Saturday, January 27, 1912

Middletown Daily Times Press

Location: Middletown, New York

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Text Content of Page 1 of Middletown Daily Times Press on Saturday, January 27, 1912

Middletown Daily Times-Press (Newspaper) - January 27, 1912, Middletown, New York Duality ana yuanltty in Circulation make innnewspaper the Best Advertising Medium in Its TieW RBSS OAILV GUARANTEED CIRCULATION FOR DECEMBER 4965 LEADING NEWSPAPER OF ORANGE COUNTY EIGHT WEATHER -Know flurries ARFMANN PAYS FOR A COW While excavating In the cellar of ul East avenue, Robert Gregory, an employee of .Mr. Smith, dug up old California coin, bearing the date of 1S4P, which was found at least a foot under the sari.ieo uf the ground. This coin bears on the face, the lifure of a mlnei, and en the reverse, the Goddess of Liberty nnd the thir- teen stars, representius the original Ills find (o thej CORNELL MAN HERE.! Times-Press ollice, and directed! to Aug. Pfaff. who is a well known' collector of coins A number of other coins were With Two Others Local Farmer Expects New Records LOCAL BONDHOLDERS OF UNIONVILLE RAILROAD COME TO THEIR OWN AT LAST Tlie Second The committee of tho first mort- Committee of the Muldlelown, Union-' ('.age, bondholders it, rompOHiM of ville and Water Railroad Com-' president pany bus offered to purchase from -M Unilroud; A YEAR? NIX; "CHICK" TO GET -Minneapolis 1'mil 1. Henry, of New York; Kor- diniind V. Saniord. of Warwick, and Frank 11 Finn, ot thin city. the holders, (ho ecrlillcutet; of depos- it of this committee for llrr-t mortgage bondh of said (Minp.uiy, issued In thu I Merchants' National, of Middle, town, N V, .UK! the ISmpIrn Tru.-t of New York N. Y., the depositories oJ! this eonimlltec. pa} Ins', therefore an anioutil to the principal of the bonds and the interest to l-'eliniaiy i I'.Hif wlib no unpaid Interesi theieon up to Knb- wbadMor t'o the commluec. whldi holdH a mis- of the bonds, bus sold them to of (he Second Mori- Board of Estimate Gives the Fire Chief a Salary Raise bondholder, ;it par and accrued ruary I, iyi2. at live per cent, per annum, upon presentation to the Km S.M-acuse, Jan. L'O-As modesUv asl T.nif 12 Uruadvuty. .New city, New on oi ;il' also though he buying a cent cigar, (t.r ,_ Of sueli cetllll found m the cellar, including several] John Arfmaur of the old pennies, large Contrar Smith ami a! force busily engaged in i ihlings on the Silk propero, lecvntly purchased bj the trustees of the Westminster Presbj Church, to make for ihu new buildings, cmuch and parsonage to be eiecred uy thai church j The ai ;jt East avenue, which' is known as the Silk homestead, iSj being directly across th" I street, the house situated on tlie East "Main street, side of thu piopeity, and Vrhic'i as, foimeily oc- ei.pied b> Dr. Micks, be removed to the site of 'Jl East avenue, as soon as the foundations bo completed.! inn of auction ring at tho State Armon yesterday and paid for i thu aristocratic Holbloiii-t'iK'Sliiu 'cow. Veemiui IJeugcrveld, I daughter of the woudenul OTHERS PAID, TOO Vcem.iu llengurveld, and a test! ol -s.j'J to her cix-dit. I'aibj uas by B. Kobim. ol i'okind. -Mr. Actiuntiii paid for V cowan Ili-ujjuneld, boui ou -March birthday is on Jamuny S. yiie U.LS noru years ago This was one ol tlie most important transac- tions of tbe inid-uiniei mile of llol- bieitib, ulnch opined in ibis city nusday alternoon and concluded shortly beloro 0 o'cloc-K- nisht. rin> proceeds of tbe sale amounted to ncaiiy in many en- cales of jepohlt. properly endorsed in blank. This except lonallj good news to leugcrveld, aj ing nearly SlOO.uiiO north of tlu- f.-uitjs. friul alre. Sirj by a number of our resi- of the people, in coimervatlvo luuKls. always works for good. deposiling bondholders. The foreelosuro of TToth mortgages will bo curried tbioiigb On> courts without delay, and will probably tnko Tho wilnry of Chlof Charles High- plHCowi Urn, two years a( tlu, most. I nm, of (Ire clcpnrtmont. wn. or- I his leiuill, conun; an a snr-l priso to a number bomlbold-! nUtKHl to tllQ em. i.s dlieelly due lo the efforts ol'i Kstlmato and Apportion- j ment their meeting lioW at the rated lu u number of AMENDMENTS TO INSURANCE LAW SUGGESTED Albany, N. Y., Jan. 27. ways it one ot the best held Superintendent, HotchklsT, of tlie Btato Syracuse in years, 'i here a largo I Insnninee, JDeparlment. lu his annual EI-TE (TV rl Boy Gets Tongue-lashing Girl's Mother CRUIKSHANK SCHWARTZ OF INGHAMTON i ON Frustrated in an tempt to a TOOK TO HIS HEELS attendance of representative cattlo nien irom all parts ol ihe country, On pre- vailed. There were numerous sales ai and a ifr.oo tiansacliou did not get p.ihhing uollce. nnd the bidding was spirited, the whole, .satibfactory prices Mr. Arfmann these cons and anolbcr uhlcli bo two pur for to reach city, to- monou The Sl.'Cio cow has a butter record of 3D pounds in 7 dajs. Her daughter which be is a Mlchao, Schwartz, who was men- honed m the Times-Press on Friday ;igO of pounds for Ho da) s. She evening as having hewn taken ill at j has provided pounds of butter Patorson. and who at tliat time gavolfor 7 tlll-vs- lu M days. addicss as HO Walnut street, this SiZter'rS' city, ariived here on Fridav evening I ib UOw at Mr. Arfmann'b larin mak- on an fcric train, and. niado his way I ing tests. One cow now under test to police headquarters. has 32.1 pounds of butter tor 7 Tho milk showa -l.G per cent, butter fat. There Schwartz told Chief rejKirl, will urge (be ameiulment of tho Insurance law lu uuvnral admlu- ibtrallvo Among these lecommeiidationu aro: Thai such law be amended as more dellnitely to fix tbe temiio of the snpeiiutcndeiit of insurance. That. HID salary of tho superintend- ent be Increased from to ?10- 000 a year. That thu expense of examination of companies be no longer refunded to thu ticnsury. Thai the number of printed UNDERWRITERS DISCUSS CREDIT ON POLICIES At tho mvcllnj; of tho local Board held at Uio o'- Houston, on of t-Iro llou of McWIlllaniH of tho In: uiviiicu ly reduced. be Kiidny afteinoon, ai 4 o'clock, the following olllpcrn wvio elected for the coming year: C. Horlon. Vloo rrenldent-T. A. Weller. Secretary and M. Flero. K. OonK- Ifn.T. Archibald Taylor and W. M. I' A committee was appointed fo In- vehtlgiun the mailer ol credit on llio Insuiance pnllrlcii. nnd report at the neM niiti-lliig. room of tho cominluHloiiurH on Friday afternoon at i> o'clock. Tiiin matter WHS referred to tho Hoard it Intimate and Apportionment irom tho Imit meeting of the Oom- uvon Council of at which time ti reHohiUou offered to thl.s effect by Aldiirmnn Unuthor, and wao car- ried. At the sumo time, First Assistant Chief KngliH-or Leon SlmpnOu was given a salary of ?IOO uniiuin, and Keeond AKxlniuut F. H: Schoonmaker, a year. This action will meet with the hearty approval of nil tho cltlzoiiH of (be city, and IB a ntop in tho right dl- rocllim. The First National Bank was desig- nated as tbi) city depository for tbo coming year. In place of flio Orange County Tnmt Compiiny. The First MM Inmir Jan. Francisco! ffiordano, jgcd 21, of Tuxedo, ar-i heiore Justice Holbrow. in CBy Associated Press.) Jan. 27 Captain Bar- left this niouiiiiLf, lor ton Cruiksbanlc police conn this morning, shortly nefori held 10 the action of the1'New York. j.'Fcbruarj grand jury in this citj on aj of abduction. He was brought! that he a. pii} s.i-ian, and ap- peared to bo in Di II. J. Powelson, citj plijsician, sum- moned. and on bib arrival made an c. and found the man to be serionsh ill from the effects of several opeiatlons which ho had pre- iindeiKono. He told Dr. e.son that bad been opc-iated once tor sU.tnfrniated hernia, and once for appendicitis, and that he He refused to say' tlrf'r] of cut up." Crulk- was taki u to Thrall Hos- pital m the ambulance, where Dr. IMPORTANT MEETIHG DAIRYMEN'S LEAGUE A very Important meeting of Dairymen's L lejiorters and tllls ing on Wednesday c-xening where him. "e his address as 2-1 (i Second and Mildred Canife, aged 31, oi' Cruikshank rushed to the nearest! street, Hinghamtoii, and said that he den, weie waiting for a train to New! photographer, evidently intending to was a trade, and had been grabbed byoth away from Blnshamton for about four weeks. Tho pair from thrash him" out den that afternoon and ihe girl's; or newspapermen mother, learning of the runaway, se-j he found himself frustrated, ci.ied the co-operation of the Cruikshank ran pellmell up Geneseo' J7fPI? Xewburgh and Fishkill police in de- street, with a howling mob following.' rilvEi V JUIY1 LU taining the couple, who planned to get married in the metropolis. When Giordano was brought into court this morning Mrs.. Canffe gavo him a terrific tongue lashing and might have resorted to violence iiad she not been restrained by the police officers. i Giordano claims that he did not I induce thc girl to elope but that she1 The following contribut.ons toward prevailed on him to do bo. h.ui: (K splint to and needed by CONTRIBUTIONS FOR THE SPLINT IN PRATT'S BIG PLANT New York, .Jan. promis- ed to be a serious fire was pveiled l i" v J i J i I t'dilliiUJlVUJllUj'' i told school friends that would' a poor young man suffering from itllp "romea s qurek work in run away to get m.i- if oppor-l tubercular disease of the hip, have' a conflagration in the Pi.itt tunity gin met Gior-j been received tlic Standard Oil Com- iferr.ooa as shei Hotel Brown dining room girls pany' in thc Williamsburg section of dnno on U'edn; on hci her home oa; retired gentleman ro the High s" and :L njou'enade the pair iV to a trolley car, which they j. Coddmgton, 10 Mulberry 1 .-.irtltd lor Kewburgh. The girl was. street without a hat. Fnend..................... 2.00 Brooklyn, to-day. _5Q A ten-gnllon can exploded in a room whore men and 75 girls were employed. All escaped. ?1.0o' were confined to thu department, was in a Giordano says (hat before they left' Printer .251 brick structure. Four V the village, he telephoned to th Cariffe house, wishing to talk with the girl's mother and make a final ef- fort to secure her consent to the mar- riage, but one of Mildred's sisters answered the 'phone and learning who had "called up." poured an ava- lanche of abuso over the wires. Gioranrto met Mildred in Tuxedo, where the Canffes, a numerous fam- ily. Jived before coming to Waldcn. Giordano, a native cf Ita'y, Marion and Mac' A man Mrs. G. X. Clcmson Philanthropic Club Total alarms were sounrlod 100 T. M. C. A. BOYS VISIT TIMES-PEESS flflwrasino Talk Hardly a day passes that tho ilMES-PRESS does not receive several letters from various manufacturers throughout the country enclosing with them <J so-crdled news item about thc general business of tbe coun- try and in which tho Individual manufacturer figures con- spicuously. This is particular- ly true of automobile manufac- turers. The editor of a paper, when first glarcmg at these articles, thinks "Why, here's a good bit of news; I'll use He finds, however, before thej ar- ticle is completed there Is tho baldest possible reference to the manufacturer and his pro- duct. In other words, the ar- ticle is nothing more or less than an advertisement so adroitly worded that the un- sophisticated would naturally PSLS it by, urn oticed in that respect. This attempt on the part of certain publicity agents to use the newspapers of the country as "a good thii g" ,s beyond belief aimost in these days of eni.cjhtenmeril. but it is being round. Shade trees out, and the properly developed for building purposes. Doth .salon were made through the agency of "W. M Fiero. depart un nl m.'iv slop here HOIIKI day, an the ruilomnldlo inspet ip in a- be set ner avenue and tfpioai sliert. It the Intention to love] tbls property mspe'-tor did, and and lay a concrete all the way DAILY DOINGS IN REAL ESTATE AT LIBERTY FUNERAL. Mrs. John O. VanCnren, Mrs. Ab- bie Swalm, and Hairy VimCuren, of thin city, attended tho funeral ser- vices of Mrs. A. D. Grant, which wero held at Liberty on Friday afternoon. amount In lines. MISS CM.RIE BRADNER DIES AT GOSHEN Ooshen. Jan. 27 Miss Cnrrln rirrdner filed at tho homo of Ihe MisMos Young, on South atreot, at 10 n. m A finfhcr Monday. to-day will appear The Misses J. Roso and Minnie I. oU'lllianiK have sold their two fam- y apartment house, Nos. 8 and 10 Cresrenl Place to Spencer Hurt, ol' who makes tbe purchase- as an Inveslmeiil and will rout out tin two apartments, imeh containing flvo large rooms, bath nnd toilet. Tho Main was mado through tho real ea- tale agency of A. V. Hoak, 41 North street. TAFT STARTS ON _TRIP TO OHIO Washington, Jan. Taft left Washington at thl-' afternoon on a five clays' trip to ,Yoik, Cleveland, Columbus and ron, Ohio. The president stays .night at Henry W. Taft's BOSSY COMES INTO HER OWN 79 AND 58 AEE j qoshe Times-Press, to-day, and were! TO BS WEDDED-'much interested Tu tho mechanical department. They watcher! (he lino-j Associated Press.) type men set the type and thc stereo- j ployed in the park and secured boar-1 NT Associated Press.) ype men set tie type and thc stereo in the Oariffe horn" An New Jan' 2--Brigadier Gen- typcrs make the plates with grca snrunc fral Stuart Gordon, U. S. A... interest sprung up between him and the girl, and it is said before thc family mov- ed from there she had been free in declarations that she would marry her Romeo. Her parents did every- thing they could to discourage tlie attachment, because of the tender years of the girl, but ihe couple met secretly and apparently avowed eter- nal fidelity. Soon after the Cariffes moved to Walden, Giordano threw up his job in Tuxedo and came to the aqueduct operations in the town of Montgom- ery so he could be near his sweet- Hieart. He secured employment with Hnnger and was laborer No. retired, of Washington, has secured! -This is an annual visit by the Y. M. a license to werl Mrs. Belle VedderjC. A. boys and they are always At the hearin to-day, Giordano was represented by Robert T. Hume, through whom he waived examina- tion. (Continued on page 8.) F. Lcniing, also of Washington. General Gordon seieiity-nine, and Mrs. Fleming is fiftj-eight. FUNERAL OF MRS. REDFIELD. The funeral services of Mrs. Clara M. Redfield was held this afternoon at at tlie late homo near Dolson- town, and were largely attended. There was a great number ot beauli- ful floral tributes. The services were in charge of Rev. E. Van D: ke Wight, pastor of West- minster Presbyterian Church, of which Mrs, Redfieid was a devout member. The interment was in the family plot in Hillside Cemetery, the pall- bearers being John 1. Bradley, Joseph Dunning, Mr. Carpenter and Mr. Ter- williger. j Ci M ILjll IfllCI I L, I dozen or more members of the prosecuted daily en Y. M. C. A. paid a visit to Such practice makes h neces- sary for tbe newspaper editors ard business managers to watch very carefully lest some one uses their columns for gain without paying for the service. Occasionally, the wily public- ity ager.-t "puts one on but we don't ict ;t happen often. If TIMES-PRESS space is worth seeking for such pub- licity, we feel it is worth pay- ing for. Usually, the service obtained come, as are any others who desire to see an up-to-date plant. NEW "SUPER" BORDSN PLANT C. C. Denmark, who has held the position of foreman in the packing department of the Borden plant in this city for some years past, was on Thursday promoted to, be' the superintendent of the plant m this City. This promltion was made neces- sary by the promotion of Superin- tendent George A. Romer, to general supeiintcndcnt of the niants of the company in this state. Mr. Denmark resides 23 Olive stn-et, and is a thoroughly capable and efficient man for the position to which he has been promoted. for notlurg is poor service, not only In the advertising and news columns of a newspaper, but from any other source. The TIMES-PRESS accepts legitimate advertising from anybody who is responsible and pays the rates shown on its rato card. We do rot discrim- inate in any class of advertis- ing accepted. Our circulation books optn U ALL. (Reproduced by Times-Press 'Artist from tbe Albany Knickerbocker Press, which had 't from tM Cleveland, 0., Plalndealer.) The following btory was sent out from Albany last Thursday, and widely published over the country: "There's nolh'ng worse than a do Joctcd said Albert Manning, a scientific farmer, of Otlsville, N. Y, to the New York Agricultural Society. "When a cow isn't In the right frame of mind, so to continued Mr. Manning, "It doesn't give nearly the Quantity of milk that it ordinarily would." Manning paused, evidently surprised to see several rural dele- gates smiling incredulously. "It's a lio resumed. "I've known of farmers In Orange county who find it profitable to put dowers lu their caw stables. Such pleasant surroundings cheer tho cows up, and cause them to give more milk."

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