Saturday, October 4, 1890

Dunkirk Evening Observer

Location: Dunkirk, New York

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Text Content of Page 1 of Dunkirk Evening Observer on Saturday, October 4, 1890

Dunkirk Evening Observer (Newspaper) - October 4, 1890, Dunkirk, New York VOL. XX DUNKIRK N. Y.. S U URDAY OCTOBER 4, 1890. NO. 47. B REPRESENTATIVE USINESS HOUSES OF DUNKIRK. RCLtSG MACHINE all kimli of blanks the latest KKl B 00 K IBVING. Pamphlets, etc., bound in all atylea. Onl prompUj lOoutetl CO. All work BCRCHEK'S CBOCKEBT HOCSE, rate ATCDQC. Wnotcsale a.a.d retail dealer in lac ported Jomestac China, Glassware, Ac. Mu Hates, il per Boaj'iljnjr stable in iinitrr, St5 and 337 Lion atrect. f UTY BAKrtZK SHOP Ituu. Under Ljike shore NiUo Center and Third strceU. and CKiaeaUe ijta 1'rnp.. naJ Banl, .-ora A Jlae stock I f OS MX IN O -Si- center street, Practical s. Particular alter tfto interfering horves. -shoeing of troctiug a UNKIKK EVEMNG OB-iKKVKri. Dail? iji me Omncy. An metlnnn. L) COWPAST. Forip.erlv SeLiew Jk Poppie. cmrers oi Boilers, Hanzers. eui. Patterns, Work to order. DCTSKJJUK SalKT CO, 3K. Ji5 an.t Center street, Maimlacuircra ol 'Cromwell" iaU "Dunkirk" dtu hirta. in all iuruiiijj Uuoaed m Donkirlc, D r. TOO.MLET, 4S4 ana 136 Liun street. ier m Flour, feel, -alt. Boie.i i1, etc. _ -KIE BOTKL ami I'D'.in Lj Depot. Kaav access to au tmino anii 'jus- arias aoudea. Bea; lur Com iiercuii Travelers. Jolia J. Murphy. Prop. M CO.. t% J7 anil iC. TDIP! streeu Fine uabiuei Ware aa'1 L" ooiateniig. ficture Frames mjfle M> onler. Li> D. XATTESOS 301 Lena-si Ate., It-rs of Fasuiou ood Gentlemen AKELJ. STE-VM U CO., 3 of IleJitinz App. ry Plumbing a Specialty. OAJE STEAM speciaJties: Fine Shirts, htc; t'ol ic; C'ula, o.u-1 Lace Curuuaa. Krue U rry. A rtT. uuiiiEnjiiird, Center direct. J_I K. UKH.H. t. Tiuri it., cor. of liuiFalo and in Fiue Boots A Sh H J NKY >'EW STOKK, ]a Th-ri aL. Stiiuonery, Muaieiii A Company. OB JH. VAN BURKN SON, jfi AecsJtjn.ta.mi General Liiduraaoe era m Lataie and fa iwiiii u> rbe of property tag reuu Ac. iia Ceiiier JnU OSBOE'S 300 Central ATenue s lor Wall Paper Piini J. W.. 209 Center street, Man ufac cnrer and iltfaler in Haraess, a Mie Colttra, TruiLkji.WhipB, BuJCaly tforseCoTera UJOTCB aiiuenaan'iSleign P9CHULTES. IT Thirtl a erect, Tailor. Gentlemen will fln-t :t U; Uieir juivaatage to cali on me before purcfaaaiuE B. CARV CO., t, Soppiied, OU Cloths. Granite Ware. A Cy ol 5terwiii Williams ilonrc R i. such ad blank-books, kinds of dooe ai Dunkirfe Priuting Conip S and 10 Second st. CDOUPH Cor. ThirU Buffalo Dealer ia Granite, ilarbie, flagging ind BxnSdins stone. CitLJ on me buying yoor side-walk. Rl9i.ET A CO., 7 and 9 East Front street. WhisSy, Wines, Braniiiea. Liquor asore lor Fiaiily ROBCKT 3UKAY. Liou atretit, near the Jo put. Boar-iiug, Sale, Feed an-1 Livery Stable. Sta; unsr by tbe or weelt on tvrma- J. 301 Central Ave. (Up O Agent. Life, Accident, and Live dtoci Insurance. atzenGon to bnymg And aeuing iteai THE FHEKC1 PRETE.XDEfi! WARMLY WELCOMED TO THE! LANC OP THE FREE. AT NEW HAVEN. GENERAL FOREIGX NEWS. tor ruling a> he Mechanical Department of Dunkirk Printing Com piny. BJL. 6CTFORD, S3 and 225 Centra! Art. i Aruztie Ptiocographer j Ptunograpu of Babies a specialty, sitters mot lor iunahiae for i Xntwhlle Aide of Gm. McClcllu Win of Bin Formei Trial. Reeep. tion to thd j Corm. Confratalatm Gen. Fltijobn of Valet. VOIIK. Oct. ComteiieParis, thr Uiir iic Orleans, the Due the tke Comte d'llaos- with Col. De Parwiviil. Capt. Kooning Rceeytivn to the "Bolted Knight" in Nutmeg State. Xnr HAVEV. Conn., Oct. 4. -The Con-' necticur, Republican gubernatorial cam- i paign was formally opened Ust evirlng at THE STRIKE OF THE LONDON GAS AVERTED. the Hyperion theatre by a the ron.-ing rul'j Yo-ing; Men's a..-Tiona of the suite dav oa un'ier the auspices of Repnbliean cltjfc. The evening wars Speaker Rcwi and Lieti- Governor Samur-1 c.-indi- fur governor. The hall was packed. Mr. said amonz other things: I have been a -somewhat man for the past few and as a result har-iiv in cou'iitiua TO warrant a very lenirhty address. believe that it is of vital in- terest to this country that the house of and Dr. Recamier, comprising j representarires should be of the arrived here yester- i enter upon this co.-.v-1 :he steamship Germanic. The j having of fr-ui.i. r.'Wtor Erhardt with a array officers went down to the hay and met the partv and extend-d a welcome t.c the.i: on behalf of the president and srov- ernai-ns of United States, the LovaJ n and of the Potomac. '1'he rfrnia.nic met juat above (juar- aLiina .iLiI the party from the n-veuue cut I her. Collector Erhardt led I the way the main ectrsoce of the where the Cumte de Paris. Crmte 't'Haii-- Krbardr. -I am instructed by the to extend to you a hearty welcems i ftt these shonrtj and every oonr'esy, j "which i am very much to hy to f te of time wi to never attain be content t..- be i machine that does cot The -t.eaker then, detailed uf tit-.n- wtoteij by thr- time twriity-rive Jav-.. Tl he -ia.d. -iiii not know had t on. The speaker piis-ed over of ihe tariff by that it had become history, and that he hupe-i it w..ul i a.-.-.v e amount r'.ll calls. ivalent to e icen sai.i: your.) E-p, over tt ho-.v .i. tun- Geu. lavr long to the U'tirHis that it was sure ID brinj. What needs, he said, is of pemuineace. What is to i-pid tnis country to prosperity wi.. to have it sustained by the people. If action of .rress ..-.stained the prosperity of country W.-IM abundantly assurerl. The peakrr the work of Conu-cri.-u- i and the extreme im- i.-i-' 'Jen. K-ys. comte rushed portan'T.of ret'miin- iiiiii. i-XL-laimin-: ,JD" with a brief eulogy upon the i. You look youuger every j i replied: that is a j 1 flu- :i.s weii a.s DO me.111 i told the douribinir t.he battle of th candidate. Lieutenant Mcrwn an-i HOE. Joseph L. Barbour followed short reuses. the wjt- hr- "t 'iijT jnl r-pl r-1; "Yes a. very jfriujral, ibnt A SINNING PARSON. Touns Girl's TOTS With ajul tl PH. Lot as and i I ever I e tlit of rke in I him -1 he ifU by B. u i any -urh sinf-e lit- word aUmr u in military service wh.-.t tie had to s, 1 to have bt-f-n w iy iiv <i that was the first of the puMU-atiou of ters: they had U-eu puijlisbed aud he rjt-t stiv a him until he had seen the .if.-TS mninininK the storjK5 jn qnes- lie tirnily declined to discuss the a l.tter ,iay. The Cumte d'Hanssunvflle told of the futurt- plans of ti.e parry which, he said, wa.- purely one of plea-nr-. They ivill re- ri'iaia a: tiie Windsor hotel here until wljrn to Philadelphia, i a 'lay they leave for I at Baltimore. From rtiey to Ri'-hiiiond. take a :..wn. them- by and "the Po- .ver to It is thcin- th" party t-o return to England of the Due d'Orleans, Karl ck with the influenza nd was rtrtp.oveii to St. in a cor.dit.ion. looked the picture of He the buit-'n -JL tbe Loyal ij urei; in pii-t ciry. of TI that, h.i.s -tinia-d who to t out his trouble. It is 'iaM woman ami his church. pre-enteil no testimouy in :n the Miss Annie th.- While in New vi -lini-r. At the irial r Anderson in AS' a breach i.f pr against one Jar-hi. -a wys like a Purit the pvjlpir. c heaven upon limbed Miss him. H whl" PRESIDENT BILLINGS' FUNERAL. :n his coat La-t baai net was the cum pat- vat tUc Uuior. ci'i iny. He had ill an iaii of the Coin vt-rfi-s 'i-.i and a native of evening a'; e and j last even- Paris lie H'_i Eoskowitz, Impressive Ceremonies at the Burial ol the Famous Railroad M i irn a r 'K. Vt.. Oct. 4. 'i 'lie funeral place- of tiie Lit, here "esu tbe town Fred-rick Bill morning. The special- THE SUGAR TRUST vires, which arj'l the :re held s-ei-e sin church :u rhe pu'. i :ht Will be Milerially Kenentteci by the XEW YORK, Oct. E. Searles, i Jr.. treasurer '-'f sujrar trust, yesterday mafie public: his views as to the effect of tht- nevr tariff scbejjiLle on the busi- j nes. of the trust. He says he has no j donbt but that, rhe business of the trust will be greatly increased by the new i schedule, inasmuch as the removal of the d'lt.y on raw su-rars will reduce the cost of sugar to the consumer very nearly or i cent.s par pound and stimulate its 1 consumption. L'nder the new rariff. s-an- uluted suiar of the qualfcy will sell i at cents per pound to jobbers. The rixinir of t tie free line at Xo. 16 in- j stead of No 13 Dutch standard, he says. I is uot so much of consequence to" the re- j finers as to the consumers. The refiners i will be able adapt themselves, without and pul'i: leaves. ws-re cou- li'icte-i t lie Rev. I'eT-r pastor of the church, assisttf'i t.-y ivsiiK-ut M. TL Bucivbam of the of Ver- nviir; the Rev. Dr. Heu.-y Vaiil'iylie. tor of the ia V-'.v 1'ork, where Mr. BtM James F. of SaVm. the Ilev. Franjis n- ciir.rcib brwlv was borne to the followed by a lon and on foot. SOLD HIS CHILD. portru unler the new tarill. ;dl of which, rii c. i or a: L-ac-t M per cent, of which, will go tkceJsor ileat and! through the renneries. Sajoktsd Mean, Lard, sausages, Oyaiers j Mr. wearies is lirnily of: the belief that Pouiary. j consamcrs will not return to .Vo. Itizrade, a A rents. i lije5 u'ed lliSlier grades of VV I rstinc.1 sasrar iuan that daring the _..._. i _ He del.lared Buy Asirora Sailroaii Watch. Eepainag a 3peciaJcy. Stapl. S3 E. Third at. W1 re n lie .1 i sra r L nan lii'.een ars. cheaper uf the reiiued sugars, far Tnuericir No. 13 raw, are actually sold by a: a price Chan the latter can be for. TAKE NOTICE, PLEASE. There is no belter place to get the --------j ----a-u finest and rarest roses, shrubs, fruit aud 1 Garley s body was torn into shrtnls. Will- ornamental trees. Dutch balba, flower lor your conservatory, etc., than at TH. F. VASDERMSCLEN'S, Eagle street, near Seventh. REWARD! VTE will atwve rewartl lor iay of Complaint, Uyapepfiia, iick Heaii Kilttitl by an PLT.DV. TV-nn.. Oct. at Chewalia, McXairy county, five mea were I instantly k-ilied by ttie explosion of a steam mill Mousing to Mr. Gur-1 le--. vliohad recently bought the milL iara Joiiutwn had his torn from his body and thrown nfty yards from the i mill. Pitman and his brother and a -uu Gurtey were killed. A nejrro DR. M'GONEGAL GUILTY. Brings i Pfce Workmen IJfaj Thjy ETCF tenrfiMl 10 the UttermncfH of Bidl rule-, (lie of Ind coming ticder the Hi 'f LrnmMinir: namely. an- a feature u'.itteu up for the aiusiliary organiza- union these it- of linre.- nor to t! T; anii cherish i.i.'I'imb-y sincTioaiaj; rhem. the UTIUM- hriml iaijris- nf chariry ur-und .-inch ar- conducted wholly '-vith a in view, and in iM.tnnei.'tion TJM to indh'id- artr ir-ar-d -imply aj anmse- .y revenue i- nnr jiivt- to ,d the in or'Iiuary sram- EXCiTING SCENE IN COURT. Leave Barrittor tiie Tourt Room. TiPPETiAr.Y. Got. 4. In the trial of the -c-terilay Mr. Timothy Har- riiri-t' L-f fi.T rhe while a witness, referred to a a> The presiding upr.n him to withdraw the :erm. and Mr. Harrinsron re- TO d... so. ..-rdered hijii to leave the An uproar eii.-tied in the cotirt n.i.m. ,ini; i O'Brien and Dillon expre-i-ed minds freely in re- gard to the_majii-trate'-; action and the cuBffuct of the case. TLe court adjourned for half an h-.'Jir to an end to the confusion. i Wjjf-n it rens-enjhieil Mr. Harrington's i cller.r.s annnnr.-e-I that 'hey would d'efend connx-l. Mr. Dillon i the crowd in court n-om raiM'il a cheer I for Mr. at on.-e opiev-.i the riorn cleared and abruptly adjourned the rv-.irt, "'bile ;nmulTreigned j am oil if A large force of poace were ontside bniidiug. AN IMH'JMAN SON. Rev !a..s.. and tor of tha .ck. The I cemer.ery, i A.X. ir. Ju Inhuman Aft of u Colored ST. Lorss. Oct. Chroni LittH Frazier. a noted colorvd preaciier. Wits in Hf Shootf? His Mother Because She Re- to Girt; Him >Ioney. V.. Got. At Herkimer. last lm aged 'JT, shot his is farully. Lecaose rive him "r riiTie resisted arrest, :h- "op stairway on the he hou-e wirh a revolver f'Tially captured, and ?iJr-. TV h wounded h. Ti-e builet entirely er body. The physicians say in h is i: tan-: to the chanp in the char- I ve-teniar m rnm- char-e.'. oi ir raxv sugars, which vnll oe im- with druaken'ness. The save'- j rhe sensational color to- rne case, n ,'jeina that Frrizier's wife recently died in chiidbirth. and that h.- had soiu I the body oC tiie int. j medical to and directed the of the woman over thct SVarn issued i'or all the partite i Jnry Brings iu a Vervicr Jii the i NEW Oct. o'clock yes- j terday moruin.- t.he jury in the ' of Dr Henry charged wit'i causina the ileath of Annie in hy r.nSawfnl pnicticr. brought a vci'd.c; gi.ilty oi i .1 T. >I. C. A. in Rondout. Eos'D'.'CT. X. Y., Oct. annual convention of the Y-'-nns Christian association r.' distv -c of New York here lasi evenins. About d.-l. i-a'ps are in A. i! -ecrstary. and c.rur liien. i.-ieil wi.h the as- n t'.r s..-': ..iiT. the s'ate, are T..t; Pongh- Mid- For ,'tfv. an i other c. ;hr ry meetings have been bf'U! ;ui.i ou next Thursday night it is expected the society will effect an or- ganization. riiose interested are Burg-ess William Smith, E. H. Nash. John Morton. J. C. Wood and E. C. Bur- manslaughter in t-'ue '.t-g. jury w-rc oat eighty nj' -s. The :med prisoner WHS n.-ai.-in was Ladly injured and it is thought he' Tombs to await scnt.enie ,.ii wil] di-. There was another person in- s jured, but not seriously. The the Cattle Adinirted Free. M3M OCT. Charles Tapper, the h e has caiileti from l.'.ndou that an examination of the inn u.- of which werr shipped t'rum on the KJIIL; shows that they are in hcikiiy i-uiiiii; on and the English of declared the euiire shiprneaf ot cattle free. WONDERFUL MIND READING. D. Edgar Kern Fair to KiTnl the Great tJohnatone. PHTI.ADLLPHIA, Oct. 4. the great Chicago mind reader, has a rival in Camden. X. J., in the person D. Edgar Kern, a j-ouni man who recently discov- ered that, he possessed the mysterious faculty to a really wonderful extent. %fr. Kern, a rather slightly built rountr man, is the organist of the First Presbyterian ehsreh of this city. He has given several private exhibitions of his abilityas a mind reader: bm his first public exhibition was given in Morgan's hall. Camden. Thurs- day evening. Three or four physicians and medical stndents from the University of Pennsyl- vania. hearing of the proposed exhibition, went to Camden to inves igate and they returned satisfie if not surprised, at what they seen, Jfr. Kern repeated all of the acts that he or any of the spec- tators had seen, and did them quickly and accurately. The mere tips of the fin- geos of thesubject's hands were touched by t-Tip operator in his performances. Probably the most difficult of the actfl performed was the finding a handker- chief, in which a dozen offered by persons in the hall been placed and then the return txi rhe exact from which each articie been taken. Mr. Kern was blindflolded 4uring all of the tests. _ Turf Pounders ac Dundee Park. DrNDKE PASK, Oct. Following are the resulrs of yesterday's races: First ra, e. mile: Youiu; Grace first, Maxv D -ecuud. Snick Knack third: time, i-i. Second race, H mile: Fred Taral first, Silent second, Lithbert third: time. Tliird race, mile: Belisarins first Sunshine second, Rustic third; time, 1.-04. Fourth race. 1 mile: Midillest-oue first, Sinaloa second. Supervisor third: time, Fifth race, 1H miles: Lancaster flrst, Elere oeeond, Can't Tell third: time, THt NAVA8SA RIOTERS. Prwvmt Thtj Will Kx- Their Crimes tbe BALTIMOBI, Oct. present condi- tion of tie cages of tke Xavnssa who are under of d-arb m thn- city is snch as to rtronglyitadicaie that they will pay the penalty offln-iT crime upon the fallows.despite theeffortswhich were pat forth to ITi-inp them the sopreme court of the L'nited States. George S. Keye. who m ordered Jame.- Mahon: Henry Jones, who bHtfc-red the brains out al Thomas X. Fosri-r. and Ed ward Smith, who brutally killod paraue March, are lying In jail under sentence 01 death. On Feb. 20 three men were coudemner to be hansted On the same fourteen others were to Albany. X. Y.. ptmiuntiury for ions: trrins, whili others were sen; 'in tiie of rorreo- tion. An appeal resulted in a postpone ment until Oct. 13. No brief has either been prepared or filf.l hr ronnsi-1 for tlje prisoners, ulthouzh the rules require that the brief shall be filed at least sii days Ijefore the hearing. It is a matter of im- possibility to get it in time, so counsel say. The reason for this inactivity on the part of for prisoners i> stated to be lack (if funds. It is not thought that the court will cnimtcnani the further postponement of the case, therefore the three men who are under lentence of death moat make up their minds to die. PREPARED FOR DEATH. William reavea TnxrriictfoBH the Disposition of Hi-, Rninuinx. XEW YORK, Oct.. William Spencer. the travel! nji salesman, who dropped dead in Chicago yesterday morning, was born in Geneivo, N. Y., 50 years and studied at Yale colletre. His father was a wealthy merchant of who left to his several L-hildrrn at his death H fort nnr of about em-h. This patrimonv Mr. Spencer, tlircmsrh unfortanate specu- lations, was lost in the course of a dozen years. He recently terminated bis con- nection with the banking rirm nf Fred erick C. Linde of this r-iry. Mr. Spencer want to fhioiieo for the purpose of a inisinesn of- fur made him. He had howcrer, to decline i his offer and relurn lo Vcw York. Heart disease was hereditary in thf Spencer family. In of a dsn death in a stranne place. Mr. Spence carried con-tantly a paper jrivma iustruc tions au to the disposition of his liotly. The remains of Mr. Spencer will be ere according to his often wish, either in Chicago or this ciry. Races at CHICAGO. Oct. Yesterday's races re sulred as follows: First rate. mile: Vermont fir-t. Prince second. Jasper third: dnle. l-.y-t Second race, f4 mile: Ethel S Srir. Annie second. My Queen third time. Thirti race, Jj mile: Creole Tom Daly second, Di.ty third: time, Fourth race. 1 mile: Zeke Hardy first. Imogene second. Jake Saunders' third time. race, K mile: Haramhoure Lulu ilav second, Volande third: time An Alleged Embezzler Arqulrrett. LA PURTE. Ind., Oct. The second trial of A. L. Browu. a real estate agent, ol this city, for embezzlement was concluded yesterday, and he was again, acquitted There are .-till two cases him on rhe -ame cbarge. but they have- been continued to the November terai of court. The opinion prevaiisthat rhe cases will never come to trial. Death from Apoplexy. ST. Locis, Oct. A. D Bullock, for many year? a re-idenr of Cincinnati and one of its widely known busiapK- men, died suddenly of apopl-xy at hi- home in this city last evening while mg. He was in his with year. THE MARKETS. York Money NEW YORK, Oct.. t Money closed at, per cenr. yesTcniay. Tht- lowest was per cent, and ihc highest 5 per cent. Exchange closed steady: posted rutes. IS4.87H: actual ra-tw. for so and for demand. Government bonds closed steadr: currenc', te, 1.14 bid.; <s coupon, 1J24 bi.i: iCja do, l.MJ. bid. Pacific railroad bonds closed follows: Union firsts, l.lSVi bid: do sinkins Ceutrala. bki. Tork Produce NEW YOHK. Oct. 4. FLOCBr-CIosed in ircxxl demand ycstenia- Fine grades spring. J2.SWi.3: winter do, J2.7S 3.I15: superfine spring, winter do. en n. No. 1 nprinit. ti.2Sut do winter. extra No. ti s-jriair. Jo winter. SS.7.VS4.I5: null extras. for West Indies. Southern flour closed steady: trade and family eitraa, WHEAT Options opened at decline, then aLreiiKUiened, recovered the de- cline and advanced on foreign buying and continued firm tintil noon. During the after- noon the market was cscofyijvely <iiili and the advance was wholly .lost, the market. Hoeing witi prieea slightly rhaiised from those ol Thursday. Spot dosed Spot of No. 2 red winter. 1-03: No 3 do, ungraded red. re-j winter Oct. do Nov.. do Dec.. Options were dull but flrrn yesttr day am) prices closeil hieher. Spot lots cloAd duiL !epot pales of Nu. 2 miled. No, DDixed Ocr.. do op Dei-.. Ojitiunts were dull bill. sMiidy, ing: at Thursday's prices. Spot iota closed easier. Spot sales of No. I whjte. No. do. No. 1 mixed, tic: No. do. No. mixed Oct., do Nov., t-fVjc: do Dec.. BYE-DulL BARLEY -Nominal Ball: new Jll-iWlli-ffli. j t. with a week feeling Oct., Nov.. gg.Wtjf-.'Vi; Dw., 6ieady: a -2 a; western do. Dull: factnry New Yo: It chod- iar, western liat, EOKiS-Steady; fresh eastern ZlW western do, 2lc: t i They are purely Vegetable, and never fiu] -nd uBiacona, The genuine man a only by JC'iOi C. WEST CO. Sold I Fnarmacy, Dunkirk, S. T. I r'itt-lsur'j i (Jet. races at Home- Order for Troop. wood ilrivijig prlrk de- LOSDOS, Oct. order to keep the dared off on account ..f ur To- troGps at Chatham undsr arms in antfc-; dar rkn trot, uuiiui.-hed t, mn Thurs- ipation of a strike among the employes of j is the only thing on tiie card. Tbe Lotion Gaslight and Cokd company Dallas-Hal Pointer pacing race for io.uuO n countermanded. THE RICHT ONES PEA RL TO P GEO, A. MACBETH i CO., PITTSBURGH. Pft AND ARE is off. To Armenian Difficulties. Oct. grand Tiwr. Pasha, sheiks p. three Armenian beys to- nt Cuiiscaijtinople iu regard to a seitlement of the Armenian difficulties, approves the conference. far VUitan. BiBMSMiHAM. Ala., Oct. Elaborate arrangements are being made for the en- tertainment of the English and German iron and steel men on the occasion of their Tisir. to Birmingham this month- Special railroad trains will Us provided excur- sions to the most important mining and industrial pointt in this district Buflkla Provision Xarket. _ ECFF.ILO, Cct4- WHEAI Closed dull yesleniay-, No. hard, H.U% No. 1 northern, No. red, Closed firm; No 1 com So, 3 do, SXKc-. No. 2 yellow, .03c No. 3 No, 2 white, No. mixed, on trick. spring wheat, best patent. bbL, KWoaa-SO. and low icrade, X, Winter family, gra- do choice, do fancy, _____ full per ib.. lOc, Useful, Attractive and mental Merchandise Orna- Perforated pie plates, fancy mugs, cups and :.'c.; silk finish fast black fleeced hose, only hand rors, 5c.; fancy bone handle tooth brushes, 9c.; novelty :nag bags, loc.; students' useful and dies' fancy flannel and velvet caps, and fancy rd's feathers, wings, latest styles French and Buc iien hat 9c.; rich pevfumery and complexion fa wwders, hair nets, pure wash working floss, stamped, tray cloths aud towels, ladies' new nightgowns, fancy face- veiling, market baskets, ve take t.o a most popular price, and we oifer garments worth several dollars morr-. They are of TTT jit i escelli-nt quality seal plush. We have the largest assort- ornaments are nent of Patent Leather Shoes n plain and light-colored tops, land and machine Sewed. We carry a complete line of NET- TLETOIT8 Shoes. If you want a nice-fitting and! our c stylish shoe, try a pair of Au new piai, lining satin. Length, 42 inches, bizes in measure from im.-iji-s t.o to inches. Mark yoa iioughc such a sacque (ore. DI'L-SS make. You will like them. Our GENTS1 Calf Shoe in Button and Congress, in broad, medium or narrow toe, is the best shoe for the money that has ever been of- fered to any trade. Come and examine them for yourself and be convinced. SULLIVAN SON, 213 Centre Street DID YOU EVER j Look on the Label j of your favorite baking powder to see if all the ingredients are published Ammonia, a substance injurious to health, is an adulterant of seme high- priced baking powders advertised and generally believed to be "absolutely J pure." Cheap, prize, and gift powders contain alum, terraaiba, as well as I ammonia. Housekeepers who desire pcre and i wholesome food should refuse to buy I ANY baking powder, no matter what i its reputation, unless ail the ingredients are frankly marie known. For many years all the ingredients j used in Cleveland's Superior Baking Powder have been, published oa every i label, and the analysis as stated is veri- j fied by Official Reports, the highest testimony in the land. CLEVELAND 8AKIM6 POWDER CO.. 31 4 83 FULTON STREET, NEW YORK. cut fa- plaids and, fcinty weaves an.V plain brics in all Uie new colors. for At -2-5c. and aood value. we also offei New Fall styles ready in all de- partments. New Carpets, aad Draperies. Melm M 4MKIUCA.V BLOCK, 2 MALOf BUFFALO. N. 1. C.C.PEN FOLD Maauf acturer and Importer, 364 MA1SC 8T_ BUFFALO, St. T. DE.U.ER IS Diamonds, Watcher and Jeweliy. Gocnlft, etc BSVRA GOLD if SIL VSR PLATO, A COMPLETE LISE OF MAIN STKEET, BUFFALO, X. Y. PATFNTS t Cavcjtti-, Trrme Marks aa4 e )in-jnerif; roc'lurtcrt for U. S. Parent can transact ptlfini IB less i imc ai Lec.ii Cant Uian ibowj remote from W st-tjr ion. aiodei, "JrawiEjr, or photo, wltli 4e< cnpLiua. We rf patentable or not, of cfaarse-Oui fee uot due LiU patent ia secorerf A "Uow to Obtain rtth ref- erences to actual chenw your or scat tree. Address C. A. SNOW A: CO. 1 poste Patent Office. WaaWngtom, D Go to Monroe's for Curtains and Fixture EWSPAPER!

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