Wednesday, August 20, 1890

Dunkirk Evening Observer

Location: Dunkirk, New York

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Text Content of Page 1 of Dunkirk Evening Observer on Wednesday, August 20, 1890

Dunkirk Evening Observer (Newspaper) - August 20, 1890, Dunkirk, New York VOL. XXI HEPRESENTATIVE DUNKIRK X. Y.. WEDNESDAY. AUGUST 20. B STEAMED TO DEATH. TERRIFIC CYfLoNK. _________ j t thought I would anffocase. The death i c OSnOSSS HOUSES HORRIFYING DETAILS OF A WRECK i fr. NO. entered [tie car ON THE OLD COLONY ROAD, BY A FEAR- FUL WIND ST IRE IN WILSON. r in tht OF DUNKIRK. I blanks it tt__ateat Department hi MACHINE tor r'.dmir 4 LKXANDKR'S Coal anil Wood Tarrt, A Central Avenue, opposite Nickel depot. VJl of Hard and Soft Coal, V'todl Lumber, rihinelea ami Lath. Free Cnrrespnn-lenoe for wr.oieaftle lou lolicitetL and ran-- .mi he R. GILFORD, -223 and 23 Central Are. .manners m- I -'omul Artistic. Photographer Instantaneous iirfH. -fline ;ataliy. The train, which i Vineyard express, due m i mlms every en-vim-and almost ________ j :hohe wuom it did uot ijura KJ death. It ________ i ;tH tjie dealAs that arcurred to-dav. women were (fanping about ma ax I ri and of tried t., -tlinelc and shunt, a ui they be- Tr-iin, i and weaker an the -steam nlieil tne.r 1 could them push i weM (minis or feel through i tie torn win- Thirty Men Reported' dmvs trying iu vain to act a hraath of tl> Hi'v" KHIcd by Awfnl I .-tir. i and rhe .-a. nearly an or ruem were o-cmcK ai-emmm It r and twentv pii.-sen----- IL Little 'X. -A: Imprisoned PiuMnKani Lit-mill.v Bollml Aiiv.. hr stenm from the Uf th- AppHiilnu .tool- Evi-r Rxrurrlcil -.-ciir. of the Wililt-.l stury of an Kn. WIUIKWI of thH Dinner. i.iy tip- the from their .uhirnlvm. r auil Loco- i store ore-upied by .V .S< I In aboui IL'- 'JO. rtrrihlB accident e oel.iw. ii.i.i K. a pnrin IIIJ on an hour berr- -vu i .elliioii- lil-.-'.v TIII urn- rhe -MI ant K. V seven, the cyclones eve forty or flfty passengers in this viriiiiry cnme upon anr! nearly all of them were o'clock vest, more or less. don consider' from up 'he rH-er badly, alrhn.i-1, I can rue' i BOOK lavtso. 1'r..- prietnr, Hi second street, near Buf- talo street. Ounkirk, X. Y. Mnxazinea. Mu- Pampnleui, ulc., buiiml .u ;til Orlcn- promptly attended to. Ail work ijuaranteed. ptJBCHEIfS CRUCKKBV SOUSE, O JCM Central Avenue. Wboleaale and retail -lealftr in [ajporwi China, tiiasawaro, AI-, .it i U p. ni., and Darinr '.vhen within other -.ide of the OYSTERMEN They rtitii tlia Iron! Their Nii'.v Ann. Juduc iien HIM; in- duck dep-irrmi-nl. fro MII injnnc- reniov ,iyster lt. I'ii VJ -if ;he i.'xjm rhe bosrti .-v rret. i 'lie --upfr'.ni' court lost loctii riiul t he barges a uiMiiin- ,iti order Eor a matt- irmia iiotrk company to re- .OVH Mlnni. The have c HO1CE GOODS.- Full tin.-st an.l must i-r-It-brared V.-u-ns, Z.-j.hyrs P. P. C. P. Fr.-n.rh C Hales. per -lay. itoHnlinu staiile .u Vinior ira aiut i3T Lion 1ITY B YKUKK. SfctOP Natjie. '.Tniier Lake- Shure Xitiuobi Uauk, our-i Center un-.t Thin.i streets, A tine stork Kanuifn imt igars. rne-nleiv .111 iinniln; .lozeii nl.-ii-e r huiidinii. X. M-.rkie .-i nic rnom. -.V.- KI'-. ,'iaVR '.UMuutod the ui uiuutlon ,-iiid there we Corsets. L rf Hosi. Ri CenU-r -treet, r norsea. j emuioyineat. _ .-is >irv as :t rhii i As it is. it is the most extensive, -.voinaii. Th" M IaU hollse i E Thinl atreeu fine Furniture, Cabinev f, Ptcrurt? Frames oiinie co .11 Tf i CO.. Central Are.. i.'iinson of Montris-Her. Vr. ..oiin of ionth Boston, rireman of :he -ram. Four women, two men and TWO children Total 12. U p- ii 1A >.len i -T-.-n iiand.s was exemplified ;n.-t uiuin a 'ram i.-ominit dijwu from W.-st .1. the of men ami ran it was a frniLriit of -T -HC uf aud the i ''ars. ;t. came the 3i ftiuit; nf D-spennlcies. _. :ii- It i.H -latt-d rtial lie 'VM-. ir A: :anric excursion -Jie BHI 'iinrr-- -iilii -hio faaroart. 'tear -.lis- mtjtit. '.niK ve.-ul' of -lie ;lui-q HIP -or m t.iut .liT's-oa of rrB ,i o..1i, "Tons .la'.'" open r-.-n- and Mill men teietrraph w-rp.s are duw-i :u ail din-trTions. I tne .'nunirer The names of rhe killed -o tar -u" known but rhe me" -v, are: j oer -SKU Miev 'be ir-ixeiis' Xatiunai Fnt7" T.he spool mill in front "ner whole ;uim, in LuniUn. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT Mim.-lum Hair iee" ''-'lie aMr '-.''u liaiiy laiidi-iiir, ive. I'-i-e.'xii-orut a liou'e. 'lluy aalislai-tiou .cLiaranieed, or W._.v. MI--.-.-IC.IW. Ill II AKT K un., 7tl, are. I'ati-iuc. .'avi-au. anil I-MWS' M'cun'il XUvYkrr K-'Um ii. All 1'aleni ' .-ondiic tur mink--ate Auvii e. .mil apeciai un ix'-ini-i.' Ti.- M.-iin ButFaio, Y N.UM! i rred ilMIII -V MONTU t u i .urniih i '.Jliy oyr A -i.-w ....ic-., H. F. JOHNSON ,v ii.. iticlimtinri, V.u :n IUt- '.t-.r fur fiiii tht- fnrh. !0r: np. lev-iamt. over -nor rJXpi-'-t-'i :n live till Dorr-ht-.-rvr. formerly Hcaided tii'i .-.-inie up on uorse -jar 'Juincy BKNHY WEILER'S NKW ?iTORE. E. us.. I VJPUTsiaint :he iujuretl were uikt-u Thin at- Sm'kd. Miiaica.i la- -o -i representative who on the -tore litioks .1 The enirine -limped the track >H -iiie. plliUL'in'4 into -twp PKLSTtSli ovory lescnpucuiand .tt iJi: the.Adams estate. The lifleen 01- r-.venty. were i-ry in rlieir or) her -cnided handK ro rue -he siie waa to die and I-..KII me I thouifht she would live. The :.-ict-> handn of the victims were a.-, a.- ivii lobsters. As near as I were seriously-, hut aot juiiiii Liud ,iut four were killed and rifteen .r fv-niv nien. wonipn and children were .Mar: ha 'V. E. Santa Rosa, laiiiy .-tided .Mr. Miner (.'al.. aud iet't arm -lisihtiy burned. Her T. M. Dimtni'-k oi Los Aaiteles. dphris hnrri'oiv !iianL.'ii-i. Er: Martin, a baker, -vueMtli a 'aliini; -itack. His r-.v.-, w.-re also killed. Hendenmever. snic-inim far SM tew HI u u 111- j nor aw them on. j :s ninawav tram was -tfnuini- I Martlee A: Co.. by a '-niiliiintt. P-rf fnllinu in ii Fred Jacoh-' i iie ,-iitrineei-of r-ie rioaway train :iis -uyrnie. but this did ;i., mi -.vere siipnery. A.- 'he -owarMs the ouu-r ixirh rir-nu-n and jumped. he from of ue killwl "f the rttnnway ?rriiii was a. Pinkert.m man. re.-niinii n i He was afraid to jump 'ami -.vis the when t'hev -ir-ic-'k rusin-d .-inn ana nip icame i. His wife, a -ister oi Mrs. Chuse. had her fju-b and hands .sc.iid-d. "urTereil a -jonipouud fracture of of rhe left TOB it ovory Hiinnlton. an employe ni I'miuiiL' Company, -.tmi iu E. 51. Mrs. P. Vi'eich of Cleveland. to the enuint pluiiu'ed after staided on "he head, arms auu aeck; con- brewery. t. 1 hi- a a Pullman, dition cntlcai. Mamie Thump-on, aired Joseph Kern. ,4 i :1 -i.uid- A i'.-''.-ipr. from his wauou and j -i'- was and wrtu v.-uir man. i.vim- awny !yine oq the Leiiiirh Viiley i wiior.- :t wns i.- oy ;l with his bead j iad .'oniML-sioiis in Adam tiie rlrm oi Jones A: i ..u -ai'.-. t; Frantz. was struck, bv rlyhii; tiiu'Drra and The. i -otit: -t f has since j were badly smashed ana :he w'rel-k A wit ii ,i ;l '.vi- -ty'cs ,n dress gmtiis in drip T. A. Addiiou. Chelsea, face anil :ni; went the eniiine. Center street, iiamifacuirer :tmt -taalerin iSriitles. v-ulliirs. rrnnke, Whips, Buffalo Iloives, 'TJovea Mi ttena ami Sleigh Hob.ra. PSCHOLTES. 17 Kaat Third street. F.tdhionaiiif Tailor. Gentlemen qrill dnit .t to u> --Jtil nn me balorc purr.muuiu? PB. C.UIY CO.. Lion street. ware, WTiite auvnites, Oil C'oihs. Ware. A ;y i if t. liams Pa: at and ilonroe ranire. 'ilank-hoota, and ks doneat e. hands enousiy nurt. Albert -fmitii. paiwr hanirev. liead in- R- UX il Pnuuns; i'..-c.. in the '.Il'-ir'-'i. in to save j bad.y rnit-ne as life. he i '-ir-. ;er car au.i an: Eairiueer injui'i-i is .Miuioe. 'out i ROBERT M'K-VT. Lioa -rreet, near die ilnaniinc, iaie. Feed antl Livery jtaule. Stauhnt uy tiie lay or week on reasonable iiuiiick. wn not utitil lie ,iati i ro avoui i he from Mill'ill '.vrist broken and Lawrence, slightly iiatn. I-awrence. body of Lawrence, slightly ve of lee ;he tte A ii The loss is ore. THE K. OF L. ONFERENCE. to the nossibie l buried. 13. ill J. (JU-TOKD, 301 Central Avo. O i tiaiinince ami Real tistau- r IP., Accident, ami Live otoui L alien ti on io buyinp ACii iicil iieLate. 'tIE -vrei-k. -.iiiun-d aijout the i :iead and baiiiy hand brii--r'i. Su'adman anii one of 'he brake-men sus- i .'iLTime taiueti severe bruises aijout :he face and ui. injured. aands. j f.-.-a or scalded iiaiU-y. '.trouri'-tvirof T'ie Herald. ' '.m name of one of ,ie was in tin- and ,.mly re- the .Ir-tii W. H. Grny. and .-eived a siiitht slmkini: -ip. The only -h-tt t-.. Mrs. E. P. Johnson fo- t lie accl ent i-Tilat there all.i a-r -M 1 oi s a very bad ..-urv-; :u-ar :he Pre-identiai ;ioi-v-'i nit- -e of .r: iuf.'lhi- scene or the accident, an.i to of Hai: Gum., is ;H Vo in Ht fpntral -itrike. Xfiw Ys'TiK. President Webb of "he Xe-.v V .--'.i and Chief of Canandaijrtia, N. T., Sargent of die hml for oi fivmi rhe ciirrei-M T bill :hen r.i In -euate Mr. (jitay'i resolution Co j ;hk rules HUH rix 'i prnijrain for 'he -T-ssion wenr by -iiui] ;i The parted bill Lrrantinti riulir of way "hroiiL'h iands in r'UiU. aad 'hi'L 'in; iiegoiiations for 'hn rinr- '.v-.-u-m par: of riie Crow re.s- -i" .'.iiuu ;a Munutua. i :it-- r.iritf ;nU was raken rip .tnd Mr. Plunil) dis ru uie THE MARKETS. Nevr York Mnnvv Market. -..v V.IHK. -JJ. Miiriev al .-in. y.-.-rm-iliiy: i :ui.i :t.i aid. he mad e wnh r lit? -md Mis? ROM Tucker of It HJM-I re- rs. A. C. -.he 1 is .ucribuit-d :he i c E. Thirrt 51., cor. Det-r. iaiur Me-Hi Market. Fresh, aa '.i Meats. Lani, sausaees, Oyjic ATCUES. JEWKLJIY. MX Buy ;ht ALLrora Walcn. a Juecialcy. Frank Stanf. Si R. si. Killed by a C.ive-In. ra rhe fourth car William Fc-aneUy, a i X. J.. A.i-. -i'.-FriizSir.v anil house builder at IT Harvard mnua. a -i >yed ;n the brick was a pasaenirer. It was there that Murr'.il. i x- i.Vi.. at Ken- iii- portion of casualties occurred. sorn, was s-.lii-d uy a cave-in ai-irly if not ail of those who lost Monday lie workiasj most of the taikiuir. iie riremen upon rneir tid.-iiry. -.tit Mr. The conference of trie ix. of L. inu Clii.-r .--ardent- at "lie St. iiut-4 Cenirai -ieiio; ini: will iie sea wen? the co DerUnes the Nomination. A us. Bnniford. PH.. to 'L'iie Times -fiy- ---iiaior Emery adtu-psse'i a better rn the innu.if'he of -Lhp aomin.ition. Em- in ni> if a for a: -in- frntn ai.v -ilirce. Ii0'.vev.-r would tile for.-e o! niv-jr.ir1 MOCKKK. returned to work at Hiif..-uo. Though, a-sstatfi. j nieir Mvcs were caituht by beam' and i aeath iin embankment tnat had Ijeen un- reache-i ar yesternny', the -cahif-i r., leath. He savs our car swerit dermmed to a depth aad remarKs and nenu-Hiuir oi tae like liehtniiia riL'ht on to the broken repeatwily warne.1 TO tiie spot. He OTate tuat the mootc.i gen- _..., nj eliyine anil forced on roil of -t with a diti tiie waltilliy and the bank on tile Hues .IT i terri'nie shock We seemed riyht feii- buryim: him 'ruder more thau a luu -avoreti, aud is liseiy to be ordered. _________ m r.-uioi. i up from ;he eartii tifty feet iu the air. of It two to dig i When the ear dKscemied on the. eiicini'ir. I him our. Evi-ry bone iu nia Rival Fatal of it turn away aud thus au opi-.or- T above .-esarn torany unity was veil us to tfet out. That was "iV'114' i on the engine it i l i nad over ami wounde-.i pa-seagers bi ,kpu aud the corpse was reduced to WARSAW, Ind.. Arts, Taylor ,vei-e tiirow'i ruthlessly about. the puip. of thiscity and Barberof L on its side soiidlv. tiie i f young colored men woo were riv.-u uiu.v.iii M-it.noTOi .-.f Plii-lk.ri n L u [or t_he hunu ot a yount: eolotr-.i quarrelleti about her. Tayior fataiiv Barber. The diiht took phicf: at caiuibTcare i of forty or lifty other passenuers. wtten tae directions are strictly complied with. I Thiny set-units after the car struck 1 give Sngar UoatEQ. 1 are vepuriesi iruni other Qiaces. cunuumng JO Pills. .Scents. Beware ol eonn- i rleits, and inutauuna. The genuine manu i irtcurea only i.v JC1IS C. WHS! A CO. sola j by MosHUE'S t'aarmacy, Dunkirk. S. Y. learns tiiat the "ittiiitiun iu is mre Uei'luraule. A tlle park at a .--unilav uitut it Chnsriaas has oc- V 1'i-ii.uiifr's Ti-.'in Sh K. L. A.ii. for oi from ;he Prov- irienoe N'a'Hinai on ac- count of good behavior, tn have Uie timt' of his imprisonment shortened by 3u5 ,i at Mu-hanu. and similar out-' ta'iSL da's- DnmDCe 5Pt free 35- m JaU- Ha was July -4, 1885. Wt'W V.irk I'l-.ntiu't Kxchjintje. N'KIT A i FI.OfR -ir-.ui; yf-teniay. mm-i' -1.1. S2.. :itn-ni_-.i '4 U' o ftbnvi- make. You will like tllt-ni carina .ustnuc. Our _ GENTS' Calf ;luu :wil, Shoe in Button and in medium or narrow toe, in the best for the money that hari ever been of- tVred to any trade. Come and examine them for vourself and be convinced. W-inca heavy aij wnoi wr cents. U c SULLIVAN SON, 218 Centre Street. linn all wool Wr heavy Carlier Henri- etta, i.ic. to id-inch imperial serfu. uurn -ivy "w jiirijiuii-ri only Write in u., unythim.- ;n ,iry i-oiidn .jtir DID YOU EVEH 4MEIIICA.V HI. OCR. t BUFFALO. N. C.C, PEN FOLD Msmiifiirtiirer ind L-n poi tor, MAl.N IirKF.U.0, .1. T. ILookontheLaMi! of your farorite baking powder to see if in.-'. all the ingredients are published j f a substance injurious to j health, is an adulterant of some high- J priced baking powders advertised ind generally believed to be afasolnteiy J j I pure." Cheap, prize, and gift powders i contain aiom, terraalba, ic., as well as Hutraio Marker. j Honsekeepers who desire pure and I A .r.-s A as.-KI. j! wholesome food should refuse to buy j i J. "L i _ .-t.-nj.iv; ANY baking powder, no matter what J ,r.--i ''-i i', its reputation, unless ail the ingredients i ;m--- -i -.-tV; No. are frankly made known. '''u., "3 "I-' For many yeais thc I iniie.-. used in Cleveland's Superior Baking f'. i besa published on every i the analysis as stated is veri- Sed by O65cial Reports, the highest; -Jo j testimony in the land. J CLEVEUND BAKING POWDER CO.. J 81 483 FULTON STREET, NEW yORK. j Go to Monroe's for Curtains and Fixtures lEWSFAPESr

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