Thursday, January 13, 1927

Florida Journal

Location: Middletown, New York

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Florida Journal (Newspaper) - January 13, 1927, Middletown, New York VOi.UCVU-NO.Ml (MSB HEARS IN I NEWBURGH HOOK AND LADDER MEXICO AS 91 FAIi IN RIOTS MIDDLJ5TOWN ft FLORIDA, N. Y, JANUAKY W. 1M7. 12-00 PEK YEAR. 5c PEK COPY FROZEN DURING BLAZE 73 Victim Are Rebels, Oief Staf ttfffts BLAHE CATHOLICS FOR SPORADIC OUTBREAKS fattUei" "amf Lack LeatWsluB Is ISStUiersSlaii MEXICO CITY. JTan. 'l5_ Ninety one combatants, including 191 insurrectionists, have oeen kill- ed in clashes between federal troops ami insurgents growing nut of revolts ami disorders Jan. g the past two weeks, General Jose Al- varez, chief of staff to President Calles. has announced. Despite .increasing reporrs tnai revolutionary, activities are spread- ing in intensity throughout north- ern Mexican states.- Al- varez today maintained that the government was well able to cope with the situation. Eighteen federal soldiers lost their, lives in the engagements, the general said. He blamed the uprisings, which were aaid to without definite and HISTORIC MONTGOMERY HORSE THIEF nnr rTtnin J DETECTING SOCIETY IS NO MORE FIRE CLAIMS 9 BUILDINGS INNETOGH The historic and far-fameded among the 70 members 4 Ing Society, many flivvered mobile-infested finally ik'h had survived winters and auto summers, has to irend or the limes iis annual meeting lasr at the municipal nuild ing. .Moir.gonjery, wa3 voted 10 disband. It was felt that the society had lts in the treasury and ilif was divid- it will probably be spent for gas- oline. The society was a survival of many of its kind, which flourish ed In the horse age and did to curb theft of valuable stock In the old days the society crated In sending messengers a: ter horse thieves. In recover-in.; stoleu horses, and stock thieves. in prosecui Taken on South Water etreet Tuesday burgh, frozen, info a solid eipogure. conflict 'between Catholic I church and the Calles Kovern- ment. The fovernmental confirmation of the Tailings, coupled with re- ports of armed Catholic rev. its in three Mexican states in many quarters that the rehpious situation has reached its most ser- ious crisis since the promulgation of the governmental religious laws last July. WJule-ignoring the arrest and reported expulsion from the coun- trv of Partial spokesman for the Catholic epis- copate. Alvarez laid the blame for Ihe smouldering unrest to the episcopate. ice. this picta Haight. at Ladder of New-i BIGAMIST IS re shows the apparatus of the Brewster vu.. Ol wew. from father8 from further ravages in the section shown while the tall struc- COHYM Hard Cider is Cause and ft? who have exten- fi-ely In the state, of Jalisco, have {attacked town' o'f ami burned the city hall, advices received today from Guadalajara said Municfpal authorities escaped capture byr fleeing with the offi- cial documents. One priest was re- ported to have been in the attack- ing party. The town -of Arrandas is nor- mally without garrison. Late dis- patches said :federal troops neighboring towns were in pursuit of the rebels. Dewnta Already Had Wife Wfcw He Married Mid- dlctownGM Because be renw 20 years ago he had bad some- o do with the of Clinton Denman by his foster- parents, residents of Surrimitvllie, Cnnntv "Judge.. Russell .Wiggins Effect on this OccasionjSJARpLAYERSIN BALL SCANDAL George Bogaih, Farmhand At Westtown Had Hectic Day Tuesday And It Now Resting Peacefully Within the Confiwi of The Comity Hoosegow At Goshen LANDIS FREES STORM KING HIGHWAY TO BE KEPT OPEN Plan New Road for Use When West Point Cadets Prac- tice on Big Cans ALBANY. Jan. 13.- A bill will be introduced soon in the legislature apprrpriatinij m >n- ey for the construction of a road" through the United States Military reservation at West Point In order that the closing of the famous Storm King highway will not he during the month of a portion ef the rna.l has been closed while the West Point cadets are engaged in artil- WALTER BROWN DECLINES THE APPOINTMENT Joho J. Toth, of Port Jeryis, May Be Offered Job of Commissioner of Jurors Appointment to the recently- ereated position of Commissioner of Jurors of Orange Count} has been declined by Walter G Frown of Goshen and the indication? are John J Totli. (1f Jnr- vis, foimer chairman of Board of Supervisors, will be offers the post before the week is out. Mr. Brown, who is clerk of the Fire Dircovered on Coldest street At a. m Under Control At 9 a. m. SURROUNDING TOWNS CALLED ON FOR HELP Eighteen Out of Town Compan- ies Including Two frcm Middletown Respond A disastrous fire, which" swept over the business sec- I rion of Newburgh Tuesday i morning, destroyed nine buildings, made 1C families homeless and caused dam- age estimated at The blaze, starting at o'clock, was not brought under control until A call for assistance to sur- rounding towns brought 18" outside fire companies to the aid of the Newburgh courts of Orange County, said terday afternoon i fire department. action> ad is of Westtown He to Westtown to call fhe state of runaway and a man-chase through tbe a- resalt The cause is to have been hard eider flow of action, which was terminated when State Tr-opeK flnaHy pouineed. upon Bbgash; Mon- day, involTed- heavfeg bricks from a bam roof at anyone within HRE TODAY Tuesday refused to sit in the rangef braadishing case in which the young man is bigamy. Although be permitted Denman to plead guilty. Judge Wiggins ruled that Special County Henry'. Mer- ritt Impose in in the face of Mrs. Kate Stonc and her 20-year-old son, thr.wing kerosene lamps about tee Stone farmhouse, a mad dash two miles --Bogash, of about 40 years, has bejn a fbreman-ofr a dairy farm operated by Mrs; Kate Stone, who some time ago teased the Robert Sayer farm Westtpwn. He had had some trou- le with Mrs. Stone's son before, bm; was taken back of his efficiency. Hard cider time came around, and ,it is alleged that on Monday, (Continued on Page Three) CoramiMioner Refuses to Be- lieu Story Told By RU- nd GandU He was sentence months in Goahcn jail to five He has Two Houses Gutted and Ten Persons Driven Oit n Night Clothes Visions Af a rival- ing that of Tuesday confronted New burgh firemen at 2 18 B'clock this inorning when they calted a flve alarm fire fit Ann add Clark streets Tea persons in night clothes had teen driven Into the snow-cover- ed sfeets. anl two frame houses were almost gutted before the flames were extinguished The damage has not been estimated. The house at No. 12 Clark Street was occupied hy Cocorhma .and family and Mr. in-1 Mrs. Louis Nelson, while the one next to It on the corner was occupied by Mrs Minnie Tollock. Mrs. Bessie Cohen, and three per-! "is rooming there. The origin the blaze was not determined BV It had spread through walls of both buildings before discov- ered. already serve.l six weeks which will be deducted from the sen- tence! Denman married Beatrice E. Berger in Ellenville on June 16 1923, and laid himself liable to a bigamy charge by marrying Mary Orvllla Hawkins, of Linden avenue. Middletown, on Novem- ber 18, 1926. The indictment followed speedily. The first wife was ,in court here yesterday ami repeatedly showed evidences of continued .love for the 26-year- old defendant. Harry T Crist of Middletown appeared for tbe defense and As- sistant District Attorney William J: Lamont for the prosecution. Denman used the name of Ken neth Countryman In marrying the Hawkins' girl, believing no crime was committed in the use of the alias. The flrsr wife is willing to forgive him following his pay- ment of'the debt he owes society for his offense, T. K BROWNIES TO RETAIN JOBS APRIL CONTY Y. M. C. A. SENTENCE IS CHANGEDFROM 3 TO 10 YEARS George E. Erb Broaght Back From Sini; Sing After Con. ceding Prior Conviction State Authorities Give Inspect- ors Extended Time to Find Other Work ALBANY, Jan, 13 _ Al. though sixty lix'of the motoi ve- hicle inspectors were to have bven dropped from the state police pa trol under the reorganization laws January 1, the story -was being In CouDt.y va- Stolidly, George E. Erb, a native of Tennessee, who, for a time was a soldier in West Point, County Judge Russell Wiggins Twenty" baseball players ac- ensed of questionable practices in connection with a series of games between Chicago and Detroit in J917, were exonerated today by Judge Kenesaw M-.Landis, high commissioner of baseball. Judge Landis' decision, handed out after consideration of evid- ence presented by the two accus- ing ballplayers, Charles Kisberg and Arnola Gandil and some thirty other play- ers who denied the charges, was given out in his office as prom-1 ised shortly after 10 a.m. today. "It is the finding of the com- Judge Landis' report said, "that the fund raised by the Chicago players about September 28, 1917, was not collected nor paid to the Detroit players for 'sloughing' to Chicago the games of September 2 and 3, i9l7 but was paid because of Detroit's beating Boston; thats.there was no of the September 2 and 3 games in 1917, nor of the Sep- tember 26, 27 and 28 ganes in terday afternoon that he na? given th Piihlir emmpnt in an pffort to rolWe and- lerv tarsret practice. (the subject consHcrable Motorists have often been has been promjifd i up on the Storm Kins hfchwav at present decision his hours durine every day in August, excepting- Saturdays and nrnct'tp was Jn sress, and the utmost inconven- ience apd deJav has been caused on the highway. Colonel Frederick Stuart state of Works, has been In of tn The blaze destroyed five buildings on Colden street i and four buildings on South Hef that no ritizon in >he county Street in the block should hold more than public from First street office. fo Broadway. During the tlon of annrov'trjatplv wnnM Jw nslcpd of the state When tbp Storm Kfne as hppn on of aro-pf nwt'cf. traffic has tnroiji'n the resorvsjfinrj foy ;11 "While the new rosiUon was of- fered to me soon af'Vt it was creat ed by the Supervisors. I delayed in my decision until now, to do the right thins in ihe Mr. Brown explair.c-1. "1 discussed the situation with bavii-g the power of mini, start I should not accept the proffer IVday I have definitely fire four firemen were sent to St. Luke's hospital with injuries, whiJe a score suf- mnor Shortly before noon the fire v was still burninar on both William Nixon, of the -New- department, stat> ed that it; would probably aJJ afternoon to and will hp of t of rnno nn a will affnrj a Previous attempts to make a <sat factory agreement with the were unsuccessful uuaninviu.sjy endorsed their fortnei chief'.am. Mr. Toth for the position and Mr. 'down was emphatic in his statement that he would, as Kepudlicau State Com mitteeman from the Second As. sembly District of Orange be glad to wndorsp Mr Toth County Judge Russell Wiggins said yestenlay he expects to meet with Supreme Court Justice A. H. F. and County Clerk Wih- iam B, Penoyar before the emi of tbe week and name the new Jury Ffderal department reservod i Commissioner, that he may riarht to closp both tbe hiehwav and the new -oad v the same time. Colonel Greene an toHav that had rwivpr a pprmit sienpd bv Hanford MHC of wnr i 1919, except possibly by Risberg related today that they will be on the state's payroll until April 1 ext. It was learned that Governor Smith and Senator Hewitt ami As- semblyman Hutchinson, the .Rtter two chairmen jf the legislative budget committee, are in complete accord on the matter, fiat because all of them felt that it Wen Succeeds J. be anything humanely treatment to drop the: men, of whom have families, with< t warning almost at the outset of TO RECOVER FROM FRACTURED SKULL i i_i. ifaill, Benjamin Fletcher, 16 of Slnatsburg, is to recover Firtcher, while riding down hill at ehf-n. wan Injartd when the sled Uded with tht automobile of Simpwin. He Is being treat- el in Tuxedo Hospital. Efichen rolled from the ami unhvit. No been against Simpson, Sloatsburg Ulice said today. Eden; Bwdgd Adopted Thomash K Taft of the firm of Mead and Taft of Cornwall-on- Hudson. was elected President of tbe Young Men's Christian Asso- ciation of Orange County at it's the winter. The men are being used for the months of January-and February to aid in the rush of automobile registration. On March I thev will MBS Michael Elko, of Ridvn ivcntnw, died In Nyack hospi- of was strack by of Arthur rRtraw. Vetick reported to llta, and was In for hearing next Hv _ m------------- t i blicv Will regular meeting In Monroe on Blven their annual vacation of Saturday evening. Mr. Taft sac-1 a month. At the Oi March was ;8aid, they will found positions' outside of the state's service or prospects of re- taining them in other branches of the government may be in view. Sr. ALBERT'S COLLEGE TO RECEIVE NEW YORK. Jan. Al- bert's College at Midilletown, N. Y, receives undor the will of the late M and Gandil." The judge's that he took the word of such ball players as Eddie Sehalk and Donie that of Risberg and Gandil who were ousted from cate a prior sentence and rasent- ence him to.Sing Sing for ten years for third degree burglary as a sec- ond offender. Erb, at Goshen in November, concealed a prior con- j vuofccu i ftin viction, drawing three and one-half alleged testimony years as a first offender. Hs was..... brought back from to plead to an information signed hv District Attorney Elmer H. Lemon. Erb freely confessed prior conviction, thus obviating ne- decision indicated Collins, Ray Bush against world's series. The testimony baseball after of the 1919 of Bill James, allowine the construction of the proposed hiehwav bv tKe state. if? that hnth roads would no- be closed at the same time except a national In addition to being one of v. most bpaut'ftil scenfc routps Jn the state, the Storm Kine road fe VITIP of thp A traffic census was riiT All "lief of it John J. Eden, who was drowned In Lake George last fall. Edward T. CUrk, of Qosben, was chosen vice-president, and AugffuiitiiR C. Wallace, o? Qognen. recording, secretnry. and Dr 0. 1 VanKeuren of Monroe, treas- urer. A Of IMOO for work of tbe Association was Adopted and the treasurer's re- port for tjio year Jim ending, showed the Association In i best financial condition If has been In the past five years. formation, as provided for in one of the so-called Baumes crime laws. He admitted that in 1914, he pleaded guilty to a statutory charge and served 38 months in a Keystone State reformatory. Soon after the ex-soldier was transferred to Sing Sing, the au- thorities there discovered him to be an ex-convict and requested he former Detroit pitcher, that no was paid the "pot" as a bonus foi beating the Boston club, anti thai he divided if among the batterv men of the team, was taken the decisive bit of evidence cessity for a Jury trial on the in- the baseball stars accused were not guilty. James followed Gamii on the witness stand and denial all charges except that he had been paid money. ue brought hack and ed. Time which he has served to date will apply on nis newer term. in Erb was one of three arrested for robbing a store of the late Mary McDonouir'i urreBltTU which was filed for probate in IHijfhlaiMl Falls' After MIDDLETOWN MEN PASS EXAMINATIONS ALBANY, Jan 3 1 (Special) Residents of Middleiown nave passed the recent competitive civil service examination for the mt cngineei and State service, 8alary of frotil to as follows: Homer W. Slater, 61 Wallkill Jack M. Benjamin. Mid- I position of electrician The this year provides chlCh probate in I nwmann Alter iiMiPiment. for considerable work I here the entire blaire and In new communities. The prln- clpel work of the Y M C. A. Is boys nine to twelve in Indian groups, and wllh young men K to IS age. Com- IN( The Rllcnvillft Riectrlc of permission to Increase Its "jnlHl from UOI tt 4IM no par _ an estate of The be- jtnc men were relensed from {S .l.h? Indictment against e Missionary, Society of Our Lady of the Scapular, which di- rected to expend it on thcr Allege. Mrs. McDonough died December 7 MRWRVRGH A campaign Is under way to raise for Girl Scout work them being dismissed. FOSCOK HKIIH2K. new bridge at Roscoe across Is to cost tSS.STS.ftO. according to the State. Department of Public Works. Frank Lewis and Sons. of Afton, were succ-omul BeM two art 14 ott which will start la IM ipriai. State Hospital; Merrill Sr.oemaker, 89 Hanford street: Gordon E. Morris, 120 avenue. MAY BID n.ARHKD Antonio Amorteo, World War veteran and well known Marlboro merchant, may be refused admit- tance to the United States because he has spent more than flve years In Italy. HP claims to have been hold In Italy by HI health until after his passport expired. He was naturalize! in and will be grantor! a. road in a twelve hmir B 010 cars have bpPT) highway in a single SIT- The announcement that motor- ists, in the future, will not de- layed by the closing of road durinp target practice on Fed-! eral reservation is hailed with pleasure by the thousand? mo- torists who travel on that roari The proposed construction of the new state highway will be started before October Cilonel Greene announced This is neces- sary because of such an with the fp-Wal authorities. "I fpel that the solution of this pressing problem is one of entire satisfaction fo the stjite an.J na- tional governments." Colonel Greene todav. "1 am sure the agreement which has been will be to the benefit of its h'.rTc puMic as wMl to the national ffovPHi.Tiont f-nd the authorities of the West! Point Military ncademv." Last Monday Board of Su- j the flames. The fire is believed to have been started by a cen- tral heating pknt in the confectionery store of Sha- piro Bros., on Colden street, it spread through the cel- lars of adjoining buildings before it was.discovered by a truck driver was passing through Colden street. The truck driver noticed the flames in the store of bhapiro Brothers and sounded the siren on his- truck until the entire neigh- oorhood. was aroused. .An alarm brought the entire Newburgh fire department to the scene, together with William T. McCaw, city manager. McCaw, upon his arrival, realized the seriousness of blaze and s nt a call for assistance to surrounding towns. Apparatus was sent from Walden, Highland Falls, Cornwall, Marlboro. Central Valley, Highland to classify the 300 men for Grand Jury duty for the year. UVJNlSTON MANOR MAN'S BODY TAKEN UP Attempt to Satisfy State Com- pensation Fund As to Cause of Death The body of William Hendrirk- 3on. buried at Liv'ngston Manor December 13 was exhumfd ncent- y for examination to satisfy HIP State Comppnsitlnn Insurance Fund as to the caiisp of daath It !s believe i to he the first ex- in Livingston Manor history. While working on a box car and Pough- some woeks Hendricksou beforp struck his death, his bead against a hearr and was disabled. Some time later suffered an apoplectic stroke, and died De- cember 11 nhvsirlHn attri- buied the primarily to the previous Injury and workman's n, was clatmpd. Followini? tne exhumation was! Tuesday, and examination made, with tlons of the brain were spni to York citv for microscopic examination Mills, Beacon keepsie. Throughout the fire the nremen was handicapped by a freezing temperature the spray from the hose forming ice as soon as it reached the buildings. The list of injured firemen wlio were sent to St. Luke's hospital included the following: Reed Haight, Newburgh. froz- en feet. George Davis, Cornwall, striu-fc by a stream of water. GETS 60 MYS FOR STEALINGAUTO TIRE ROTKLAM) STATISTICS Rockland town, Sullivan coun- ty, had tine more births In 1926 than In 1925, During the past year 29 girls and 31 boys were born. WAYNB COUNTY DIVORCES During 1926 34 divorces were granted In Wayne County, Pa., nn Increase of (Ive over the pre- vious year. Of these. 20 actions were brought by women During '.he ycnr is? marriage wort imed. MONTICRLI.O. Jan. lard I. Robinson, 23. was arrests Monday afternoon on a charcr of petit larceny and was be- fore Justice of the peace Fred Rprngue, of Liberty. He pli-aited Kuilty to the charge brought Against him by a Liberty worn m. for stenlli.g an automobile tire valued at 125. and sentenced '0 60 days In the Suliuau H'hinson was by 8'are Troopers, afro, ;or the theft of an es. however, wero Robinson was givn or Mi Edward FltzGerald, Newburgli. por. i exposure. Dale Colenun, assistaut chief of Newburgh, laceration of the foot. While the fire was In progress members of the Red Cross and Salvation Army, together with a number of Individuals, furnished firemen with hot coffee Prompt action on the part of the McQuoid company, of Middle- town, prevented the, flre from spreading to the next block when wind carried a burning across Colden street through1 onen window on the opposite skie of the street. The barn ing ember caused a fire In the room. The McQuoldg. which were stationed near this nolr.t. noticed tba blase and ex- tinguished It before It spread throughout the building. There were nine business es- tablishments destroyed by (ConthMNd em tlmt)