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New York Times, The (Newspaper) - February 5, 1868, New York, New York VOL. XVII......NO. 5106. NEW-YOfcK, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 1868. PRICE POUR CKNTS. WAR DEPARTMENT. Vra. Grant's of the Office off 8ccrctary tbe coorae Mr. BTAMTOH would tun to pnmue, m gfm tbe Banale abonld not conour la hia anapeaialao, lo obtain poaaeiaion ot bu omoe. My reply waa In tntotance that Mr. BTAXTOX would to BDpeal to 4ne ovorta to reioaUiA him, iDuatnUOf poatUon fnelUfltf tbe grenade I bad taken la tba OBM of UM Follee Cemmleatooen. In that case I did nor dontii ucbnk-al nghl of Oov. to re- to DliBQBABTIBB AJUTC or THK CHITXD BTATTI, I WAiuixaioti, Jin. M. Sit XxteUmcy, Jndrcw JoAnwn. frtaient Untttd Stala: Bra: I have tbe honor, very reepectfnUy. lo re- qneatlo Have In writing tbe order which the Presi- dent gave me verbally on Sunday, the lOtb inat.. to dljregard tbe of Bon. R M. STAMTOH, aa Sec- retary of War, until I knew from tbe Prealdent him- eell tbat ibey were bla I have tbe honor to be, very reepectfuUy. your obedient aerranl, (Signed; 0. 8. OBANT, OeaeraL Tbe following la tbe indoreement on the above note; ___ Aa requeued commimlcanoo, Oen. OJUKY la Initrocted In writing not to obey any oroer from Ibe War Department aaaumed lo be uaoed by tbo direction ot tbe Prealdent, unleee encb order U known Dy tbe General commanding tbe arnuea of tbe United Biaiea to have been autboritcd tbe Execntlvr. AWDBKW JOUNUON. JAM. ______ AMTI OT TJumn BTATIJ, WAIPIHUTON. Jan. Bit fxttUtnty Audrtie JoKntan, Praidmt United Slata: BIB: I bave tbe honor to acknowledge Ibe return of my note of tbe 34th inet, with your Indoraemant thereon, that I am not lo obey any order from tbe War Department, aaenmed to be laanefl by direction of tbe Prealdent, unleae such order le kuovn by me to bave been lulborued by tbe and in reply thereto to aay tbat I am Informed by the Sec- retary of War, that he baa not received from tbe Ex- ecutive any order or limiting or Impair- ing hie authority to laanc orders to the army, aa baa heretofore been hte practice under tha lawa and cue- tome of tbe Department. While hia authority lo tbe War Department la not countermanded. It will be eiilafactorr evidence to me thai any orderalianed (rom the War Department, by direction of tbe Pree- Ideni, are author! red by'the Executive. I bave tbe honor (o be, very reepacKully, your obeanut aervaui. (Signed) TJ. 8. GRANT, General. TUX FBESIDETTr's REPLY. BiBctrrm Miweion, Waablngton, Jan. 31, IBOB. OBMIBAI.: I havo received yonr communication of tha 38th luat', renewing yonr requeet of tbe 31th, that I ebould repeat, In a written form, my verbal Inatrnctlona of tbe 1Mb met., via.: "Tbat yon obey no order from tbe Hon. M. STAXTOH, Secretary of War, nnlota you bave Inlormi- Uon that It waa laaned by the Prealdeut'e du-cc- Uon." In lubmltling ihia with which I compiled on tbe S9th mat, .you take occulon to al- lude lo recent pabllcsllona In reterence to tbe CT- cumetancee connected with the vacation by yonr- aelf ot tbe office of Secretarr of War ad interim, and with the view of correcting tbe itatemenle which you term groea and give at lenqtb your own recoil action of tbe facta nnder whlcb, wllhont the aancllon of tba President, from whom yon bare received and accepted the appoint- ment, yon yielded Ibe Depirtment ot Wer to tbe preecnt lucumbtnt As stated In your communication acme time after von bad lammed the dutiee of Secretary of War ad ixttrim, we mUrcherwed vlewe reapactlng tbe conrie Ibat ehonld be purened in tbe event of the non-con- currence of tha Senate In tbe auipenalon ol Mr. STAH- TOH. 1 sonabt that Interview, calluig myiell it tbe War Department. My eole object In then Ing tbe aubject to your attention waa to aacer- laln definitely wbai would be yonr own action ehouKl anch an attempt be made for all Ma- turation to tbe Viar Department. That object waa accomplished, for the Interview terminated wltb the oleunct undemanding that. If upon reflection, yon ahould nrerer not lo become a party to the contro- versy, or ehonld conclude that It would bo your duty to surrender Ibe Department lo Mr. BTASTOH, upon action In hia tavor by the Senate, yon were to return tbe offloe to me prior to a declalon by Ike Senate, in order that If I dealred lo do 10, I might dealguite eome one to succeed yon. II muat havo been appar- ent to yon that, bad not thle nnJeratandlng been reached, It waa my purpoae to relieve yon from tbe further discharge of dntiea u Secretary of War ad inttriat. snd to appoint some other person In tbst cepecity. Other conversaUoua npon the subject ensued, all of them having on my part the ssme object and leading to the same conclusion sa tbe first. It le not neces- sary however to refer to any ot them, excepting thai of Saturday, the llth IneL, mentioned in your com. mnnleatlOD, sa U wse then known Ibat tbe Senate aid proceeded in the csse of Hr. BTAWTOX, I was snxlons to learn your determinsnoa. Afters protract- ed Interview, during which tbe provisions of the Tenure ol Office bill were fully discussed, yon aald that, as it bsd been agreed npon in our first cooler, yon would either return tbe office to my pos- in tone to enable me to appoint a successor baton final action by the Benate upon air. STABTOlfa murpemdOB, or would remain M Ite kead. awaiting a deoiaioa of tbe question by Judicial proeeedlEge. It wsa; then understood that tbere would ha a further conference on Monday, by which time I supposed you would be prepared to inform me of your BnaJ decision. Ton failed, however, to mini tba and on Tneeday notified ma in writing the receipt ot your official notification ol tbe sc- of tbe Senate in the cue of air. BTAJTTOX. and ths> aame) time informed me that, according to tbe. relating to tae tenure of certain civil your functions aa BecreUry ol Wsx, ad totimst, ceased from the moment of receipt of notice. Tun thus, in Aa- the subject Tbe uot that ancb a promise existed, is evidence of an srnangement of the kind I have mentioned. Ton hsd found in our first conference tbat tbe President wee desirous of keepisg' Mr. ont of office, whether tsustsinea In tbe suspen-ionor not. You knew what rewone bad Induced Ihe Preatdenl to asl bom ,ou a promise. Ton also anew tbat in case your views of duty did hoi accord wltb hia own convictions, it wss hie purpose to fill vour plsco by another ap- pointment: even Ignoring tbe exlstnjce of a positive understanding between ns. The conclusions were plainly dedueible trom our various conversations. It h cerlain. however, tbat even under tueae circum- yon did not offer to return tbe place to my possetelon, hnt, according to yonr own plsced yourself tn a position where, could I anticipated your action, I would bsve been com- pelled to ssk of yon. as I waa compelled to ask of yonr predeccs.or In tbe War Department, s letter of teslfloation. or elae lo resort to the more ulssgreea- Dle Expedient of suspending you by Ihs appointment Ae'eteteoVU your letter the nomination of Oov. Cox. otOhlo. for tbe office of Secretary ol War, waa suggested lo me. This appointment, as Mr. TOH's successor, wss urged in yonr name, and it was said tnat his selection would save further embsrass- Sent. Id" not think that iu the selection of a Cabinet officer I abonld be trammelled by end, con- siderations. I wsa prepared toUke the reBponsibil- lly of deciding the qnest'on tn accordance with my Ideas of constitutional duty, and haTtag determined upon a course which I deemed right end proper waa anxious to learn tbe steps yen wcnla take, should the possession of the War Department be demanded by Mr. BTAHTOK. Had your sction been in conlorni- Ity wltb the understanding between us, I do not be- lieve tbat tbe embarrassment would bavs at- tained Its present proportions, or that tbe prob- ability 61 ite repelltlon would have been so arest I know tbst witn a view to an early termi- nation ot Stele affaire so detrimental to tbe public In- tereate you vclnnterliy offered both on Monday, tbe IBih tnat, and on tbe succeeding Sunday locall upon Mr. BTANTON snd urge upon him that the good of tbe aervioe required bta resignation. I confess tbit I considered yonr proposal aa s sort of reparation for tbe failure on your part lo act m accordance witb en understanding, more than once repeated, which I thought had received yonr full assent, and under wblcb you could have returned to me the office which I bsd conferred upon yon, thus sevlng yourself tram embarrassment snd leaving ibe responsibility where it properly belonged, wJtb the President, wtioissc- counteble lor Ibe faithful execution ot tbe law. I bave not yet been Inlormed by you whether, sa twice proposed by yourself, yon bad called upou Mr. BTAU- TOS and maae an effort to induce him voluntarily to resign trom the War Department. Ton conclude your communication with s ence to onr conversation st the meeting of Ibe Cebl- net held on Tuesday, tbe lath ult In yonr accounts of what tben occurred yon sey tbst tbe Preai- dent bid given bis version oi onr previous conver- sations, yon elated them substantially ea given in your letter, and that yon tn -no wise admitted the correctness of hie statement of them; tbough to eof ten the evident contradiction my statement gave, I ssld alluding to our first communication on tbe enbject, the Preaideut might bave understood me in ihe way be said, via., that I bad promised to re- sign if I did not realet the reinstatement. Imade no such promise." My recollection of wbat then transpired le dUmet- ricalUy tbe reverse of yonr narration. In the pres- ence of tbe Cabinet I ask yon. first. If. In a conversa- tion wblcb took place auordy alter yeur ap point- men t as Secretery of War, adinttnn, you did not agree cither to remain at tbe bead of tbe Wet De- partment and abide say Judicial proceedings that might follow tbe non-concurrence by the Benate in Mr. BTAirron's suspension, or sbould yon wish not to become Involved In such a controversy to put me in the same position wltb respect to the office aa I occupied previous to yonr appointment by relum- ing it w me in time lo am'cl pale aucb action by tbe Senate? This yon aomitled. Second, I then asked yon if at the conference on tbe proceeding Saturday I bad not, to avoid misunderstanding, requested yon lo stsle wbsl you intended lo do; and further If. .lu reply to thai Inquiry, yon had not referred to my former conversa- tion, ssylng tbat Irom them I understood your posi- tion, and that your sctlon would be consistent with tbe understanding that bad been reached T To these queilloneyon slso replied in tho affirmative. Third I next asked if, at Ibe conclusion of our Interview on Saturday, it was not understood that ws were lo have another conference on Monday, before final action by tbs Benate on tbe case of Mr. STAKTOK 1 Ton replied that such was the understanding, bnt that you did not suppose tbe Senate would act so soon; tbat on kfoaday yon had been engaged in a conference wilb Oen. anxaiuif. and won occupied with "many little matters." and asked II Oen. tud not ceiled on tbat day. Wbat rele- vancy Gen. visit to me on Monday bsd with tbe purpoae for whlcb yon were to have called, I am at a lose to perceive, as be certainly did oct m- lorm me whether yon had determined to retain poe- seaaion ot tbe office, or-to afford me an opportunity to successor in advance or any attempted reinstatement of Mr. fiiAirxox. Tbla account of wbat pasted between aa at the Cabinet meeting on the 14th inet. widely differs trom that contained in your It ebowe tbst instead ot having as given lu the which baa made tbfl reply necessary, yon admitted Ibat my recital oi them was entirely scenravr. Sincerely anxious, however, to be correct In my statements, I bave ic-dar read narration of what occurred on Ibe Hlb last to the members ot tbe Cabinet, wbo were then present. They, without exception, agree In ite eceoraoy. It is only necessary lo add. that on Wednes- day morning, the II.b, yon called on mo In company witb Lleui.-Oen. BBZBMAH. Altar soms preliminary conversation, yon remarked thst in srUcle In Ibe ffattanal IntMigtiKtr ot tnst date did you much injustice. I replied that I bad not read the IntOUftnur of tbat morning. Ton first told me that it waa your' Intention to urge Mr. STAWTON to resign bis office. Alter yon bad with- drawn I carefully read tbe article of which you bad spoken, and lonnd thst Ita statement ot tbe nnder- aundlng between us waa substantially correct. On ihe 17th I caused It Ic be read lo lour of the five members ot the Cabinet, wbo were present at onr conference on the llth, and they concurred In the general accuracy of Its statements respecting onr conversation npon that occasion. In reply to yonr communication. I bave deemed it proper, in order to prevent further mleunderstand- ing, to make ibis tlmple recitel of facts. Very respectfully yonra, ANDREW JOHNSON. General U. 6. OBAKT, Comtuau-ing United Armies. ______ OEN. OHAITT'B COSCLDDDIO uirsa. ABUT or Tun UNITBD KTATKS, I D. C., Feb. J To SxttUtncg JndrttP Jotnum, Plttiaenl of ike United Staia: Bat: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt ot your communication of tha-Slat nit, in answer to mine of tha 38th ult. After a careful reading and comparison of it with tbe article in the JVatimal fn- ttUigeneer of the Ifrth nil., tbe article over tbe initials "3. B. B." in tbe New-York World oi the 9TUt nlr., purporting to be based upon yonr statement and tbat ot the members of tbe Cabinet therein named, I find It only to be bus a reiteration, only aomswbat more In detail ot tbe many and (roes miarepreaentatlons contained in these articles, sad which my statement of set forth In my letter of the 38tb ult waeio- tended to correct; and bore I reassert the correctness of my statements In tbat letter, anything in yours in reply to it lo the contrary notwithstanding. I confess my surprise tbat tbe Cabinet officers re- ferred to should so greatly misapprehend tbe facto In the matter of admissions alleged to have been made by me at tbe Cabinet meeting on tbe 14tb as to suffer tbelr names to be made tbe basts'of the chaws In the newspaper article ralerred to, or agree to the accuracy, aa yen affirm they do, of yonr account of wbat occurred at tbst meeting. You know that we parted on Saturday, the litn ult. without any promise on my part, either expressed or Implied, to tbe effect that I would hold on to the office ot Secretary of War ad interim against the action of the Benate, or declining to do so myself, would sumnder it to yon before ancb action was bad. or that I would aee you again at any fixed time on tbe subject The performance of the promises, alleged lo hi re been made by me, would have In- volved rea stance of the law and an Inooneialency with tbe whjile history ot my. connection with the inspension ot Mr. STAJTTOH. From onr conversation and my written protect ot Aug. 1.1897. against tba removal or Mr. BTAMTOX, yon muat baveknown tbat my greatest objection to bis removal waa the fear tbat some one would heap-- pointed tn hia atead wbo would, by opposition lo the taws relating to the restoration of the Southern statet to tbelr proper which materially uooenoed my action, Previous to this time I bsd no doubt that the law ot 1803 wss atffl in torceVandnotwittitanfltog my action, afuller examination of tbe law toarea a question a my whether it la or Is net repealed. This being the I could not no ir sdvlsenla resignation the same danger I apprehended from his flrat removal might follow The course you would have It understood 1 weed to purree wss In vlolstlon of Jaw. snd Uut wtthout orders from you, while the course I did pursue, snd which I never doubted you tully understood, wss In accordance will law. and not In disobedience to suy orders of my superior. And now. Mr. President, wben my honor aa a soldier sod Integrity as s man have been ao violently assailed, pardon me for saving that I can bnt regard this wbolo matter from begin- ning to end aa an attempt lo Involve me In tbe resistance of law for wblcb yon bes- itate to assume the reeponslbmty In order line to destroy my character before the conn- try. I am. In a measure, confirmed in tals conclusion by your recant orders directing me to disobey orders irom the Secretary ol War. my en- perior and your subordinate. having coun- termanded ble authority. With assurance, Mr. Prealdeal, that nothing less than a vindiciuqn of my personal bcaor and character could bave minced tnie correspondence on mv parr, I bate, Ibe honor to be, very respect lull j. Your obedient servsnt, fj. S. OHANT, General. the army to tbe performance of ibe dntiea especially imposed open If by trie laws, and that It wiVtopreTenteucb an appotntmen I that I accepted the appointment of SjeTatary ol War od I one, wbo, as tba statement ana assumptions tn your -'--ily moioale, was sought; U was to avoid tits dsntw as well as to relieve you trom the personal emDerrsasmenl m which Mr. BTAjItoifa would plaee yon that I anted the appointment ot Oov. Cox, believing was agreeable to you, and also to Mr.BxAar- aned tbat tt waa the good of the eounuy On 16th alt. iba pnaenoe rbnaxaa-. I stated to you that I thought Mr. SiAnoji would tot did not asqr I woald adviae hup to do so. STKlBthldldagree witb Bmiwi logo on Ua ifftb I baa an tnlerrtew alone with Mr. BTAjrron, which led ma to the conelusiun that any advise to him of IMS kind woold be and so tniomnd Qsu. Bnajuw I owiaeBtedw advise Mr. flr wrrow to rssttn j understood from turn. In n conversation en tbe subject immediately after his was his opinion thai tbe sut of Oongrtas eautled Ajj. Act A'vuiporariV X' Hlipply VauuctM U, FORTIErH CONGRESS. SECOND SESSION. Tuesday, Feb. i. Tne Chair laid before tho Senate, a oommnni- cation from tbe Secretary of War relative to tbe con- stitutionality of the laws of Maryland in regard lo the apprenticeship system. Referred to tbe Com- mittee on the Judiciary. FBTTTIOliB FBESKHTED. Messrs. CBAOIK and BaafoxasoH presented tbe pa. Utions of some cltixens of New-Hampahlra In ward to the rights ot American citizens abroad. Referred to the Committee on Foreign Belstioae. Mr. CBAOW presented tbe petition of citizens of Colorado asking admission aa a State. Referred. Mr. Hurnuson presented the report of a Special Committee of the Mississippi Convention on the snb- Ject of the destitution in that State. Deterred to the Committee on Appropriations. TO wrrnEMEa. The bill ot Mr. FWUJHOHDTSIII, providing for tbe protection of parties making dtscloenres as partis i or witnesses, wsa taken nn aua passed. TBE VOtraTH SUUTABT DISTRICT. On motion of Mr. HOWABD. tbe vote by which waa paseed tbe reeolullon requesting the President to communicate any instructions given to Gens. Para and MIADX, on taking command of tbe Fourth Mili- tary District, under the Beconetmctlon act, wltb coplee of the dlncnaslons snd votes in the Cabinet on the eame enbject, was reconsidered. Mr. DCCKALZW moved to strike ont the but clsnse. Mr. BnauiAH asked Hr. HOWABD It calling for sucb inlonnetton wae not unusual T Ur. HOWABD replied that tt was nol entirely so- thai U wss not a privileged question. Tbe amendment was agreed to, and the resolution adopted. ____ TEAUBZ OF OrTIOX DILI.. Tbe Senate then look np, on motion of Mr. PATTKB- SON, of new-Hampshire, the bill regulating the ten- ure of certain offices, Tbe question ww on Mr. SDMMEB'S motion lo except tbe special agents ot the State Department. Mr. eoMsxa presented a letter from Ihe Secretary of State on tbe enb.eet, giving Ihe nsmre ot twenty- two agents, tbe wbole number employed since March I, 1801, and selling forth ibe necessity ci continuing the system. air. Strain ssld cersona bad been employed dur- ing the last two years In Oreat Britain snd Canada to defend persone charged with bttng Foment, tbe ei pease being defrayed out of thie tnnd. During tbe wsr persoos bsd been employed, among them Mr. BVABTS, lo look alter aud prevent the issue of rebel rams trom British ports. In London, New-Toik and elsewhere dispatch agents bsd been detailed to open dispatch bags end mnsmU dispatches to their destination, whose names he read. He argued tbat tbe bill be confined lo homa egeuta of the depart- ment, without depriving It of agente tbst had been tound useful to tbe country. Messrs. BccxAUW.'ol Pennsylvania, an! PATTKB y Judge TANIT, thst tba derision et Coogreie at lo whether a State baa a republican form rf gov- ernment, is binding upou every other department of lie Government. He argaed thst the Senator trom like every good Democrat, n aupportlna tbe Preaidcnt'a policy and claiming that It waa for him to recognize the eatabtlshmenc ot a republican farm of government, was Inconsistent with the President's assumption that tbe Conven- tions called by him were for ibe purpose oi forming Mate Governments. Congress could cenamly em- ploy tbe military power of tbe Government is one of tbe mrane of executing the lawa. The law authorizing the raising of troops to put down rebellion, recited, aa one of lie objects, tne esteb- lUumoni of republican forma of government in the rebellions Steles. He esid. guaranty of a debt secured Its payment If required by Ibe guarantor. Congress, must. If tbe people of a Stele tailed to provide it, msko government republican In form. He qnoteu Judge TAMBY'B decision that military power waa not a repnbliaan form of gov- ernment, and Congress bad a rigbt to replace U; and Irom WUXATOM the decleion thst It u for Con- gress to pronounce upon the lact. He closed by ar- guing that tt was expedient ss well ss Just for Con- gress to settle tba question. At 3 o'clock Mr, MOBBILL, of Maine, obtained tbe floor, wben on his motion further consideration was postponed until to-morrow at 1 o'clock; THE TENTJBX OF OfTlOE NLL. The bill lo regulate the tenure of certain offlcei" wa> again taken up. Mr. SvmxB sgiin nrgod the necessity for his amendment. Mr. tbe'amendment. Mr. UxiinntoxH thought matters batween Govern- menls ehould be conducted on the asms principle as affairs between honest men. snd that secret agents were not necessary. There was more reason lor s secret service In the Post-office Department snd tho Treasury Department; hut he It ought them both evil and hurtful, snd condemned this eyatem or es- pionage upon ibe people. Thst Ihe Qorernmirnt ebould become s spy upon the bnsinese ot people, be characterized aa disgusting. Mr. CAMxnov tbonnbt inch large eumecl money could not be safely Intrusted to one man in s million. In the tiurrstt trUt bsd been psld to one law- yer. lo another, snd to a reporter. He read and commented upon the Hat of nemes ol spec lal scents contained In a letter Irom tbe Secretary of the Treasury, saying tbatsU tbe clergymen employed belonged to the Church of England, and not a Pres- byterian was among them. [Laughter.] Mr. Hr. UADLET a 1 resbyterlao? Mr. Impregsion la that Mr. is tt Methodist, Mr. THATCH Inquired wbat church Mr. MCCBAOXBH belonged w. Mr. CAIUBOII had never found ont who bs wss. If the Secretary of Bimte hid not hsd the funds We would not have bad MoCBAcaxH. [Langhler.] Mr.' bOMHiB's amendment waa lost. After further debate Mr. BAMSIT moved to strike ont twenty ee Ibs number of eulborized special mall agenle, and Insert twenty-five, saying that uu-nber was necessary icr'tbo business of the Department. A number of special sgenls were required on Ibe mall ateamere urosaing the Atlantic, aa Ins mails for Cnlcsgo end elsewhere were msdo np 011 board tho steamers. The amendment was adopted. Mr. PArxutsoH had eupiosed that tbo bill would psse without opposition; that the Benate wss iu isvor ol retrenching the expenses which bad grown ao Iar0e during tbe war. bnt be hsd found that on Uist point he hid been verdint. He alluded lo the uni- versal removals from office to make way for the Pres- ident's friends, and si Id If the spoils were lo belong to tne victors tben let them be placed in tho bauds of the party Ihsl had brought thia Administration Into power. Let the President send them men enough for confirmation, and tben take snch aa be conldgot Mr. KokTCHoa moved to amend by ineortlng In sec- tion second an exception ol those embraced in sec- tion first, and local route igente of tbe Poet-office De- partment, snd such persoue as may be tf mporarilr appointed by the Comptroller ct the Currency for iba elimination of banks. Considerable discussion ensued In regard w tbe construction of the amendment, during whlcb Mr. COHXLQio eipreasfld the opinion that such power waa dangerous. Instancing ibe poaalbla caae ot a National Bank with a cabal against eome of lie olB- where, be said, tbe agent would very likely be in favor of one partf or iho other. He referred to a Postmaster rejected by the Benate wbo was after- ward appointed oy toe Prealdent as a special agent in that very office. There waa cure for ihie atale of things except s radical cure. Mr. FESSUDHI pointed ont several cases In wblcn great Inconvenience would eriie to the bnatnesa of ihe Departments without authority to miko then temporary appointments. He feared gentlemen might go too isr In limiting this power, "i'liey rely somewhat upon ihe character ol mogcnilomen in office, an3 enable thorn to do their hualnese well. He deprecated any legislation on the subject of spoils; they bad (one ur enough In that direction. Mr. PATTZBSOH disclaimed any such deilre. He had merely said if there arc to be spoils, let ibem go into Ibe hands of Ibe victors, and not those of me man wbo was opposing them. Mr. FBSSKXDBN, slur again urging bla opinions, tuggeeted Ibai the Committee tak; <be b'U and re- drsil it. so es lo give it more direction. Mr. PATTXMON thought It impoisible to draft a bill to meal tbe views oi all Senators. The difQcully wss, Ibat it met Ihe requirements too directly for eome Senators. He proceeded to delend the bill and danoonce the system recently adopted, governing appointments for political reasons. He had refused to recommend a man ia bis Slate on sccounl of hts character, and yet that man wie appointed. He in- eteucca the case ot A. B. SLOAN Aim, three timee re- jected by the Senate becsnao ol his inismoua charac- ter, but who bad been appointed Special Agent ol the Treasury Department to go to Texas, end waa now engineering in Ibe Convention recon- elrnoilon laws. So it wss all over the country: mrn rejected by the Senate were traveling about aa special agents to smell out men in office wno support Cou gress, with a view to their removal.' lo tbe Nary yard at Porlsmontb a Special Agent bad been ap pointed whoso only duty wee 10 apy out and secure tba Mmeval of good and true men. Mr. THATKB ssiJ be hsd bean reminded when Hr. SWHxa wss spraklng, ot the stand the Senator bad lakcu on the enbject of the removal 01 M. MOTLBT, at Ibe Inetance ol Mr. MCCBAOKZH, who had been sent to smell ont the political opinions of foreign Mia Uiers. Mr. said M.-. SBWABD bid told him laat Bimrdav tbat when tbe President banded -him Me- CBACKUI'B letlor, ha had no idea who that peraon wss, and knew nothing sbout him, end thai since then he had lean ouo man who ssid he had eeen him. He (Mr. SCMHUI) had bis doubta wnsiber that man really had seen him, slid thought it was possibly some other person. He believed Ibe State Depart- ment bad been Imposed npon, snd tbit they bsd no relation wltb this person. Mr. JothfsoH made s remark to Mr. TBATEB, lo a low lone understood by the reporter, to ibe Motley natter having been considered in secret session, and ths'consequent impropriety of Mr. TBATEB'S sliusion to It Mr. TBATXB thanked tbe Senator for the reminder, but had oniy referred to the statements of the news- papers. He proceeded to say tbe Secretarr 'of Stele having acted tin the report nl Mr. MOCBACBBM in forcing Mr. MOTLBT to resign, be conld not ei- cueo himself nynytng he did not know him. He considered tbe "route agsnta" as sluiply traveling about the country in the Interest ot "my policy." and thought they should be subject lo confirmation by tbe Senate, and referred to an instance where a bank agent was sent to examine the condition of a Western bank wlib a circulation col above which conld have been done in one day. bnt he etaid ten dare, proclaiming to the world Ibat the Doanclal distress of tbe country was caused by ths legislation Hr. BTBWABX wsa in favor of cutting off ill special agente. Tbe would eoon tben ascertain what officers were necessary, and a law could be passed authoriz- ing such appointment! and defining tbe duties. Mr. BOOKALEW moved to recommit tbe bill to the Committee for further consideration. Mr. HKHDBIOXS, referring to the political aspects the question had taken, said he did not Believe one- tenth of the employes of the Treasury Depsnmsnt supported the President's policy. Be had been dla guated by the removal of the only appointee recom mended by bim, wbo had boen a Lieutenant-Colonel of an Indiana regiment, a deservlag young man, and hia successor, a supporter of Congress, bad been a sutler's clerk. Be denounced tbo idea of introduc- ing a Retrenchment BUI for partisan purposes. Mr. PATTEBSON eympathlMd with the Sinator, but reminded him that aa tali system ot removals had sprung np unoe tbe contest for tbe Presidency com- menced the candidates ongbt not to be aggrieved 11 they did suffer in that way. He would make a report tomorrow it the bill waa recommitted. Tba motion to recoaimit waa carried. Tbe Senau then, on motlaa of Mr. at 4 :M o'clock adjourned. BOtJBB OT BKPBJ8BHTAT1VES. BIUJ AMD BEBOMmOBI, Mr. BLADTB Introduced a bill to make BL George and Booia Bay ports erf delivery. Referred to tbe Committee on Commerce. Mr. BCTXXB, from the Committee on Appropria- tions, reported a bill to regulate tha custody and ei ptnditure of pubUe taoneja. Ordered to be printed and recommitted. Mr. HAIQBT offered a resolution Instructing the Committee) on Oommeree to inquire into the necee- aiiyel optntiuiau Inlet on the hew-Jei soy coast .rom the Atlanta Ouean lu a uoar .tho of th Jiraegat Bay, below the month of tbe Metedeonk Elver. Adopted. Mr. MAUOBT Introduced a bill fer the psvraent of he Oregon claims, arising ont of tbe Indian war ot 8S5-6. Referred to the Committee on' Claims. Mr. BoOLisioif presented a resolution of the Lin- coln Encampment of Ibe Grand Array of the Bepub- Ic, Department of Ohio, for the release of Col. HAL- rat ana JAMBS SMITH from British prisons. BeJerrad to the Commutes on Foreign Affairs. Mr. Aanru, offnred a resolution reciting that sa armed organization, known ee the "KuklnzKlsn" are cum muting brutal outrages sad murders on white snd colored Unionists In the Counties of Manrr, Giles, and Montgomery, in Tennessee, and hat great terror and uncertainly prevail tbere: and naiructlcg the Committee ou Affaire to nquire into such outrsws, sau the best means for heir immediate suppression. Mr. MATNABD offered a resolution, declaring as the sense of the House, tbat it la ineipedleut to attempt. by treaty, to regulate 4ntlee on Imports, or other- wise to interfere with the revenneeariiiug therefrom ss eeteblubed by statute. D'.lerroU to tne Committee oo Ways and Means. Hr. Loom aiked leave to offer a reiolnllon to lax United Htaue bonds two per cent, eemf-innuslly, bnt oojeotion was made. Mr. Locum aaked ieive lo offer a resolution looking a the of the Weal Point CadpU amnu; the colleges In tbe different States, hnt Mr. HOLMAM objected. EIGHTS OF AMZBIOAH CITIZENS. Tbe House proceeded to Ibe consideration. In tbe morning bonr, of the bill reported from ILO Com. mlttoe on Foreign Affaire concerning tba rights of American citizens in foreign Stitei. Mr. BAILET apoke In euppon of Ibe general pnnclplea of Ibe bill, and in cntlciem of Its details, and suggested a declaratory Joint resolution Ibat ill Coited Slatea citizens when lu foreign Steles, ire entitled to sad shall receive from tbis Government adequate protec- tion of llbeely and property. Mr. BDTLXB enggeated a substitute for Ihe bill, di- claring it to be the eettled rule of public law thst a citizen of any country not a fuaiUve trom Justice, has au Indefeasible right to expatriate himself, snd lo absolve bu eilegiance lo ihe country of his birth iliat every naturalized American citizen la autltled to alt tUe protection at home and abroad which tho Government can afford to any citizen Ibereof. end ibst whenever a citizen ol tbe United Statee shall be deprived ot libyity or despoiled ol property In auy foreign country br tbo act of tbe! Government tnere- of, ho not being held lor trial, not. convicted of crime againat the lunnlclpil lawe of aucb, country tor acte uone therein, bla release or reparation for tbaepolUUon sbsll be demindrd by tbe Prealdent, and If refuaed on In lutftcient grounds, all diplomatic and commercial Intercourse between (ucli country and the United Slatee ebsli thereupon cease. Tlio President to communicate all Ibe facts lo Cougreu. Mr. JINCBBS propoted hts substitute aa given' m yesterday's prooeed inga. Mr. UIODY propoaed In view ot the great Impor- tance cl the aubject end of tbe impoaaiullity ol dis- cussing it In the morning bour, that ibe llonse should hold aa evening ivssion fur atbste. Mr. JODD objected. Mr. Iliani toen give his vlewe In criUclem o bill, SB reported Irani tbe Committee on Foreign Af lalrs, aud eipresaed tbo opinion that the aubatitute proposed by Mr. JZHUKXS bad less defects. He ar- gued that the ebould Jia-elow In Its coniid- eralion of the qneatlon. but ttiet wben trie policy of Congress bid been once declared, the wnole i-owcr and might ot the netlon ehould bo pledged 10 its en- forcement. Mr. JODD explained bis reason for objecting to tho evening session, whlob waa that he deemed ihe quaa- lion of sufficient Importance to tommtud the atten- tion of all and bis experience nil been that evening sessions were generally more debating ecbooll. lie declared It lo be tho duty ot Congress tn fix before It adjourned tbe policy of tne Executive on the subjects ol rights lo American cl< liens abroad, and to eao that tbat pulley was eiilorced. Congress ebouid make s declaration ol Ibe ngbts of Ametican clilzeni, aud prepsraucoe to maintain them. Mr. Jcuo proceeded to criliciso tbo bill, end to allow ila wvakneia aud Indialinctneas, declating that the bill cuntained neither the assertion of princlplea nor el- lectlve propoeltiona for toe redress cl the wrong. He quoted diametrically opposite expreealons oi opinion on thi eubject of liability to military eerrice and ot tho liability of naturalized citizens- returning to tbelr native country, trom Mr. EVEBETT sad Mr. t'Ase wben ibey were Secretaries bl Siete, and etked to which of them uid the bill reler lo in the allusion to the of public law, having been hereto asserted by the Govtrnmaot oi the United Utetes. The mornlog hour hiving eiplred before Mr. JDDD bad concluded bla remarks, the bill tctn want over till tho mom Ing hour to-morrow. .BELIEF FOB Tim DEblll'UfT. The Sonata bUI for the temporary relief of tbe poor of tbe District ot Columbia, was tekan from ibe Speaker's table, slid reierreJ to the Committee on the Dlsincl of Columbia. FOBFErmaK or BOOTHERN HAILHCAD uums. The House then proceeded to the conelderalion of the bill reported by Mr. JCTJAV, from tnc Committee on Public Lands, declaring forfeited to the Untto.i States certain lands, granted to aid In Ibo construc- tion of rallroKls in Alabama, Mlaalaslppi, ami Florida. Mr. EixaiDOi addressed the House In opposMon to Ihe bill, lit oared tbat it snd alt kindred mcaturcH sprang from eplte, Iroui ill-will and revenge, cauacd by tbe war. It retted on nopr.nclple of Inleruailonal or couatilutional Uw.and wss not wsrrantea lor tbu in- teruel or eiternel policy ol tboniiion.ind bad no :oun- dalion In aound policy orCbrlallin tti'.tsmmahlp. It bad no tendency lu effect pacification ur to bring about tbe avowed objecte of itic war; bul it wis cal- culated to rekindle the fires of war, and perpetual e iho malignity and hatred unit bitter en- gendered by war. UP objects were to break dowu the moral and material inttrejte ot tlw white nee, snd to subject tbat race to tbe dominion ot tbe Af- rican. Everything was being done iu destror, noth- ing to build up; to liicaate aud embitiar, nothing lo eofleu asperity or lo restore amity or fra- ternity. Tbe bill wia further opposed by Metsrs. HuvatB ind NIIJLACK. Mr. KELLET, In relerence lo a remsrk maJe by Mr. MCNOatr, which hi supposed reflected ou the City ol Philadelphia, said that lie (Mr. KELLET) represented tbat clly as tae beat euuiplo wtiicti tbe world gave of talr wages for honest Ubor. In no otner communi- ty ou tbls ur ou tbe other side of the Atlantic were tnere so many limilica eleepiuc nnder roole I hat were their ova. It wae pnliiuineully cbaracterUtic of that city tbat in laboring pcoulu owned thoir bouse a. Mr. IIorxiHS supports J the not from any feeling of prejudice or of hostility to tbe people ol the Slatei sffectcd by It, but because tbe Isade In qneetion were actually forfeited by Uie lapse of the grains, and because a large number of men had ac- tually aettled on tboae lands, supposing ibel they were now open 10 on the Homes. ead law. Unleaa tbls olll paaaed theaa eettlore could not got a title, and tbelr tmvroveiuenta would be lost. He wae therefore bonad to consider Ihelr rijjbte as tne railroad corporations, that were aaklng lor exteuslon of lliiir, particularly, ea in Ihe caae of aomc ot those corpotetiuni, no stroke ot work had yet been uone tn tbe way ot building s railroad. He replied to tbe remarks ot hie colleague, (air. EL- nniDOi.) ana challenged him to ahew bow the people ol Ibe ttontn bad beeu punished tor ihe crime ol re hellion. Mr.AaxELi.epoke in favor of ibo amendment ex ceptlng trom (he operation of ihs bill me Tenueaaaa and Alabama Railroad Company. Mr. Wn.i i tua ssked Mr. AnsiLLas to Ihe loyalty of the slockliolden of that Comuany, remarking that It appeared. Irom tbe report of tho Select Committee on Southern Rallroids, tbal, at toe recent election of directors, five of the fiftten were certified to be loyal, eix of doubtful loyally, snd tour admitted rebels, tb a reasons ateianod lor selecting rebels be- Ina that tbere were no more loyal stockholders that conld be elected. Mr. ABKXIJ. replied that thit waa not correct, end be mentioned tne namea of eeveral loyal officiate of that Company. Mr. TaniBLx asked whether It was not s fact that the only Interest the stockholders in thoae roads had was slier the mortgages ebould be satisfied, tend whether thoae mortgages were not held by pirttes living in the North ana wbo were loysl to tbe Gov- ernment. Mr. ABXKUi replied that list was undoubtedly Mr. BBAHKS spoke lu enpport of the bill, end Mr. HoiJUH got tbe floor, wben' tbe metier want over temporarily. BOOK ISLAHD BAUJtOAD BBUK1X. Mr. FUJI asked leavs id report from tbs Committee on Military Afftirs r Joint rteolntloa lu reference to ths Rock Island bridge, which be said bad been agreed upon between tbs War Department and the Railroad Company the Hock Island sad Pacific Railrosd Company. Mr. BPALDWO objected. PETTTIOMS 7BESERTED. Mr. WABD pretented e luge number of petitions from Ibe State of New-York, aaklng repeal of tbe law on manufactures snd prodncUjne, eEoeoi ot lux- uries. Referred to the Committee on Ware and Means. Mr. TAX Hoax presented s petition for appropria- tions to improve tha harbor it WlUos, Niagara County, New-York. Referred to tbe Committee on Commerce. FAOTFIO Mr. WAKanonn, ot Wiaoonsin, offered a resolution directing tbe BocreUry oi the Treasurr to inform tba Hoase whether the Union Pacific Railroad Company and tbe other companies tamed In the act of July 1, IMS bid complied with tbe 90th section of that sot, snd made the reports thereby required, and if so, to furnish copies of them. Adopted. BLrXTOTlTB OOkOfTJiriOATlOlla. The flpostnr presented Executive aa follows: From the Secretary of Wsr, witb s statement of ibe contracts and purchasee M nude by ibs Ordnance Department and for IbaQoartvtnaiUr'e Department. From me Secretary oi tbe Treasnry. with cfflda copy of instructions, Issued by Prea-.dmit to tbe Tax Uomniistioners of Month Carolina, t-eft. 1C. 1803. OEM. OBAHT AND HIE PHIOIUENr. In reference lo Ihs Secretary of War, is ciUd lor hy tbe rerolniion of yesterflsy. Mr. WILSOV. of lows, moved that Ibe correspond- enr-A be renrred to the JuJiciary Mr. Surras, of Pennnylvenls, <nd- ment, tbit it be referred to tbe Committee on H icon- itruclion. Ur. WU.SOH accepted Ibe amendment, and calnd for the reading of the correspondence. Tbe corregpoDdence waa road, and was listened lo with unusual inleregt and attnailon. Tbe reading of tbe correapondence bavlnir concluded, Mr. ot lovra. movoJ to reler iba corregpondence to tbg Committee on HerotiMruoion, end tbat it be printed, and on .bat be more.) Ibe pre- vious question. Mr. COVODI liked tbo Rpeakrr wuctbcr ll In' order, In view of Ihe Mrupbtfnrwanl ind, miniv course of Gan. 0BANT In the whole traniaction, lo s vote of thauts lo lilni. The Speaker gild U wae not in rrd airv. lit vis and I ITMAH, two J7 mcrcli-.uta of that even- 1-ig we iuaruc.1 Ibri not itnlr twu gentle- man la pri-oii, but nonie twjuiy otter Engliah, Span- all, French and Grrmen uie'diaaia; amunc whom E ViUiNA, ANIDMO HAMDH, IUNCLL OHDABA, AMrrtsio ItiiuxNu. MARTIN NA- UAZO, Leu Bi.cos, EDOABDO LLAVIHII. aud AKTEBO DUIZAB. atcouil ugmed morchint is a Mexicau and a rnaclvtra.v. Tlie iiu- llculire of this whole petty war on the commerce of Sin Lu a we flnJ in ttia Oppan'.um, s nowepauer ul tbit cllv. On tbe 23d of December laat the State L'B'm'uture puaed a Ian1 abolisUliig the of Interior cue- tom-liouicl throughout Sin Lull aiidin onlir to mike provision or Eubelilution for Ihe income derived from Ihe cuatotn-'aouaea the Legislature made a new revenue law. by tbe provittobr n! Hit: law, which waa approved by dor. JOAN BusTAHrxrs on the 30th nit., the capital iiiv> tied In couimercul pnrtutis was to pay e tax of two per cent. On Uie lit oi this month thn law ms published. On nocing it, miny of the merchants begin to place their busi- ness in llqulcstion. Tbe amount upon tbe merchants of tbe State ire Of tins mm Han Lnle in called upon for fSGu.OOO. The oulr uierchanta ol effluoiice are The owncra of amall only, saya the Of jwnYi'nti, eri! MI iifena. The Governor, finding tbit Ibcro would be but few merchants lo col- lect tax from, nold on tho Jjoruing ot tbeUtb insi. by FBEDEUICK MEADE, tbe public auctloiieer. The'ucuUemcu vrtio rclused to paj iLrlr apportionment could bin eicaoel imprisonment by payment oj a fine of I TQey preferred, however, to contest ttie wliols procedure. Tne de- nounce tno outrage as lUejel. acconstltutlonil and stb.irirr, and tending to rum the whole commercial interests of tnat State. Liquidation, ibe Ooveruur eirc, will tint aave them. Xuc inual pay ever ednii or wbileror be the deposition uiade ul Idem." Jlooney's A Note of Cor- rection. x To lAe E-Iifor of ST. DBIDOIT'S Ozroaoo, Tueiday, Feb. 4. Your reporter, in bia brief notice of toy die- caurau on but Sunday evening, mlarepreienlg rue in many wayi, which obliges me to ask of yon to be II ud enough to correct. Ha stales tbst I waa bnt a few in Ireland. Now. I wis tbere nearly two months. He aays again thit I stayed but e few boon in some of Ibe principal places. Now, I stopped lereral In most ol the placea and several In Dublin and Cork. In bla report tbit I saw snakes in Inland be omitted to give mv explanation, that was, the "Royal Iriih Constabulary.'' SpeaklOR ot the "mountain dew" offered to travelers going through tbe Qap ot rjunloe, I said It was much bet- ter tbaii wblaky dranx in many placea In thla City. which wss nothing better then kerosene oil end spirits of He said thst I acknowledged that I had drink of both. Such worda never fell from my lips. He aald that I aakcd, "How do you like that, boyet" Bnchiworda I never aald. Hun- dreds of my Cnenda who wore present will bear mn out tn ibis lorrection. They feel annoyed and I Itel wronged. Will you In }our goodness oblige them slid do me tlie Justice of Inserting this correction, slid I shall feel in every respect deeply obllued U) you. THOMAS J. MOON BY, Pastor ot tit. Dridgei'e Cburcb. From Ibo Herretsry ofWw. Uitmmltliiir u tlio 1'iesidvut ilei' mi IT IH.JM Oen. In Keataek.7. from (As OowmemotaM. Certain partiaa at WMhloston are bnaily circn- lating raporte that tba Union Bepnbucan Party ol Xearucky. throngb Its delegates to the Cblcaflo Na- tional Convenaon, will cut Ita vow for Cuss for President. Those baiter acquainted with Uieaentt- ment ot tbe Union people oi Ken tacky need no M- tunoee ss to ths man of their eboiee w lead ns safely to peace and harmony In nations) affairs. Kentucky in all her loyal bean U a null lor OKAHT. Every County Convention thus tar baa reiolvrd in ma Ualon Oon van lion will .unanimously sup- the Onion Delegation will give en uu- bit kcu vote in Iba Chicago Convention for the hero nl As theeonservsior of the HepuOiio lurest .'ed wltn dfeoInUorj, he vinJlcaied his ruelit to conservator netnaaiia rvrrj AmfricJM by tin i I't -i- IN SPA PERI SiEWSPAPFRI

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