Wednesday, December 13, 1871

New York Herald

Location: New York, New York

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Text Content of Page 2 of New York Herald on Wednesday, December 13, 1871

New York Herald, The (Newspaper) - December 13, 1871, New York, New York "KEW 10KK JGEKALD, W BBNBSJ3AT. BEGEMBER 13, 1871.-TR1PLE SHEET. loiters from fier "Louoly Cell" to Mr. George Lionel of Now 6ho Ecviews Her Trial Many mtton: nno from IW jwlleman wbo made the uly nworn, anpotiea and Kayo tUal ajiplloil to tlio Mwtoulo rralflrnlly lor relief, im wi low of WlllJum O. fnir, la tlio Tour Itoaiuuy liuBljaud hud not deud M bofnz duly fcudttnt In the ulio WAj.Titn II. Towrnmn, WfeaJ She Thinks of (be of ibe "Facile Have Recent Jtadcrens ja gaa Cisco Escaped f "It Depends on and Who -Mrs. II. Towrnmn, anil known (no tibvo case, Laura 1) fair, nlmio 1K-0, "he tb< n chlM, mho -vat tliew In Icxaa, tbal ndlftut next met bor in Ban rranoi-co on lipr arrival licre In 11X7, niHl that bo lias known hor flrer since that iiBlunt remembers Ibo tlmo when ihc, llie derendmjt, murrioa Colo- tie) Fulr, and remembers the time und circumHtauoea of tho ufllmnld Colonel .bat ulllant uuderilood HiM lie, the raid Fair, wu, the of bin death, a member of the Masonic orderi tbbtfllie, Mrs. Fair, made application io tbe flMd MaBODlc order for aid and aMletauce on tbe ground tbal her hnibind, Colonel Fair, a member of Ibe order, nnd toeing widow, and lq devtUuto irta ontlUed to nld from order. AHJant iurtuer tbal lie did present the application, and the lame wna refused. follow afflilavIU from lluoni (honing that M. Beacb, was nmemler of the Board Io wblch 1 apiilied, and ul the tlmo I apjillea, u tbere wan but one board to wlilcb application lor relief could be made. oionox T. KNOZ being nod the Maeler Jfaronn of lodgM form and (.onitllute, and always did so In California, Ibe Board of to which partlei applied, an widowB or ttMeued. Jtuom and memtxmi In dlrtreu, and it wai sod U (be oslv board to-rhtcb to apply. In aeolher affidavit Oeorge T. Knox fnrtlier depnwi tad he was a resident of the cllj and cottntv of Ban Francisco from the jear ISC1 to date, and that ke wai tmem- ter of California Lodee, Ho.1. Free andAoctpted Masons) that be wai M that acqualnt-d with Henry A. Beocb, oneofthejnrorjlnthe knew him as a freemason and Mailer of Crockett Lodge, No 189, Frei ntly was ot Bncrnmi-nto miton. ft itnpoars tTint ffn Uonull or tlio Hiato, In n slmiu of doiiuii- cl.uion atwlnst Mrs. Soli's character Bimllar to that w ilcn Ills at tiio orlftlnal were ftOMirtlons wllhout any founda- tion In evidence elicited flu tho trial, IHCBO vitupe- rative asicrtlous were trnusferrod lo tlio columns ol tlio union, to scut out to tlio world, to lie absorbed by the press of tho conntry; but it failed to snow how Air. COOK, Mrs ralr's conim-ii, successfully disposed of those unliuthful statcmenta of UampIioiL The press may tturn a temporary tri- umph oj its one-sided course, but it cannot fall In the end to bring discredit and dishonor npon Itaeir. Already Intelligent readers begin seriously to doubt any statement of the preiw to the injury or advan- tage of en individual or party, Institution or corpo- ration. Wo nope to live to sue tiio Uiay when lalsc- hood, by over or under sureinent, la a newspaper or periodical, wui subject the writer and Dubitsfier to tbe same humiliation and degradation that fol- lows tho personal liar and faisiiler. of tne two publisher of apewodicalorau the former 13 the meanest, most cowardly and most dangerous to the best interests of societv, as nil must realize who win consider tho relative position and opportunities of each. _ reKember, In the year 1861 Jn renlv to wblca application three Masons called upon me, only one of them whofe name 1 now Alex- Abeli, One or the other two, 1 FE3.L OOMVIJSOED, wuiUi ferysmne Beach, for tbe appearanr-o ietndrtme Tho expression of tho man's face WAR Indeiioly Impressed mpon my mind at time, owine ia-Sremark no maSe, ana tfie f aco of affected In same war. 1 could not resist the feeHjgrniuoh aa hie answer on his yr'ti Becmed to cont-afllet the Idea of a catno for such When (be. jffiiont called I was not t. DRESSED It M_U Jiems one rouat be, to Order td get swlstanee from 1 roj hueband had not oeen dead a year, and too ien I poeeeased at nla death were still in Eood condition. te- ster Appeal to Get Pacts" Before the World Deo. 11, 1871. 10 TUB BDITOB Or TIM Tie most interesting feature of Win. tab's trial, taat-wnicn especla'ly won my aomiraHon and eonstralnca ma TO nnderttise a noble effoit, volnn- faruy to assume tne defensive protection, wMcli saa tppearea to tie in need of, in taw laca of glaring persecutors, was tne intiepid and earnast mannei1 which Mra. Fair songlit to put Herself rtgttt Defore she Court ami public, Tno Jadeo on toe bench eheckeo ner for ner candor, observing "ati9 irss uijurtag Mra. Fair "JVCtE, I HAVE K6 jmd, wliliout icniiiElne that expression oillie iuage was a nmt to tue jury, equlTsjcns to telling thelury she nas convicting herself, which Traa a Burner for their oousldeiation aua noi the tms point I Had tao nonor to allude to In a Snore lengtuy document. EnttQB words "1 liave no disguises" were go well put oy tlie lady tnat, in my opinion, tnat one rebuke ol Judge alone toar to acgnlttal. ApproTing at all tlines honest? In givfR2 of evidence, I continue to and will ever Win tne principle adopted by Mrs. Fair RS Torthy of speual notice ana in ner favor. la every particular approi ing Tne "no testlmonys I Jmve tne pleasure to nana tlie isw TOEK HEEiiD two additional letters I nave naa the nonor to receive from tne lady, sad walct 1 BDJ sure will wceivt tne sympatay, BVES WTTK TEABS, Irofo tne readers of rne as surely as the pitiful statements or ner porsecntlui, -with eloquence candor and natural indignation, Save won the aynrpatiiy of tne leaner of this IBS. feels himself highly gratified ana honored by tne confidence which the laay has placed la Mm through a generous Interest manifested for her in ner favor, ana which no man of sentiment and honor conlfl do ouier taan, la an eouai degree, denion- ewatively indulge. The buprerae Court allowed "flftsen flays for ths Oling of a irsicU must mean, irora the cen- erous remarks of Judge Wallace, on tne bench; on !fie lady's side, a new trial will, of necessity, be paiaoa n unta all the debt paid. At the time tho debl WM Incurred there was eTcry inducement leading me to teller that 1 would be able to meet my payments. All tar rooaw vrert well to members of the wuii faTASLZD JO! TO PAt MTernl months' tattaiioeatr. But when the LeiUlatmi at. journed CU the ttrm ield during the great 0ood in fcacraroento) I fell behind witb my payments, and was tbreateneij with s total low of eTerylhlDe, even tbat which bad been paid, ai my furniture would not flare sola at auction more thtn tbe remaining amotlnt due upon 1C. 1 did noi wieh the ilosons to five melbat wbick wiih them, a plilanee each month, and KE A SSQQi'a on tbelf bit limply itat they would Milst me ai [W partlcub.r time, that In tko future I could support uiYcclf sod family. The man Wflo Beaca to me, Khd thft JoHowlns wordi all the relief they gave j-v ''I ata Burprleed, mndaaij that BO Dandcome a womiin a) you should imd II DeclSKarr to appl} to tbo Magooo for at Distance." Hy indlgnartcm. me ipeeohless. I merely gbowed them tbe door. Ooil and my owa goul alone know- what f have suffered in my with porertr. contmuptlbie Aleiandtr 9. when tns Beach matter waa being Inreeticated in Court, Bent In TO I1SAGB byelatlnstnat at the tbe appfjoatlon tiMs fis called upon the uuir, but did not know whether itwaanuc Upon tnis my attorney went irilh me, during receis, S AbcU'i offlco iW he niUOit (Sentlfy ma, bat he eot ont of tbit by refuitng to see Why my attorneya did not eom him to Into1 ooort I dVR'i know, fvr lUero jna wlm lie Masonio rtcordi into Court to '-1 Both ray mother and mjjclf heard him iaj this. I tools ay clilM hand, Blood Before him, "Sir, In your efforts to screen an anwonhj Msaon, <2oa'a remember you are doing BO to tnc lajnrr of Ibii Is mv dmBgliter, and tor dead father, fjolonei waa Kasoa His lace colored up and he made zni no A. Crittenden was a Masoa, Samaell H. JWlneiie Is i Mason. Aleiaader Campfce i. oonaesl employed fcv the prose" cuuoa ana lormeriy law partner, u i Maaon Henrr 0 Boyed, the Sheriff of :he Conrt, !s a Jtaion, And nai sluce he was placed in that poiltlon How did Be do H? of my Jurors were Matons, and H. H. Byrne, tee D strict AUornej, I u alto a itseon, bui or I am ijot BUT ft, TL JEE "EAOITIO berc M compiled of tie ludeee of tns cOHra, tho I and of Baa Francisoo, 1 have never yet beard of one who belongs to clab woo la ooi a Mawn. That cnb In me nljht to be (pent In th dJcthim- Reid, whom be kfiled, iru a ,r wflB no inflnential friends- ptople of the shoollni; occnrretl oust opposite San Fraliclcco, aati arc IcUkiuint. There has bees talk of aa eff lecoV w effort to bo to ha.'-e bim Indicted by the next Grand Jnrr but It test, tioogb manj- may talk aad cbndezan tbt u i where c-tu yon in such cases Had tbft one willing to forsvnrd and have justice done? Each one rebels at tb9 and talks abont it: but each one win also twnf of ray business afford to sake IS tip." end no In another caii Itsii la a htm a voimg mas, vrbQ had beetl tGarUng his aiicL'.r- -vraa ebout fionn went to her ana demanded to know trna postJoo Mward each other. She told. him. Ill then coujat TOC..S man and kjlled JUn., and was al once Ulontoaball. TT-itn the trial tooV place he becanso "Tie was ishttip to Encba. pitch of ezcltcmentthat he'waj act re- nMi lor what to old." -Rut time H toot to real tie seek cte sister- find the vras DC., io the ads of tbe jury, ll aeems- for becoma IQ be held responsible, astd then It tag a I.MW, I bp. whai twpthtr. no falbor, no xiule .ela-lvs TV SOX THE anfi tie, evca tbonjb Ser ml-id aoa osart wra a wreck at Jroru It teezoB that Campbell aJmost arcutd again add most Cagniiit which, b tlf !flg Mr, Cook'fi reply-, thft peorfe caunoi know to be fmtse. Please try to nelp me li thiSj fox am. poffarlcu cere vlO: t tht IStn lost., an3 BCC for y at Campbell aJmost arcutd t ost Cagniiit which, _ foa ____ pacer oTid. ftoliab remarks tbft rt aro when yea como to analyze them. For when yea como to analyze them. For be sayi bad n6 character to lose when Mr, Jn the same breath, thai "Jlr Critiendca and his famiiy were wjtn me In my >owjlf the were it Uieij tJii ttcond cO'Jd be also f Wito inant taantt for your paljecca acd itlnitoefiB, I am LAL'iiA p. fair to 3tr. Qtcv FFAJ-oieco, KOT SR 1S7J, O. KAB Sltt- J recclTM TOW two letter! of the d Uie from the Dfiii.ii, Ibo line I managed to decipher correctly, I think i bnt can noi aee IB wnat part of tho article It was published, WE! JOT please send me the paper In which It nubwebedf If I inew tie date, I could It Icre. It a alirayt pre'erable toknoirthefajlparUcuIanof a calamity, matter boir rather than be fasusnense 1 could notjEmiber from yaar or tha ttsuedlinc, a knowJedge of what hud been done, bnt ttls X am inclined w beLcTt, that the editor spoke trUj when ho InlenlJon to Around cither jowr cr lae prew here, I ooutlnced, bas been cnhtmizM to oo the Cinclanatl OonuneT-elai (republican) Deo. u.] We would p'refer to see General retlie from the Presidency at the end of his presen terra, because fe are against the cultivation o nero worship and the one man we do not believe in the system of ascribing to man heroism ant industry, the Ulstorlca glory and the productive energy of ins nation. It ig not Tvell for a people, especially a republican people, to Bold the doctrine that then treilarg depends npon the leadership o an Individual. In the first place. It IB noe true that a great people can be unable to care for them selves to the dfist advantase, save taronscn some ons ef the neroea of the day. The people ol tlie Halted states, or a very large proportion ol them, are too much in the habit of talSlng, as If Grant haC crushed the rebellion and iras paying tiie debt, ap< everything worth doing. As a matter o: fact, els performance as President has not been ex- cellent. The country has grown out of debt am into peaceful trays, as It would have grown if any one of a thousand citizens had been President. His merits have been rather In not doing, than in dotne. He Is not an Incorrigible and furious meddler like JLuiiy Johnson, and that is one comrort; and he is being slowly-taught by events, the amnesty passage in liia message being an indication of DI ogress thai Is cheering. Tbe President's eiamDle'ln office hot oeen gbod. We do not cnarge him With havinj been corrupted by presents, bnt his present-taWna has done mischief. With the endorsement of the people lot a second term the result would be dis- astrous, fhs distribution ol offices among his rela- tives and hlB and their personal frleudirlias iniected the whole civil service wita nepotism. The un- wholesome resmt is to be seen on all sides Ills frequent and protracted absence irom Washington has promoted absenteeism; lias propagated tu< tueory that official duties ere matters oj much smoUnz aad riding about, and teas it re- quires agreat deal of sen-Indulgence In the guise of recreation la order to be in fashion. Sot has the theory been propagated, tie practice has "been bromoced. The absenteeism ana nepotism, and present taking of tue President, which we believe have seriously demoralized the clvfl service do pot seem to grow out of inherent carelessness or vlelousness; the President has siinpiv too far ac- cepted his adulators' estimate of his per- sonal Importance, of his indispensable con sequence. He has too nearly accepted the flattery that would persuade a Chief Magistrate that the ofllce 13 a testimonial of publio regard for him personally, and is to be taken as a compliment and useu at convenience. Thronghoui tne administration of President Grant nas aupeareO tte evidence naat he was iess appreciative of tae item. demands.oflpuLlic tmty than susceptible to the allurements or private interest and convenience and personal feeling. The best thought or the country is in favor of a change In the Chief aiagisiracy. The tone of the administration shonld be improves, as It cannot be Improved without that change, fetill the chances are that nothing can be done. The democracy will, In all probabuity, see to n that Gru.nt is ie-eiecled, and wa can stand it ir they can. AEFSEMEfTTS. OIj uipia Theatre. "Hnmpty Dumpty" on Monday nun dred and tool, a start. Ihe piece has Irom time to time been modified, am toe changes have always been .for tne better. W can certainly heartily commend the U o new leatures which, were introduced last night In the .first act Mr. Siegrlst and nis aoga went nil-oust ones whlcl was extremely amusing, Tne dogs, among other accomplishments, showed a knowiedgt of muElo, and one of them, rejoicing In tna uncom- mon name of Jacs, effectiveu tarKs through tha patrtotio sonar of "Die Wacht am Kheln." At the close of the arawZs entree oes in the seooad ons of the most grotesque scenes ever produced In pantomime was oroasut In. Seven monstrous beads, resting on the slenderest ofsplndleshanss find destitute) of bodies, came stalicing in among the ballet. The effect apoa me audience was electno. Tbe house came down In thunders of applause, whicQ became louder and louder as the little men" iianced through a figure or two and "walSed around" the stage. The old established leatures of the piay soil remain and are as ai ever. The Martens lamliy seems to increase la popnlari'y each weeK, nnd their Tyrolean eccen- tricities and the celebrated cat song certainly fully merit the liberal marss of approval which tuey re- ceive. The Clodoche QoadnUe and the Zlg Zass are still The badet is very, much improved, though the dance scene In tne nrst aot is scarcely so good as those In the second and third. Humpty evidently has a Jong time still to run ere he snail .anally tumble on" tue wall and be broken in pieces, BO that ali King's Lorses and ah the Kind's msa cannot pm him together ainaii. We must say a good word also for tue perteo. drill of the presens company. So oerronnauce coiud rnu smoother and and not a moment 13 wasted in low i ootine It toward me. The press la JSew Tork and ____ sic IW. been act. on wbff Is thill Tn-an WOni. brother? We taitm- _ arrn-j Do yon stipposc. for bad 3Ir- shot ho trm-M .-avo bean Incxrceral-d for a rear Tritaosl bail ts I to-ro cr, wlea Sbe There -Lao-itr, O'i'oart.1. Infildcd f< ----------sa JiT-, au-3 caw "sras coneJflercd cJT isaporUsica srotfng ddoctlTCS asicr h3na fcrJnrlas ilia KiO. Tb'y vcno tbca in wad cw-ta -op for -nJdcb was on Ibo of icrfl AUoraay IhT- trtct A.VJTO'T ytUtTlai Srmaad iJraS a ione, meacd wUfcuymurrpresentmr ftftcr is pai before him as yoa are nmfcmij. I LOSE AL2. tmoriiifno', witn an czanipls at jm ;n mCj provJnu that there s-3i ..ODesty and of pUTDOtc ta sooc. I Atd tralr Bony that vour ____ Have oeen so -wroncht cti about U iujd laal I iai e- oecn ice canse of yon t bnt, I trn.r th ed.tor liji J can oTii mtt Tor. u I via other Uuisuo, PEOUJ-lATir Ori srca f rom cari J3TC ytru K itoi rrcspciaS And the tew funnfl all tcttrr Han 1 can c-Dctnrca 1 a Tria j -J-.J Vs ai-a Thursday, the 2lst Instant, was tne day set apart for tne execution of George Beits, who was tried and convicted of the murder of General "Pet" Hoisted, all the details of which are doubtless still fresh in the memory of the HERALD'S millions of readers. Naturally, an that day approached, public Interest began to manuest itself In the murderer and all the singular phases of the tragedy. No man Cad a fulleroralaticr trial; every indul- gence and privilege assed for him and in con- sonance with judicial proprieties was promptly granted by the Court, and at the close of the trial, when the dreadful sentence of death was pro- nounced, the en tue force of public opinion agreed that tne verdict was a Just one, and for the sentence the Oonrt had no option. Jurtga Depue was meieiy the mouthpiece ot the law as !an' tax. a in the statutes. Within the past wePtt, since people have begun to recur to the tragedy and discuss it once more in all Its bearings, some statements of an eaaally Blngu'ar as startling character to be breathed in certain q.uartere. Tnese weie, in brief, to the ef- fect that, after all, there was some ground for thinking that Botts was >OT A MUKDEKEB; that, had he been allowed to go on ths stand and tell als own story, oa a new law in 3Jew Jersey grants him power to do, and as he desired to do, he would have been able to clear JumselT. at least from murder In the first degree; and toat, in short, his whoie; case, so far as his counsel was concerned, was miserably botched. Aa a matter of general oe- llef In Sewart it may be proper to say here that the transportation ol the insanity dodge from its blos- soming place In the Courts of Gotham to the pure atmosphere of the Jersey Oyer and Termlner entirely robbed it of its bloom, and it militated agatnot the prisoner rather than otherwise. With a desire to deve'op any state- meats snch. as these and and how much ihey were to be rehed upon a HtRiiD representative, accoai- bauled by two friends, visited the EESSS County Jail on Sunday ami sought an Interview with the murderer. The Waxden, Colonel Johnson, said that Botts was greatly OPPOSED TO BBIMJ EiTEEVTEWEB by reporters and had declined the day before to sea one Irom a Sew York two cent slmet. said the Co'onei, "I'll see caa oe done In your case." Alter an absence of Inky twenty mlnntes the Warden returned with a smiling countenance, read as piarn as print, "All rtjnt." Botts would receive tne EtEEALu interviewer, and in lie anil his friends passed to the Jail oroper. Tne murderer's cell is -erected on the ground floor, the fourth from tlie corner, and was distinguished from the others in tnat its iron-bound gate was shut, while taose of tie others swung open, tenantless. THE INTEBVISW. Swinging open the gate of the dooaea mart's ceil the writer and his Inends passed in and were intro- duced to rfotts by the Warden, who as he retired- locked the gate on tne outside. Ihs doomed man arose from his seat, closed tne large jail Bible which, he had been readme, and removed twochaus off the bed to the floor, so as to make the visitors com- fortable. .Being over six reet high, he natt when ne stood erecr, nearly tono-ieu the csnlng of the cell- He was dressed la a blue coat and vest, shepherd nldid pants, wiilte cotton souts, Oxford tie shoes and white shirt ana collar, minus a necktie. Though provided with good plam food irom the Warden's own sable, is was plainly TO-ole tliaj ha LOST A GOOD DEAL OF FLESH since tne day of his sentence. He is a moderate smoker, and was emoyrng a aion? with tha Holy Book. He wore the same dull, stolid, staring expression of countenance described and noticed on the trial. His great gray eyes were mure sunken ever- merbOtinPL and not the least prepossessing in nerertlieless, little or tae phrenological, iacial or bumpilal characteristics of tne murderer. In his manner there crops out now and then evidences of a considerate, thoughtful and even gentle nature. In his speech there 13 an Impediment, which mases It difficult for him to continuously Interest the listener in his narrative. His cell was comfortabla as cells go, and was carpeted. On the whl ewashed wall were a couple of cards, sncn as are placed in Sunday schools. Oa one or thorn, la good bold type, was the verse or Acts in which tue jailer ada tne Apostle, "WHAT MUST I DO TO BE SAVED Of Ms own accord he began to of his trial, and went over several points which he considered Important. In tne firs- place he recurred to the point in the evidence where it was sworn that some time prior to the murder he had been overheard to say to somebody that he was "going to have a settlement soon." This remarK was believed to nave aaa reference to Halgted, but Botts said that It referred to his business relations with one Din TucSer. In relation to the pistol he says he bought it so to defend himself against; Halsted, who ha had been time and time again warned had declared his intention to "shoot the Ignoramus (Bolts) on sight.'1 me point did not come out In evidence. Botts said that he had twice tried to sell this pistol, once to a man named .Frank Sirubleu He said tbat alter he broKe up housekeeping with Sirs. Wilson he med to forget her, but wherever he went his acquaintances Kept rigging mm about her and Hsl- s.ed and what HalsteU had threatened. HIS STORT OP THE JTOBDEB. Bolts said that be iud no hope of beLDjjnrdoncd rat whether he livea or aiea he wouia socat tne truth. The house In South street Mrs. Wilson told Mm she had leased merely to stow awai her inrnl- Suro in. He denies Having had any Knowledge that' Halsted was Wilson on the fatal snaday moramg, but learning positively that, she herself was there, Ihougn this had been denied repeidly. Curios me night and earlr morning, he was deter- mined not to denied admission to her presence even by hezseif, and so ho burst In the door. He declares that ibe moment he came into collision Halste-l toe latter grabbed him la a part of the oody intensely scscepuase to pain, and that, wild wlih agony, he pulled ibe pistol from his breast locset ana the rest he Knows nothm-c abour, wnetlierin pulling it out u -went off or tepul'ed be trigger he declares himself unable to state, a glvinj; her testimony, however. Airs. WUsort dls- oncuy declared that JBotu Held the pistol In his hand when he acpeared first tbrongb. the brown Dedroom door, teslttes, she said tnat Hcistca -lutched rouna the body, and for a brief tlmo held his arms. There was Uttle doubt at tns as there is aone airs. Wll- on's sympathies trcro suilwlHi Bolts, and could aefiavo aclpsd aliasSe would- Everybody was mprcsse.! wiis lie stra-EHtfonvard manner in sbe relatsa the lemuis deiaiB pnor to and n tea morning of the jnurder- Bolts declares orttter ttiat .or iwo alter Us Incarceration la aU he bore tae mat-B ol Haltlsd's terrtble Clip sad was injured so that he passed Wood. -Sothing iht> grip or its sliegea efRcts iras deieloKfca it the trial. Had It, sad oeen proven. JBCTS can fca Save lonacd aa lajjoriant tis casa THF Jn consequence of tne doomed many mind being to a great extent absoi bed with tlioujriits of his le- maie accomplice jn cliame, It wusiouad impossible to fix his attention on spiritual mattcis, and en Monday Bev blmeon SiegfrleU, has devoted nearly aH his time to tlio reclamation of tiie wretched man's toul, went around witn a document Bigued by himself. Colonel Joimson aucanumlxr 01 other reeijonslbio petbom, setting fortii that liotts was not in a condition to warrant the hope that he would nave maao his peace with the Joaker w tlw 2lst instant, proi-ceded to jMomatown, whcte ernor llanuolph rebideg, aaa laid it belere ulm. Yes- terday the Governoi went to Trentoa, as d-ld also Rev. Mr. Siegfried. Uctwccn two and three o'clocK tho following Uesnatch was received in .Newark TEUSTOfT, Dec 10 P. Tt Governor Randolph bus JSo.ts until the last la Jjnuary-tho 26th proilrao. B. S. About hair-past three o'clock a reporter visited the jail, nnd announced tho lespite to the mur- derer, sic received the news witaout mastfestlna the slightest emotion. "Why, said tne waraen, "you dou'i seem to mind It Botta still looked stupid, and at length said, "Well, I and then stopped short without flnlsnlng the sentence. The lau is, ne had already been apprised of wlrar, the Goveraoi would v e had entered opcm aactt a project; tne H.L7IES3 OE THBT TBXNOF Off WALKS' conM have no Influence in the manner stated, bs- canse, aa you mayhavs read in your papers, the leaders of the English, republicans held a meeting in .London recently acd decided against nnytBlng like immeciate action in case the Prince should die. H the republicans rn England did decide to act at once I sttould feel disposed to assist them as far as possible, In tte strong hope that their success would be of vast Benefit to all the people of the United Kingdom- Cm: real war, after all, is against the oligarchy of the British Islands and not against the JBngiisft people, who never beiore now had u in tneir power to do poor Ireiand much, harm or much good, and whom I do not hold responsible for the injuries that have bean done us as a race anu a nation by the rulers of Britain. As for what ibis eveainz paper calls the time-Honored method of freeing Ire- land, that s nonsense. THE ORIGINAL PROJEOT of the genuine, original and now only Fenian or- ganization was to aid those who endeavored to up- sei the oresent form of government in .England oy sowing tha seeds of revolution in the heart of tne British is, in what ara known as ths British Islands. The Invasion of Canada was only the project of a number of misguided men who seceded from the Fenian Brother- hood and who gave up the aosurd idea not recently, but over a year ago. With regard to the Red River movement the HBBALD showed very clearly few since that the Fenians had notmng whetever to do wia it> we certainly do not omit taking Jnto account; the expected action of the English republicans. I have s strong faith in them; for when John Bull gets tue notion of a revo- lution into lus head It is very dUHcnlt to wheedla him out of it and imoossible to beat him down. I expect THIS ENGLISH --tOVEMEKT to come toa head sooner or later. I think It TTIII te soon, aad i feel the Importance of preuanag our- selves for it, wnica, I may tell TOD, we are vigor- ously aotng now- v, hether the death of the Prince of Wales will Hasten or retard thai movement I con. Eider to be an entirely open question. On the whoie, you caa see that, trtoueb -vre are now workinz more vigorously tban ever before in what you may bo pleased to consider a hopeless we are laiCinz i anytalng but -a new departure" as ienians.'' j "But about the Eenuing ol 'delegates lo i ts "It would not ba the first Hrne wo did that." "Well, thea, wbat abont tna -secret meeuncs F "On, onr ordinary council meetings have recently been more frequent than usual, but not more tto use of secrecj wnera yon have reporters ol evening aewsDapers who caa ana out seems that have aefer Juvl any existence at all vcno can roaics a crand secret out of Truss everybody has FBEE COLLEGE CITY AND COUNTY. Affairs at flic PnfeSic liavtuients. ETo Quorum sors' at the Supervi- Meeting. Ej-wted Officials at the Comptroller's Threat! of Personal Violence to Comptroller Green anfl Clerk Strong Men Weeping from "Want Connolly's Casa and laneous Matters. The crowds at the Court House and uity Hail yes. terday were not very large, but they were fearfully In earnest, Ko stated meetings cad been called, except that of the Board of (supervisors, and by this Board no meeting was held, as there was not a quorum present. Tne meeting was called for two o'clock, anu at that tuna the chamber ot THE BOABD OP was occupied by only a few members or tha Board aad a number or memoera 01 the press. Tiie Mayor was not present, the Becorder ivas not present; Su- pervisor Coman, suffering now from a severe family affliction in the loss of a favorite daughter, was (of coorso) not present; Supervisor Hart, being proba- bly too ousy la --tuOylng ho-v he could oust Tweed -Trom Tammany, was piesent; Super- visor Jerome, being an invalid, was not present; Supervisors Jtitchell and one ot two others were away, from eome cause or bttier; Cnddywas on Hand, handsome as ever. Welch, good-natured looking aa any one could for. -was at his post, McKiever, Industrious over a copy of the charter, wa3 at his nost; Woltman, wno has been growing fat since election, waa inbift, who has been growing more and more sooa-natnrea slnca his was at tne desk j the venerable CharlocK and the solemn ScUlicuting were also present; and that was ali. Major Tonngi derktothe Board, called the meeting to order, called the roll, found there was not a quorum pres- ent, and tne Board was thereupon adjourned sine tUe. The meeting and adjournment were done np so cinlckly that those TTQO had any claims or bills ttf be presented had (scarcely lime to get into tfis room oefore the memuers had dispersed. AT THE COiTiTBO..LEB'S OFFICE there was the usual crowd of callers for their pay.. The smajl pipe men and the large pipe men called la full force. They thronged tne passaeeways, and after a time were referred to Mr, (Jady, tne wealthy Clerk or Arrears, whose roucdea shoulders and cold, sinister looking lace are abomination of the poor men. It might have been supposed that troanle was anticipated, becaugg j within a lew minutes of the appearance or tba clamorers a number of police appeared as if to-pre- eerve order. In the mam office there was no dis- turbance, bnt in the tounty Auditor's room a small delegation appeared, every one of Tvuom evidently felt inclined to "PUT A HEAD 6BZ2K OB CADT. They were not particular wiietSer tney Dumsh one or boih, and were undonotedly rn the humor to do some serious wort The special dele- gation was ttora the Croton Department. They Had received a portion of their pay without cavil a monta or two since, but now tueywere told tney must make the lorm 01 affidavit so that acting Cady should allow their claims for tne balance due them from their former payment. Mr. Green was somewhat cool toward taem UrsSi but viien one or two stalwart looking mea blurted ouc to him tnat It was "all damned well for him to RO noine to his good irann supper in ins Filth, sve- nae mansion wJule tney taa. their families were actually he sent for Mr. Cady to nave their claims "looked into." As soon as Cady ap- peared they opened oa aim witb being the Immediate cause of thsir severe sufferings! They imputed to him a cursed canine aescent, and told him quite plainly that it they could get bun outsida the uoor OL tee room they would "tB-k-fSZE" HUT SOWN IBS SIACES. PoorCndy tremDlei HB round shoulders became more rounded as an Indignant man's clenched flsc came in too close proximity to ttls prominent pro- boscis, his usual pallor deepened, ne retreated a step or two behind the counter and looked fully toward Earle, frhose race reflected most mistanaoly the shade irom the sheet of TooiEOip orj which he was supposed to be making figures. .Two or three of -he poor fellows actually WEPT AS THjJT TOLD IHEIB TALEa tne others gazed at Cidv and his abettors Trttft a stoical Indifference, mingled witu aa nnnustaEa- Dle determination that boded no good to the wealthy "reformers.'1 one of the men assured officials t aas they were Killing reform partv slner> they woui4 not audit and settle their elaims.'and declared that "3sa on fcecn placed oa sfcs stand, Boiis. <3o j on StaXjour statement would nave bsncaied .LD rsprcsCTtatiTe. -Its, repucd Sous, ____ _ ______ cl5.pH.cTs ana leU ihotrEta. TUB mm wja all Trantoo. Bnt i ray, j tr-ss ansati, ot up acre as 1 waatca and prayed Mi, EV-CT J3SVS COTTJClea IDE OI -BTQ dCT Bl tbS SlSl Jhj- <3o.T3 trttrM. Tficy "Diaycra ten year -wanwajo gooa aaa Jar- Frwurer loia ras my Taatns out u i ciant laltln' so." inalon aumoe polclsyou Ms iJcareisAy -srooaeTfnl imiwMon ol WrOsasd animals AJlOKdhEr Us CTf sonocatotiB more on account <d ilic srcat variety tiTcsenioa. in Toll Knollier of taannic-its oa trrtinn., or Dccsmbsr 27, fit Theatre, m of am i--aj 3i< 13 they Tf onlfln't never flop lone 10j3 unborn Jn ISO jneftimrno ihe folorisl rctamca and, B-acn- personal InjTir.cs, iMJ It was now Bsar lime lor ipc ssroca -ii wi-to iad Ills irisaas TrtU-draw'-r A SC3-.-S 3S TSJ JAlL BOSTTTA''-. A.l.iMg.1 Boas, In ihs conT-HJ af th-o, aecaareatnatassign rep-raca JOTS. WIBO-I with a jrasaonatc love, lie maflr no rolorenw losoroo lis ticnicnce 5s tell lacHasd ?o u.-'O'w JDS Tae Tticrnpson frca Xeulcal CoEejp lor Woman lasx evenias tuiJer favnraKo ansplces. A lair was assemblea at the co.lesc. So. 3S5 East lUty-ttird appropriaia exercises opened the aeir entemrlse. Tjta Free Col-egsy as Ks aame Implies, Ss lo lo ttomcii a perfect medical edafal'on, es- .133 an.. _______ ___Com- Sacaliy- A wu bs w ibc colKss, sna so praciico wnen jrcpart-a. consist ol ininy-iw-o wcess. ins first too in mladlo ol of L ol llo coming team Jeotorcs -sress frill oe <Iedvcrefl in J.LS Oc'llecalo Pepanracnt; Jn ISO spTJnit aaa fail aiore awenilon "win stven w tllal- cs.1 ypecis.1 laswnctlon- A TOOTB IPO cpencd during tte winter .session JOT isejaofly ol practical v, ana nuiisnu lor disstcvon irin IM) sup- The college M sn'bjcct to ins minrriaon of suts ol Kie tJnlvea-iitj ol Sew loit. wlolrom aar Sorao SOTEO property to Jrtnteia, Inr- tire old lore that seaTtn born wora can properly SD appnoa in racJi a casci rcutrnca Trtth JOTCB, ic lonffjri so -oce ihs ana iea CVBJJ strwi of His raaiier. aa wanjOiS, 3w to e's anfl ajrrooa iiiat IS SSW 3SSSBT, forenoon a Gsrman 311100.. BeJa ordcre-i w te one ol ftss -Justices of JSortn Sergen toTmshlp lor vjo-i-Mnij crdraaocB. Oonste'bl.) Eroirn, iitntd Triia ths wAiwat only, to Via rcsiflenc.) ol wis al.CtW wi-BLkCT ftud to co before tbe Jasl.ce. Hjereapcsn Sew Into a TJoJcTit pitssoi., ana in a few jEtsnenu procured an ixs to OIDCJAI. Tfto r, Jjelng ravser rowcTlrfl. wnstsa ifie weapon Tilrn; Jrai Tnaflo o swoop ana bBnefl 113 lu we consuws's cactK. rorrnnaKiy A man was -wlio rashes to Brown's and jfajsably ws CBSOS Zrom men wnose spite or jjarsuaony was keeping tne money away from them. Taey were finally quieted down, and an arraBie. inent made to pay them In a feir dajs. AT a'JiS OTHSK DEEABrjtfENTS there was nothiuz of any interest transacted, matters went on "as usual. At the Department ol Parks a mestmij waa said to be Held, but despite tna boasted reform, the meetins was private, and no record of tne business could be obtained. At ths Department of Public Works the collection of water reois was about the only business transacted ai- thoaghtbe ordinary army in want of occnpatlort crowded tha hauway during; several hours, waiting "tUeBoss." COXETBOLLBB 8UU remains In custody.- His counsel, or some or them, say they do not expect any decbion from tiie Learned Judge at Albany, in relation to the reduc- tion ot bail, beiore tue end of the -week, while somo of the others confidently expect a favoraole decision In a day or two at the most. In. tne meantime mat- ters n Ludlow Street Jail ram-tin unchanged. THAT POISONED jMISTJlESS. Chatse to the Brtof Up fourteen Hucrs fbey JEletum A Verdict of iKarder fa tie second Onio, Dec. 13, isn. The closing argument for me S'ate in the burn cace was yesterday afternoon by Prose-. ounng Attorney SeaL It waa a clear, ttWe ana convincing arKtrment, shotrtna Biaskburn's whole' Hie to be a career guilt toirarts Mary Jane Loven, he sedaced at the age of sixteen and poisoned at the eze oftwentj-seven to jfet ild of ier ol tq prevent becomlnj tie wife of another. Xfta conn room was densely crowded by a deeply Irt- and intelligent audience, promlaeas among wJiich was BT, Dana Creel, only juror ol the trial ol Aaron Bnrr. Dr.. Creel is la his eighiy-sixta year, bnt he is m possession of 311 als faca-Hes. Ha Is broiler-in-lan to Judge SafTorS, wao 13 tryinj tna case, Is weU iciowa in Western literary circle., as taa atitoor of "Tie LlTe ol Bianaeroasset." The charge to tbe Jttry vras 3ecsrt-iy elaborate nrach attention belaz gl-fe-a io taa dlscsssloa of in- sanlty, 1- was set up as a plea m tha csse; out Jnflgc Safford caaisca Slat the Jeclfldh oftha Sapre.ce Court of and no; lie theories ox specaisilons of tae medics! experts, oe tta iTuwe for ae jtiiy. According io taoss s kao-ir-T ledge of Mjbvor TTTOBS ae abilliy to discrimin- ate I'erceea mem at Ute timo me dins iraa co.nnili.ed ccastilMtcd the XDoral .responsi- bility conte-np.sisa ny 019 iaws of Onlo1- Itojurf rearea at nail-past alae o'ciocX, aaa His COBR took a recess, to be nsu time doras jury ssoi for cigars at 3a4rg retlraJ, alter lasUBcing mi Saenff Jo any mns as Jury scraa flffiias j-uiy rahrrasfl a Tcrdsct of marker ta seo- onfl <J5grs3 xi dsroi o'Oocx lass jacsaJar sHcrsrafiWeucs of nearly loarlsea fconM. i immeajaww rowW a mo- tion lor a new M5al aaa Jcase SaSorU set tna log Jor the sd ol Ticro is only one psnalvr lor in tno erccnd oonBnsraEat in the peaicnuatr Jor 3tfe, tro? wa'tsaccwas rcserrcu pa s-cooirat of tag J.oova motion, aca Ore prisoner was reioanaaa to jalC Whsn lu so asar the -eraics Xtacllmrtf Jootca paJtr nun anno, ao waasma em Wlm. Ee heavoa jreal tacus -iaa tsn; ate cjss apon ilic ground, nnd tras lea airaj 07 t29 SnenfT ss If stannsa oy wow on iaa isafl. 'Tcro only on cmM ito majorliT jjclBj wfflujg rcraict of nmrosr sa first In lie ialods ol a few laa sibova TCT- It grrcs gansraj saltelioUira 13 loo guilt of Mary ji pTOpCtiJ WflOBg. u 13X5TOF3 33S43133SB, Jcrety's BtfiJow cKy, oT ECTSloaanATr Txfr ua mcmoTy, lias nn eje 10 ran mala cainca. lw Common Cti-aadl lias ?as39a JastracUsa tns pTOfer to trtns trail aiwlnst of P SATun, tie aeJauHinz Ciiy. TrearnrCT. wloss JaQtoWxJncsa w iSs matiTCJiailllT Js flowo Ttc <rs eenraitsi ara in t5w Oonrt, ifcej aassi