In the Sierra Madre The partycould not approach nearer than lour The crater IB pouring forth an Immense volume of lava aud bolt ing IUSUIUK from thu fUrm of tho mountain the lava tuvaBt waves m slowly pourluu intotliu which uro being tilled Boiling water has destroyed all vegetation In tho Doulders weighing tuns aro hurled down from ttie Tne noise la The party hud great dlnlculty In approaching within lour nillen ot the mountain because or grtat cliasms nittdo by All roads and tratu are totally wiped Not a bird or any living nil UK could bo Been within ten miles of tho Tho town of lluvispe IB a complete people are livingin tents on the high Tlio All tlio UotlonAllll Ilanda H BPKCIAL TO THE Juno Valley Field Cotton Works havo been compelled to owing to a Btrlko of 400 hands occurred ou A10 per reduction In wages a while ugo was followed recently uy ua luurcaee ol work without any additional AGAINST liOODLK AND A IJhietlon in Kunnlt of tlio niunlciiKLl June one ward in Chicago de clared Today lu favor of Hoodie and Kxcept in ChicagoH Sixth Ward the vote through out iho county averaged three to one against the twin SlatesAttorney Urlmiell came out of the content with iiylnu surpassing Clifford by several hundred Urlunoll and ClUIord ari Tacy were pitted agulnut Urlnnclt and Clifford had been put up by tho mumburH of thu because tho Uciuocratic Central which named English and Jiad oOured noin InaiioiiH lor Onunell und were la vurci by a cltlxeiu ICruus and Knffllali had been approved by tho United Labor Iho body wliicli recently made a red camimiKH against Koche for Six Circuit wero to be but the three Kepubllcan Wiillanmon mid imU being ou all tho the tight purely Jrinuell aud Cllffonl ou one side und and Kraim on the Kxclnslvc of the where Oriuuoll and Clifford lend the are as foilown Tho Ke jmbJieiin caiidluatoa and unopposed Demo received each about Thtfl Is only a third of tho curiously mlkHtocking ond stiorthuir wards allko showed tlie Hiiiue proportion of votcn Tho contrary to all waa an un usually quiut oue and pasting and scratching were expected to be carried on 10 un unprecedented but foil much short of what Had been and tac results in differ ent nariB of tUo ulty otfBut each TUB Slxtn where Kraua und Kugllsh led Is thu most thickly populated In the TO THR June frightful series ot murders occurred In this county Simon Xeilson came to Beadle County In and tooK up ot Oiwour and lived there three He was regarded as a lawabiding although of strong lie was or average intelligence and a hard llo was ono of tae lirat of Beadle aud served three Five years when it was announced that what are known to be the Cameron claims wore thrown open to Ncilsou took up one of these Flora a with her Miss Alice from Geauga uaiiio to Huron in and immediately Hied on the quarter section of land which Ncllson had put some kind of a filing but it was reported that had land covered up under fictitious and acting Dial lie did not live on the built their house and moved into Shaw wiii her son iweniyoue years Oiiu or two years after this Xcilson moved onto tho The HOII Corwin lived in fear of him and did nothing to oircnd When Ute case caute up for trial tho Huron land favor of It waa then carried up to the Commissioner and finally to tho Secretary ol the both of whom tho laud to It was tuppoacd that the case was As Keilson ilid not leave the premises the Court was appealed to and issued an order for him to This was Tho attorney for Sliuw got an order from Judge ttpuncer lust week for Nellson to show cause why lie should not IJG pnnlnhed for contempt of when young Wnaw attempted to work ou tilt Neilson look a Winchester rifle and threatened to KUuot him If he did not which ho This morning a brother of Shaw and Miss Lynuin Corwin tho two a went to iho Hold to Lyman and Simw begun The rciualued at ttie edge of the Kulscy had been threatened with death by When Corwln had ploaglicd across iho field wltu Lyiimn just behind aud hud turned to make tuoher Iselisou came out with a Win chester rlile and shot at who dashed be lilud his liornes and wus not Lyman call to all liun lor voui Corwin but lell allot through the the ball eutuiluu hla Neiltion llred at who also felli shot through the right lung and oue and JNCilsou uuppoHcd him Hy tills time the murderer had got up to the two who stopped and faced Lyman says that Neilson then came up to tho talked to reloaded his yuu and ttuiu deliberately Bhotcnab of tluim to When Miss Lyman was shot who waa ween by her brother to bo Unuullng boioro Nollnon pleading for her but Ho Knew no llo nut tho muzzle of the Winchester close to her face and pulled the The ball entered her left He tlien pulled out his knife and Htabbed her In tho right Nellsim wont Uome and miM to his wlto Theres tliree less of Then he went outside and Hliot himself through ihe dymg Kelscy died this even A UBLIGlOUS FANATICS Ho DJiirdorN nml rliild Utcnuso the Kitttvr Hud Itrrn June Frederick asucl IhlrtyUvu a helper In nil iron this afternoon killed his little aged nine teen heat his wife mi ill ho thought hor then cut his Hermann U a member of tlie Kvangclictil Lutheran Church and an nober Ills wife is a but ou questions of faith they havo agreed uutll quite Hermann had made no ob jection to the baptizing of the two eldest children In the Lutheran bui a few weeks ago sho determined to havo tho baptized into her She took the tittle ono to a prlent about two weeks while tuc father waa at tho and had the uelemouy Tne lather learned ol tliin when ono of hiH told him of When his work was iioneat4 oclock liu wont to lila ami calling his wife to his side mie her sit down on his Iliri mimucr wua more tlum affectionate until ho Hbkeil hor ii1 she had had Lizziebaptlzeu Into the Catholic His wife answered lu tuo wtieu ho told tier tuui U was now a ol the death of ouu of Ho rose aaU went towards thu cupboard for a wheu Hermann jumped out of the He followed her until she ran into the arms ot1 a who could not protect tier husband camu up und beic tier ontuu head with a brick until she became Ho then returned ta tlie and going to tho aecondstory where Lizzie was sleeping in a took up a razor and cut her al muht severing tho head from the then went to u window and holding his head wltli the tuime ruzor cut His own throai irom ear to A Joseph to tho house and was lei lu by who then laid uowuou the lie cannot an hla windpipe is sev ultuougu ho has written sev eral in lu them 1m Hays ho wua de ceived iy hla Ho also says ho HUB forgiven her A minister Is with him and lie reading His Jtible nnd awhltlng wlilcti will result i r om loss of Hermann may JSooiUn Itnmora nt SPECIAL TO TUB Juno of one of tho moat prominent of tho last says that the Irre spective of are highly Indignant at the delay of the Governor to call an extra session of Ihu so that the blunder In the revenue bill ram bo The latest report IB that three Senators aud a clerk wore given by tho various corporations who will profit by the bills June Trembly House wan pnrlially burned thin mlhdillictllty TUB guests GsuupaU A Diiy for Women Juno Softool Board elec tion took place Three tickets were In the Democratic and Tho Republican ticket was Women were permitted to Schoolmaama wore out in full force aud worked like They had carriages aud labored like oldtime politicians lu gathering In A Knight or Laibor UnubM lUcGlyntu June Mcaiynn addressed a large audience hero thla Tliomus Master Workman of the Knights of declined to preside at the meeting aud de clared he would not attend Qcorge ilul of Every Taste nnd Need In ututfUd by unequalled line of toilet UAUUUIIB BOUQUET gold all over tbe Juno James seventynine yearn titular of llarauti in very Ut witu pnuu m on la at her runidencu iu thiv June 7fl yenrs Prufaiduntuf tlio Utdoopiio National aulfurod a tihuck of upopleiy tutu und tUore itt litclu hops of hit June Spectatnr announcos tliut It has bean boycottud by tho Hmnilton branab of tlio Irish NutJoiiul LOUKUO buoauao ut ltd Btrioiurea on II EMIK Juno who aVtoraiited to asauull tho inottmrinluw of tihoriflf d of Munruo wua buiitced to troe near tho June ptiysiciaa of Jftinea tipuad Blutua today tbnthia putlunt IH muuh im iiaturdny thouijUt bo wan tomg to die and ruadu u June Fholpa hau dlomUsoil the Biiitu ol the Weutorn Teleerapu Cumuuny and thu Woat oiii Union Company against tho Baltimore and Ohio Kuilroad Oompauv involvinc thu titlti uf the dofondaufa liou to HAND June Lawrouoa Brennin dia apvcnrud from mil fnrin tm April Mlulmol hid mdd hu bad Konoawiiy and fflveu tbe farm to Brennnns Uuity hub bean found In a MunlB baa oonfubaocl tha Murder fur tlio SuUe of u fBrKCIAL TO THIS 1 June Charles Over man hua been convicted of the murder of John The crime wua commuted March Keltuer being assuasluuted in his near iu the presence of his wife and by Overman and a man named There waa a conspiracy to murder Keltuer lu wnlch nlB own overman and hor Dcmamo and Samuel Jouis were AU the parties aro under The women aro young und It la waa iutatualoU with Her uusbaud agreed to give hor to Jonea provided the latter would put Keltuer out of tlie way so that he c mid marry It Is alleged tlmt Kelt er had agreed to marry Overman wuenover aer husband wus The KeUuers recently cumo from SlnuH Cqitlro Wna Flrnd have been free from anuoyioff BolziTrea by IK n or out afflaialu of the Goodu bylBnorantoffloialHof the Gooda ewy Owh or Seven utorea in a rowPark EverytlUuK for w rw They Hiininot Tlielr TO TUB 1 June children of Frank aged four aud five died last night within twenty minutes of each They were alck but a few Hours and died In tho greatest giving every indication o uuving BWallowed Tuo Tuckers und their nextdoor neigh tho liavu been bitter The two children were Been coming out of Tciwne hllla houau oue eating a other a piece of given by for Xew Ecistern JVeui Xew Jer sey and southerly local sliyltt changes iu Tne following record ahowu tho changes ia tho temperature for thu piat twentyfour lu comparison wllh the corresponding date of last as indicated by tho thermometer ut Uuduuta Broadway 8 8 57 0 68 0 o M u ta ra CBSVJ eu Aterniie temperature ygrntf gliding due uut r

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