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New York Daily-Times (Newspaper) - June 27, 1855, New York, New York I. Jftitwa, June SammoT Under Hosiery of errary description, and at lowest price, will te tomd tt CLB sTfcJTD IfO. 1M 10WTRT. Special attention li Invited tt this season to CFIITB. UnDBK-VEBTS, Introduced at OUT establishment wrveral yoaraj and -which hart been nnlTeraaJly approved for ttelr UihtneM, elactlelty, durability and cheapness. A. Ri.HKin 4 Co.. No. 104 Bowery. COLUMBIA COLLEGE. The concluding oiatnina- lioo of ibe classes In College will begin on Monday ant, Id July, and lul until Tuesday, 10th July. They are held In the College Chapel, and we have the autho- rity of the President for laying (bat It will be gratify- tef the Faculty of the College to find theae tkru by partteaj Interested In snob aubjeeti. will (bond In the advertisement Annual will take place at Ntn- Wednesday, Ilia July. HOLLOWAY'S OINTMENT AND Wfcole eivtUted world have as with, one voice endorsed to of wonderful as being the only avra remedy for any old wound, ulcer, sore leg or sore Inaal, even when all other means have been tried In Tain. Sold at tne manufactories, 80 Maiden-lane and 344 Strand, London, and by all at 25 eenta, ttlf and per box or pot. GAB, da. ARCHEH WARNER <Sc Co. are now manufacturing Chandeliers and other new Mylea of Gu Flxtom, which for beauty of design and nptrior worimanitxlp arc nn surpassed In any country. BM aamplea at our great dap6t, No. 376 Broadway, Alio, a new portable gaa for country dwellings- factor lei, n two pieces, vli. The Lamplighter" and Yoathfol King In addition to thega will be pre- vented the laughable and Interesting eitravagania of 1955, or 100 Years DtJRNo's mvaliiahlo Catarrh SnufT is now lor sale in New-York City, by CLARK <k Co., No. 169 Broadway Jo J. Coddlngton, No. 713 Broad- way C. No. 698 Broadway L. LEROT, No. T71 Broadway, H TBIMMKB, No. 29 Whftshall-Btreel. In Boies, with name and trade mark in full OB each. Price 25 rents _ (IdrcnLtemanl.) Bliss's PATENT FIBE-PBOOF PUNT, No. 119 See under head of Paints. wish toenjoy yourself rationally go and the exceedingly comic drama from London, The Muleteer of played both this afternoon and eve- ning at Barnaul's Museum, and all the Curiosities of the MuMom thrown in. _ _ MARRIED. In thin Citf. Calvary Church. OQ Tuesday. Tiinr 26, by HOT Mr. Toweil, CiBLKTOn T SAWIN. of Dull do, to film HACBIBTT MCKOMB. of thu Ciir- At the residence of thn nfficiM'nK clergyman. Rev. J. M Wetton, J. LIHPLET PTLK to JOLU, M. DIETER, all of Bronkljn iy In BrooilYQ, onTnesdar. Jone Tfi, bf Hev Dr. Foster, JoaBPH to MABIITTA P.. (faughter of John Cha'ch, I on Sandaj. JaneM, BT M. Whitttlcr. Mr SIMEON N FROST, of Ntw-York, lo Miu EXILV, itcand daughter of Charles A. Kaq of Sou'hold. At Cincinnati, on Tnesdar. Jnne Rev N Weil, Jr., ALANSOH G SANDFORD, Etq and Mtai JENNIE O daugh- ter of the laid O D. Orf-nJle ill of Cincinnati. Al Jamueo. L 1., on Sniday, June 34, by Rev John D, Altigvr, Mr RlCHUtD H. COWPBBTII WAITS, of thii Citr, to Mm MAHT DITMABS, daughter of Jaraei Ditmors, ef (iii me r pluw Bt Lotus please CODT At Hechamcvillo N Y June 19 bv Rev Jrhn P. New- of tbe H E. Church, OdtlDA COHVBKEXCE In HIM E.NMO'I, of ihe abosa'place DIED. ID City, en June "26, LOUISA C-, wife of H'jb- cit Billabonoa The friends of the family are invited to attend tho funeral, on Thursday imt a' 3 o'clock H. SI from her ics- idence, No 2Tt la ttai CUT. Friday, June 21, MICIIAKL at Chatham-it M Tho remains wrro interred m the Cemetely of tbe In this City, on Monday, June a, JiMEb PATTISON, ased 36 friends inJ acqiiMntancex tre reirxTtlully invitrj to attend his funeral, un June 27, at '1 o'clock, from hmlale No 16 Hubnrt-st InlhtiCitT, June 34, CATIUHINH M OLWELL, wifo of Uallbew Olwell, 43 rears. months Had 6 dull. The friends and relatives ot thn family are respectfully ia- her her late No HSt. Lnke't-pltce, at 9J o'ciock A M..en Wednesday, J one 27 Funeral wrvicef at St. Jejfph's Church. Hor maini will be interred in Eleventh-st Ceraeti'ry. DleU. Wednofday. Mar the residenoeot am hther. at Potallne Bridge, Louuxs, HBQ Attor- uey and Mr Luucka was the ion of Henry Loads, EJCI formerly tbe law pirtner of Abratam Van Vechten, in Albany Afur rcceivmga tufhly Bnubnl and eduratiOB, and boing licensed in tbe legal prof enion, ID be went to the City of New- York, full o< hope sod promne, and became connected with Muni Blunt No 11 Wall-st in the of law. After acoat three jears of arduous and too confined application to business, his health begin to fad, under that most uuidious and flattering of all diseases, conmmption. Wben no longer able to at'.end lo the duties of the o flier, he retained home, where dnring his protracted illness of about two yrais, received every attention and rate which find and doting parents and fnonJj could bebtow, till he yielded up tut tpuit to his Uod __ COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. Mu BLxtk PMTB- at tne Stock Exchonne. ...JUNE California 7i. '70 901 Indiana Stale (B h.1 I.MO do........W083 14.000 do. H .H3 971 JtTWO d d V IIKI iiia 1st lloit lid, KI l.COO do n (00 Erie Bonds of '71.. 911 LOCOH Rif. fcl art; 92 lOTOM Riv'.Sd in IK 7d Cen. ail. S3) do W do. hi R.H Fd'dBds K 15000 do. b60 KJ do. .c i.OOOOT H ftAI.Islnitbds .13 52 c i'j .hj 33 b60 Mi .090 5J c 5.' b60 52 M'l 5.! blO SJ liOO 5.1 100 (Jo 300 TOO 3 31 311 do (U. do di do do ...c SJ htiv S2 ..bin 52 53 do ...b352 10 ll'id R 42 42 Slich, C'n SOCleTC and Pitts H.H. 67 2', GaJcniS Chi H R 109 17 flo 50 do 79 d.) 31 400Clev andT. It blO 3i; kCO 31 li U 100 so 100 do do.. do do 60 Panama Kaiboiul. lOP.Vani .blO MIL IUI <T iJO llll i do. do Bo do ilnj 1UJ( 6 11 K 1 N ...b20.HO 110 K .bdO 95 95 .b60 95i ,b3 94i 9J b3 94 b60 94 9t- It li.. W It U 10U1 SECONll fi.OOO Indiana it.. t5 3S.OCO 111 C H K Hs.l-CO Mt 4.COO da W III. R K Hda Kit BOO New York CVn 102J RrieCun B '71 M 6 000 do........... 44D Canton Company 28) 100 2S4 100 do........bCO 28} KO do 030 IMITicar Trans IT J08 do .......b3O IT 50 Cmnb Coal Co XXI do CO do XI Our. k'Rock III 1 a.) .....b301T D. 311 .MO JlIi blO 31( 88 I DOARP Y. Central H 100 do i 100 Erie XuUoul 100 to 3oO alo s3 j-u 1W tlo.....b30 511 100 du..... SB 1W do .bin SJJ '200 Hitrlem RailrouJ Ii60 Ml Reading Ilailronil sj 33 [200 do 93 M Panama kailiuad.ifJO 104 20 do ]Q4 400 III. Central H. H X) WO do..........him 100 Clev. t Tolsdo R. B M 310 do, .13 34j the supply of Prime Sterling appeared to be in excess of tire demand. Much of the business was done at 110 cont. not to the buyer, and ictne very good bills were placed aj low as 100J. The settling rate with tho large Bankers, for crcdtU, was 110J. They manifest, of course, less disposi- tion to use gold in their exchanges, and the total shipment by this opportunity, notwithstanding the fresh supply of Gold Bars, delivered ready for ex- port use by the California steamer yesterday, is not likely to exceed two-thirds the large sums recently gent by the Collins Line. Tho engagements at the ship's oilier thin afternoon wore considerably below a million of dollars, though other entries mny be early to-morrow. Thii im- proved look of the Foreign Exchanges, and the offi- cial statement of the morning of the Dank reserve of Specie, caused a very firm feeling on the Slock Exchange, and the dealings, without being quite as heavy as on some of the very buoyant and specula- tive days of last week, show a general Improvement in 4 to cont. The temporary de- mand and reaction at the close of last week, is evi- dently over for the present, and the Road Stoolcs, particularly, were taken hold of with renewed con- fidence. The sales of Erie were over shares Bllhc Brokers' Board, and of other Roads, shares. The salqtf of State and Railway Bonds foot up The Money Circulars prepared for to-mor- row's steamer, and the actual sales at tho Brokers' Uoard, afford the following quotations for a number of the leading Federal, State and Miscellaneous Securities in this market, for the information of parties dealing in them on the othei side Now-York City IOQ Philadelphia 6a........ Ml Cincinnati 6s........07 St. Louis 6s........... 86 San Francisco 10s.....102} Plttsbnrg Gs........... 81 i Milwaukee 7s 94 Cleveland 7s....... 106 New-York Central 7s.. 1021 Erie 7s, IB73........ OH Illinois Central 7s 84 Erlo 7s, 1S83........Ml New-York Central OH 00 1'anama 7d........ 1031 Delaware <t Hudson .138 Ohio Trust............102 N. Y Life and Trust .151) 41 J -11 10 be furnished to the Road. Ol'J.OOl) TOBIDAY, Jane M. Tbla was mail day for the Collins eteamer Atlantic, sailing direct from this port at noon to- morrow. There was an Increased offering of For- for tlj? fipt time foj Jloney Circular for the Continent. NEW-YOHK, Tuesday, Juno 2G. For three days after the ilnte of our last advices, of June 18, the great anlrmtion then noticed went on In- creasing, reaching u degree of ozciicrncnt seldom wit nessetl In our market, daring which, prices rescind Uielr culminating point of the week. Tho demand, al- tbongh encoding to almost every class of Stocks, -was morepartlcQlarly directed towards Railroad Snares, and the mare current Railroad Donds. A reaction, natural after great eitftemeni, and a re, in some eases, to real tee tne profits offerod by great rise, Induced a decline; wide fluctuations' en- sued, leaving tho mar'ncl, however, generally much above our last week's quotations. In this activity, the European orders hnvo but litttc participated, being, in most ceecs, limited too low for execution. A feature worthy ofnotieo, in iho large amount of various Loans negotiated daring tho week, either under sealed propo- sals or at public auction, and tho groat competition for them, tho prominent of which wo mention below. The bids for the New-York State G's exceeded llmrs the amount to bo nwardcd. In Tlnltcj Stales O's 1B07 and '68, 118 has been offered, without finding any sellers. The rise on State Stocks upon our last quotations, is I for Ohio G'a, 1 fur Louisiana fl's, and 1 V cent, for Missouri G's. The two iatlor, BI well as Indiana 9's and Tennessee 6's wlthoul material change In prices, gave rise to pretty active transactions. In City County Hands transactions have been very moderate, and there arc no flaetnatlons worth no. ticing. Tao great activity In the Stocl Mar- hot has caused a little more Inquiry for Money, but the supply Is fully equal to the demand, and the rates re- main unchanged. On demand, 5S7, paper scarce for first data, according to length. DE COPPET CO. Circular of Marie Hanz. Translated Extract.} NEW-YORK, June 20, 1S55. The ascending movement which prevailed at the Slock Exchange of our last advices, and -which had already become marked, was renewed with a redoubled impetus during tho three daye ensuing, and affected all securities, almost wlthoul exception, bearing least on State Slocks nnd most on Western Chares. So rapid and extraordinary was the advance thai it finally lad on Thursday to a sensible natural conse- quence of so sudden a rise. Tho reaction was consider- able on Western Sharea, less decided on olhor Stocks. It continued to be felt rjp to yesterday, when the Market turned and was again firm, continuing so up to tho pro- sent time. Wo have rarely known 10 great a rieo and such important transactions In tho same space of timn. The business of the week amounts to ex- clusive of private transactions, tho cxlcnl of which la considerable but impossible to determine. We would further mention, as loading features of the week, a con- tinued abundance of money, a marked demand for all klnda of invoHtment securities on llio pan of home capi- talists, nn exceptional and proportionally unimportant demand from disinclination here to encour- age new projects, and, finally, tho decision by tho Su- perior Court of this State, declaring the New-York and Now-IJaven Railroad Company liable for the frauds of its formor agent, RODERT SCIIUYLER. The case will probably bo carried up to the Court of Appeals. MA.R1E KANZ. nioncy Circular far England. Per Atlantic.} Ntw-YoRK, Tuesday, June 20, IMS. Since date of our last respects, 12th inst., there has been a material advance in all descriptions ofataek securities, particularly those of the leading railroads, Tho upward movement was caused by the favorable, ac- counts from Europe, llie promise of nn abundant Inr- vrst, the continued nnd Increasing abundance of money, and the renewed confidence in railroad ataarca nnd bonds, growing out of the resumption of cash dividends in several Instances, and the prospects of a very large Iramc oh the leading lines during tho remainder of the year. The transactions In the stick mirkct for the orlnight have been unusually large. Prices reached their highest point on the 2Isl inrit., when Illinois Cen- tral Railroad bondn sold at 64 New-York Central Railroad eriiarcn at Michigan Central at 104 Cleveland and Toledo, 94 and Michigan Southern 1101. There han since been some reaction, but tho mar- ket doses firm at our quotations, and Ilko general im- pression is, that a farther advance will be rciliied dur- ing the Summer. The new Issue of of Now-York Staler} V cent, stock, due in 1873, was tuken on 20th and 21m inst at 70. This la Ihe highenl premium ever paid for a 0 V cenl. htale loan, anJ the demand was almost entirely for Banking lo replace ofiaO V cenl. stock now In ihe Danking Department, payablo on 1st proximo. An In- quiry for United Stales loans, for tho same purpose, tins advanced the price for fls ofl807-'06 to 119. The offer of the Secretary of the Treasury for Ihe purehaic of Government stocks has not been renewed. There has been considerable activity in State bonds generally, at advancing prices. A large sale of Indiuna 5s, depialt- ed as security for circulation by some of the suspcndud Dankeof that Slate, will shorlly be made at auction, by order of the State Auditor. Wo give below extracts from a late report of the To- ledo and Illinois, and Lake Erie, Waiiash and St. Louis Railroad Companies The last namnd Company bUH recently negotiated the balance, ol its first rfiortgagc bondn, which insures the opening of tho line to Lafayette, 203 miles from Toledo, its eastern, und within 40 miles of thu Illinois Stale line, its western tcrminuB, before the close ol the present year. This last section will lie completed next Spring. Ttic con- solidation ol the two ronds is perlccl, ami their inte- rests are identical. Their favorable location, In one of the most productive sections ol the United States, and the importance of their connections East and West, with which they will form the shortest roulc from St. Louis and oilier important points on Ihe Mississippi Hiker to New-York, will secure fisr them a large mid profitable buHinoeB. The bonds which, on account of the unlirt- hhcd condition of I lie work, have been neglected until the late negotiation, ore now in demand, and have a strong upward tendency. CAMMANN CO. The prospect for the growing crop conVmncs good. Southern rivers are again reported as low. and the chances lor increased consequently dimin- ished. Tho dccrensn In receipts In nrw bales, and in on hand Increase In exports to Franco 1U.UCO bales decrease lo Great Britain bales total increase to foreign pnrts bales, A FHEDER1CK80N. Tbe Snndusby, Hnniflcld and Newark Railroad. A meeting of the Stockholders and Bondholders oh iho Sandusky, Macsfleld and Newark Railroad Compiny, the Mr ns field and Sandnsky City Ralroad Company, iho Col ambus and Lake Erie Railroad Com- pany, and tbe Huron and Oxford Railroad Company, (the three last-named Companion being consolidated under thcname of the Ural-named waa held yesterday afternoon at tho Astor-TIouse, for the purpose of bearing tho report afa Committee appointed by tho Directors, as to a plan for adjusting the financial dllU- enltica of the Company. The meeting, which was exceedingly large, wig called to order by Mr. ABIJAII MAHB, Jr., who nomma- led as Chairman Mr. WILLIAM M. VEFIMILYEA, and as Secretary, Mr. WILLIAM DEOHOOT. The nominations being unanimously approved of, those gentlemen prcal- ded. The report of iho Committee was Ihen presented and read. We give a full eummnry of its conlcnts. The indebtedness of tho Company on tho 1st of Jnno, con- sUted of original Mortgage dne July, 1855, 000 First Mortgage Bonds due in 1650 and 1860 of the now consolidated roads, Second Mortgage Bonds, SMO.OOO Connoliaaled Bonds. Fifty Dollar Income Donds, C. L. E., mostly due and part to Judgment, Judgments for money borrowed to pay Interest, Ac Sundry debts not In Jndiment. for labor, materials, taxes, ar- rears of Interest duo Jan. and June, 18M, Tho prcient slock on tbe ISO mltei of road amount! to SiO.CCO, whila the equipment conalsts often first- class, two second-class, and three third- class locomotives; twenty eight-wheel Block cars, forty gravel earn, ihlrly hand care, nine nrat-clasn, and three second clans pnt- sengera cars, six mall and baggage, 137 eight- wheel, box 70 platform, and 20 ditching care. The Committee report lhat Ihe causes which have toil to thi: present embarraaned stale of afluirn are 1. The cntt of thn road IB much greater than ihe busi- ness can render rcmnncrntlve. Tho principal item of business being transportation of freight, it will not yield so large a revenue nor so great a net profit an if it VMS a paane-Bger (hoi ougbfarc. 2. The (f too large for the total coal, and a serforn loss of buslneas, growing out of failure of crops or other causes, renders tho prompt payment of Interest uncertain. 3. The failure of crops in Ihe fears 1333 and 1H54, oanaed a logs of business worth In ordinary seasons ,000 per year. 4. Tho general stringency of the money market served to accelerate the catastrophe which sooner or later was inevitable. The business of the Road yielded a gross revenue for the past Ibreo yearn, an follows Cotton Circular. PIT Allanlir NEU-YOHK, Wednesday. June 27. At the date of our last rcspeets per Pacific ou the 13lh inst our market closed steady, with iridica- tionfc of a pause in tho excitement which had charac- terized the operations of the preceding inonlti, owmir, to (elcpraphir advices of continued and liunvy rauM nl tlie Southwest. Tho lurge advance nt Liverpool, tnougtil by the Atlantic on that morning, barely raiti <J prices i K nl., and was lost the next day by Iho prc dc-iire of partien to realize on InrRC speculative purch IWH, which they hail in receive The sales for that week, up to the arrival of tlie Si. Lowi on the following Wednes- day, were bales, which Includes shipments o! Kficculntion roitnn in default of sales here at maturity of contract Ordinarily, the advices brought by the St Lows lo 51h met., ol nn advance of Jd woulJ have steadied our market, but the idea ol" ln-qvicr receipts disturbed fitllcrB, and IIB buyers for spuculali Jn did not come forward and an opinion prevailed that the A SKI would not confirm the quotations, which later in the day prove J correct, the market set in for a gradual de- cline. The Itltcrs by the Asm woro received Friday morning, bul did not exercise uny influence on prices a-) our market conlinucd to bo controlled by local crimes. The sales and shipments ninco were confined to spccu lation Cotton, ami have averaged about bales daily. Our quotations are roiluccd }e. on Ordlmry, ,'c. to Jc. on MldillingK.and ic. on high grades, in the fortnight, clnslng linnir. Thn rains which occurred a fortnight mnc-e have nol hnd the effect mil imputed, 'i tie rivers 01 Mobile have aguin rapidly fallen, ufli r discharging about 2B.OOO baits in the fortnight, momly from the Warrior River, end leaving fully bales in the country, which is now very doubtful of being brought lo market this sea- son. In January last we wore advised of bales Cotton waiting navigation at Aberdeen, Miss., on llie Tombigbec River. Thrre is now no stock of conse- quence there, it Imvinp been hauled at the current rate of V bale to Memphis for shipment. Such opera- tions place the early Interior buyers on a par with the freeenl high market rales at Ihe sea ports. Some Cot- ton is reaching New-Orleans frnm lied River, but not above Alexandria On IGth Inst ,ilio Arkansas Ilivcr had risen four feet at Little Hock, which Is 100 miles bciow ihe Cotton flcdDii, and hopes wore entertained thai some flul boats would gel out. The Waslilta anil other streams will all be benefited by these goneral BH regards navigation, it ID too Inte beyond a single trip for light draught boats. A largo amount of tho preterit crop is unavailable, and we muat wnlt for the Autumn. The crop figure will bo unJur The groivirt; crop in doing well, tho ruceiu rnina being of prcat benefit to it. T. J. STEWART CO. .Another Circular. Ptr Atlantic.} NEW-YORK, Wednesday, Juno 27. Our last report hence pci Pacific was under date of the 13th Inst. Tbe Atlantic's accounts were at hand the same morning, advising a further advance of id. V although of a more favorable character than anticipated, failed to etimalato our market, which closed quiet at qnntationa then advised, wilb Bales for Iho week of bales During tlie past week, tho transactions have been at Irregular sales being miHlly lots In apitoii- lalors' hands which wcro offered at a define of le.CBjc. V Ib. Moht of our regular dealers, Lowtvor, prefer waiting Inter advices rather than sell at this reduction, our stock on hand being small, without the pro- bability of any increase, present prlcta, although uow nominal, seem likely to be mainfalne J, if nol augmen- ted. The condition of our manntacturora Is better, the advance in goods for the past two months being beyond lhat in Cotton, nnd tlie requirements for our own con- sumption, even in Iho ab .once of an extended inquiry for export and speculation ia likely lo bo extensive, even should no further Improvement in llie manufactur- ed article take place. On Wednesday, the 20Ui inst., the St. Louis arrived, accounts of id. advance, and on the afternoon of eamo day the Aiia's telegraphic advlece wore rotclvcd, reporting the above Improvement lost, but the market closing firmly at quotations of week previous. Since receipt of Ihe above, the inquiry hue been confined lo small dosing quiet. Sales for the week, including parade shipped from Orel For the first five months of the present and past three years, the business was 1854. 1855, The embarrassed condition of ihe Company's affairs, and the loynen certain lo follow litigation, seems to ren- der a general compromise necessary. Judlcinl procacd- Ings are now pending, innliluted by tlie Trustees of the Ural mortgage of M. S. C. Company to foreclose the mortgage upon tbat road. These proceedings, if successful, would very Injuriously affect the value of alt of the Fccurities of Iho Columbus and Lake Erie Company, (ihe two Companies forming, with the Huron and Oxford Compafiy, the present consolidated Com- and render entirely valueless bjth tho subse- quent securities and stock of Iho Mansfield S. C. Company If defeated, it will bo at the end of a long and severe contest, during which lac properly in ques- tion will be another em-mptiflcalion of ihe fate of all things Involved in chancery." hi addition, judgments to a largo amount have been rendered against the Com- pany, and parties who have advanced money lo pay in- terest upon bonds, and lo preserve the property of ihe Company, arc preaung their large arrears due laborers and matrtial men, alflo embarrass tbe business of the road. It is conceded that the plan prencnted in for Irom securing to all, or perhaps any, their strict Itgal rights. If carried out, Iho 1st mortgtpc bond-holders will se- cure ibe future prompt payment of their interest, and the subsequent creditors and stockholders save some- thing Talujblc out of what now is, and without the com- promise, valuilesa. It In, therefore, proposed as apian of adjustment To reduce therosiofihc Road by general con- cent to to be represented fol- lows The 1st Mortgages an the Three Roads, lo remain as the only Mortgage lietm (niter pa} ing original bonds due July, 1P55.) will be For the balance of all debts and Block, stock lo be iBiued 1.110.000 Tola! r Tobu issued as follows To holders of Second Mort- gage Columbus and Lake Erie Bonds, and ?M Dondi at (iU To holders of Mansfield find Sanduaky City Conn jlidalfd, and Second Morlgugc 10 V cent. of II J ton and Oxford Second Mortgage and owners of Float- ing Debt at 30 cents. Old stock m Manifold and San- dusky City (and Huron and Oxford Block at 35 cents on ihe par. Stock in Uolumhus arid Lake Erie as consolidated Stock ou to introduce to you Mr. IlvniiiLi of Connecticut, who IH a practical HuilroaJ niun, and who is largely conversant with the facts of ill H Road that will be useful lie is present, and has be MI n to be here to mike such an u and if H lj( the pleasure ol Ihe meeting to hear him, I presume tliat he will respond to your call. Mr I) 11 ic KILL, ol Conn., then came forward andinnd> nLjilanntu n na to the condition of llie Road. lie MI id 1 have mi intarcst, whatsoever, in any of the s-eciuil'es or ttock of Ibis it would be proper I should in a fuw words Htale the manner in which I be- came acquainted With Ifie affairs of the Company. I went to Ohio In company with Mr. UKINKHT and Rome gentlemen lhat were interested, to atlond tho an- num election and lo acquire such Intelligence as to the condition uf the Flood as we could hi the few weeks we were to be en the ground. Since that lime. In May, I spent between two or three weeks in Snnduaky us on aibitrutor between Ibis Company and the prmy to whom this Road was leaded from these sources I have had occnaloii to examine tbe Road, the track ,lbc structure, gleaned all tho intelligence that I have. AM arbitrator, I iho lixturcH, the equipments and I had occasion to look with FOUIL care, nt its gRiiaral condition, nuil in the win- ter 1 in atie Gome examination of the hooks. I was re- quested to attend this meeting under tbe idea thai lu? lligence that I thus got be of service. I find that this Road originally consisted of tlirti tilioned before.) forming a Y at the north- ern ttiminue. Tlie. Northern or Mnncfltld and Sanduxky Road was relaid In !Si2, und in Fchru Ih32. the Road, ON of the Sandusky and imd KBiidUMky und Newark, was leased for three yearn, Ihe entire Road having then been relaid with heavy rail. It eerms that at the time that tin; lease, was made, the Cnnipnm hnd n (lu.tlinp; debt which WUH HUH oil lo have Lei'ii In ttie ariicl'.-s liy which they agreed lo llie Company agreed lo do certain fur- ther works of construction, such as certain ouiinrr lions to be nude at the Southern Icriniiius, ind di pot to bebmll. It was also stipulated thai three gentle- men should muke oxBinlimtton of the road anil rnske n stall menl of HH condition and iti neciHSiticH, und Company was to mike these expenditures as reported. Thccc gcnllerm n estimated wanta to the. amount of COO, und tho Road thereupon, with tlicHeemiditionM, went into the handn of luc Irsnce, who in February, IHj1.1, commenred lo vurk. Since that iitno. considerable of Iho work agreed uj.on Iiaa been done, but no sufficient provision for the iloaiine debt eecmsto have been nude, so that it 1ms been a burden oti Iho Road tn the present lime That (act, together with the Interest which wan regultily paid to December, but fince remains annulled, have rendered tlie net results of the Road Insufficient or juet barely MilTldciit lo pay interest on bonds, but on account of the Increasing floating debt, and lac strln policy of the money mttrVel during the last year, the proceeds of the Road have teen appropriated to present necessities, and the amount of the floating debt still in- creasing, finally in the Autumn the Company broke down, finding U out of their power to renew their pa- per or lo keep up their credit. Tho great dUTlcully seems to me to anie from ihe InrgcnthB of ihe capital, which in marc ilia tha road IN worth, and from thai nnd tho f-ict of tho flailing dubt have arUen the of the company. It ia impossible to eoncwo a concern more complica- ted than thla Is in Its present conditions-consisting orig- inally of these three companies each with twa seta of bonds, then consolidated and in that abapc having anoth- er set of bondsland a large floating debt, due and overdue, In all Bbapca In which money can be from the amount ofboiik accommodation to tho articles of nup- jjlies, amounts of money duo looporaltvcuand II tile debts duo ell along the line of tho Road, with everybody wanllng lo make attachment for bis debt on all and eve- rything that seems to belong to the so embar- rassed Is it that It seems hardly Impossible ihal II can go on. Process has been commenced in Ohio for the purpose of foreclosure and sate on Sandusky and Mansfield Road, and It seems lhat like action will be taken on tho other roads. My Impression Is tbat the Road Is worth and will pay tbe Interest on the sum In the najfhborbood of two and Q talf of dojjarf loat Icing with, its present ba wilhorjl calculation for of 1 must saj U Is, however, nmlelpsird will fol low In from the Botuhern connections. I taken Into account nothing from thai source li aprx-arx that In 11-52 Ihe famiiipg of Ibe Company amounted lo COO. In '53 the sum of und In '54 the sum of It should be connecllun with Ihnt atatement, that there been for two ypurs nn nlrnosl total failure-of the crop or wbeat, wrilrb Is a large Item of 111 In 1862. From Ibis source wan received In'1853 onjy showirtu an Increase of earnings from ollirr bul a decrease In this article ofirannporiBlion wlitlr In I'-il, Of only wan received from ttiii fourec, altbnufth tho full receipts were largely nn the Increaio. Now, laktnc a series of yearn, I suppose th'i Road must earn to from La local buaineas and Us nei profit, llie management being' rathir economical; 60 per cent, of the grou equal lo or per cenl. on irtneeipeetallon of Ihe frtt-nds oflhe Roail be rcallred, Hieae earnings will, be'mneh larger. As to the Road Itself, a nonlon of (hn Improvp.mmti that were provided for havebcon made, but only a modcraln portion they appear lo have been more orouslr enlortd into during the lasi season, bnl a good deal of IhcBO have been laid as though cut off by this failure Ons large llein In these Improvements was for bridges the Improvement pro- posed was to fill up an embankmant on eaeb side of the river crossings, and then to put a bridge across these places. One or two of these have boon completed t wo or 111 re e have thereto approximated, while some ara jest commenced but Ihe most of those not nalilied are In a defective condition. They cannot be called safe for any length of lime ihey may be made lo lam, wuh camion, for one or Iwo bul good economy with a dcbl of the IIrM mortgage there can be no ucuer railroad nocnnty in tho counlry. A GEHT., No. whal slate is the machjnery' Mr. good; with ordinary repairs it would last for tan years, or. Indeed, for any time Mr AniJAii MAMN, Jr., of New-Vork, asked how the receipts had beendlnpostd of Afttr soniu remarks from gentlemen, Mr. CAMP, ChrUrman of Ihe Committee, explained, that ihe receipts had bt'encrpsndol on connlrucllon ac- count and in Ihe regularpayinenlofintcresl, which had been dnlj mel up to last December The Company Btrupplrd aloDg as long an poasiMe jn hope. Mr. IIu.NTEn, of Ohio, cillcd on Mr. I'unny, Vice Freiudcnl, lo explain. Mr. PUHDV, of Ohio, stated that he hid carefully ei- amined Ihe accounts of the Company, under HIP impres- mon lhat something WUH wrong therein, but be had pleasure in staling thai he bad loimd all were faults ofmsnagcmenl in the conduct of ihe depart- ment, bul no deficiencies or shortromingn. Mr. HUNTER then ppiAool the necessity of a new organization, a matter which he considered, and which is conceded to be an essential. Mr. ABIJAII MiNH, Jr then presented llie following resolution 1 hat pfopotilion of the Committee of the Unoctors for the rtWIjuitmonl of Uio of tlio Com hnreftrrecl Ituhn Trutlren of boiidhoHort of iho three net B of bonds tecuicd by and tlmt llifsnieut- thtmln tnke tfan Kanif inio conMtlernlion, piopun a mtlurcd plnn fo-Ihe aail future of tlio allmni and hrwinreaof thu BAirl Cum pany, and rejioit lo an niljounjed met ling Sumo canvcrRatlonal diacuRslun then ensued on mil- ters of no public Import, after which Ihe was submitted and carried, nn amendment in lake the sense oflhe meeting on the rccominimdalion of ihe Committee being lent. The following gentlemen were then appointed as ihe Committee Messrs. Slnli-, Dthon, Lane, Ketdiam, nnd James Jessup. Thpineetiiig then adjourned. The ainouni r, fr-r from tilt enmmenrimrnt of nnvif inon to il.p Of (n 41 Sami period n 1-11 M Dcrrraur In Cleveland and 1'lllHburg Road. From thi Wtlisvtlie Ohio J'alrwt. Junt 1'J (OAL TRADE WITH THE LAKES. Thr merefismg nrtivily ilaily perceptible in the trufllc over thin road, Is well calculated to im- part increased conlidencc to holders of -Slock, an a per- manent investment In fart, we know of no ra'lroud iim'Hirnrm, nl the low figures ruling for its m-runnon, that oiTtrN surb iiiduninciiln lo r.ipnalist'i art the Nlock or 1st and 2d Mortgage lltMids of the Cleveland and IMthl.urp Rnllroid Company. The prospccl of a bountiful harvest, up lo the present time, wns never more encouraging A large crop of ce- renlflwlll give- the trunk roids at Ihe WVm, a larger amount of business than at any formerpcnoj, andfiom incrcneed earnings, fiirniHh the means for relieving many companies from financial difficulties. Our own one ofilns class nnd notwithstanding HH finanres, last y-ar. were NO cilppled UH to make it nucensary to almndon, for a lime, Ihe completion of both of the lower extensions, It possesses, according lo our view, natu- ral advantagesTiupcrlor lo anyroad of Its length wcat of the AlleRhanicB It is from Coal slope it has liie op- portunity lo double Itn whole earnings, as compared with thOHc of last year. The lower end of the rand, or Ihnt part running from point of intersection with the Ohio and Pennsylvania Wetlsville, toe present ter- minus on llie Ohio River, pusses through n fine, agricultural valley, rich In coal, iron ore, fire clay, lime- stone and ball springs, possessing at the name lime eve ry ollirr elernenl to sustain a large population Tlnoend of ihe road, uoill quite recently, when com- pared with the upper suction from Alliance 10 Cleie- land, tiHH been Tenanted with indifference as also ihe very mitral that will ultimately prove ihe of ite slock from its present ruinous low price We feel safe in our asserllon. ibal in lisi than tir'> yrars ils capncity for from caul alone, will more than double the north Jme from cvi-ry other source provided the Company are willing and have thv ability to lurniHh first, suitable wharf privilege! al Cleve- land .Second, n sufficient number of and motive. power to tnke awny the coal loaded dally upon the dif- ferent coal turn outs7' To Illustrate the truth ol our prediction in regard to Iho coal iraflic over thr mad, we navo only to go inlo a brief calculation of llie pro- ductive capacity ef each coal interest on Yellow Creek, and to exhibit iho mimtnvm quantity that cnn be dally delivered into the cars, arcordlnp to estimates frnm each parly in by 1st or July next e will commence by assuming a daily average euppjy T n. Trcan AVcllsMlk, (1'itt-Lurg and Trcm Mouth Yellow rrek, Uiamnnd.) 300 From lliiininondHvillf, (liniiimond'iville nnil New- York and Ohio Campari) 'JJQ From felcubenvillc Road, (Illinois I onipauy, and Hiley tV Co.) 270 From Snlinevillf, Total, dully Total. 000 The Itc .ylit on this ijuantity of Coal woulrt, nccunliiii; tothcpiiMnt tanfl. union nl lo IM> (j? innro ihun ihe loin) fron> nil sourras, for the Jiar ol lt-5-1 nnd uf, lliesi- coiiijianiei rontinue lo enlarge I hi ir woiic, tlie cjunntny of Coil that con lie mined will inrri RHcd It only requires, an ample supply of codl rarn, nnd room in CIcvdHiul for sloragt, to devtlope the true interewl of Ihe Road II has long ainre bren predicted that Ihe rncani for tinriHpoitntion of Cuul nvir the road would fall far short of the actual wants of the aereral Coal interests, and we dully bear complaints that this fenr n already During llie pail iHOnth much inconvenience has been felt, nnd at limes not mjrr linn onc'-liall of the cars required for itio Coul mined, could be furnished along Ihe line ol tho dilrvrunt workd. Ample prnvinlons for accommodating C'OR! firjgliling liuHlncBs alionlJ bi made hy the construction of cars, enlargiou ihe mo- tive poucr of Ihe roa.l, and providing a apace at (Cleve- land, no Dint cjcii Coil inlcrinl can have sccornnrada- tioosto trnload. or ship Its Coal. If it IN mam- f( ht that even half at I tic Coal our llgur. H repn BBMI can bcfumiHlied Ibe road for transportation, the interests of Ihe Stockholders and landholders reijulre Immedi- ate attention to this important suliject, lor it m appa- rent Ibal this very Coal Iraflic, when fully understood and properly fostered1, will make nueh lo tbc IrroBury ol Ihu Company us lo enable n to Itu nediatcjy lo finish Ihe Deavtr and oilenslons. 1 lie Yellow Creek Coal Fields, together nllh those the TuHcarawaii Valley, and tlio Coil freights si'nt over the road from Pitlsburgand Cnmbertand, ax soon as tbe road can furnish tlie means for transportation and a suitable place to deposit it at Cleveland, can send lo the Lake Coal enough to produce an Income lo the road of per annum for the next live yeirs. These ea- tiiiialen aio the result ol careful inquiry, and would no doubt be increased rather than diminished. These are important farts for Ihe conalderatlonjir the Stockhold- ers, and to ihe holders uf the fact, they should immediately step forward and aid m iho completion of the river extensions. _ Canal From jAr Albany Evening Journal, June Sr3. TLe amount received for tolls on all the New- York Slate Canals daring the third week in Jane, Btme period In 18M..................... 101.1M 43 IIT Tole-grnph. O'-wroo, Tucuday, Jnne 56 Fr.orn Mils. WHEAT 5230 buah la COBN, buOirln The market for FL'ODB. is urchanprd, with a limln it liusinrns at previous rales WitiAT SiilM lo dsy. tfrtll Kpper nn' prHatr tenna. Sales, 12 IKK) bmlipi, al <jj, from storr. SAI.FK or RTOCKS AT HU TitriJay 1C OCO 'Stcvjben) Kn .1' fcrrrd oai. 100 IH, 1CXJ SO :i Merhamr.' 29f flrrinern K'O I'enn'tN-mn SO 12 000 PitU- hii'r (Stenhcn) S3! Jio l.tiiif liUnd Hailr'rid Second IW li 03 11000 do '78 W.tlU.0 NailK-Unn g.. 'X2, TftJ tiaOOt'Citr Kt.C k P Ml W Kailroad. 4W IfiO dol 45] 100 Reulnu 4'( 250 do., C. fc M4 (3 Hearer Meadow 971 After AlleaJicnj To 6t (flteoben) HI 1 1 000 Cam den ud Amlof Railroad '83, SUOOO City Railroul tr. Ml 1 ON Rrldinj Rjulioad, 4U 'lOQ fichnylkill n P.ef, mi. 3JJ United As, 'M. 116 Ptula- As, a -fo, PnmVflrulat Beadmr Railioao '00, M m. 'nl, 7nlw7-) H. l.nilklll IiUnd Rjillroiul. vtdubnrr BaAmd, Arrived. In itranithlv Auijuita. fr< m .Vn Mn andZrliililren. MnmStrrnlimciMi Wm Unm.jn, lulr iVnd iiTinnl J U Ji I, i-um. M.m JnlinHun. Smith Jli f.V.'liitl.r HIT K A Mrtl ,-n. Mut Emmi M.-fMaivL Sievcni John M M. k-niieT. M Y u HenflPlPfin m ilrh.hl. MitlS C Wjllj lluwi-n. C G IT 14 B KBIDD M n. IT KBIDD Mil N AldMclm'n'Jren J H 1 mild H Jf liKly. Hruij f r D J H Pemntid.J I, Cmel H n Hlrelr, John J Kel- ly, T A. Suutlinnjd Mr- Ifookin and diuihter Mr. Krmi ('01 Camiini C fj" j'rrl D II 4 P s .une, E S T li Chi-flifp, ladj adii'drm umi PUTMUII, H DtTiJion U Ki-angeBU-if, W hit... cliili) and rrrriuit John KchrlxiJ J A lin.wn. H C K -inrilS in itrciue In lark Mart F.liiatrth. <n m Jrhn Allkrn ___L- TIIII on Bun nira 4 TO KOB 7 34 I MIMH f 04 VkiTFH nilP Biridj Hnoi 3 3] GOT Ulruij B U I Hell 7 57 MARINE INTKLLIGENCE. KtW-YOHK .it KSDAY. JUNK X rirnrert. AlUiit.r. K K _____, Unmet 'Hi m l Bremen G J HcicIn-1, fctur llejH.klir lin'ieuluo, Wtieman. Drmon DsriaT K Haiter Krull I'rulndHpfaa.Jxmft on Mimilai K I, Meana Meant K. J. Pelen IJiif a Webster L k Co raruliiiB. Drjnnt Cumlxulanil ir, Cuba, White k Uun- rjin, June" Wai luce. I'pi. n jHi-kvrnTille, Thompioa Jk Hiintir, I'l ilailelphia. Bmt. Son It Co. Klarielloix 1'ilULii.j H.--k Mj.l, White 4 Creua, Ihibluid. Nunli-. Sirnl Andnton fc Cn T'. Cnnriii pTiain, Kirli lluimnia, H I'. Hurk Hancirt ItioJanci'o U I' Iluri k Co lit" llamilton Alt innilr a. Abbott, Ootiir fc C. <i I) (jiukill. W ilniirurton, D Rerun k flnd- derow W S Hirlnudaun Kii ;bl. H.iUiinorf rij k ('IP Imnneri', New O leann. Ijine, Wed Jt to. Melma Nurfull t Haiaid EcltpK. Di lal mm (Br )llui- llulilai L II DiWiilf, (Br Prnddeo, (J'-orff, MK'rtlft.'n t. C" KI rjailvw, El ftfarji, IJa All Cn :idy. Molt Cn S I' Sniiili Burton'Wilniim- ti 11 Uolliirr I'ull) i AI v.'iiatlu, Botum. Widleurh li F Hrnvrn, C.iinlcner. PrnTid'-nrr. I'ropi'llpi Wcfltm r .rl. Hcrrr PiinJaiid. M< IIIMID. HiiliuVji.l.m. J t T Armed. Rle-Bintti'p AnfMtm S a'liiiUi CC t.''uif wiUi nulut. S" I. Mill lul1 MUD Clnlc'. (uf Dcili. n. IVninjt Much 8, wiih Diiiinfgpin I) (i Ji W H lini-iin BliipU II U Mien. Hi i in lUMjen. lirpraen 38 biil- lan nrd 4M iintvenrp'P t" t S'li'-lrn Slnp Vickrljuii. ii.b JiiiiplC witn nugar lo Win NHV tft ai il HIT: ft it t Hufler Hark M Myn.r Wwiniirtoo. dmu 1 di with and miJu-ii'c to L Devkp 19th taxi nfl ffiw a i n fire, plic JtMited tjul itrkp- pHj waf pnLnRd rilick with i wh ir poup Vi (of H.-IOII 1 Hi inti r Palermo April 29, aul GibiVlUr Mar 'Jl. with frml fti .in Icmandrr Ijlwrimrt liatk John Hirwt, All laruiria 6 Ji wUB coal lo r Hirk HiMib'-rn, June 17, to H I' d. Cu. Hnp T Ji'wrll I f Hanc'ii.i Mmy w tli Mini' KI Jlrntt N.ii i, flaidtc. JackMiiiTihr 9 with to Law son Hiif lirliinn, dlr .i t'4i Windior, N F 11 mih p'lutrr to J S luinn t. Hi Ih W indMir M dn In master. d Mliiinnh I.unl. I di., TFilh i-all nnd lit llmtli'i Ilrut Irnile V ml ..f Ulu.. II II (i.n.lnn NeiiPitu 1Mb willi uitlio Ili.S b .M. ii '11- A d> Weot aahnre El 11 lock P M on II, e Hull on {-writ ude of llBhrtjrafc )tlrrw iVck liiBil afi 1 ftflpr Kcbr Wm hnulh 6 JP roiloo Bnd C0[ JUT IM i InMcCrpnilT MottkCo Echl Jlr ifiKjrt, 6 iln wuli fruit lo fl tilt 10 ruder MHIU.H H irti-ukf n It- tMfftr lo II 1! Fchr Wilinuiirlftii. wilh civa1 ptareK In Unllnrr h I'ollcr tilir IV Sitnili Siiirni i vmnni'i wiih rotton, tc te Mr C, Mult t Co Bchr UCDJICII, fc'clniK'irl, with floui If C H Pit ruin Schr Jiinup Smith Kiirinan. 4 dt willi coltiro, mil ricp I" Mi H L t'o Echl G I.ilfl, I.IIH: Uiillmiiirp Kehr P. (Ur JolnroL rnrnnallir N S 7 ds j (itatmi. li> H 1> V.. Il Slir J M Pixilnni] Conn ,wilh ntncw. Schr Kra, Diisiini nun li> E. k It. llnnri Mir Knipftnr I'etrrmn Turin 1. irfnnia, with wiud .Vhr W M KnMi-i Bakfi.ChiM.Jli.iin Umlfi lir ftlelTinri. lluldnn, 1'Mnidi-nrr tnr Virnnia. EJwrucI Amlir-v tan Srl.r llin. I'ln .uli Ijilna. M itli roi .Sclir Mi'jiro liirl Plultuli ITI'IM coal for New-HatfB. S 'o Vwrmia 3 difi, p rn ,vlir M jiy Hi, H.ii PIT I'll i.idrlplun, willi eoml fnr Now Kliiiii1 i of I. n, ,ln.ill-l I' It willi Mir l to H W t rrnrli June 21, ei- IXMH mill n lii jtuli- 1 1 n i K S ipln flfing jib Sdir ah (C. 1 nnli Hut nii.l n Jioni o 'u r 'IIIP l Jidin-on Charlo- If r, mlh (illi r In Ji hn Hlli i SAll V.I) liar. I in. Hirrr- V, fNU fcui.r tt S 'iinn t BT Junr 'J1 Ne D'lruiP bulk H iT7c I r JDQ. P II llaiet tin, Aui AIM AmrllK. Fl UhPi liarV Cuba, br.ff Krte, Am AMiv W m MJE 'nnlpii Arr r.l Si 'l lionjw 1'lih l. I-niKlj lia'fttia km) fid Hit II.T YorV M If [or 1 41 il 1. n I J brinT IPT Hun I' 'In of am plmnnT (i IK 1 ir arr t] -it 'Millie Hrnnm, TI i- -'i -i (l.i W clon I. w il'i.n In, Cijt T'I'III il.VpCliil KIJ thit port lo-day, le- [u rt .lunr'. l IM I' ion Ti' "fi d I) IB with a boat fiu Khr. L hullrnci w Jt ckf f r.iul the Cap! Wm C. MI.MIJIL muti ai. 4 mn. i. t i V on UiirdaiKi bniufbl tjieni l4 nclir CliallPinr. uf, Mauiaa. maater ilA fin lldsum on t) 'jlli u il a cargii nl lumber and pun IIKII.I. iKiurs] In Jeii-inii1, Si axd on Ihe 13 Ih iii't !M! 17 luu (S iii-iKjuull Iroru N W cabnieJ- S( i' iiirin ijaivi.ll) ijlili.ln.! Capt M mall and cr< iemniic.1 rn the fur 10 J.ITH, a tint waUr, fall n.i ciri in r< 111 i i aw a -hip when we took onr mire put) il in Loaiilmc hf blie jjrtu cd to Ihe iulo, Toi.t limn, Ini Pruam fm New York k mil) rn I-IM il mi tmurd M li fl lui itewaid oo in a iliiiij Hale TI i- them ware C' lumnr. (1 Y E.ihrilrr, mail J'eler Kllnu, E HhDKin huknt Jonrr, Kinnn W 1C. nn :n( W.IIiam. i I biink-allwrll June 19. lat 17, Ion 02 30, ilup CoUfiJ' Porlit- ninuth, Ixiuui.1 K June (Hi Illf nunhrrn of tl-r III tat, from Hnl.lB Ini 1 -.11 n June lal 3i. Ion IS (Jullalu, lur Liverpool. i i-nDK N E. lal 37 in, Inn 72 .V, btuf S.ilompin Eaton, of and cm Poitland for lUint-fit ackr Weloome Belurn, from Calali fui ForrlKD ForU. AlC'iiricoa Jone 10 bark hence for New oik June 20 brijr Henri for Boiron in IQdari At PaJmn Grand Canary. Ma; 11, bnn John OotUaburr. for New York in 7 At Et BarUjQBel2, tcbr. MoantaU Bafln, Bobbins, for Hew -York in fonr Al Palermo. We. I Africa, May M, Oen Pierce, Hall, from At Gaboon May li, bmrk ble da Cuba, Milter; ach. uirton. Pendleton, for krtoBluftaa. It Bermuda lore IT, achr O M Robinaon At March 8, ihip Dantel Sharp, for tft Ifi fyui vr dajB-