Friday, August 22, 1890

Dunkirk Evening Observer

Location: Dunkirk, New York

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Text Content of Page 1 of Dunkirk Evening Observer on Friday, August 22, 1890

Dunkirk Evening Observer (Newspaper) - August 22, 1890, Dunkirk, New York VOL. xxr DUNKIRK Y.. FRIDAY. AFOUST 22. REPRESENTATIVE POWDERLFS APPEAL. Ywk TEE RAHf _________ 'r- thern are many thousands of old veteran i USINESS HOUSES: NOT SYMPATHY, B uoi.liers within her Iwjtvlerj who faced ._ UT MONEY IS 'leath a quarter of a century ;igo. It was i EXCITING SCENES DURING THE I GREEN SWITCHMEN OP DQNK.IRK.. .SEW BCLtNG WACttlNF: for rtllink- L all Jtiniis -if blanks is the latent ooditinD u> I Department Dunkirk.f EXAMINATION REQUIRED. Pnt- to cull them, and yet a hireling moo of the worst characters in the land been qnarw-d upon the General T.U. I people of York to lel-rrrize her citi- Th" Cunmimlon.r of Fe H l HI. cmiMai-ne, Kn.leav- j to provoke men to anger and wrttth, capital th. herein has been and meuiiaiiie ,-ind until it closes no K. of L. i ftmnii in an unlawful act of any1 to Permit the of l.lie j uien. At, 8 o atiir Company ti> With about th jury un.l BMll C.ili j ALBA.s-v. Ann. i'. -The ,ad for j the dnt time yinrerday r .n -he work I rr-dn to Albanv. -Oionr hPORTlXir INTERFERES WITH THE POUGH- KEEPSIE NO. Cooper Becomes Anijry ;uid the Room. ami Wootl Yorrt, 7W :H Mr. secure che wealth he anil .HI Lio ITY BAKBEll .SHOP ?nler I'h.r-l H ami interfering -jlioeici; tr ittiuir .1 Hptjtimity. .UNKIltit t Daily in the LOIUUT. ileii mc'lni knowledge of iromrue .-standpoint of ,he men he waited upon. Mr. H. Baiter Webb, third vu-e anil acting manaiinr of the ilr. Holland stared to Mr. tral ra.iroad .ether it be not in- teresr. to sranu oy support, those who commitree. ot ,n .-iiriKim; to the common riLTht r.o Mr. Cooper would not say that he had not ueeu in constant, UCTNKIrtil E2 K-.ruieriy ieiie'.v Jt Man ular'.arer., nt Bmlur-, Haniters. Pauenw, K .tinl Macruue Work ui DO'KIKK SUIKT CO.. -JBJ, ami -M; sireel, of Hit Crfim-.vei: I.TI "DunKirk" perfect tltiin--' and try j-imln in Dunkirk. ,'Mi. DF. TfJO.WiJY. jiit ami iiiti Linn street Dealer .a four. -alt. IliUed Hav. pattU-f. il.-UIIIIiallL-U, liiTT. HOTEJ. mil Ljimnij iulonii, ij .icccsa to iiil auu DUI-- neas IHHI.-.-S. iiual iceomnioiUiLi.uifi for iitjrr.m. I- Joan J. L'rop. and Hu.isoa River he tion he po.ssesHed ilearillLT it's official trcee, conduct, and feared no invesriiiarion. -Mr. frequeuti-.- 'leciai-fl that he not dis.-uss tiie '...atier with any I one not, :m employe of .-ompany and i -lie interview. ;11] eifortH a peaceable i heir vtuced -bar it was only of time wlieti niHj- one and ail ts tiiey forfeited their m.-uiuoud and U. W K.of L. AN OPEN LETTER FROM POWDERLY Detinn tile Poni- ChiHf Arthur Ashed of V.-UK. i'.-Mr S UO.. tj 17 and .IB E. Tlnrt screeu jfine Furniture, Caismet -ui'l U p- Picture Frames mmte U) order, rp D. MATTESOS A CO., ;JOI Central Ave., lera it h-iflinoa anil ijentiemeu OuLUtteni j i riTKAJI HE-lXrNG inu'acturcra >J Apparatus, -.itiuutrv a .-ipeftiaity. derlv haa Arthur. u-er of the -ii-'irnei-hood rau'iiiim in tile pr> hooks of the reinaerafor company omcmi eorruunon. he de- ulined to lirini; the books caileti for. He would srati; brnadly that, uo stock had been iny empi.iyM of r.hat ,01 nrooiored' ollice run- had any employt a result, of takinu stock in me conipanv. iCiiijineers: t'here :s HI. present a strik .-e e in proijress After a reci-ss iu. with haiiin -till in rhe wn ness chair. and shortly afterward an excirii. ng inci- New Vorx Central and Hudson llelir _.........A niver [n this strike is involved I Mr. asked ijen. Rviuin t.o srute protect -heir just with- you cannot afford to lulirl1 'v.'is wortji. To tinsones- >ui 'u'renchimr u'.-ou those of o'uiers. rhu iirincipie :a that of fair '-n'-'inbers of rhe committee ob- ii.-tncr exivurive board had n.i -il'terna- I P'ay' -Mil'lv men ou st rtkn are flrs- rhe unniiid thai it was nor. nve out or-i.-r strike, which ,'.iil. 'I'he puhiic Is already acitualired wttil ;hu t'.etai'.s rhe affair Hie earnest, sff.'t-r, rhe t" secure a iii iior only ro the K. of L. 11 r. Cooper iiee.anu; excited, and s.'ime -i i UP I'lu; tram usually carries Tin. j haa succeeded in ciearmu up rive ,f the! West Alhiuiv fi-i-i-tic t.-u-ks I three louii ir-iius of .general and nil to .Vew York and four w.-s switciiiueti at iie I narrowly escaped and bad coiiisions. The tr slow on tiie u't-iides near -wjn'i-es. Supertllfeudeiir, Btsseii said ro the i United Pn-ss iltrent: "We -iiutciiss and can counratuiai.- ouryelvps i are Lrettini.' a-iiu. The moved yesterday was Hnd an' cli-arim; up al! of "n- -.-irie rapnliy. There are indi.-ruioiis mv.v men are all rt-hr ami w; wid -oon be in prime runninL.' All rhe traius were from au hour ro an hi-ur aud a naif iate rhr ami uo couid he ascer- rlnt the wen; en v.vtrch- Miister Workman Lee and Ed ward Porriey. -ecreiary, arriv... i.s ro say The iu- 'ervte-Vs publishi-d Messrs. Pow.teH" and on the Carv I polled. Rope Silk, Wash Kmbi'oi.l.-rv Silk, Fianiiel Rain K I i i HaHelmll omaill ell T.-. -ilb-n lirnriivriinn.i, fax, rilling silk, crewels, .-i.rd.s, .fapnu silk niadonna crotchet cortun, Barbour'-i linen thread. .laming tinsel r'ancy friend- ship hotips. faiK'v tasne! ri_-s beads, spool pap. r, conU and hoota. El'SiK. .V. T.. AUK. -JU.-There people ar, Hudson River therefore poMponwd. rrortinq; Iwaus of r.lus Fur-niM- Hoy' Fraau B.MIV .lines Time. -i" -i 5 i) ii i i 1 5 1 :J :l .1 :l 1 1 H t t n il 1 ii :i H r ,1 i i 'i 4 -i, H i; i; t .'i r i ii .I .ir. 'I t ,1 :l ,ir. i "i .1 r Ir. r ur siieciaiUest Fine Slurw. t'oi OirtumB. Frcu U v. .v 2u7 Centor street. h-ann- men uu i l" nieir oratinizarion 'va" mor'ii'i- Mr i L''' !tm' 'l; in some 'rom !115! foon of the r oeiua by v.-rv n.d tuv-ielf. wiured on he i-irorherhood of Loitomo- ioi ,'eti'-ra, m.iiNiifer. and eudeavoretl to Vv" stepped down Ml'u ;v ;.ie uiat-er arturrared or investigated. Jtr.' to up riie shovela '-''ki-u Wtis inteusijied. Then Mr. from hi.s seat, ami out -if rue rr J_j K. OEHM. E. at., our. ol Builalo r ami liuiler ta Fine Boota A Shoea 1'oucev n-.-is cinpharic in his refusal. Oii rhe of that d.-iy Mr. Webb ivaa'ed by rhe siuiie gentlemen and lie re- .terat-d what .Mr. Toucey had saiii in rhe morninii. it was to him that hsiutei-e.-ted parties- hear and determine. It was also suggested that durinir rhe the strike be declared off mil the invesriiiarion proceeded uropped by rhe tin-men. Are Ranm I commitre- -va.s re -i.i ij ,ie -Tl- An. o undenstanii thnc thin ia did nor appear rnceiv.. the sauct.iou of the i Oa crosi-e.-.-anilnnrion bv M- lew's you represeut; The Km-ht., of de. i :hur ne Im.i -.bnii'.ned'-he -in: to Kiiow where you stand ou tliis ijues- i of up cases out of 'heir on. jr ;.-oti an- aiuhorixed to vn'iix th your onii-r. iiu nii-nibera of the various brother- NE-A-S FROM ABROAD. Uiii-lit. Kii'tlisli 'lahle trehmd's r.ii.M.M-s-. Ann. -J-J. -The most li'iior and 'tapitai Is just, at ,-ini.seti! i liiit ihi Oeinu w.'med iier-.veen r.he -ihiti aud their For a lotiLi time tile ship owners comtiiained tin- his presence tiiar I mninr know rhe funrs Dunkirk Printiai; Cdinpany, and 1U E. Second SU JDB PRtNTLNti.iieverv descnptinnand M the case and be better able ar-ve at nua !l-v i decision. Mr. Devlin then asked 'if" ha j was to iindersrand thnt 11 r. VVebb ;uj. ____________ atimed that the public and the employes j H. VA.N ?ire 'T M" c'on- ll Accldemiaail lieneral Inauracja. Deal- n. upon tile matter ars in Ee-al tidtate anil Loans. i'arlicuiar i -imply a.s t.lioutrh tile railroad were his itwntion w she ciu-e ,tt property collect-! iwn private pi-finer'v If so rliei-e mtf Mts Jto. il'J Center st. ind floor. PS.VJUIACI, Centra! ivenne acidiniartera ror Will Pauar Paint oils, Jtc. ,JULKIN3, J. W.. L Ceuter atreet. Cuvers atiUensandSleitrh ltd b -s. D SCHOI.TJKS, 17 East Third anyrliuiir further. Mr. 'A ebi) hisitared and tiu-ii took refuge in silence. The public; may have formed erroneous impi-psBions of rhe position of the knights in tiie controversy. do not pretend to lictate to the company thai; it. shall not I lisch.-inre employes, but in all fairness the l man should be told why he is i discharged. During the session of the I leitislatnre the K. of L. of New York were active in the pimsatfe of rile w-eklv Tailor. Gentlemen will lluit it Pa7 hill. L'he committee of the kniiihts weir M) callon me before jinevvnere. Pa. CARV A co.. -Lion acraet. ieucrai liurlwata.White aupimes. u IX >r. T'nrl Buffalo St rBureseurini} tin; employes of t.iie York railroad met ar Albany In the aitortievsof the railroad brow heaien. quest I'.ued and tt-rrorixed. iiifm.-ei's of thul. cfunmittee-.vim v New eiirral were without :.aud iuy ,-ause. There IK not a doubt, in tin; tniud- -f tin; committee thi-so men were out for endeavoring 'c secure tht: i.-i.s-au" ,i rju. aoove meutioueii la-.v. 'in r.-tiit_-iily t.ha tiie strike, and aftei Marine, r-tggiuti and making ;n t nower to in- the f-..-m :iany 'o arbitrate or submit t_, ISI.EY Jk CO, -1-i. ami j Siiet Front street. Whisky. Wines, Bi-andim. Liquor auire lor tTauiilv ll ROBEBT M'KAS, Linn itreet, aear iac depot. to an by impartial men the I question at tile u'euerai i boaro nave -jy a uuiiuiinou.- vote deter- I mined stand by the men who. whether i their strike was opportune or no. hmi uo ailertnuive consistent with their mati- i hood. side. Feed and Livery Stable.! I have no doubt that it. i.s the deternina- )y 'a7 Weet the destroy rhe i organization of labor :iinnu the hue of the j Mevirs. Toucey and Webb stared. rate iaa iii-ai hatiltc, i tni1 f'-peared the that the men i, :.f s'TpniliV -iit-i.-iiuiy.' :ieve t.iem simpiv they say not seek 'he quar-pi. Tin; F c. JOXK.S. eral boiir-1 linew of it. ,f T3 E. Thmi ,-tt., '.utii .t was rhrtisr upon them and now fexcelaliu- MeiL Market. freah. Sail am, have to face it we ask of the en Lar-.i. ami rilB K. of r.. ro come tf) Qur with the means to win the A S' I :l" a'" need of moral support. We want money cnrrv ou the Hrruif-tle W? iasia.l mem tiers of or-anixed "labor to Buy Oic liailrtirtU Watch. a specialty. S3 E. Third at. Frant come ro our aid H- noc only a_sk labor information of i ue committee Puium had read order- issued bv him creuriiiLr the completeu tiles and noiii viiii: anems M apply for a settlement of couipieted ro place it. Shall it, be classed i ilr- reterrintr to i-ieii. imonif -lie of industrv or previous .Htatement that he had amoinj the allies of [f your uiem- r" L-'mou .jltm.iKiii 01 gt ,ctc in a uera coiitinne to do the work of Bremen I we .shall know char, it is with your con- and tin; future will be plain before us j We do nor. ask for your official sanction of the strike: we only ask for fair treat- mem at your hands. And chat we. have a riyiii to The man who takes the I piace of another in this contest is untrue co rhu of organized labor. The uer ami tln-y ro needles- Lemon uia ku-.-viedue had from rue worknie-r. shown any pi-elen-uce rJ.e mil Mi.-ir ail -irorr- irynsnm mine a for in- dorsinsr 'reti. Raum's note for ;u-ke'i noiv uiiii-li iiiestocK in 'he mine was worth. He should tell tiie ais. FOOD AND. MONEY NEEDED. Snflferinn Reporte.t, the wliich approves of inch con- I Vintiraa of tha Wilkes-Burrn Cyclone, ducr musr be reiranled in the iiuht. j WrLKES-BAp.RE. Pa., Ana. 'i2. ail and we want t.o know from your own i parrs of the city carpenters and briok- wimre tii iissiu'U the Brotherhood of Loco- i layers are encased in repairiuu the dam- uiorive Engineers in the roster of orirani- j aire done by the cyclone, aud hundreds Zillions. more aouid be employed. Food and money e liave .-wtteii of the other i art; sorely needed, though umst of the suf- tions of railroad employes to rakes sides' ferers are being relieved by rhe poor au- with us. They are responding aobiv and t.horities and the charitably disiiosed. tho future of labor swms ro indicate that Work will be duspei.iied for the ne> between is all there will be a fur uei.ter I sixty days at riie Hiliman mine. Th tilt than ever before. But' heild house of rhe breaker was completely iiearti either on the j ii'.viiy and part, of the mnciiinery n--iu-nieu. Which will i 'iamattHil. For a tinif t.he bundreil men who were in rhi; mme -.vheii t.he aform came were in a condition as the fan had slipped, but made for xt The M. K. of L. THE ODD FELLOWS' CONVENTION, j the shaft arid i A'eiy our. thfir o. Gi-e.-ton; friim the Grand LmlgK uf li-t H1P11 fonirhr iht- rlnilli'S Mild lillMlly put ii, VppeuLs jtliem out. i'he mid AM-.-. (Jdd Wllow, i tiieir yesterday morn-, f iiits-. I' was decided mat the amendments bi-cuy .v.-is. aLTaia rue cun.siiv.Kiuu -iiat were defeated at i "'''''M be I ''S far rf in-tmun. before at the! n-cnrred. next a.u: ooiivi-iitiou. A.n amendment j WHS unniiii luar ail peiirious for I new in flQli Brooklyn ue siiiin-1 by iiity members of r.he body. Tiie rinauoe commiiree reported IN HOUSE AMD SENATE. thy Dtt.riiM.lnii on tiie T.avrt Hill. T.iritf Delrue WAtiHINliT' A'lU ysterdny sen-ire chat, the expenses of rheensmnu j-eaVahuil be tixed at ;a ,-eut.s per iiead. A wiis frtim the er.ind lodire 'ii ireoruia. :u ar, .--avan- iiiih. wishing riie N'e-.v York a suc- cessful ami harmonious session, and srar- itm that distance wa., uo oar to the hearrv joi'd feeling iiiat rhe of the coluirs f -I..- i.orn "to rliun- ire if 'he Xorth. to I heui'iuir appeals lodaes '-------------------------_ "I bill. rhe uouse time of sessions of federal in VreHte.rn .Mis- Ml rile III''lit U of thli :.e n; of riie Illinois. Missouri an were r t M- .a'.v 'vas de- i- n. i I lard her. and .it o o'.-lock ii. s clock, riie session fi-.rther debate on the course ol action were .ItiHenreO r'U' QleU ilil.M by tin, sllc- imoiieii with the idea thai ters of the titiiation and can enforce" at I'liii; of the latest tihiuses cess or" rile docker .if th ia ;t pi-oject put. forth by tiie DoeKetV tinioii have vessel owners deal directly with them instead of through 1 in: Miiii.ii wonid in that caise receive in a lump riit. sum of t.he men's and tiie usual iirorir in addition, which would be equivalent, to a decided increase in the 'rompensiition the workers. The si'heme is for varuniH reasons ooje.u.ionabie to all purties except r.he -.vorkmeu. and it, has alight, chances of maturing. The hip owners, moved to coii.-err.ed action by this and many other obnoxious demands of rhe workmen's unions, have now formed a sri-ouii union or combination amoucc themselves, for the purpose of resisting uuwarr.'iiiteii demands on the. part, of the men. and t-euainintf their former on manajinit -.heir own nusiuess as they -ee lit. I'iieii- determined attitude has in- the frtcrion ami :he trouble may reach a critical -.rain- at, any moment. The imp owners forming hHtiiiina have.-i joint capital of Reports received from twenty-rive airri- cuitiirnl cenrrra of county fre- land. iudicatt; tin; urravest out.iook for rhe inhaiiitants dnrini{ the cummii wmier. ovviuy ro potato litiiiiit. '.vuiiiii will al- FaiT.-ii. Kitnr mul IL II. R. ii u n t n -l -'I n i 11 ,'liiiiMin auil Decker. :ird and a. IT. K. ti. u. v.. >t u i :i u -1 i !i! 4 nrepai-itm to do all in their ed destirutiou. sg be reijuireil imt our.-iiie aid will dmibrl in addition. PENNSYLVANIA PROHIBITIONISTS. Charlen Miller of Franklin Nomiiiatetl for Governor. Aug. The stare Pro- -lilt.- League. 'I. i; 5. ill: > Park. '.UM'Tii Auif. -Ve'-terday's nuie: tirsr. ('hemi.He second. Kid ii-iptier :Mrd: Second race.. >4 Bertha Campbell lirst. Emma T. --ecoud. Adventurer third: time. 1 Third race. Deiawan; tlaniieap. miles: !ir-t. -eroiio. Ln- viuiii r ,iird; t ioi-- Fourth race. m.le: Ivildeer Hoodlum second. Kiiiu'nmn third: time. Fifth race. 7 ir. '-'oke and Mr. T. U were adopted. Tiie ii.n then I procee.leu vo rhe -.voi-k of nominating a I Rm-uiis at candidiii e for irovertior. j r, ji; A-iu. --c irsr. racn yesrer- The mimes of haries Miller of Frauk- Urixxi.; iin. Veuauvco county: Hon. Amos Brtf_''_'H 'im.-. of Philadelphia. ex-Chairman .--tevens, John D. .iiil of Rev. Wallow of aud .nulsm iolii y JlOiSHoK's. Poarmacy, Unokirk, X. T. Piukerton. a man who holds no commia- i -you the state or nation to recrui men for military ducy. Had tha 1 w-irks iu- Five NEW YOHK. i_ At Whitest-one, L. L, yesterdny. tm-.-e vonnz men and three tiirls beionuinu io an exciireion p.-i.-tv from .VeA- -i on; out. into the crompton loom HI. the un- Tho I' V hu A special TO The Q u'lt-y :-ays: Super Ive tif the drmvne'i in of their fel- Tit on the Chum pi oil. Y.. S. Joim L siiiiiv.'ui arrived bcrft at co visit :liH .-rate camp. Ou Uie announce- ment of his ;irriva3 iouuiLrymen left, work, hackmea ried ap their teams and women and children, flooked to tha depot: LO get ;i jjiimpse of tiie champion. The only Suilivaa umpired a liame baseball at IOUH Island yesterday afternoon and -V. V.. .Vug. races y on Kninw "iirv 4 J STS The Only Pure Baking (From HalF s Journal of Health) i :-m i J. JT i x ind r H. 'Ti'iS Go to Monroe's for Curtains and Fixtures lEWSPAPERr lEWSPAPERl

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