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New York Times (Newspaper) - October 24, 1905, New York, New York “All the News That's Fit to Print.” THE WEATHER. Fair to-day; rain to-morrow; west to north winds. VOL. LV....NÒ. 17.440. CANFIELD PREPARING TO REOPEN, SAYS JEROME NEW YORK, TUESDAY. OCTOBER 24. J_90o. EIOH1EEN. 1AOES. ONE CENT In Greater New York,)„KhewNeTe. jertoy City »»«1 *evraru TWO tBSll. GOV. FOLK EIGHTS FIRE. Leads Firemen and Saves Executive Mansion—His Guests Escape. Special to The A etv York Times. JEFFERSON CITY, Mo., Oct. 23.—The District Attorney Hears That ; Missouri Executive Mansion narrowly Decoratore Are at Work. ; —    K-Jf    ’    "C. MISS ROOSEVELT LANDS; TRAIN OFF FOR RECORD Leaves Fastest Pacific Steamer —New York in 62)/% Hours. CALLS CRAM MURPHY’S BOSS Candidate~Addresses_Three Meetings and Is Enthusiastically Received al Each-—Many Women - Hear Him. this morning, and Gov. Folk and guests were for a time in danger of their j lives because the density of the smoke j made it very difficult for them to find j their way out Gov. Folk GIFTS GO ON TO WASHINGTON JUST CALLED HIM THEODORE. President’« Mother's Bridesmaid Also Patted Him on the Shoulder. Special to The New York 1 itnes. ATLANTA, Ga., Oct. 23.—Calling him Theodore and patting him on the shoulder, Mrs. W. E. Baker received President Roosevelt last Friday in Barrington Hall, her home at Roswell. Mrs. Baker was bridesmaid when the President’s mother -was married. She CAPTURED WARSHIPS IN JAPAN’S REVIEW CAPt. DOOLEY THREATENED. MOBILE CROWDS WILD OVER THE PRESIDENT Also Some Suggestions for the Ten-derloin Captain. “ This comes of being Captain in the ,    w I    fnr Tenderloin,” observed Capt. Dooley of JhOUSandS RUSh HiS SpeediHQ Fleet of 308 Vessels Aligned    »° r lthe West Thirtieth street station last.    p orr ; ono u;«    u an H ¡night with a sigh. He held in his hand;    Carriage    ^0 Sn3l<8    »«IS    113110. ! a postal card that bore the pictures of ,    ... ——-. i two blinking owls and was inscribed: the Mikado’s Inspection. and his household were ¡ | aroused by the smell of smoke, which. I soon grev. r so thick as to be almost ( ! stifling. The GovernorTmmediately rushed ; __ to the telephone and sumAioned -the Fire . „ nllPS . Department, and then, donning a rubber , Mr. Jerome, instcad-of-waiting for qu ■    ,...... +    ......the fire with [ America—Harriman Says the East Is Awakening. mQ .. n p ' ' Say, Ce?P> get Xe To your Job an. RECEIVES A HANDSOME MEDAL HAD TOGO BY HIS SIDE stop    ,    ._ __ i Then Capt. Dooley produced several; ^        .    'threatening letters. Some of    them said §p eak8 of the Panama Canal a nr had been kivited to a reception at the old officers of British and American Fight- h he would loae his life if he didn’t    Trainlnn    of . . .....  -------„    ...    P.„ iupri    In Audience—    stop his anti-vice campaign. One- said: '    on    the    Proper i raining o- ing Craft Received in Audience-     back , 0 ; , our farm , you farmer, Proud Day for Nippon.    ! and get next to yourself.” .......! “Leave us alone in the Tenderloin    or • to- I we’ll fix your business,” said    another She Is Annoyed by Stories Printed in ¡Bulloch home, but said that the President ! must come to her. Secretary Loeb ex-j plained that this could not be, as it j was contrary to all precedent for a Presi- : dent to visit private homes during a tour. ! The President missed Mrs. Baker at the Bulloch home, and asked for Her. Mr. Children. <•    fey    tell-    coat. i uaiu, v/l l. ------   .    .    .    !    There    were    no arrests of women for day passed off without the slightest : i     y    last    night up to pj o’clock. hitch. It was a most impressive sight. ^ ^     pn    Friday    nigh t. ing hls—audiences unaaW Jj|*t why he ‘"J,“*?“ oom'iumy “arrived lie directed « Rooseve it hurried past San- Francisco to- ¡must see his mothers bridesmaid, prece- allU> number of the ships 1>at « had not sent Canfield toJaU orjto^ ^ ^ oppratlon8 person, and the    to    take    a    special    train    provided    by    !    dent    or    no    precedent.    ...    :    glomeratlon    of    fighting craft fresh from, When he entered t lie old home with; lbe war and crowned with victories of SAVED THE EXPRESS. Special to The New York Times. A w    ....     SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. J ..—After <* Eoeb told of her refusal to attend a pub lllMJJ1 .    ..    ------ — -    There    were he had at hand. As soon record voyage from Yokohama Miss Alice ^ reception, and the President said_he    however,    on    account    of    the    c    ass     wbep    the    Dooley    curfew    law    went    Into -    .    ,    ii.A    comnoiiv arrived he directed    __________«on- ‘Francisco to-imnsi see his mother's bridesmaid, prece- an d. number of the ships, but as a con- Canfield 1o jail or up all the New York Central I)u ” UL ” 1 ”     ( ^ j v f 0 p 0W ed his lead ,    . or indicted any Presidents of insurance^    ^     1P ii C itlv; : *    ;    E. H. Ilarriman, which will-spec    °    j     Mrs Roosevelt    he    found    Airs. Baker    unprecedented magnitude companies. His explanations seemet o ,    house    was filled with dense smoke. ; New York with the object of making     a    ;     sealedi    dressed    in    black    frilled with    Three hundred and eight    warships, in- strike the six br__.seven thousand1^ ^ ^ ^     vis ible    were    near    the    |     tran . oont{ne ntal record that will stand j white lace about the collar and cuffs. I eluding the former Russian battleships who heard them as satisfactory.    i'ooilimc of the main hall above the mantel. ;    j    »he wore a lace cap, and was the picture . peresviet, (renamed by the Japanese the -usual question of ” Where dul he get 1 ^    ,    J^ r eam    was turned on there, but did for many years.    of contentment.    j    Sagarrii.) Poltava, (Tango.) Nicolai I., was not forgotten, and was received witit _    _    ^     lhe sollrce of the trouble, and | Miss Roosevelt, Mr. Ilarriman, and.ot    -    ;    „ And    this ls    Theodore.”    she said, ex- 1    (iut.) the ironclads General    Admiral the usual applause. But Mr. Jerome wen j    ^     (iovevnor a t once summoned a squad ! ers arrived on the Pacific Mail liner    ;     tend ing    her hand.    ” I- am so glad to ;    Apraxine, (Okinoshima.)    and    Admiral further.     {6    I     up th e stairs through the blinding smoke j g|| L wh|ch had made the voyage from ! see you, Theodore.”    Seniavln, (Minoshimu.) twelve auxiliary .. t    ’SKThor    ;    Itn,    ,-ett. TO    ^ ^    ^    j     Yokoharaa ln    „ays    1« hours an„ »    The,, patting the    Pres,den,    on. ,h. .„uisers, ine.uding three    oaptured y esse,s. t to on,    that    the    !    minutes. The fastest    previous    trip between the Special tj The Sew York 7 im.es. I MOBILE, Alá.. Oct. 23.—” In all of my j receptions, the cne accorded me this aft- ^ ! ernoon in your city was the grandest of i all.” These were the weids of President j    Theodore    Roosevelt    as    his    special train i    left    here    to-night    at    U:3U    o’clock    for  -o ♦ u i .et í Tuskegee. Ala.    / Section Hand Closed Open Swi c    ¡ The p res t dent fairly captuied the peo- ’    .    _     in    T i me *     p ie of this city. After he had made hi» Special to lhe Sen' ) ork limes.    | address, paying tribute to the veterans B-AAPORF,    L.    I.,    Oct. _3.    .     d    ;ind    volunteer soldiers    who    acted as    his an,v    fUptnp<m    of    foot    of a section nanu prevented the wrecking nf the I,ong W- 1 escort, en route to the station thousands "e tui.u ,,,    '    ,    Sergeant    middle    nf    the floor. Immediate the bossj& boss? Hon    J'     S " 1!    :     flaftles    , hot    upward,    and    proved    II Pram and lit* tuxedo. Murphy mas _    -    had diagnosed the si iad diagnosea me situation;    .    .    ;    k»*    sister    I    "    _r.    ...    i snnemi; sevemj-hevm    ------------¡anti while it seemert tmpossioie A stream j was turned on «‘.iX'tTScSt m    U    hours    and    \ 10 TO 3 ON MCCLELLAN. .¡five submarine boats were drawn up ln ,     (hc    an „ .. i At—    ti'oc    onnn TBit. Ollt . I    i    •    *    ‘    .    .»n    ___i!    ____ 1 «U» lin^o    ’ . t « *  *1... *    ntn    cj ______ ...    ...    and    City express train, which passes this ;, 0 f p eop j e g 0{ to    carriage    and    »hook ; shoulder, siie told him how his mother j twent y-eigh t torpedo boat destroyers in-     yt noon Just as the train appeared ^     Je( , pite    fhe    effort    of    the    Secret j looked when she was married.    ¡eluding the captured Bedoyi am Rye- . ^ dls( . overed that the switch was open, 1 Ishltelni; seventy-seven torpedo boats, and ; W hij e it seemed impossible to reach it I Service men to keep t hem away on board the    i    carried    him    to the spoi i ust 1,1    '    lie had done more than any other man to cruiser Asama, led b> the protected^ The n blinded with dust and almost diaw n i 1 cruiser Yaeyama and escorted by the gun- 1 from his j- eel bv t he suction he threw the reunite all factions. Tatsuta, Ghihaya, and Manshu, had been Capt. John F. Cothran, In behak o? hurled from the track, a run at top speed , (' 0n f ei ]erate veterans, told the President was V 1 UICJV The odds 011 McClelian. which were 10 to boats )n every side was lever over and prevented the threatened j heard the expression, V If Roosevelt were. to run again *o-morrow the South would a fight to his power by reason of liis , bos^° And    crammed    Gov. P ^     COl ‘    1 m^mor^hilrtharoich^^^^^    |    Odds Drop from 10 to 1-Even Money j" The Emperor tile plug into the throut of Murphy «hat    ^    .*'•«     Jer ° me - lie .cannot* answer pta.n. onftuary dues-    at about j Sound.    distance    cove,«. ‘The fir,t meeting wa* in a way a. pri- !sT.I.Ot«. The mansion hat! been new., ,    ^     wgg vate and Infernal atfalr. Tbt Hamilton j turnrtgi tmougmu^. ^Folk! in jthe successful trip Athletic Club—a social organization of ,     alon    wa s    Mrs.-    W,    1L    Gilbert     G f    h’ lth Robert    J    the    Tee^r<T    llalf    I kay’s that McClellan would.be defeated, | whpn the N5colaI w hieh was at the■; ^ t aetlon probably averted serious; Cheering Multitude in Streets, the Fourth Ward—is strictly non-poi «a.    York    The    Governor and his wife j the steamer w o    .    engineer    j The llearst campaign, say the. brokers, | d () f the line, was reached the cruiser 1    I    The    President's train arrived at the It is also foT Jerome. So the members j -New ^    ^     Jn    a | of    his    winnings    he    gave    to    the    ng.neeu    ;     down    the    odds    on    McClellan.    |     Asanm    hea ded    due    north, and then in a     llte ;______., nion    S(a11on at 4 p M . There had have organized a Jerome Campaign Com- j    and firemen of. the v . .     r i    I Bettors who take the short end of the | wes ,t er lv direction, entering between the.. ■    _ niArto DA/'I/ TAYF^s j    ,,    , mittee that is wholly'- distinctjrom the j hotel to-day^ • -- ¡half he divided among the officers and ! wagt . rs calculate that the present Mayor j Beci?nd * and third lines, and afterward MRS. RICES BACK TAXtb. , been a general closing or all business club, except in membership, and they have ; 1(11 I QRAN CAUGHT IN VIENNA. } ^ew. -     Mls -„    ! will lose enough votes to Hearst to give . resuTO ed her original position. During this    AHmltaThe    Palled to Give Cor- I houses, a,id along the route of the proopened headquarters at 49 Henry Street , MLLUnHIM OHU«n_     { Although it had been expe etedMhat     i(>    lvjns>    and    they    are    getting    ,     m . anoeuvre Admiral Togo was at the Km- Author Admits She Failec«    j     f .^, ion    fr0in the station to the stand on In his brief and informal speech ln ! Lud|ow Street JaM Breaker Robs De- | Roosevelt would spend a fe’ w t     oug!    bolder every day.    I    peror’s    side.    feet    Accounting    0.    P    op    .f<-y.    Bienville    .Square    residences and stores Henry Street, Mr. Jerome paid his com-    ..     t    «     k    Window.    | around San Francisco, a 1 voyage '    “    It looks to me as if the odds on Me-I The Emperor Hien received in audience    special to The Neu York Times.    I    were    covered with decorations of lights pliment. to ’’Jimmy” Osborne, saying j    positor    at    Bank    Window    I plans were changed dm lug the    ’    I << lellan would go . stm lowe r,” said Judge | on board the Asama Admiral Noel and, j CCJSVILKE Oct. 23.-Mrs. Alice He- ym] bu!lUng . more honest man was not to be j    special    to    The    New    York    Times.    _    ^    | a nd neither her part>    I'to a Times reporter yesterday. ” of i lhe ( v P fains of the British and America n _ ’    _ nrlm fni , P veflr s ano sprang into . T he r.mte lav - 0.1 (iovernmeut Street xpected that the T8 |' roa ‘ l    [give    him    a    wonderful    majority.” reward the employe whose , «* tion probably' averted seriou'- or Mr that a more honest man was nut t-.,    Special    to Hie l\ew i orte 1 imes.    j     a na neuner u» h“* o     ....... ;     to a Times found. There was not gold enough in; SPRIN q FIE lD, 111., Oct. 23.-The lfed- i 1 larriman landed here. They Wt * re *'! courso> ym , America to buy Osborne, lie said.    I     pi . al authorities here to-day received a j ferred from the Siberia to the ug - i    , “ But,” he added^-” now Jimmy Osborne > jitter from the Austrian ______.    -»    0    xt.    .    Ha    ’    .    .    .    .    -r    i'll    :    1    a    v    -.4.    *j    ^.ViiAoir    1 niw m 1 in uuuu v » v* **• w 1 Frank reporter yesterday, never can tell, but tilings is a puppet.    He is a tool of the boss.    He     york informing them that    Joseph    Kil-    ! left: at 3 o’clock this afternoon    over_ is a tov in the hands of the man against ,     wap under arr est at    Vienna,    and    j Ogden route of the Southern rati whom I am fighting. He is so by reason ;     asking lh em to send identification    papers, j road.     e of his very honesty. Having got political j     K}lloraJ1< lt is charged, stationed    himself j A trip of 3.234 miles in G-    h    ^ preferment at the hands of the boss, he ; ^ frout of a bank in Vienna. When a cus-j task set for the trainmen^ ‘ ^ ‘ d is too honorable a man to fling the boss j    carrying    £2G,«KH)    for    deposit    entered    ;    seven ears wih maintain an    S    _ 1 aside when    he is elected. And 1* do    not |    ^ bank Kmr?ran follo wed.    |    of fifty miles an hour over ^ 3 want to be    the servant of any boss.    It     While the depositor was    standing in    ; of track between _San i ranc. . v Is bossism I am fighting against.”     front of tke teller’s window, it is    alleged, , cago.    It will be tr ? l J s * er ^    ”    J!     ards When the cheering had died away which ,     Killoran se i 7 . e d the money and fled. He I Shore    tracks at the sl ^ te f e j^    ” h<>    (ime u ------  ---    -    „    ,    .    ,    thcv    >    point that way now. The Hearst hooni is . $\ n and the cruiser (’incinnati.) Consul at New.] an d taken direct to a an. ,     >er     :    responsible    for    the    change    of    odds.” — hl -     ,,hebau,e    tu p    wlaco1 aroused o u Rice, who four years ago sprang into T iu* route lay on Covcrnmeut prominence through the medium o! Mis. olie n f ^ bp most n< 'eci drives in the South., .    .    ntUVaOt'Pli    .    .    t    .1    .    At*    CA1YV.O S» Hearst would get 120. Kto votes. Popular enthusiasm was ghe There ; who witnessed the naval pageant from all • to Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch.” appeared t0 SS     t    to-day    anti    admitted for ton blocks, passing the homes of some of Mobile’s most Influential citizens, her Lawrence bet .$200 even that| (he highest pitch. Besides the thousands _     falled    to    give    a    correct    at-     { , hWf    educat loimi    institutimi.    and    one    of of personalty were several bets on McClellan at 4 to 1. [ports of large and small vessels in the ^    ^    that    1«    subject    to    taxation he available points of vantage.^-.     M    .. amounting to This her historic churches. The sidewalks and streets were packed with cheering humanity, and at McGill Institute Academy, and one. or Barton two other points l>ate last night an even bet of $r>,000 on ; bay~ all the avanaoie    ' “    ,    '    has been going ott slhce 1903. Jerome’s 'election was being negotiated, j a iong the shore were dense > <o\eret > g u ^ bad been initiated against the ati .!. J. Judge was ready to place that sum j with eager spectators.    |    Revenue    Agent    A. J. Bisot. whose h(uulredfi of school children were masse vtacle caused much joy and sat- ,    ^     R    js    tQ    ]ook    after btt ck taxes. was sooTvarrested, and gave his name as j here forty-eight hours from‘    *” ne Tames Howard.    leaves the station at San > ranch« o. In Killoran, with Sid Yennle, Harry Rus- ( order to make this run it greeted his appearance in the Amsterdam Opera House, Mr. Jerome smiled and said: “ I guess it would be to the taste of the      ........... people here if I handed out a few hot gelb Charles Allen, and George Carson, j from Cheyenne corner the response ones. And from every cani6 • “You bet! Were ready! Go for ’em!” At this meeting the proportion of women "was unusually great. Each time Murphy or Odell was mentioned by name lhe audience hissed long and angrily, and The women v.'ere particularly energetic. in excellent voice and robbed the Springfield Post Office at noon one day in 1895 of $5,000 in stamps and the wedding silverware of Harry H. Dev-ereaux and Postmaster Ridgely’s daughter. They were arrested in New York. Killoran. Allen, and Russell escaped from Ludlow' Street Jail, but were recaptured and served terms in Chester, 111., penitentiary. Mr. Jerome was « pir i tP '    For    many    a    day    after    July 4. 189.», Going over the Canfield case, Mr. Je- whPn Killoran, Alien, and Russell pr to Omaha nearly ninety miles an hour to make up time lost going over the Sierra .-Nevada Mountains and the Rocky Mountain range. The Union Pacific and Southern Pacific are single track roads, and, to insure fety, Lhe track is ordered Cleared two against Jerome, and Harry Sadler threat- ; The spec ened to bet the other way. The final ar- , lsfadion among the Japanese', e - s P^ c a \ , rangements to place this bet will probii- j Jn the breasts of those who reca e blv be made to-day. The prevailing odds only forty years have elapsed jawe at ; BISHOP CRANSTON TO MARRY 011 the District Attorneyship contest are • that ' very spot-no warships except those |    ,     f    C|nc j n o tn I fl«iinsi Jerome.    '    1    of    foreign    powers    had    ever    floated.    U     |    Mjss Luce Mason Parker of Cincin nati His Bride-to-be, LAWYERS OUT FOR JEROME. hours ahead of the special. As a further precaution a'pilot engine will precede the train. Accompanying Mr. rful stimulus to national edu- Joseph H. Choate Heads List of Those Who Appeal for His Re-election. Eighteen prominent members of tbe NOW York bar,- among thorn four | AUaches Say Russia Had Consid. i-;. beltev most power cation.    , At the conclusion of the review the Emperor returned to Tokio. MIGHTY ARMY FACED JAPANESE Special to The New York Times. WASHINGTON, Oct. 23.—Word has be^n received here of the app.oaehing singing National songs. The. procession was headed by a platoon of police, followetl by Col. R. B. Dumont of the First Regiment Alabama National Guard and his staff. With the Mobile Bat-talhtn following. Two companies of artillery from Fort Morgan came next, ami then the < adets of the 1 niversity Military School. Behind the boys were Confederate veterans as a guard of honor to the Presidents of the Bar Association, lia» organized for the purpose of working marriage of Bishop Karl Grausten of, this P ,. Ps ij e m. in whose carriage- were seated city and Miss Lucie Mason Parker <»f judge Jules Alford. Ghalrman of -the, Cincinnati, the ccremon.v to take pla> e 011 <’ommitt< j e mi. Arrangements; Nov. 15 in the home of William t:. Heron ,    i.yon-,    aiul    <’ol. -Edward Mayor P.. Lafayette in Cincinnati.    Russell.    • Bishou Cranston has been stationed in A st and had been ere, ted in Bienville He is lire and it was surrounded by 4n.ouo KruttM-hnrtt. director of     t te5dt-    iIsa.iPd ihe following circular:    ! veration, VO las p« .    •    . ‘    .    ^    ^    undersigned,    members of the New j the arrangements for tins trip, anu , York ’ g ar Ulge our f e iiow-citi/.ens, without re-, h Sttibbs manager of the Ilarriman j d to party, to vote for William rraveisj — B - b    Cddcugn    officials were i,|U     About JOO.OO* men faced and an official of unswerving rome saia:    . When Canfield pleaded guilty. If he • j ow street Jail, holding the keepers at erably Over 1,000,000 Men. TTnriman    Is    J. I for-    the    re-election    of    District    Attorney!     gT pe tkRSBURG, Oct. 23.—According    ;     Washington for less than a year,    lie is    <; quare( and it was wn maintenance] Jerome.    This    new    organization yester- j     tQ the    mil5tary att achAs who recently^ re-    i    ^ y ^ rg of Rge Tbe marriage,    of his     ollizeni , # The President reaohe«Mhe stand was In i ail elevated dais in a chair built by tbe lhe bride-elect Is a middle-aged    woman     stm ] en ts of a technical school in Japan. Tntegdtiy I    bedow    the Sungari River ln addition to a    i or , jtp    gif|s and has been a    teacher, Ba( . k of , t was an enormous stuffed bear. ‘       °    ‘    “    i eight feet in height, bearing, in its mouth Harbin The remamuei <«• «■•■f    ..... ..----------- a floral independence bell, and above it» »«. .nnrn     w hite    dove    ludding    a    streamer, on J ^hatinn who has nersonallV at tend- ) day issued the following circular:    |    turned from the front, Russia had con- ; dau ‘ gbter Miss Ethel Cranston, to Dr. G. | al r> «'cl^k and was received by ac-«and opeiati 11,    ‘    •    •     and    ,    we, the undersigned, members of the New ,     ab | v    j n    excess    of    a    million    soldiers in    Tanevhill    Jr.    of    Baltimore    was    an     m j lt ee    of    flrtft citizens. His seat ticatlv walked out of the anti.,,,»ted Cud- jed to the arraugemeuta to,    j    York’Sa,,    !    ,h e Far Kaet when peace wa. declared. ^ ^^{1^ eaky ¿prlng ae.«.«    .....    .......... the Japanese performed the duties of bis higii j pQTigtderable army held in iesei\e at    some    vears    in    an    Eastern    college ¡terest feaI °' fUV ° r an '' ^    »Harbin. The remainder of this force was t ram v    r> Pf »r ' In A»'        ^    — ine of the Erie from I.uttaio to a ‘ [ nothing in advance, were these signa It There are a lot of these things about j er 0 f the gang, the District Attorney’s office that he j pr i s .- on n ] i£jit repeatedly, but often had cannot telb. You often try to suppress the ; bro ken jail.    v.-t-i'itv evildoers by the power of bluff, and if; At the. Central Office 1«^ "ight some uen    wil!    attmnpt    a    schedule     1    ture?: thev fall to the bluff, that is unfortunate    !    astonishment was expressed    that Killoiun    ria    Kak<    bin te . -for them. But you’ll rather stand crU-    j    should be at large in Vienna. The officer iMtsrn than tell If I had not got him.    j     iu charge, of the Detective    Bureau said    tliat where would 1 have been with the others?)* w „ his impression that    Killoran was    ,-ihl..    b>_ n.n lto... Why, av prv one of them would have | “ doing time ” somewhere. given me a fight.”    _ The Majestic Hall is an odd place. j has more nooks and corners and side cor-    ---- ridors than any other public hall in town, ! B[aze jn Wooden Shanty on Blackwell’s ^aVc V TOwde n d Ch la°st ^igh^s GghU^s-thc ; deep.’’so'close n tha\ e i^was’^irupossl’ble To | Several hundred irmates of the Alms * By wimiin'g hallways and back stairs hed to this circular, of which Mr. j I>artl y of Primorsk j 886 KiLLEDj. 1 3J83 INJURED. ^ ] ^ h ^ ^ lnpprlptlon •• Blessed is the Jerome and his campaign managers knew G. Choate, Joseph ! Uneviteh . i as far south as the Turnen Rive . The attaches say that Wfut. Gen. had Drought his army to a Year’s Record of    Accidents on    Amen-    ,    peacemaker. Years rtecoru    i    ^ ^     was    killed in a hunting    expe- lean Railroads    Damage $2,    ,    •    j     dltion by    ) da Majesty Alexander    II. of WASHINGTON,    Oct. 23— In the twelve    j     RusB j a Jn    ia*i7,    according to the inscrip- FIRE SCARE AT ALMSHOUSE. Island Alarms Patients. Miss Roo»ev full of spirits oral months Homage she has received n» «««e apparently had not turned her .head. She!    ------ was chaperoned by r.IrB. Newiands and _ Father Kills Himself at Side of Boy was closely atterded by Congressman j    Wh 0    Ended His Life. Nicholas I ongwovth. Both she and dec lined to discuss of Ebodie 1 indeoendent Oil Men Say They Cannot killPtl aTU i 4,123 injured.    !     an( t the effects in the palace of the 1    -ru u irtint Rate    •    'Pho    number of employes killed shows a Pr j ncP were disposed of at public salt-. Get a Through Jomt Rate.    !     Th ^     were    ,. aiI eolllsq    wa.    pmvhused    by Hannl. T.»- Special to The New York limes.    !     lons    anc j 1,535 derailments, of which 163 ; ^ then Minister of the United States D " riu ‘    .a.    t    i mttfn-nril> lauehinciv declined to discuss; utto ocnuuz, miir ¡house and the City Hospital on Black- Lo g    •    '    ‘     en t    but    she    called i committed suicide Friday after ¡weir. leland gut a bad .care late last. ,h»ir repo ted engagement, but she    con    ^    ^     unfortu|)ate    , oy Ni'K. Roosevelt expressed delight at get-You may say for me.” she said, Mr* Jerome'Vas' led : to the stage and ’’.V. when tailor’s shop in a one-story ¡him ” Ni«k” «raîeiTbÆ cr Along 0 t^a't : frame structure about 1Ô0 yard, from -be | Mias Rooseveit expressed dengn, a,    —    —    ^„encV'of'“his !    New Haven and Hartford, whole route the people    Packed    three    |     bulldlngs caught fire, fending »moke. , ting ba. 0 • ” n ' ., h sald •• i \ parent*. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Schultz, of | acoor dmg «° testimony offered y tie ’ Otto Schultz, little more than a boy, i (LEVKLAND, Oct. 23. -it is uitei ly cio m g ,i ons and 168 derailments affected j t Madrid. noon as ! impossible for independent concerns ’« ! passRnger traIns . The damage to rail-     8emtre s , 8    Son    Presents    Medal. the result of an unfortunate love affair, j get a joint through rate on pe ro eu     road property was $2,410.671.    _    ^    ^     T    goa    of    t h« He was to have been buried yesterday its products over railroads operating wun    ----- judge, vine 144,145 MILES OF SUN SPOTS. I andTour deep on. oith n e r y    J^hearfng    !    fl a m es .    and    .sparks    into the air.    j    ’You    may    say for^rne,    srie    ««a, c ; Wvo ko ff Street, Williamsburg. The ! FrRd c . Clark Company of this city and ; where they coiild have no bad A11 the lnmat es of the Almshouse and am more than «ver comdnced t^ h n ^ nc ^^ oe W as about to begin. With | ^Vaveriy Oil Company of Pittsburg at | Two N  .....     Tp .i«.e    hospita.    were    „sleep whenjhe _f«re ; -ntry^our^wn. Jhe     #bout    lhe    Kul3t    of    hi9 wife. Her-, ^ lipari n, before repreeemative, of the In telling of the Canfield case Mr.- Je- |     started An attendant saw the flames on    j    have seen rome said:    hlare    for    the first    the roof of the wooden building between    j    ing, of time ?n V lts C h°istory; foi the first time In '    the two institutions, and quickly gave the    We everywhere    had every twentv-six years. I am told. It has ie- mained closed, d is close« s i pl ce i shouted ” Fire! ” t hear, they are ledecpratmg     p i ac «e,     of    wlld    excitement now.    _ n on this trip have been interest- i his arm about the waist of his v\lfe, IIe ^' \ the course, and instructive as well, j man Schultz, the father approached the ( Jnt r attention and i coffin and kissed Otto s lips. «îtflte Commerce Commission in tliis ,    .     JOSE ,    Cal.,    Oct.    23.—The    Rev. - - . . »      ^11    ♦    t    rvi    ‘      .    t    Cl__ftloen Confederate Admiral, Michael Semmes, then presented to the President and “    ~    .    we- 1    rvimtpti on the lapel of his coat a hand- ow Growing to be Largest Ever     gouVPn ir    badge as the gift of the Seen, Says Father Rickard.    ;    people    of Mobile. Judge Semmes said: •Mr. President:    I    ask    your    attention 1 will kiss him again soon. It will be a kiss of greeting.” ! compQ tition with the Standard Oil Oom- •ilarm Some excited person, however, courtesy, and not a single disagreeable; and immediately thereat marred our^-ure. ^    again    about    the    j    ~ te rr,tory covered by tbe New i places we via,ted I accepted ae a couiptt- | weeptn^ wife    ^    «,ked |     H8 .     the , nf “ gathered at the hearing as part or for his rate regulation message W. E. Wall, President of Inter-State     effect    oi    t hi 8    condition,    j    ToCenh Rickard S. J., Santa Clara for a moment. I have oeen delegated «« «»‘iilirÄnan,. -er,.    .»    to    prevent    |    ^     aatr L 0 mer. announced last night! the poop 1 ? <>« Mobtte to preeen, to you with the work of the committee, because I flammable such action would have closed up all ground.    - sources of evidence.    ,    ,7V    . Nurses, orderlies, and attendants were -There is no ‘ “And more important than P ul ÿ®: rus hing to and fro, quieting the- inmates ; stor y that I took a dive ing " 3 be "corrected which made possible • r the pilfering of the property of widows ^_ and orphans. How cheap and easy the result of his observations of a group | ,1,is token a >ymbol of g thelr f,»Ity«« muf'lL^b 1 », n ,re 1C emlre V g!o!tp"h e e k ea"c7 ' of "«If °of little Intrinsic value ye, in The length of the entire group lates. is 144,145 miles, with a width of 115,532 miles. Increased solar activity makes it proba- sentiment it represents the loyalty, the worth, and the honor o£ as brave, chiv-alric. and noble a people as is to be acter reported in the newspapers.    :    and    puneu    u.e aw».    .     the clark Company, test If foundation for the absurd The little parlor tn which the coffin ,     rn    wanted    was    a    chance    to do bu ok a dive into a tank on bested was crowded with friends of the    that    district,     w ^lch    abounds in A, h ?Sfiws : w’ a ;;;ou-a„:¡^.«> — ^.- r , s .TZ he conrinu u....... MlWe    persons    ln    the almshouse in g on. as a result of a dare from Con- the bier. Then tlte tamer ana i     one o{ most ptoi i    willock STS kot out of bed. despite the protests of the ! gasman I^Hh Nel.hsr did I «- fioor dead Those a, «h. :fune.a, ^     h    a    ' Kia. +h»t two new spots, first noticed last! found on the face of God's green earth Fridav will exceed In size nn> hitherto “We, the proud citizens of a proud re-Friday. will ex    i    public    feel and believe that you, as the observed. rVK&S" those^men '» Äe I SïÆsTÂT’"    |mtof'ulu^Thl circutatiou of such non- ! so on left.    ,     Dlv ,^......-    -    ^     furnt , h . SS'M?ÎMMÂ7-1rÄ'Ä® = —    °tV     part    ° f    “C    jrfo hadno,b?cnroom/noug - ,vania at Plttsbur?    “ IT WASN’T MR. HEARST. Nor Was the Other Mineola Auto Prisoner Mr. Me Ad oo. head of that republic, will by your broad ) views and judicious actions, so unite In bonds of friendship all sections of our j loved country, that Americans will ad-! vance till they become the foremost of [nations and may without misgiving rrlage from the Sul- | Very much frightened, and all of..them j    ¿ a waverly Company testified that Division Freight Agents of the Pennsyl- I i of- Pittsburg would not furnish a    some wicked cai.- r ~ -------.    - --    r    th« naHorfoTthose who wished to attend the ^^gh rate , and never would furnish     automo bile on the Jericho    Turnpike on , necessity ever arise, then the . *    ^    ±    *    _    J    tnruub»    .    __    ^    «nfo rvrvnlH TliTt ~ j>____ Some wicked campaign liar scorched in ; dP fy a world In arras. Should this awful isSiHiiÄ sp: second pir a te - ^ h op f L y=.SSs    j    x:     £    i t.9 P er ^ade that ..^>*„^"^801?"than ¡Newport Police Find the Bessie s tre ated like any other American girl.^Her j ence^o^ aU 6 mpted to revive her Find- , ciples.”    —-  j    ^     H earst    last    night    denied    that    he; later utterances, are the President of the .. ------- rtthftr    n(irson    tnan ’     0wner —Dynamite or, the Doroda. j things were examined, but none were du- ; a g thls fmj^jsible^ they jCarrted^ hereto i    ^    >.«..,.0^^    micu    !     Mr -     Hea    -    •    *    --------- Our visit to the I se ^j° U g chul? ' S suicide made necessary the •    i?    *    u    _    4^.1    m    a    v.    a    1    rvF    tli a    cs r\r\ m C t P meS a against any* other person than '? ''Sfe ?a'ny wnV'ti.m' Tm&l' NEWPORT R. I.. Oct. »-Ths county | *^' Ha ^ man sa , d : on that^Grand Jury. They     a ^ h ?;}:authorities who, on Saturday seized the ;    -’" nt    has    been    one    no t    only of much ; no tt ÜO nVm¿n t of the funeral of the son. est and intelligent bod> of men v no dif ; p j ra ^ e sloop Doroda, new have the sloop    „    -ä*    i«*—.n n «. ««.1 2- V  ----«.<11    a*»    hnrio<t    in    the    same nleasure to us all, but Interesting and i pother and son will be buried in the same pitrtiou* -    .    .    .    ,____I________ fPRnre^ay. Iob^TwireIess. was the person who had been arrested i North, South, our whole country. They ¡and fined. He said he had not been Out j re gard you as a broad-minded American. maintaining a ra system -of signals hnnestlv " differed In judgment on the i the police those on board of the Bessie    mhD    «wakeninff    has'Marconi Operator on Tank Steam : New York on fscts and they would not indict.“ ^How much did they get for differing? AHpd a man in the rear of the hall. “ Nothing, my friend,” Mr. Jerome re ioined quickly. “ There are a lot of crooks in the world, but everybody v*/    1 Ike to See New York Museum j of his ho me In New York all day Sunday, j and a8 suc h offer you this badge, lb WOUIO uikc    -     Farewe „.    i    Mr.    McAdoo    was    indignant    In    referring ! pen dant a magnolia blossom, pure and —Sir Purd    |     to thR d i S patch concerning    his    alleged j    apotless, typical of the w'omanhood and IONDON, Oct. 23.—Sir Purdon Ciarke, , hcld . up He said:    s    manhood of our Southland, and peculiar- the new Director of the Metropolitan Mu- ;    „ Jt [s f&lge j have n’t been    on    Long j     ly appropriate as you are half Southern spurn of Art, New York, who sails for : Igland for three weeks.”    J    judge Alford, Chairman of the Commit - the White Star steamship on Arrangements, then lntrc crooked. Where fhere is one crook, there a large quantity of goods., believed to h, totcn property, was found. A large sup ¡p, y of dynamite and    ;    Japanese    are    the    dominant -ea is still a problem, and her des-     ed by P o ,11 probably be worked out by the »     yest erday, _    ^    r-. ^«I.dnn la tVia t thP lr. Ill* J •' 19. Business Troublcs.-Page 14. Commercial World.—Page 14. Court Calendars.—Page 14 Financial News,-pages 12 and 1... Marine Intelligence and Foreign Mails. - Page 13. New Corporations.—Page 13. Real Estate.—Page 15.    ___ Society.—Page 9. United Service.—Page 10. Weather Report.—Page 9. Yesterday's Fires.—Page 2. lie could see the Metropolitan Museum of    sunk    in    Lake    n«.w...    ;     gred by Ccb E dward Lafayette Russell. „   t    nninlnn    is    that    the         ,    *    ty , «Art when Sir Furdon’s ideas were exe-    special    to    The    NCrv    York Times. ^    !    *• Your coming among us has been a large bottle of 1 aid of Japan. My-opinion is that the ^ the gtaTldard Oil steamer Drake,    |    CLEVELAND.    Ohio,    Oct.    23.-The-     of    |nspiration    to    our    people, who the ( which left port. Arthur last «week, was a j     new    D i re ctor    lunched with Ambas- [ frelght ste ftmer Kallyuga, belonging to the ^ {amlHar wit h your record os a soldier _    .     T ,    steamship    Company,    is    believed    1. hd a cWzen> ” he said. “Your wise down in Lake Huron with ‘ s(atesman ahip. coupled with your putflk her crew "of eighteen men. While all hope >     and    pub ij c declarations, has given has not been abandoned, no trace of her them confl dence in your sincerity of    pur- can be found, and it is thought that she     qe nnd    patriotism, uccumbed to the gale that swept the lak^ ,    .. g bice    you have been President    you I chloroform    sloop    :    Grlent, and that there will be large future ,     operator .    who    had recenUy |    R^datDorchester    House    to-day    , ¡ Bessie answers    of    Provi-    ^    development,    though    not    immediate ”    ]    ^¿° d    a    Unlted    States    civil    service ex- [ «^or'     with    Mr .     R , id    to    act    as    |    f 1 « C,a f i stolen from L. R. B    Among the passengers on the Siberia     on    , for    a    popI tion    as    Post Office a , rmnn of the Purchasing Committee, ■     nf re vl iiuiiutou    ...... Then the meeting cheered again. INDEX TO DEPARTMENTS. .    ¿¿¿1    'Stolen    iroin    ...    —.....   .     Among the passengers on tne moena ' mlnat , on for a position as Post Office    .     of    , he Amusements. Page ■    ^     B uvers    -Page     di,noe '    .    „    vewnort    harbor two t were Senator Newlands of Nevada and :    days    ago .    , he    applicant's;    ;j     babiy wU | be formed here. Arrivals of Out-of Town Bur rs. g , The Dorod waa Newport harbo W     8enator    Warren    of    Wyoming,    Rep-    ;    ® ler •    Brooklyn,    received    a    notice    j    *" ch    P™,    »     t0 . day    completed    the weeks ago Saturday and wa overhauled     Longworth    of    Ohio,    Brig.    ;    ^ Gpneral post Office that the     the    Museum    two    small by her crew It was her first .JW>™    .     0pn H _ T . Alien. Chief of the Philippine     man had been appointed.    paiiel    paintings    of    saints    by    Crevelll,    cost- in these waters b t     care ful    Constabulary; R.. P. Schwerin, Mee Pres- * When the Drake was two days out at    *10«jo which will be shipped to nized by men_^ lQ1 |f otMnfe wag ^toienjiere. id«nt and General Manager of ^e^Pacifhj ^ ^ N ew York, th^brother forward- Ame ;. k a shortly. Sir Purdon takes with Thursdav and Friday nights.     have demon »trated by your admlnistra- The Kalivuga, w'ith Capt. F. L. Tonkin' t|Qn Qf pur Fed eral affairs tnat you an of PainesviHe. Ohio, in command, left j j and de voted to our free institution» Two C \aphtha P iaun?hes n owned by Daniel Mall steamship Company, and Miss Mabel ®® a the not ice through the Marconi oper- | bl ^^Veral fine plaster reproductions and :    several days ¿go with ore. The ,    "of ''the^ blood, sacrifice, and : w’ > r e 8 robbed We X*“ i Boardman and    i    collection    of    antigue    furniture    and ;t ^    was    when she passed ^sureoV our ancestors. Such is the i furniture, and brass and other metal fit- j Washington. ^ ” RooBe velt.    I    ly appointed clerk would report for duty wood carving, including an old ^ man j Sault Ste. Mane.    | falth of our people in you as a patriot “ lt Ts vMolafioVo^ civil service rules to i cahmet, andsome French armor and ex- ,        _    ........ , thnt thay he,lave you_ would cheerfuUv ; tings last Friday. Five Traías Daily to Buffalo Dewey’s Sauterne and Dry Moselle Wine* ^    Valley R. R." Excellent accommodations Are very beneficial ^r Reshy persons.    ,     4 Broadway> N .y. ; II. T. Dewey & Sons Co., 138Fulton bt., mewioia. ^ _^ dv> £    -«SM« 1 —    -Ur    rather    than    audang.r I T 1 —Adv. 325 Klton Bt.,Bkiyn. ¡ the name of the young nela. til the Spring