Monday, April 2, 1883

Evening Observer

Location: Dunkirk, New York

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Text Content of Page 1 of Evening Observer on Monday, April 2, 1883

Evening Observer (Newspaper) - April 2, 1883, Dunkirk, New York t- EVENING to tilt- JjtlK', till- VOL. IL NO, 1. DUNKIRK CHAUTATJQUA CO.. N. Y., MONDAY, APRIL THE EYENING OBSERVER Published tver.T evening at 5 p. J. at the oflico 51 Second Street. Latest Telegraphic News. rt O'clock IV! The Acadany of Music Foreign Affairs. lyis Hie large-, t ciy circula- tion, The TolegrupUic News is tfi-ee Uoura Later thwiAttg piper sold citv and AouM Wto Buffalo OBSEKVEK puttisUcs the ASSOdtJCTEb PRESS DISPAt-CHES. ____ SJaWrcd class matter in P. Dunkirk. SUBSCRIPTION RATES: mouth, delivered jo Peryear, do do C.OO do through mail 5.00 I LiVt'Li: UlRL'X AUSACLT- WAS TKKATKD IX LY WHIPPED RYIftX Vork. April -U'lu-tt the janitor 1 of (lie of ivacticil the i building he found the I door :t jar. The hux wa1- in if real' j i j contusion, pa pern, ticket- and furniture j j beinjr plied on the Moor in it heap. A train of powder reacbedlfroin the to i J LAXD corxr CEjww i the door, and tooK were scut-: (tercd around. An examination -thowcc? tlutt the safe had been robbed ot The OBSERVER'S Circulates Who mintage the Uoliverjrot llic site places named, and to whom al! tions should bo paid and orders given. D. D. fcuukirfc. PrtclCKtB. T. J. OUGGA.H, Forestville, TtteOBeEKVKft can bo found oti'swkNtt Jolm FOBS' Cigar Store, Third sUcut., ADVERTISING RATES: Want1' ads. line (or Jet wecke in- .-0 Etch subioquciU............. .10 Business Cards m tins Column, 1 mintli, 26 J-'-lj HiOCttUi nntl made known the office. ttsmess iY, JtD., rhpn. KCS- Don't like it. :inl DUpah-h tottte Ereniag Ofotrtw.j IRAKIS. April D'Airtnalc in t for and iu cash. In their' taking leave of the Academy dot-hired in arwld that he regarded the Orlcnnht movement I A'l rotry. y. i .t iu. VILLATLKOMIXKTKK hurry the thieve1- in hills.. The key nf the naie I was kept m a compartment of tin.- ticket box covered with ticket1'. Some one 1 acquainted with the place wti-. prubahlv implies led in the robbcij. It it thought WASHINGTON WAIFS. Secretary Chandler will accompany the president on his trip to Florida aud tuako an inspection of the Peiisaoola navy yard. Eckloff. ia of the de- tectives of the District, was removed Sat- urday, JN'o charges were preferred, but it is supposed tlie removal bits some con- nection with the recent citizens' movc- three :uid a half tiie s attended iho concert Saturday j Daagerons Braidwood. ia the nijrht ami concealed place was locker] up. III..' people under the Jis-fovcrcd in the Diamond mine were to be brought out yf-tet-duy drew n large crowd. About o'clock ucwr- brought, up thitt the had gone after the bodies had been' ctnvrt a in (ill the The poliee liavo Another Hotel Buraeu. r. IT.. Vpril hotel s a manoeuvre against him. Celebrating bit Birthday, i Bunny, April OStli birlli- day was celebrated yesterday. The em- peror aud many dissitigimhed persous called on him, and nuuibm> of telegrams of congratulations were rccc-iveil. 9 1 Bringing them to Time- tputek to the Keening Observer. faslnigln. Th, fin- a, dis. vltvtfn ViRjvX.v, April Bismarck is st the propriety of ,it" after it.-! the the TIiP and kins- on WH folk oft be men in the wild mine were DIt, K. It. EMEKSOK, Opctimi! and Me cluiaiciil Dentist. and Ten over (lie prospective death of i if J____.__. j their A party wa-. at once sent of F. w only Roasl Meat. tim a :'gC pile Of Up tlll- htld I lie men rrt'ti-Li.L THOKJfTOX'S cat bo engaged! 1Ul1-Kl <r to lumish niatic tov Itocuji- were however Itbtrati'd. One of the men s, etc. None but competent imsicisiis eon- i acctcd with Uiis oi-gauiztttton. ill llic latest! was M) prosttriilcd thai he had to Vie carri- secured as boon as imhlifbtl. for etc., call on or Cupt. A. THOII.VTOJS, cu home. I he rescued party M-lion thex- ?7 89 Cttst Third street, or P. O. 638. i -------_------------------------------_f-------------i reached the top until they would never Jl i go in Other scnrchei-s pay that _ i they will not go down again, h i.-s ivs. N. V.. i: Andprs-on in the CCIIUM) purl ol thi- meat of A Murderer Ducovercd. [Spec-tat to tltt Evening Obst-rrcr.] PKMII, Aprii as4ass.iu of tily %va-< an Italian named burned ;it ;ui early hour The Insa wfis ias escaped, lie was out of employment. C'lirionsly enough many I'eaiy 'anil children's hair droning i IT K. IB fotvolcuni. is Ihoushl no further search will he ramie I jrL. rcpreeewted the Bradfofcl, Titueville, <KTOIty and Now York Oil ExchaiKea, j ;is no nii-u can bu found willhin- to dowji. i-u can bu found Six Jiudics were (tikcn out at 1 Big Bark Mill Burned. thf Off .Ma1-.. April Tin-large hark ot f 'ol. Ihtrwoiid, sitnut- o'clock aud identified their clot O those of Thomas Ramsjiy, Andy Fulton, Ike Pearson. Pcar- cd here, bunted hi1-! niirht. The J'tss IP over ncailv covered blanket Jiaptiitt Corner Fourth oad HOT. E. F. Crane, Pantoiv Kegnlur imd.iohn Pwwson. Fcmccs lift. Sunday Sunday cviiiiuff .prujer evinl'is BRIEF TELEGRAPHIC NOTB8 p. in. i. JPii'st Presibytcrtan, H. tiprnci' 'file and Fourth. Bor. Ij. Aiplw, Pastor. _____ _. semee 11 n. m. aud p.m. Sabbath 2 m. WoduesdHy ovoning sbrr be at 7 :30 .Vtchafalavi 12 m. fltrtDffcrs and younu men cortlallf invi The Mississippi Still al Dispatch iu the Keeirinff (fbiicreef.i 3fKi.vtLi.iv, La.. April a is still rising. Eighteen in- ches mon: wait-rare expected hero and Additional Lightning Flashes. The thirty-tiUth itunivt-raary of ism was cch'brated by in Xcw York April J, pt-vailod in Lyrichlnirg, S7i-kliely was sUdibed mid robbed by u who (scaped to New York. f Coming to America uteh the J.'-ii-niny UAVIIK, April 2.- -AValah, rtwuily at- restcd at ihc of Uu: evnmciH on n suspicion of being concern- ed in the Phu'niic park rnHtder but after- ward released, has, sailVtHor iS'ew York. More Deviltry. [Sjxrial D'ntjiatck to the Even'wr? i., The mcut. The total per cents, into throen thus 000, of which nine million were exchanged since Pebriuin. Tltreoiiiiltion eijchthun- dred lui1- already been paid out I in anticipation of lhe interest due May t I Oil four per cculs. The dcpartmt'ut of agriculture lias Icnsud ground in nortlieantvrn section of the city (or an experimental farm aud hospHiil iu connection with the tiou of lhe of animals. Dr Htil- uioii, who for a number ot been employed tiy the department in thin work. will take cli'irge of the fjirm, i The pLL-ioflicc departmeiil 110tided the slate departmeiil of tlie receipt at ilie dead letter ollice, for want ol fuil paepity- incut "f oftieial iug InpHciile invoices from various con-1 smates which under tin- present postal! syftt-m would re-turned to the Tin- forwarding o( tlit-itv- letter without. pn-paymeiil them liahlc to double bonded ware house was entered yesterday Ijy unknown parties und the contents of a number of etisks of spirits were spilled. It irf supposed that it done- with an inecudiary intent. Dumufit 1000 pounds storlinar. arc eordinllj inrttud. away between thUpIace and Baion Kougc j The Kev. .Jo-cpli of Fort the the lever- a mile and a half above the rail- Keffnlur Sunday a. m, 1 p. m. Sunday jc-Uool t) a. in.. Oticrjcr- J plantations, hut the _...... _ Ot Deer and xv ___ ______ Eev. Jobu Find, pastor. Suto- i hath ijciricca a.m. and m. SUnday m, rtafermeeuusTocscay All crossmjr. subraeririne maov small I nsint; All (he union brickImerw ot Chictigo, notice that they will Mrlkc to-day unlcst- they receive four it day. (JCWCCH f Fifth aUeete. Hcv. G. road Tlie Tete i ftre secure, xs. April river no-w an! WHli1-. bnukei nt Clifton Spring.-, has inch helov.- its height last year. 's tlltlt Pllt 1 Special Diapatrh lo the Kftttlng Otwrrcr. Loxixw, April Kcdmond reports the most gratifying progresh in organizing llic Land League in Australia. This news is greeted with irreul eftJal by the Land league hare. Protective. to thr Ketm It K ilioti.uiit thai ihi' woiK of changed to ensign, the luidHlup- meu now on the list to constitute tlie jun- ior grade of and be com missioned us eii- having rank and pay as midship- men until further promotion. The mil- forms remain same JIH now. TELEGRAPHIC TOPICS withmg to have iti ctawctoty will please call at tlic oftlcc. in forged It i.- stated that ftsonU Ditectorg. third ji. G. W. M. T Served Him Bight. the Ecenttig HAWLEV. Pa., April Bowles. I of will lose The United States express has forward- i month, se No. 767. f. A. vr. Mullen. W. an intent to have carnal did not accomplish his hellish designs as her frightened him She .stated i told her mother of his terrible assault and the neighbors organized and .sentenced her assailant to br publicly whipped. __ -The culprit's father volunteered to carry J T. 1. M. Otmrlcs Itlnod. ottt tne SCntctiCe. He was tied to a post .wurtkirk Cnmmandery Sn.40. K.'l'. Regular land lashed on his bare back until the r in i ncighljorR declared his punishment siiffi- v Chapter Xo. EH, A t-econd antt fonrth 'jnics month. If. -I. C.iblK., ..Jr.. II. 1'. RaikciJ. Scr'v. aged 16 ycars.bGlonging to a most respect-jcd Tree thu donation of Hiram SiWey jable family, assaulted a little the t Co. of thirty thousand packages of 1 daughter of a respectable ueighhor with ed jrarden seedy to sufferers by the tor- ntuln al (-irinncll. Iowa. Tht; t'atric stiil that the of [VAumalcN chateau at Chant illy has been made, and that the property of nil the Orleans prince1; iu France has been i morigiigcd for franco tbe tag Uwyei', One of the Inviucibles, WJIS dis- April officials j Saturday night from Ki of the railways of the kirigdum liave Ijcen in consul latiou regarding rtct'iil out- and hate resolved to organize a pro- tective corpe to watch suspicious! persons traveling on their roads and to guard t tin; carriage of parcels supposed f to IK- for use in thu proaecutitm of unlaw- ful and disloyal designs jail, it is believed lic'catift: of ill health. Eigbl of the will be wharged with complicity in the Plimnix park ranr-' der1-. Threateniog ht Xtetting Observer.} pril account of steady ntreain of ItItcre containing threats which iiave been received by prominent! The visible supply of jtniin at all United, Lutes and Canadian points on the ItOlli I ill. aggregated bushels, wheat; bushels corn; bushels oats; IJ68 bushels barley; J4G buslicb Tlie differences between llic New York Ancient, Order of and the oilier' i al precautions arc s have been atnicablv Secordcr. threats, partieuiarly in the Iondon Stnibl und Mullholland works, which are now carefully guarded. r I'lirneIL bceii has- for tllf' ADDITIONAL LOCALS. the j. A ride iu one of those elegant ucw cabs I ;ust received at McCarthy's China Hall, t ii Center street. Dunkirk. K, Y. jcicnt. No legalaction will be taken In were waylaid and shot Friday night ncarjonly known and trusted hands arc al- An autopsy rwaN that Wam-n the it is thouRhf that this treat-1 OakflcM Iowa. an unknown man. lowed on lhe premweK. The gravest ap- roc andlm mother I.yncbburg. Va.. merit will be fully as productive of good. iSlrahl died al midnight. Mnllholland shot in the head fatally. This the An TlBprOTttkcd lEordar- outgrowth of n reign of terror In the [SlKciaMMtpatfktoOie'Xeeitiiw OfcKi-cw.j vicinity inaugurated ami Miatained by HAMITOK, April clerk t Stralil and confederates. V Ia the furnishing goods lit very ,w prices at Hayncs'. Cull and look at .J flae line of goods now on sale i __ _1 _. WAvnACT at the National House, invited Thomas' Phillipe, nn inoffensive citizen to take a 1 swindler, for whose drink with him. Phillips at find refused .Robert C. Billiard, an expert check arrest the New York i bankers' association had offered The i to drink but finally accepted a cigar. e j J wax captured Sunday. He travelled BB- der aliaHCs. He IIMI two wives revolver tod takintr deliberately shot j mine Hnd one in Pougkeepsie. ed fr H. Smith, 81 Ccn- j md his companion Phillips. Joyce b T own WMI Joyce W insane. thcUtwt ntylcgo, By means wt a wcent invention hands The boiler of the tug boat Polar of.iteel, tempered hAtdenod, pcliension IR fcli 2dwm Booth Among the {gjxcM Dbjatck (p (lie Kvtning tfettrw.j VIF.S.VA, April Booth appear- ed in "Hamlet11 Saturday evening before n crowded house, and received great up- ptenae. The presw, however, hit) ac- ting of Hamlet much below what were poisoned with arsenic. It is now) thought that a iKnind agctl who desired release from contract, be. j! t ing refund, may have resorted i ing to effect his release. Vouog Monroe i 'before dying charged crime on a fe- male cousin visiting lhe family, but protrstt'd her innocence. exploded Satunhy UU IreinW; 'tWo iiotl employtd to transmit motion from one pirtl- night al Bloomiugtoii. I Dunn, N contractor, went to (he. i i of his divorced wife and shot her I twice. He also his son, aged .sixteen, 11 then advanced irpott j j) at HtrHlttund Indinate Jht choice with n knife and pistol. A QlftUterftltotlbeKicJiiitftg. The entire rilife struggle-nimtrd bHwwu und ll H

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