Tuesday, May 20, 1890

Dunkirk Evening Observer

Location: Dunkirk, New York

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Text Content of Page 1 of Dunkirk Evening Observer on Tuesday, May 20, 1890

Dunkirk Evening Observer (Newspaper) - May 20, 1890, Dunkirk, New York VOL. XX DUNKIRK N. Y ITKSMY. MAY 20, 1890. A A B REPRESENTATIVE DSINESS HOUSES OF DUNKIRK. Anew BVUMO MACHINE all of blanka for riilm he ItMhanical'DepartinenTof OoakirklPrintinf m _________TO and Wood Yard, 7! Central ATOBOO. Nickel Fla Hard and Hott Coa __. Tnt wholesale lo All of Hard and oabnr. MixlM and Utb. lor wboless D SIFFOBD, and ArOstto Pnotonapber. PKoMtrapk. ol Bablos a specialty. SI not wait tor raiunlne except Central An Install taneon Sltleir (o 1BVIHO, IT. pnetor. No. W B. Swoon J street, near Bu lalo rtreet. Dunkirk, N. T. Manzmes, Mi we. Pamphlets, etc., bonml in all styles. Onlei promptly attended to. All work cnaranUunL CBOCKBH HOl'SB, 3tt) Central ATenue. Wholesale and retail dealer in IT ported am tomesuc China, OUuawan, Ac. tl per day. UTWT anil Bnarcling Stable in conooclliu Victor Kirter, 336 and 337 l.iun BtreeL i 11TT BaltllER SHOP Chaa. Nagle, Prop., Under Lake Shore Rational Bank, iJc-BMr an.l Third strceu. A due (luck fontgrn aad Domestic Ugara. VJ as Crater >treet, FracUoal bone-sboen. PartinularaUention mWrlenng ol roa .lI. Baled llsj. I'tion ha'AP. etc. Elt.blli.eil, 1877. EK1< HOTEL and inning Saloon, Union Depot. Easy access to aU trains and taua- Beat accommodations for COED- Travelers. John J. Murphy, Prop. E CO., 97 and VSI K. Third jtreeL FiM FurBiture, Cabinet Ware and Up- aobnenng. Picture rraues made lo order. O. MATTBSON CO., 901 Central A TO.. Leaden ol Fathiouand Oenllemen OutlliUirc. 11 ABBI.I. 8TBAM HBATTOO CO.. Manalaetnien of Sleam Healing Apparatus Sanitary Plumbing a Specialty. If OHC 8TKAM LAVMUKV. Our Fine ShirU, lUc; Collara. Je; Cult, tc, and Laee Cortaina. Free ueiir try. A W. til Center street. It K.UEHM, B. Third st. oor. ol Buffalo Manufacturer and dolor in Fine Boots Shoes UBNBT WKmCR'8 NEW STORE, 108 K. Third sL Musical In audWeekly Papera ami everytAipv pertaining to a ttrat Iroiit store Sehoo. Books a spocialtv. I OB PR1MT1NO of every Ueacriptiuntin.) at lowest 11 nog rain by Dunkirk Printing Company, t aud 10 fi. second St. JU. TAN UVHEN A SON, Flra l.ilu, Accident and General Heal an In Real Estate and Loana. Particular aueiition paiU to tbe o.ice ot property collect- lagrenuie, Center aflONBOK'8 PUAKMACT. we Central Avenue Headquarter! tor Wall Paper Paint Ac. OBBBXM8, J. W, f W Center street, and dealer in llarneas, Soil-lies, ttnffalo Uolmn, UaneOoTera Holies. fj KHOLTBO, f. 17 Bail Third itreul. FuUlonabki Tailor. Gentlemen will Hu'l it Ui tneir advantage Co call on me before elMwhere. PB. CAjtT CO., 338 Ceuenl Oil Unu <te Wan. A special- tf.vl aborwiaWlllianu Paint and Monroe rango. RULING, itush u blank-books, ledgers, and atl kmrU or blanks done at Unnkirk Printing Company, 6 and lu E. aecoail at. RDDOLPH MOLD2WBADEB, Cor. Third and Buffalo Suw, Dealer in Uranite, Marble, h anil 0uilduii Stone. Call on me u ouymi four side-walk. R I8UHAOIX, T aad t Kaat Front itrMt. Wklsky. WiMS, Bniuliei. Liquor Ston lor raiailj Uoa MraM, MU Itoe depot. Boar-Haj, Sato, Fnd and Livory stable Slablutg Uw or weak 01 reaeor.aLlr SAM J. OITFOVD, Ml Central Ate. General Insurance ami tteal Kauu Fin, JJJe, Accident, and Lire stock Insurance. ft-ompl altontiun given to ud seUinc BaaJ. Batata. C. JOKES. 1, Thintst, ear. Deer. JEieasuur Meal Fresh, Salt too Meats. Lard, Oysters an.' ATCUU. Uje Aurorm KallruvU Watu hepainug a specially. I. SUl.1. E. Thinl W 411 w. ant-BFJt. Merchant Tailor, llf I'ontral aiexur T. M. D.. aad Surgeon oter Lyra's Drug ytun. ffmitfaot. Central No. at LTan's. FOREIGN AFFAIRS. NATIONALISTS WILL OPPOSE THE WHISKY TAX BILL. Ireland Would Have to Pay the "bile Recelrliit; the Benefit. Sen. Gardon's Statue In Stan- ley Pestered by Hunl.ri-Othor European May 20.- It is believed that present week will be a critical one in par- rnment intends to force liament. The the aid of u liU-ral u-i ot tue power of The Nutiooalihto will make as strong an opposition to the government's whisky tax measure u they are allowed U under the rules. The ground of their objection is that Ireland would, under tho bill, he farced to pay the largest tax in the kingdom while deriving tho least benefit from the proceeds. Public condemnatiea of the govern- ment's apathy i. regard to England's in- terests i. Africa has been somewhat miti- gated by tho announcement that the ad- miralty has ordered two gunboats to pro- oeesl immediately to the Zambesi river and whatever British interests may need protection that vicinity. OHM. GORDON'S STATI71 UNVEILED. The Prince of Wales yesterday officiated in bis uual graceful manner on such oc- casions at the unveiling of the statue of Gordon at Chatham. His brief ad- dress was eulogistic of thedashing "Christ- ian and skilfully avoided too close reference to the closing circumstances men of to which all hmen do not upon. AXNOYKD IT HBLIC HUNTERS. from the annoyance great prominence piuiutucuua have to submit in the matter of hunters and curiosity seekers. There is a blTi.8., among managers of ex- museums In the effort to get poaseasion of aoue of the effects belonging I and manufactured tobacco aad on snuff to the Africa, expedition. Stanley received no lees tha. forty-twe applica- tions from wax works proprietors, etc., u when Hrst by Kuropeans. Indeed, sou. enterprising managers- them a Xew Yorker-even sent agents to Zanzibar Their efforts nave all been ia vain, however, as the explorer donated whatever be would the Stanley expedition under his pat- in London. Stanley's officers and have been subjected to similar solicitations, though of course in lesser degree. The ex-queen, Isabella of Spain has ar- rived in London incogna. -Vows comes from Weisbaden that Eugenie, who is living there -.n strict retirement under the name of .ountess De Pierrefond, is suffering from rheumatism, which does not yield to the of the waters nor to skillful medical treatment. The once Eugenie, who has recently passed ler birthday, is completely wrecked n body and spirits. The striking spinners at Linden have been compelled to resume work at the old terms. MR. GLADSTONE CRIHCIZED. THE WORK OF COMoRESS. Tho Buti.s Debating Tariff the Senate. WASHIVOTOH, M.y W.-Yesterdar resumed consUontion the tsrnt bill, the prnrliBBT amendment being that offered by Mr. Fungstoo of Kansas, atrik mg from the metal schedule the proviso that silver ore and all other ores contain ing lead shall pay a duty of 1% cents per pound on the lead contained therein ac- cording to sample and assay at the port of entry. Mr. Frank of Missonri regretted that the amendment had emanated from the Republican side of the house and he earn estly opposed it. Mr, Crain of Texas said the bill csuW be defended from a protective stand potat, because it was uot intended to pro- tect an American industry against foreign competition. Mr. Perkins of Kansas protested against the amendment as putting the America, miner in with the Mexican working man. Mr. Cluuie of California opposed MM amendment. In behalf of the miners he asked for them one single place i. this bill. Mr. Bartine of Nevada was surprised how any mun who had stood o. tbe Re- publican platform of 1SS8 coijd favor the amendment. The amendment was re- to 136. (Messrs. Mbpkina, Fug ston, Ma-son, Butterwerth, Kelly, Post, Adams, Gear and Morrill voted in tbe affirmative.) The amendments offered Saturday by Mr. ilcKinley In hia internal revenue schedule in the bill were adopted. They proviiled that upon tarn pie boxes of cigars containing twelve or thirteen cigars, tax shall cents; amend the administra- tive features of the law and provide that wholesale ilenlers in ok-o margarine shall keep such books and render xucVnttms as the commissioner of internal revenue may require. Tbe following amendments were also agreed to on motion of Mr. McKi.iey, pro- viding that the interval taxed OB smoking shall be 4 cents a pound aftur the 1st of October, a law within six days from approval of this act, instead of the 1st of January, as proposed by the bill making an indefinite appropriation for the payment of drawbacks: reducing the bond of cigar from M limiting to a minimum the amount of drawback claims on tobacco in i BIG RAILROAD FUUJECT. A TO CONNECT THE CITIES OF THE AMERICAN HEMISPHERE. London Newxpaprrs Harsh Ex-Prenilc-r. spare packages when the law takes ef- fect -Mr. Turner of Georgia made a speech in general denunciation of the bill. Mr. Henderson of North Carolina advocated the entire abolition of the iaternal revenue tax on tobacco. Mr. Henderson of Iowa spoke in favor of restoring the present internal tax on to- bacco, and offered an amendment to that effect. Mr. Tucker, of Georgia, offered and advocated an ameudmeutabolisMngtaxon tobacco .Mr McKinley, on opposing Mr. Tucker's amendment, said the committe on ways and means had not entirely abolished the tax ou tobacco, tirst because the country needed tlie money; and second, because it was uot necessary to aliohsh it in order to preserve intact the great system of the Republican party. (Applause Mr. Tucker's amendment was fi2 to 118. Mr. Anderson's auiendmentwas to 118. Mr Anderson, of Iowa, offered an the rily eins estimated at over .'i.OOO. Th- Anniversaries will continue until May 'is mu! tiie time hiwt been apportioued between the following system of church trovc-rnnirnr- Women's Baptist Home sicm.iry society, Mrs. J. N. Cronse, presi- dent: American Baptist Publication so- ciety; Hem Samuel A. president; Women's Baptist Foreign Mission society, Mrs. riariliier Colby, president: Amer- ican Baptist Missionary union, Mrs. G. M. JJorthrup, prc.sident; American Baptist Home mission, C. M. Kingsly, president. and the American Edu- cational sicirty. The latter alt hough the of the departments will occupy tlii- inosi pnmaiient portion in the present aniiiver-n'ies from the fact that toil had emilnird the task of managing the rinam-ial eari of the new university, tbj! movement toward which was started by John Hoc-kr-leller of the .Standard Oil cam- puny. This gentleman li-d the subscrip- tion list with contingent upon the church raising more. 000 ot thisaniuunt has been procured and it issaiil that before the close of the week the balance required will be in tbe troas- urv. Immanuel Baptist church was piu-keil in tbe morning, when the Women's Home mission inaugurated the anniver- saiies. The prorewling.s wMfr opened with fie. ution. Ailili-esses of welcome were then ilelhcyi-ti liy Kev. Dr. Lorimer and Mrs. iruline Smit'.i of Chicago, and Mrs. S. K. 1.i'H in nf Ulno m-poiuled. The reports ut the nilji els were taken. LONDON, May Telegraph Is not I amendment restoring the present of he only Liberal paper which is exasper- ated at Mr. Gladstone's comparison of fish troubles with Russian atrocities in connection with the proposition that ormal representations should be made to Russia by the British government on tha ubject of Siberian outrages. The Pull Mall England s a land of constitutional liberty where iappily the unjust shedding of blood of a ingle citizen is enough to damn the gov- ernment. Mr. (iladstone's reference to the Mitchelstown affair, the Gazette says, has no weight with men like Stepniak, the noted Kui-siaii agitator, who is unable to what mure we want in free England .ban we have alieady got. The Standard il'ouservative) says it cun not flnd lantjuaiif to adequately express u. disgust at the parallel drawn by Glad- itone. What cau be thought, it is laked, of a mao who is trying to persuade his countrymen to believe that a confused treet riot can oe classed with the delib- rate flogging of naked women and kindred iarbarities? "It shocks one's moral ontinues The Standard, "to flnd that a larty leader has reached a state of rancor where truth, decency and an obliterated." The St. James Gazette (Tory) says that n making such a comparison Mr. Glad tone showed himself a, battered adven- urer, sticking at nothing. duty on wool and woolens. Pending u vote the committee rose. p. m. the housf adjourned. At IN THK SKNATE. May I'O senate re- sumed consideration of tlie silver bill and Mr Dulpu spoke at great length. Heeon- sidered the plan of the secretary of the treasury to be less objectionable than any other proposed. Mr Mitchell expressed his dissent from the views expressed by his colleague (Mr. Dolphi. He suid he tbe people of his state wanted free coinage of silver: The conference report ou the Lynn, Mass public building bill was paused and agreed to. After a brief executive session the senate at p. m. adjourned. BROTHER AND SISTER DEAD. The Latter Not Stand tlie Shock Caused by the Dfath. May List evening .Tulm Marouey, a h nig at 140 Fulton street, while at work on the steam- barge Itiiliu at the Cuauwurth elevator, fell into (he hohl nf the vessel and WHS in- stantly kiile.1. The coroner took charge of tlie case. Maroney leaves a widow and two chil- dren. He has a sister. Mrs. Thomas Ha.- rahun, who lives at Chiuago street. AB omeer notify her of the death of her brother, and n hile heing told of it she threw up her floor u corpse. d.s and fell the The coroner took her in charge also. The woman <lise.use, and Gormu Operation. In Kart Afrlcf. BERLIN, May 30.-The budget committee f the reiclistag has approved credits mounting to marks ou account f German operations in East Africa, Of his amount the sum of marks will devoted to paying a subsidy to the ______ East Africa Steamship company, the ves- j brother's Ueath, els of whose line will ply between Ham- urgh and Bremen and various points on Killed by the heeast coast of Africa. During the de- SILVER O.EKK, X. Y OB the credits it was announced on j of anuiikuovvn man was found on the be part of the government that there was Lake Shore tracks yester.la, morning It o truth in tbe reports that it had decided I is thought th.it the second section of No abandon the steamship service to 43. which went down about 11 o'clock OB Sunday night, struck the man first, as the was suffering from heart tlie sudden shock of her it is thought, killed her. sanioa. AJI Austrian Begiment'i Jubilee. PKSTH, May Austrian regiment, w bich the czar U honorary colonel, cel- brated its jubilee at Peterwardein, SLv onia, Sunday. One of the features of tho was a banquet given by the tficers of the reginiAit, ut which the Rus- au military attache at roseut and gave a toast to Emperor rancis Joseph. An autograph letter rorathe czar to the commander of the was read, iu which in tne most riendly terms he congratulated the reiji- lent upon iu jubilee. S engineer thought he fell, his engine strika something near the plnce whore the man't body was found, and the cow-catcher was spotted with From the time be was struck until he was found four more trains passed over him, mutilating him tern1 ly His hat was found unin- jured, and on a silk, ribbon inside of it was a name, b'.u it could not be made out. He was a man about flva feet eight or tea 1 inches in height and very well dressed. There was nothing on his person by which he could be identified. Coroner Blood took charge of remains. Secretary Blaint Urges Congress to Take Prompt Ai-ll.n Iji the of the Would to tho DevelopDMBt and Prosperity of Sit- ter Rxpubllca. WASHINGTON. May president sent to the senate and house yesterday a copy of a letter of secretary of state transmitting the proposition adopted by tho Pan-American congress for as inter- continental railway. The letter of the secretary is as follows; DEPARTMENT OF I WAfaHllUiTON. May 12. f To THE thr honor to submit herewith a plan lor survey for a railway lime to connect the great commer- cial cities of 'the Araeric-an hemisphere No more important recemmenfl.it hits come from Uie iaternatiowil America. conference and I earnestly commenH it to you with fall confidence tfeit prompt ac- tiom will bo take, by to enable this government to participate ia the pro- motlo. ol the enterprise. The resolutions eonfertiice are aocompanieil by special reports co.eerming the transporta- tion facilities that already exist m several republics. These reports comprise all the informa- tion oould be gathered uoon this im- porta.t wbjeet a.4 will be found both in- teresUjag and autbectic. Undtr tlie L-n eroiw and progressive policy of Pivsnlent Oiaz, the railways of Mexica have bri'ii extended southward as well as northward, and toward the two oceans. The Unvelop- meat of the Argentine ayitem hns been rapid. Lines of track now reach from Buenos Ayres to the .orthern cities of that republic, and nearly ta the Bolivian boundary. Chili has a profitable system of railways from mountains to the Pacific ocean, a.d the completion of the tunnel that is now being pierced through the Cordilleras will bring Valparaiso within two days' travel of Buenos Ayres I. the other republics similar enterprise has been shown. Each has- its lucid linei, Of railway; and to connect them all and furnish the people of the south- ern continent tile means of convenient and comfortable intercourse with their neighbors north of the isthmus, ia an un- dertaking worthy the encouragement and :o-operation of the government In no i other way could the government and the! people of the Uuitijil State.s contribute so! much to the and prosperity of our sister at the same time the expansion of our owu commerce. A very important feature of the report, whii.h.1 especially direct your attention, will be found in the iuternationo.1 declara- tion that the line of the proposed railway shall lie forever neutral territory, that tho material necessary for the constructien ud operation of tho road shall be adniit- ed free of customs dues and revenue shall always exempt from all forms of taxa- tion. Tliis guarantee, having all tlie force of a treaty, will stimulate pnv.ite and public contldeu, e, and then lend to the iu- in- vestment of capital that rmnut I f.. be reluctant and distrustful. i th It is proposed that a survey to ascertain ___ the best and most economical routes be i v Amav in made under the direction of a commission, I Hiii-'.iu '-i-iv serious sfihb' expense be shared by the all'iav .I'lVm-rcd'late bit'iiMit 'it' Manf several nations of the hemisphere in pro hmd'und XiaLjara streets uTwhich a man portion to their respective j a danger Tbe share of the to be and 1 would j After le.'ivuijr thp saloon the pair NO NATIONAL BAPTIST ANNIVERSARIES. On. mornin ligion- nent, ti Gathering of Blvlnes and Lay- men ut Chicago. .n, M iv 'jii. great National I'nmvrrsariefc. np, .ed yesterday r It was one of the largest re- .irhi-nngt ever held on this conti- number of divines and laymen To he Prosecuted for Manslaughter. WIII.K. HVKKE, Pa., May ah l.i-i ii. serrelary and treasurer of the :'cd .Mme Workers, arrived here yes- Mr. W.itohi-rn has entered eight iiiiu i.it- d .in iLie.s for loss of life in N'ot- m .i_'.mist the and Wilkes- Barre o.il coinpatiy, anil counsel was ftructed t.i bnim criminal action against 'he t-eneral and assistant superintendents ind at the various mines for man- il.iiiL'liier The uarrauts are to be issued lu a d.iys. The number of aoci- ients m the inu UK.) Melds has at- tlj, attjrnti.iii of the mine workers' they are determined if 1.1 ini-Mt an end to the wholesale Neilunn still BurnlnK. SHVMOKIV, May work of turning the creek into the burninss N'eil- shiift liiis lii'eii K.IIUK on for the past fwiMii., -i ,ur iiciur-. the water has not yf r--a land from Washington to southernmoNt capital of South America, and that the opening of railroad com- munication with these friendly states will givo to them and to us facilities for intercourse and the eichange of trinle that cju.irn.liim, when McCourt whipped out ii ja'-k-knife and plunged it into '.'linn's urnin. The Utter was imme dl.'tely c-oincyedtotbe hospital, w here he now lies. The phjsirsans cannot yet de- leriuin.' hi.'v -serious his are. Mc- f'oiirt is still ;it lartfe. But All the Navy OIBolal, Pavor Tor- petto May naval au- thorities are awaiting, with keen interest, the Diitcome gf the by the senate appropriation committee on the subject of new ships. For the past week the sub-committee in charge of the naval appropriation bill has been interviewing the secretary of the navy and officers of the department, with the view of Kettinpan intelligent conclu siou as to the most desirable type of war vessel. The concensus of opinion of those inter- rogated is strongly in favor of the battle ship and torpedo boat The bill as it came from the house provides for three battle- ships, and one cruiser. Senator Hafe hopes the committee will increase the number of battle ships to right, and provide fot or ten torpedo boats ot the 'ushing type. There is some difference of opinion among other mem- bers of the committeeastothe advisability of increasing the number of battle owiiiKto their great cost, but upon the torpedo boat question the members are understood to lie practically unanimous, and an appropriation for at least ten of these is expected. woo.l han.Hos, 5o. Si hug cans, 19 to ChiM.vn'n day si 4c. Callanden.. heavy. UK-. V2 .part dairy pans, lOc. Bird hooks. 4c. Iron slieif brackets, 5, 8, 10 and 1-Sc. per pair. cup. board door catches, 6c. Lnrge bit bra- ces, 18c. Large monkey wix-nches, Lemon squeezers, lOe. Handy vises, Knife trays, lOc. Toilet pails ami slop jars, 38c. Japan trays, 14-inch, lOc. dust pans, lOc, Fancy lunch baskets, Child's fancy rolling hoops, 23c. Iron nxcl express 95c., Chair seats, 10 and 12c. Bird cages, 60, 75, 90e., IE STOHK. are of special value. practicable. The work contem- It will be interest- and The Hartfuril Mine WILKES BARP.E, Pa.. May of the bodies of the viclims of the recent disaster at the Hartford mine at Ashley are now believed to have been taken from wrecked pits except those entirely con- sumed by the flames. An endeavor to ascertain the condition of the interior of bo CnateU Cardinal. ROME, May 20.-At the papal consistory 'beheld iu June the bishop ot Geneva the papal nuncio at Lisbon will be cardinals. _ _ seined. me luLerwr Ol t "1VER' May spin- the mine is now made. The lorn to lera' strike at the Karuard mill has been micably settled and the operators have to work. The terms upon hey went back are not known, but it ia iDderstood that some changes will be in the carding departmea Tfce ef Alexandria gate. Towc, May tram the company will be very heavy. coroner's inquest will be held to-morrow. ing to all, and perhaps surprising to most of us, to notice how much has already been done in the way of railrood construc- tion in Mexico and Soutu Aineri, a that can be utilized as part of an interconti- nental Hue. I don't hesitate to recom- mend that congress make tiie M-I-J- mod- erate appropriation for surveys by the conference, and the ap pointmuut of commissioners an 1 the de- tail of enjrineer officers to direct and con- duct the necessary preliminary repairs. Mr. Tlllard Own. No Pacific Mail xtock. NEW YORK, May Yillarii. being asked as to the correctness of flic story published in the New York regard- ing the purchase of a controlling stock in terest in the Pacific Mail Steamship com- pany jointly with C. P. H. nlmuton. states that is no truth in he story a- far as he is concerned. He not bought any of the stock nor does he OH o share and has not the remotest munition of buy- ing any. He has not seen Mr. Huntington for months and has had no communica- tion whatever with him on the Miliie.-t of Pacific mail steamship company. An Erie Brakeman Killed. HOKSELLSVILLE, N. Y., May E. Decker, an Erie brakeman, was struck and instantly killed by the east-bound ves- tibule train near Rathboneville, twenty- five miles east of this city, yesterday after noon. Decker bad just flagged ii west- bound freight train, and to get out of the way stepped orer on the east-bound track just ahead of the vestibule. CoMimerclal Cable Stock Sold. NEW YORK, May large Mock of Commercial Cable stock haa been sold to a London syndicate composed ot parties interested In the Canadian Pacific railroad. W. V. Van Home et Montreal and TboniM Skinner at London were elected directors to nymaetit this imtereet. John W. McKay still of thccaptt.1 Mock. Prolilhitloiiistu. BOSTOS, May Prohibition stata committee yesterday decided to hold its state oonrentton in Worcester, Sept 10 Mrs. K. Trask Hill, Mrs. 1. A. Morrison, Edward F. Stevens, Edward Kendall. Dr. _ Dnmrnll, James Sneed were ajf personally to National Tem- Tioifs fro ill Not (Jlillly. M.iy -.'ii -A special to The iii-i-lisbura. Vn.. The I'iracv ruse iiu'.'iuist Ueneml i 'OM ,n T. V John lUni" ,iini 1 eiei- wag culled up ia !hc ptiy the cost. Brutiil Murclrr In New Hampshire. X. TI., M.-iv report reached here last pvenlns; that another l.rntal mnrtlt-r liac! hi-i-n c'niumitteil ia firaftoii c-ounty enr'y l.-st pveninn. The fuct.s KS ni-.ir ;is run be- li'-'metl nrc that one W 11. Sh-iw, in cnn.structing a new Mirnuihle ut N. H., becami- inioticateci, anil being put out of his boar.liris hinise he threHtened the arrest of ilie proprietor. .1. W Rmery, but upon U-ini; persuaded otherwise be attuckeil Emery, kicking him to death. A FatiU Family Quarrel. K, X. J May 30 a fight lietnen VTilli un Xorman and his wife last niu'li' iu liii'ir home, it Madison street, his I'.aiiUiipi Alim, a_-eil Hi, who attempted to t.ike fhe Tol pan. received a blow from her fat Mer iviiich knoi-ked her out of t he sernni! -'OT-V window, She was picked ny fafilh injiirecl. A Fugitive from Justice Captured. Byrnea recened wonl lasi of the arrest in Havana of ymini; Hotiert Wallace, who ran two weeks ajro with oe- to his .John H.Wallace, the publisher of Wallace's Monthly. A requisition will !w obtained and detectives sent for th-' fnirilive. BLOODY WORK IN CHICAGO. One Man Probably Fatally Wounded and Two Others Kiully Cut. Ciin AMI. .May stabbing affray, in which Charles Khrrhard was probably tatalh wounded and John Carr and Will- iam Davis uere seriously cut, occurred here jesterday Pete Devitt, a notorious did the cutting. Klierhanl, his wife. Miss Parr and the other gentlemen were going home from a dance. As they walked along they were singing. was on the opposite side of the street and mnde some iuaiilting re- mark about the singers, and hot words across the street followed. iJevitt dared them to coma to the mid- dle of the .street. The three left their ladies and accepted the challenge. Devitt at once, drew a long knife and began slash- ing right and left. He first thrust tht blade mlo Klierhard's breast and then laid open hi.s groin foroix inches. HP then stabbed Can-in the and Davis in the neck. Devitt was arrested. SHEG1AU ANNOUNCEMENT O'l IIIHIA KT 4 I'uU-nt Allen ni'VK, HI.-, 711, 0 HI., WiiHhniKion, n. t I' h ruU'iuof- (Juvratxanil lie Iwiies Trutle MitrkK retftBli-rcMl. All 1'nli-iit fur iiuiiltM-ttle FPCH. InfiirnMttinn. Ailvicu antl special rett-rt'lii'CH MCiutoii MONTH tail br m.i.le >rkmg for us. I'crsonB pie- tetred who can furnish a Imrsc :nul llicir whole the humntbti. Spare in.inirnlikrn.iy be profit- ably employed .itsii. A lew vacancies in lowi.o dmliilicH H. F. iw I icoi M.III. Si., Kirhmond, Va liiiil.liiij: Wxisi, un 1 mrcel near Kotn III slreel. at7.'l K. Kiiiiltii sliret. Dr. l.eo. K. llliii'kliiiiu lias feuMneil liielollli e. anil In No. -Ireel. tll-lMT. In a. ui. nil iio.ni; 1 m. nil 4 in. WANTED Iti iiiihlu n Mtlarv or om- t. U'nU; (or lernih Neuit noexuonenre A A rflHf kl M v SALESMEN Nurserymen, Uochcbter N. Y. ACT1VK MAS fur rst'i'tmn. Milary in f to Inrnlh i-c- piUhenlu N. Y. ConiMtuiy nictn-jxu'- nU'tl to rtupply Jrwi'lry, to i-onMUm-rc Alnnn Lady nf tttd, Salary In t'lirct) IHHV eiimlicil, UINI.IHHI pal-i in.) n't'i'n pxrhantrftl. Km WI'll J.ni'k liOX (Hit, N. Y. JJtl VViH Ituj H'-'ii linvo Mm- a rtm- Hr vt'iiiftil f-iuuin -t'H, rota and wood house, bauduotiie vurnnduli and visdbule, Vmrk ntfwsii uinl HUtrni-lmtirti' Kcri-en din rs and wimlown, nunhetj nml bin, (In; hundMOtncly d, in-wiy immUtd inBitlc HIM! out, runt sink m and IP ilnut for lawn. l..-t immUtd kitrhfii new Ridewa A bargain. garden an it I JUST RECEIVED A Carload of the FINEST and RAREST ROSES. StamnwcH. Wfcpinir Unaen. Evergreens, Hhrub.s, Cliuiliers, Friiil and ornamen- tal trees. Never Ix-fcirc did you see so nice ami laige as these I will sell them very cheap. Why do I sell them Bemuse it will help to improve tin- ci'y and make- It possible that after me time there will be no city or town in whole Cham. County better provided Hue trees than Dunkirk. Call at VANUEKMEULKN'8 (UiEEN UOfSK __ Cor. Eagle and Sevenlh 8u. IHKi'ii.ii, N. y. uit by inuil fur samples nf m-w cmliroider- Sui'h uro to ix-foivc, luit we- bog u, for paiticulais in rcgunl to tho Stato wbuthiT I'dgiiigs, or Uotiiioings. whftt Hiitm; idea cif tin: price, a sliic'v iif i in1. i.l till! i in Buffalo. ia limply width mid tliut is Buruiid U, u, Irv anil to n-'.y The value Heavv in Iowa. DKS MorXKR, In.., May from two-thirds of the couuties of Iowa show that the week lias been uniiiually cold, and injurious frosts have appeared nearly ever) clear morning. On the morn- ingofthe IBth there was a heavy frost with ice. in all parta of the state. The fuli extent of the damage resulting therefrom is not yet known, but it is evident small fruit and tender vegetation suffered ma- terially. There have been copious rains greatly relieving tbe farmers who had be- KIIU to fear drought. The general con- dition of crops throughout the .state is not encouraging. Tvvn M-umc Mivxr is. Minn to T'le Tn'mne In.ni s. )he ste inu i's iL.io nml terdav forenoon at the lake MJitte. A special t i it Mane says collided yes- 1'i-r end ut Mud Tlie sank and the Siberia was d on the Canadian shore. The were A Reminieft Work. Ma-s... May depart- men-s of i he fa> ton- of John O ft Co. h.ive at-recil upmi prices for one year and "ill lo-ilaj-. The coa- ccru ha-. closed, (jii-r Iw.iXKJ persons are up m tli.s factory for a live- lihood The strike U :i ii. JUy I' I'ljpp'i shoe fac- .'i i' 'ly s irled. All the ork to-day. X l- from 1 '4ters Mri'if for Blglier Wages. l- >l: r. K. I May coal team- on strike for an increase in pay to II per day. A Kalrt on SHRLBV, N. C., Slnj Agent Murriirt and Deputy with a I .jf nine men, niadj a raid early .Sun- 'tiiy moruing on nioonshiucra in the sonth- ern part of llurke county and captured "blockade" distilleries. The stills uere destroyed with 150 gallons of whisky niiil gallons of beer. One captured, but escaped Tlie stills are IcrcuteH in a wihl and almost inaccessible part of the country, Shots were fired, but no one was injured. Crops Dauiagrd In SPHINOFIELD, IllH., May pronounce the outlnok for wheat very bad and seem considerably discouraged. The temperature hits been much below the normal for the past week, and the raiufall throughout tbe state has been above the average. planting in delayed In inanj ijuarters by the colrl weather. In other parts planting is The frost, has injured fruits and vegeta- bles in mo.st localities, hut the dauiaLe in uot thought to general. ROOMS TO RENT In I In' Merchants J) .Inroh Winner or Friuik liny. CARL SGHAUEB 59 East Third St., Has just tpcrived 8 full in to any the city, and at prices that will pay you to see him befoi i purchasing. OL'H SPRING AND SUM- MER LINE OF Planting all Aluag GREENVILLE, Mine., May back- water has gone off quite rapidly during the past week aad planting has been pushed all aleug the line except north of Ureenville. The entire overflowed region, except low places of limited area, cau pee- sibly la planted this week. The levee board is making all possible cloie tbe gaps in the levees in this dis- trict._________________ Two Captured. PARIS, May au.-The Tempa publishes a djipatch from Seaegal stating that the French have captured Legou and Oieen- bougaa, after conflicts with the Dahomi- iani. The forces of the Dahemiann at the battle at Onosebougan, which took place April 25, aumbered All of them were killed. The French low was fifteen killed and wounded InniM from WlCHiTa, May 20.-William Thompson who has bee. irttwidiag meetings held by AdyenttaU IB became violently taMBe a.4 .tucked M. with I tatchw knife, IMicttBc <mto hta fruru 1-4 of an incli to is iiirhua wicli- in .-ambric, jaconi't, iijiiiisoiik iiu.l muajin. AJatolu-.l KctH in diirc.-1'ciit widtbl and mi-ortion cif all kinds ..I' tualcriril. All-over cmliroi.ltrics in groat s at cts. Hoiuu-iiigM in the different wirltln from In iii.-lu'H to yd inches. Special lines cif cambric- 12 l-2c. ryurcl. AUAM, MKU.MJJI A New goodn for u.js scupon are coming in duilj. Tin; miislin un- rwcar Mlnck ako tbe liii.-ii stcx-k, UK- Block and the white slcx.k. By "com. pleU-" we mean tlii-y i.uve all the new styles iu llii-4 new thr. UK; beht laoiliti.-s in HU.. cciantry The iiitt-r stocks gri-a( bargains. Tiii-ri: time ion could never a trade here Adam Mi'din cid DRY GOODS, Carpets and Draperies, AMKIUCAN BUK'K 2 MAIN BUKPALO, N. V. WE HAVE THEM IN PAT- ENT LEATHER BRIGHV DONGOLA, WITH FANCY COIORED OOZE TRIM- MINGS. WE ALSO HAVE .1 BEACTIFU, PATENT LEA- THER SLIPPER, WITR A LARGE BUCKLE, FOK STREET WEAR. SULLIVAN SON, 213 Centre Street, C.C.PEN FOLD Manufacturer and Importer, MAIN ST., ti. T. OIALBB IN Diamonds, Watches and Jewelry, Silverware, Leather etc. KNUR A riyg, OOLU 4 SIL VKH FLA TIKO. A CMMPI.BTE UBB OF r MAIN STREET, rmnofs Botel DO YOUR ARE CALLED BREAK? THE ONES PEARL TOP tt GEO, A. MACBETH 4. CO., PITTSBURGH, PA. I Go to Monroe's for Curtains and Fixtures NEWSPAPER! NEWSPAPER!

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