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New York Daily-Times (Newspaper) - June 21, 1854, New York, New York THE WKW-VOaH DAILY TKOEft. A.TKBT LAHQB DAJLT aomtovr euia- tiWag light Paget, or Forty-Eipht column, and giving reading matter tban any other Dtily Nmnpaper la the United oabliahed BVBBY felt at No 138 NAasiD-BTHBET, corner of Boatman, and la delivered to subscribers in New-York, BhJOkljD, WOllamabnrK and Jersey City, forTwELvs tiro iHilJ CBHTS a week, payable to the Gamer; Single Copies, TWO CBMTS. Mail BubBrribora.'FlvB DOLLABS a nor; nx month! TwoDoUan and a Half; three months Dollar and a Half, Three Dollars in advance required to all exchanges with Country POBTASE OK THE DAILY TIMES tent to part of the United States, paid in advance at the office where delivered per q or (l W annum. THE MB.W-YOR14 EVKNINS TIMES ronusHSD EVERY EvEHTNO, (Sundays cxctpttd Otte iffltion will be issued at 1 and the other at 3 o'clock. P. M. will be eent by nail, or wild at the aaino aa the DAILY TIMES. _ THE NEW-YORK TIMES, A VERY LARCIE NSWSPAPBB FOB THE COUNTRT, IB oub- llihed every SATTJBD AY MOANING, at the low pnce of Two MILLARS per annum Two copies for THREE DOLLARS FWe copies for FIVE DOLLARS, will be sent to one address; Md the paper in no cose continued bnvond the tune for wkloh payment is made PoHtaRe on the WBBSLY TIMES by mail one year, u aa follows Wlthm the County.......................Free. tfnfteu-ettttea 28 cental in all cases must be made in advance. THE TIMES FOR CALIFORNIA. BS NEWBPAPES OF EIOHT PASES, or Forty-elsht QolTmms, made up sipressl? for circulation m California, Qrtgon and the Sandwich [tfandj, and containing only newa intermit to rea'era of the country, ia fvbliehed on the of every Hail iteamer. oenta per copy RAYMOND. HARPER CO LATEST INTELLIGENCE ttie IBaflj BfmefK FROM WASHINGTON. Ttie Treaty Accepted by Santa Anna. Ratifieations lo be Exchanged A New Bill Relative to ths African Slave Trade. Another Disgraceful Affair in the House. A PISTOL DRAWJf BY MR. CfltfRCHWELL, Passage of the Minnesota Railroad Bill. Zftcial Dispatcfj to the JCffo TJorh ISailg Ztmte. WASHIVOTON, Tuesday, 20 In a mrlee in the House this morning, CHDBCHWELL persisted in sptaJung when the House had refused him permission He had come into the House armed, and when CULLOH went to- wards him he drew his [iislol, cocked it, and waited CVLI ojt's approach The of Patents has decided to ex- tend MORSE'S Patent for Magnetic Telegraph for seven years I sin perfectly satisfied of tbe entire falsity of the minor that ANNS, returns the Gads- Trialy w. ith amendments Ho accrplg it un- conditionally, and ratifications will doubtless bt> immediately excUanginl on receipt of dispatches from Gen infDEN, now daily expected A u.oUuii will le made io-motrow to expel Mr- t.i L for a pistol in the House to- ri aj An adiiiesi i> in progress of prcparitton b> the aati Nebraska Congressmen, which will be pub- lished in a day or two ,q From WASHINOTOW. Tuesday, June 20 Much excitement eusH amongst Members of Con- in regard (o the conduct ot Nfr CituKriiwELL, that he shouU! (us IB alleged) have entered the Hall arnud, and wuli the tnietit to commence a quarrel with Mr I t LI OM The ma 'er w ill be tin' subject of investigation lo-mor- row. ana Mr v. ill utler a resolution fir ihe im- medm'.i exjiLlsiTi ol'the oft' ou aud Damned rascal made a des- snort toreach Mr. CHIJHCUWEI.L He was voice.3. out his coal collar, legs and body, several t "No words, "Separate 6.LL, too, wus rcbtramed from advanc- ing to colleague 'Ihe persona in the main aielc fortned an impassable burner, apart from those who litld the btUiguretus t rovvds ijuiekly gathered around them, and ttie grtatcst possible etcitement pre- vailed, both on tho fluor uml in Ilie galleries, The Speaker banged and rapped to order, loudly cull- ing on gentlemeu to lake iheir seats. Tlic bcrgeunt-at Anna rusfU'd up lirsl to Mr CtLLoM, and to Mr CHURCHW ELL, holuing his emblem of office the mire. of order, order, were resumed, and ihe Speaker aull endeavored to restore quiet. Mr SI.UAHD mo'.ed itim lUe House adjourn. The Speaker he entertain iio nucstion until -order should be restored and again and again requested gvutlemeri 10 be sealed. Quiet was finally restored. Mr. CULLOM returned to IBB seat, and Mr. CHURCH.WELL returned to tbe lobby. Tbe Minnesota Railroad bill, after various efforts to defeat It, -was passed by Yeas, 95 to Nays, 71. Mr. MILLSOH gave noticfe tjlat to-morrow ne would In- VOL. III....NO. 861. NEW-YORK, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21, 1854. PRICE TWO CENTS. troducea question of privilege, relative to the recent vio- I iH ion of the rules and decorum ofthe House. [Criea of Good, good." That's right Mr FLORENCE made an eii'lnti alien to the effect that be had been recorded aa voting for increased postage, whereas he was aguinet it. Mr INOEHSOLL similarly explained. The House deba'ed and pained a resolution for distri- buting the nsual quantity ofbookfl among uew members. -Adjourned. New.HampBblre Whig State Convention. CONCORD, Tuesday, June 20. The Whig State Convention assembled hereto- day, and was fully attended, embracing among He dele gales many or ihe most prominent men in the State. Judge IRA PARLEY was chosen President. On taking the Chair, he made a speech strongly condemning tho recent violation of the public faith in the repeal of tbe Missouri Compromise. The Convention filled the hall of the House of Repre- sentatives, and was one of the best and largest ever heldheie. SECOND DISPATCH. Hon. JAMES BELL, of Exeter, was nominated for Governor, receiving 316 out of 329 votes. Tbe proceedings were very harmonious and very en thuaiaslic. Speeebes were made by Messrs. JONATHAN TENNY, JOEL EASTMAN, DANIEL CLARK, and others The universal dasire apparent was to join all men of whatever political affinities to regain what the North has been deprived of by the joint action of the Slave power and us Northern allies. A long series of resolu- tions waa passed, from which we select the following Knoli fd, That the rulubiuon of Slavery by the Ad ot Ib20, Known UH the Missouri Compromise, as well as ihe time when, and ilie circumsiances under which the A.el was pasaxd, pledged in Uie most soltmu manner iba Taiih and honor of tho National Government, and of thofe States which euM.nn Slavery within ilicir borders, against the eal ol' tlm sume. Resnh rd, That (he repeal of that prohibition by the Nebraska and Kansas hilt is destructive of mutual con- fluence bitvvwuihe States uf ihm exposing (he Union to imminent inconsistent with tho fundamental of natural justice, and la de- structive of all confidence in integrity, good faith, and hi nor ot Uie Natiuunl and Siaie Governments fa- voring enclirri enl Ki solved, Thnt the people of the Free Siaiea ought at oner lo tu] f any surf nil, pro( er mea ures in lliclr power {reduce a repeul of as much 01 ihe Nebraska Kansas bill as abrogates Hie pro'iibiuon of Slavery Uie act ol lb-0, and lo labor ai all times until pro- hibition shall be restored. Kesolviil, That as a porlion of tlie [lenplc of the Free Stales, we will consent to ihc admission of any Male fri m llu Territory ill wlncli it prohiujled by HR of unless slmll be forever excluded Iltioheu, That the attempt lo pvtrnrl Slavery over a fust from whu-h it eiiluded by htw, wjth thi- Cdiisi III ol the Slmfholilinj; Siati's, Oiifrlit to awaken die [Tm of tlie I'reo St.rcs Iu tho aggri-isup character "I an a poliiii-nl power, and to unire them in liobiilii] lo us existence in any Territory n ns-fs'-cd, orwhirli nm> Hi bo anjiiired bj ihc I'nKeil Sm'es Tim- we avow our determination lo aiauit b, Hie comp.'Ci nlrcnK made, creniiiig an ine- (inaluy of representation in ol tlic >Iivo Suite" now in ihe I moil, yet a t'efent self-rcspei-i forbids the siun ol a (principle tti lo tho formmien ol snv political cunruciion witlirotinlririim now in the 1 nt. n upon 'Hch m leims H- iii.rnl, 'I hat iho kn n an tile Slnve 1 u'd IH nioiliflc'l to fur as lo provide lor llu ilirivt nnd Irml by in mo plm.e where the pi ruin dunned as a siaie, is found nn we do, irmt dc'-j- iiijusnct is to be Iroiu the prejudiit in Invnrnf liberty in the Free I-iu'e-j, rather thju truin ihe opi os.te [irejuilice in the Slave IK-Mrnotivr, Fire at Plilladelphin. I'ltiLjiDEi.FiN i, Tuesday, Juno 20 The large Cotton anil Woolen Mill, on Ji-fTcr- fon and MilHin streets, Kcnaingcon, -wan totall> de- ptrojed by lire afternoon, caused it Is said hy Uie friction of ihe machinery About 300 persons were enipl.'.xed in the the means of escnpe by the stairways being cut ofl" the flames, many hail to be lowered by ropes, several wore linn by falling are afloat thai several per- aons pensbeil in the (lames. There were 130 operatives in the building Ihe fire commenced, and as tbe stairs were almost Im- mediately enveloped in names, a tembio scorn- ensued amongst itiose In the upper alorleg, mostly females, who screamed fYantlcally for help, and commenced jumping from the windows. But for the active exertions of tbe firemen, with their hooka and ladders, all must have per- ished. It Is reported tnat Bftoen persons are missing, and three HTSS, a man two yjiMg glrla, ore certainly lost. THOMAS HILL, brother of owner of the factory, 18 amongBi Cne miming hv 10 sleep la au BOHdlng about 3 o'clock, and boa not been seen since. A man named M ACKLAY jumped from the third atory and broke boih his legs. A. female who jumped from tbe fourih story, also broke both her legs. Tliree sisters named McHBiDE, were terribly injured one let herself down Ihc es of the hatchway from tbe fourth story, and an. other rushed down the burning stairway and wan badly burnt A large number were Severely burned about the hnnds and face. The building was occcnied by Mr RIVEB, Messrs Ifot'oiiTON, ROE PHIILIPS, and Mr HOLT Kach firm Imd large stocks of goods and materials, all of which were entirely rtefUrojed The of Mr HILL, (Ibo former owner of the adjoining, and another ur occuriitd building were destroyed. The loss is estima- ted at 030. Fxtcnsion of IrTortie'H Telpgrnph Patent. WASHINGTON, Tuesday, June 20. The Commissioner of Patents has rrnrwcd the Morse Telegraph Paleiil, of June 1840, for the term of seven years Professor MORSE having disclaimed so mui-hof hm Pighlh specification as brings it Within the deriMion of ihe Supreme Court in the recent of O'ReiMy The application on behnlf of Professor MOUSE was 1'rosecuied by Messrs P H WATRON, of thla city, and OKO HARDING, of Philadelphia. It was opposed by R. II Gut ETT, <if Washington, and MARSHALL LF.FFSRTB of die BAIN interest, and by R W p M. EDSOX, of New-York, repre- Fcntmg tlie Hoist interest. hai e reason to think lhal our forrripomlcnt is in error, and apprehend tlicrc wan no ca nest opposilion from either of the gentlemen namtd.] TUe FugliEve Slave Hailrond Oppo' CINCINNATI, Tuesday, June 20. U S Commissioner CARPENTEB, publishes a long communication in (he Gazelle denying the consti- tutionality of thai portion of the Fugitive Slave law making li the duty of Commissioners to Issue warrants and hear cases. He says he hart refused and will con- tinue to rtfuse lo issue warrants. The Little Miami Railroad Company have followed up Ihe Cincinnati, Hamilton and Uayton Company in reducing tlie fares, nnd jmasengers are now taken to New-York for 50. State Temperance Conven- tion. LOWELL, Tuesday, June 20. The Massachusetts Stale Temperance Conven- tion assembled, ihis evening, m Uuntmgton Hall. About 1, 5nn pi-rsuni were present S B MACK., Mayor of LowcOl, was chosen President, .pro tcm., and on talcing ihe Chair mado a brief address. Prayer was offered by Rr' U C EEDV, of Lowell. Rev. A. A. MINOK, and others, addressed (be Convention- Committees to nom- m.ite a board of officers, drafc resolutions, were ap- pointed, when the Convention adjourned till to-morrow. Conrt of Appeals. ALDANY, Tuesday, June 20. In the Court of Appeals (evening session) the argument in cake No. 3 was concluded. No. 4 on ar- gument The Calendar for to morrow is Nos. 5, 67, 80, 10, 11, 13, H and 15. The Mall for Severe Thunder. BOSTON, Tuesday, June SO. The Mail for Europe closes at o'clock to-mor- row morning, nnd the Niagara leaves at 10 o'clock A violent thunder storm, accompanied with rain and hnil, visited the South shore last evening. Tbe Unita- rian church in Kingston was struck by lightning and considerably damaged. A house wan struck in North Ilridcewater and ojie mnn killed. A large quantity of hail fell In Taunton. Tlio IJqnor hi Philadelphia. PirtLAnELruiA, Tuesday, June 20. Mayor CoNmn held llic first hearing this morning of Tavcrn-kccpcre, charged will! infractions of the Sun- day law Wuneenos m ten cnsps wore examined, and the defendants held to bail In each for trial, on the charge of keeping disorderly houhcs Among tho de- fendants were Messrs. GUY, BAKR, MOONEY, and othor prominent Tavern-keepers. Destruction of n Mill Drun, WORCESTER, Tuesday, June 20. Yesterday afternoon, the Factory dam nt Union Village, in Holden, gave way, carrying with it the bridge and wing building of tbe Factory. The building was forty feel wide and from forty to sixty long, and was filled with valuable machinery. The damage Is about It was owned by JOHN PARSONS, of Boston. The Southern Accident. BALTIMORE, Tuesday, June 20. The New-Orleans papers of Wednesday last are received, but contain no news of Interest. The train from Philadelphia, whon crossing the Sus- qoehanna at 2 o'cl ck this morning, met with aa acci- dent. ADAMS CO.'B Express car ran off the steam- boat into the iver, and de ained tbe train until 7 o'clock. The mail car passed halfway over, but was drawn back. The Snsqnehanna Railroad. BALTIMORE, Tuesday, June 20. The second branch of the City Conncil has passed an ordinance consolidating the Saeijuehanna Rnilroad, over the Mayor's veto, by a tbroc-fourths vote. The first branch will do likewise to-morrow. The Expected Steamer. PORTLAND, Tuesday, June 20. We have received nothing from Halifax amce yesterday, the telegraph not bdmg In working ordar to- day Tho Canada is now ten day s out, and fully due at Halifax. _ "Non-Arrival of the Canada.. HALIFAY, Tuesday, June There arc as yet no signs of the n her clevemli day oui. The weatherhcrc 19 foggy THE TU11F OP 1854. The Races at Union Kxcito- Itidcr Thrown from lila The Parse in Entries for To- Day. The running races of the Spring meeting over the Union Course, Long Island, woro lommencerl ymlerday und will continue for three days. The race for the Ural day was announced as follows Union Course, June 20, ai 2 P. M. precisely. I'urae of Mile heats lieHt Uirci; in five. Mr names i-li. a. Emigrant Mr. GALAOER, Red Jncket, Mr. H. FIELDS enters ch. f Ellen Bntrman dross, blue aiid white. Mi. D. GARRETSON enters b. H. Hay fly dtesB. green. Tlie day WQB very line and the tarn out of New- Yorkers aril uirfmen from abroad was quite large Tbe owner of Ulltn Batcman entered his ccleliratcd horse aflf r the box had been opened and the entries taken out" Her.oc there were only two Hordes left to go in for ihi: omcst It was n damper nn (lie audience when they nticertaini d that no emriox had boen received for iho two mile riioe, for which n purse ot had been an- nounced by tho propnelor of ihc Union ConrHe. We team that Cnpt MIII.ER, nf Brooklyn, went to the pro- prietors ofthe track, and mailc known his ilesire to enter a couple of celebrnted horses for tlie two nnln licais The hour had passed for llic enlries lo be made, when Ins application presented, nnd Ihc Captain wati ruled out. As the name of ihe ropul roccr KlUn Bate- munwasgnen In (he programme, tlure were a large number of bets, (ni (lie cjilijs lo maile mf.ivor ofthe Dalemaii but all of tlieni went off, as ihe entry vi n' declared illegal lij Uie juJges under tlie rule, aa annexi'd, Bunted from Uiu ruU'H mid reyul.inojis of the New-York Jockey Club of 185-1 Rule 15. All entries of liorKei for a purse shall be made in writing under, aiiiku'iui d to me of ihc Ciuli iinddcjiiiailcd in tli< box kept for ih it pur- pose, nt the usual place of meeting of the Hub, brfore 5 o'chick in Uie altcrnoon of thr day of the ran; lor whivh the entry is made. entry shall contain the enirnnce money, nnd state ihe name, age, roloe, Sex, and ptdigrve of the horse cnlcrcd, and drsenboltie drews of llic r of aucli horhe. Alter TJ o'clock of the after- noon of the day prerodiug a pur-e rac-, no other addi- tional entry shall be allowed to be made for that rai-c, ami no entry shall be recclvrd or recorded thnt does not coninin Hie entrance money. Tlie entries ro- ceivcrl Rhnll be drawn lYom Ihe box by tlie Secretary nnd declared at 5 o'clock of ilie afternoon of the day luf-rdliin the day rare m the presence of at least ihrer mpmbern of ihe Club, and the horses ao en- tered shall entitled to ilie track in the, order m which their names are drawn In H-vecpsidkce and matches the Judges shall draw for the track at ihe stand. Tho Judges having determined to exclude Ellen Batt- WIIELPLEY came inlo the Judges' stand, and remarked as follows Geutlemcn, I am requested by another gentleman to ascertain whether there rnn any other hones entered for this purse by paying double entrance ftejl" The Judges were unanimous In deciding ths reqneat was oat of order. Mr. WHBIPIBT said It waa the role IB olden times to permit additional hones to enter in the ooiUMl by the payment ordanbto entrance money. The hones thai left to go to tfie race were May Fly and Emigrant Pat. The dUtanee for tha horses lo start was <5 yards from Ihe Judges' stand. The May Fly won the pole, and aa the horses were called up by the Judges, they were placed at the end of the distance designated in the rules for one mile beats. The horaes looked exceedingly well, and tbe fa- vorite of tho day WHH the sorrell horse, which Ihe rider drraeed m green bad the management of. They had a beautiful lead off, and kept side by side to the firet quarter, which they passed in thirty seconds. They kept tight and tiglu until approaching lite half mile pole, when Ihc Judges proclaimed tlie time, 59 net- onds. Al this period May Fly was enllrcly clear of Pat until lurning into Ihc home stretrh. -As Uio liorses dartrd around the lower turn they lapped for a long djntance, nnd the was accomplished in the Rhnrt npnce of 2 minutes and 3 seconds by May Fly The other horse glided down the road swiftly and was soon a longdistance ahead ol his competitor, Emi- Pntihrew bis rider oft'and was declared distanced. 1 he Judges were found fault wuh for their decision, and we subjoin tbe rule by which they were governed. Rule 30 rider, after a heat is ended, musi repair lo the Judges' stand, and not dismount from Ins, horko until co ordered by the Judges, and then thein- telvce carry Iheir saddles to the scales to be worried, nor shall any groom or oihtr person, npprouc1! or sny horsi- uiiiil after his rider sliull lime di-mounted and removed his saddle from Ihc horse bj on'.er of tbe Judges. A rider dismounting without such permission or wcntlng more than one pound of hu proper weight Eliell be declared distanced. The owner of tbe oilier horse cluun-i to have won the race and objected to the mone} hems Rtve.u up. They assert that their horse was not dlsianeeil under Ihe role here Annexed Ru'e a rider fail from his liorse, and another person oPmifflcieiii weight rides the horse into the Judges, Mand, be shall be considered as though the rider bad not be returns to the pi nee where ihe rider fell. In order lo test the correctness ofthe Judges' decision, n wsgcr was made by one of tbe Judges that the decision was right, and Mr, JOHN C STEPHENS was chosen as ttiu umpire in the disputed matter. TIII; RACE TO-DAY Turing tlic nbove proceedings, the following entries wore made for tbe races to-day. THE THHEE MILE KEATS. Mr. A. II. YOUNO mmes for the three mile race, the bay marc Di Clapperton, 6 years old, white and blue; and McCnON, Eaij., enters the chestnut colt Dizzy, 5 years old. Emigrant Pat and the Maid of Orleans were cn- tertd for the mile heats, best tllrce in five. It was aiilicipated that a serious difficult} would take place on the Iruck between the champion of the Ameri- can JOHN MOHRISSY, who csmo in cullls-jon at the Inatnnre of the loiter. It there Is a grudge existing with MOIIRISSY against IYER, growiag out of tlie fight with SULLIVAN nt BOH- ton Four Corners. No blows were struck, and all passed off quietly. ____ Musical. Tho Music u, CONOBESS at the Crystaf Palacr should be attended by every one having the desire to iear good music performed in the beat possible manner All tlic additional bands (including DODWORTH'S and the Ocrmanta) are now incorporated with M. JULLIEN'S monstre orchestra, and the ensemble is now of a moat j-crfcet character. In addition to this great attraction, eminent vocal and instrumental soloists perform every evening The programme for this evening is one of the most varied we have yet had, and introduces many novelties It Fhould be borne In mind that the Musical Congress cannot continue beyond Ihc present week. On Monday M. JULLIEN takes his farewell of America. The pro- gramme for that occasion will be found nT another column, and we direct attention to ihe statement tbal tills is tbe first and only benefit M. JULLIEN has had in this country, the proceeds of tlie previous occasions ImMng been tnken by the speculators. It must be a bumper. _ Theatrical. WALLICR'S Signor LA the conductor of the excellent orchestra of this establish- ment, takes a benefit to-night. The attractions are of an unusual character, and Include dancing, and in- strumental muiic Among the volunteers we notice ibe names of Metdnmce SOTO, ROUSSET Sisters, LEEDEB, POZSONI, A. PRICE, and others. PAUL JULIEN, iho greatest violinist of tho age, wilj also assist. We trust there will be a crowded house. The Boston Transcript has enlarged. Its osnal excellence covers its added area even ae it does the older parts. The Fugitive Slave Cases at Cincinnati. We publish the following continuation of the ex- nmlnation of the Fugitive Slaves at Cincinnati, from the Cincinnati Gazette of June 10 THIRD DAV. Half-past 9 o'clock. A. M BIJC fugitives claimed by V m Walton, were again brought in. Mr. Gltcbel, alter some efforts to converse with the fugitives, stated tu the Conn that he was not permuted by the officers (n charge to wifli tliem In pri- vate. The Commissioner ditecfld the officers to allow him to converse wilh tho fugitives as he might dmlrn lie was then permitted so In do QBH After conversing with them, ho stated that he winueo to consult with his colleague, Mr. Johffo, who was not in Court. While waiting for him, the other fugitive,, whose case bad not jet been examined, was brought in, and the following testimony was taken in his case Ephraim Blamkenbicker sworn Reside in Doone county know the prisoner, Lee have known him ever Alnce he was born he Is 22 years old he waa born in Boone county, Kentucky, and has resided there ever since as a slave, till his escape laat Sunday night, 1 brought bis mother from Virginia, in 1829, as a slave, and I owned, her when this person was born he was lorn a slave, and I gave him to one of my sons when he pot married my aon died 15 or 10 years ago can't stBtc the precise time my son's wife died about two jears after; they left two children, Elizabeih Ann and jQpper, now both living, Cross-examined Saw Lee last, 5 or 0 weeks sinco I Ih e three miles from wiiere ho lives saw him last A my houfe he lives with Gabriel Jones baa lived wuh him row is tho fourth j ear he Is not my slave I consider him as belonging to my grand-children, as heirs of my ton, hua hi longed to them ever since their father's iltalh he has never been sold my son owned him lour or five years 1 never gave my son a bill of sale of him no papers passed respecting him an administrator was opf oinlid on my SOIJ'H cHtale, who made, a sale, but Leo wns not uiclndrd inn, know nothing about tho cicapc only from biarlnjr. Mr Kerehuin then ofEcrrd In testimony a traiiacripi of ihc Rrrord of TJooriu County, by winch It aupenred tluU Hie w IH unpointed guardian of Eliza- beth Ann and Jasper filankenliickor, children of He.iry Llnnkenbickcr No being made, it wnu received. Robert HlanktnbickfT, Son of the preceding wllnesu, sgcd 30. This witness confirmed the state- imntH of fnther, rrapecting ihc age, condition and the cliiim uron the fugithc as a slave, Mr. Ke'chum here handed witness ihe record nbnvc n furred (o, and asked him if Ins brother was itic person ulludf d to in the record Mr Citcbe! objected Tho record referred to Hein ninnkcnbicker. The wilness had said his broth, -v name uas Wm. Henry lllnnltennirkrr He objected to their introducing tcbliinony to contradict the record tliej Ailcr some jJiucuBiion, the Commiiisioner pcrmilled the question to be abked, nnd --unl tlie per- on n.entifntd m (he record was brother, tliii Inn brother was generally called Henry, and thM hafre- (iutntiy wrote Inn name Henry, though his real name wa- Wm Henry. The fullier, Ktibrnim Blnnkentnrker. was rernlled nnd stnltrt that sou was generally tailed Henry, and wan (lie erson rcftrTfd lo in tlie record Ward nworn Know ihft man l.ep now present as alien, Jr who had pcijurcil lnmKelf by Baj mg that tht claves were all IIJK, and his testimony was therefore- lie also contended that not only tins bubo, but the two bojs, anil .folin, could not bo fugitives there WUH no evidence that they were fugitives, mid therefore ronlil not be rlainifil under tin- l-'iigiiive law, ai they were bi ought into thin Stale without any volilionol their own. H< jl-o n viewed the teslimonr Uie siliers, unc! contended there was no evidence they hail escaped Irom slavery, or bad not come by consent of their I n (mi g the ronhiitiltinnnhly of Hie law, he .'i n li (ol Wisconsin) decision rcapecliog it i abi n mended that ihe evidence respecting ihe ip by which l.rc waNcItnmcd Mi nrrc Tiler briefly responded ill behalf of the claim- .mtx iinii Mil micied the case. From the Cincinnati Commercial We have the following report of United Stales Commissioner's decision THE FUGITIVES Mr. 1'E.vDFiiy, U S. Commissioner, said In gmng n decision in ihls ease, we feel Hie responsi- bility of UN nature, and would that It could be avoided. Wuosuoiib which havo agitated the whole country have niiKen in tins case, and I must congratulate our citi- zens upon tlieir goud behavior since its commencement. 'lliej have not proved tliemwehes fanatics, as in other our instances of which have BO recently taken mi. met legal question raised by the coitnnel for the delcm u is, (list, sutinfi as a Judicial officer, und believing emiM notions1; that Slavery is a sin, 1 cnnnol decide ihc Inw to be constitutional. We will briefly say, in reply 10 ibis ivuesiion, we, in our private opinions, do coiiEcientjoutly believe that Slavery is a sin but, at tbe fan.o unic, we believe, aa might a criminal judge, v ho believes that capital punishment was wrong, ruut. to an examination of the condition of the m n, bji a glance satisfied them thai life was ejtmet Ills liend sn'd breast were and mutilated, and both of legs broken by the explosion Shortly after the occurrence of the accident, a coro- ner's jury was empannpled, when it appeared in e> i- dence that the man who had lost his hfo was a slave belonging to Mr OLivm NKEI.V, ol Misnmmppi Umi lio was a blarksmith hy irnde.nml had been in the employ- ment of Hie at) at the gasworks upwards oftwo years that be formerly belonged to Mr EDWARD SYDNOB, ol Hanover, hut had been recently purchased ai a very high price by Mr. he had frequently manifested d a- contcnt ai the eliange of owners, and that not a donbi existed he hadpmposcly applied a lighted match la oni of the pvnfyers, and liad thus aouglil to blow Uie gas worku, regardless of Ilie consequences lo himself, and tlic lives and property of oilicra. In support of this opinion, it appeared that the purifycrs which had ox plodcd liad been cleaned out a short lime previously, slid Iinrl nol her n boih contained foul air or gas, winch would explode by ignition, and thai ihe pofiitmn. of the mau at the base ofthe wall In from of the punfjeis, covert-d, OH his bnily w.ii, with fi ogiiicrilf) of Uiu lids, showed thai lie wan on ilie lid of one ofthe purifyers when the explosion ocrnrred In flirllit-r sujii.ort of this opinion it appeared tliar (lie man worked in a different he Imrl no lju'lncf s wlurli lulled him lino the purifying sparimriii Itu' iircKsurr of gas. even whcni'ie purifje's were in full vas never sulficient of ithi-lfiti CHIKC an ex- thai (lie presence of Incifi r mutches in ur ilie punfjersiind also to ihcconclumini itiat His mnn ru- llu- plug HI tin-lid of one ol Ihc punters anil ap I lied the lighted matrh Afier pHlifiiil) he.inug ihe evi- dence, the Jury gave as their vcnhct Dial the JOHN, eniplojedas a blaclismlih In ilie gaw works, 1-fi his work mid went Into the nuiilMng niom. wtirrc his business did net call him and finding vahc'in one of tile panfjera neceseanlj open, sol fire in by lulling liiniulf, Ac The concussion produced bv ihc eiploBion iiijnrcd ilie hiuliiing lo ihc ex1-ill pro ,aU) ol bui no iiilrrruiition will rike place in the geiicr niion or jiurificniion til ihe mill ilirifw no i.n ui venlenci will result lo ihn uhln Tlic man Jons is re- presenlid to have been a ehrewd. seiiMMe fdlow lie knew full well tile cxj losne nl llu hnd and Ins intention waa nadtin'ii nn 'In whole works Forltinnti ly lir ut, Ui wulf" In fire ill.' mf m ikeb liiv H] ppfliarn-e it 11 nol or wtll to fngli en tiie foil) w iiluput HUffiejcnl cause, and it IB r.u ni. n .'.isv n Ji tlie people, an wiili the lluek lo exritc H panic, tlnn lo allay a] I'rcheiif-ions when u IH uni-i- cXMird hm n .1- amlHell m t.-ike e.irt-fji iiutc uf pjisMha i JL.HK nnd to prcM-rit eviN rt hu h il ma' lie .lilli. >.H lo eii'i Wr wrre Ird into nils n of iliuii, In 1) a inn mi'iil jusl rejfMeil frotri (Jin iliui tile'. irk -fry nlj. h n-ici.ilj armed m ttial 1'iniu i'ie i i i f I In erp t had several ru.seM of Asintir rliolrrn on boarrl tn I )re she left l.uncncJi HI il ihat tin di asc Ui wn lo Iw Asialir rhclfra ll.utinir. in r :-n Sin- la' Ilicr nnsured. ttuu wliili ih'' wn-i -u tuc outpurt, n[ her UK In r ran-e nf tlir hrine on l1, il linn inc' si o was )-.uo.vii m ni Ajreni ard (lie nuiWilir.s of (In if J uifruk hnvo III) dni.M, Matc-niLhth ui' HUb.I ii tn., i' Jinn- 1'iijfi rs nf [he wdo-c I rmiiv rrlinmi: cnn be phrrrt llje I'r iMiiewl i.mi-IIUI..IH w lil n i-eiin lung n oml w me irmlon ol ll.i M Imine in ilie ni'ijce; Iu rhnlern Tolnntu fft kuiMMrrh 'Mrli tlir n r utility of Bjpowin? the other tJln i.illniin all ijinrtcrr, lo n-'k, and witli Uie rliante 01 i In the pestilence here, wiuild V f r n hi h IIP- ties 1-e inm'n tn amniiijt iliiik r o'lr il'u as a public juutnsilidi. 10 atirnnon 10 tin A HAM.IKI: iv 11 ic iJntk of in presence of severul r a purchase CUSIIISG miBiook li< r lur ninnluT n placed his hand on her Hlioulilpr urging Huu arr pirtty7'' In nn iriMniil he his imi al' u. The prisoner, entirely overcorri-, In hm head Mil OT lirtaai, wlnlc IIIB hib and his mmh r. g.-ne Milt to tliur in In scr-n-is lri-- wift ttirrw upon 111? nek i d A- Oh, whv diil I do lUis liy did I rio nnd, "dh, hew could ihot-e men flinl Inru whin UIFV have rnnubes (Hi I will du 1 li- ins subsided Into nohf of icnef and while Ihe mournful, liarrow ing sn-ne utHi.ied har and t-icdiiiorM _r nnnnnti Df FHOM KtTtm. TIIK it. Lr F- 'llie trailer, on herwaiup. hill on Imanl n Mnal! iiuinhrrol Herman tak, n a In New-OrJi ans, all healths nr.d in po d mJiT Slnrt I) the brint lefl for Ihis cilv slit- hnd I" nnd Like on wood ai Eome point on the fn IHI, nnd riH noon ps the boal inndc a landinp ihe [.rnn UI'N nil wcnl on shore, Wlulp (here f tliered inn tiej-of ihi-JCNM-S and rlovcrs iroui tlie ni'iirn.'li.i trie which the> took on lionril Iioiled n'n, (ruin ilie el lects of whn-li oiii- man died nnd four oilieru raiite n ir dying. Thcv had nusiaken ihe II-RM-S nf Uic magnolia lorcdliliaccH, MipjiDning I list m l IHR ferlilft couriln r.ih Dope ivild, and from t II lo 7l) loel lush n dm-s the maenolia on the CUSKI The of ih< mueli lliwsc but are PUIMI'IIOIH I V June u SON- Rt VMTH ins FATHER'S U IFE bundiv, .1 mm nlum: 30 vcnrsofagr accompanied n uniruin 1 "7 Slld ivvo reprcM'iitmp tin as ma'n anrl 'wile made application In Mr THtiiirsox lor n-ln-'' I'M Binttd that thrv nrre JU-.1 from i luvmu come ovrr hy (lip inri mrt jf m m-i In c, Ihe apjcal for aid Mr T ilteni dnrn g ihe d.u aud the Mirceedmp then told (hem ihit II HIM persisted In afikinp a'd hr should uu complied to send ihem lo the County UOUFP this 'lii-j ft IS'olh ing further was heard from them till several d.ivs after when an rid man armed fr-.m Onudd in oi ilirm, stalinR Ihnt the woman lu from right boot arose a design, represent tug (tie of Gibrsltar, tho wmstcoat Just covering the u mirr of the British flag, waving from the summit of a lofty tow- er. The left boot aervt-d aa a base for Mount CRUVIUS In a Btatcof eruption, lorrcnis of lava rolling down the face of Ihc mountain, Inundating ihe of Uiu TLe gentleman was rewarded for this ex- hibition by the curious attention, of a crowd of slreet who followed tn tbe rear of ihe moving tmno rama ANOTHER VIEW OF THE WOMAN'S RIOHTS rorreKjiondcnt at ChiciiRo nitnn.iics lltei ff tho women achieve iheir nud estal) liphan equalliy wiih man. It will add to the number of taxable polls. This estimate of ibe number of fimalcd over age, in Hie United Stntes is loo large but assuming the number to be vve have n tamMu basis of poJIti eijuai Although tins sum is worth having, vei there are ttiougandfi who would consid- er Ihdr poliural rights dcnrly pur cirs edi- torial ey'cs, crooked back, and broken nerves, with little to show (or Register, June 10 is staled that at the pnstnnp Commpnfp- i G i u, 1'rmccton College, on the lart Wednesda) ofthc 1 ro i' momn, rIToris will 8e nride lo r" as'-oinWe the1 var 'H- lasses which have graduated within the lasi few M HIB, m order thai they may contribute to tho pro- pose i find of for ihe endowment ol the Col- k-ee I'art of Hits endowment is to be distnbuud into 6rnolir hips ofcnrihousnnd dollnrs, which he cum pcicd f( r by nludcntH, or any person contributing a scho- larship may havethe privilege nominating incutnbenie It is proposed that the various classes that have gradu- ated should subscribe among themselves, each class contributing one thousand dollars to form a scholorahip. The Boston Mail flatly contradicts the report that the Paclfie is to bo enlarged for tbe purpose of accom- modating the growing commerce of California. WBBSTSB PLACS AND DABTUOUTB Boqaloc north, a new aiatlun baa been placed on UM horUum Railroad and called "Webster Place." iraln lultt a noment directly in front of (ha Franklin bome of DAIUBL WIDSTIB The heart beau quick aa that station is called eeflTersatloa eeaaea; all msb to the aide nearex the mansion and npoa (lie pleasant fleids once trodden by the foot ofthe gTUl BWtM- ?eat elmB 8lU1 tin front entrance, be- wan held tbal conversation with tha .1.1. the of bi8 father how a Jhlrg a good edoeatlon and beaeath itol r Of soon after Mrs WIBSTBK proposed to mortgage that es- tate and send and EZHKIBI. u, College AJ1 IB jnlcl and still now The mannUm closed. liplit of the nation has gone oui. AJ1 to sav "Oh lLat he had lived till now y' And now we reach Hanovtr A classleal stilluesa rrsts on the town Boaton and Dartmouth a goodly fcllowflnp WEBSTKB and CHOATE bind the ('ollegrettf our The munificence of ia baildma lie <jw n mourrent m ihe splendid Seiounfic School" that will conn go into opera'ion On H lofty eminence near tin: Ci lloge building riaefl (he ntw Observatory, atusst- irif tlr lilieralit) of Ur. iHiTTL'uc Dartmouth Cotfcgo is r mil-) The (tradtnilng rlam numtter about filly, nenrl) three hui dnH siuilenm arc ai the Col- ltf< ai ilio jiru-rni trrin 1 .iiicndi-d prayers at ibe chapel ne 'J he larpe room a" completely full Bttt as the and ufren meet. It was nearly mipof Bible to maintain <iur gravity ill that aaered place. As itie sturienlt- rllltd in 10 (tie sound or <-hnpc] bell, one of them w as nrmeci with a hag9 ttlck of moUBKea ramlv irss ihnn iwo hundred si teha of candy in ih.ii ihai injjlii Amid Ihc almost iinni-rml "rrnni Inriji I nmld hear from the vener able 1'rendent ihc wnrds ol Illi-wied are the leojietliai know thr joi fnl und." Hanover Is a de- I ghiA I hpnt It IN a el u-f of ftvonie resort in the Summer li has a well kppl hoirl. nuA the orrly Instance ofeiloiliun I lunnd was on tlie part of the stagooian, I who charges sironpere doable ihe he does "town for fonvtyaiice to ihe liote) Fn other words, ha a ni a elanee, and ho takea them n( thr Ifott 'n J urnul GLEANINGS FROM THE MAILS. A rorr< sponrjnil of tlie t u SIHN l, inn1 a numbrr of tlie lirms whu-h were bnnot out ei n u (Lre woik agrfin this Tlioy have N ci fr us ,'Miiiil uni'7 K..I HI .1 nij F.I i, ,i KIII, iln nih.jr's name, In Hrtnit'i i i Ir j i nitil rfVr1 -n 'll.i l-i.l sin 1'uin) 1; nc ut i i i t i I ,i f mi nf ihn in u 11- i i s. in- -le a- is il.n i i U ..-pm pina, on toe (.11.LM! ili-i- i. .n i r-rri-r ard i inciiioil of ai- ii il in r d and in nccuiimi nn- I1 n ixs in i .t ,i .d M-vat, ua 1 !1! tl II h p i N ,l im nr-ri f Eralo Our New Ynrk t urn K-rl nngr aifro- rh the nuffnlonlans, Hidnhk ilcm ti, Mime rinidirn me hod of li inlhiiE n i 1m ihc cleNa OIK V i r .al. a Sato dale, (018 II; 1 111 110 iniji in Ji.v i r M rrlll H Court wLK it auih I'lvi i-nji'ii iin n n-ning hj ihe entrance MI (In i (nn i i i 1 in I j ,n in HI oliodioncc lo a PM w nn-F -i unin ii h .v h h' hail en lerved li) t.-.t.ii' i'liriik Mr I illnn re K IH did! iici u i v IP n1 li i n M -i> .1 n n- n Inr Ki i i ,.scd (rivn 3i'tviiig. i ni I" u i .1 ifii. li M'l-tv Mi. onvofa fi-w mom- l.r v I n i-rcair. .il u., tif-i I rt t-., un ''hurcb. 1O nM e--t ?r n'ni.i in hr [.itin Uie ur> P K nffiinluig rrXiff to iln Rtu nf ac-iaiii-s t .inte and C-i halunia, in tho M ill- I' ii- als" f-nriii thai UK- Jows et tUfl J'oh I i-inl itn -titr, nf xrr it from deitiiution. 'It.-ii t-uff. 1m i- Di pn partly by the (a L'J i i 1 llu hnrvr-xi, Tinl .isrtiv bv ihe preaenl u ald-m-li in iv whiili Invc n.t off iheir Bourceo ol s u; Arrorrling to Hirhiiiumi ilullftin, (ajiil it says IK rilii'.le Mr U m 1! l ole of Carolina Coiinn h killid in his ht-ld a hjgc buck anil ni'on run ing the repl'le open [jund. sto-wed in ihe youig haum Hul the most wondnlul yfikc Murj ji i n rriHius tobe told. One iha li miisi hnve b en bui rwenlly swal- InMfd. bhuriK'jIler :l was taken from the body rf the t-nakc jnrl ran >ws> inio bualien. I on'y e in s n H ri n "i t p M w i w. re de-lined i! Hii iron so; ihe Hi i m Him m ihe lllxn- BI.lV .1 1 rrrr i. ato 1 for thp lop- "M "l I H .'luij but n.'i'i-i ih, ila LI-.JI I' r i-l, I-IIIHI Wr I Ilili I W l- It. I, I Ir 1, d ,i -MldlllMjlv A i-ri i 1 iv.-, ii n H. f ii-lrrili MH li the i.l i I l-ni ri MS I I ri'i il <ri ihr of ctipjijn mt i ii i) i.-u .1 u I. II fld -n the 'I he J (k-iii li id'r tii! rnvtlttr, llu Hdji r M c 'l. In i nit ,f it uincli has just (l I r i" I his mime, hy way i fi it a iiMMiil adieniniin-iil store-keepor at wliiri .-ill ot goods may >i oil lined ihe.ij) for ruili ur in iirlnnpi for eoun. irj in.uc.. At tin Urilf-K i Mr Mi'ncr said that sp.rrnd (o linvi an influPiiii; on Ihe weight of man tind wi if! ui l INO.IITI in IlollJail for five ifaiF, nrd fnni d thai refnilnrU increased In m nlil f. i m il'n >oirliibe-r nnd in weight fi. ni NOM t.i M: n-ii in, dutwasibe same all Itin rniiiirl n ax ilt-n ill lem, eifliu-e Josri'l, Mint.'o, ihr co'ornl iilur, wliu hjul tteen on (rial IHD in ihr I S Circuit Court, for ihe iiinn'cr of rii (alHo on board of hliii- wfts KlVrnoon returned "noiguiliV b> Ilie Jury 1 In- pi nlpniv< wat ihat tbj In HIM MI WUB ci'iinniiiiil diirinn n quarrel, and the' di fi a-ed ur nii-inpiril in ifio nrSI blow On an Irishman John Dug. fnn, a on an eiira Irnin on Ihn Naugnlock I'mlrund. bj sump mis was (hrown from the cars n sands in Provmce- i, for ilie proiccuon of Cupe Cod harbor, is pro- ing, The Yurmouth Rffisttr saya that an appro- in fromihp public monejb of was never more witclj lftidou( The Dunkirk Journal says that agcntli-man passpd ihrijugh tint >iJlige, tn rmitt for Cincinnati, vyhh some i I, nesr ica ruliuriHiw, for ihe purpose of testing of (truwmg lea in the viclnily of Cln- rinnau A corrr-] nt of the Syracusr StindirrT, wn- unf frcm Knrlic'.Ur N savs FnEn Douoi.ian Ia in le l.rouehl oui for (Nongrcso In llic Monroe dlutrlet, N. and txprtbfcib ihc opinion thai lie will elected. 'Ihc last I.yuclibiirg in, sayn One of tl e bj ihr tinin funu Ni u, UIVIT on Tueadiy pvimrg catfish 10 pcands The man lacked sense not to make il 400 By thr nrw Itrjuor Inw passed hy the Con- necticut LegiKlaiure no debi contracied for Hqoor ean be colli cied. The bill forbids Ihe inanufaciure and sale of bop beer Matt Ward has gone to thp Arkansas Hot Spring. It Is emd that the only steamer he eoiild And to carry him down ihe tivcr was the R J Ward after and (n part owntd b) bia (juhcr KWSPAPERl iWSPAPfc.RI

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