Thursday, November 7, 1872

New York Herald

Location: New York, New York

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New York Herald, The (Newspaper) - November 7, 1872, New York, New York THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. NEW YOIIK, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 1872-TJUPLB" PRICE FOUR CENTS. DIIIEITOKY FOR ADVERTISERS. SKOOND JUan-Fonrth, fifth and pi.tth coluinu.M. ASTRO TWELFTH Second column, TivKi.fTH Sceoild column. BOAKDuRS WAN'IKD-HMWNU First and second BOARD AND' LODGING WANTED-SKCONO PAOK-SCC- omi column. BROOKLYN KKAL KSTATB FOK TwKinru PALI: Third column. BU8INKSS Fmfi PASK-FonrBh col- BUSINKHH SKVBJITII Sixth column. CITY KEAL ESTATE FOB TWIH.RII llilrtl CLKKKR AND ELEVENTH Sixlh column, mid TWXI.F-IH I'Af.'K column. TWJ.I.ITII column AND Twiu.rra PACE- First column. OOASTWI8K FIRBT PACE-FIxlh column. NINTH Filth column. COUNTRY BOAUD-Suco.vr. column. DANUINU Swoyo filth column. NIMH i'AGE-SUih column. DRY FIRST Filth column. DWELLING HOUSES TO Llir, FUllNlsnED AND UN- Fourth- column. EUROPEAN FIBCT PAGfc-Fiith and sixth columns. SKCOKD Fourth column. FIRST Thlnl column. FIRST !-ix-h column, Ni.vm Filth column. FOR SALE SECOND eo.xrnn, FUIIKISUEI) ROOMS ANI> Ai'AKT.WKNTS TO TWELFTH Fourth and filth columns. NINTH Sixth column. FRENCH AJttVKKTISfcMliNTtt- PACB-Sccond column. HELP FEMALES-EiBTKHTJi and sixth columns. HELP TWEIFTH second AWJ> T ENGLISH HUNTINo LI5VKR WATCH. JU between Fulton ami liarelay streels, c'tig.itloii given and first class reler- 89 Broadway, flrdt lloor. A JOKY GOODS. MANUFACTURING A 'iit'ie arlt-Mc; a inommoly; capital re- For pnrliculars eall on JIOOUY 183 Bioadwjiv. -ADDITIONAL CAPITAL PROCURED Persons willi T" LARGEST KAN'CY COOPS DEPOT IN AMERICA IS TIIK I.HAND CliNTKAI. GOODS KST BUKOPEAIf STEAMSHIPS. if .MAY lear except to owner, fir delivering tile fame at Ea-.t Forly-clghtli street the above reward will be paid. REWARD AND NO QUESTIONS I tj tho return of aD.amond Pin, los' between tlou-- ton and streets, on jhe night 01' November ij. Apply to L. U., 17 We.-.t Fourth street. REWARD AND NO QUESTIONS Hold coppcr-coior Watch, No pteni winder, crystal hack, madv by Patck. Pinllipc A Co., Geneva name of owner encraved inside on the works. AppH-to or addles E. PHALON, 517 Broadway. Top Wa T op Wagon, built by Du.enbery Nellson. op l.llilt by- Waterman. AA ON TUE.-DAY EVENIKO, in going from the AKfor House to the Herald office, a Waltham Gold Watch. No. number ol' inure- ment 210.38'J. The above reward will be paid and no tion-i asked on its return to N. ESI'ENSCIIEID, 118 Nas- sau street. E REWARD WILL BE GIVEN FOR THE return oi M. lost hv a carman yen nlay. Address, in confidence, BTILES, Hcraii! A SPECIAt, NOTICES. ALMA LODGE, U. D. F. AND .4. 51. MEETS AT Brcvoort Hall, 156 East F.fty-foilrth street, on tlic Sirsl, second, thir I, Imirlli and tilth Friday evening-! of each month, in P. M. The fratcrnitv generally are cordially invited to attend. THEOPIIILL'S PRATT, Masfer. c- by i pole and Shaas, made by Kimball, cost S3W last week. Fnty Top Wagons, from up. One hundred sets Single and Double Harness, ic. 4c. Twenty very fine family and road Horses. At private sale. JOHNSTON VAN TASSEIjL, _ 110, 112and 114 East Thirteenth street. A T OUR REPAIR SHOP, El CROSBY STREET, WE ofter the lollowing second hand Carriages at low One close Coach, Clarence, Barouche. Top Wiigoii, nearly new, Counclet, iges Sis-seat Rockaway, Four-seat Four-seat Phaeton, Pony PhacUju, Uoz Cart. BRADLEY. PRAY k CO.. successors to John R. Lawrcnee A Co., 553 Broadway. AT VEEY LOW PMCES to cover cash advances AMERICAN A STATED MONTHLY meeting evening, at 1 of this Institute will bo held this IThursdav) s o'clock, at its rooms in the Cooper Buil'd- ia' aaa oiliourth Ako new and second hand single and double Harness- Tiuer, Bear. Buffalo UK'J Fox Skill Eobes. Please and exau.iije at k Sales a1111 Repository, JOHN GAV1T, Kccordins Secretarv. A LIBRARY OF KENTUCKY. IN BANK. GRAND GIFT CONCERT. BR'APCIl A DVERTISEMENTS FOR THE KEW YORKllERALD EtCEIVED AT THE BP.AXCH OFFIC BROADWAY, SIDE, BETWEEN THIRTT-FIKST AKD TUIBTT- tECOND ETHEETS. AZVEKTIEEMENTS ARE RECErVED FHOM 8 A. if. IIII, !P. M. OX WEEK liATS- (SUNDAYS 2 TILL 9 f. u.) AT OPFICE BATES. KO EXTRA CHARGE OF ANT KIND. POSTPONED TO DECEMBER 7, 1872. The second Grand Gift Concert in aid ot the Public Li- brary of KentucKy takes place at Louisville. December 7, The money necessary to pay in fnll all the offered Sifts is now deptoit in tie Farmers and Drovers1 Bank, as will be teen by the lollowins certificate of the cash- S DROVERS' LOUISVILLE, Kr., Sent 2fi, 1S72. f '-''f. !n thi avenue, corner ot Twent3--fiflh if. B. DIN'GBB A CO.. AucSonr-er-i. BAP.E CHANCE TO BUY ONE OF THE F VST- est and best Road Horses in this city; bioyd bar Svcarsold; .second Hamble- R. S. VEECH, Cashier. Prizes, amounting to in Cash 'ill be awarded, the highe 'D re ighesi prizes beinj fcp.OOO suiar 8raaatio11 to SWJ, which is A jail; can beat any dav, and fair sailed and re- liable; cost ow ner last Spring will lelt to-dav lor -'.pply ut.iiablea 13 and 17 East Twcmy-eignth'st. BLANKETS, the besf EIankets- strapped and unstrapped, of A good staliie Blanket, fully trimmed. 30 carriage Bjankcts, Lap Kobes and uooas, a full assort- E. 8- OSBORNE, Murray street, _ _ between College place and Murray street. BLANKETS. BLANK- ete iroin 32 up; 75 Sleighs, slisrhtlv damaged- bv water, from Sets of Harness, from top and open of best makers, from up. _ W. II, GRAY, 20 and 22 Wooster street ANY RELHBLE MAN, WITU S2.5JO CASH, .M JjrP< for sale; will clea yearly; yrand oppnrtunitv tllil. Address U. 31. O., Herald Uptown Branch oflice. A -V- 17. IT. M A C Y A C O. SMART BUSINESS MAN, WHOSE BUSINESS goes very badly, and who is determined to !o his adflrc'" to A- boi BAKERY FOR DOING -V GOOD BUSINESS; Sixtlf for premises, 92a T710R SALE-OWING TO ILL HEALTH, NEARLY ONE- J. na I interest in a iart-e incorporated manulaeturin. in good improved real estate if reqniTOf Call on or ad- drcssB.Sl'E.AItXS, 138 East Flity-ninth street It i_9 our hit-host nridc to sill onr goods at the lowe---t prices. GRASD we arc now opening daily all CENTRAL. of the latest from London. IMii-i, Berlin, and other European Markets. AH of our own importation. .1 For Qucenstownand LlverpooL Rojal Mall arc appointed'to sail as CITY 01' ANTWERP Thursday, Nov. 7, 10 A M C1TYOF BRUSSELS Saturday. Xov. <J. 12 Noon C JY OK I.I.MKH1CK Thursday, Nov. It. 2 P. M S Saturday, Nov. 1C. 2 p. M. J'fTX Ol Thursday Nov. 21. W A. If CITY OF LONDON Saturday, Nov.. 2t. 11 A. W and each Saturday and Thursday, from pier, 45 North River. RATES OF PASSAGE. ln Payable In Currency. First CaWn steerage :.J30 JoLondon To London 30 J" Parn M TO parj3 33 also forwarded to Havre, Hambure, Sweden, Norway and Denmark at reduced TOirf here atmoderate persoog wishinK to sond lor their friends. Wavreand of EOTUS to Drafts issued at lowest rates. For lurther inlormatiou apply at the office JOHN O. DALli, AKCllt, ____ _ __ 15 Broadway, -YORK TO CARDIFF. TIIE SOUTH WALES ATLAVTIC RTEW1ITP row PANY'S XEW. CLASS, 01 tons 1 ra CARMARTHEN The steamer of thi? line H''1 Captain Layliourne, MACY. -MACY. MACY, MACY. MACY. MACY. OHA.ND CBNTRAL. OKASD CENTKAL. CENTRAL. ijRAND rjROCERY OP. COMMISSION GENTLE- VJ _ man Mnth superior reterencefl, and therough biismess experlenre and .iiialiflca ions, wishes to connect i lumsellwitna hoii'e of good standing. Comminumca- tiiins addressed W. T.. Herald will be confidentially regarded- i A complete new stock of Bronzes from the best artists in Europe. A.-'O, a full assortment o' French composition Bronzes at very low prices. ABOUT ftrviccs of a good bu'qne-B man. in any legiti- business, where close attention will irmg a rensouably fair return; t-mtl bookkeeper; no igents. Address, with particulars, tor one week, H. L. n snrvi 8 R., Herald omee. TNVENTOBS AND OTHERS HAVISO NEW AND J. valuable which they wiih to ilisposo of, a purchaser By apjilylng to H. A, MORRISON, USOAL. BAIS OH- __ once. 23. ENTLEMAN WHO MADE THE ENGAGEMENT WANTED-OF WTLMAM MARTIN, .1 wlio left his home in street, New York, r.n Saturday evening. (Jcrober 18: he is 27vcars old. overs f.-ot high, sallow complesion, light h.tir, straight nose, -.vith mole on hide; when he le't i-.ntr.c had on black Ix-arcr. white and rot striped cotton shirt, dark coat an': psnts. Anv inlormation of hw whereabouts J-'ill be most inankltilly received by his wife, MARY MARTIN. Y. T Agent Public Library of Kentucky, Bndcr LOANED ON LIFE INSURANCE ies and other Securities at 57 Libertv street. ADARIKS, SOLE AGENT OF ROYAL Lottery. Broadway. Post office bo York. Dealers Hipplicd. tend for circulars new and second hand Carriages, ail stvles; al'o and second hand Sleighs. WITTY'S -Marinfactorv Fulion streets. Brooklvn. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, Broadway. H) Burling slip. ___________ 0WIXG TO CONTINUED ILL HEALTH THE ABVER- tiscr has concluded to immediately dispo7e of his long established (1833) Mamuactnring m perfect nmaing order, or to take an active and responsible partner with to capital. The large Manu- facturing Properly, Ac., is cheap at tro, wiih unpre- cedented reputation in the trade, ana wi h an additional working cr-pital ot less than over 33 per cent profit can be made. For further information" address 8. B. P., box 537 Pittsbnrg, Pa._____________ TJARTNER FROM TO -L travel South this Winter ia a flayiag iW ner cent: no risks. Addrea R. 9., Herald office. WANTED, FOR EUROPE; SALAP.Y, O must deport cash; no other security received; references required. Address SECRETARY, Opera Fans and Opera Glasses in every style and A choice stock of Furs of our own importati.: Hosiery, Underwear, Furs Laees Embroideries, Ilaiidkerehieiii, White Uooils, Honsekccnlnff House-Furnishing coode, small Ware" Trimmings, Ac. .re pro- coailort MACY. MACY. MACY. MACY. MAOT. JJACT. MILLINERY. Our Millinerj- Department is complete with all the anu desirable and qualities of Flowers. Feathers, Velvc's, Silks, Hats. Frames, .tc. l'e G. F. black. Velvet Ribbons. These s camshipH, built expressly for arc vided with all the latest improvements for the CO: and convenience "f CABIN AND STEERAGE PASSENGERS. and SM currency becond Cabin...................................5; currenoy Steerage.......................................30 currencv Prepaid steerage certificates from Cardiff ss Dratts for upwards. For turther particulars apply in Cardiff, at the Com- pany's No. 1 Dock Chambers, and in New York to ARCHIBALD BAXTER CO., Agents Mroadway. BALTIC LLOYD STEAMSHIP COMPANY Only direct line to Prussia, Russia and the Scanrii- i cnllin' at Copenhagen to land mails Captain P. Baramlon, will River K I Rates of pasage (payable in First Cabin, Second Cabin, S72; Sreerage, inclndin-j matJress eliildrcn under 10 years halt lare. s For freight and passage apply to WE.VDT Agents, 40 Broadway, New York. rtRAND CENTRAL. GRAND CiiNTEAL. r Herald office. TO A MEDICAL INSTITUTE, OFFICE Practice, Patent Improved Turkish Baths, Lecture Worsted A fnll line of Worsted Patterns anfl Embroideries. An elegant assortment of Vienna Goods, in Russia Leather, comprising Pocket-books. naies. Toilet Articles, Ba_'s, Reticales and every conceivable article in Bnssia. Leather. 3IJ.CY. MACY. MACY. MACY. t Improved Turkish Baths, Lectu Koom, Furniture and FL-unres complete; low rent, long lea-e; cash yearly Income therefrom Se.s.ola 810.000, half cash, balance in 6 months. Physician wants to rears. Address DOCTOR, or apply on the premises. IS Sorth Eleventh St.. Philadelphia, Pa. BRANCH OFFICE, BROOKLYN cornerofFuIton .1 venue and Boerntn street. Ouen (roin 8 A. M. to 8 P. M. Ironi 3 to 8 P. M. ALL PERSONS 1IIAT rnoutsifn HATS IV evc-.-.t of Grants re-election will tlie undersigned. A. SMITH, lli West 'iliirty-flJa! PUBLIC gift cciicert: in gilts t LIBRARY OF KENTOCKY- nolTlers; Ha- vana lottery drawhwrc AH _ JOSEPH BATES. 136 Broadway, room t. TXFORMATTOS' OF TIMOTHY DUGAN OF Cl.-iri-villc, county Cork, Ireland, by his mother itary. now In Castle Garden. TSFOR'lIATIO.N- MARY ANN J. Boyle, ho left 1 birtictb street about July 1 to go to Brenclt, tthicli time nolhini; has uccn heard of her: any tMin-s ol her will be thankfully received. A. BALDWIN i CO, 426 Broadway, or box 1 rt'l ofjice. TNrOP.MATmy ELIZABETH CONNOL- 'V- who, in 1853, lived with a family named Bcaclily at Sli herrj -sircct. and went :'o live in Eroo'sivn. r< Rains knowin; .-inytlliilf in regard to her will conicr a Kuat favor by addressing JOHN, Herald office- ion, an-l ba'l jrrav pants and ves: aiid black cloth coat Any inlormnlion ol him would be thankfully received bv hiswiicaisu west Fllty.fourth strc-ct. IF 7IITMPER IS IN SEW YORK SHE WILL PLEASE ___and her address tn CHIPPY, Herald office. T EWIS-COME HOME; TUB BEST JLJ for von. PLACE AND G. F. K. LACR LETTERS. WILL SEE TOU evening, usual time; punctual. ______________________________________ANTONIO. M1SSINO SHIP AND (TREW.-A SUITABLE vtard -.-ill IN- raid hy the undersigned lor any infor- mation Ibc racistcncc or loss of tbc KriLNn baric Ijirnrrcost or lier crew nr anv of them. Tbc-I ani- sailM from on the Stli dav of Fcbraary, lw.und for Ireland, and passed" Fortress Mon- roe on Ibc 19Ui day ot :hc same montb. She has not nt.r Jin-, cany o' her cvrr bcco heard OL She if supposed to nave focndered at J. HOOPER CO., ____ corner Oay and Lomfiari] streets Baltimore, Md. Sl'H-ROSA. licr'al.l ollicc- TlfAUD-FORMBKLY OK THIRTY-SECOND STRKCT, N. FAIR WE WILL CALL TUIS EVKKINO early: T. W. OXE THAT FOUXD AT 1IOOSE FOE K7i- Vi-.ird. TriUi iMTIcctKtrririty. or state hv mail -what ERIGflT. r. S. C. EATN OR nn: PEP-SON wno MADE an aprf-intincni for evening at S o'clwl; 31 "ll'irty-rir-4 adarcss M.. llcra.d I pio-trn BrsiTich sort rcrro CROKSF.D d ih. city Hall Paris and rwomizcij tlic U1 DR. F. FELIX GOURAXD'S ORIENTAL CREAM, OR Magical Bcautificr: the finest preparation ior the completion ever mTcr.icii. repot jS Bond street. LEGAL NOTICE 18 HEREBY GIVEN TO MRS Hasting that her Goods will be sold to r.av saraffe" and other expenses on November 7 if the biil is not paid and goods taken away on or before that date (.November 7, saio. goods having been in storage one year and sbt months. ______________A. L. BATTERSON. 690 Sisth avenue. T EGAL NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN TO H. OO'IGLET XJ and Berrian Eiiev that tlieir Goods wiii be to pay storage, at 77 Eighth avenue, bv thcaishnf Novcm- ber.187-'. A. UYNARD. flAREIAr.ES AND SLEIGHS SELLING OFF 400 new and second hand 200 new and second hand Sleig Nevins and Fulioa streets, arooklyn. ROCKAWATS. SK DIFFEEENT STYLES, Westchcstcrs light! ITHE PRESIDEXCY, WITH LIBERAL SALARY "AND KocKawa., s r.nd every other style lamily Carriascs and -1 interest worlh in a lolly established btist- liciit u KIOII.S now and secondhand; several Carriases nes, with all capital and every requisite complete, pav- wgiitly soded. IIK TO ifer cent aividends, for S10.0tS) cash and near by Eeal Address MANHATTAN, Hcr- ogee._______________ IN PAPER BOS BUSINESS T already and doiag a large trade; either active or silent. Address Herald office. IN A BUSINESS THAT WILL i pay !arge_ and immeiliats profits; would take a part- wj "en UIUIVKU to ner either active or special, and give complete and un- smsle anl double harness: very pretty gaited; last doubted security for the amount invested; best rcler- walkers; soanii asadollar, rizhtevery way; new doable encea. Address W1LDU, Herald ofEce made to order; part Phaeton toprime an nnnsnal chance to procure a nrombrng team; no TO0NG MAN, TO JOIN THE reasonablc offer SARATOGA STABLES Fltty- seventh street, Lexington aveaug- ing IfOR SALE-A CODPE ROCKAWAY, GLASS FRONT- -T city make. Apply SALE-HORSE. 1'a.nCK AXD HAP.NESS; HORSE X1 young, sound and kind; true< nearly new; sMtl 10- OB years old past, hands high; sound and kind; heen drove only a few times: can show betier than a 3 minute gait AI-o a black that is a perfect rii.itch _____ -A. HANKI.NSON, No. 9 East Nmiecnth street. no1 and Chronics sold from 20 to 60 per cent iess than publishers' A discount ORAND will be made to CENTRAL. those bnyins to sell asam. R. H. MACY CO., GRAND Grand Central Star Establishment, CENTRAL. Fourteenth st. and sixth av. HAIR, HAIR, PATENT HAIE, equal to Immen hair, can be combed and Sailing every MANHATTAN, Price. Jr.................N'ov 13. 5.3 p jr WISCONSIN, Freerann. Jr...........Nov. 20, A. kl From pier tS North River. cabin passage. S8u, "old; carrenev. Prepaid tickets, S33, currencv Passengers booked to and from Paris. "Hambur-' Vor- -way and -Sweden, Draftsoii Ireland, Enrlan.1, France i and Germany at lowest rates. Applv to WILLIA31S GCION, 20 Broadway. STEA3ISHIPS. PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP TO CALIFORSIA, JAPAN AXD CHLN'Z CAKRTIXG HAILS. PASS'bNUSRS AND FREIGHT TO ASPI5WALL, PANAMA, SA.VTA HARTHA, GREY- 10WN AND PACIFIC COAST OF .MEXICO CENTRAL AMERICA, PEEIT AND CHILE. Steamers leave lotn. 20th and 30m each month, those dates tall on Snndav. then the dav previous November HE .KT CHAU.SuEY. Caotain A. (i. Gray, mil leave nier ti JNortli River at 12 o'crocK I T lu.iawi, jrort Angel, treigat lor sit way ports received until 4 P. M. An extra steamer wilt leave San Francisco Xcvem- LINE. V THE BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN- ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, between Sew York and Liverpool, calling at Cork Sa tor. E. BAJtMEY, 102 Nassau street, room S} pre i. tion in Apply i SECURE PAETNSRSHIP IN' A d to some good loca- tre chance tor study. H YEARS' CITY FOE MARE, 16 HANDS, 8 TEARS OLD- Sttorjmyjieavy work; sold for want of use; price 37 Greenwich avenue, comer store. 0 FFICIAL DRAWINGS. KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES. CUSS SO- 6, 1S7Z. 3u, 37, 74, M. 29. 21, 28, 10, -48. 56, 2, 63, 39, a .VO. 6. 1572. 28, 36, 63. 54. 24, 17, 71, 22, 38, 7 55 77. SIMMONS CO., Ky. CLASS SO. C. 1ST2. 20, 5, 39, M. Si, 22, 30, TO. 17, S. 24, 76, M. 57. SnELBY 6 61, 27, 12. 62. 1, H4, 31. 68. 39, 17 38 5S fcMITH A CO., Mana'scrs. Covinaton Kv. J. CLUTE, Broker. 206 Broadway; _______ Post office FOR WANT OF USE, CITY MADE LVX- price. Kearof 147 West Forty-first street, FOR SALE NEW LIGHT ESPP.ES8 Wajron, c-nc top Bqgjry. one Road Wason one splendid top Jagger Wagon: al o a handsome tw. seat Slcish. HI cast Sixteenth street. FOR SALE CHEAP-ONE GRAY HORSE ASD O-fE sorrel Horse. Apply atstablcs 81 Forsylh st-, city. HORSE BLANKETS, HARNESS, SADDLES AND ALL Kinds oi saadlery goods estensivelv manufactured; 3 lull line ol Blankets lor street and stable: plush and other Carriage Robes of every nualitv. _____ C. B. SanU i WWarren street OFFICIAL DRAWINGS ROYAL HAVANA AND Kentucky State Lotteries alwavs on file. J. CLUTE Broker. C06 Broadwav. I.T3 Fulton "street aud Jfo. 2 row. Post office box ROYAL SAXON GOVERNMENT LOTTERY AT LEIP- sic. Germanv: SS.fino tickets; prizes. Roval Havana cashe.i and information civcn. THKODOK ZSCaPCU. 116 Xassan st.. P. o. box 6.030. SPANISH CONSULATE, 29 BCOADWAT, Ninr TOKK, November 6.1372. Tie paWic arc reminded that tlic sale at of the C'.ppcr Mines of Priotinto, a national domain ot Spain, will take iilace. without fail, on the 23d instant, at noon in Utccilies of Madrid. Hnciva and Naiverdc, according to tlic specified conditions and plans, which arc open lor public inspection at this consulate. _______H. DE UR1AR1E. Onsnl General of Spain HORSE BLANKETS, Hoods, Breast Aprons, Hoods. Square Sweat Bla_nkets, Yellow Truck Blankets. Anv kind of Blankets at MOSEMAS'S Harness Warerooms, Chambers street. fytJ} ENGLAND I OLD ENGLAND CELE brated Horse instructions for Ca- tarrh, Fever or Influenza has proved successful when all others have .'ailed. This opportnnity should not be neglected but sent for immediately. horse proprietor should be withont these valuable and reliable Instruc- tions. This receipt can be sent bv post to anv address for the tmall mm of Address PETER TAS'YASE, 371 George street, New Haven, Conn. OECOND HAND CARRIAGES. ST. BARTHOLOMEWS CBURCH.-THE PEWS 1N thc church edifice, on the corner of yadison Jered lor f-i'.v hy aaction at the chnrch. on cvcmni. at S o'clocK. Xars oi the rcws. mth will bo ready at the time of rale. The chnrch will oncn fnr mcpeclJon on Wednesdav. November 6. ooih mfimins and evening. Bv order or tb'c Vcstrv Nuw TOEK, NOT. 4. ISO. J' OT. BAnTHOIX1MF.WSCHtjRrn.-FOP.SALE, O scrip ol St. BnrUiol-mcWschorcb. available on tinr- chase ol in new church- C.JOHNSOS. 36 Howa FAIL TO ily for five rn rain fir i-lrinc. KOTJKD. drawn the p'- A-ldn-vo Jihfer o-n- TW1 Worn <l Vv: n VcM tWfl S-.iJri l" 1 Mr. "I O.-T-XT.T PA .'.J larJitOL S2in T -vriTn SMJJ7.I, KT.T HT- 44 Great f Bronshain. by Peters, ot London French Brooshara- OM Court-, cheap. Cnrtain Coach. Doctor's Gig Phaeton. Two no-top Phaetons. Two two-wheelers. Two no-top Wazons. tonic o: the above onr own build snd in excellent con- dition. BRKWSTER CO.. S4 fifth avcnne. corner Fourteenth street. SECOXD HAND CAKRIAGES.-SIS-SEAT chcstcr, three liihtRocfcaways. Dcrxit Wacon. Conpe Rockaways, two Dog Carts, top and open Bnggics, slightly soiled Coupe; also SleiKhp and Harness __________MANUFACTURERS' UNION.5J3 Broadway. rrvwo BOAD OR SADDLE HORSES. WITH ONE JL wacon, win be talcen to Board, at per month, in a first private sJaMe. -where they can have extra care. Apply to JAMES, at ?tahlt> il East Thirty-third stnxt, Delwecn Madisoa and Foarlh avenges. PRITATE STABLE. IN REAR OF HOUSE 36 East Thirty-seventh street Inquire on the premises. EXPRESS AND TWO TfHITB STAE LINB FOR AND LITERPOOIX CAERY1SG THE UNTTED STATES HAIli and lull-powered steamships. bailmg from >ew York on Satnrdays. from Li Thursdays. eaUtaa at Cork Harhor each way. SnttliT-n............Saturdav .November IS. at4-JO P.M. HAi-Tir- ...........Saturday, November23, at ATT lnovcmber 30. at M. ATLANTIC..............Satnrday, December 7 at 11 A. It From the White Star dock, PaVonia City Passepcer accommodations (or all classes nnrrvalici combining safety, soeed and comlort smoking room and bathrooms in midship section, where least motion is felt Snrceons and stewardess accompany the steamer. Bates-Saloon. SSO in gold; steerage, in currencv. -Those wishing to send for iricnds m the Old Country can now obtain steerage prepaid certificates, cor- Passengers booked to or from all parts of America aris, Hamburg, JSorway, Sweden, India, Australia, tij ,ntna. Ac. Drafts frotn upwards. For injyction 01 plans and otherinformatioa annlv ai office, 19 Broadway, New York, .ills of lading issued to Continental ports. ___________ J. H. SPARKS. Agent SJDONOVAN ROSSA NATIOSAJC, LIKE OF Lonflon direct Cork, Londonderry Glasjow, erpocl. Superior steerasc accominoda- twn. Wcdncalays and Saturdays, Between Chambers and TTarrcn streets. Broadwav, LINE OF STEAMSHIPS. J> Weetly to fortnighUy to aziy. in uo 1051 Ensue ss Btirry, West street In this City anil A F1T.NISHED A PW1LT, x'l JamilT of s'lnlts: r.n i Jnodtrate. Address, with loll fuirScaUr-v s. is.. Ix..-. Herald office. i SSALl. FAMILY DESIRE ITTE OK WELL S-TO. Aaaress, with particulars, 59' Broad J-T TO QUEENSTOWN AND LITE'BPOOL. from piers and A'ortb Kivcr JT. Webster...........Saturday, Nov. 16. at3P .V. .Saturday. >'or. a at W A. M. EGYPT, 51 at330P V. FOE LOSDOS DIRECT. Nov.7, atlOA. M. Nov. 16 at J P M. Xov.27 3L THESE STEAMSHIPS ARE THE LARGEST IS THE TRADE. Cabin passage, and _ SWcraie. S2S. cnrrencv. Prepai-3 steerage tickets from Liverpool. QnceasUnrn, pndonderrr. Glascow_ or London, cnrrcncr. For itirther inJomjatJoaspplv at tbc oiScc. SBroadway. R W. J. HI-RST. Jfanaccr. DEDUCTION IS PASSARK RATES. i Jl ANCHHK LINE. i Express passenger sail Irom I and alternate Wflncsday. FasPcncers and Jorwardcti to and irom all rail- statins :n Great Bnyiin, Ireland, rierm-inv. Nor- j way, or Dcnmarlt and America a? ly, ctnnlortariivjiii'l chrviplv as any rente "r line. j 3 ym If TKTTOr.IA Nov 3 Nov. y} IA----------Prc. S TRTNACKIA..... _IVc. I1WA ............3xa. I iv-c. I _ _.7in. 15 INDIA...............Iv-.-. H I Ja 2S At KIVCT. New Yirfc rnr- r, ry br Followed L AND ETERY THREE WE'EKS'THEEEAFTER. steamers are specially atlap'.ei to tropical ser- vice, have large staterooms, bathrooms and superior ventilation, and take only first class passenger--. A. limited amount of cargo wiil be taken liornstedt GartJiorae, owners, 70 Soiith street, Ifew lors. to 70 South ..creei. >-ew Y0rfe. DIRECT Lisa TO HATA.VA. HAVANA. PJKOGSESOA.VDI-E Nov. Dec. T y, Dec. C. Railroad. For Ireignt or passage iopiy to C. jfaLLORT. 143 Maiden HIP LINK on batontar. November 9. rorireiant or passage, having superior ai lions, apply to I I IOR SEW ORLEANS DIRECT. Southern Line. The steamship AKIADSE, Captain Doane. leave pier 21 East River. No Freight tSr St Louis, Mobile aid C. B. MALLORY It. CO- 1S3 Maiden lane. ATLANTIC HAIL STEAMSHIP ciscl TereseXT at 3 f or rrciglit or passage a 14 !ppf A.7W-. DDIOCK, President. 5 Bowling Green. YORK AITD HAfAJTA Jfew Line or steomshipaL These -vessels are nnsorpassca for JOatcs of ssilins, ic., in n frrtgrc advertisement. HEWLETT TOBRASCK SETT OSL'vAS? MSECT Through raw; CITCTI to Galvcston, Wharf. Brazos. Santiago and S_ I, _ passive. sax For irciltt or piossse H. B. CSOMWELt. 85Svegrf K'S CTTr pOTyr AXD X Tnc "m SttflTrtship CoiiTianv -will gw 'Stir elncant SMarau PlaXrman. oomTnajrfcr Vorfolle, roinfa-nd Hicb-n'-TKl, Th-crslav 7 il 3' r. NEWSPAPER w rt a. few arst class ft'i'.T. ]l" T WOLT- BKOTHE51S'. S9S BEOADW iT. JV ana TwcniwU K' 4iiftTnr.3irK.le-n dry. poTlt-r Jot Indira. TWMJS, TOT: SjtLX. A1.T, KINDS xtnc l.irfif, a. R WiVBTT'S No. r. dnial. Ji. -lonxsos, r.r.rrKT.-R, isr.i-: BOT STrtn; The- t-vcnnt in ?ilv for sale, a Urce ol JsjlXi. ic. F.iP. IT J7..; r r--R- xtj TACHTS. f-OK o-R Birrft, 11 r ciiT't T -fl-n' cr-nt; r AI-LAM J'iT) IMj lint T.'-, BXf'H fir WOXS. AT ST.O'n'K 22 T-JAMOSD OK M Jjii.'i !n: