Tuesday, January 20, 1863

New York Times

Location: New York, New York

Page: 7

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Text Content of Page 7 of New York Times on Tuesday, January 20, 1863

New York Times, The (Newspaper) - January 20, 1863, New York, New York tgjgxsn vAC. ry. Ux which find a NATtmiPfl REMEDY Itedi ly food remits! IB a i practice of near half a IATH boon cured It dlffioultto nnd a Single iTorrnea" that has not beea extirpated prompt SJfALLJULE. In lue for the of' thli dbw Ya3ubloBrodu.ee -stricture." which Is a WT> w than original Infirmity 1 Young men, per jnr. Sent by express on receipt of Address Sole A gent fur tha I nlted States, ______________J. 3 BAKER. No. 03 U road way. SVttK UY DR. POWERS, 8UCCK33- fully consulted w th Ur. WARD, No. 12 LaUht-su de, where with any form of prlTate dii- Jwcaa receive prompt treatment, without risk or es- ttoaure. Til. Byphllla, Konorrhcea, strictures, 01 eancets, secon t eancets, secondarr and lli, dlseiue, of the kidneys. 'ftc- Thlrtf practice, excIualTcly to the treatment of those complaints enftble us "L JSifPS! iTe of I, ife te- iwresthe riiti.r yoiiili m lour weeks. This marTeloui lo he moat ahnttered O'nJtlta J imnedlinenti to mar- Wage. inerehyiieeill i cured. The men to consult, Dri. wardauU >'owen, ine chumplons ajidkioxsof veneretl dlaeesoi, the w.I ont-ar- Kctual remedies In world, guaranty w-fect t-Ow.; a ifor monthly re remees wnt by 'Ilw .mctrddii, tuelr.cireulnr. Postage nnd cerlaln reme remedies wnt by ftee.nn a th rte'-ci n t ATK IJl.-1'.A-.KS CUHEU iKH-lbletnni, DR. WAIll) S CO., II ueur Canal, without the use of Meicury, loss Dr. WARD, frum the uuspiUU Of Lon.iou, .s ami E llnburiih, Is the dtscoTerer of the only cerialn reiiulilc remedies lor dlM.iwsof a prl- In practice he hu cured more cases of Disenats aud rong than all combu rd. I CHU and will cure ynu in less time pnd expenm tlum anyone can or will, nnd whe BBTtt been rol bed of their muuev and health, call It will takft but lit ie ujOUtf anrl time to restore you. If yon harf been unforluna'.j, cull at once his special U (his inuch-neglrctcd branch of science beta enabled to KUnraureeacure in the most cbraplicnted'cises. ciw. in a few flays, without change of dial 6t hindrance from basimwa syvl" last veatine eradicated wlihou uofi ii or losi of sexual PernianentTv i, bj.B new "wtment. i lo elsewhere, r ih ejected h, wruinR n full dlaa- Mll Jht to DR. WARD 4 CO.. No. ULalght-st. the ouly place. the PRIVATE MtDU'AL 'rctty intended for those whose health of taiul y nt hs office. No. Libeny-st., New. b? free of Poouwe to any part iied SUIIC-H and Canada, by Incioairui ..t No i (Aster Ili.uee.) and IB EDEitllKN' CO., 13 Court-st.. Boston. Is ft reliable Pot or the American Mtil. and Journal. n'' II A u TREATMENT ;.i n. M. IL. formerly Profeswir of Special iirv- ry in Syracu-e Mwlic.i! "Mtilical Information fnrtheMil- ui-ii ut To be bad in I'l A I'll CI i ontuinivg if.my Jon piges anil 15u fine tt.- u .itomy of Ihe sexual organs in a statBoi e nr. pi h a tredtlsL- on self a him-, en tipuii the mind and wuliihe it nil ,r 4 van tr tha only r.itioual -uid succL-niiii n.uilroi inn Ihc of BUV.S IreaUil A tr.iu.ui to Uie uiarru-iland lliose cou- iiinx .i-.irn.n: win, ,-ntertain douliU of iheir phye- Icnl runili'ioi, scijl o, pu.tane t) nddie S on .i N Y. _ rjOVT liE FOOL .MOIIK MONKY i-mh- If UL I hilt to ft u..ue anfljiuy d.ird 'I rail i i'j PATII-'I.- I, K I'M K OIJGAN.S, wlii.h ronihiin pr 1.1. pin. -r.-ov- dir tlie -if n enr kiud oi r-cxn.il ii.- ii-i.itcness Solil iu New-. U> s No. Walker-si by Sine mr !n.uri nud all cnterpris- iQIHKTlilMi Kllll KVKHY LAD1.-DK. i Uriut rei'Mie Hetief.icior or Gulden IScjju- ij.' I i'U liinn.ili.c in correcting regulnlinK and ri- :iL Tuition-, irom whatever e. designed for legitimate restore II.e nieu'lrual Hi y will in rer Oflic.-- -M, i'J Ij: where Dr. can be co.i- sultiil d iv evening il. Ill N'l UKIJ DUOrTlEsTOll KM tli" v luulhiii four days Ite-tori-j munlioo 1 to ihe must shattered No. 3 Divl-lon-at.. New- York, tne uuly I rirnrc of bogus Ilnnir s. The cny of ki up io eTery trick to rob HUNTMt nf h s reimtatluu ns a skillful and relU- bte ph> i lie h IB no other office but No 3 Oivlalou- st Established in l-M. DR. 14 DUANE-ST.. MAT conauued wnh un pnrale diseases Thirty years In one eunblea him to and permanent cures. N. who bare been muled by qunck advertisements, Ac., can call on Dr. J. with theeertaiutyof receding boa- orabli- treatment. rLPULU "ANlTVAPOH BATHS-ESTAB LlSllr.D IN only genuine iu the United 1 C.-irrolI place, bleecker-st ,co ner of Lunrena. for cure of rheumatism, mercurial adeo- P, ic. by Dr A. L.TIMO1.AT 4 GO. D! __ KAl.lfU, AUTHOR A list. No. 134 nirec..er-aU. .vest of ilrondwny. Those who apply In the earlier will be tni ease and rapidity of the euro. for thirty years, confined his attention to of a certain class, L. winch ho has treated uo las than fifty thousand without an inalance of failure- His jjreat remedr, IIU.VTKK'd KhD DROP, certaju fl'.seuacs. nhvn treatment and all other remedies tail; cures die'.inK or restriction in the habits of thepailent, cures triilinnl the disguatinK etfecisof nil other remedies; In new cases In leas than slxhuuis. cures without the drouuliil consequent effects of mercury. hutfuascsMS the peculiar ly ralunliie properly ut inn Ihe rank nnd poisonous t.unt that the "t-d ii sure to alisorb. unless lilt remedy That is wh ii he c n.ini for it. and wh.ti i o other will accoiiipl'rtli. Its value H this respect hns become so well known, tha' acleuiiflc in every department'of medi- cal kniiw.cdKe IXKJn I" appreciate it, for hardly a week sea tliul hu a no: consulted by drugfials, chemists aud jtt litna, iu regnrd tn some pitiful patient who has ex- tlie whole tie'd of the fncu'.ty, still thu dis- nil! Itj is BO (rrc.it. th.rttlicre it out H qiiuck in the I Ity thet has not attacked it und Bud their l.cs arc not so easily sw.itlowo'l, 11.on tuelei d tlint il cy can nuke it II Is n nml c.'i not oliiuincd au> irlierf Ijdt at the old ollii-f, Kn -1 I'o-'k for three-cent -tumps, pace-. colored il'iioir itionj. Tli" best trork out. r 'J 1115 .e nnd r- .1 l.ivcr- flr.u nf in the 'OSEPII NOTH'K UIVKN Til A1 1'ai hxre'o.or. -ubil-tini: bctwec i tl; alxnc.l m Merchant- nud l ounmtniori t i iu the l oun v c) I nucni.er, under the B I'l oritKOUCII k .nnd at mltj M.ties o AintriiM, uudir the firm of hTI I i v o., 13 thlsdjy d -snUedby unit ml consent. .IOSEPII SfiTT. V. M. XAY I r-1 KVOOI., 3t, isi.i. M. PK aim nn lei 'liPim-i of HOW tl'c douih of l.'eoiKi1 'll.csuivt n. jurti cf.-, u-ilUonil iiii Ilie iloiucstlc nm ..ni'a-iuii i.' SUM ct ni No I" Park I'l.u-e in id Nn. 43 ui.tiir lU: r.iin vf MS A; KAY WV. HAN i EY FAY. Jan. IP. 1-W. amii JL c under ilie r.iirue ol ft Si. CO., is "listened by ilsown hurt itiou. Ihe business wlil be Set- tleil lw the who hare rortr.cd .1 cjiMrliiT-liip fur Ihc purpodo ol continuing the WhoVsalo C'lotliing tti uiuler the tameslyleof Brm. I WM. YOUNG, JOHN II, SIKGBIST, 1. Ib83. EXU.V Y. I'OJIdTUCK. THE r'IRlI OF TALIjSlADGE HA-M.KYIs by the dea' h of Benjnmin Tallmndee. The l.iitiness will be conifnued dv the surrii ing partners, unil. r the btyle of CM) MANLEY i co. GEORGE WASHINl'TOX MANLEY. NEJV-YORS, Jnn. 7. 1 LEWIS A. na u in my bUiiucM from thU date, which will in in urc bo cnul.d on under the MIMI- of SAMLl-.L HTItKiTJt C'.J. fc ISII'KI.STHEIT. Jan. I, is' 'I. Tj i u fjiir A KT :s i; it nfF ir i'Ff: K undrr the firm ct jiawes fc ilurd. is this d y by limitaliou. CiO. K. llAWES, VO-.K. Jan H, I.- IK HORSES IIOltWKS J. wl.lie liuimii un tveil I- h.n.d. high; is necify kind. end wui.ld make M IKTM; fur Dortur use ince mu li-gli. ilaKl IiiniTir cVarJ. homc tiuvel'er. 1 nnaj nn c-.uxd Bouod Hii.t re liiiic Pr re, a black tclt. comlnj! y n a Kr.-it l-rciniso; suunl a-nl 1 r ic. Ai-oia veil- Buuerbpilr nf i n vr.ijf. re.irly 17 hands lurn mulched, ol e'eyiinl i.< soumlaqd well niiinri nnil U'lN liuwin.', nnd Price. Addrici li-K .o I'lf-niTice. York f AIVYFU.-I PAXK I Jriioi1-.. ,iu I n'.'lr TIO1V mi i oii san 'j. nir. nn'tu, I suci- -i or :tt i HA, AND l ESTATE MAsriatxTxn Tho Valualbl and on ternJj Including k the 6qnare, ara three m the property conitrufliou Property repraaente tinted on the fait Rtr It consists of two tn i mo it lUHnjr of ItS-prejeu For f iirtbe FJ o Alari_____ wltb two lar up In nice salesroom, the abo. ._ In ihs an early day Terms eos. F'OKSA stone fro feet: lot Orleans ern and Lo 1, e vn-6 i ttuPEil four story sU re twetn by Si deep, wlch-ar., or vou S a.' and eleg nor of Lcxii Also, v.'caut '25 by nb FUll SA betweeq Ihepr Oou and Mo FOil HA furniture Park, ail in ____ ROOfl for inv it ueut. Apply to J. S A NICE VHtipn. near tn xoud orde easy, tor ml. TWO C l.lAMSrl and I.ronard >ply to P. No. Be u CLOSE AN ESjTATK-THBNKW rown-itune house on' the eonthciisl cor- -ar. end3dth-sU, In fineor icr, Iff fro daily ulte drimod, sub.- stream il fiigh. dry imU h filmrcs for I rice -Moderate one with COUT acred of land I Adorers York; Post-office hou c NtwlYurk. to etals. farms aid IILMIY B. B York, 9 to II A VALUABLE acres, situated In tli on tbe road k-; mlieb from Wi 1 ou New Hare nther out-bnil41 klnd-i, inciuitl firm are calculated to di nt primte sxle b. sold at public Ten per cent, of ._ sale, and the i Mt on ply to WILL AM llOTT. nenr s: .id farm St., New-Y orl rood farn the whole or p ul of i lie stock erate terms. N. Y, DY AN on shares, or at a fair .or Ldllress FARMEH Post WOK I 1. acres. lent tar ni exchange MAII.M.-A FIVE STOCK: FARM OF 300 onstig.; route west of Neirhirgh. Has excel- lent tar ni bin I lings, plenty of fruit, good bull, fcc. Would C. H. OLIVER, T Hcekman-it. QFFJCE8 irs. Inbuirein Fronting Spruce-ct., tbe Tones' Couatlng U--T11AT VALUAIILE PlUIPERl'Y AT HI corner of Brook! wiiy und Unlon-aqnare. No1, M lie nonli4> kuotrn aa No north, former) -inn 4ufett o i Itroud b.'l fee f the ri'ouleorv of i LI pi op pern Ht i-it.. on the easterly sid( IN ood. n part of T on first lloor. two lie I ater iii the order, and sn.table Hie ts., the middle kitchen. V5E _ J. Hromlway IT Morr.a p ter and JJL'N'N, iumcier, A 'i tO C9 foo er; touu i lar, tfcT loft h, 1 ol the A Offic HOUSE 3 Hoi; Wil ni ten p ol rtt.d prlc Box No HE p'irc sr nd io ty iib ____, TO of r baxei lent, with pr vilL-; e of I ent n wlemte. Aildrefs, for No POr nr-s-t st.itluft price nnil Incull ttuno St Nn Kl K il on st d wl el UK re It.C M Vlt JI I-' o Uat Ictl Nu. fron 'ionc 1 h 11 Vf 1C UK t hi" ii ru.ti it- ISO by4IO kbead ai.da Pier 3 BALE Oil TO AT HUDSON. N. brick Wa lotys for manufoctu i, with shelves aiid 'Ihe abjvo la one r bnalnesd on the N GEORGE B. FA SALE. no hy 140 R. by the adore dla- la offered for IM by 140 feet, H feet long. Upon Goureroeur-slip. the remainder of ably adnpted to aud other Ttatment by reanua e improTement. II. No. 172 6th-BT- UBNT, eu-st., 120 feet deep, ng first ttoor flited lunters suitable for tbe neat places for th Hlver. For par- Uudoon, THE ELEGAKT stable, known as rof t'ourt-sl. bout 3 1 fefct ESTIIA 1 Curroll Pars .ret d04, sly modern in.ill re lot connected with inbst desirible locall- can bs had at s'.' No' 2 Pine at. tnc fallowing Y i o :eui. n in inc Allowing ixevr- Iu p.iynieiit: Caunl, Citizens. Souih- ana lIMilc Slocks. Oonioiiilated llundj, o the owner. No. TO fl.OHK AN K Nos. and 19i I De> comprleln ly 10 IVU DE KLYIJ .TYSKN. No. 4Ced on tli-st., between 8U feet. to HOMEK MO It 0 AN, No. 2 I'lne-Bt. nee and lioiuton tu a good Interest; i age at i> per cent, if 1 T at i> per cent, if Wui HOMER ANEW t AT N.J., lota for trncklng. frnjib 600-acre Iota <-n New- York u. 1 to 20 acres, suit [Die g or easy. ale. Send stamp for Ircular. FRANKLIN CLAH Islington and 3d IuU each 20x100. rko 00, nted. Apply to No.aPIoe-st. 1 N C HKTWOOD, No. Mi .-A BKOWN-STON'E 1101 BE, WITH last Spring, near Hndhran iplete order. Also, number of houses rented, paj Ing nbout 10 per cent. OON, No. 292 4th-ar. r OUHE ANDTW Ajn mutual Inducement. f ry In llrooklyn. moil xvi'iltnt nelBUbnrhood SOUTH D L.OTH FOR I mate on hlnhele- rn ImproTi-menin, ana oHercd on rVlCKJt WOOD. Wyckoff-M side; lot a? b EEltT, No. to J. W. WEST OH EXCHANC, ick ItcUjr. with ten l road, nt Wauihlnutoi libery nod extensive A CITY ..MU, and six Heights. vurlcty ._________a er prospect. Au- I HITtHKAD, Broadway. -TH E DSOM 6ii D.irclay-tt, an.I term i mvlo to si HDMKKMOHOAX -A FINK rUOPERT new house, etilne ACII.No. wl Wull-st ails w l. Price I1O1IKK TRY RESIDENCES. 1'LACE FOJl _ ntea troin liroadwny harn, -0 ac d und otherwise iinprov nK throuR'i it; ul'hj, near c culture almnda liurai Agency, No. GJ. co of small fru.l, ora-iilnas. f. II. Lroadway. N. Y. o T ur s of the Ci y, a comfortable nient nn I one or more mil ion must be pieadnut a-id arliculars, G. J. K., IJox No. 1.14H IN WIL- between l.orlmer 101. terms aur, WtllUmsburgb; ith lease nf Apply to Nu. a 1'ine-st. ON CLINTON'- and garden. Ad- WE3TJ.'TI1-3T. 11 Tt-nillixtfd. Bm- pp'V 10 s', No 'J [jE-NKAR A ien trains lo nrd of good (anil, d bcnuilful One, loo.nluii lioeutllully situated or the season or yci -ItesUi rent nnd ;ivWELL, No. No. 48 Mitin-it., O AND I'Nr'UK- one hour from r; also, connlry or tale low. ny U'llllniu-st., New- 1 to 6 P. M FARMS. BALK FA KM FOR he property of Isrn wn of White PlutiiJ, K from While Plains Plains depot, nnd .1) i iad. On wild farm li gl (swell watered; three apple orchards ee splendid building dc into tnrce irr.alt furo the 3d of March, action, ftt 12 o'clocl la i purchnse money pa! d down 1st dny of April. MOTT. on the prei ,or J. A.MOTT, TO LtJT. TO THE rerniar 1M.OW to 1 CO.. No. 2 Piue- jrty and tho plans of tl.e <-itu Ire i obtiiined. DANIEL PARISH. YOHKVILLI: lions .11 prJL'iuiae NO 81 biiil.luig lease gl .cc nt Horrltania, Ibrt.t K rail houbO f qua nn I of first c es-t 'Hit TO 5ml uand lUht. tngin Oil LHAME- of s'ore No. Feb. I. THK Wni IKK HASEMFVI Park-row. 32s No. 41 Park tlie l I'NpKH 6 feet. Inquire in office row.! wh cli will lie I'ojt-i.fDce, N't w- ?c rk -Jc STATIONERY. JEST AMI Cll SA P E8T INK. Leon igUDiraUi. at JA Printers and Orders respect vv.ii. ii.a I UK CRA1I- bi- the imre il M jlliK HUI! for ri c. nt, MAI'.TIN li oil loi all or.' V, .11 A Ml. till- K N. Y. ABOUT MoU. deceawd. Wcstifhetiter Co to about from HTU house, harn nod t as fruit oi varioua ta full bearinir; on and well I l.icea if not sold lllonibaldHy bo On the 1 down on day of 'or particulars ap- nlsea No. t3 West 10th- remlsea MAN, A ent would pit In purchase un mod- office, Grccubush, TIMES' BUILD for lawyers'09- nu, 4u renry Pariah, un tl u running feet, tlie bo ud'lroaaetl i-nt., where a P-IN A Ql'IKT house; the front rooms In tho attic, Ihe house 1 in lamlly. Itcut ,4th-iv., between side. -STREET, NEAR if required abo. tha nYnutrs troiu Mnd- Cu n.orlable lor U'ln- luquirc of W. II T TIIK EMPIRE s I.OOtMioracpow- WELL- rcn gi., corner of WANTED. INII HrRMTJUItfi WANTKD- tase or take n lung lease Incu.'iiuj; acrvEuU. und othuiid nit r m com oie Laoiow ink HlV I'J O HU. ra S [.ocinluu between Kton ars. Value at fclitc location .lenti.il. OK PART tfTicc room on flrn{ ivecu, J h. 0., o -i AMIT9EMENTS. comic drama of the n INVIBIBLB HUBDAND. Don Phjrjp, the King originally acted by him) _ Mr. Luster WaJlaek Don Manuel do Poo'lvedra........... llr. thitrlci 1 Uher Doa Japbet. Onad ChamberUin.......Mr Hark Smith Oil Gfiife Hollaed Captain oftue Guard..........................Mr. Parkts lutfe....................................... Mr.Turner Giialda, a Peasant Girl Mary Gannon _ originally acted by her I Isabella, Queen nf Spain............. U iu Fanny Uorant Ilridosmaias..................IHues Gri-en and Burnish The new teeners by Ur. Uherrrood, WEDNESDAY, THE PRUVOKKIHIUSUAND. Which attracted an andlence on Saturday densely crowded that 1 HONDUEDS WERE DISAPPOINTED IN OBTAINING VrThe Proroked HiubandL to 4. SATIJKpAY-SeToetli time, Paulino, pox-book open tortayof (be abora from In preparation-SKCBKT3 WOliTU KNDWIKQ. _ To IMJ repeated, Central Park. Frieadj, The for iteandaJ. Road to Rain, Irlsb HWnw. Lore and Money, and The Bachelor of Arta. ID consequence of the UNEQUAT.ED TRIUMPH BRILLIANT AND BEAUTIFUL CPBA8, aud the distinguished character MU. (J. W. OOULDJCK. who hare nlphtl v drawn tha J LAKiil-.ST AND 410311 DELIOHTEP AUDIENCES to witness their ImpcrsouHtluns. the management baa pleasure In anuouuciug the ninutitluu of the name chaim- performnn'-cs. TUESDAY, and EVERY EVENING until further notice. MU. C. W. COULDOCK will appear In Ihe role of Peter Probity, in which hu achieved so genuine an artistic triumph, iu the domestic drama of THRCimiNKT CORNER. After wliikh, Ccleittu'a celebrntcil luilit.iry drama, S TllEFICKMCll SPY. HenjTSt. Elmc Hanfet. a wild Arab CUB A 3 JJathildede Merle ..t Introducing her grand BALLET DANCES. TIIEATRK UIBLU'S CONCERT SALOON. TUESDAY. Jan. 20. FJnt appearance In New-Yorkoftlif three slngerl, UKOTHKH3 BCHiHD AND LEUTE. BHUNO LB i'il.EUIl. Comedle Tauderille, in two acts, bj MM. Frorei. INTERMEDE. BT TIIK SWISS SINGERS, 1. Dn- cryn ntcreH I'M ji UKUJADO, H.Mt VII A. .M-lIX II Mrl.KAN. A.C.STIM'S. SAMUKL R. GKOK1.1-: .Mti.I'tlS. iS'rV.- .Imi. prc- ul 't.lT.il, l., iir.arm uml IN i i'-nri -i PUBLIC -hi A or K 'M- v n: t a-llu- ..iiiiini! nitC'iLt t. ,11 IK i .1 Iremei M :iu I 'I 1 .il ii (i met- ik ic-iUr-bl'-il. 'iffx- r- tl i fu' l' O. W. Kccvriiiug i r- in -n tin- ni'rit v.iirln i. tjiiii-rt-11'lLl.v i e iv ih II" I till' I MM flUI U.I'. I! I '.I g l-'.l i n M l rli? i i -IT rt 'In- 'I ul w ir niic! ,111.11'p iiiii-li H i J. Ii ,trc O4 L-UCI u1. No. i iitl iiiuri.ils ihrorKh ,b u i H.- i Third H.AURA d O Whose i tfendld perfurman hare iichiered a And ni _ audlenc J Ul AUTY. The Comed ANNR_ IbtW I And Ih uf MiNNId Mni. leg.jue, hi dlenco-w girdle, in ami mprit an fVom the Sn inlay has own K.rk.uowlbdfrcd Queen of Bar- t last Monduy eniung she atUmuthed her au- h an admirable tmrforunn.n of Anne nrioc- 'The Actress liy the ruled moods of Uio tfifterl ir-id itlou wlin such Terrs grace as to reunini effort uf tho to bt uonvinced tlint tliu original i lock of benuty and Anne llr. wom The char n of the ivctintt lajJin thu comcltle lo'leatlrlra- llon of cl irmcter. and the eeact Iraundurles to Un n- qiuremet4U of tlie role, a da1 which wrre nerer orer- It was not ohu Wood that wo sasr. but ccglrdlc.ln all btr charmuut vcrsatiliiy. her isnly and profoxilena! Mrs. Whod one of _ A imp Ur. unappro, to the ni lortly. white h__ edy arer plot, <vu ivTurwi ji L :r most adinlrahlt ceglrdle. in -1 ciunedy characun. that of ...ii Actress by Uiiylight." The liable Thai la., the .mly rnoeeuor me in New-York1, nerer looked divinely with mor; laale. than Iu part.and ici peculiar talenta of and brusque com- aollv milled tn priiiupaj Idea, of the little ai educated tbn sentimemnl im her ruttare to a and naive deliral-y of cxpress-ton, kuoh stamp he Indeed an atliaU? in the truial sense. To cone ude with the Gotnndlettn of MlNNlJ ELSB. "There's pretvly fo r Mia. J During SEATS i Second GltttAT NAPOltEON last evening, Thethiatre TRIDMF HANT SUCCESS njot Hundreds could NAPOLEON THE ORpAT NAPOLBON EVEltY EVENING In Ihe'r Grand Omnlfariouj Admlst lou 25 and SO cents Doors (i at T _____ ____. coinruencbat 7V o'clock. Box off ce open dally from 9 till 8 o'clock. IIUCKLBY'S I'nder N no And E until farther notice. OF PRO1IKAMMK. being: able to obtain EVENING (tRAND CHANGE On nccou it of hundreds not ___ tionlait reek, Ihe musical of the TWO PCMPKYH. will be rt tained on the prog this week. Tickets 25 cents. Doors up rn at commence at' Lensee ai 'I NOVEL Ray nond-st..between I'uilon and DeKalhari. _ T US BRILLI JAME Will COI11I ByallthfC ANT GYMNA8TII COLLEC For ma Circuit Will ope ST A celve and 1'reuph reji (ettott [r fourteen EeT. W 8tamfo Kev. Jol Cunn. Free A EX-GOT. Conn. Ex-Gov. Conn. Capt. W. oun. Theodore Slamfcfd For N TOR Easy of New-Je Second tc AOINTi Llberty-i BOYH CON? pupil ser pupils retired at per year Hire part drawtni, fnmlly. 134 Time. SUNN UKKt N. session (1 dress the N..T.1. J M JAM second M JL 'M fuajtra, N T retted Mdyfo for Krenc English a College, app G. ItKti' uarnettly and huan branches' ll.ilian, 10 will undr cut and fll "tin rwiae BCI vices c K., Dux N A hy h IK we .o Prl c luc ite. c very moili d il A X <t n M ui .Y TEN UllTION DAV I ollhe .rfimrum ft flliiCrent ai cj her hplcn iiJ ji MAM winch she kind nic tlio '1 h child ol fcnli XI INrllhS It N- llu 1 L, reli. alnny NH h.S .Ai.l CXllililli t... t f i I- nn loubted UK'I 'lie In i.o ongi nal, with mere than ihe faiu-lnatlon, stood From thr Salitri'nu Cuiinfr. hu faTormt its wild flvc performance of SOMEBODY EL8E. ..........Un. JOHN WOOD of "I'll be no Subiaiwlve the UiTC: 1IN 1IN Mri. JOHN WOO )'H enmnment, 'AN BE SKUUFKD ?KN DAYS IN AD- VA> UK. NAPOLEON'? THEATRE, nw. wriltsa and compoeed ei-r TROUPE. rowded from TO DOME. UNABATKD APPLAUBE. .iln admission. DURING THE WEEK, Kntertalnmenl. SEKENADER8. hemanSRementof'j. 0. STUYVESANT INSTITUTE. 659 BROADWAY, Near Bond-street. U3E3 CKOWDKD TO SUFFOCATION. THIS EVENMNG, Jan. 20. 1863. d Mnnnoer. IIS K V 1V ft AND 'SPLENDID SI BROTH MELVILLE, thu N AKENA. .9 g. BTOKES. (tTl'ESDAV.) Jan 20. FEATS OF HORdEMAN- IP. teat 3 BV THE DELAVANTA hh on MO.N Y. .Inn. 2 INSTRUCTION. IJENJAMi: ATE ANO MI LIT YONKEJ ing Doys InWIhK s at No. 39 .S'asuu L.IIIKA I'KM; SEMI-AVNU. on THURSDAY, Her. A I F O U U. C young to i resident Koverc: m New-York eeks, commenced! KEflR Mitchell, Ucctor, d. Conn. Lord, Stamford, eff Bartoa. of the ad Uawlcy, Stamford, Minor, Stamford, Skidjy, Stamford, DaTenport, Esq., Coon. ter as, Ac., apply to tl AZAHETH HALL 30YS-Naiareth. a :ceas from New-Yi 'Jen ey to Eiuton, and of present sesal -Messrs. A. B1NI New-York. Rev. EDWARD Howery, New-Y. studenta reeelTe r arithmetic. PAINE, the we! MAbON'S UlY HOARDING .SCHOOL, a. N. Y t.licBllliv Clirl-lim MKN. it.. No. A.l llro.iduay. L SESSION W. COW LI-.S, Prc-id.-nt. TUCKI K IJE educate, H'slstwl by and by eminent prn- on ronslstiiiK of 'of Jan- n Monday the IZtb John Kerpnwn, Stam- ford, conn O. KMJ Stamford, CODII. Fruncia Skiddy, Esq., New- York. Genrae Qulntard, Esq., New- York. G. lifincken, Isq New- York. E. Qulntar.t, F.sq New- York. C. P. riachcr. Eeq., New- York, ic ic. e Principal. HOARDING MCIIOOL ojrl W N'orthnmpton CcAinty, i cnn. by Central Rail road of ienco' seven milni by stage, in Januarys 'ill Juue'M. IUER Nos 92aodV4 H. RE1CIIEL. Principal. AT P IINE'8 COLLBUE, No. t! Brooklyn writing cacli. To ia one of Affrcury. rk. nnd No 2aS Fulton-at, In three months 7s Icnons book KeeplDO or wrltmtr leacherof wining, the beat Instruction In the State HOARDING I OCA t Ion Is nnder the Imuiediile any time. For fall particulei P, oiieh teacher, uiar lesions Iu his >r to nud HU ood references. Office. SCHOOL AT WILTON. pleasant and healthy the "e care of the Principal Terms, from to f, addrtSJ the principal, UGl'STUS WlllTLOCK. _. FItBNCII LANGUAGE, cpqilng from Paris, desires to laugunge. mathoinaticn and employment iu an Institute or a AldrecaMr. U. M., Box No. iMlDK COLLEUIATK AND COM. 1AL SCHOOL, irvlneton Wc'itcheiter County, nty-fbur miles frlim New-York. The hext year) commenc4a Feb. 9. For circulars, ad- frlnrlpal. STKB111N3, A. M. INH'rl'PIJTKJTAUKYTOU'Nf N. Y. ftleth Seml-annulal Session will commence or circulars addreks tlia Principal. D S. ROWE, A.M. JEO. C. ANTIION'S CLASSICAL h and English 8 liool, with Gymnasium, No. J72 Broad ray. Circulars at school. APLJK HALL FHMALE HKMINAKY, C A, I.. The Winter Term will on the n February. P. A. ANIiltRU. TEACl Is a rel For all For tewihert wlio desire I For sell Forgiv few hours per week a and Slusl teach a fe pcrintciin _ expeilenc :d ity, lor i per annuip normal K er, as tt meje teuc salaries: to take ate. Frca SJiool Europe; IERS. USTD.1033. SCHOOL INST. tblt Educational Kxchmike. ho seek well-itnal lied teachers, icrs wjio desire po iliuiu ng. icutlngand ei changing dchbol prbi.erllee; ne parents Inform; I lou ud s> hoold. is for Nat .-Sciences, City luily ft.k- English und MQSIC in rk Acndem.T, lad) to U.acli Kreuch lotwo Italinn lailt lo pupils a lew hours per day two Military Su- ms for two first-class Military two mnle teacherJ of lirst-clais disciplinary abll- York Public Scl and an asstslant ma e teacher for an Academy, a ate preferred an experleuced fenia e tench- luilstaut In a C tr bi-houl lhn.e _crs for Maryland I'ubiic at moderate gentleiimn for FR ixvll anil l.ntln utlie charge of ScJlool-z-tnitoBTnloler. n Ift'ly rartUU SinagOlnanl in a young ladloi' rench gOrtrness lor 4i4iutly hlxjut going (6 lerman yeiitloman for iluilc Ahd MotleifD Lan- Ifdy fo French ami Music, Otii.i lyfor DrBwiueand lady and Millie, Episcopalian Utter fur d Latin gcutlenn c for French and I.atln in n ady for Diawlog. ,'alnting and French Per- il i, nj i tdua it it Icatlons are alwayi deslr ifjle. S. EducatioDitl Agrnts, Nc> Uroadway, Irving Dnllding. LAI1Y WITH TUKKK CIIIL. entirely upon own exertions, emplojnient, she is ful.y couiptt, Lt, d conaidcrublc expLricncc' In leaching the usunl f English, with Music. Frtnch, Drawliig nnd which ample tci immials will vhe take family jciYinjf, plH'n arid uriiAineiual, fJtu cIilldren'RuIntlies. ftir boys or firte, nnd would uaku herself u-vlul In any liuuitehold where her uld be tendered dilivor kci'lili. A. Sift ATI-i.N IS II ..SIKi.D, dy ol umi'le po-wsstd of eier.v >ii necfivitrjr to Injure suerrs n te'uiicr in Ihe taiitftn in lohti.t cl krciirli 'lo Cipalljof tcinuls, or who ni.iy huvo to e would (ircne a v.i'nab r auxiliary. Terms -nil-, iiest cin he KJM-II. Ad- II.HA liroiklyn. fK I i IKK in tlic tiiinlry 'i I i Ii Iniiiti In J-'i.'M li Her form is j All! Plie 11 int( 'l AI QUO K eeeu iu C lliat A l.itVK t t-ni. en i y i Ihcmofci TI r........... K FAMOUS u iv man cier I n Of l.umati TO JMilr i A.so, to lie BCI UFA KS. uxli! LIViNi, M vi IUO.N li Which 1ms br n br. I'll TIllSAri'r'UNr--- III I illiSKHMA IJAHKIS in Ilia n ralntecl from now ou t.xlnbi Bro.nl war from FIFTH- Seawn TIciotj f Sinxle TickeU fi r a Gentleman. Ladles' TickeU. fclnors under 13 Apply at the P the Pond, Ssth-s and Mh-HT yearn of KKC mclpul NJo. 474 HKATI POM D, BROOKLYN. JACKSON H will skate on Ih) LYNEB. tbe grel t- st slinter In fie w rl 1. pond erory skttliigday at.d LVCIM g during the month of January. LECTURES. WEIV Doors opei Tickets do Hi at No. UT4 Canal kt ItuiH To No 48 Reekumr A few tnkctn Slarery Office, J A. uoiHvoi N.. SATl KDA 1 UK'iOnl YN DAYS Morning nnil clu dun. Kvcii 1 la li nv o Ciri'U ;ir of lei1 Ac'AltKMY. forming for 11. H f WKli.cit.lmi .i ni.il I'm! iyi nt dividual DANCFP TII'.S DANT 1. 1 '.I'. HI 1 l? Mi.rl -j I.A K on "Ml 'S .--aid 1 fl.A3.SK-5 on Afl( rnnin I'lm 4 j lul y( rll 1 iis kc may (HI 1 MJ'ri 11 i <Z <tll-.lV inci i B leu. HI n, ,i ix as altovi'. TIIK YI.MK i of rlu- WIDOW' Ml.N, will Like JIO.VI BtlheACADEV Tukeuuny I lowing officers L. JAJS At STElNtVAY Y., Imre HV teinalluuaJ brilliant and ship, as shown It wera JM tered for compel New-York Meosra. Sieli phatic, nnd si European m ik BKISTOW 1'IA No. Tflfi III NKW STY 11. i II of 1'nrior Grand be-uity. sup- aii'l excellence o Also, on Imml n tin crlclir.Ued in Sccuuil linnil 1 chfftii. Ca Blicl llaruiuiiiuui ind vvurcronnn. Evt ry Auooj; Clih. oBT ecrip'loB BOARD BOAU1J nblc apartmr tiux r om, want other boa Kbi room for haujek ou Iliu ir 2.1-tt J'Oit-OlJICL- do not lli( KUAKIJ IJfKjJi.b v lone man an.i die 1 o ruoiua tec VVt Hut Is 1 .10 or tin J OOAICH Jjii t i li-arli I' U- 'i H i nr'i to a i' u y, 0 IN J. Mt1 I, I i IN !i.ilro.iin i.i let duoiiabli f ll'i- III brl' i'tii S. Ill II. t II .1 I' IV Ill t' Tt .rt.iv.Vi Ail .c, ikmen, irt No. l.fKI IClt. i'rnpn i MlJHiiljiy TKN DAYS MORI'.. AT IlkNh. On tft -----AND K. M.ti I 10 1! LATrU-.allN rilK, MAIN II MI 'cifaii. 4nti A. L 1 io io il jf.ir. ANJ) WEI I'ltKD DH VKI.oi'hO wo JAVI A .M.i II with OMM'i T'UIK h I, V I I i UK brfAI.LK.- I OB r. (illl >li 1 ill Hll limits I'T U 1 i Y IK- i [ui i A Mi L'i .IJAI LC .1. C iMK1 JMI1.. iii'Mi e >1 itli li nm. Clnliln; rufii'c. M.. MA lu.iie.. made on on nt (lOI'I'II i A il, to J P. i VBNIJK" Sir illou, tllli. inih thl< Uuci.g (li i.: il Jn l U I.I IT 'i< 1 .1. til f KI vla.UirJ HIP in i IV f uitfir 1! an au b t i N.-T-. IT. if A Ml 'lcri Cj I-.AT it t-'n-Rl use uni! i uv. H b nt m ill -i .f, n. nii'ler 1 n. 1 iN K. inn: I'U ilie ti a f.fiiiv. NO. VT1.SO 1 ra (ientleman nd 1 wo Lailtas .tlOOi '2 6J 3 O.Y nd a-. PI! WIIL (AT TO THE PHO At thel'toi E-.UAY EVfcK at o'clock i i.i hall, not to the "o. W. Fowler fc We No. Ul Nassau at o Ihc pUtf.irm o. In Uerkmnn-s LLlPtf. HALL, ANNI, M, i: ainlOU 'II il.iceoii AV Y OF MI 'I' I'rocuicd ot llu1 GODFREY I'.t.': F. WtNHAj BERT J. DLL; MUSIC, riltKAT THI V iNuj. a ani-t b HOD. l.uijiluu, i< graud mil s-tu 'l.tuoi nil n auii the aays ny'3 Induraemi and more to N... Jan. 11.' i-iure at o clo-k. plmlortn.i Ir, rt'i. A. J in1, No llrnj I soM only at tlie -nn f.r .III, Anti G. vr Voit. liioukVn I) KS HT3 mi t IM RShAYs lUhofJA YS jnil I' f .1 l.irf l- n. I 1 I'MIIUII e ,iny M t. 1 1 n i iilit-r n-atf.nnv V II Sf in- l 'fcl-i C'l i dies nii.l inaolri-H mi1 l K. ul i 11'.. 'n 1 tun; it. f. mi i N Nir IUIH' fn'l i.i. of r i .v- 1 ,r lln i: i ul iii i i i -i i) i i .i.v.v i M.I u ijl- 1 MKI! l'i. nl. JS.t 4'i V.ll.lrn ue. .11. v. Su i i .-i.i s: Itit in -UK i, No .11 li dk-r .1 V lur INIII ci iu1 OK 1IAI5MI Warerooins In X Ufoihcr.1. The hare cTtr been a vaideda IIOL M premiums havo I een they have >.EVtBj VAI, lu tnku l exblbiteil. chureh argitus of the (composed of i-on iMUolc.il 1 combination, it it.ulso, i> been manufitciui I he iiiHiiuuctu ern I to Ilie Kreit eniiu. iu i S A11 KH, plsnlutA IIUK1.K T, I.I I M from Miw-York rjuiwl ilit- :i 'LMI. A rr MII.IS. fri'in b t' IHII.H t rt see cbrakil M eel. d F. KRlHTOtV. No 7W5 Ilr, fTECR'h INI HIT MILK i IK HANO-Ffl Adilrew I'l K N) t 0.16; NG AND AI its, conslitlngof strictly pr ar taken, for three ping. Aiiplr. tit side ol the i It) No attention win v; partku'nrn. mil r, fur a family luu children, ud e. two oi wl ul.l a prlv: I ul red Tha lac i nf the corner ;u. Poit otfl IltOOKLYN. with board, nt two ilnale ccS rdquim rnlng Hummer, of i 1 servant i one ue (icuiaic. term Pin.ton-play u, Ti inaicut r lor. NKIt I'OP u. b AltE lll.l' li ivi nrili. i I. i-irun n i i 1IM .'iny h 1 1 i il i 11 KS Unnf. i ry t., (orntr ol i eiitro, five wl.li rice LODGItfS. .11 il vjtt inni I" ____________ ftrown Jirraui j >nti n in.iii ji. u I, anil tint. I. v i to I. il l it and tw.t ffifh must 1 f IB A it t n in1 Iu f lull-..' in i e. inn v 'i i t i i Hi gentleman ur: t o i In ihf ii ft Mi'nt in l'i r. '.r 1 n 1 U.I. c. I AC., 1. i i .T'OV'- 1! I 1. r- p. i ill M t

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