Thursday, September 25, 1890

Dunkirk Evening Observer

Location: Dunkirk, New York

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Text Content of Page 1 of Dunkirk Evening Observer on Thursday, September 25, 1890

Dunkirk Evening Observer (Newspaper) - September 25, 1890, Dunkirk, New York VOL. XX REPRESENTATIVE BUSINESS HOUSES OF DUNKIRK. RVUMQ MACBINK lor ruling all kind, of the latent addition u> Mechanical Department of s DnnkirklPrinttng Company. UR. OtTFORD, and HO Central An ArtUtle Photographer Instantaneous ot Babiet a inecialty. Sltlcrr not wait lor mnshine except for BOOK JAXBS iKvmo. 1'rj- prietur. No. 1C K. Second (tract, near Buf- falo tin-fit. Dunkirk, N. T. M" r. Pamphlets, etc., bound in all Blylca. Orderr impl! v itttcnded to. All work (nitranteeil 1 iCmCHKH-S 4JRMCKKBT HOUSE, 908 Central Avenue. Wholwale and retail dealer in 12 poricdf nil China, GlaMware, Ac. I.IT HOTEL, Rules, per day. anil Boarding Stable in connection Victor Bider, 130 and 337 Lion ilreot. DUNKIRK N. Y.. THURSDAY. SEPTEMBER 25, 1890. NO. ADDITIONAL LOCAL NEWS. Mrs. H. G. New York PERSONAL. Brooks left to day for 11TV BARBER SHOP V J Chan. Ragle, Prop., Under Lake Shore National Rank, corn. Center and Third streets. A flne stook ol Foreign and Domestic 'ulgnrs. I 1OMKUM SON, SK Center street, Practical borM-ahoera. Particular attention interfering honea, Shoeing of roail trolling bonus a apwialty. j kUMKIHK BVISaiNG OB4ERVKR. Lnrgett Dally In the County. An unequalled adverbalng medium. hONKIRK ENOINKKKINO COMPANY Forme; IT Sollow Popple. Boilers, Pulleys, Hangera, etc. Patterns, ForgmgB. Castings, and Machine Work to order. J SHIRT CO.. ids. IM aud -.iv, LJ Center ttreet, Manufuctnrera ol the and "Dunkirk" nericul-ntting Orcn Shirla. On aale in all leading furnishing. "lothing and dry goods houses in Dunkirk, F. TOOJffKY, 434 and 498 Lion street. Dealer in Flour, Feed, alt. Baled liny. Phot, etc. Ksubluned. I All. hf BOTKL and umiug Saloon, Union __ Depot. Lady access to au trams aud housei. Uosl uccommu-latmns lor Com- uercial Travelers. John J. Murphy, Prop. fc) rine HLKiW CO., 97 and OU E Third street. Fuii-itiiro, Cabinet Ware ana Up Picture Frames made to order. Lt U. MATTKSON CO., :iOI Cenlnil Ave., Leaders ol Fuhiuu and Qentlemen Uiitlllters. i I A1UU.I, STKAM HEATING CO.. annlaciarers of Steam Heating Apparatna Plumbing a Specialty. I I OJ1K STEAM LAUNDRY. Our specialties: Fine luc; tc: Cutfs, 4c, aud Lace Curtains. Free I A W. C'umuiings, !W7 Center a true i. Miss Lucia Gary has returned home from Warren. Miss Sarah Martin left this afternoon for school at Rye. James McC'ue wa? flned 95 in police court for drunkenness. Mr F. K. Lyon is improving his hon.e on Fourth street by paint. Miss Elsie Gray of Wcstticld ie visit- ing Miss Eiuula Townseiid. Mrs. Gerry Jones left to-day for her home in Binghamton, New York. and Mrs. Richard E. Kidder are visiliDR Mr. and Mrs. Pascal Kidder. Mrs. 8. M. Smith is having her resi- dence on West Fourth street painted. The Misses Agues and Elsie Colman returned to day lo their school in Mor ristown. Mrs. Alexander Curtiss of Buffalo is visiting Mrs. Samuel Gifford, West Fourth street. Mrs James who has been the guest of Mrs. Thomas VanDcvort left to-day for her home in Brooklyn. Mrs. It B. has been visit- in Ithaca for several weeks returned home Tuesday evening. Mr. Ferdinand Weilpr Jr. left yester- day for Ithaca to enter Cornell Universi- ty, after a two months' visit with his uncle, Mr. Henry Weiler, in this city. Mr. A bruin Gas) of this town, left a a basket of splendid grapes nt the OB- SKKVEK office to day. They were Con- cords, and for size, richness and flavor, they cannot be excelled. The Frcdonia Censor of this week publishes the following notice: At Ithaca, N. Y., September 11, 1800 by the Rev. D. Chandler, Mr. G H Tbayer, of Fredonia, N. Y and Miss Alice Fuller, daughter of Mr. F. E. Ful- ler, of Uhnca. DIAMOND AND TRACK. of the BaMball and RanntaK Kveiti. At n. m. 0100011 3-8 NewYork......a Batterien-Stafford and Clerk; Crane and Vaughn. At n R. Pltlabnrg.......0 1 0 S 3 0 10 Brooklyn......1 2 Batteries-Manl and Fields; Hemming and Cook. At Cleveland- RBI. Cleveland.....3 00000010-41: Boston.........0 201 1 1 0 0 5 10 I Grnber and Sntcliffe; Radbourne and Kelly. At n. H Chicago........0 20000002-47 "000000 0-25 Batteries-King and Boyle; Sandeis and II. H. K. 1 1 :ry. rl K. OKHM, K. Third at., cor. of Buffalo slanuiac.aror and dealer in Fine Boots A Snoen amsm WKILBR'8 MEW STORE, lod E Third st. Books. Stationery, Musical In- and Weekly Papers, vBd everyUurg pertaining to a Oral ulws book lore. Schoo, Books a spdcialtv. JOB P1UNT1NU ol every description and at lowest living rates by Dunkirk Printing Company, 8 and 10 K. Second St. JH. VAN BUREN SON, Fire. Lite, Accident and General Insuracoe. Deal- on in Real Estate and Loans. attention paid to the c.tre ol property collect- ing rente Ac. 219 Center it., iud floor. I ONROE-8 300 Central Avenue tuutUijiiaTten lor Wall Paper Pn.nt Oils, Au. Leaky Hoofs. The OBSERVER had occasion a few days since, to refer to the work of I. E. Bennett Co., who are repairing all kinds of bad and leaky roofs. Mr. Ben- nett is stopping al the Erie Hotel at present, where he can be found. He covers all kinds of roofs with his patent material or paint, and guarantees to make them tight or no pay. He hits al> ready fixed roofs for such citizens as Gen. L. G. Kisley, A. S. Cobb, the Mul- land Spring Co, Mi. Geo. P Ishani, Barber Scully, L, B. Arver, Mrs. Sip- pie, P. Philippbaar, and many others too numerous to mention. Roofs repaired by his tnnteri'il, he claims to be abso- lutely water tight, and can be put on cheaper than any other substance known. Mr. Bennett will remn'n in the city for some time in doing work al- ready engnged, and those wishing roofs repaired can examine any already done or enquire of the owners. PBRKCtS, J. W.. tot Center street, Manufacturer and dealer in Harness, Undies, collars, Buffalo Holms, HjraeOovers OloveaMittenaandSlenh Kobis. F8CHOLTBS, 17 KMI Third street, rantoionable Tailor. Gentlemen will and it to ineir advantage to call on me belore purchasing For Sale. Two large Meridian Stoves, formerly used by German St. John's church cor- ner Fourth and Leopard streets. For particulars call on Carl Schauer, 59 East Third Street. Dress Goods, For Genuine Goods, value and stylish fabrics in 50c, Drees Goods try Brash Richmond. Fa. tiAnir a co., San Lion street. General Hardware, White tor's Supplies, Oil Cloths, Granite Ware. A special- Williams Paint and Monroe range. RDUKO, such as blank-books, ledgers, and all kinds ol done at Dunkirk Printing Compkuy, 8 and 10 K. Second St. I.UBOLPH MOLUENUAVKR, Cor. Thud and Buffalo Sid., Dealer in GrumUi, Marble, Flagging and Building Stone. Gall on me aetan buying your side-walk. R co., T and 9 East Front street. Whisky, Wines, Brandiet. Gtefceral Liquor Store for Family Use. IkOBKKT M'KAI, Lion street, near the depot. Boarding, Sale, Feed and Livery Stable. Stabling by the day or week on reasonable AM J. QUTUKD, ;HU Central Ave. (Up O General Insurance and Aeal .Estate Fire, Life, Accident, and Live Stock InMurauoe. Prompt, attention KIT BB u> uavmg tnu eeLlmf Beal EMate. TiHE "COTTAGE." EDISON'S 1'HONOOltAPH ou exhibition FREE. Finest honors lor nicd- icaittl purposes. "OLD Whiskey a specially. Imported Wews Beer in AJe, Burton Ale and Uuinnes drawn Irum the wood. Bottles, TC. JONKS, 75 E. Third st., cor. oner. Exeelaior Market. Fresn, Halt unu Smoked Jleau, Lard, Oysters and Pool try. ATCiUW, JBWmU.RY, AC. Buy me Aurora Bailroad Watch. a specialty. Aamk F. Stapi. St X. Third tl Mercbaai Tailor, Central Aveaae RE WARD 1 WK will the above nwanl. for any ot Complaint, sick Heauaobe IndigenUoii, Coutipmtlua or Comivnuu we caBDOieara wilti Vegetable Liver PiUa, when Ike an Mncily otniplied witii. They arc pwelj Vegetable, and never iail to giveaanataedOD. Sugar Coated. Large boxea. oontainiDgMPiIla.SBoenU. Bowaraol eoun- tortciu, and The genuine manu- iaeund omlj by JOHN C. WEST A CO. Sold by MoNKOI'sFnuoiacy, Dunkirk, K. T. sister of Peter Kian, of 89 East Front street, fell yesterday and frac tureil her arm. Locomotive Works skipped to- day to the New York Cential railway thefltteenih heavy Mogul engine of an order of twenty-five. partner with a capital of to engage in a well cstub-. lisheJ business. A profit of per month guaranteed. Enquire at room 30 Erie Hotel. annual election ol officers of the Fredouia Political Equality Club result- ed in the choice of the following: Hiss Jennie Prescott, president. Miss Ella C. Lapham, first vice presi- dent. Martha L. Stevens, second vice president. Miss Mary C. Barrett, secretary. Mrs. Dr. A. 8. Couch treasurer. the residence of Mr.W. 8. Cross, 780 Central avenue, at one o'clock this afternoon, by the Rev. Mr. Kernick of the.M. E. church, Miss Flora A. Cross of this cityjto Mr. J. Clinton Wass of Jamestown, N. Y. The happy happy couple went east on the Erie road, and will make -quite .an extended trip. They will be at home, 51 Fairmont av- enue, Jamestown, after October 10. CHILLS and fever of thiee years stand- ing cured by Simmons Siver Regula- Watkins, Watkins House, Up- tonville, Ky. Take! Take' Take Sim- mons Liver Regulator for dyspepsia, constipation and heartburn. 8. L. R. means Simmons Liyer Regulator sure. Bookkeepers and others ol sedentary habits cure constipation with Simmons Liver Regulator. Brain workers keep your heads clear and bowels open. Take Simmons Liver Regulator. On of the most remarkable growths in this country is a old grape vine owned by Mr. Pechey of Glenora It is 120 feet long, running each way from the stem sixty feet. It will yield this year nearly a ton of grapes. Mr. Pechey has lour other vines running sixty feet. Miss Mary Quinn, of Cohocton, who has had consumption for three years, died last Friday. :BREAX? YOt' GET THE WRONG SORT; THE RIGHT ONES PEARL TOPAN CtC A MACBETK 4, CO., PITTSBURGH, PA ANDARE National league. At Cleveland- Cleveland. New York. .400000 1 00-58 and Zimmer; Rnsie and Buckley. At K. H. Cincinnati.... iO Brooklyn.....1 01000080-500 BatterlM-Doryea and Keenan; Terry and Clark. At Pltlsburg- H _ 2 1 1 o 0 0 0 8 7 2 Boston.......0 0209000 1-342 Batteries-Will Gumbert and Decker; Clark- son and Bennett. At Chicago- 0 0 delphia.. a 8 Amerleaii At Columbus r Colambm, 30000 0 a 0 n Batterles-Knauss and J ItZ, H H a 0000008-374 Vickery and Annotation. n a K. H. 0-243 1- 3 4 8 Doyle; Keefe and B. H. n 0- 1 5 t 0-143 At Toledo- K 0 0 3 3 0 0 1 0- 7 BsJlimore .2 1103000 77a Hatteries-Healy and Sage; German uwusmd. At l.i.ulsville- 000000 nochenter........o 000010 Game t ailed: darkness and Wockbecker; Tlt- comb and Grim. At Louis-Athletic game post ponetl; rain. Trotting lit Philadelphia. PHILADELPHIA, Sept as good crowd witnessed the two trotting events at Bel- mont Briving parkyesierday. The feature of the day -was thj performance of the stallion Autograph by Alcantara. In the first heat of the class race he lowered his record from to 2 class, trotting; purse, Darlington z H.L.J i.x "e Packer 3 3 1 Fillmore....... .....II Tomaka...... g Splver.__ 55 Time, 2 2.2% 2 i JaHs, trotting; puree, J5 0: 1 1 7 4 5 f> 843 737 5 B 6 dr. Ruhmund, Jr. Au.oKiaph Clmille C D C. S Time, fti 2 ....1 .4 4 4 Uhnmploii Hurrlera In New York, NRW YORK, Sept 21 -The Salford har- riers team of ch nnj ions, four in number arrived on the steamship Majestic yester- day KiiKlftnd A number of mem- bers of t e Manbatt.n Alhletic club met them at the and took them to the club house, wh re they were made wel- come. A reccpuou will be tendered to them. Jhe IIK triers will accompany the Manhattan Athletic club champions to Montreal, wheie tliev will contend in the Canadian champiimship meeting on Sat- urday next They will also attend an athletic meeting in Detroit on Oct 4, after which they will to Washington On Oct. 11 they will parti- ip-ite in the Buffalo games. Then the> v. li no to Boston and will appear iu New i m Oct. 22. The at bloueeater. GLOUCESTER, N. J bept 85 day's races resulted an iollows; First race, mile: Ut-llevue flrst, Marie Lovell second, Jay V. Dee third; time Second race, 1 3-16miles; AVilliam Daly, Jr., first, Battersby second, Golden Hod third, time, Third race, mile- Harbor Mzhts O'Falece second, Louis M thu d, time, F tuth race, mile: RheinaoM flrst, Chni ter second, Passamore thnii; nme mile: Thad Bowe first, second, Leonline thinl- Fitrh i ace. Redon time, 1 Si mile: Gyda first, Mti- kiusey second, Gracie thiid; time, 1 On the Grave send Track. Sept. The races here yesterdny resulted as follows: First rnc-, mile Al Farrow first, Mcriden second, Ballston third; time SccouJ race, miles: Eon had a walk- over. Third raci-, mile: Dr. Hasbro uck first, Zetiobia second, Woodcutter third- time, 1 Fourth race, 1 mil- Can Can flrst, Kyrle B second, l.ady Jane colt th'rd- time, Fifth race, 5i mile: Ben Harrison tost, Tanner second, Eolo thiid; time, Sixth race, mile. 1 -'Intriguante first, Lord Harry second, Best Boy third; time. At Lonlirllle. LOUISVILLE, Sept. The races here yesterday resulted is ,rol' .ws- First race, 1 mile: Ed Leonard first, Eugenia second, Mary Mac t.iiid; time, Second race, 1 1-16 miles: Virge fl'Or first, Blarneyofone Jr. second, Hum let third; time, Jf. Third race, the Cash handicap, mites: Marion first. Ed Hopper second, third; time, Fourth race, mile: u'st, Kanierseconil, Onlight thiid, tune, 1 If'-r. Fifth race, miles. Polpmns tiiat, Ten Like' second, Grayson third; The Flyern at Chicago. CHICAGO, Sept. Yesterday's resulted as follows: First race, mile: Wedgefield first., RnlBan second, Jasper third; time, Second race, 1 mile: Cassrila first, Artis- tic second, Amelia third; time, ThirJ race, 1% 'miles: Ktley first, War peak second, Jed third; time, Fouith race, mile: Anna B first, Bar- Dett secoud, Lemon third; time, Fifth race, 1 miles: Lewis Clark flrst, Lubrador second, Fred Fink third; time, Sixth i ace, X mile: Tom Brst, Cider third' time- IN THE LABOR WORLD. STRIKE ON THE UNION PACIFIC ROAD AT DENVER. The Swltuhniu Demand the .Dismissal of Tard Superintendent Biiruand Ou Oat lie In Brew- ing In Tunis Swltch- IM.clmijjeil foi Itofuslng to Work with ITngineen. DENVKB, Colo., Sept. Union Pa- cific has been having trouble with ito switchmen here (or months past. Therein? lies applied have not im lOTed thesit-mt-'on, .inrlt he yards have been hlmked most of thg time, pur- ittsu swilcliiueii's tlcin.inded ol Ueiieial M i nn -icc-K ll'p tlimiiissiil ot Yard Su peunfen 'i nt Rums, nth iw t! HOuld sti.ko i'tailiug in Burns WM suspended. The charges made against Bnrns and yesterday morning Mr Meek jddiesHt-d a communicHtion to men arraigning them for neglect of duty and informing them that Burns would be reinstated at noon and that all who unwilling to co-operate with him must quit the service of the company. ben the wh.Btlp blew for the men to return to wurk 1 o'clock not oneof the 12Sswitch men appeared. The company secured thirty now me i and rws given the striken uniil to-day noon to decide whether they will mnrn Th- oft'nals pro 'ess belief tl at the HOD extend over the whole hj stem. TENEMENT HOUSE CLOTHING. Workmen Prote.t Agalnit the Sale of the BOSTON, Sept. 25.-In reply to the recen< letter to gtibernatorial candidates of Jnhn Crow ley, secretary of the executive board of 0 othmg Operatives' National union Governor Brackett writes that, ir elected! lie shall recommend that the legislature investigate Mr. allegation that tueNew York tenement house clothing manufacturing Sistern is injurious to Massachusetts workmen and menacing to the health of our people In reply to the question as to whether or not he would oider ihe state board ol health to prohibit the sale in Boston of inch tenement-made clothing, the gover- nor says he is advised that the power to effect such prohibition rests only with the board of health of the city of Boston If it is shown that these goods are liable to spread the germs of disease, the legisla- ture will do ibtlcss enact measures uetes- to mitigate the evil, which measure! he should exeit his authority to enforce. TROUBLE BREWING IN CHICAGO. The Piesom-e of Sweeney and Sarjent Hcqiilrml to Pieveut aGeneral SI. Ike. CHK -c.o, l-ept arrival of t.i .ud .Ylus er Sweeney and Grand Mnsiei ttng, nt is tending to precipitate a gener.'l Htiikc amuii llie Stock Yards Switching associdiion employes Six swiuhm.n "ere yesterdiiy iiioraing, making tnuhem all who have been thrown out of woik for ref usinir to th It i- icporte.i thnt all the firemen, euginei'i's and switchmen employed by the Switclunij Asbotiation on twenty eight engines mil quit work sooner than work with Q" engines and crews unless the old Kyan and are put back or brotherhood men sent out on the About 160 engineers, lii ttiidsniichm.u working in the only the of the twoirand masters can prevent ,-enous ti ouble. MRS. FREMONT GETS HER PENSION. The Senate Bill is Finally Tlirouch the Home. WASHINGTON, Sei t as the house yesterday Mr. Mill r of South Carolina wus bwovn in. A ipsolution from the foreign alfHirn com-nitte calling on the pim-id. nt iru inlriM-i iumi about the Rill- ing of <4e.i U i in MI im was agreed. A le-ol 'tion tr m tie judiciary com- mittee, dueumg that Kennedy's cele- brated speecli be excluded from the per- manent Record was agreed to. Mr. Kennedy defended himself in a lone speech The French spoliation claims amend- ment to the deficiency bill was non-cou- curicd 111 to and a conference was oidered. Senate bills were passed pensioning Mrs. Fremont, Mrs. McClellan and Mrs. Crook, also senate bill to regulate the naming of United States vessels and other less important measures. The senate passed a resolution directing the heads of the state, treasury, war aud navy depaitmenls to prepare bills on the recommendations from marine conferences A number of bills were pus .' substitute for the federal court bill parsed. Thr- land court bill was debuted without action. GENERAL FOREIGN NEWS. of Parliament to Tlilt Fumln Threatened Dlntrlct. of Ireland. LONDON, Sept. 25.-Mr. Morley's ox in making a personal inspei tion tte famine-threatened districts of Irelan hiw prored contagions and a part of English and Scotch members of parti ment has now been made up witk t same object in rlew. The teportsan statements of these gentlemen nre pected to form an intM-eming feature o the next session of parliament. Th character of the visitors is of the highes kind, and their words will have grea weight with the English Conservatives who not inclined to ai ccpt the state ments of the Irish rn-mbers exautl unprejudiced Meanwhile the govern mentis pushing its scheme of relievin distress by furnishing employment fo laoor IB thi' construction of light rai ways in Ireland. The total mileage thu far projected is T5, and if nn pssarj th] will be extended considerably Thieedl fereut lines are coiitemplat d and th work will very soon, Coiuloinni Arrest of IiUh r.cmd Lord Roseberry, the popular Libera poor, condemns the arreit of Mie Irish Na tionaliht leaders as arbitrary and unjust Hesassthe country expects an explana tion from the goveinnn-ut The Scottish home rule conferenc opened at Edinburgh yesterday. It wa resolved to appeal to Mr Gladstone to join the movement and give it the great ad vantage of hig support. A considerable number ef Belgians and Bei mans who had emigrated to the Argen tine Republic have returned to their home, in a destitute condition, havinK found it impossible to obtain employmen in the Argentine. They deseri be the" coun try as in a condition of chnos, owing to financial and political instability. KTlvtloni Renewed In I r .land. Feeling runs Hgh on the subject of the CUnrlcarde estate which LoidClan nc-irde is attempting to settle with emi giants from Ulster in place of evictet tenants. Evictions are proceeding with renewed vigorin all; arts of Iieland. The evictions in Donee .1 a e the most exten sive since the plan of campaign WHF adopted. pioun.nd. of Jewi LmiTlng Notwithstanding Russian official de nials, persecution of the Jew is proc-eedmg in certain parls of Rusbia, especially in Snuth Russia At Odessa numbers ol Russian families have recently received ciders to quit the country and are leaving for K'lgland or America, upwards ol Jewish families having been expellee! from Odessa within a few weeks Ihottsinds of Jews, mostly of the poorer class, have left the othtr parts of Russia and they suffer greatly from pri- vation and exposure while on their way under escort, to the frontier. Sentences RoTaricd. DtTBLlN, Sept. 25.-Judge Waters of the W aterford session bus reversed the sen ti-ncf s of three months' imprisonment at hard Inbor imposed upon Editors Fishei Redmond and Spencer for plan of cam paign si.eeches at WiUe eld. The prose dition wus and arouss-d unfavorable commum f i om the couit. The lesult is thought to be damaging to the government's pros, IHL'. To be Compeimated by England. LONDON, Sept. 25 -England has prom iscd to compensate the families of the vie Lims of the massacre by natives at Vitu East Africa. "Itinh" at Tale. NKW 1UVI.S. Coon, Sept. 25. The frcslmwin will enter Yale col- lege will be the largest that ever entered, 'j acadrmic freshmen class will have S50 .nem'ieis and the scientific freshman tla -i number 100, making a total of If'fl fr shr. en. The opening "rush" (he n phomorts aud the Incoming freshman t( ok p ace last night and was In t e l.eshmen after a haul struggle. 1ms' foliovted by the usual wieM'ing n atch between representatii t-s of t le i i o rlusesi. Honors were about d A large crowd was attracted to the scene aud the fun Insted over an hour To Curtail Pilnt Clotli Production. FALL RIVER, pro- potedpiint cloth agreement h..s not fallen through. The necessary signatures of seven-eighths of the mill men e been secured and the new ayrteuient will take effect Oct. 1, The terms, of the compact are that no mill entering it sk.ill s-U anv 64s during October for less t, au b .MU cents, and shall also curtail pioduclion by closing their mills during sixty hours in October. Public opinion is that this is the shrewdest move the board of trade has ever made. A New Republican Paper for Plttiburg. PITTSBURG, Sept. publication of a new daily morning newspaper, to be called The Sun, will be commenced in Pittsburg early in October. It will be an 2 cents In politics the new journal will be Republican. Its editor will be Mr. C. P. Brigham, one of the best known newspaper men In the country, who has long been identified with Pittsburg news papers. RUINED BY THE RACES. York Girl An Attractive N.w for Lit NEW YOKE, Sept 85 Anderson, an Httracthe looking girl, 18 years old who is well known to the habitues of the track's aCn1 Bn8''ton Beach race tl-iefcs and a constant speculator in thp races, was arraigned before ra the Adams street police court, Brook- lyn, Tuesday, charged with grand larceny Emma met James F Curtin, a grocer doing business at Fourth avenue and St Jl.ivk's place, abour two weeks ago, and when they parted Emma, nent direct to Cuitin's home, No 53T Pacific street, and said she had been sent by him for his coat and vest. They were given to her. In the vest pocket wnt a valuable gold watch and chain. She the clothing, but retained the jewelry. Several days Liter her mother took the articles to the Bi-rgcn street police station, hoping that sue might tueieby save her daughier from prosecuu n Eium i IMS bep'i arrested foi IHILCIIV befoie and Reynolds touk l'n- gii-l to the liprgen street police stannu. When ai raigued In court pleaded guilty and sentenced to six months in the penitentit ry. IKE WEIR AGAIN ARRESTED. Thin Time for Bilking a Hackman and Assaulting- Man. BOSTON, Sept. In the municipal court yesterday Ike Weir, the "Belfast was arraigned on charges of having evaded carriage fare and with having assaulted 'ihomas H. Roberts. The evidence given corresponded with the story of the affair as published Tuesday. Weir showed no ot the encounter, but Roberts had sonic ugly black markt on his face. Weir was dischatged on the complaint of evading carriage fare by reason of a variance between the allega- tion and the proof On the charge of as- sault he wast found guilty and fined fSJ and costs. HeappeaKU and was held in KOO for trial in the higher court. The President ArrtTen In WASHINGTON, Sept. The president and the members of his party arrived at the Pennsylvania railroad station from Cresson a few minutes past 8 o'clock last night. The presideut went directly to tlig White House in oidei to inspect some that were awaiting his approval while the ladies of the party driven to the resi- dence of Pobtmaster General Wanamaker, where they were joined later in the even- ing by the president. To Develop tint Drama. NEW YORK, S.ept. The Dramatic Development coTTipany has been incoporut- ed here bj Edmund Sum ton, director of the Metropolitan Opera house, William P. G Shanks of. The 1 ribune, Louis N. Megarge, manager of the American asso- ciation and others the production ol dramas before theatrical managers free of cost to the authors. His Libel Salt. Aw w ttil BLDDEFOKD, Me., Sept. Col- eight-page, seven-column paper, to be sold lector R. M. Johnson, under arrest f at 2 cents In politics the new lonrnnl embezzlement, has withdrawn his lioel suit against the Biddeford Times. The Times had published an account of Johnson's indebtedness, and added that his headsmen were getting anxious about his financial standing. A MOBMON MANIFESTO. PRESIDENT WOODRUFF'S EDICT IN REGARD TO PLURAL MARRIAGES. He Ad rim Latter Day SalnU to Refrain from Contracting MKrrlagwi Terbiililcu hr Drain That Floral Marrlacu Ar. Still Being (n T.rritorr or that Polygamy. SALT Utah, Sept. follow ing manifesto will published here Ur day. To Whom it May dis- patches ing been wnt from Salt Lake City which have publlahed fei political to eflteot that tht Utah commission in tksir recent report ts the wcrefcary of interior allege that plural an still being solunn izad, and that forty or such mar- been contracted in Utah slnee last June or dnrimgtk. past also, that in public discourse leaders of tb to the church 1101 in tbosa of my as- sociates .luring the time specified which can reasonably be construed to inculcate or encouroge polygamy, and when aiij elder of the church has use.l language which appeared to convey such teachings le bus ik'i'ii piomptly reproved; and I now mbliely that my advice to the Batter Day Saints is to refrain from con- tacting any marriages forbidden by the aw of the land. WILFOBD WOODRUFF 'rt-sldenl- of the Church of Jesus Christof Latter Day Saiuts. li ABIES'AND CHILDREN'S Cotton and Cash flosiery. To enumerate nil the various kinds of h would require a much larger space than is really sary to give for this one kind of goods. Our stock braces every possible thing that can be wanted in the of Hosiery for Misses', Rollicking Boys' and lufan wear. We are offering extraordinary values in Black Cottons. Ladies' Black Cashmeres, .and Boys' B Cottons. Visit our Hosiery Department and you will ceive the most courteous attention from competent attend dents, whether you buy or not. Ladies' and Gentlemen's genuine Camel's Hair derwear. Warner's Celebrated Health Goods. sr.Ton.ES. SPECIAL A N NOUN EN 1 DIJAJIT CO., PaUsiil AltornoyB, 8M U U S PtttcutOf- tlce. Patents, anil liu-lugucit scorned. Trade MtuReregistered All 1'atont business cwndiictert lor mudeialo Keen. InformaUun, Atlvtcc and spccml relcreiicuu Hcnlon rcquuet. AN HOUR itmdu Ijy hvn Agon t iTuyti'treiitniriit tor ti.OO. Kvciy_ box 'giia'r- Gcncriil Slate Agenls, Kor further particulars aildicss, KAMBHKL.T. A l i ONH, N. V. A Iturheu wislieji to ttnmmiuo to this putiliu in Kuncrul, ninl palinux In imrtio- ulitr, that lie lias iiuu'hiibed tin1 ImiMiiiL' lor- iniilly ocouinert by B. II. ilullvll. a.', Knal nml llttcd it 1111 111 order, nnd uitli Hie help n< Mr. W. A. Juiin- preimred Ui do Iliel-i'lass bnilicrhig TlinuEing loi past we Hulloil n ol the luturc. ActneUliillv, _______O. A.liURllEK. -----.....-----WANTED losell our (MX) vii- niritiOB ol choice Nursery slock. Kail cam rmlgn jnat opened; bent epecialtios, best terms, steady work, puywcekly. We gtinran- loc what wt advertise. Address (Ihis house-is icliable JGl.KN BROS N. Y. PATFNTS Cnvcnte, mid Trade Marks obtained, ana Patent hiiHlncBBronducluit for Moiloiato Fee UnroMrele opposllo U 6. J'ntonl ofllcc. W have no siib-iiKoncioa. all l.uelncus can tiuuxnul piitcnt hiisincsn InloBnimi" ai at LUSH Cutt than those remote from W eh 11 ton, Si-nd model, diawlnp, or photo, with dp Wooilvlfiolf iialenlablo or not, f of cliiu-Ke Otii leo not due till patent is Been Ahouk, "How to Obtain with crcnccB to actual clients in your or town, isent tree. Acldrcae C. A. SWOW CO. Patent Offlco. D. C HE FOOLS NOT ALL DEAD VET. How .John Hill WHM I-Kruuaifctd That Bis In Iteav.m, Nor In Style. I) AI Hill suit heiv HK.unst Mrs Samuel i M'th for the i-ftovi'iy of about al- been obtained under false ieleu-c.s. Mia. Wypihia a medium and [ill was a btroug believer in spiritualism, his wife died Hill consulted Mrs Vyelh its to her condition in Ihe unknown voild, anil was told that she would be erfectly happy but for the fact that she vas not so becomingly di-essnd the ngels by whom she was surrounded his grieved Mr. Hill, and he ahlted Mrs. Vyetli what the niilli ill-is up there charged or dresses, having, perlnips, recol- ectiotis of what tlu-ir bills were in this lundnnr sphere Wjttli mild she would ask the de- arted spiut afterward told Mr Hill in the prevailing T'" U) fl.OOO Hifiwifn he Duilmin said, wits disposed 10 dlk ibnut, Ihe puce, l.ut ussured ler, that H hat ever would be cxpen led for ler would le duly returned to him bv the Finalli Mr Hillvtiui told to put what- ver money he coitlil under a cer- ain stone nn-l ,-ss r.-d him, it would reach its de tm.ition. He, in ideas and the medium that he wanted his imf-el to ut tb.- passage of this law anrl bad eol- ections brought about the assignment, 'he heaviest creditor is said to be the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western rail oad. Killrd by a Live Wire. "OMAHA, Neb., Sept. 25.-Thomat Lewis, tt emploje o{ the Thompson-Houston ompiiny, cut into a live wire and instantly killed. We have the largest assort- ment of Patent Leather Shoes in plain andliglit-colored tops, hand and machine sewed. We carry a complete line of 13 ET- TLETON'S Fine Shoes. li you want a nice-fitting and stylish shoe, try a pair of this make. You will like them Our GENTS' Calf Shoe in Button and Congress in broad, medium or narrow toe, is the best shoe for the money that has ever been of- fered to any trade. Come and examine them for yourself and be convinced. SON, 213 Centre Street SUPERIOR taking Powden Absolutely the Beet. All the ingredients in making this powder arc published on every la ijel. 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