Saturday, July 5, 1890

Dunkirk Evening Observer

Location: Dunkirk, New York

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Text Content of Page 1 of Dunkirk Evening Observer on Saturday, July 5, 1890

Dunkirk Evening Observer (Newspaper) - July 5, 1890, Dunkirk, New York VOL. XX DUNKIRK V. Y USATRDVY JULY 1800. B REPRESENTATIVE USINESS HOUSES OF DUNKIRK. NKW KitLisG MACHINE: for niiiw l nil kui'lpof i- tlu- Idlest U" Mci-liamral Dunkirk! rrintmjricom puny. and Holt Coal I Lath. Fra wholesale 1 A Central Avt-nue. Depot Ail imtilet ul CorrcspoiKlencc toliclted. BK. oirVOKU. ZZI ami MB Central Ave Artistic I'tartogrnptier. JmttantancOTt liar "uimhme except 101 HOOK IKVINU, I'r.) pnclor, No. i.. Second I, nuir lalt> i.lrect. Dunkirk. N. V. Mil .c. r.imphl. ts. ct.-.. IJ.MII..I .11 ul! dr.lrri alti nrtcil to. All work giiarmiteeil. UKCHKK'S OKUUKKKV HOUSE, .ii 30H Central Avenue. anil retail .lealer in Imported and lomertlir. China. Glass warn, UHAIJTAUUIIA MUTKL, Itatca. per (lay. Ufery lioaidini; Stiiblo in connection Victor Kuler, SKI and 337 Lion street. I lITY ItAKIIKR SHOP C'huM. Najtle. 1'rop., under I.ftke Shore Nrttiouiil Uunk, cornui Center and Third directs. A One xtook o foreign mid Domestic igurrt. IONKLIN4SON, f center street, rrncticiil lior8e-aliocrH. Particular attention ('to interfering Shoeing of roiu .1 trottiujr horbua u uituc.ntlty. I Vll.NKIKK KVEHINU OltSKItVKK. Larcetit in the County. An unc'tualleil a-lvcrtioiiiK medium. I1NKIKK COMPANY. M l oi Knginct., Iti actings, anil il aeliiDe Work to onler. J kUNKIICK SHIKT CO., anil LJ Center nlrcet, Manufarturerb of tin 'Cromwell" anil "Dunkirk" perfect litlnij. bhirlH. On wilo in all lending funiidliniK, ami dry goods houoes tu Dunkirk. Df. TOOMKY, 434 anil Ci'; Lion street. Dealer in Flour, Feed. -alt, Italed I'hotv- Established, I..1UK HOTEL, and Dmln: Ej Oejiot. Kasy ACCCHB to al menu IIOUHUB. Heat accommodations lor jnoreial Travelers. John J. Mlirphy, Prop. ig Saloon, Union ,11 trains anil HL.KK8 Jl CO., t 'Jl and 99 E. Tnird street. Furniture, Cabinet Ware and Up- ng. i'jcturc Kramus minte to onlur. THE SPOUTING ANNUAL CUP AND PEOPLE'S RE- GATTA ON THE SCHUYLKILL. Eleve second, third: time. Sixth race, the short steeplechase course: Pat Oakley first, Klllarney second, Tarquin third; time, 8.30. THOUSANDS LINK THK HIIOBKS. j Trotting at Tonawwida. I TOKAWAKBA, N. Y., July 5.-Vesterday was the last day of the Lake. Eric circuit races and a good crowd was D attendance, i Summaries, Local class, 'or a purse o .11 Molly 4 Annie M..... 33 Time-KiTH. S: SOTfcj. One-mile ru ri nnd repeat, purse Mian Cloy.................... 1 Indian IJoy..., .11 the Well and the Kfi'iinl for Four-Oared Olgn Itroken. Illlly Die, from Injuries Re- ceived In Recent Viglit With Frank at Monmonth, HIM! lirigltton Beach. PliiUDKU'lllA. JtilyS.-EverythingwM .vorablr fur good boat racing yesterday, with the exception of an occasional rain shower, which however, did not mar the urn of the day nor cause the water of tlie Schuylkill river to lone any of Ha smoothness. Thousands of people lined the shore to witness the annual cup and regatta, which is held every TIII-; (ii.oiiious IMMENSE GATHERING OF TAMMANY SACHEMS IN NEW YORK. AN ENTHUSIASTIC Peoples' 2.'J7 pacing (lass, purse toOO. Frul........................ iur, 11.......................... i o lioyer....................... Time- 2.18 trotting class, J. Riclmrilnon..................l ...4 ...I ..3 fourth of July in thin city under .uspicesoftheScbiiylkUln.ny, over the i National course, from Tails lii-idge to Kockland. The different races were well contested, ind one record was broken. Compara- :ively few collisions occurred, only one In fact, and tlio course, notwithstanding :natiy craft of every description lined tbo ClnHc of Aiinimi'ii Troltlnj JIcr'Mng, ACHL-BN, N. V., July was tlio liist day of tlic July ineetiiuj of the Central Now i'ork Troltinx aswicnii inn in tliincifcy. The weather wua Hue uud the in ....._.... with second in and Parke third II The second race was I he .junior singles, with (iooi-xe Van Vloit, Vcxper 15. C., I'l.iliidcljilna; John Scliile, 1'iiiou B. C., v..... rk; P. J. Wall, A. C. B. N., Phila- trotters: Jiucc- __. lihfilus first, Rosa Oothard second, Alkali third; liest tune, Hilly Jlremmn, tlie Puglllnt, -ml. CllirAi.o, July liivunnn, the puirilisl, who was so seriously injured U-l MATTESON A CO., Jlil Central Ave., Loaders of F.ialuon nnd Gcatlemon OiitlUtent. I I AKF.LI, .STKAM HKATI.NG annfiiciurerft of Steam Healing S-jnitary Plumbing n Specialty. 1 I OttK STEAM spcr.ialtiuB: Tine Shirts, lOc; Collaru, Cuffs, 4c, and Ctirtuina. Free Doliv ry. A W. Ouuiinniipt, W7 Center street, K. K. Tlitrd cur. of BulTnlo tfunut.trttirer ami ileulor in Fine lic.utflA iHi H KNKV WKILEU'.S NEW STOIEK, K. Third st. liookfi.Mulionen, Muairitl In- Fauors, Una cUnh book ind t uoro lltxiks a 1'KINTINC. of tv.'Ht Itvtnj; hy luinkirk rrniting Company, Ui K. Sfcond St. Life, irncM. iH'al- Loana. 1'ar.icttlnr JH. VAN IttlKKN SON, FT.' Accident ami (ititerrtl 111 Uejil KbUUs untt I__________...... Attention ID llic c-irc ol properly IIIK r'-'iU ,to. 2111 Center at.. 'Jiul If ONItOK'S rilAHM.VCY, Central Avenue 4fa-1qiiarttr8 for Wall Paper Pa.nt UiJe, Ac. ,1. W., J09 Center street. Manufacturer anil in Kui ness, Stul Iloa lirMlea, Uaffalo 1> 8CHOL.TKS, I. 17 Ktist Third street, Fatnlonnhlv Tuilnr. Uentlcrat'ii will llnd it to tht-ir to will on me before purchasing elsewhere. l> 1 B. CAKT CO., ijcs, Oil Cloths, Waic. A Sh-rwir.Wilhams Pa Monroe rangf. Cor. Thirtl aixl i'.uffaio Sw., k-i in Mftrblc. ;.Kg-ing ami niT Stone. Call ua inu buvui.: A CO.. IV 7 untl 9 Kaat Front >tieoL Whiaty, Wines, Rramhoa. I.utuor Store for CBO. ROBERT M'KAY, Lion street, neur Che Boarding, Sulc. Feed and I.ivury by the or week on rotifcoLablt u-ruio. 301 Central Ave. (Ul O (tlairhj. (.ifncrnl Insuranco and Ueal Kirc, Life, A evident, hue attention trivan to buymi Kftate. 'I' C. JUNKS, I 75 K. Tli ml st., ror. hM-tloivi Meat Uaikct. Fresh, Salt am Mcattt, Lard, W lite Aurora Uailroatl Watch. KeiiiiirniK n (jpec-ialti-. Frank f. 83 K. 'i'hinl dt. 11. MOCKKIi, Murclinnl Tnilor, Central Avenue REWARD! WK will pay the above re if anl for any case o LiverComplnmt, Sick Ileatlache Mmslipntion or Ciwtivonoss vauDutcnrv with West's Vegetable Liver Pills, whon tbe directions arc strictly compiled with. The> are purely Vegetable, anil never lall to iritesausfacin.n tlugar Coated. boxes, cento. Beware at coun- tcrleits and iiniiauoni. The genuine mann- lacureil only by JOHN C. WKST A CO. Sold by UOHKOK'S tnAanAoT. oT k. Y. time, and Wall's time, lOrtlU. Four-oared ifilft were next. They wore ic Ti-ilou Newark, Vesjter of Philadel- iiia. Havenswood of Ixjiig Islnnd City ml I'liion of New York. This was a ilemliil nice, and alter 11 struggle was the Havonswooil leant in it li Trmm second in and Vosiier lird in The lime made by each the Raveiiswood ml Triton the record, held Tiy the >na li. T. of this city, who did it in Tlie four-oared shells was won <y the Nonpareil C. (if New York N. Y. C. secom! in minutes. Tim other mt. slants were Akyon li. C. of Elua- U-ili, X, .1. and the College li. C. of Philadelphia. The double scull Cliell was won by the New Yolks in minutes, with Triton seioml in nnd Die Crescents third in The Karraguts of Chicago also started. Out -of the live entries in the four-oared shells but lw-o wvre in line when the word "co" WIUH Kiven. They weir the Triton mid Nonpareil tennis. Tlie Nonpareils looked n winner, but at the half-mile flag fouled with n row boat, dolim no damage- Iml lnvinn strokes, which tlie Triton leant the lead and the race. Time Nonpareil's lime The junior cinlit-oareil shells wore next, and they made a magnificent appearance as thej tunned into line and got on" at tliu word The starters were Triton B. U., Visper H. C'. Kairmount B. C., AinericJi If. t'. of I'lnladilpliin and Staten Island C. (.f Xew York. The kept, well apart and pretty even until near Hie end, when the Fair- imnini team loi-Kcd ahead and came in lirst m with the Staten Islands second in and Vesper third in The senior eight-oared shells was the last race, and their appearance was iden- tically l hut of the juniors. The were: B. C'. of Newark, Columbia A. A of Washington, Xew York A. C. oi Xew York, Kairnionnt B. U. of Philadel- phia, and College H. C. of Philadelphi Tills race was the host of all, and was won by the College crew in with the Fair- mounts second in and the New Yorks third in 8.W. ________ at Momnonth Park. NKW July races at Mon- mnutli park yesterday resulted as follows: l-'irst race, 11 furlongs: Volunteer first, Violaiite second, Punster, Jr., third- time Second race, 1 mile: Reporter first, Slug- gard second (two time, Third race, (i furlongs, the Independence stakes: Oraguese Hrst, Keckou second, I'ickiiicker third; time, Fourth nice. Knurl h of July handicap, 1 mile: Defaulter first, Fitzjames second, F.iirns third: time, Fifth race, tlie Ocean stakes, miles: Tenny walked over. Sixth race, IX miles: Kric first, Tristan second. Philosophy third; time, Seventh race, X mile: Duruside first, seiond, Flitter third; time, K.jhth, 1 mile: Now-or-Nevcr first, second, Sentiiiient third; time 1..VI. and was (o left Thursday night for HnfTalo to ready for a llnisli fljrht with .Jack llanley. THE BASEBALL FIELD. of tlie Oamo Furnlthod a Double Trent VcKl.-rday. NKW July is a sum- mary of the. moriiinir (iames played yester- day by the Brotherhood, National league and American assoeiati m: Al Host on -noslonli. Riifraloll; five Innlntts called necount of the had coniiiticm ol the Kl-ounds. Al J'lltsbnrB-PlttsbiirK t, Kronkhn Alt PhlladcliihlaT. At Yoi k I. Al -PltuhiirK III. Iliooklvn 11 At At Cli" el.uirt (Me; eliirnl I Vork 7 At Cliie.i Chu-afi, I, At I'hlln Mpl.i., Vlldelies I. -olii'lilillH 1. Al Kochc-tcr 1. LoulsMlleS. Al M.LouiK Louis At Toledo :i. Syrneuse 4.' Afternoon I'liia 1.1. !i :i. L'; Sanders 1 0 2- 4 (100-2 and by tlie Tammany Oleo Club and Speerlitift Several ProniliM-nt Men. Letters of Kegrct Read from Kx-Pml- (leiit Governor llill. How tliA Day Wan Olehratcd Aci-KJfiit Ht Auburn. NKW YORK, July Soiiely of Tammany celebrated tlie 114th anuivers- ary of AmericRH independence in tlieir hull on Fourteenth street yesterday. rl'be hnll WH.S jirnfiisely decoi-iiteil with tlie national colors arid the banner of Tam- many hung hijth above the fliinki'd by the coat of arms of t tie state and city of New Yoik. Tbe building was crowded with an enthusiastic assemblage who i-ouudly applauded the patriotic music of Baynes Sixty ninth band. AmnnK the prominent members of the s-ociety present were Mayor liram, Kich- nrtl Crokpr, lieoorder Smvth, Joim Newman, Abrain li. Tuppao and others. AmoiiK the Kiiests were: Gov. Bings of Delaware, Congressmen Springer of Illinois, Cardth and W. C. lireekedridye of Kenrtieky, W. 8. Holman of Indiana, McAdoo of New Jersey, Wilkenson of Ijonisiaila, McMillan of Tennessee, Allen of Mississippi, Spinoln, McCartiiv, Cum us, Dnnphy, Turner and >'iteb of New Vork, Mnyor Cleveland of Jersey Jity, und nianv more. (Irand Sachem made a brief nd- It-ess of welcome and the Tammany Glee club "Hall to Our Heautiliil Ijllid." The Declaration of Independence wns I-ad Ijyli. orKU -MeClellan, son of tlie ft general, who was received vvitii hearty applause The ot" tbe lalks" was given by the Hon. li. Ilyniim of Indiana, HttHckeil Speaker Heed, say- ing thtit lot- montiij Ihe people had wit- nessed the officer of the house of repn-sciiralives upon tbe rights of the iicopii-, overri.liiix the principles of the cousin i.tion to rob constituencies of their right of representation, etc. Hon. Charles Crisp of Georgia and others followed. Letters of regret were received and read by Secretary McGolderk-k. Among rhem were letters from Governor Pennoyer of Oregon. Gtncruor Fleming of West Vir- ginia, Senators Cockrlll, Blackburn, Tin-pie, Vance, (iiljsou, McPberson, Pasco, Carlisle and I'aj ue; nKo from Congress- men Vaux, liarwig and Chtpman, Treas- urer Drtnfi rtli and Comptroller Wemple ot thu stiitc of New York, and from many other distinguished and well-known men. The follow NIK Inter of regret from Urover ('level Hid was M.utlo Mass July 1, }S90. Hon. Abratn i-i. Sacham: DK.M: al -cnce from the cily of New Yolk aiul plans which I have already made prevent my acceptance of tlie cour- teous invitation which I have received, to attend Ihe celebration by the Tammany society of the one hundred and fourteenth anniversary of American independence. Tbe celebrat ion contemplated by your ancient and lime-honored organiznfion will, ii seems lo ine, fall short in tbo im- pressions due to tiie occasion, if ir docs not persistently present idea that tlie Dei laration of Independence was the protest ot honest and sturdy men I against the wi-ongs and oppressions of inisgovernment. The reasons and justifi- cation for their revolt are exhibited in their recital of a long list of grh of Independence. That. ilay which saw day the Declarutioi and die establishment of the American constitution are the most noteworthy "f our history The one marked tlie abstract declaration of American principles, the other the pr.ictical application of the iii a writ i en form of govprnmejt. The two pi oil net ions which t hose Jays brought forth oufht to be the most reveren documents ill history. Tliis anniversary will be dear to frii'titls of human liberty in every land, but tliu observation of it ouKlit never to be ignored by genuine Americans. This celebraiion ought to be more thflllllfi.lHlly :mght to represent a recoil FROM SHOKES. AMERICANSCELEBRATE THE FOURTH IN LONDON. A GUAM) riroNor.itAnr it 2 Terry and l 1 At I'lltslHirK- I'nisiiiiri.' i o o o n n o ISi-ookljn 1 II 1 n II u ilH-e Hrooklyn 7. Error, I'lltsliiirj- Hmokljn I. Batteries Bowman and Decker C-lark. L At f'lnciiiniitl 0 02102 Philadelphia 0 0010 0 I'.HSI. Cllicliiiuill 12, I'hilaileliihlii4. Errors ('incliiiiinl 1, I'liil.uli Ijilua Hhlnes nnd Yick ,.1 ('h-nients. I Pinvors. At Kvcianii 2 nnnonoooo New-York 1 n u o n n j Hnse hits Cleveland 4, N Knots Cleveland New Y n- 3 .1 jus in- stances of nial administration. They complained that their interests had been so neglected, and their rights us lawful subjects so violated under British rule thai they were absolved from further fealty. Our fathers in establishing n new gov- ernment upon the will of the people and consecrated to their care and just, protec tion, could not prescribe limitations which would deny political parlies its conduct and administration Thu opportunities and the temptations thus necessarily pre- sented to partisanship have brought us to 11 time when party control is far too arro- gant and bitter, and, when in public place, the true intert sts of the country are too lightly considered. In this predicament those who love tlieir country may well remember with comfort and satisfact inn on Independence, Day that the disposition of the American people to icxnll against- nial-adiomistra- tion slill remains to tliem. ami is tlie badge of tlieir freedom ami independence, as well as ilmir security for continued prosperity and happiness. They will not revolt against their plan of government, for its protection and preservation supply every inspiration of true Americanism, But because I liev are free and independent American I they will, as long as tlieir love and venura- serion 'ideratum of the to the principles iiitin which their government wns founded. The beginning of yie second century of our existence has witnessed a dc-p.-u I ui-e I rom those principles-. ni'ty in control of tlie Kim-rumeul is in its executive ami legislative 'r.iiH'lies. a dnugeroiis tendency toward istirpation and centralisation, of power, -iiliniiiHtniK thus fur in Ihe passage by lie house of renresc-nlatives of 1111 election. which a large part the people have justice ami propriety emphatically lenounced as subversive of popular rights ind reMiluiimiary in purpose and effect. MIOlllil such legislation continue unre- Imkud our constitution will become blank country will need a new declaration of independence, I am sure that, in the celebration which the Tainmaiiysociety lias arranged for the 'inniversary Ihe effort will not lie spared to arouse the people to a sense of the langers wlm h threaten in Lliis wide de- parture from tbo simple form of govern- ment planned by our forefathers, and to rebuke I lie wlfish and tyrannical partisan- ship which, lo satisfy its own jjived, is not, only to saerillce the peace and prosperity of the people, lint, to pervert, the charter of our libel-tics. Tammany Hall will but echo Hie best sentiment of 'he country when il appeals to the instincts of men of nil parties to ..pposc those tendencies ilion and goM'riinu-ntal favoritism. Jt is u organization with an illnsl nous his- >ry. Its influence is powerful and far- reaching, ft is an important laetor in our American illxiillon. Il strelehesoul a protecting arm over the poor wl......ime to onr bind from distant diores, and instructs them in tlie duties if eitij-eiiship. II buen a .ic.idtast friend of manhood suffrage, mid vigorously opposed overy attempt, no how rarelnHy concealed or how iiiKi'Mioiisly devised, to disfranchise a -ingle honest voter, bumble mid unlettered Ihnnsfli he may be. Jt lias Imivoly stood liberty, local selt-govern- mcnt, tlie right of the states, equal privileges for all and an economical idimnistnitii.n of public affairs. With such timlition.JH.should be tlie first to itrike a warning note and lend its energies igain to M-r ure strict adherence fti the fundamental principles of our constitu- tion. Its voice w-Ul be heard and heeded. Its example, will he an Inspiration to thou- sands of men all over the country who re- joice to call themselves Democrats, be- cause Democracy represents to them true Amu ic in ideas. In tliis glo- rious .miilMTsni Y to urge resistance nnd rebuke lo ,mv ineioaelnuenl upon or snr render of t bust-ideas, and to revive devo- lion to Jcllctsonian principles, the Tam- many societ> will be rendering a benefi- cient and patriotic- service worthy of grateful remembrance in the minds of tbo people. Your fellow citizen, DAVID n HILL. Governor liiggs of Delaware and Con- gressmen Springer of Illinois, Caruth of Kentucky, McMillan of Tennessee, Wil- ken Ki Yodei-of Ohio and Afansur of Mississippi 'llso sj'Oke. A collatifiii was then served and the ex- ercises lonclnih d. BUSINESS SUSPENDED IN NEW YORK. Emlem Will the law Regulat- ing: or In the OHlelal. Indignant OVIT tint Kxerullnii Maj. ranllra. a Bare Treat for Krmmdon tlungrn. July -Tbo anniversary of Amcilcaii Independence wiiscelehrnleil by Americana in London with the usual eu- thuni.ism. Wr. H. White, lirst serre- Iliry (if llm States legaMon, entertained a. man her of Aiiieriiaii ul. dinner, where the customary patriotic toasts and speeches were indulged in, and .........y other the promiuent adjes' Fancy Flanndt-tte only 48c adkV F 7 ?eam WaistR' Ollly adk's' Fancy Colors Fin.. 550. Anierk'niih Illlll'n ile kenson of l.oui.siann. Allen of Mississippi, Kcrr of IVnusylvania, Knloe ol Tennessee, msidinjc or sojmirnlng hare M-veil the day. Col. lioiiNi' iii tin- Wnsl End IK- covered with Ameri.-mi and i-li I1aen, anil Hie stars anil stripe" I'l-oin many other housus iii various purls ot the city from sunrlsBiinlil .sunset, COL. (iolltAlln'H I-IID.VOOKAPII HKCBPTION. The feature of Col. Goiiraitd's Binlioii of the day wai n re- cepiiim, at which tliere were a larue luiuihcr of guests, mostly American. The pnwimniie eoiiMnted of phoiuiKraplilc recital ions, iucludiiiK the Declaration of iii'ii'prndi ncc, uiussiigoH from rrckldont Iliin-i.-on, (leu. Sliernian, Postmuster deiicral Wanauiakiir, Sonutor Kvarts mill others, and musical selccllons com- prisniK Iliu lliiUonul Hir.s of America Oispatclii'H from Paris, llorlin and Vienna state that the day was ohhcrvwl at the respective American lesalioiiB in the usual miiiincr. I-AVI I.NDKIU WIl.l, PABADE In imlci-to lest.the law regulating or IicoliiliitinK public In the parks, thousands of Kast Kudera will march In several procea.sioiiHlo Hyde )mrk where preparatlniiH have made to "old n IIIIISH mectliiK. II IM p'-olmble that t lie lioli. e will mlei-lero wil h I he narartei-8, thoiiKh no special order tu I lint effect wen nnmmluiitcil. niiiilii llmt cvjutthe pioliililtion will be iiiuilo the subject of la -SI OKI-ICIA1..S The c.Mrtiijou of Major I'.-iiiiina raised a li-eliim of inil1Kaiilloii in official I cirelei 111 I'cturalMirg tlmt Is oiinslaiitlv incmiHinc. The cuar himnslt is said to have expressed himself in regard to the mailer m a way llmt iiugum ill for I'criliniuHl's continuance on the DulgHriun Iliumc for any Krcat li'iiath of lime h.-is exerted upon ile- I'iii-is, H-ii.i inn nephew ot Prince Ferrti- molher, which has indneed thu Orleans I'Hnce to writo Ferdluanrt a letter. In (his letter the Pomte de Paris da- noiiiiees the execution of .Mnj and burithinalv criticises the cowardly conduct of I'cnliii.-iiiil in mailer. Further- niore, he that, in view of the position in i> Inch Kerdinand has placed himself, he i- fdiisi rained to rel'rain fi-om invilins J'rin.vs- clenieiiiiue to visit him aa he hail intended doing. -I SSATIdN-AT, IIIVUHCK SCIT. livoricNiill of Hilton, the music, hull tu trial this week and Inecn.rt roiini Inis Iiecn crowded dally rowhonithii raty (k'tail-oi Hi le-iimony iaarure troal An explosion occurred in a chemical at Ulerslchen, Qermanj-, iliiy, killing two men and seriously'lnjur- others. vory flne BloiIM. Wai8tS) Ladies Fam.yPlnmxvlelU. Blouse Waists, ouly 55c. Boys extra quality Flaimelrtto Blouw only 48, Hard wood Sets, niwly printed, ftnd eight mallets, only 95f. Best Mi-xican Hammocks, l.raided edges, full four- teen feet, worth only Very strong Picnic and Lunch Baskt-ts, only Mr- l J and (jfardoil Rnke and only -J-2o. Adjustable Hammock Ropes, 12ic. each. All kinds Mowjueto Fetting, only 6c. Ladies' best Summer Corsets, only and Lilies li. R JOHNSON Su, Va. The hi- "ilc, Uclli. -in t r, hroi ICSTAIILI8IIKD IN 1MK8. S. M. HAMILTON'S Con. BAOLK AND THIRD ST., DUNKIHK ------SIIII'PKH UKAUtlt------ THE ROSES ARE BLOSSOMING. Ladies and gentlemen, you arc all invited to call and ex- amine my stock and Orders taken now for next fall or .spring delivering of all kinds of nursery gtock, Dutch bulbs, etc. Th. F. Vandermeulen, Cor. Eagle ami 7th Dunkirk, N. Y Antliruclui Coal. Briar Hill Coal, nluckumiLlis en Cunncl Cos Stenra Coal. Coko Foundry Facing. fittr.1, JVooil, Soft. Limber ine Shlnglm, Lath, Pine. Kemlock. Chestnut. Hull, Stilt, Pine, limry I.inio.Oemenl, liiiK.l'orllunil o PlHBtcr Purl, MarMo DuaL' PlMKiriiiK Hiur I 8owcr 1'ijio, i Drain Till Chimney Chimney I'ltVo. Tire Brick, Fire Clay. PlioenhHtoa, l'or.s< tSTQvinn Ukcn by Tolaphoaa. No. lo. AMKHICAN BLOCK. 39G-402 Main Street, Buffalo, N. Y. SECOND TO NONE. Oiu- motto in: "Second (o None." Wo wish to to none in your Hervk'c. Try ua and see. We 0-1 Yoi-k rk 1. Hnlterin NViidsnorlli mill Zimiuer- kott and f'Lirk. Bur- At n n ii n n s o n- a n ;i (i o 2 o o o-s HJ.M- s. KITOIS 4. liutteries lliitchlntoniinil Kiltralj-e; Clark- <on nnd licnnett. 0 0 AMKItlCAN AHSOOIA-J'ION. At Philadelphia Alhlelie 1 1 II n (I 1 (l n 4 n 1 Hn.-ehils Allilciic8, Error- Coliiinliu, AthloMe 7 naileries Suwanluml BoljliiMin; Chamber- lam nnd le. Vnipue-Toolo. At Lonlsvillo 2 0 'I Kochi'Mer o n o Lnu'sviMc in, Errors- (i o (I ii o Q i ester 6 ville I. lioehester :i n-l and Kyan: Barr nnd Mc- L'nipire -DoencliL-r. Al St. 00 oo 1 1- 5 o c Oimiefiirfeihdto St. Brookljn to Batteries- Stivttts and Wells: Daily and At Toledo Toledo 1 00010 Syracuse. o 60100 Mis -Toledo Ul, Syracuse 7 Z- 5 5-12 KITO Fifth race, miles: Darling first, Smith n'ucTsara Morrison U lionrko. I'uililre PcopiiH. and tion for their government shall last, re- volt against the- domination of am polit- ical party which, entrusted wiih nouer, sordidly seeks only its contiiiua.-e. ami which, fnitlil.'ssly violating its plain ami simple iliitj to the people, insults them with prolessioiis of disinterested solici- tude, while it eats mil their substance. Ami )ei, with all tliis, we should not in blind security denv the existence of dun- HBI-. The masses of our countrymen are brave, ,-uid t h reloiv Kenernus; they nrp stronu, an 1 thi-rclore coutidenl, and they are honest, and therefore ri.suspecting. Our peril lies in the ease with wni< h they may be deluded and cajoled by those woukl traffic with llielr interests No occasion is more opportune than the celebmtion of the one hundred nnd four- teenth annivei-sm-yof Aniericnn independ- ence to warn the American people ot the pivsellt necessity on their part ot a vmilnnt watchfulness of their rights ami a jcal nta exaction of hoiu-st ,-uid unseliish periorm- nnce of pulilic tlnty Yours very truly, (lliOVKli ('LEVEJ.Axn. A letter of regret from Governor Ifill was also read, in which he dwelt upon the peril to American institutions from Re publican control. Following is Governor Hill's letter of regret: my return frotn the West, where I have been to pay my re- spects to that true Democrat whom we all honor, Thomas A. HenilricK-, I find your invitation to attend the celebration of the Tammany Hull society in com- memoration of the anniversary of Americi.n independent e, and I am extremely sorry that previous to my departure I had made another engage- ment for the Fourth of July. Tlie Tammany society 's entitled to and will receive the praise of all true Ameri- cano in its untiring efforts made manifest every Fourth of July to keep alive the spirit nnd memory of that day which the enunciation of our (iothni.iltes Ille Tlieiimc.lvBS to Ilio Sen- slioi-e nnd Oilier Holiday Renoi-tn. Xl.w YOIIK, July 11 f IHth iniiiveiMiiry of the American Declaration if was celulifatcd in tlie iiisldiuliry milliner. At sunrise the na- tion il were hoisted over the various furls amid Ihe hooming of cannon and a salvo from few war ships intliehar- hor. All hnsiuess was entirely suspended mid the municipal, public buildings and many of the private dwelling's were gaily decorated with null bunting. The morniiiK set- in with ,1 ruiu which Mimen-hat. dampened the ardor of "the small lint towards (I o'clock the rain ceased and Ihe weather remiiined Hue though somewhat warm and close. noon Hie sun broke out and every appearance of a fine afternoon cheered the hearts of the many pleasure seekers wlui were uwnitint; uie outlook for a pleasant day. All steamboats ami trains to thu various seaside and inland holiday ivsorls were crowded to their utmost At the h.ills of the various dubs and onricMe. riot ic. speeches were made and mitimi.ii music discoursed to enthusiastic aiidi.-iH and tlie day was observed as n pal riot ic national holiday. Novel felphrntion In Coiinectlent. PI-TN-UI. Conn., July nnmial celi-lir.-ition of the day nt Mr. Henry l country seat at Wood- stock yesterday was well ntteiided. This was the rwentielli anniversary of Mr. Bowen's csliibltslimeut of this method of observing (he Fourth. A feature of the day's exercises not inirodnced in previous jva'-s, the together of MS uf r-uiiday school chililK'ii from this pi-ice and numerous other tow n.s in rvnnrcticiit, 'msetts and Hhode Island. The pio. wns .Hccordingly niodiheil to indnde cnteitaiiimcnl and ii.M riotic inslrtiction botii young and ija.i iiotii ith, w n oir. Arm-i.N, X. Y., July Ditton, a harness maker, had both hands blown ofi" and was injured evening )y a premature discharge of a cannon, lie ind three comrades vere liring a salute in lonor of Corporal Tanner. The man at j tlie vent was careless, and the hot, ignited the pmviler Dittou HJIS in 'I he act of ramming tlie charge home. It is believr-d the t-ian w ill dip. DEATH IN THE FLAMES. .special ,ljs. Throe I'lmnieii Mrat a Morrilil Anlilaiid, Win. MlNVKVI', July Jiatch fioiu Ashland, tc snjs: Three liremen mel deaili ill the iiurniUKor the two thunsaud toil steiiiner Iron Kiin mother iiii'iihoiit to build a peopli 's palace in Foriy-st'iMid street, near Tlnrd 11, -'ii IL wijl b" modelled upou the insiiiinion bjariiu; that name in Lon- don and will liTO (WO. It will contain ilepartnu'iit-tor tcchuieitl and industrial Mncntion, mission schools, food and shelur, libraries, etc. The endowment will probably be added to by the Vnuderhilts friends as tiroo goes on. and rushed lo the beach, where he found ft woman wading out with the water almost up her neck. Jle .utcmpted to pull her back, but the woman, being much the stronger, rcsisled, HIK! lo free herself struck Mr. Walsh a lilow in the face. SeeitiLC that he eotihl not pull her out unnidi-d, he htill dung to her and nian.-iwi'd in keep her from moving into deep u.ner until arrived, when she was 'oiivd hack 10 land again and KMCII mlo llie cuslody of a policeman. The woman is evidently insane. She would not give her name, but said that she wauted to end her existence by drown- We have the largest assort- ment of Patent Leather 8 New York League (iMinc'rt. 5Iui niiiK AI Oneoiita- (.'oblcnklll 8, Oueonla 12. AftiM-iioon Juhue- 4. l.OneonlaS, 10 lonlnes. ArrlvulA Yesterday. Xtw YOHK. July A. Arrived. utcHiners ftom Rrei'ien, Devonift from Gliwifow, I'roclda from liiu Janeiro, Carl Konow from Bamooa, Island from Copi'DliBuan; Paranenne from J'ara, t'ludad Cuntial from Cuban in plain and light-colored tops, hand and machine sewed. carry a complete line of NET- TLETON'S Fine Shoes. If you want a nice-fitting and stylish shoe, try a pair of this make. You will like them. Our GENTS' Calf Shoe in Button and Congress, in broad, medium or narrow toe, is the best shoe for the money that has ever been of- fered to any trade. Come and examine them for yourself and be convinced. SULLIVAN SON, 218 Centre Street Wo arc ofli'ring splendid bar gains in and gingLama and minimer wash fabrics of oil kinds. The balance of our spring etock of uloakft arc soiling cheap. We quote the following in underwear: blue mixod shins tlrnwere in medium weights, nt 50c oer mil, Gentlemen's Bulbrljfgsn underwear 50c. per anit. Ocutlemen'a blue angola shiru and ut 25c. each, 40c. gooda. Ladies' Jersey vests as low as lOc. cucli. Ladies' foHlbriggun vesn with trimming, only 15c., worth Good grade Jersey vesta st 35c. [each. White and black lislo thread Jeftey vests at 75c. each. Silk vests, all colors, 75c. each. Linen prices will be consldersbly afl- vancedif the tariff in changed. Our prices arc much below even current prices, and we are selling fine clotbi, napkins, D'Oyleys, towels, etc., at rare bargains New styles in parasolo, New slylcs in gloves. Now etyles in hosiery. Headquartcrsjn Buffalo for (Carpcte, Rugs, Draping and Adam ildm and AMERICAN 1ILOCK. MAIJT BUFFALO, N. Manufacturer and Importer, MAIN JBT.. nwvAuo. H. w. OBALKR IR Diamonds, Watchei and Jewelry, Ixuither etc XSfdBA VlBQt GOLD <f 81L VfB PLA Tig A COMPLETE S.IHU OW JW4 MAIN STREET, BUFFALO, N. Y. Made only by GEO. A. MAOBETH t CO., PITTSBURGH PA Go toMonroe's for Curtains and Fixturei INFAVSPAPERf SPA PERI

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