Tuesday, August 9, 1927

Daily Herald Middletown Times Press

Location: Middletown, New York

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Herald Middletown Times Press on Tuesday, August 9, 1927

Daily Herald Middletown Times-Press (Newspaper) - August 9, 1927, Middletown, New York 1 ''PRESS, TUESDAY. AUGUST 9, 1927. TWO Port .WAI. KIKSaiNKK. T, FKOXT ST. I'HOXE I'.. UAlJjl auneiULr SCHOOL REELECTS HEAD Gaiinder Again Becomes Presi- dent; List Announced TPRVIS J If REPORTING SON SHOT By Maront in Jersey City Fails to Clear Mystery PORT JERVIS Dominick Maroue, of First street, has re- turned from a visit to Jersey Citj as much in the dark as ever about a telegram he received last week stating that his son, Joe, had The Board of j been shot by police and was In a was of the Education held its monthly fng at the high school Monday evening. James GilMnder again elected presides b0Mrd: Janitor of River- side j deal of work to do. The boar) rune arragn deal of work to ao. Edward Mayer on a charge of referred the revest to the teac vagrancy> shortly after the tele- for th C. After making inquiries both of the city police and the Erie po- lice in'Jersey City, Mr. Maroue could find no information or rec- ord about the shooting of his sjn. The person who signed the tele- cram is unknown to the Marone familj. The telegram was Vifc- two weeks ago Joa Ma- arraigned before Justice charg'e of vagrancy. Shortly aft. gram was received here last week the was a rumor jervjs had been snot Port Jervis Deaths and Funerals John D. Wiiittaker PORT D. Whit- Stephen Zeh appeared Post, and asked lor a _ie at Jersey City. the deed to property at aud Hudson streets. By vote of tHe taxpayers, this property sold to the legion for U- After much discussion H was decided that Mr. Zeh and Mr Jones should draw up a tentative deed, S should be submitted to a committee, of which Edward May- er was appointed chairman. Miss Dori. McLanT. hiKh school. English; Miss jc.rie B Halstead, junior Ml- Acnes' Lewis, Miss M. Staddord, Marcaret E. Patty. bid" of S. C. McDonald of for repairs to bulman scimnl was accepted anrl av.-a'rdeil by tlie board. Dr. H. F. Murray was reap- point'ed school physician for the coming year at n salary of It was also voted that the age for children entering kinnergai'lc-n should be five years or more. Thrnngh a recent Inspection of schools it was discovered that children were being allcwed to enter school too early and that thcv were not able to benefit by REDS CALMLY AffAIT CALLS TO THE CHAIR (Continued from Page One) ter which the federal ccurts and the governor are the only hope Mass protest planned outside the prison at the hour ot execution, with many prominent liberals urged to march to the scene_ NEW YORK Thousands of police to concentrate on thirty protest meetings scheduled today. ga_ called; with spon- sors claiming many would be out. STOCKHOLM Fifty thou- sand participated In Sacco-Vanzet- ;1 demonstartions yestorday. Six trrested for throwing stcnea. BUENOS AIRES Dispatches Irom Mendoza said Sacco-Vanzetti itrikers stoned and fired on troi- eya at Mendoza. wounding one passenger, and stoned tramways and commercial houses at Tucu- inas, breaking the plate glass, oi a British department atcifc- MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay All railway stations, j plants and iorty (houses under guard by policei to Sacco-Vanzetti distur- State authorities asked injunction against miners of seventeen southern Colorado coal mines on strike as Sacco-Van- of the defense committee.that he had found the book very enjoy- able despite the circumstances under which it was read. Madeiros reads, too, but he prefers magazines with action of the west, stories UL LUD CQVj tH.VJ. AUU ..._ He has long since AT AI_RANV PROTEST beerTreslgned to his fate and the depressing atmosphere of the death house has seemingly had no upon 'prevent 'bances. DENVER iettl protest. ROSAKr Wond- taker died at his home at Ding- man, Pa., August 7. He was 62, and had been a life long resident of Dingman. He married Stella Titlman at Port Jervis October 22. i Mr. Whittaker was a member of Delaware Council, No. 9, Jr. O. TJ. A, M. HB is _ survived by his wife, two daughters, Mrs. David Holden, of Matamoras, and Mrs. .Tnlm Fislter. of Long Eddy, a.ad one grandson, James Koiden. The funeral will be held at 2 o'clock Wednesday auerauou at Dingman. Burial will he in Del- aware cemetery, Dingman. No newsptperTare being published in Rosarlo. Bahia. Blanca, Tucuman, Mendoa. the principal provincial cities of due to the Sacco-Vanzetti strike of the printers. Several thousand attended a Sacco-Vanzetti protest meeting in the public square last night, then JLtert. to march to the Amerlj can legation, but were turueu pro- GRAVEL TRUCK ON FIRE SECOND TIME IN WEEK PORT the second time in five days the crave! truclc of William Ellwauger caught fire Net- Sho- PORT tie Knealing died Sunday at liola after a short illness, was 38, and. was lioni at Suohola, the daughter of John Wohlforth nnri Cnrnlyn Kpller Wohlfortli. In 1914 she married Henry Kneal- ing at Port Jervis. Mrs. Knealing Is survived by her husband, her mother, Mrs. George P. Hass. ot Shohola, and three step-sisters, Mrs. Edward Hinkel, of Parkers Glen; Mrs. Shields, and Miss Mildred Hass, _ all American proper..y in Cuba Placed under strict The Norwegian de- fense committee proposed _ an 15-mlnutej lUJIUUb ovw speaking loudly they are able to converse. More aclive Is Vanzolti. who Is spcuding what1 may be'the final hours of his life reading philoso, phical works and. writing letters to his elderly father and other relatives in Italy. He has just finished rea'ding "The Rise of American tiou by Charles A. Beard and for'its work. Invitations to the triple execu- placed. In violence Sacco and Vaniet- tl are reprieved. _ losuance of arms to London Invitations 10 LUB ui muio tion have been issued. The dozen uce is an unusual procedure. Ewn IIVU 1AM, V w-w witnesses will Include, besides the warden, Deputy Warden James L. Hogsett, Dr. Joseph I. McLaughlin prison physician; Sheriff Samuel H Capen, ot Norfolk county} Sur- geon-General-Frank P. Williams, Medical Examiner George B. Ma- grath, of'Suffolk county; one newspaper man and'Several others during the general ftrlke of May, 1926, when many persons bellered tiw country menaced by reT- olutlon, police wars unarmed. Police on ordinary duty In Brit- ain have only their for protection. by Charles A. Beard and appointeet by the warden. Mary Board. He told a. msnj.Nr It wiu be the second triple the defense committee-that he ".wl" mnnthi il Will ecution within eight month, in Massachustts. Robert Elliott, ex- ecutioner in Massachusetts. Penn- sylvania, New York and New Jer- sey, will officiate. Death house prisoners hare one advantage over other men confined to the grim, grey build- ing in the shadow of Bunker Hill They may order almost anything in the war of choice viands that never are served elsewhere in the prison. Mudeiros has Uken advantage of this privilege. He. has ordered fruits and other dainties and has dined on them to his heart's con- tent but Sacco has tad no nouris- ment la any form since July 17, and Vaniettl has satea only spasmodically of the simple pris- on fare. The three Men now occupying the Ztteful ceils -have -virtually es- caped a death house precedent. Almost never before setts has a condemned man failed to welcome the solace of religion during his last on earth. Sacco, Vanzettl and Madeiros have spurned spiritual comfort. Probably unknown to the con- demned men, work: has been go- ing on In the small adjoining room that will receive them Thurs- day morr.ing. The instrument of death which this commonwealth employs to expiate Its murders the slight- est indication of disturbance, a attended by 600 per- rons" hire last night protested the execution of Sacco and Vanzetti In Massachusetts on murder charges. Scores of pollen were on guard, but there no need for their services. DYNAMITE UNUErV CULVERT found under a culvert of the New York, New Haven and Hartford Eailroad near hert mystified police today. An- aaoarsscss telephone call led police to the spot last night. They found 35 pounds of the explosive In an uncovered box without caps or fuses. Police said they did not believe It was Intended to blow up the cul- vrt but that the dynamite there for futur had use. he ARM LONDON United State embassy, the con- sulate and the residtnce of Ambas- sador AiansGB B. Hougliton understood today to have been Is- sued arms because oj threats of CONSUL AIDS ALIBI Italy Giuseppe Androver. former Italian Coasul at Boston, told newspapers today he had sworn to an affidavit lay- ing that one of the in the Sacco-Vanzetti case had been in the Italian consulate on the day and hour of the South Bralntxee murder. Androver was quoted In Ilia papers as having said he had deposited the affidavit with the United States embassy. SWISS REFUSE PROTEST CABLES telegraph of- ficials today refused to accept a message for the United States pro- testing against the Saccc-Vanzetti decision. The wag refer- red to the Federal authorities, who were to determine whether It con- tained matter which might re- garded M offensive to United States. United Startea legation and all United Stttes con- sulates la Switzerland were guard- ed today against violence. GUARD EXECUTIONER NEW policeman to- day stood guard outside.the Rich- mond Hill home Of Robert. Elliott, When ia New York, Jtay si the at the dine and dance, on its famous ROOF. TIMES SQUARE the electrician who by throwing a switch-" In the first hour of Thursday morning win'cause the death of Nicola Sacco and Bar- tolomeo VantetU. Elliott wan understood to have left the house and repeated ringing of the door- bell brought "no response. HIT BY AUTO Richard C. Salmon Was struck by an auto driven by C. I. Moftett. of Pert Jervls, and is !o Hoslti Ideal after Tennis and all outdoor sports Tea: cMaketeaasusuaL l containers and thoroughly chill. taste. Revives and Stimulates Without Reaction saccoVyaw.ettI protest smne ShoL rdered for tomorrow, ine ui United States embassy and con- sulate were under guard today. Doomed Reds Wait Death Call Calmly BOSTON Three lighted cells in the death house of brilliantly- low-walled in {rontTf "ihe" garage" of Ratan I of Shohola." j today hold three and Duffy after the tank had beepf The funeral will be held at different men, united oy. just after at'" St. Jacobls Lutheran I In Cell No. the yesterday, started when some the gasoline dripped to the hot ex- haust pipe. The cab of the truck became ignited. Workmen on a new building next <loor fought the fire with sand until firemen ar- The truck caught tire last'Wed- nesday afternoon just after it had been lilled with, gasoline. Church at Sliolioia. Rev. K. C. Brauder will officiate. Burial will be in Knealins; cemetery. Jshr. '.V. Hsyes PORT W. Hayes died at his hoine here, 111 West Main street, Saturday evening. He bad been a resident of Port Jer- vis 4S years, and sin.ce early man- MARCH TO PITCH AGAIN AGAINST ROYAL GIANTS H. twi- He is POP.T light same oi great baseball enthusiasts will be played Friday evening at Cuddeback "e field." The game will be called.at o'clock sharp." and will be pluyed between Port's Pride and the Royal Colored Giants. This team defeated Port by a score Cannonball Dick Redding pitched a no-hit game. March for the locals and allowed ten hits, ouly one being blow. HR fanned six and walked none. road. Mr. Hayes was a member of Sac-red Heart Church, West End, and of the Holy Name Society. He was also a member of Brotherhood nil tnrec Thurs- -is Celestino Madaros, youUi- fate has long CJQjllpH.. n Cell No. 2 is BartolomeoTan- zetti, pliilosopher and fish peddler, silent, thoughtful fellow, proud and defiantly anarchistic. The last cell holds Nicola Sacco, .________A 1UH-. "MOM IvllO 700. survived by two daugh- t (AUU March will pitch this Fridays with Bush catching. Either Dick Redding or Jack will pitch for the Giants. Ovei one thousand fans at- i-.nf whinh the Riauts. the world's colored "champs, plaVed here. Furl 18 paying them a very high guaran- tee to return and no one should miss tttlt treat. o ug- ters, Mrs. M. J, Flaunery and Mrs. Austin DeLanney; two sisters, Miss Kate E. Hayes, a teacher in the public schools cf this city, asd Mrs. T. P. Feeney, of New York, and one brother, of Staten Island. He is also survived by four grand children. Funerai services were held at this morning at. the home at IB o'clock at Sacred Heart Church. Burial was In St. Mary's cemetery. NEGROES GET w DAYS FOR STEALING MILK SAYS HE WAS ASSESSED FOR EACH END OF LOT Council Directs Inquiry Into Talmadge Tax Complaint long ago decided that death as a "martyr" to tlie cause he repre- sents was preferable-to vindica- tion. Seated at a small table in front rlT watching day and tub last- hour movements of the doomed men. They will not watch much longer. Three times during the minutes after midnight Thursday, Warden William Hendry's hand will fall. Three times an unseen hand will respond. And, In less than half an hour, the seven-year-old ease OI LUC WGClllu and Vanzetti will at last have been closed. But though they must have real- ized today that only a legal mir- acle could lengthen their span of life beyond forty short hours, all three seemed to regard their plight wlta phlegmatic wlthnnt reads and but most ct his time on his prison cot with an PORT Hurt and Paul Saunders, both negroes of West Virginia, were-arraigned before Justice William S. Bevans in Police Court this morning, charged with stealing bottles of millc on West Main street. They were arrested by Patrolman John C Keliay about 5 o'clock this morning. The pleaded guilty to the charge and were sentenced to ten' days'in Goshen jail. Orlando Phillips, Albert Broks, and John Drin, arraigned on a similar charge, were dismissed and given thirty minutes to get out ot t6wn. They were also ar- rested by ..Patrolman Kelley. Madison <lenaerma-n -was-fined a car. without a Tbe Common Council has di- rected Corporation Counsel A F Servin to investigate a complaint made by Issaac J. Talmadge, 91 rrospect avenue, relative to split- Ling up his property which runs back to Kidge street and levying two assessments, one on each street. When Talamdge originally ob- tained the lot It ran from Pros. pect back to Ridge street with the exception of a air Inch strip owned by C. E. Medrick, fronting on Ridge street Later the city purchased this tiny strip from Mr. Medrick. In making out this year's assessment roll the com-. missioner of assessment broke j Mr. Talmadge's lot In' two, assess- ing one on Prosepect avenue, the other on Ridge street. Mr. Talmadge contends he can- not bo assessed Tor a lot tnat doesn't possess a right of way on a public street..' BAYER ASPIRIN Take without Fear as Told in "Bayer" Package PORT Morris. PORT JERVlS--Mlss Margaret! of Liberty and Miss Brown, ot Ala- Pnchard Of White Lake, Sullivan bama, were the guests of Mr. and county, and the Rev. Steward w_ Hsndrickson of Pine Hawkins of North Adams, street'oVer the week-end. Mr and Mrs. Frank Wilkin and daughter Florence of Rio visited Mr and Mrs. W, W. Hendrickspn of Pine street over the week-end. Edgar B.- Hunt of New Oitv spent -the week-end with his liothcr, Mrs'. W. W. wendricksou of Pine streel. were married yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock. The ceremony wae performed by the Rev. John Prich- ard. father of the bride, on the lawn of their home at White Lake. SCHOOL HOARD MKETlS'G "j he Hoard or icdncntion Is .iphcdulod to meet in City Hall tllis I'VlMlillR. i L'ulcss you see the "Bayer Cross on package or on tablets you are not getting the genuine Bayer As- pirin proved safo by millions and lirescribed by physicians over twcnty-flve for Colds Headache Neuritis Lumbago nhcunmtlsm Neuralgia Pain Each unbroken "Bayer" nacltanre contains proven directions. Handy boxes of twelve tablets cost few eonta, DruffKlsta nlso sell bottles of 2< and in m "fc sooimn@ tone yfEETHElP-f TOILET SOAD WE KNOW IT IMPROVE YOUR COMPLEXION AND APPEAL TO YOU FOR ITS .WHITENESS ITS PERFUME. ITS WONDERFUL LATHER ITS SOOTHING SKIN EFFECTI ITS PERFECT CLEANSING i rniionw RFI vr i 'w w FOR 10 DAYS ONLY mniin I.U RDQ VVWZTV of Sw for J3 cents.'_______ My signature below that I Toilet Soap for 13 centi. 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