Friday, September 12, 1890

Dunkirk Evening Observer

Location: Dunkirk, New York

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Text Content of Page 1 of Dunkirk Evening Observer on Friday, September 12, 1890

Dunkirk Evening Observer (Newspaper) - September 12, 1890, Dunkirk, New York VOL. XX hEP K TIVE DFXKTRK V. Y.. FRPUV. SEPTEMBER 12. WRECK KEAB USINESS HOTTTK ANOTHER D.SASTROUS SMA3HUP ON THE CENTRAL. THE SPORTING NEWS. j SOUTHAMPTON'S STRIKE. A Dull Day in the Worli i Turf i SEVEIS HUNCHED NON-UNION MEN i AT WORK. A: SV.v York-New srise j NO. 28. NOBODY "SQUEALED." Artomejr Train- I A LIVELY LVVESTIGATIOX. J FLICK AND COOPER ENGAGE IN I A W030Y BATTLE. are chared wr.a vj'.-.v-a; elpres.-. t.u? roac A" of rncamplimenta- yn n L- JT- of a settlement of the Dij- i _ The special the charges .............._ ,...3, ia d dLsa-vr.'L- wreck a- :E tte __ _ tne ccarges T-e ai.d fed oc N- V N--.V Central railroad, j at-.: Li-...i-.-r. col- i "I for rh-'cn yesterday, j. 'r T.-.-.- authorities of the Central road here i -v c a j, The masters Kiirr-aa I :s :bl-' proceedings by freight collided w-h a G "-1-11 and V- n-.t he haj been rcforraeil on the TJCKCHEl-.-souxs-KTicor-E. -o a '-L, .t...) a fuj m-, n- tba: Mr. Smjwr had a djpuc. few cars were Th-i i J.'.-. n..-: ac _., r -her., narl characterized hia con- j i ._ _ ti'-.gentieni.injv. Mr. Lewis i his on the ocatsit re.errea t.o WM and if t! Wa., n.-i. A reporter learcs thar the' v-ry one. and thai C eijjiass, tn cars an-i a cabou-e are UNKI.I-; v -c. s. ir-; -ini-: fiercely trtstii'j Id I nut a train .irrivtd A. stiil and frum S'-bodaci ,c f the The -ir ai: -h-i-. not j of i JJ- With the Sn-ifts at flu. H r.'itvs ir-: -h.rd: I t i-'-.-rj -.1: fh.- 'U frier, d- K -i- n- :0n the i.ji; urea niadc by the chair- he retract K. ooj-cti-d to the demand. he c.-l'r-OOSr- -ifach-d -r.lic-s. _ VUlt America. third; j.-.. ,jf TEO r-> -t f r t.-- r... :r :h- ner n :hr o: the U .1 wil. a j C.'t B.-y ;n i there river, at can Drovide AND MURDERHO. While -.-ekLna An in h- oner e up AL OFFICIALS PIJZ2LED. v sri-..-j.d. "larii >J an-; :-'r r---- Ei- rxetenuin. Whether They Th" of O .-_ --._.; r----' U ir. H third. .1 :i i If-mmii'-.- thi1 Tariff. f- -v; I-IKMI. Ra, _ TICKLE LENSE. Travel River- said that he not rem-mber such a Mr. Flick -sid thst if Mr. Morrill -rt" of -vA EierTfc te not -V.-. a clerk in :he dc-nart- to know- :SL: Mr. Jecretiiry to fren. him about ii.e '-ijiiipany. From cunver- Tnnaer he thai he that {Tan- :.-jve pension pi HedcnkHl ij.i'; r-vtrr tdld him his -T-W.CT: cile that. ever :n ci.mj-.-tny. ifciiim Mr and rr" him as to the information i his thar-es. Mr. .i: tfce ai.itt.-r TLrtjugh the cowspa fr.rttier -r fce Mr. he from Mr. Fitch "'I a by Mr. Sawyer. -r-jok in the com- .i :o ;.r in r I that you her- d -.-rdcr and the Best Household Ammonia, Three Pint Bottles, 25 Gents, T j -t2jft.JL.l2jt SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. iJjpY Munctuiw'i Hair Restorer j Wiil cnre the hair, dandruff teers the faAir Its oriyinai color. Xo aoi-1 or a Buy it autf trv it; giiaranteed, or monev refundol. ;W. A. ML-.NCHIW, Sole Manufacturer. East Tlunl street. S" ART CO., Patent Attornevg, 7th St., D. C., opp. C. S. uf- fice. Patents, and Re-tauca Trade Martsreciatered. All Patent ImainvM foudixtea for Fees. and special rejereocei se.nt on reddest.. ITT ictjre, T T if suitable, with opportnn'- fj-r to represent I'icAily a re. -Manufacturer. N'.T. i'4X AV HOCK lire Ajrent selling "Our Native a1" ANOSlflll BLOCK. Main Street, Buffalo, e 411OTe S c ,m S UI1 Oi. X. Y, of our BEST sed the ycKxl people of Buf- 1 falo: goodwlme 10-4 have cheaper ones. Agrerils, OA. Biirlire wi.-ha.- ti> aijnouECt: to the in and p3tr..n.- :o punir he purchased the 1-mMnig fur i.'i-apied r.y B. H. Muilt-U. M' Ea.- fitUHi n up in Iir-t-''la.- T'iirr. snd Usi' hulp of Mr. W. A. Mun ;-b.iu, prep.-ireii To do pa-; we solicit .1 "t iie fuiure. A. I5CKBEE. If you have a sewing machine o iawn mower or any other machine it repair or cutlery to grind or a saw u you will do well to call on me Bicycles and tricycles repairing a spec- J. BEmraABD, Machinist. Zebra street near depot. in 11. -AN ;u i -ON. -r n-r H i u: -i-e yuti. i he tner; ia-.-r escape I-., t.j th- 3, i 'i.- 0; had a hravy beard, and :olj a sh-'ip to set it 'iVi.iie -.vere there tLrre cLtcrtr-; rLe and, tie cr. nrt- p.nkerton detectives writ a: .1- Lave iii.-t arrived ia to Ten "i ear- in Prison J li_A: Tree- to Eeopen the Strike Issue J: _i..l, >-0.hjns a-ed I" -v .-u.t--.vye.- of the Xew Y'.rk "'h-. -.venc OL: srrik-ealleJ -t J -IK M. a: a-.r--.i :.-y rr r-.-r-rir to reupen the strike Ik. ue puijt CrdtK f.vo LAND Mr. M.i '.'f. n by the Daiiv Ne-.r-. -V- 'hf- t i-.-; tt.ere was nuthiiig left to -R-iiL" criruinal '-j- r'-i-'-e- rr. r- "-.'n'-'..-'- ORFEITURE. a AJ- Bill. IU -C'JTT C. Suie-df i.i Cincinnati. roittcd pa tE-: a) In k the f..'ur it; A sensational _he h- rT- t ;he had r-Va the they cac prove had no rish: by 'he stirred'at D. ml with n-.i-rress. Ida the shares. tu 15. a..y also The cf.rj-jle ire- _ the i.t- j; res lit.- He i'eu D '-d a ot Uome- tic TruuMe Him to I'-rtiic to CJ.L WOOD'S Th- P-vc ST I -'-.'-'i tj.-.: h- alied u -rate- i '_; ,a o( .s: -i.e orders. :L... .K of in Mr. I freiiiieut ;i-e of ...f the .'ri" that .1 ".'v.'' 'J; an'i .or. be for. U- ;n liles a ur rrncL i e- :v.u, this ttorn..-y rtst.-i hi- A j 'uf'' hy hiiu Ufuwi br o the i he :je said, pr..ven an-i faniii- '.rf tile otfi- e. and he for Ovi-rrimur- hv .Sr! NET char-el. Mr. said, had iak-n t.-, -dr. i C-.... an .-o-., ;i the that Mr. Mr. note TO ir..- if he -.3 tn.-u he ha-i sr-en the A fastiir Turin Thiof. RE -.-..r.rt here I--.: chjirvi----. He that he iiL-1 had to mm. he saw nothing -t. At the r-i.-i.--st of Mr. p.antn the com- to examine the thirteen '.'ierits -T'-re by Comrais- ch.-trgedt-o promoted art yet -ed. The case ha.- :r" ' holdin-j stock ia -----------------._____ j tfir-m ;ind each ir. u-.rr: tt-ct ikd That they he'd none of the to ap-1 of no one >t. Outing Flaonerf the Pres'.lem. M-hiVii. Pa.. iii-i and from iris.'on- and was TruuMe BUFF Sv; vj. Some time 'inriag i.'. -r.i T', i K- by a Train. Wetinseday Vl -Vi--' Stein rcetz and SMtani.-iy tbc lv Jo remain a: nooj at t- to G. H. j. 5t.- froaj r-ars i-i. hree chiivin wens to .m and y... r-rar of his a- a few miles-------------------------- --i-i' u morn- Ran Into a le. were fijaod about O.. r-er.t, It-eu ti and lyiag close train ran into a vtred jv-ernlsy aiorniug acrjcut Dc-nic-itic trouble is said to have :''''1. they wers near Loiiik. iiik.nviiie. wreckin REvVArtD; Ira'-a- and sii cars. Enu-inetr Frank KZAMNG. Pa., r-'eru. Near Pottstow V 0! when Fireman P'T-er Beck aad .7-..ha ear.r njoriiiaic the boar of a il-iv iujured. Ttie man ".'ii> on the Read in Unknown >' ;n ch.iVge of wholesome bread, biscuit, cake, etc.. LtuiLk-i'k. Y. commiu-ee has anorured the aP. believing taat he know, soma-1 K ivx Pi. -V-r ot John H. Duncan seiVcted by the execu- of man's death- last seen j a-e the that their natural moisture and This desirable quality, in a y, 'IK. A'n feakillg powder shown by the OfficiaJl Is "ue :tr..-d tiiu Eeporte, to be the itrongest of all pure here. sr. P. ir-V- The cream of tartar powders, makes Clere- Sood m u.- j rhe di..we ot Xew fcnrf'g SmvnVir Ihe Best" the ceremooiea. ftad's Superior "AbsoiuteJy the Best" an res PL A TIB A COMPLETE LCfZ OF BUFFALO. N. V. PATENTS Pawct Our I- oppoi1 and t ton, ui'i or tie e if fj-ui-eniakie'or not, free o( cuanre.Oai dne ii' A ;tHow <; m or tot free, Ail'.Jre- with ret- cuiie, county. C. A. SXOTS A: CO. Opposite Patent Office. D. C 1 o to Monroe's for Curtains and Fixtures iNEWSPAPERl SrAPERI

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