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New York Times, The (Newspaper) - June 21, 1885, New York, New York VOL. XXXIV......NO. NEW-YORK, SUNDAY, JUNE 21, SHEET. PRICE THREE GENTS. SALISBURY'S BOLD GAME THREATENING AN IMMEDIATE APPEAL TO THE COUNTRY. EnOLERABLE POSITION OP THE TORIES__ WHAT FLEDOK8 SALISBURY FRESH TALC OF MB. GLADSTONE BE- TURNI.N'O TO OFFICE. Bv Commercial Cable from Our Own Cor- respondent, Juno nearly a fort- night EnRlimd has pot alonp quite com- fortably without a responsible Govern- ment, hut tho lost 'Jl hours hnvodevelopt-d symptoms of nn upljr strain which may easily lead to such a constitutional crisis as the hot heads on both Ridea BO nearly brought on in tho franchise deadlock of a year ago. Tho most important as well as the most interesting feature of the exist- ing trouble is that It Is wholly without a precedent. Muny Premiers huvo under- taken tho tiwk of forming a Ministry out of a minority, but Lord Salisbury's case is unique in that ho is estopped from dissolution; and therein lies tho cruol hardship of tho situation for him and ita pleasant aspect for tho Hadlc-als. There is a fljced period for him to stay in office. If Mr. Gladstone wero unuble to stay in oCQco because of an nct-iclentnl majority of 12 against him how much more Intolerable would offlco bo to Lord Salisbury with a t-hronio adverse majority of a hundred? L'nlesa a majority is pivon to him It U said ho will hurry tho session throiiph. This purpose explains his only really important demand upon the Liberals, viz., tbat they shall agree to pivo Government matters tho precedence every day and po into com- mittee without dubnte. Tho Kadiwils nro pressing Mr. Gladstone to doclino to yield to this demand because they have their hearts sot on enjoying themselves to tho utmost pommeling, tea.iins. and. bully- the helpless minority Ministry, and hare no mind to shorten this puniyh- ment by even a siuplo day. This Is tho real hitch. SALISBURY'S HOLD MOVE. It ia characteristic of Lord Salisbury that he should think of cutting himself free Irom tho cords with which the cun- ning Radicals have bound him by action of tho boldest, if not tho moat dutiKcrous, nature. Tim Redistribution of treats bill, the Iliml of which ho blocked yesterday, puts In operation tho entire reiirriiupemuut of constituencies at the end of the present Parliament, while the Franchise- bill only at tho curliest itlos new voters m November. Hence, if tho Redistribution of bents bill wore passed, dissolution before Autumn would involve an election in tho new dis- tricts without new voters. In answer to the Kadicnl refu-nl of tolerance, Lord Sal- isbury block-i Redistribution of SeiUs bill, and this action is clearly equivalent to a threat to dissolve. Parliament immediate- ly, and to.mako tho appeal to the country In the old districts and to tho old electors. It is difficult to believe that this is moro than a of bluff, but it cer- tainly is a bold and extensivo one, and tho panic of rage into which It throws tho Dally Sens to-day shows it 13 proving to bo fairly effective. It had been as- sumed so steadily thai there could bo no possibility of a dissolution till tho now electors were qualified that the mere hint of such a thing now fairly takes tho politi- cians'breath away. It Is tolerably cloar that such a uiovy would provo a pravo calamity in tho future to tho Tory Party, hut it would have its temporary advan- tages, which attract some of the party leaders, and it is regarded as a thing possible to bo done. I believe, how- over, there is no serious intention of do- ing more than frighten tho poorer Radi- cals with the terrors of double election ex- penses, and that Lord Salisbury will have his Cabinet ready to kiss hands on Tues- day. CABINET SPECULATIONS. The personnel of the Cabinet is still un- settled to a large extent. Tho idea of giv- inc to poor, patient Stafford North- cote the empty dignity of the First Lord- shua of tho Treasury, for which thort painting. After going a short distance ono of tho swindlers entered a place to suo, as he said. If a lottery ticket ho neld had drawn a Tho other suBBC.sted that ho anil Mr. Perry go alonir. After entering thu follow with tbo ticket handed It to a mun behind a desk, and tho latter announced: Well. Sir, you hnvo drawn but as 1 do not pay tho fractional pnrls of tho drawings I shall give you but the cvon 8500, and ho hnudcd tho ticket man S5UO In hills. Mr. Perry's escort, turning to him. said: "Now, Unclo Clark, you must try your but tho old gentleman was wlJo nwako nnd strenuously refused to tako any part In tho scheme. Well." said hla escort, then 1 will buy a ticket and give you half; you'll accept It, won't you. Unclo I lurk ho continued. Mr. Porrv did not want money bud ouougli to ncoopt tho proIToroiJ chance." However, tho ticket wna purchased, with tho understanding that Unclo Clark" should havo half what It drew. Some manoeu- vring was srono through with, ami It was an- nounced that tbo ticket had drawn but they rofuw'l to hand over tho money until tlio fortunate ticket ho der anil Mr. Porry had ouch a papor to tho effect that, thoy were worth that amount of money. Well." said the ticket holder, "I can soon ee- tabll3n tho fact that I am worth that amount of monov can't you. Unclo ropllod Mr. 1'crrr. "I can If I want to." At this Juncture of the proceeding Mr. Perry arose and walked out of tho house followed by ono of tho mun who said: Uncle Clark. I hopo you won't say anythmgabout this." "Yes I said Mr. Perry; "I will notify tho Ont policeman 1 meet of your nefarious You thought I WIIB a grocny but you made a mistake." Tho police was set to work, but tho sharpers had flod. Tno object probably was to got Mr. Perry to bis name to a draft or check which tho trio could got cashed nt once. ANNOYED BY HOODLUMS. YOtJNQ B17FFIA.NS CAUSE THE DEATH OF AN OLD FRENCHMAN. PHILADELPHIA, June Tho crowd of hoodlums who infest tho neighborhood of Fifth and Christian streets wero tho cause of a foeblo old mun'a death last night. On that evening they congregated in force In ttio vicinity. Somo of their number bad suOlcicut money to buy beer and liquor for tho crowd, and by 10 o'clock they had drank enough to Instill them with a BDlrit of deviltry. Shortly after that hour Fran- cis Xavier Ganvoy, a decrepit Frenchman ot about 00 years of limped down Fifth-street on Oil way uomo. In thg rear of No. 713 Houlh FlftU-streot. Hla uppoaninco was if rue tod with a about. Tho huodlurna hooted at lilm, insulted and Jostled him, anil when bo remon- strated and shook his cano at thorn they poltoc] him with tin cans and other missiles. Hu llnally reached tho little court leading back to his home. Three of his tormentors pursued lilra through the court to tbo door or his houno, whero ono of thorn alleged to havo oltncr struck him or aimed a blow at him. The old mun reached tho doorstop and was endeavoring to open tho door when ho suddenly reeled and fell backward. striking his head on tho brick pavomunLs. His assailants ran baok Into Fifth-street and warned their companions. Ho wan Insonsiblo when picked up, nnd dloil about llvo minutes after be- ing carried Into tho bouso. Mr. Ganvoy was an export cook. In which capacity be went through tho war of tliu re- bellion. Ho came from a good family ID Franco, where bo owned considerable property and wag well educated. Ho also had some real estate In Virginia. Ho spoko English very badly, amJ this one reason why tbo voung rulllans of tbo neighborhood made him tho butt of tbclr brutal humor. About two weeks ago ho moved from a bouso In Marrlott-stroot to tho place whero ho camo to his denth. Ho had as a subtenant a woman of violent temper. End when he proposed to move sho la Bald to bavo Incited tbo hood- lums of tho neighborhood to mob his house. Since thon they kavo been tormenting, him con- stantly. _ _ _ THE JUDGE TAKES A HAND. TWO LAWYERS COME 7O BLOWS A TEXAS COUET ROOM. FOHT WORTH. Texas, Juno Ucht occurred In tbo District Court room last night which camo near resulting fatally. Tbo trial of young Stephens, charged with tho murder of Dr. Wallace, at Mansfleld. this county, had Just beou opened, tho cntlro day having boon spent In Impaneling a Jury. Tho attorneys woro tired and petulant. Henry Furman, tbe leading counsel for tho de- fense, became embroiled In n controversy with County Attorney Uowlin, and tho two men finally camo to blows. Kvory ono expected to see bloodshed. Tho court room was quickly emptied. IJoth men wore undoubtedly armed and each only waiting for tho other to draw. In tho rciaat of thli confusion Judge Iteckman Icnpod from tho bench Into tho arena. As ho did so Lawyer Wenro, whu Is associated with Bowlln In tbo prosecution, excitedly struck tlio Judiro a very severe blow under tbo oar. Tho Judgo was dazad for un but, bomga powerful man. Instantly recovered bis balance and let fall a elodifo-hacnracr blow that prostrut- od Lawyer Wcarc. Turning bis attention to tho principal combatants, who this time had clinched and wore committing mayhom upon ono another's oars an J tho Judgo com- manded tho Jury to arise and quell thu riot; at the sumo llrno ho seized ono of the combatants and two Jurymen took hold of tho other, thus fepuratlng them. Furman nnd llowitq were fined SJO each for contempt, after which tho court Immediately adjourned, aa all tho com- batants were blooding orofu-oiy. The court did not flno Lawyer Weare. It fonrrd tho fooling engendered will yot result In a tragedy. TTIE CANADIAN PVUL1C AROUSED. OTTAWA, Ontario, Juno fow days ago tho Minister of Inland Itovonuo managed to push a resolution through the committee mak- ing It Imperative tnat after July 1. ItteT, no spirts subject to excise duty can be entered for borne consumption unless they havo been man- ufactured at least one year, and after July 1. spirits must bo nt least two years old boforo being taken out of bond. It was u clever dodtto on tho part of tho Government to place In tho hands of a fow distillers a monopoly which It would bo difficult to break down, and It is only when almost ton late that tho public bavo awakened to the fnct and aro pourlnsr In protests against tho measure In tho shape of memorials osKlng that tlio bill may not become a law. They represent thnt there nro now tlvo dtfttillcrs In tho Dominion who will monopolize tho wholo trade If tho uct is passed, us no now distillery can afford to start In business In competition with those already established. Tho trick lias occn exposed and tho bill will certain- ly be withdrawn. ________ A VICTIM OF THE CYCLOXE. MALON CITY, Iowa, Juno most Startling Incident of tlio late cvclono through this section Is brought to public notice to-day by a messenger from Owen Township, a settled region or this county. On tho morning following tho great storm. In a field on tho Pholps farm. In whit is calleJ the O'Hurrow dis- trict, a llltlo boy bnby, apparently J years old. was found lylnir In a dying condition, with only a night dress on liLs person. Nobody knew nor have they boon nblo to le.irn since to whom tho child belonged or from whence bo came. Tho babe lived but ft short time after bolng plcko'l up. Tno remains were kept us long as ponslble fora claimant, but none coming a description waa taken tor future and the ht- tlo "ellow wna buried yesterdnv Thut tiia nndo dropped the babe adratts of no question., but where It ploiced bJm UP la still PASSING. A WEAfiY KIGHT 'GEN. GRANT ANNOYED BY WELL MEANING VISITORS. BEQOmrNO LESS OF THE DOCTOR'S CAJLK, BUT STILL SHOWING NO A rLKASINQ INCIDENT OF THE DAY. MOUNT McGBEQOB, N. Y., Juno Grant spent less tlmo outdoors than any- day Blnoo bo has bocn boro. Ho did not como out until midday and rot I rod vary soon there- after. The air was balmy, tho thermometer ranging near but a night entirely without Bleep, as ho thought, and of exceedingly fitful rest, according to those who uro disposed to hold thu brightest aide, ever to view, had loft him fur from tho condition that bad boon anticipated when It was thought yesterday that ho was beginning to get tho benefits of tbo mount- ain air. A fortunate circumstance In connection with tho General's wakctulnoaa last Bight was tbat It was not attended witb unusual pain. Coughing contlnuod, but in far less se- verity than was foarod from tho painful experi- ences of Thursday nlaht and of yesterday. Thero was nothing to disturb tho family, who had retired early, and tho doctor slopt after o'olock'tbis morning, having mado an extra In- jection of morphine- boforo bo retirod. Tho nurse had a leas eaar time, for. although noth- ing waa required of him ooyood changing tbo GoDoral'g pillows and position and administering nourishment at regular Intervals, that task kept him busily employed. Just what tbo trouble was no ono eeoms pre- pared to Buy dcunlloly. Tno doctor suiU moniul occupation probably bad something to do with it. us tbo General dad mndo a memorandum lust night of some Insertion bo wiintea to mako to- day la bis book. Tbo change waa not nlgnltleant and was mado to-day In a very fow minuted when tlio Uonerol wrote u paragraph and inill- cntoU whoro uo wanted It inserted iu tho volumi- nous proofs tbat ho has with him. A good deal of satisfaction was Iclt by tho family over tho memorandum ho bad made Docuuao it seemed to them that unless ho wore much Im- proved he would not Do thinking of his book. Uut beyond tho paragraph which tho memoran- dum noted, and wblcb ho disposed of to-day In lij minutes, hU thoughts havo apparently bcon as far away from tbo book as it is possiulo lor them to be. Tho mass of proofs has been un- touched oxcopt In that particular. Another ex- planation ascribes the night trouble to nervous exhaustion duo to tUo annoyances of yusturuny's visitors. Hla condition cannot stand even such trilles as well meaning cullers arc apt to Im- poso. When ho was obliged yesierdiiy to go Indoors because. as ho put It, ho could htay outsldo only at tho risk of being talked to death by his amiable friends, ox-Judge Hilton and Dr. Gray, his nerves wero on eiliio and ho did not aualn recover tho quiet com- posure of which tliu Barony of his dlsooso bos never robbod him. Tho family woro disposed at the tlmo to attribute bit Impatlenco to more momentary weariness, but to-day, having them- solvos enjoyed tho Urst pood reat since their 111- nvnl, and being thus disposed to put tho harmful construction on lust night thoy any thut the annoyance of tho visitors und tho mosiiuitoes. which wero out in force last night, wore probably tho most active auuscd of discomfort. Whether any of those things contributed to tho poor nliight, or whether It was largely duo, as formerly, to lassitude and a high nervous and low physical condition, or whatever tbe cause, to-duy's record shows that by morning tho oulso hud fnllon to 08, or 4 below normal, and that ho was still under too much depression to care to movo about, oven though ho couJJ not bleep. His llrst retreat within tho alter be cnmo out nt noon was to write tho paragraph for Incur lion In tho unru- vlscd proofs of bis book. Then, after a brief rest, ho cnmo out for a few minutes again. Tno beauty ot tho landscape and tho sweet air failed to appeal to him as lormorly. Ho was too weary and languid to enjoy them. When he next went Indoors it was to seek tbe pillowed chair m hl3 own room. Ho remained thero for about two hours, napping nearly half or that time. Thero was tho upual Infliction of sightseers and would-bo visitors by tho afternoon train. Tho General hod Just como out from his nup, dressed iu a new suit of dark gray, when tliu train stopped purling at tho top of tho hill. Ho saw tho visitors coming up tbo wnlk nnd bent his head over tho outsprcnd pages of a newspaper. Many of them etopocd to gnxoat him. A party of boys and girls from the Saratoga tilth School grouped themselves almost directly below whoro ho sat. Presently tho less timid of tbom started for tho steps of tbo porch, tho others falling in primly. A lad who seemed to bo tho leader stepped forward and mado a ouloglstio speech, express- ing Tor Iniuself und his friends the hopo that tho mountain air would restore tho Q on oral, and then from Dencath tlio shawl of ono of tho irlrls a bouquet waa produced, which was banded ovor with duo bowing and scraping. Thon tho little party walked de- murely away until they roachotl tbo bottom oT tho stops, when thoy scampered away glad thut it was ovor. Tho General seemed pleased with the attention. Toward evening, when ho bad como out again and sat and walked about a fow minutes Dr. Douglas wont to tho sick room; tho General followed. An examination showed no otmniro in tho symptonn as pre- viously rtotoil, thu throat and neck remaining as bofom. Tho pulso dad leaped to 70 bents. Ho was rathor more weary than at tho samo time last nielli ami had less color, but mado no spe- cial complaint. lie was easily persuaded to re- tiro to his room for tho nltrht ut dusk. Expectations that early retirement to bis room would bo compensated In tho General's worn- out condition with eJceo during at least tho fore part of tho night wrro fully met. Ho awako only a llttlo while after tho doctor bad treated dim and Injected morphine, and by 0 o'clock, having meanwhile been but llttlo disturbed by coughing, ho was oslcop. A Unlit brightly In tho offlco, where proof revision wont on for two hours but neither tho doctor nor tho nurse had occasion to attend tho General up to midnight, when all indica- tions pointed to a restful night. TRYING TO UNSEAT CARTER HARRISON. CUICAGO. June Tho committee In charge of tho proposed contest against thu elec- tion of Mayor Harrison bold a mooting this afternoon with closed doors, und It Is now un- derstood that tbo subject under consideration was tho bill of contest prepared by Messrs. Green and Forcli, tho chancery solicitors retained by tho committee. Tho bill will bo filed early next week. From a reliable fiourco It Is learned that thu bill demands In tliu llrsi place a recount of tbo ballots cast for Mayor and Treasurer, and alleges that In a num- ber of precincts tho count mado by tho election officers was fraudulent; secondly, tno bill al- leges ovor 1.000 cases of fraudulent voting, and makes spociflo charges of fraud, for which am- ple evidence has been collected. The contest will bo pushod vigorously and la backed bv Influential cltlzons of both parties who arc anxious to have, tbo fullest light thrown upon tho methods employed by political work- cm tn carry elections against tho will of tho people. Mayor Harrison how announced bis In- tention to llitht tho contest and to tako advan- tage of every technicality, but chid declara- tion naa only Intcnsllled tho public de- mand for a contest. Mr. Jp-wett. tho Chairman of the Contest Committee stated In an Intei vluw tn-cay thut the contest was bucked bv too strong ovidcnco to pormlt Its fatllni: to unseat Carter Harrison, but ho added thati It would bo con- ducted in a Hlrictly non-partisan spirit, as tho committee only desired to have tho charges of fraud sifted to tho bottom and to vindicate tho elective francnise In Chicago. THE WILSOlf-3IOVN MYSTERY. PROVIDENCE. R, I., Juno plot Bocms to thicken In tho Wllsoo-Mocn case. Tho defendant's answer to Wilson's declara- tion sots forth that ho held Wilson's notes for about 880.000. Tbe plaintiff answers that claim with the following replication, which has bcon farwurdod for till n if In Uoston on Monday: CIRCUIT CODIIT UNITFH HTATEs-Dtsrutcr op MAS- Term. A. IKU Wilson Philip I.. Moen. Answer to declaration In net off. And tho defendant In sol being plulntlff In original action, corum and answornto anid declaration In set off and WITH that if tho plaintiff mode ibo notoi or any nf Uiom menllnDi'd In tlio mid declaration in act oiTtbuy norairlvcn without consideration and to tho wlfoof the said Mocn. and woro noTnr Intended by tlio part lea thereto to bo collected, paid, or enforced, bul wero to bo destroyed afier bcina shown tu llio wife of Mocn. Ami tho clcfoniiunt ID sul rurllicr naytt If hu wero liable for nuill nultn tho (mid DlalutlU In <et clln- cbnr.'od tho defendant In off from uny enujo of nctlon on account of sulo: notes orunj' thoii, und furiuer ansvrerlna tho defendant In sot off drnlcs cuclianil every allenailon, Itpni. and particular cnn- I'llnrd In mid declaration In not offas fully ns each win deniedspctiHcally by nluttltornoys. Westi O'l-auKhlln. It is believed hero that a trial of tho case will not be reached until September. POISONED AT Mrs. Mary Muncleschonck, of No. 3'1 Graham-avenue. Urooklyn, and her daughters, Lena, T years old, and Matilda, aged l.H, ate at dinner yesterday Borne coffeo and cakes. A short tlmo after entlntr all three be camo violent- ly HI, and u doctor was culled In. He paid they woro Riifforin'i from putson of some) wliloh It In thouuht got mUfid with tho Ingredients of thp catted The daughters rapidly recovered under treatment, the mother regained very 111, and last olaiit ber llfo mu despaired of. RICHARD T. MERRICK DYING. THEDIBTTNGlCISHEDLAWYKn PASSING AWAY UNDEB VERT SAD dBCUMSTANCES. WASHINGTON, Juno Hon. IllcU- ard T. Werrlok, who has been 111 for about two la not expected to livo until morning. Ho waa prostrated with an attack Indicating se- rious norvoua disturbance, soon became worse, delirium followed, and for 10 days be bns been In great pain and has not bcon at any time re- stored to full consciousness. Urs. Magrudorand Powers, of this olty, and Dre. Van Illbber nnd Smith, of llalllmore, huvu bocn In attendance, upon him for Bcveral days, holding frcinient consultations. Until to-dny tho medicnl titu-nd- ants wouhl not say thnt the chance of recovery was hopeless. They thought that this would bo a critical day. aa bis sirens th hud bcon waning, and unless tno delirium passed off Ixjfore. his vitality was much moro oxhuuetod ho would die. When ho was Bret prostrated his wifo was suf- fering from an abscess of tho car. 8ho waa Iu great pain, which waa arently increased when a second abscess formed in the opposite car. Her anxiety about Mr. Merrlck was Intense, nml as she was frequently distressed bv hcurlnir his orlcs of pain It was found necessary to bend hor to her father's homo. Slnco nor removal Bho baa become delirious, nnj tho fact that her husband was dying was not communicated to her to-day. An Invalid daughter IH In Phila- delphia, and nnothcrdRUBhter. who Is In dellc ite health, has just becoma temporarily blind from a nervous affection of the oyea. All thn mem- bers ofBtho family not In this city wero sent for to-day. Judgo Joan M. Merrlck, of tho District Supremo Court, been near his brother much of tno tlmo Blnco bis Illness became critical. Mr. Merrlck's health, tt U believed by hla friends, was deeply Impaired by his work upon tho star route cases. Of nil tbo lawyers employed by tho Government ho WHS the ono who win bo- lloved to bo most thoroughly In earnest. Wbrn bo mado the closing argument before tho Jury ho was well nigh cxhuustod, und to the writer bo said that ho hnrt been kept up during Iho later days of tbo trial by tho UBO of ammonia as a dlffusivo stimulant. Dur- ing tho hist campaign ho did u good deal of work, and iraa uxirumcly flollcltous for tho BUO- ceojof tho Democratic Party. Slnco tbo In- auguration bo has been called upon on Hcvenil occasions to advise In Homo dellcato mutters, and bnd rcoeatcdly declared tbnt ho hud been HO oppros-od by applicants for olllco who Fought bin aid that hu felt tho Imperative necessity of removing to bla country homo to obtain rest. PRAISE FOR CLEVELAND. QKN. BEN BUTTERWORTII INDOILSrS THE PRESIDENT'S OHIO ATrOINTKES. CrNciNNATi. Juno Ilcnjamln Butterwortu, Into Coinmlstdonor nod Republican member of tho present Congress from the First Cincinnati Dlflt.nct, mild In an In- tcrvlow this afternoon: "Thero Is no disputing tbo fact thut Cleveland Is making a very popu- lar President with tho great majority of the people of Ohio, both IJcmooruU and Ko- publlcans. Worthless offlco Bookers and cor- rupt party factions bavo bueu buzzing nbout2 him thick as 17-yoar locusts, but ho has Invariably chosen the bL-jt men for tlio publlu service. His appointments In Ohio, und In Cincinnati particularly, uuvu been efliic-- clally irood. No better man In the Domociutlc Party could have been PL-nt lo Gormiiny than George II. Pendlotou, and no ono to Huly Ixjtter than Judge btullo. Mr. C'alJwcll Is a good man for Collector of Customs. Mr. Hlshop is an ojc- collcnt selection for ttio revenue olllccr and as for Mr. Urtior, tho Pn-sMorit could hardly havo chosen a moro worthy iniin tor llursbal. All this will have some Inlluonco on tho voto of tho State. If tho people aro natlshed with tho President's eoureo thero la considerable danger or their votlnir with hla party. Hut tberu uro othur which I think will moro than offbet this popularity of tho President. Tho local issues and Increased taxes como nearer home and will no doubt play more Important parts. Tho history of tho lust Legislature alono la sufficient to kill the Democratic Party In Ohio. I ahull toko tno stump for Korukor, und ojtpect to sou him carry tbo htnto." When questioned u.i to tho platform adopted by tho Republicans of Ohio Gen. nutlet-worth said ho liked It In a general way. and It was about the thing, but ho added: If tha shaping of tho olatform hud devolved upon me I should havo Ilisertud a commendation of aDpolntments. I be.lluve bis Ideas of olvll service reform aro earnest und sincere. As long as he abides by tnam tho peopjn should up- hold his hands, and I do not bellovo It would 111- luro tlio llcpubllcan Party to Indorse him 'n IU platform. On tho other bund It would mako votes for us. When an olUclul's course Is de- serving and popular It IB a mistake In any party not to recognize it, whether tho olDclal happens to bo a membor of that party or not." APPOINTED TO OFFICE. THE NEW IIAZLEnUIUiT POSTMASTER SUS- REVENUE COLLECTORS. Juno Tho President has appointed others Iho numed Prcildoullal Poatmaators: J. W. McMunter at Huzlehurst, Copla County. Miss., vico J. L. Mcudo, suspended; George W. Hemblor at City Island, N. Y., vlco Joromo Hell, commission oiplred. John Ilayos Pulgo, at Bchcneetady, N. Y., vlco J. A. Do Solnor, commission expired. Tbo Post- master at Hazlehurat, Miss., was auapcndcd bo- having been asked to resign for reasons nlTectlng tho public weltaro not known to tliu dujnu tinenl nt thu tlmo of bis appointment, ho declined compliance. Tho also appointed tho following CollectorH of Internal llevenue: Robert Illaclc, for the first District of New-York: Matthew H. Vanacrvoer. for tho Third District of Now-Jer- pcy; Francis 8. Shields, for tno District of Loui-i- ana; George H. Uavlson, for tho Sixth DNtrlct of Kentuokv: Thomiis Hanlnti. for tho Seventh District of Indiana; Jnmes W. Newman for tho Eleventh District of Ohio: Christian J. Knochi, for tho Sixth District of Ohio; Adolph Illor- mann. for tho District of Minnesota. Mr. Black Is an old resident of Drooldvn. where ho la onguirod In tbo drug bUHiiievi. Ho has served several terms as a member of tlio Hoard of Alderman, nnd haj been a candidate, for nom- ination as Mayor. Mr. Vandcrvvcr is n resident of PlalnUelJ, N. J., and at present lioMs the office of Clerk of Union County. Mr. Shields la a prominent planter of Concordla Parish, "41., and Is a man of vurled accomplishments. Mr. iJuvison is u woll-known bunker of Coving- ton. Ky. Mr. Hanlon began life a newsboy, and Is now n member of tho Indiana ture. Ho was Auditor of Floyd County for eight years. Ho resides at New-Albany, Ind. Mr. Newman in a woll-known newspaper mnn of Portsmouth, Ohio, niid tormcrlv hold tho olllco of Secretary of State. Mr. Knocht Rcrved in tho Union Armv during tho rebellion, and Is nt pres- ent ongugcd in buslnfsd In Dayton, Ohio. Mr. 'Hermann Is H Scandinavian by birth, but hua spent tho best part of his llfo In Minnesota. Ho has run for Congress several times, and nt ono tlmo was tho Democratic nominee for Governor of the State. Ho lives at Spring Vnlley, Minn. Walter D. Barker, of Ma r -I'-li r :i' KD-P Hill. to whom cnmo lifter thu burl il iif he r father in Dubuque. Several tiini-, "line -lie has llvml with hor sl'-tcr sho prepun d the and on nearly every tlmo that has druiii FO. thu fnmlly. consisting of Mk'liiu L Kr' ri hu wife, and two small children. IXTII taken 111 with vociltlng Immediately iifl> rwnr I. Michael FrereH found n pin kuwi' of trriu t-h .i- orrd powder In the vnrd u weeK IIRO last Tuo-dny morning. When ho hN soup at n hnd. I en hi r JawyiT went to to Uiko iou Of iier rlTeots her miiney could not be loinid. The house oroupled liy Mury Kle'ii 'ti'-i M-ter Ft a lids upon the nboiu the village of Hill. Ills u newly pn'nled. tn at lut'i' with irroen Tlio Freret tin- n ir portion and the nttlc. wnu-li is unlliil-'ii d, und rent tlio front parr. Their home 11 but partly paid for. i'rere-i Is u e inx-nter in trade, nnd all the neighbor-) "peak well of him nnd his wife. Mrs. Freres is very youthful In tip- penrnnce. and nearly us frngih1 u.s her Her mouth is purroiuided bv from the elf ecu of tbe poison. The children Btlll ulllng from It, and Ml.-h iol I, not %i-t to go about Ins work. 1 hu Fn-rn family nt- trlbulii M.irv's tn liiHurnty Miu hinalw H boon u wilful girl. mv, n-rentlv hpi nt her money cujirleioii'-ly, lint they IhoiiK'ht at the tlmo that thiswui only a tempor irj r'--iilt of Illnt-wi. Tho girl, when Bten bv the r> porter. lav In her nnrmw cell In a excited and lather hvhterlcnl condition. Did 1 kill mv my motlior, und P.lld she, rolterntlnif the IJUOHIIUIHT'H words. whlln her were llxeil on the Thc-n she liulf "crenineil. with her ejes dilating. I couldn't help It. I couldn't help II Nimulhlng L-.'imi) to mi' nnd made me do it." Soon cho broke Into a of I always loved my mother, but f-lu) was niliin." Tinit com' thing' kept at my Mdo and whispuml in my ears nil dm und In the night. her sli ep In peace let }ier lie In the cool earth." Sol bouglit tin- iioisou und gave In r a litt'e at n time till sim was gone. I WIL.-J cad. I 1m oil In r except when It canm to me. Tin n when Lena cuno hern It polnied lt briekH tormlng the back uf the gnilo wtro removed u heavy box of gold WMH brought to view. Tim Iniinly my the nionej found hid- den in tliese tlin'o plnce-i iimoiintH ulto.rther t" nearly In an upp1 r room nn illicit, still wa1, found, wh'cll hii" been u-e I. The pre. hUmption i" that Schort7 made Ml- own Hild wii" thus nbln, by avoiding the nun tax, to honril up thi> Ini pum of money found. 'J hn money will I ii divided bcliri en Liu1-" hit mothi'r, n sister, nnd tho children of his do- broUier, folumon. LEAUTE Of CANADA. MONTHEAL, Juno Tbo committuo ap- pointed at t'io late mecll.iK of the mercliants and shipper tulto steps for the permanent abolition of tho cuuul tolls met thU morning nnd formod n Icnguo under tho nameof tho Kreo Navigation ague of Canada '1 ho object of tho lunttuo shall bo to Insure thn maintenance bv llio Federal liovernment of nil the Important wntiTwnyq nml Imrbors of the Dominion In a Mate of elllcleney, and to secure their use U) nil Ilrltl'-b navigators and to all nnvlg.vtorH of otln r granting like nrlvilegi s to lui of tlm Dominion of Canada freo of duts. or oilier Government taxation lix n -P1 et of both cr.ift nt'd cargo; and tlm li-'iirue'-, llr-t efli ru pliall bo tu procure this Immunity from Inintlo-i for tin1 Ht. route from thngreil lakc-s to the oeeuri. The hen'lqu.irterH of tlie league are In thli citv. llrnnches will bo hereafter orjnnlied In tho principal shipping porti of tho Dmulnlou. DENIES THAT HE Sloini-E, Ahu, Juno Walliu, of tho Swedish bark Anuaiitler, who was of Inliuinauity by dipt. Lyles. of tiiii American brig in refusing to tako l.yh-i and hU crew from tbo plnklnir brlir, publishes n nworii statement to the clfeot that tlm Is ut- terly and thnt the only ground no-i-lble for BUcf) an accusation Is-that hn illn not think tho brig to hnvo been al-andnned and no nx- En-h-ed hlmsc If. She was hlfh out of water nnd ml fiilr weather and a iri.od opportunity of making Dort. this 01 Inlnn. and on tin1 repented d. in mil, of ho ok him and hisen-w on b< anl and them 0.1 well IIH po.sslh'e. landing them "-Hfelj at Tnh stntenii nt Is also nluiieil by tho mate, nud boutswain of tliu Aiij-.iutii r. THE wnoxv irov.i.v aor THE I.KTTF.H. IUi.TlMoitl% Mil.. June Mrs. Mllson to-dny UleJ a bill In tho Cir< ult I'ourt praying thnt tier husl'iind. Chnrlus H. bn forred to eontrlliute to her miiP'rt The) wero m.irrled In Dei "ipber. lt--l. nnd In- lier four monlln 1 HIT. Hi.s inlldi-litv was inn known te, MI r n letter written 1 v h'm tn H young woman, Mresn'ntr h r> is iraviniiiir hamimmi of H JIOO'3 salary, anil Is wen 1ri the eiij Pile. 1 ithout fculfo. powder, or ralre- until mired. C-orklns, Tsylor-l Bowl, CUT, HAEYARD BEATS COLUMBIA THE RACE AT XKW-LONDON YES- TERDAY EASILY WON. COLTJimiA'B EOW PLOCKJLY AVD EXCELLENT FOUM, CUT THE IIABVARD3 BUOW THE GREATER STRENGTH. 'Nrw-LosnoN, Conn., Juuo waa a warm and pleasant day. It was plo-isanl for all B.IVO Columbia, whoso university of her very best-has been badly by Har- vard. Columbia mndo bur fourth attempt la leail Harvard over tbe four-mile Thames couruo thin afternoon, and failed. Half-past 6 o'clock was tho hour wit for tlic annual contoat. Bad wncn tho prosa boat Manhansutt, kindly fur- nlshod by Cact. JaraM F. Hmltb, reached Ibo bond of tho llio crvws wero In Harvard on thu oiut and Columbia on tho course. For tho flrnt tlmo In t'io history of col- lege racing on the Thames the prcsa boat not at tho Ktart a niliiuto too w.n. A Boutherty wind blowing u-> tho course TTM reminder that tlie tlmo record would not bo orod to-day. After receiving tho final Instruc- tions trom Ilcfereo George 8. Adoe, of YaJe, whew waa on tno strain yacht N'ercld, tho crews far forward. anJ at tho wonl Go" swung back together, tho 10 oars taking wnteg Bimultaneoualv. Ii WILS then ,rir40 o'clock. Har- vard tnnk tlio loail nt tin- Becond itroko. lloth crows roWL'.l In Milrinh'1 form. Thoy mvinoo' to bo dnlntr equally good work, Harvani walked rlglit nway from tln stroke to but Hnrvanl'" wurr moro powerful., aii'l rowing a Irilf nrV the woro two lenit'lis in tlie llarvunl kept up hor nplonclKl t" the mllo Htukc whilii Columbia pulled Iholr pretty Iv "git tlmr" ftroko, but It no fhuv worn boftton. 1C won riv e. uccliient. Hnnant' now tlin''' loniMhi 'ili'-ml. Columbia's cos- Hwaln uliniitnl for u Minn, ami thi> nvrmiileil. their itroko to 40. Harvnnl K< ul up hi r nt tho mllr and if half Hag led Columbia Hi x lonolhu. Harvard mndo the two inlliM In Mn unil Columbia lit Pm. IN. Columbia Ii' another to the lo.i'l nt Hi" t-no-uih' ft moMrig up to tJ R minute crew on and seemed lo got mail CoUnn! pluck for, they InrrvW'l the IP stroke to 40 tho two-mile u. minute In advance of Columbia. lltirvnr I'M stroke thoiL dropppil to 111 nml ibo Columbia coxswain's continuous nhniitlnir filled to make liN crrtV keep up their runM It dropno to lifl ams did not rlv tint iigaln. After rowing two nillc-i nnd n half No--. and 7 In ttie Columbia bout dlil not <lo tliulr "-hiin-Df tlir- work. They" iippenreil Tln-y conllnueil to row" cli-iui. but without At llin three-mllol H.irvnnl mule murnhpr sjiurt and nway towanl tho NnMi. ami tho line at tt rnltllnir nlroke. receive.! ohrlll from tlio numerous n-.-amers tlmo waai K7n., Colnriiiila'i June HPO.S L'flm. 'JZa. I No crow OVT took .lefint more (jnicefullyj than the Cnlu'iiblus They did tliuir nii'l rowo I without fault of stile from the be-' ginning lo the eml. but theyweie ovormfttehed., (Niluilibln Co I live rp'Wi nre no colletri' piit'uislii'-l Is more rrentfulliT] ovor' their deficit Hi in tin- nvrrftgo Ncw-Ixjn-l (loner. It Is i ?tlinat< d th it Cohnm I'i's Ixickcrs, loHt .MI th" riu-e. bi'llei-ing flint th' Ir iri-iitlemiinly n-pre-i' itatlves would bent Her-1 vard's now en w. wli h. by tho wny. In BUporlop to any tlml r rei'ro-eiilo.l C.itnl rldgo on tho! Tnurno'i course, not i the wondi rful< '7K crow. Tho Columt i i-Hiirviird n cords on. th" '1'hiimofl course un' us followi, Unrvanl, Cm.: -lin. Harvard re-' to row; Coluinb n wi'iit over tin1 ami wo-s the nu e Harvard, ill in. Columbia. 2.'m. 47s. IH.M. Sl'iS-; Columbia. .Mm. 40rt. Harvard, 24m, 27s Columbia, lii'ii. The ynlf-Uan-iird rvcoriia on tho Thames' courbo lire. Yilt JlartMr I I Yale. ,V s. M. I M M 8.' turn PJ :n n 22 ]M77 -1 4) V4 M< 1S-D BO SO 47 H.I 2') 4t ___27 (U 86 40 1H7M E.M 2.' IP 31 SO JbbO.......W 47 !i5 CM FALLEN LOW THROUGH' A ONCE UAPI'Y WIFE UEQUINO I.V T1I3 FTHEETS OF 1IEII FOKMEU HOME. MILWAUKEE AVts.. Juno Yi'iiowlne's Nu.-wLiu .Vir city, who reapv poured on tho streets of Mllwuukco yesterday. In the garb of a gypJT fortuno toik-T. Tho runs thus: Bomo years airo u family named Metoalf on tbo alJc. A cliungo In Uiulncsa cuuacij the Mctcalfs to movo Uj Mndlson. A short tlmd ago Mrs. Melealf died, and Mr. Metcalf Ls still q roldiMit of thut hile In Milwaukee they adupteil u llttli1 girl, ami legally hud Hot niimr ehiiiik'ed to Motoalf. Her pruvlous nama was Pettle In tlnieulie grow to a very fill young woman. She nim extrcrnu'ly pouulun Everybody know Pet Metialf. All tho younn beuus ot tliote davh her attention. Hhrt wiut a dovout rm mlx-r of the Spriug-Ktn-ul MetbodlHtl hurc-h, nml nt the tim'i the congri'. gallon In <lgilenN Mall. In Street, MibS Metculf W.LS Its urgfini-t-, u jiobltlon she Illli <1 mo-t Later filie becniutl tho of niiolln r prominent church on tno hldi lu elii? waa Ing Into pho was ciur< rli <l to n jcuiitr gentleman nameil A'lrlnn Web-ter u smart, well eonm-vted iiuiii. nml in course of time bocama ('ashler or 'l.'ll.r of the old Hank of wlilrh fulled noun1 V'rs IIKO. I'poi) the fulluro) of tho Imnk u olwi. r and hi-, little family cnrao bark to mil lived lieie until or four im-o r unton '1 tboemuloy of Snniui'l Mel woll-knowii brokrr, and for several i ome a ooiillrnic'.l drunkard- Kveri thing po-vjllno WIH ilono by nnd hib relatives to gavo hor. but to no purooH1. After Mrs. Webster disappeared nollnng moru ivai heard from lior until about two y saw ber ciiu bitter imimincd tliiui AL1HI CI.r RICHMOND, Va., Juno Counsel foi Thomas J. Cluverlus, who la under rciitcnco ol di-ntu for tlio murJor of Knunle IJIIan Madison, pnwonted an nllldnvlc to the court to-day tend. inir to proic an ulibl for tho convlctei] man. A hotel man name I Johnston HtnMi, that J. U. Knvnge of Clifton I'orjre. told him tlial he saw Cluverlu-i In Ford's Hotel early on the evimntf of Murch I'l itlii' dn'i of tlm miiiileri and subse- quently In ft ilinn eum Rtated tljBt Cluvenus rc'iu ilm i !u tin1 milt-1 urn from 'M M until Id 1 he Judge that bo' would lienr the mot'on for a new trial on next Friday. Inlormiitlon nrolvodby iho Commonwi ullh f Attornov that Ravage WRS ut Clifton Korgo from the 1st of March to the rnl time, nnd i n" nl'v Enc ln tho cltr on iho Irfth of Slnrch, as set torlh In affidavit. .1 LO.v; I.llltiAllnX CHICAUO, Juno 110. Tbo noted case- ol Boekawltz the Adams Company was milled In 1STLJ HoskawJci shipped b) tliU company fnur b-jles ot furw of the allotted ff.ii'i. -h worn (lintroieil by on the train, which und buriii d ncur Fort Wayne. Jnd Xuwlt.' Mil' 1 lor tho alleged value of the fum. nnd the cu-e vacillated between the Hiipri-rnii C< urt nnd lhi< lower courW Rliout I i j ean- ('ii one of tho ti'aN tin the corn nnv wa.. I ut Tlie iwH'c'nj.-'ii cTT' 1 yi I'V tho Adu KII i mn- pir.) I'uyH'f H "k'awit? "I.IK-. firh isrt' ti. psy h's w- e it i thft- the iHvr c.t i "i tb" i t, HM] i. T ti TO than tUo f b) Ilo-nHiMti A i-rpill 10 n Iti'ftn l.i.jn ;-r. i it iNEWSPAFERr NEWSPAPER!