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New York Times, The (Newspaper) - April 24, 1860, New York, New York TOL. 9061. NEW-YOKK, TUESDAY, APRIL 24, Ib60. <JfiAKLE6TON CONVENTION. PfiOCSBDINGS QP THE HBBT DAT. iBiig tte laJDWiioui sfcuuemy, ta to DesccBdant. '.Doiglas his NomlmaUon Ptopwtea te the Vrv-Tork Tlmss. CaAiusjnsr, Monday, April 43. tton met at U o'clock. Much eonfa- Id early Stuyail mot heard twenfrJeet from the platform. peat the prayer all was quiet. The miry iaterrnatod by conver- The Ightbegaa early. All were. prepared for it by ef mombxg, for nearly all the pteUataary meetings, and I at that Thkt of MtoachuMttt tru MT- t. Csjetosa house clique triumphed. feMlisellM la aaaatfeetedm this delegation. Mr. ma, at Ylrglntt, look floor mt the cloM erf taetettngnpon his right to Introduce a from the New-York Jen denied his right Tha Chair decided Fitna. who replied that ao power on earth waipel him to yield. The Chair's appeal to Heose lor sapport WM sustained. Louisiana ob- jeetod to speaking. lie WM a contestant. of Ai.h...f laid Mr. Chairman" Tte Chair declined to hear him at The Chalr'i appeal, as itmstamed. I wanted to know who wai Chairman. I atteaapted to epamk to a reaolntion calling rttoipaetatmeatef Committees on Credeatlali I J sjtjlssiaa mea objected. Jan declined being put tJMialaatway, aad a rampus ensued. The Chair I Mr. Cecmun. Louisiana didnt like It; I to the Home, and the Home once mutatnd the Chair. at oontasloa reigned. The House was crowd- ed aw eider wae kept the weather was and ThaJtoofias stock is ahead to far. ij ovtheni men not pre- ssMsttridedoa many petals. Harmoar vail la the Democratic Coavenlioa. P MOBTUT, ADrtl'Jp-io P. M. Committee on Permanent Organization had a astray saeslrm this afternoon. Messrs. COSHIHO, aad FiemaoT were the prominent for Mr. Ctrsanra obtained a majority. la arguing his case before the Com- i oa Credentials. The Convention will susteln sUsamonl delegation. The nilnols contested has heea dropped for to-night. TJkftCesaoatttee decided that majorities must rule ami delegations vote as mnlt This occasions much tasUaaartntj. Virginia's vote, east In favor ol the reso- rattea penattiag contested delegations to vote on or fatasaiJoa, has damaged Hrons, The, extremists thualsa break tae Convention In ease DOWLAS to reread fa. Aa tswijaafloa meeting of editors will he held to protest against BtuUBT'Bf course to- wvsls fte Pram DOVOUSB stock to up, Sand great pressure if sent from Washington and New-York in Ma raver. HOWARD. From the Associated Press. lioaday, April 23. Democratic National Convention assembled There la a fall attendance from every Slate in the TJntea. Tke CoDTentlon was called to order by Judge Chairman of the National Committee B. FLOCUBT, of Arkansas, chosea Chaliman. and returned thanks for tlie honor. Prayer was offered by Rer. Dr. HAICUL, of CkarltitoD. WM.. T. RITCHIE was appointed Temporary Secre- tary. Mr. FUHXK, of Virginia, offered a letter from the Wood delegation of New- York. The reading of It was objected to by Mr. COOHSAHI, ef New- York, as not In order. CaBslderable excitement ensued. Mr. Tusan denied the right of the delegate from JUw-Yorh to speak on the subject, sad sild to at wheB the letter read he bad a resolution to offer. CocaaAxn demanded the reading ot the resolu- tion, ftut Tae qnestlon was putto the Convention whether the tetter should be read, and decided in the affirma- ttre. Mr. CocnAn moved that the rales of the last Con- vention be adopted. Pisjua claimed that he had the door. Isjintense confosloD and cites of -Ordar." The President decked that Mr. COCHIAHS was en- tiUedtotbelnoor. Mr. Fnnu, would not be trampled upon. He had his rights and would maintain them. Mr. Alabama, protested against the de- cision of Ue Chair. Confusion Increasing. Mr. WiLua, of Alabama, came forward, mounted the Clerk's table, aid demanded taat he should be .heard, appealing from the decision of the Cnalr. Tie question was pat oa the appeal, and the Chair Cheering and ereftement. Mr. Caea ooeiteaded that w ho we r e a-l to had t right to participate In aU of examination except the forotaUon of the Committee ea CiedenUals. A losg dekato follewed, In by Me.srs. Jrrkoa, Mnx, of Alabama, and CiiewA offered an amendment that two Com- one on Organleatton and one on Credential be sapolDied, miaou and New- York to be escludei frsen the latter. The prevlooi was called, and the resoln- tton adopted, b, 254 ReaehBttons were Introduced requesting the dele- jateafrosa New-Yoik aid luiaoi. not to psrtlclpaU Uble was eeligaiss la settled. Ayee, tH Nays, called for the na-nei of tbe aod C.edentlaU. and were kf ike A rtsaiaOasi wasefcred requesting the eredentlali to he banded to the Secretary. Mr. Fiusa, of Ttrgtals, slarnanded that WOOD'I letter be now read and referred to the Com- mittee on Credentials. Mr. COOHIAJTB moved that It be received and re- fen ed to the Committee without a reading. After much excitement it was adopted. T he vote on the New-York and DUnols delegations from tbe Committee on Credentials was adopted, wllh tbe following negative Mary- land, one Virginia, fifteen; Georgia, ten; Alabama, nine; Louliisna, six Mississippi, seven Texas, four; California, two. Balance all a the affirmative. Ayes, 244; Nays. M. On the motion to request them not to participate in the organisation, the vote was nearly the same, ex- cept that Virginia voted In the affirmative, and Arkan- sas in the negative. The credentials having been handed to the Commit- tee, on motion tbe Convention adjourned at three un- til tea to-mwrrow. Cuiunov. Monday, April M. Tte Committee on Credentials are now In session, hearing arguments In the New-York case. The following Is a copy of the Protest presented to the Convention by the Hard-Shell delegates: ST. AUDBBW'B HALL, April Tti tki CloinMft of the fictional Bra: Tbe undersigned, Chairman and Secretaries of tbe Delegation from the State of New-York, repre- senting the organization of the Democratic Party In said State, have directed by tte Detogrtlonto present to tbe Convention over which you preside Unt, by the action of Mr. SHAIUT, Chairman of tbe late National Committee, they hwe been ex- cluded from the Hall In which the Convention has assembled, and persons In no way en- titled have been allowed to occupv their placet. Therefore, In behalf of the delegation from the State of New-York, we protest axalnet their-ei- clnslon, whUit the persons referred to who appear here as contestants to our rights are permitted to oc- cupy our seats In advance of an Investigation by tbe Convention, and whilst we claim no advantage over our opponents, we shall not submit to any advantage wrongfully obtained over us. Veiv respectfully, Your nt servants, FERNANDO WOOD, Chairman. T. B. 0. J. Tucxaa, j The city Is quiet to-night. There is no public speaking at bead-quarters. The votes of the delega- tions to-day are regarded as indicating the nomination of DOUSLAS. All the Douglas delegates voted In favor of the Soft (New-York) delegation. The Committee on Credentials will report largely In favor of the also in favor of the Illinois-Douglas dele- gates. It Is believed tbe Softs will vote for DOWLAS. Tbe thermometer Is 84 degrees In the shade. Alabama will demand a slave code, and an effort will be made to ballot for a candidate before fihe Committee on Platform reports. The Indications are that the Convention will ad- journ by Thursday FROM WASHINGTON. THE CALIFORNIA MAIL SERVICE. Ire there Blick Cati in Committee Rooms Immense cheering. Mr. Fisaas again rose, and offered to preient the letter from Ue Wood delegation, with a resslatiun. The Pieeldtnt decided ine reception of tne letter ef order. Mr. Ceex, ef Ohio, offered a (eiolu'lon to appoint a Committee on permanent organisation. Mr. BAXXSDALS, of Mississippi, offered an amend- ment that tits Comsilttee shsUl ooniin only of mem- bers from (Mates from which there is no contest. Mr. RicBAintov, of Illinois, spoke In favor of bar- and urged gentlemen to keep calm and pre- serve order. Mr. CocniAMB did not desire anything bat a fair hcaiing. Mr.Coox.of Ohio, offered a resolution excluding New York and llUooli from participating In tte soufe deleg.Uons being tsand. Mr. of Missouri, proterte-1 that tbe resolu- tion out ef no State ihould be ex whose delegations betn admitted to tbe Special Dispatch to the New-York Times. WASBIHOTOK, Monday, April 23. THX TXIA8 axQIMKNT DILI. The Impression is that the vote on the Texas Regl- lent bill will not be reconsidered. KOTHINO 7HOM CHARLKSTO.V. General disappointment Is felt here at receiving nothing from Charleston. Judge DOUGLAS Is without anything of interest, beyond the selection of his par- Icnlar friend, Mr. Fionxnor. as temporary Chairman. Of BIFRKqXNTATlVKS. Hon. AmiD ELT has returned to bis leglilative post. Messrs. HOAXD, of New-York, and TAFPAH, of New-Hampshire, are on a temporary visit to their homes. A quorum of the members of the House remains here, and the time will be spent la delivering of speeches which, If not delivered, may spoil on hand. ARMY HEWS. Lieut. G. D. RUOOLIB, Adjutant of tbe Second In- fintry, Is ordered to return to St. Louis from Fort Learenwoith. Capt. A. W. RSTHOLDB, ordered to relieve Capt. McLxin as Quartermaster at San Antonio, The latter has thirty days leave of absence, with permUilon to apply to the Department for an exteofioii to five months. Major THOMAS Ik authorized to require troops from Fort Cobb for the campaign against the hostile waya and Camancheg. Q. From Another Correspondent. Monday, April 23. THE ATTKIlPrED DUEL. It is reported to-night that the testimony of po- licemen will appear to-morrow, showing thai the friends of Mr. Porrsa sent policemen to arrest Ur. Faioa; falling in that, to arrest Mr. Poms, so as to prevent the possibility of fighting. Mr. CUBMAN Is (aid to be engaged in getting this testimony. A FIGHT IN THE CAPITAL. At the preliminary election in the Fourth. Ward of tbls city to-day, of the delegates to tbe Mayoralty Demociatic Convention, ihe Irish and roughs op- posed to Mr. BBAUTT, the present Mayor, attempted to take possesdon of the polls. A fight ensued and the rowdies were off. POLITICAL EXCITF.MEBT. The Republican ard Democratic Executive Com- mittee rooms are crowded with Senators and Repre- tntatlvcf, awaiting news from Charleston. There Is much excitement. P. From the Associated Freis. Muuduv, April 23. It is the design of the Slate Department to place the J.panne Einbany uoaer tbe charge of a Naval Offuer. Capt. Duront will prubaoly be signed to Ibis duty; whateVW arrangements are mirie lor accommodation be under his other iuttrurtlonscoutlnaed, "you wlilatyoar ditcieilon recognize the dt treat wiih It with tie extsttni; government of tne {f the ea pire shall be divided, and several oiganlaed within its present HmlU, pronileiDg wlJI present yourself to each ss the American representative, and enter into trest- les with item." Ac. Atlorrey eral BIACX Intends prott-cuUng ScaifA- BSI, on a charge of perjury, growing out of his testi- mony befi.re the C, vojf Cnmmlllee. ills most mate friends tav he dUtlrcily admitted toe exlste-.ce of the P-esirtenfa recently published, but de- nied the of one of the character tte wllneis deicrlbed In tbe course of LOOTersaUon, and which never even pretended to have In his pos. MSSlOQ. b Is Mrther stated thtt Mr. BLACX. acting by ad- of friends, has made no reoly to Mr. WALSSS, rut. In a note addtessed to Mr. friend, Seu- ator and Saturday delivered by SecreLu; TooHrsov, he denied the existence of an7 reason PRICE TWO why Mr. WAIXM shooM request htm to go out of the District to receive a hostile message, even If he were not conscientiously opposed to that mode of adjusting differences. Senator Dooumi, of Wisconsin, left for New-York this afternoon, aad will address the Republicans o Brooklyn, by Invitation, on Thursday evening. PROCEEDINGS OF CONGRESS. SENATE. WAgsnteroM, Monday, April 33. The Chair presented a message from the Presl dent, transmitting the Instructions given to Mr. Mo LASS when Minister to China. On motion of Mr. YOLKS, of Florida, (Dem., a resolution was adopted calling on the Post master General for copies of the contracts exe ruled with DASOI. H. Jonsoii and Couraurr VAnnrnxiu, respectively, for mail service be- tween New-York and San Francisco, and New-Or leans and San Francisco, by way of (be Isthmus routes, Panama and Nicaragua, together with the correspondence relating thereto. After other unimportant business the Senate ad- journed until Thursday. HOUSE OP REPRESENTATIVES. WASHIMOTOX, Monday, April 33. Mr. PHXLPS, of Missouri, was satisfied that there was not a working quorum present. He moved that when the House adjourn It be until Thurs- day next. Mr. SHSSMAH, of Ohio, believed that there was a quorum In the City, snd suggested that the House go into Committee In order to give gentlemen an opportunity for discussion of the Tariff and other questions. By this means business can be advanced as If there were a full House. Mr. HUSBSS, of Maryland, hoped that the regular order wonld be pursued of calling upon the States for resolutions. Mr. FuaiHoi, ef Pennsylvania, said that If there was! no other reason why this should not be done there was this, that if such resolutions were forced on their passage, there could not be that fair consideration which they ought to have. The question was then -taken on Mr. PHI-IPS' mo- tion, and decided In the negative, by 24 against 113. Mr. Win BLOW, of North Carolina, rose to a queeticn of privilege. On Friday last he observed In the columns of tbe New-York HtruU the testimony of a person of tbe name of VAH DTKS, purporting to have been given before the Committee known as the Co- vode Committee, in which certain letters, purporting to have been written by the President of the United States to Mr. Van Dru, and from Mr. VAST Drca to the President, appeared. Now, It Is not true that this testimony, which appeared In the New-York SeroU, was given before that Committee. These letters were never given In evidence before the Committee. I think it due to ihe House and country that this fact ought alto to be known; that the publications, pur porting to be evidence before tbe Committees of this Hcuie, from time to time, are many of toe m spurious. There Is nothing In the letters referred I a affecting anybody. Mr. HOUSTON, of Alabama, w iven In evl- df nee before the Committee tbvl not oee a lai J be'ore tbat Committee n all. iletould not, b r bis silence, permit this correspondence go spur omly before Ue country, tor belcould not n-Jtlce any- thing m a newspaper serened to t itnself mere- ly. He was eat ly tdiight tbat tnere were three classes of people be nucht to avoid all controvei iy was the preachers, fur they bal the pulpit to duiontce him from, while he had to reply from tbe was the editors of papi tbe columns of their journals to carry veit-y, while be had note; the nextc women, I who would a. ways have [Loud laughrer.] He had nerer tnterfer rs, who had a a contro- is was toe last word. d with these hler.] That claesm, the women. wat, he bari Lever interfered with tnein in an impro- per way. He did not want 10 suffer p ibUcatlons to appear In the newspapers, purporting to >e a report of t-Tidmce given bt Cote a Committee of that which bta not beeu given, without expli nation, cUlly as the House was tne oiily place v nere correc- tion could be marie. Mr. CovoDr, of Pennsvlvanla, (Rep. want to ray In ippl> to tbe remarks of my cjl' :ague on the Ci mmlttee, I ilonot him to intimate that ary uf the Committee had fur ilahed any of thiH I would state to tbe Hu le that there was une occasion In which evidence eared in the columiiK of tne New-York Herald one d y In advance of its coming befoie toe Committee. Tbp corrtf-poi drnt was called ai nce before it WHS pieaeuttd to tbe Committee. I i la'ed to lil-n that 1 willing he should get an I publish the evidence as soon alter it was given could. We sent for Ibis correspomiei fed him, and he then teitlfiec Ihtit ihe witness called upon hi four timer, aud Bnilly gave him rtfmed to Of tbe gentleman from Alt to us as na t, and quail- before us three or he evldenre bimi. As ti the It tte s, tuev were handed In by M VAIT DTEC. Mr. AViBT, of Tennessee, rifle a Spee.-ti In iti-teni v of Soutbtra rigbts under thi Constitution, and against what he characterized as I epuolican ag- terms to thf resolution, Houfe some t'rue ago by Mr. DLAEC, of of he read, Mr. A VIET, In Ihe course of speeqh, referred In ffereii to the Otolo, the pre- of woicb WAS to the thai, whereas, holding properly In mm wascont'ary lo nature and justice, clpies of fite government, and a noto lo the coufltiy. throughout the clvlltzei seriuus DifidriUice repaolloan liberty Tiie resolution wblrh followed, he said by tbut gentleman's colleague, (Mr. roners of that party. Mr 9HIS.MAN, of Ohio, (Rep entlemin from lie, aud.tbere- say ihlsmunn. las read waa be nekl pi tne. ess referred particularly to L------------rjrrupthlmto! gentle man rtver tend at all in tbe House. In' foie, 1 ft el at liberty to interrupt hi: The pif amble which the genileini tbai offered by my colletgu (Mr. BLAKE) as ilmply f.ir reference to thi Cuajmtttee on lae Inlo the nine- Slavery wnere Another fact: with Instructluns to dlency ol reuortlns. a bill to prohibit Cuiipijrts has tbf light to probtolt 1'. -itiinl Inn prtn- oaa re prone a world, and a t to tr-e resolution of the geiitletna i from Soutn Carolint. But the action of tb sixty mem- bers who roled for that resolu, ion wts not a declaration on their part that they would Interfere with Slavery in the slave States. I iblnk tbf re is not a member en tbls side of the IIcuFe who Is not now wllilni to mike the decl'rttlf n, broadly and openly, that he Is opposed to any Interference whatever with thi relations of natter aiid slave In the Slave States. We do believe that bss the power to prohibit Slavery ta the Territories, and whenever the o -cailon whenever the proper tlmi whrnerer the comes up, we are In favor tbut power, If necessary, to prevent extension of Slavery inlo free terrttury. We are 'rank aud ooen on tills subject. But we never and do not fopofe, to Interfere with Slavery In the Slave hope tbe gentleman will put these {observations in his speerh. Mr Sir. Mr. that tbe gentleman's constituents thfcl we Black Republicans" are not so of iLterferlng with UN Ir Interests or i that we are only desirous of preserving our 0T-TI. Mr, Asnuosx, of South Carolina, you District of Velum ma. Mr. BBIBJIAH-I have stated to my cousDtnents, m hrif o' Columbia, That Is my individual position. The Repuhlican Party never took a position on the subjoin. Some are for tt some against It. I bave declared to my stitoenrs. over and over agatn. that I did not think it proper to the question on tbe abolition of I be- lle ve that this Is the very paradise of free negroes. I believe thai .practically, though not legally, be Is bet- ?U 5.lgtrlct w any porUon of ihe United States. There are but very few slaves here, and tbe number is diminishing daily. As an mstltu- to Mr. MOISILL. of Maine, argued the revUlon otihetarlffasaDecesslty, especially In view of the fact that tbe great bulk of the public debt falls due In 1808. After combating the doctrine of Free-trade, he said he would treat agriculture, manufactures and mining alike, as all contribute to the general pros- He explained the pending Tariff and Loan Mr.'Jsuxs, with the view of Axing tbe responsibility where it belongs, argued that the North three yean after the adoption of me Constitution, cosamenoed the agitation of tbe Slavery question by tbe presenta- tion of petitions, following It up to the present time for tbe purpose of establishing a great sectional party to put Slavery under the ban. Tbe Harper's Ferry raid waa the legitimate fruit of these Anti-Slavery and treasonable teschlnga. The Committee rose, and the House adjourned. TRANSATLANTIC NEWS. 4iriral of the iiutraLuian at Portland and the Bammonia at ffew-York. THE HAILS BY THE AMERICA. THE BENICIA BOY IN BONDS. Fresh Attempts with the Atlantic Cable. Projected Tour of Victor EmanncI Through hii Raw States. AN IN6UBBECTIOI IN THE CITY OF NAPLES General amd Miscellaneous The steamship Auttraldnan, from Liverpool at noon of the 1 Ith, Qneenstown, on the 13th, arrived at Portland at 0 o'clock yesterday morning. She has been chartered for the voyage by the Canadian Steamship Company, to take the place of the Novt Section, which was to have a new screw put In her. The steamship Hammonia, from Southampton on the llth, arrived at this poit yesterday morning. The malls by the America were received at the Port office last evenlrg. The Royal Mall steamship Aipm, from New-York, arrived at Liverpool at 1 P. M. of theath. The Canard screw-steamer Etna, from New-York, arrived at Liverpool at 1 P. M. of the Oth. Tbe screw-steamship Aorta Briton, from Portland, arrived at Queenstown on the evening of the 10th. The steamship Tetitonta, from New-York, arrived at Southampton on the 12th. Tbe steamship from New-York, arrived at Southampton on the llth. GREAT BRITAIN. THE GREAT PAIZE FIGHT. THI ARRJBT Of TBK DUIOIA 18 HELD TO BAIL ROT TO riOBT. Corretfondtnet Uu fine-York LOHDOII, Saturday, April The forthcoming fight for the championship of England has created an immense excitement in Gag- land, and as Ibe day draws near for It to come off a has been raised even the wise legisla- tors in council assembled bave not deemed it beneath their noilce to bring Ihe matter forward in Parlia- ment. Royalty Itself has paid tbe Benlcla Boy a visit, or rather his representative at tne Olympic Theatre, where a farce, under the title of the Btt's, has been played wiih immense success, KOBSOH tak- ing the pirtof a student traveling thrjugh tbe coun- tiy. nispoiitnan'eiiu marked wKu two B'a, his Initials, and at the Hotel he was taken for the BtnicU Buy, aiid iccelved a great mauy attentions accordingly. Tills, of course, in Reason's bunds created a great deal of iun. But to revert to the serious. Yesterday warrants were Issued for tbe arre t of HIIAJJI, and he was taken at TieLt Lock, near Derby. The fol- low ing are tbe particulars: "Oil Thursday sftei noon last a detective officer of the Leicestershire cuust-Dulury, named CLAUC, ar- rived in aimed with a warrant fur me appro- ii of HasBAH but as the pugilist was quar- In DerDyimrti, it was nrceniary ID si (he war- ihiit should be Ducked by a Derbyshire magistrate. the signature of Dr. HSTOATS o' Demy, WbsquicSly obmlteiJ, and at 10 o'clock, ou TDaraday t vexing tie officer, accoiopaulcd Dy Suptruitetdeiii KUAW, o the Derby division, Seueant LbWKCis, aud police constable HAU.IU, started Iroin Dtjby lu a trap, and pruceeiled tu Trent Locs whicU clviuts tbe couutlua of Leicesteisbue and Ueiby- snlie, aiiiveu aoout 1 o'clock on Good Friday moniing. put up at Dsioon's public hobse.aiid rtmnluea until 5 A. M woen they pro- cttoeU to tne Navigation Inn, Trent LOCK, which is ktpl by Mr. Kics. A Trent fcrrymaa let them into me house, and itwy linmedUteiy themselves at the foot of ihe beJ- rooin suns and ukeo forme landlonl. lie Cdme, tbey aikt-d i( HCSNAN was cot in tbv house T Tae labdloid u piled that He naj been there on me evtMi g previous, but he could not say Ida' be sleepliiit in tbe house. Sergeant L'lWXDsa and Police dutiable tuen went up aUire., KIII! entered a btU'ivum. The oed tvaa euipiy. but by tho iltlv of It astilrt, itowsers and wairlcodL in tne roo'ii, lioMt-ver, was MACDODALD, Mr. liuuius, aiid uoatncr (r-eiiU ol HSKNAM'S. I hey said Kiev Clu not kuuiv he 1'neofficeisM-arehed every ftom up lor moul an hour, and men returned nans. Directly afterwards a miu rumnd whokftp- the loct buUbeonthe TientoanK, Inlo ibe noube, DrinjjiDK with Mm a nuio wrlt- ttn lii peiicll, ke bandixi to toe landlord. Toe in plain cidnts, au i Suueriu-eodeai said to JAOCBOH, Woo is it from r and JIB re- HSSBAB.' was as follows 'lam at tbe lock-house for my sttoei; must bring them directly.' Tae police at once uro- ctedea to me house, wbkn uiey Tne ccupant however, would not admit them, op stairs, ctoutiy dtuied tbat HSSHAJI was in the boute It i lieu agieed that Sergeaut L JWBDIS sauola -iia to Mr. SUTTOK, of a intgltirdio lltliig and get h starch wariani, lu ordtr that they mtgut go up stairs. About ten inlnu es alter be had Deo a .Ispatcbed oa tbls errand juiniMd ttie Dtoioom win ow, and made a clear lev over le bead ol Police Constable HALLAM. He at once took 10 Jls bet-U, and waa pursued oy the officurs A usuUr BUeple-ihase ensued, but' the line of coua- being iiew to the Ame-ican, and hlsonre feet ue- ng cut by the be was comuelled to siup. after go nit over two or three fields. Both he and blsfrleuds itemed veiy mortified at tbe capture. A trap WAS sovn In attendance, and he was at once coiiveyoil (o Drrbf a oiilam e of (en miles On the road be bad a httle 'chuff1 with tne police. He tbeu hat be bsd notngnefl an agreement 'o aiid tbeiefort- bis apprehension was illegal. HCIXAK Untulii: 1 breii removed t vice. Wity tion't hey take SATsas? I nave been huu'ed a ills airlvnl at Derby, aoout 10 A Friray, caused a Rieut sensaU-m. aud a U'ge Di'ftregated m (rout of ihe Towu Hail, to wnioft ne iitf He whs at once p'lt Into the lock-iip aud uec'ly afrtrwsrds was by Mr. H Qir BOBM, a Derby oidered him to oe placed hi befer quartets. Mr. HILTON, the heat con- sialiln ol the boruugb, very kind I v took him to his inn house, sdjotolirg the Town Hall, wbere for 'be >rrteM be is comfortably quartered. Danog the day MACDOHAID arrived, and Di. HSTOATS, haviasj OefQ by Mr. 8. LSICH, (from the office or Mr. GAMBIB, olicllor.) who apprsred for HsxtiAit, agreed to take efpectaole ball for appearance." At 1 o'clock to-day the following telegraph reached us: "HiiRAjf. the Benlcla Bor, has just been bound over, himself in and two gentlemen In Derby H2J each, fur tbe term of six mouths, lie Is this mo- ment at liberty, and looks weLL" Tbe magistrates at Newmarket have refused to grail warrants for tbe arrest of BATBU, and he Is tt il continuing his training. The fight will come off as originally intended on the morning of the lO'h, at o'clock. Tickets will be issued for some two bun- dled people, at three guineas each. course sjpce he has been In England has not been very satis. factory to real friends. He has repudiated those I have been bis strongest supporters, eaurug a falling off in tbe good feelings previously exlstl him as a mtn of honor. By the next mall we be able to give yon full particulars of the tie fight rauoKApHfc Acoonm. HSBHAJI was before the magistrate at Derby oa Kb, charged with the Intention of engaging ta a pi fight, thereby causing a breach of the peace. LSXCH appeared In his behalf, aad (aid HIIXAX never broken tbe peaee in England, and had no In- tention of doing so. True, he may have made us of harsh language U the excitement ef his cant re, when hie passion was aroused, but when he con Id- ered that he had been banted oat of eight count es, while his opponent, 8 ATMS, was alto wed to gc on with tlie greatest Impanity, ibe, did feel son at If be Died expressions whteh he ought not. 'wo respectable gentlemen were -ready to gire ball to the amount required. Guided by the station In life for 1TAI T, lICOMJTUNlCATIOlf Or OTJJB MOST BOLT HAIRS, BY THE POPE'S BULL OF APOB10L1C UTTKK PIB8 IX., POP! BT Tfel tJsUCI WHICH THI PUNISH un Of COMMDHICATIOH IB 111 UOTED OJT IKS AJID DBOarns or sova OF on CAt PaOTIHCn. Pins r. r. ir. To the eternal memory founded be hoped the Bench would assets the ball small amount. The Clerk answered that the B agreed to take HmsjiAB'i own with twe sureties la e reeognlsanee (Londappla at a neb He added that the authorities had no feeling beyond the preservation of tbe peaee. Itwas stated b Court that HKUAB could not further be Interfered an> where unless he broke tbe peaoe. The were promptly signed, and HJOBAJI and his left Deiby foi London. i BtU't Ltft was most indignant at the capture, It attributed to HXUAV and bis companions g a place where they were almost certain of subitqacnl edition exonerates Haaaax, aad sa iment, and advocates tbe maintenance of the boundaries 01 France, Germany and Italy. Tlie answer of Austria to the circular of M Tcoc- VIRIL on the annexation of Savoy, like that c f Rus- sia, raires no objection to the anuentlon, so iDDg as It Is the frte of Plcumont, and not an ap- peal lo universal suffrage. She desires tie neutral- ity of Piedmont It appears to be expected that the opposition to tbe ceulcn of Savoy tud Nice will be pretty deter nlned, tbougb the number of votes against it can scarcely be large. It tbat Count CAVOOS was re urnetl for tight different M. FAKIIU for ten, and Gen. GASIBAIJU for Uute. SPAIN. The Emprror of Morocco had ratified the bases ofpesie. Tbe following is the It-xt as ItapiBarsln the Msdrid Gazette: O'DoimiLL, Dose >f Tetuan, C tont of Luctim, Ac., MULCT CALIPH. authorize.. b> btr Ukjetty Queen of ihe apaios and Majtlly tbe Kins; of Morocco, have kgreed on ibe lullowliig preliminary baiek for the con lutlon of tbe irtaty peace that U to put an end to t le war pi. I n kud MoriK-CM I. HIS M-jtBty ice King of Moroccf cedes to her M me Qiif en ol the Sptins, lu peri etutty, full puttestlon anJ swertlgniy, aU teirlfr i com- pilied Mum tea, following the Delgbtg of Sierra Bulriiiits. at far us tbe load 01 Angbera. AST. !4. loifiesiime manner, hit Majesty King ot HOIOLCO tocuaieJe, ID peri etulty, uie coast of the oi'rau to Bants Cruz.lhe Pe- qui ua, the lerntrry tufficient for Uie forautiun of aa esiabiitbmeiit like" iLut which there ratify. Juro-tm Asr. 3. Hii Msjtsty tbe Kin r of Morocco wll wiihni Ue ljilil.it peitod l'ie co itlat'Ve to Ike plm-es of WelilU. El Penon bui'eruaa, whlLb Ue plenlpoteittiarles of Moiocco signed at Tetuan on the i4ln day rip of md Al- tn aud August, AKT. 4 At a just indemnity for the expense of the war, Lls MHjesiy tbv King of Morocco engage t pay to her y tr-e Quern of toe Stains tnelsum f tw 111 tj ml I o' The mo 'B of ptylng this sum will I'C fnipuuttd in tbe of pea AAT. 5 Ti e town of Tetuan, witb l'ie whnli of the trrdturt hat formed the anrleut piisaallc of tt lii-nie, will rtrnftln lu the of her lajeety ire Qiin-n ol i-ecurlty for the execiimaof tbr spcc-ifitd. In tne aforesaid artx: e until tlie complete pajiuejit of ibe Indemnity. Im- mi-oia tit after tbe payrueut shall bat 9 bet-n ruat e In full, the Spanish uok-pt will evaci ate the said town and ten itory. f AAT. ft A treaty of commerce ShtU be concli (fed, to vh'tb will be tttpulateit, In favor of Hpiln. all tkead vaiiuget would have been or shall herei Iter be dt d to the most Uvored nation. At i. 7. To avolb. in futuie, events like the that nrratioi.rd the ptrteiit war, the represent: of at Morocco may rcnt'e it Fek or si he best futiru fo> tne prorecuouof Bpaultb luten for tAr nmtntmance of good rpUUont ootwiea Uie fj IIIsMsjenty the EmpJBmr of Morodco wllj tu'iior'ze tbe ea'ablishrnent Fern o( a dence, that after tbe fall ol the Ronati its consecutive division lite (Se Rumlih Pope, whom Chrtit has ilslikTliail u 5e rf this matter. As At established ay, the- that Oct. Che bis whole Catholic Church, founded aad ___ ___ Lord Christ for the everlasting sarrattoa of bis acquired tbe fora of a i sodMy m dl vine character, it oagbt, Its sacred ministry, to It may not be subject to aa' therssjsjre, la order to _ quired those guarantees wbieh wan tt with ibe Prorf: L lUimlth chief and "the centre of __ temporal power. Therefara. ordered by God in tbi wtoeat as such a great nnmbZr and cal liberty which Is so much wanted exercise bis spiritual power, anthoiUv tion In the whole world, miaout any And, therefore, U wu asuesaary thai the world should not bave any reasoa to soagoaa Bomlsh Pope is subject to any mlasstoe drt powers, or Massed u the uerdas of the' which the Holy has to fatal! greater part of Ibe ChrMUis. ItlseasUr that the dominion of our Roman Chwta having the appearance of theletslireallvofaspliltual character, 'hlchit enjoys, and by theeibaa ttos which it ta connected.wfth sdi Chrtsttaa asTetPs, M dbUncUon which U enjoys, and by theeioos ttee which it U connected with all Chrtsttaa affaire. tbls not prevent that all these things wMea duce to the secular welfare of the peoples talned by tae Church, as the history o'flae tM nlgn of the Roman Popes durmg so many show, most good tbe enemies of this Church endeavor to weaks] i aad tosmbanasslt by many Intrigues and all kinds In there Impious attempts tbey were sooner or later by God, who always Church. Tbe whole world knows already aoer.Aar- fpg these sad times, the adveiaarles of iae flsOallu and Apostolic Bee have made thesasalvas oa by their attempts, which Were cbaraeteriaed Spanish like that exists nsa of kl Tan- ABT 9. Her Mijectv the Queeii of Spain will Imme. dlattly appoint two Plenipoteut aMet, who. w ih oth.rs b> Hii Majetir ue Emperoi of H.I- IOCID, will have to draw up tne definltlre art clei of Uie ireaiy of peace. Tbeie PUnlpoUnUar ss will mtf i in n of Tetuan, and their IsTcrs will have to be completed with me least poittnle delay, Ue'line In 10 case 10 excee't thirty days.ra koalas: b, m date LEOPOLD O'DONN ELL, I6SO. MITLE'f ABBAS, The basei of of peac ea nni ttgnea between Sntin i nd Mo- rocco, by Linr Chunn, well as the faithful believers of every rai.k, dignity and clws joined thtlr own pro- to ours, in older to defend unanimously the of tbe Holy See, aud of ibe Church In general, ibey very well un lerttlxxl how mucn tbe temporal -which made qdestloaaile oa tais occasion, IF euary for the maintenance of the Papal Power. But we shudder in sayliii Sardinian Govent- inf m has not only our admonition and com- and our reliilous rf tcnimenl. but by perse- terligin Its wtrkedness1 by force, money, threats, terror and other cunning means, they oouUed urive'sal vole in their faMr, and dared to Invade oar irovmctt to occupy them, and to turiject thesa l.elr This Is a gieat profanation, as tao of bave against the law ure aud of law has beea ovar- thiown, and the n all temporal power aad human bave been nndtrmlntd. We percelre> on one tide, with the greatett gnef. how useless ould be all farther complaints against those who, deaf adders, close their ears, and who do not u ten to our and aad, oa the oilier tide, we feel wnat tbe cause of our Apostolic See and tbe whole Catholic world requires, for stlg- mm z-kg tbe of those wicked own, la Order not by mrylng to prejudice the dignify of oar grave fh..r. It rtmltM faithful to the examples of our predecessors, we exercise that au- ity which gives us the porter to looten and to bind. In order to employ the neceistry severity the guilty, and tp'gtve saluiaiy example to llavirg Invoked Oe light of Ihe llo'y Spirit In pri- me ard public i rnjers, nud htrlnx taken tbe advice ot tlie i ex-rend brolbrtstbe Caroinals of our Holy hooiiii Church, we ceclare, In accordance with tao auiixiiiiy which we hold liotn God, aadtae> Apoctlet Pew snd Paul and also la aa- witb our own ttttborlly, all those who havo taken part in UiiiilBfullAturiecilon in our pmTlsjrjes, in usurping, occupy big aid invading them, or (a lup we complained of In oar Diniitoned of, June 30 snd Sept. SB of or those who; have perpetrated aotne of ttii as well as tboee who haw bteti Uietr tnpportcn. belpnra, cooasel- lort, an well as those who oonnlvad at exa- cuilnn tne above-meniiosed deeds, whatever and in wnatever manner, or woo perpetra- ted them themselves, to have taken on themselves the stonroient of the major excommnnicaUon and rell- gluut punlsnmrnt, as tbey are determined In our Apostolic and by tne of the General Council, {especially that of Trent, (tits. 22, chap. 11, On and, II ae- ctuaiy, we them again, we aiiaibcmtie them, rnrther dfcltrlnn tntt are to lote all privileges; aad graces, which they enjoyed uutl now from oar preae- aid that tbey in anr manner ne re- leased or absolved ot tnete bv any one ex ctptourctlTti.or the Human Poiiuff ejceptattbemomrntof.dealh, but evrnt of their recnvery. wben 10 aa- l "10 it. former.late.and given eomoleto to the Tnerefore, all taoaa the remotest marker bave participated la ear ai-d alto the la their SSfoes, lo'fuch revocation, retraction, aad aboU- of tbe ilnt, lo do so personally, mi a in lenity, and lo truth, to give tae fV-tion tbey owe to the Holy See, and under no pre- e to be and freed, but to always remain bound by It until they are worthy toobuta the benefit ol absolution thus we declare by the prtstnt letter. But In bring obliged by aad MOeaslty to foifil tbis rtn of our duiy, we do not forget tbat we represent him on earth who withes not thi death of a tinner, hut nirier tbst be ihoull be converted lire, tor He ctmr Into the world tosses and those who olr. Tberefore, In fervent prayer, we Implore. eM we atk nncaasUgbr, bt tbn meekneM of our heart, tbe mercy of tbe AJaUabty to enlUbten. by the tofkl of Bis boly grace, aad by His Almlf biv virtoe, to -w.ui. u7 u.- and "u aU St. Paul, tp ad o.xm. v. 1 et teq.

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