Wednesday, December 17, 1890

Dunkirk Evening Observer

Location: Dunkirk, New York

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Text Content of Page 1 of Dunkirk Evening Observer on Wednesday, December 17, 1890

Dunkirk Evening Observer (Newspaper) - December 17, 1890, Dunkirk, New York DUNKIRK, N. T., WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 17, K EP LiESENTA TI VE B USINESS HOUSES OF-- DUNKIRK. A NR-W RrLINfi UACHINK lor nilum ----til -.f i.i ihr hiUiata-uliaoo nc Mticiutiui'ui buiikirk I'rtntuirf Lompany, I) B. (JtFFORD, anil _ 35 Centra) Artifiic, PhoiotpniiLer rhotoifrripns [l.nncb i spuuiaii... sstK-r aecd watt fur lunsnme except for nainea. NO. 109. SHILLMA1IS (iALOKE. DETAILS OF AT "HE -4'-, -'r BAL.LINAK LU. Then uddi-essing a dn-ialla ulionca TTVP t TTTr rTT> i v" r -pn id he rhe quality ami not tho I llA I U b lluA-N IrLLR. 'it lin e cnresged ________ the voice ot Kilkenny FQR Qp SA1LIF" GCUFFE BEGUN THE MONETARY STRINGENCY Ii-lh.i Pol, In the JI Hint -Mi r.rtnr In .1 liuillr Nut nous. r in in. He Mink" in an impassioned vein, he would not any one, nor n in il ue imk permiss.on to apeak BOOK no street. Ijiii.k.rk, N. Y. -I IrtVt.NIi pneu.r. N.p. Ih K. iln-et. Hill tic, n. mlr- piompth led All BDKCHKu-s CROCKERY HOUSE, :0s Central vvKmie WaolMale and retail dealer in Imported aim China. Giiuwware. tWi'ei! more both- c.-im I isi. r. pred ct and f, cars pr. lie Irav rhctixr'uMiH' 'i-f. md .r :s 3 ml to ue "i lin. .ilr. L.i.ionr I i be- i in ;r de- i .in.. LU, ,-verv-'wed. It tlie tint nme, tunic a per j ven ha.s i- i--row, like Tanner or a jack-I <i.rv. like D.r-itr. _V "urns- <jl partisans coming anrjl ner recurred. During the icnm- ni.ivrc. some miscreant, threw a liaij of i line LI P-ii-nell. It struck him full in that C.ico mil 'He ,ime tilled eyes, blinding 1 intense pain. him md Hia carriage waa just driving away when me lime was thrown. After riding some distance lie was ooliged to alight at a laborer's caoin_m a fainting condition, i do little to I that Mr. I CHAOTACUDA HOTEL, Kates, il ner itay. Boaidiiig stable" Vu-iiir Rider, and .J37 L.on i-tset- 1ITT BARBKll SHOP I, lias. N.iKle. Under Lake Shore National Hunk, eornr Center ami Thinl streets. A ,iue 4lork <p mil Unmeslli; 1 J0NKIRK EVENING OU-iERTElt. Larzost Daily in the County. An unequalled auvertlsiug medium. it i. i'i" pr in S'-n moini'n- >il at. IJii -nt'H pi-o-vd. ihe one- inned TRAGEDY. ----------jry. Ar listed m the army, and was amon- tim troops 'vho accomnanied ilaximillim to -Mexico: but he soon _ deserted, jome.ii the I guenllas under Juarez, and bi-tray-d the1 institute, but had up me old business and did nothing but a collecting and exchange business. The depositors hava been secured by a judgment, bond and mortgage on valu- aide coal lands in this county to Thomas H. .Murray, Anbury W. Lee, W. W, Beets and John .M. Troxell, aa trustees. A cer- tilled list of rhe depositors was made ont imd the sums Tho secniiiy is double the mdebrednesa The assets of tins concern go into the personal estate of-Mr. Wallace. wera entered for 124 000 la favor of Fletcher Columan, to secure him- self and other mongers of Mr to Thomas L. Wallace for OUUiora like piirpose. and to Harry j. W forS2J.GUU in trust for Mrs. Wal- lace, to secure that part oi her separata EKLEIU i 1JT E Tumi atrcou Karnitare, ,inei anil Up 'naile to nrler. HI D. >IATTESON A CO., J01 Central we., Leaders ul Fashitui anil Gentlemen 'Jutlluei.- AHELJ, .STEjlM HEATING CO.. anulacmrers ol Steam ileaimi; Apintrata? auitarv P'utninni: i LJ OJLE STK'V-tt L.VOOUY. Ireiand. tnci-ue-, exr'U.-! The crowi to furv md tuon.-h .1- P up In, rer.-u tnuv wi.h one aeeord unon 'nen. The wnu upon the piatf.irm with D.-ivnr u-eie tne lirst to ,md leap t-ie com'iat.-ini.s, Davut and raimer ioilnu- ntr. D.vut. nor ,n goo i phvsic.i! .-ondi.i m, and aliiinsr ram ue'l down his OH- i mil t f-om m ,i-ue ainnir.-r .1 h P vie. lite .-r ir 'A- -i -..nt; uelh e rill Until Is in rue ot erc is some Uount. a.mi'd in- the Par- i tlinv save r--l md .n- that ot "p'irni'11 Our speciaitiei: F i ic; t. .md tiry A W. I! K. OEH.M. E. 1'bir I at.. e lot .iruii.iw. t i-c -UT t.entor Ttrc i ull.'.r- Dur .r. <il Buffalo u f ue lioiita x Shoes H Thir-1 itorc -jcnuu. titmtia ii.aunier Mutual 1.. i'tpui- foiluM "fjou t.ns h "Dav.ii -jie man tor -i-.. ,.rr A c--r 'vnnse ts :iol erir-ieil v coii-p i- in -he D.ivr- ran he'_-'ii i i i ,f ir.n ls. ;lh' tiK, DaMt- nun .M-I. mv.n_.wav. -in, by fvo powc.tii -inn liliil ni the :oremi as- n anta and rev VM! ot his own ,uie 1'ie Par-iei..tes. hud ui'j vniitaj" the i t.'rleri-iiee o noi.c .d Divr injur can e, muuu ul, L fin -v ,11.1 u-1 is nf r _-n 01 n Eci-muda, when 'roin Me. McCobh ,iud on the mornint; of ass nili he forward while Smith was at 'lie wneei He nn order to whu h Smith ipplicd imp-rnnentlr The mate i told him to hold his lonsruu when Smith whipnc'l out his -heath knifu and mads a 1 Iniiiic at him. lie tried to ward ojf the blow, but i lie kuifo entered his side. The Bailor liriu-ed avram and stalilipd ihe mate! m the nack near the shoulder blade. Cant., thu ma-srer of the nchoonerj md tin- -t-ameu mtenered and Smith was' I pir m iron, When VPSIP! reached Amcrc-m nniMil shipppd the neirro. tht ma e md (ienrac Mano. a colored -enman, as a wtness -n XcwYort (.'ommissionei it S1.000 The mate's wounds ,11 P st.11 ver- troublesome. A YOUNGSTER'S NERVE. Hoy KiinH FOB PKIXTIXi ,11 i-v.-ry u. t Coinpanv, :l aotl iti L. mil JH. i SON, 1 ,fi AccnieiH and i 'rn u jnr ill- '1.1 MH i rim ues--'l Luite 1 aa.s decideil -u d X. Y Dee. Saul. panu'h. on.v S vcan old, wns uiven in here bv i condnctoi ot i V, ,.-r -In re -rain. Willie s.-ivq he .1 s M nne ir P-'iu-lxhock e. a suburb n) K.'i.'s-nn, i.i-i F'id.iv mornina rnviiiL: tc hi stenmntl" r atment He went on yr.itn t .evnians U'id -role i tc the raiiroau men took 11 nut mm on i tram to "r P 17 Third street, Fasiuonable Tailor, will lind it i cneir advantage u> cull nn tnetieiore purctiutnn F B. CAKX A CO.. Lion street. neraJ Hardware. nite Painter1 imca, oii ulotlio. iirai. u; Ware. A apecui dherwii. Williamfa RGL1NU, diiuti od blank-books, ledgers, an v T to the police and hd 'mine ,u ti.c cH-rody of a detective, buy -tuys in, mtiier Uis a boat builder. woman'-! immoralities. In faei, serted, he had attempted to turn her trom them. The president of the tiibu- nal retorted h; reauintc the record to snow runt wh-n a gentleman had of- fered Bomparl to become his mil- EjT-iud had accepted her sugges- tion that the money be taken and UL-V "ted by them 10 dissipan.m together. When byraud called tinon lor his testi- mony, he threw the blame for Giraffe's murner upon Bompard. He -aid that she proposed to Kill ami rob the bail.If bivy a trunk and coiu-pai the body in if. Eyraud went on with r-oolness to Bpimnda the1 the atf.ur He told how Gfimbnlle was loiKlIina tne victim at he moment: when the noose was tiirown .ironnd his neck. Ihe noose w-is attacned to a pnil hind ,i curtain and when it was "'i.ij Gon'Te snon ceased to con.dn't "rv out and me few mome'it-v. The nr in the -rinK ind Bum hem- in h, r turn, declared ,int the inmu w of Eyr-i'.id'- 'ipv.snu'. He. w ir.. the i is -mil by ins nliuenc'- comn, ili'd ner to bear her part imi out it- in-! ir on, niur. im'jrilf -lie unuirlir ti'nk n London for the pii'-in-. if p mij linen in 'f. She Evi enticed ro tier iiinor-uit ot hid murrl the. time. ev be- He r in a I taen piacea '' Evr Mid aii'i she was "'nib Hi' -uuon at i to be rari-io.I Into Court. NT.w Dec-. 17 leiral bat- tie over t ie lor.erv question in Louisiana opened bv the filing <if a suit for mnn- ('is in behalf of John A Morns agamat J-PPrei-irrof State Mason to compel him to nromnliratB the amend- ment aiiopr-il hy the legislature last sum- mer providing for the gr.iiititig of lot- tery chartei- lor the period of twenty-live years to .John A llorni and others. It will he remembered that the proposed paused urv.a houses of the li'Ui-iatnr' bv ih. const tutional two- ni.ris and then vetoed by Governor It is heid tnat the governor had not the power to veto a onimntutionul ani-Miu nenr. Thus far the secretary of state haa not acre-! 'n -lie matter and the present suit IB The Luke Shore Kuilroad Company, that hati grown to be one nf the great corpuniiionti of the country, waa began ut a meeting in Fredonm, and the Ural stock was hubbcribed for here, Predonia is the first village in the to have nne public bmldinjr, a meeting place for the cnmmutmv to en- joy nil the culture anil delights that lit- eratnie, oratory, music and the druma can furnish. Wu have the only gentleman's club that I ever heard of that ia run withcm liquor. Oura is as dry an a wind swept bnnu on the Greut American Desert. [Eicept at tlie annual banquet For forty years Frcdoniy. waa cele- brated as ihe one village in all the known world illuminated In aim direct from the laboratory of the Altniuhty. The flrat Academy that ever shed the of learning in the western wilds of our grand Empire Slate, was built in B're do uia. You see, it is our nntural nlace to lead in this great reform by having our wo- men cinzens exercise their rights in our village government. They lire taxed heavily Let them bo fully represented. Then will thu briuhteM ircl leaf of all bu added to Fredoim's tow riniichaplut. A communication from Village Clerk John A. Waireu, was read, suiitig that tbp total valuation of property on the village assessment roll for 1S90 WIIH There are 2a4womun named on ihe tax roll.who are ahseaeud real and personal property to the amount of They pay nearly half the total tax on personal property. Besides they are part owners of a large amount of real estate assessed to men. and in stock companies assessed to the corporate name of such companies. There areStiU :o (itO mimes in all upon the village as- sessment roll. 'ior -_'K at u-e the courts for TlK; Mills 'Jil and Gils Company i-m.ia.ion. Xo matter what have struck gas at feet A am'ill 'U 'I'rrld WM found m that tribuaal ths i lo lhnn rlm lho bcller in dril- ,'iiai ai" t nit- that i: -viil second .iidav n 'ir-i.iry. Tor Li rtci-oRT BolK'miaii OutB. Y.. Dec. 17.-.7olm osiatj and 0, in- well. The well of the company is anout 30 rods north of the old well which was struck four years ago and was boupht out by the Pennsylvania Gah Mr. St. Nicholas, Santa Glaus, THE ERIE STOKE! He has only one Headquarters, and-that ia here. The many advantages gained at this home make him more and more attached to it every year. Here is the Biggest and most complete Stock of Toys and Children's Presents that you'll dfee anywhere: Mechanical Toys and Engines, Dolls and Doll's' Furniture, Carts, -Wagons, Sleighs, Toboggans, Doll Carriages, Cradles, Trunks and Bedroom Sets, Guns, Drums, Games, Plush Goods, Toilet Sets, Collar and Cuff Boxes, Rocking Horses, Rocking Chairs. The most Superb Line of Silk and Linen Fancy Handkerchiefs and Mufflers for Ladies and Gentlemen, FancyBaakets, Albums and Scrap Books, Jewelry Ribbons, Etc. Cunning, but Tricky. A MM ONI A powders claim to be "free from etc. Alum powders claim to be free from etc. Instead of saying what their baking pow- ders don't contain, why not state what they do contain All that is used in Cleveland Superior Baking Powder is pur cream of tartar, pure bicarbonat of soda, and a little flour to serve the strength. Cleveland Baking Powder Co., SI 83 Fulton St., Sao York. SALYER The Tailor HAS ADDED A COMPLETE LINE OK Mir imp bnKcr ,it tins city, and Eezckiah i though plugged anil two ISAAC PLEADS NOT GUILTY SawteUe'i for tin Uriitllnr Conn DOVEH. .V H Dec i connty r-nnrt nou-e miHt canaciry vueu who s d 'Mill the. i .Warder of Hn m'Tu-cil. T. I'lie lll.ed tn Its IH- iac B -'.a uuile. seu-s.i mur- WAGES OF SIN. RUDOLPH M01OJENUACBR, Lor. Thiitl and UutTalo 5U.. Dealer in ilorule. r upging am Building dUine, Call on efore ouyia. your dide-walfe. R 7 tuiil Baac Front street. WhiaKy, Wiues, BramUes. TSl Liquor dtore for Family (Jse. J. ULFFUKD-, JW1 Central Ave. ib, O Lrtiiieral Insurance Real Edtali Xcenl. Fire, Life, Accident, anil Live Insurance. Promp' attention fivjn to huymk UlU aelhncc liual Kcitaie. rrowx.E St BlaHOP, Atlomeys and Counselors-at-Law. -28 Central Avenue. C. JOSES. To E. Thirrt st., cor. Deer, eisior Meat M.uket. Fresh, Salt am; Suiokea Lurd. sausuces. sun Pooitry. V" ATCHES, Buy me Aurora Uailroad Watcn. Frank f. stapl. 3o h. Third at TTirW- MOCKKli, Merchaut Tailor, TIP Oiitrsj Avenue DON'T That K. Sams duea atl feincta.auc1 as fenives, reToivera, machines, iarrpel wnmrera, atm mowers, -tlcdB, brtiias, lUing ami setting in .not nu-ny tttintra .TjenuonetL f in-, bivuhi-r K.ram. m Feuruury of year, w.ib nrouahi to trial. The prisoner IOOKS about the ,is he did six moniha ,mo. ana wore the same suit of cloihes. He took his bet-.veen the counsel for the deiense In the reserved for -he bar and wnl posaiuly oc- cupy this plaoe linnng the tn'nL A con- sultation the court and the toraeya resulted in the waving at the reading of the indictment. Sawtelle wxs then ornerpd to stand up by the ch-rk and -n repivto a request to Hie' lie was not jury waa then pro- fled to rae United States. Hero he hat open out an existence as a laborer .ir odd job-, but recollections of the theft upou iv i ,'qun ij- violent their ent'in P, Mr Pai-ii'ii add'pssod the in his F.cin.rv, j ivinj tnat IIP woiilu nor inbiilL an-body uniiffi-es-aiiiy but :n 1 to 'IP -vju, a man who adlv use i nn beioip lie was romp--'led to 'ei roni nip-' Panieh V-M He slioii.p'l: i-u of ii-i'j- c i ne .ipr" :n defend '''c riiihr of uhl..- ,n'l 1 le-ty ft speen. but PPI e-ir- it heir to int-r. ti-n u, u.u-v have lie-it n i icm .-iuk by an Englisn- r nave bpen struck _, 1 TilQ nb Hants getting a small bottle, whieii he broke, nnd with one of the piect-B cut ihe artery in hia wrist, and would soon have died had not. the attend- auis d bcovprftu him. Pain and Inflamcnttuon. :al-. ihe ,Soi e-. the or and Small. oacri. i .11.1.. .P my -u ,y :ucn s r-M.n ui re'ic-ive i dumons iinail the o- Ihe Parar-littc p..rrv ,1 [u imer ,mu Davit; nnd t leir .ipi.ear IUL ,11 ihe l.u er u nm-. n'L-a-i tu a.iui .llr meetings d.iri-isj upon rue events tiiat !uul just, occurred .it B dl.iia.v.ll, Hnd rn it Paraell had brought a mob of ILTS to attack them. .Vir. Par-ifl's c'lrriaas wmle passing ,i-jd >eut to Par- ne tn-i. .1 h- wou.d rome and stand by 'im (Da -irt i lie wuiild 'juaraiuee him a of a ceeded with. A jury was secured after eailim? fifty- two mimes. Die indictment, three counts, was read, and the jury sworn. Solicitor Kivel then made the" openin" statement for the state. Counsel for Sawtello made applica, ion that the -state be compelled to elect the count on wnich it would rely to convict, but no decision was made, the matter bei ng lett to the discretion of the presiding judge, who may decide ,it any time before me state's case is rested. County Attorney Kivel opened the state's cuise to the lury, closing with a request, lor permission to add to his remark -i alter m- i.pection of the ground where the murder is alleged to have been committed. The court men .idjourued until to-morrow. The jury will to Rochester and go over the entire country covered by the case. L ..irmiT, -.vere arrested 1' -Mth money under .'e Eoin acted as aircnta for r IP F 'iri-n-lv.mia cnmpanv Ihmiteu) -he '_jmr.i.nii.mts Fry, ii md Hair- Anderson, who say t iey -x-'.ji on pur< bases nf Bohemian oats. But p men wera admitted in ban for I.i Cnuipany't Stock. P. 1T-M I -n. X H., Dec. j-nes ma T- H.ui-com of the British at Poitsinouth hnvo ueen summoT-d In- the sergeant-at-armw to appear before the senate committee oil em yranon it on Dec. 23. to three wnjron loads ofsund poured into she cumnir.atill emita enouitli gas through a two inch pipe so thai the sound .vuefl escaping can be heard for fully two the flame when lit reaches or 40 feet into the air. Work will soon begun on the new armory for Fenton Guards in James- town for which ihe last Legislature ap- piopnnted The Guards came near being wrecked by the ar.ttuns of the Captain, Henry Smith, ami mulling baa been done to avail the company of the enlighten the committee on the foreign mate until recently, holdings of stock in thin corporation. j uw months ago the Captain waa i 'elled to re-sign, s-iuce which time the com- THE MARKETS. THE DEMON JEALOUSY Causes of Prominent City. DiiK'ir.i Bottlers Greatly Alarmed. Bis-.i X D.. Dec. country round aoour he's ib ternuly wrought up ov-r the .nliiiin of Sitting Bull. Instead of crr-atma an e isy it has aroused murli aiiiii-pliensiou. It is feared that manv families oC settlers will feel the venwmc-e of Siitinn Bull's followers. Sittmu; son, who killed, was a brisht youth only 12 years old. It is ex- pected that tlie -.ettleis will flock to Bis- marcK and .M.indau by the hundreds nu soon as the news' of Sitting Bull's death is known. Driven from rr.iiue Naked. _ FOP.TVII.LE, [nd., Dec. 17. Francis Campupil, ,i fin-Tier, got drunk and tried to t.onow ,1 Failing in this he rod" -o his home where, with an ax he compelled his wife to get his revolver. I escape ihroiigh rhe rear door of the house made lu-r d.sni.e and drove her into the and Neal shot him. Simmon the Death Citizen of K.uihrts KASBAS CITY, DPC. G-. W Simmons, a well-known livery man and undertaker of Argentine. K.m., was shot and perhaps fatally wounded by James 3V. il. a rail- way engineer, at NeaPs home m Argen- tine. Neal is a switch engineer, with night duty. He returned home unexpectedly, he says, and round Simmons iu his wife's room, bimmon.s, ne said, attempted to fields absohnely mined. After shoorini; at her times he shot three times at hi- octonpn.u-ian uncle, James Campbell, mfl c ma probably fatal wounda Lynch- ing is tallied ot a .so An Italian Laborer Killed. N. Y., Dec. Aimelo. nn Italian tract laborer, waa killed .n ;ue Erie yard here. WhileJ Seal was arrested. asbistinir'in unloading railroad iron ha! slipped upon the ice. one of the rails ing upon his crushing his skull. made an anre-morrem state- ment. He said he went to Seal's house to collect a bill. Mrs. Xeal opened the door. bad on oniy a niuiit dress. Sue ad- mated him and then went into her room to dress herself, he supposed. Then Xeal entered the room, revolver in bund. Sim- mons fled through the house, but was shot just as he reached the back door. SVI-HCUSM A-Mprineu in Trouble. SYRACUSE. X. Y., Dec. Tynan ana Tan lee were arrested by war- rants sworn out by Mayor Coivie. charg- ing them reflectively with bribery and fonrery m rhtir olFimal capacity. They were admitte i to nail. New York Money Market, Ngiv Y.IUK. Dec. 17, Monev easy at 3 per cent. The lowest rate WR.S It .inn rhe ujtihi-st: 5 per cent. Heady i osted rates, bids 3lrt7 Government unnds -teadv cnrrencv 6g ..Ira bid: <s cmipon. 1 J2 bid: do. 1.U3 bid. Piu'inc r.-mroAil bon. s: Union nrata. 1.16 bill: uo binkmit funds, 1.03 bid: Cenirals. uid. Now York Produce Exrhanga. N'tnr Deo. FLOUR Dull bnt steady. Pint S..MS, dc wnter, super- nne do wlmor. S3.25.J u-.o: estn Xo. i.' siirmg. jj ,B H.U7MJ, a .graded red, sxic afloat; Xo. 3 red. Si. J i.-d Dei-. 41. ilo Jan., company hab been recovering ita old- time vigor, and ita depleted ranka are ripidly becoming tilled with enthusiastic militiamen, mostly from among the young bufliuess and professional men They are preparing for an elaborate party to be given between the holidays. U ia thought the new armory will be ready for occupancy by the tirst of Jan- uary, 1892. sl Uiifa COM do FI-II Dull do Man h, but nnn. bpnt. Ifts quitt Spot sales or No. J miied. ti No. j miieil Dec., ific. do Jan., dn Dull and irresular. Sjiot l lower, "not -HU-S of 1 wmte, i.'o: do. 40Vse: Nn. 1 miire i. 49c: No. 2 do. No 1 Dec., uo Jan., 44c; do XomlnaL omuial. miM. LAIiD-bteady; Jan.. 86.14; Morcll. eastern creamery BUTTETl Firm: Xc: western do Quiet faetory New York Ched- dar tte.iteiir ut, reteauy: f esu eastern ttrsta, 27Q28T wesieiQ Cnnacllaa do limed. S. Another Knilrosid Sti-ilte Tlirt-ntened. MlijW VCKEE, Dec. locomotive engineers and riremen on the St. Paul road have made a demand ior increased wages aud 'hi-t'ireu a general stnka if i UU, they are not jiantett. There are more E< than 2.1i'0 men involved. The 'nraki- and ocner tram n.mds are ahjo a readjustment of wajes. BnflThlo Provision Market. _ BUFFALO. Dec. 17. Xo. 1 hard, No. 1 northwn. Sl.WUi Winter No. 3 red, un tracK. steady: N'o. 2 oorn. No. 3 do J yeilow, m stors: No. 3 56c on rrack. O.iTa-Stea'ly; No. white, 48Mo; No. 3 mixed, tfcon track. FLOCK -btaicly; Kpnm; wheat, beat patent, per hbl.. S "vo-Sj, and low urade. 8300 Winter wneat beat irra- do t.-men reniied: "I am not in a pn- j t j rrtiit: I am oniy in a to fiuua '.RE. Pa.. Dec. a the mines four convicted of raisin fall -vere killed. A Dishonest Fustoffice Clerk Sentenced. BOSTON-, Dec. H. Don.ihue, the posioffice money order clerk recently money orders, was sen- nam, BUTTER Cieon'-rv fancy, choie_ ii.-i'j on f.incy. ty full cream per Ib., 11Q L--: do. good do, tarnuy fresh, western. i tenced to one year ID. tue reformatory. 4 THE HAY-FEVER A particle 13 into encn aostnl and ID agreeable. Price oO cents at UniL-g'-au.; by mais ired.sucvi. ELY Warren Saw THE dispir tinij effect of oatarr i But h.-w ijind are the pen rle wbn have been cured by Old -auiv Catarrh Cure. A pretty picture is a healthy lookinu ind well c-ired for bnbv Bv the n, Dr Bull's Bnbv can ke-p tn. health of vmir baby Condi- lion, Price 25 cema a bottle. Buffalo Hay aiarhet. BUFTALO, Dec. 17. Xo. 1 r new. per ton. 3Ta. do. 0. Jivj. li ui orajnon n.lxcn. SS.OOQ 8.00; hi e gtv-i. fit, IM1; hay, 9.1O. i lover, tio. i <ij.i.iiii htr.iw, 1B.OO: bahd do, bumiled rye. do. 3ia.aia.itio. The Second Aatemlily. It would be difficult to imagine a more delightful party than that given hy tha members of "The Assembly" last night at Industrial Hall. The conven icnces of the Hall, the card rooms, the delicious supper of Mrs. Simpson, the smoking room for the gentlemen, and laal but not by any means least the music, all added to the enjoyment of the evening. Never before in this city huve the same number of pieces fur- uiahed such music for dnncing aa did Mrs. Sperra's orchestra last night. The guests from abroad were Miss Wella of Leroy, and Mr. Underbill of Boston. Wanhingtoii and Return. The Nickel Plate will sell excursion tickets to Washington. D. C., and re- turn vin Buffalo at very low rates, going Dec. 22nd, returning to Buffjilo until Dec. Buffalo until January 3d, 1X91. Passengers desiring to return via S'ew York City can do so by paying in addition to rate advertised. Thin is the only opportunity to visit Wash- injaon, Baltimore, Philadelphia anri Hew York at a very low rate. 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BUUBEK. 575.00 to 'orsoiiB [ireJei-red urttu ''.nij iin-niah a honw nd ffive their wtiolu time to the hiunnem. pure momenta lie [irnilialilr emnlorod IHO. A vac.ancies in ;ind (sides'H. obiiboii A Co. Maiu-ot.. BleUmona Va. IDLE MONEY n vested so as to yield ten per ent per annum. Capital cau e withdrawn at any time. iHixd for prospectus. New York Stock Trust, 8 WAX.L STEEET, SEW YOBK. SODERICK H. SMITH, Manager. A COMPLETE OF SOLID AJTD PLATED. DIAMONDS, 'WATCHES, JEWELRY, EATHER GOODS, CLOCKS, ETC. HEADQUASTEHS ASS AT C. C. PENFOLD'S, BIFFALO. X.Y. anil Khlni-y Dlxoun u-e. AdOreBndiamluK 3R. DAVID KENNEDY CORPORATION, jr. -r. CHAMBERS ERASER, TAILORS. Room No. 6, German Ins. BTg. N. Y. J. M A.YER CO., "HA-SUPACTUHEUS ML, QFHCE ilOEl HZTM ----DESIGNS AMD ESTIMATES---- Purnialiert on applir-atuin. Ftarrl-woml work tt apcciulty. -407 CENTKAX. AVE. ELECTR2O 3ELT at WnknrM. (tlTloc fVrwtr, BIU, "f tbrnikb -Ui PARTS, rmumog them lo URAt.TH BTttE o to Monroe's and hear the Phonograph 'SPAPERf 'SPAPERf

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