Wednesday, April 23, 1890

Dunkirk Evening Observer

Location: Dunkirk, New York

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Text Content of Page 1 of Dunkirk Evening Observer on Wednesday, April 23, 1890

Dunkirk Evening Observer (Newspaper) - April 23, 1890, Dunkirk, New York REPRESENTATIVE B USINESS HOUSES OP DUNKIRK MACH1XB for rnliBg of bknks U the lataet anditlo.. to Mmlheiilrsll Dapartaent of MtMslMiL lou B. pnetor. Mo. B. aaeond afreet, near Buf- CaJostreet.bnnklrk, N. T. Mu- ue, Pamphleu, etc., bound in all sivlen. Orders promptly attended to. All work (uaranleeiL B CBOCKKBT HOCSE, MS Central Av.ana. Whobaale and retail dealer in IB porlod and Jasaastie China, Glaatwan, Ac. aorau, and Boardinc Stabl. in connection Victor Bider, S8> aad 07 Lion street UTI BAKHEB SHOP V Chas. Nsfle, Prop., Cwtw Lake Shore National rfaak. earner Cuter ana Third strata. A stock of fonign and OosaesUc Center alnet, shoers. Parucular atMnUon Shoeiig of road trotting a speaUlty. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT o s; rose for tnneral plan andmanT new ind Order Corner Eagle aad Seventh I Attorney., 618 7tt U 8 "tent Ol All Patent business Ttti- Information special references sent on request W can be mad working for us. Persons pre- horse give thtir whol co- lou WANTED1L For our Beliable Nursery Stock, on Salary or Com ion. Write for term! Kochesur, N. Y in Marion coun- r in I ty, riorida. In the phosphate belt. Large or small quantities to suit purchasers This section is growinc more raniuly than anv oth- er part of the .tale, mills and hotels are being milt and railroads projected A good money i vDHKIBK KTKHIXO OBSEBTER. Laiwet Daily Connty. An uaequaiied adTerUalnf medium. etc. ne Work to order. GOKPANT. Jpktr aMUKT VO, KB, MB and 207 Center itreet. hUndfaeturen of tbe "Crosswell" aad "Dnnkira" perfect- arang DnesShlna. On aale In all leadTnV f urniibing, clothing and dry goods house, m Dunkirk, Dr. TOOMCT, 4S4 and Lion streot. IMaler in Flour, feed. alt. Baled Hay. Phos- Establisbed. 1877 WHATTHI. RUSK CONVINCED THAT IT IS PROTECTION A Lent Address Issued, Treatise (ho Oaaaes BBd Con Acrienltaral De- tt the Farmem Bad Bad legislation rrlaelpally Be- Day In OeotTess. WASHIYGTOV April Rnak, ia reply to hnnJiedi of communications from different sectiona of the eountry appeatmg t. hitn for an expression roqpoct Utg th. pruwnt condition at a ricultural presnon, its oauns and remedies, a l.Mg address to the farmws of the enntry The prenat agricultural depression, uni- admitted, and of which there cu nodouit tbe secretary says, can l. BIB HOTEL, and Dining Saloon. Union lU Depot. Kasy to au trains and bus- bouses. Best lor Com- Traveler.. John J. Murpby, Prop. EBUHS CO, and W K Third street Fine Furniture, Cabinet War. and Up- aoMeriag. Picture Frame, made to order. fj> O. MATTEBOM a) CO., 561 Central Ave, of Fashioa and Oeatlenen Ontflners. ABBEJj (TTKAM HKATTKO CO. elaanjaotnrenel Steam Beating Apparstua Sanitary Plumbing a Specialty, 3EANDEST MODBEN DISCOVEEY Ti luiuph of Phartnaoy. The only true practical !ELIXIB OF LIFE AM) HEALTH and n.rVe. tho and one i tat may be taken alike by 'ompoundi, made oi to a cxinibmataon of so many that probably no maa oan them all Those oaose. which to the secretary mem mere directly responsible for thu seven depreanon may be divided into tw. euuBB. those inherent to themselves, and for whtefc they alone can pvovid. a resnedy and loose ever which the farmer nmself hm no direct control, and the remedy for which must by tew In tbe Unit class ef causes he at- Bepreciatleaof the productive of land to a variety of cause., to careless eul- tsare, want of laok at study of supply and demand, BBB and the awnersefa of more hud by many than they cast properiy ear. for After referring briefly te the dwcouraguig tfftctt f farm moitgaget tks dimcultiea the transportation .vestHin, gambling hi (arm controlling oombinatiom aad tepreuing effect of (Be werease ef middle on the tt tog fanners' honest oil, Secretary Rusk advances an argameat a favor of duties on agricultural product! On. of gravest causes fer the present agricultural depression, in tb. opmion of th. eecTiUry, is lack of protection for tbe farm- er Few people, he says, realize that OBJ mporu of agricultural estimated prices paid by eoaaunier, about equal to our agricultural exporta eMImated at prices paid by the farmer, yet such is the iase Our imparts of sold in eaen- penuon witk those actually produced OB our own soil amount to nearly 15000066 ejumally and as nmoh more could be produced OB our own soM under favorable conditions. Our import, of afTicultural products for the fiscal year i rded June 1888, aggregated t> far greater part of which, perhaps encourageownt be produced aw T. prowctwo secretary Mr Qravenor of Onto saij that at the proper tuns the Republican bide of the house would see to it tha'. the country understood the character present administration Th. anxiety manifested an the Democratic side in regard to tbe popularity and success ef the administration was tbe best sign that th. Republican sad. cmgfct to be satisfied with the administration, and for one he was. At the proper time the Republican side would bring m a silver hill which would satisfac- tory to public. system, he said that he did not believe that the law and administration was approved by one-fifth of tbe members of either house of congress. Hs believed that if each member ef the house would vote his deliberate opinion, he would declare that the whole system was founded osi a mistake, and its admimsti atiou was on a false principle It was detilmental to tie purpose it was aimed to accomplish [Applause Mr Lodge of Massachusetts defended tha tow aHd resented it being char- acteriied a humbug and a fraud It was nn-American and un Republican To him things which were un American and Republican were favoritism and nepotun and personal mtereat by which a spoils or patronage system must always operated. was un-American te see representatives of th. people hanging about tbe ante-cham- sic taken. ar worse thu> the disease {or which the? culture as compared with other one glance at the free list the greaUr por- tion of which eonaisti of ag BEVERAGE, tny ,jlaDe M a LIQUID LiyB, l, invigorstes and regulate! di we litwally tak. it vitality In lo "M" tlu> Bitten doe. not exist, and n? count erpan or compound with similar virtues has ever known. 0nr uanantr. ._ specialties: fin. Shirts, lOo; follars. M; Laoe Cnrtauu. Fn. Deliv ary. A W. Ccmmings, tit! Center street 'or nothing die would be immortal ueo By the producuon of the medicinal (nnta root, and herbs of which this Bitten is composed Many of them used by the Indians and the profession in ths treatment of chills and aenld be grows soil, and a companion of fipnro with the average rate of duty trvied titon manufactured articles, oaght to be smf- ficient to silenoe forever any oppoeitioa to the demand I have made OB behalf th. lAmencan farmer in mv annual report, namely that by a wies application tt admirable protective system, ati the of our home market be secured to bun far everything be may be able to produce "Our system of taxation demands unprove- raeat m certain The cost of SOB- porting the government needs to be meet equitably ad justed among different classes people At m manv states tbe burdeo local tatahou ily upoa farm property its very nature rendering it easily Every corporation cre- K Third St. cor ol Buffalo Hahslkoturer and dealer ID Fine A LBOntY WKILEB-g NXW BTOBE. 108 E. Third at. Books. SlaUonerv, Musieal In .Daily and Weekly .YarrthiM pertaiaiug to a a, gohooj Books a spwcialiy. pertaiaing to a Orat FOB riUNTUMO of and at Doakirk Printins; Company, laadUI.8eeoadSt. JB. TAK BVBKM BON, Ftre Lite, Accident aad General luoraaoa, Deal- en U Beal and Loans. Pariicnlar aucndoa paid lo the of properly collect- lag nntlK. IT OKBOlVS rmAXKACT, MO Central Avenne HeadquarUrs for WkU Paper Paint Oils, Ac. f W) Center street, Masmfaewnr and dealer IB Ten Mil scren, CT IB Harness Saddles. ,whips, Buffalo Bobea, tens and Sletgh Robes. 11 Third street. Tailor. OeatleBen will and it to IkeuadvaaUcc to call oa belore f. IB Lion street. (Ml Cloths. Qrai, it. Wan. Aspeolal- Ij fit akis gli Trim.....Pa-ataad Monroe range. R sack, as ledgers, aad all ol at Dunkirk Printing Company, and lot Second St. PBRFBCT B1TTKM IS THI RE8CLT ud glad me past quarter of a centun the wonderful snccess oi this TOHIC OF THlt WOBLD In order to meet every probable demand i formulas of the same ingredients are now pu u THE OLD 8TTLK 18 8TBONOBB, 8LJOHTL BITTER, ASD MOBK CATHARTIC THB NBW 8TTLB, PLKA8ANT TO TH TASTK, AHD BXPBI88LT ADAPTED TO DSL CATB WOMKS AND CHILDREN RBM8MBKB, is .o dlseass ol low vitality. 'debility or nervous prostration for which VTJIBGAB BITTBBa U MOT CTJBATIVE, and 1 to .injrular power over the lower organism renden it Uw implacable foe of THM DCADLT HIOBO AND OH17IPRE8BN BACTERIA in malarial diseases, cholera, consumption, in i 80 germicide that u Is an CNI00ALLED TERMIFUOB A book conld be written of its virtues, and ar other oltenunomals, bat it U only necessary t renumber Its general action upon the liver, bfood nervesjto realize its use in a majorltv aa thkt n 00117 ebould ever be without a bottle of OTJJ AMD STTI.B tTKBaAR BITTERS IH THB HOUSE Dend for our Ladies' book. Address B. meOOMALJ> DRUU OO_ York REWARD! Bl_________________________ Cor. Third aad Buffalo IMaler IB Omaite. Marble, ButldtBj atQBB. Odl OB BW ROLXTAOO, 1 end 9 Cast Front street. Whiiky. Brandies. Aeaenl Liquor More tor Tamil) Vie. BOMKBT UoBBtnet. the depot. Hoaidtai, lahx feed aad Livery Stable StaBling vT mo day or week OB naMwabto 1AM 9. eLTFOKD, Ml Central Ave. GBBBTBI and Bstale .tale, AocideBI. and Live Stock Prompt atMBboBgivsB lo bnymg w Meat Market. Freeh, Salt Mtir. Lard. Oysters and tee Aurora Bai IroadW W1 MerehaatTaUor. SM OaBtral when the directions are strictly complied with never Jail tc Uoatsd. Large boxet Beware of conn bj JOHN c by PHABJUCT. D i N T, and imitations. Free Gar Fare! Order your and Pantaloons o the Silver Creek Tailor He will pay your car fare or send a line of sample to aelect from to saved on Suit: or P O Box 199, SILVER CREEK C. O. Penfold Mannfacturer and Importer, 364 MAIM ST., BCFTALO, M. T. PROVB8SIOXAU T. aOLPH, H. D.. Oeatral Avenue' B. over Drujr Stora.' XeaiQeBoe, may be left at Lvon's. DBALBR ra Diamonds, Watches and Jewelry, Silverware, Leather etc MSSKA riae, OOLD 4 SIL PLA Tine A COMFLBTK LDTI OT HOLIDAY GOODS MAIN STREET, CHIMIMEYS BREAK- VOU CETTTHE WROKC THE ONES CALLED PEAFIL Mad? onit GEO, ft, MSCBETfl i, PITTSBURGH, PA, the principle of taxation should to place burden of maintaining the government, whether state, municipal or national, upon the luxury and comfort, which tha wealthy enjoy, and to reduce it to a minimum in its application to aardlj earned property ef to. poor man IN HOUSE AND SENATE at the gevernment It UMther respectful, BOT decent, nor manly to hav. officer, of tbe government giving boor after hour of their tun. to 1 stening to per- sonal and political appeals The system of spoil! was not American What nas Amer- ican was fair play and an open field. Subsequently in the debate Mr Lodge fiom toe New Yorx i.veiling 1'ost a list of the occupations of the Tammany execu committee In retaliation for tail Mr Spmola read from the same paper an article reflecting upon the character Of Quay He was called to order by Mr Orosveaor, who claimed that it not in order for a repre- sentatirt to read a scurniouh attack on a senator The chairman ruled tbe point well taken, and Mr Bpinola (ootinued in order, attack- ing tile administration as being "English know" H bad abolished the grma stamps the color at .M and substituted ared stamp Mr Washington at Tnneesea ontjciaed the ef oivU sarvic. law, de- claring that law was inggled with Mr said that President Harrison's administration was standing fairly un to the emlseruoslaw w Mr Dann.ll of Minnesota mo ed te strike out the appropriation of 181 780 for cl.rks for Pending a vote on tbM tbe committw row aad the house adjourned IK TBK 8BHATE. WA8BIKOTOK, April 23 senat. passed the most of the day yesterday in dlscusang the District ef Columbia appropriation bia Mr Cockrell offered a resolution, which was agreed to, directing superintendent of tbe censw, to furnish to the senate copies tt th. forms, and regulations adopted by him for obtaining statistics as to farm mortgages Mr Mitchell made a Ion? speech in faror of bis proposed constitutional amendment election of senators by the people During the oonns of speech h. declared that the secrecy of executive sessions was not longer in harmony with the spirit of the age Public opinion would at no distant day break down and deMror th. door of secret Secret seroons were a relic of mon- archy end should Ond an in a DUbllG The senate then took up the District of Columbia appropriate bill, which was dw- cussed and passed. Mr Morrill the conference conuni tee on the Zoo park m Washington reported a disagreement on the house amendment quiring half tbe to be paid by th District of Columbia and that senate from its poe.tlon The motion was agreed to and the bill n goes to president Tbe senate at 5 55 p m. anjourued ADDRESS TO WORKERS. THE FEDERATION Of LASOfl ASK! THEIR CO-OPERATION. AH Eicept the Carpenter. ..d Beqaented to Befr.1. fro., Takl., HOD at Indlanapells Strike BMtleri and th. eta. at b. In a Few Niw YORK April 33 -The American Ped- eration of Labor has issued an address "To the wage W with Pro- gress in requesting alt except th. carpenters and Joiners tor.frain from taking action to secure unUl the flrtt great struggle has been Their eontrl- butions will be needed in order te secure the suaees of tie carpenter, joiners, whieh trade baa been selKted to make tbe first mand enforcement of day May 1 If .H strike, it w5ll defeat for all, or at beat only t, raporary ad- van tage Contribution, from all are solicited and if the funel raised u not needed fer the carpenters it wlli be devoted to afdina- th. next trade which i. selected demand concession who an not actual wage workers, an also invited to oon- tnbute moTeus. Tker AUBBh With CUB. BB4 atmo. Gmcaeo, dMided to strike Monday Their pay from 25 U IS. M a day The ush, door a-d bUM BMB an larfax a orca-iuttw. TWy to be In position te eight howi bf May 1 Caw. of striking oarpenten an beeominc inmarem At th. Brotherhood1 baseball and attempted te intto- idate the alarm was surmed ewn. te whem the striken withdraw At one or two ether placai wen stoned. ROUSING BIG BARGAINS -AT AtabuildtajiB tt. aty a deltgaUon of striken esdered eral den-union rarpaMen to qalt bsjt were nut wttb a refusal. The striken It was hoped that tb. aotlo. given, the apparent Justin, of toe demand, and the peaceable method ef tt. prewntaMon, would caused tb. eeBoessiea to be gracefiillv yielded but the hostile attitnd. o( JhTb.2 builders at Chicago and Indianapolk evi dence that the employers intend to make a stubborn resistance In view ef this tbe workmgmen must stand all the closer to- gether and concentrate their efforts as above i ecommended Contributions khould b. sent K> hristopber Evans, secretary of the Fed- wation. No 21 CHntoa K.w York. The address signed by Samnel Qompera, president, William Martiu, first preai- P JMcOmra, second vice president, unu Henry Emnth, Inasnrer Theeirneror the eaOed a aatnl but brfen It th. strttarThad knocked Pennuu and severalr Oeorg. Md WUlim crowd ef striken atUoke. m eMns, who wen work on new haildin, .t avnn. Brth received mlp AN IMPORTANT INVENTION. Apm-llaae. to Make A NEW PETITION. The Rnllread Want Wltbotx riTTOBpRo April 28 -A of m- pit. vet. called en Superintendent Torn., at ihe Pituijurg, Cincinnati ana 8t Lotus rafl. load yesterdav They reprewnted tb. Brotherhood ol Rajh-oad Trainmen aW and left a petition for oonsid.ratiwi tt the Pennsylvania oompaay officials. The new list of grievanoas that ten or less be considered a day, Bv. hours ar lem a half day all overtime te be pud far en day brakemea (2 SO dncto-sWW, night bralremen liour b. allowed for dinner con- mt ne crew to work r handed or be expected to eoal or iaad aaeppne The will net Insist on grandmaster ef stated any other E WHkenson, 1 lutbeiliood of Railroad Trainmen t at he did not then be m adjusting the __ unj event a strike will be resorted to only af- ter every ether means failed A iettlem.Dt IB MiiM. CBICAOO, April 28 -Th. arbitration com from tbe Bew Boss Carpenters' aseo- ciat ,011 met the eonlereac. comralM-e of striking carpenters' yerterday A thorough earn of the iituatien thewed that all nar- ties ar. airrxed that ..Cr. AtwusTA, OB., April---------- a welMnwwn lawyer, _ mechanical apphaaoe. for making h for cottoo from ooMen stalk say th. new baggiBg .wry s.p.1 to cotton or jute baggmg Mr JackBaTwill Malta fran aeafa imt am pay about two a tea taU dowB. AB annual ataik jleM wfl bale a years' eetton The machiBery eompnes. heavOy wrrufatee roller. wHb of water, BHMhJn It is eetfanated that in cotton the pockets tb. Carnwn fw what fa cleared from the at an August, will headquarter, (or (h. company', mttta art offices, which win tend from Virginia to The cotton shade darker thaa jut. CoWoa ner. an jubilant. A Ohtaraater TOM, Apnl as. -Hiram BmMb. a unique resMwrt ef Norwich, Com., died on wa. wmdevbUod agreed that th. carpenters' strike UlifBMlBB Legislative, Fxecntlve and Judicial Appropriation. WASHINGTON, April 38 house yester- day concurred in th. senate amendments to world s fair bill, and spest the rest of the day m ejscnasmg the legislative, executive Judicial appropriation bill The house i.ent into committee of tbe whole oa lugislative, executive and judicial appropria- tion bill Mr Butterworth of Ohio explained the provisions of the bill, saying that in some of t le there was subatontiaUy a ivil list ef old employes who had faithfully s i-ved tbe government, being retained in 'ieir positions although they n ere of little rvice The committee on appropriations lid allowed an increase of the clerical service tf the civil service commissioners as request- r 1 by Ue ennimitsion Mr Dockery of Missouri criticised the In r in the number of government r'oyes whieh in many instances should not ii xve been made at <hw tame. He believed Dial if there was new blood in the depart n enta clerks could be discharged at a -iving ef 009 Instead of carrying on 11 unprofitable mvectigatioB, let com- mittee take in to consideration the inefficiency of the clerical force of the Mr AJlen ef Jflseiswppi quoted from a speech delivered by Mr Cannon declaring ;hat the Republican party was devoted to the country and would administer the gov- enment with great eccuomv Since March it had been impossible for Mr Allen keep up with his Republican friends when ie met ou the street m their wild ruah :o tbe departments to get offlcw and show their devotion to the country Mr Allei told a story to illustrate tbe Re- publican opmionof the administration. Upon neetme; a Republican and asking him what thought of it, th. replv was W nny runs a Sunday school. Lev! runs the bar Baby runs the White House, And, damn it, here we are. Mr Bland of Missouri discussed the mone- ary question and spoke in favor of the nn- Inuted coinage of silver and oharacterued tne Wmdom bill as a demonitization meas- ure He wanted to raise the question from lie degradation of a party caucus and bring t before the If this was not done let .he responsibility rest on the secretary of the 1-easuivv.hohas assumed to frame a bill and to tell the country that if that bill were i jt passed, there should be no silver ilOD Mr Kerr, referring to Mr Allen's remarks, snid that tbe gentlemen had tried to make cheap capital of the a lection for hia grandson Th. gentleman jught to be ashamed of himself Mr Uannon replied to Mr Doekery'i criti- cism and defended the bill Mr Williams of Illinois criticised the Re- mblicans of the house for not bringing in a i U for tbe settlement of the silver question and thus relnrmg oppressed people of he country Mr. BarrlMM M th. Watth WiSHniOTOIl April President Har rlson, at tie suggestion it u undei ,tood has determined to keep himself thorouffhlv post- ed abont expenditures that the houM is mak ing by passage of public building biUa. With this in view he has already procured list of ail the public building bills w far passed and also of those pending before th. house and senal. Frstn this it is eviden that Mr Harrison is tataag the closest inter ua toe affa rs of coo frets and keeping eloet watch appropriations m that slightest charge of extravagance may without foundation 'I w ill care- fully material galheied and if it is found that have been too caretossly made, a halt may be called by the exercise of tbe veto power Tht explanation offered for this step M that Mr Cannon has for some time past advocated greater econ eny ia tbe expenditure of public inonevs foi tea erection of public buildings, and has called on President Harrison look into the matter The Maaosjle Homo 0HCA, N T, Apnl 23 -Grand Master Vraoman and several of the trustees of the Masonic home were te the city yesterday on business in reference to the groun s and buildings. The purchase of fi% e acres of land adjoining on north was decided upon. B eeker street railroad was given right of w.y across premises at the northern extremity of the grounds where 100 feet wide running parallel with the West Shore railroad will be laid out The arch itocte whe ban bees engaged to prepare plans for th. main building are to submit their designs May 10 The trustees will re- port to the grand lodge meeting in Jnn. and work of construction will as goon possible thereaf ter Th. S.ventT-fonrth Victim TiLLI, Ky Apnl a? seventy fourth, and very probably the last ictim the cyclone was added to the list vevterday morning at JO. v, hen V, illiam died at tbe City hospital He was in the Jewel lodge rooms of the Falls Citj hall when that building fell He was one among several who were to have been initiated that night Tbe delay of a few seconds would have made him a member of the Knights of Honor and have entitled him to a life insurance Bond WASHIXOTOJC, April 25 senate com- mittee on finance has taken fa. oral le action on a bill prepared by the commuss oner of internal revenue to permit the exportation of beer in bond, without payment of internal revenue tax bill was referred back to tb. commissioner of internal revenue for revision in accordance with suggestions from the committee Royal Areaaoa Meeting BUTFALO, April 23 New York Btate Grand Council, Royal Arcanum begun twelfth session here yesterda) Or tifymg report, wen received from th. de- partmente, Th. delegates attended an en- tertainment given by a local lodge last uyht can be quickly brought to a termination the membership of Bosses' aeaooia- tion is so far increased that they bold a baj auce of power among builders and tiranis of the city TothB end tb. committe. on arbitration invite other ef carpenters' bones and builder, to unit, with them ui the settlement of tb. question Indianapolis Strike Settled INDIAIAPOLU April carpenters' stllka was settled to the satisfaction of evervbody concerned at a conference yesUr- Sunday, aged w mechanic and invented stapto cnttw, by which mad. a fer himself and C B Kugm of this dty, for whom had werbea fer the flf ty years H. was a notabU attefcjt, and odd which recited to hfej friends One of his poems on "CreetW was about as long ai the "Hia." and U Homsrtcvein H. bad tb. Norwich, and had been divoroed mer. "-HH than any other cittsen Hot lene; married his sixth wife, but eh. shuddered at his dismal mortuary .xperUec. and left Urn within a month With all bis oddities, a man ef unquestioned integrity do. w S bent into a bow, aknUUof ejmw the sidewalks had an extremelT loncneee -TTJ steel that tm dearly iered a oentrorersr, ami ft WIN a rash scholar that tacktod him What Ion. Children's picnic magi, 8c One quart tin cups, 3c. Thumb icoopi, Sc Crumb and brushea, S8c Fancy jspanned bread bniei 45 rs, 5c Pie or hot diab turners Or CroM bread toaeten, 5c DC Planished copper bottom let 89c Extra heavy flat cookers. 68c Egg potcbera, 49c Detatchablo bultom pie tins, 15c Detatchable bottom cake pane, 18c Two quart flour sifters. Be Scalloped pie lint. So Plain pie tins, 8c Scalloped cake 5 and Sc Ten quart milk pane, Itc Eight quirt milk pans, 8r Blx quart milk pans, 5c Four quaVt milk pani, 4c Three quart milk pan., 3c Two buini, 8 had Sc Old faahloned heavy tin stew pani, 12e Old fathioaed good tin preserve ket- 10c Doughnut 8c Biscuit cutten, 3 and 4c. Scalloped cookey cutten. 4c Gravy 4c Large milk strainers. Re Larffeduet pans, 8c Bowl strainers, 5 and Sc Embossed dust pans, Sc Strong curry combs, lOc Apple corcrs, 8c Cloths sprinklers, 20c Patty pans, to 5c. Muffin rings, 8c Hennii vegetable premei. HXc skimmers, 3c. Gem pant, to DC Btacmt pans, (sir to lOc Hone bruahea, 9c. Scrub brushea, 9c. Larce tin grateri wood handle, 5c. Ltrge alze only 35c. meat He. TrimmlDgi. Buttons, u fumery, Doll., Mecb.Dictl Toy. ud 6imM a dren-s Carriage., Girl.' Tricyclw, and Toy., F.nty Brtld. ti.. Working Materialt for fancy Art Work, complete line of ud Untunnu Toy 8c. Urge tin only 5c. Pollihed carpf t tack hi claw, Sc. Carpanter'a ateel aawa.K aatl Ne. to to ubw, Rubber wtadow elcnera. Me Shoe dMbna, (te. Shoe bnuhw, Me. Clothe. UBM, IS aad ISc. Stove braahee, te. HennU meat broiler. Ttto. OjiUr ladela, 4c. Heary aoup uuleU. VoMetable ladala, Oc. ladala. Be. budltd hMty Three prong neat 4c. Pierced eoap ladeb. lOc CaipMtorw fancy t aadlfte. Cuapedocee braea. We Cvepedoiea nlokel, TSe. Cuapedorea Sic Infui'a bath U.M. Parmen- pride laatma. Me Medium alee dinner tSc. Six quart plalo, Six quart eprinkllQa; eatw, priated, aSe. Lemooade, nUiera, lOc. Japanned aploa bocee. (all lOe. a box M aad No. Fancy painted 4Se. TumblwMitl.ta.aS8. Beat honaehoM ammonia, lOc. bottle prepared Uoeing. Sa. Bread loaatera or Be. Extri ttronf ount brollen. lOe. Borne flour elftera, 17c. Charlotte roeee pana, lOc. Stamped lOc. Beat tin aponge cake to. Indian Mai bread pana, 4e. Brick loaf bread pau, 5 ud Se. Oatmeal Ten quart dlab paaa, iSe. Bight qaan dlah pane, lOc. Two quart oil cane. lOe. _ ir.suv JUQteM- day between committees of tbe strikers and tbe bosses The contractors conceded th. eight-hour day and an agreement lo hold good for ene yew to pay competent carpenters and w _., The and of strikers was cents an hour althoagh they had only been getting rrom 2U to ii eentfl. About SOB men will re- sume work to-day The Me. Will Net Yield. PORTLAVD, Or. Apnl K striking oarpen'-ers remain firm IB their determina- tion to make tb. contractor, yield to then- demands eight hours. The and plasterers are als. eat, and building in this city ui almost at a standstill. A BIG DAMAGE SUIT Over Sixty Thomaad Dollars Claimed Breach ef Contract. PHILADELPHIA, April 2S Umtod States circuit court yesterday a suit was I rruRbt for A T Tsderpn Co of LondOB and Hi mburg against Harnsen, Kraner tt of this, city to recover upward! ef 009 fer losses said to have been raftered by Bon compliance with a contract for tk. purchase of 2 500 of sugar from the by tM iteamer Im- press of India. The vessel encountered a collision and other trouble, and put in at the and discharged about 700 of sugar to lighten ber Tha remainder of tbe sugar was to have been bhipped by the steamer Trinidad. This proposition was not accepted hv the purchasers, but agreements were made by which the sugar brought on the Empress of India was sold for and that brought OB Trinidad to Harri- 8.IU CHICATO, Aprfl a city council soma Urn. Mayor to been kept on deposct IB dt selected by the treasurer, aad mter- est anvjuntiag to a large sum amtnally which sura has hew retained by th. as i personal without eW owrttmry to mind pubUo POilcy Th. nWce committee of thcooimdl reported a raael.tiosi diroEtsaw oor- peratim couneal to bring wit BpoDeaVml bonds .f each and every city tnammr has occupied that dnrmg the but tea to reoever the mterot, wUeh amounted to frana to Tb. a ifciAHAPOue, April The Tfrnatlcke moBument committe. ha. rweived .ctiee arrival at New York of the monument eomatete, tram Fterenee There are ninety crates tt and fear of broam., aad total weight hi over 200 About fifteen cm will be rewired to trawport the work to city, aad it b) pectod to reach bora letter part of the week. Th. monument win be ready for u- veflnc In about a month. ROOMS TO RENT In the Bank Building Inquire of ____ Jacob Winner or frank May. CARL SCHAUER1 -69 East Third St., Has just received a full line of lues son far was wud to which is now sued 'or An answer will probably be flled sbort- y by defendant.. A 1-irraase imTG-rrm, April 13 boon eom- on invalid pensions has authorized a ivoi nMe report on the bHI increasing the of for certain of deaf- new, Ibe bill provide, that anv soldier sailor or marine wh. wrved war at itU-ilion and contracted disease result- ing in t e deteitnuied by th. secretary ol in- terior Tb. bill has passed the senate PrakaMy a Forgery TnriH O April 38 L. Knight, country school teacher, obtained at bank here yesterday on a note purporting o be signed by hi. father, a wealthy farmer genuineness of tha note now lotted, and tha young nun disappMrad. He kas bora, a eaaracter. To DIseontisM. taw April X hmm tuBi mitte. ou decidea to heal no more hearings on propoBBl te international i inanm bill artar April SB Faffet. BAM FBaitcnoo, April a a _ of the members tt th. California club an informal decision was reached to match Sullivan aad Jackson for aao.OOe Ho agreement an to when tee fight will pJao. wan reached, but Bv. or sU brae, seemed to b. tbe prev.iling opinion. The proposition will be formally brought he- Ballm Dnwud. BALTMOII., April 38 -The waeeBer W H BrlnsfWH, OasH John H Elllswi of Tan- pahannook, Va., sunk off Font-lfoT Point Saturday and Mate David Prim, Sea- men John Harkam. Jeha Betta and Bsksrt BUison, all colored, woredrewnod oap- was necued from hi asi umconscioui condiUoB. Equal to any in the city, an< at prices that will pay you to see bim befoi e _______purchasing. A. Bpldmsle of INstbtkeria. 8T PAUL, Apnl 38 -Malignant diphtheria is epidemic m the village of Vlning, Otter rail county The village has a populatloei of 150 of whoso an at- with ban ben thirty deaths. (anorak are all pabUe and largely attended. Tbe people ar. mortly Scandinavians. ODR SPRING AND 8CM- MER LINE OF Ozfor. Tin u. Slip Killed. ASBLAITD April SS.-TWO men wen killed and injured, one fatally, by falling of a rock in a shaft of Oreat Eastern nun. near Mlrh Capt William Hooper, of tbe oldest mtnini nes James were killed. Kev. Dr meaUBBB BoaroM, April 23.-lUv r A TIC, rf th. league nalgiMd protest tb. sph-H efthe letter by Dr O'lUlllyof IMntt to John MeCBtsa M enrt aaartsat MeOam. m WE HAVE THEM IN PAT- ENT LEATHER and BRIGHT DONGOLA., WITH FANCY COLORED OOZE TRIM- MINGS. WE ALSO HAVE A BEAUTIFUL PATENT LEA- THER SLIPPER, WITH A LARGE BUCKLE, FOR STREET WEAR SULLIVAN SON, 213 Contra Street. BnrTAio, N. We have frequent nqowtv by mail for of now embroideries. Such reqntMll we are pleased to receive, bat we beg to ask for ptsttitmlan in regard to the wanted. State whether edg- ings, or ftoui also what width and idea of the price. We have a stock of em- broideries that is second to none in the country and an- perior to any in Bnlfajo, The money value we offer b simply unparalled. There are edginga from off an inch to 18 mchea wide in cambric, jaconet, tUsituookand Swim muslin. Hatched sets in diffewnt widths of edging and i__ on all desirable kinds of teriaL All-over embroideries in great variety. in the different widths from 18 inches to 80 inches. Special lines of cambrie at be, lOc, 16e 25c per yard. ABAK. MnLDBOK AsTaMM New goods for this are coming in daily muslin underwear stock it eomplete, also the linen stock, the cotton stock and the goods stock. By "complete" we mean they have all the new tyles in this season's new the variety that he best purchasing facilities in the country can brine to- gether. The Winter stocks are of. ering great bargains. Then never was a time when you Bould trade here more advan- tageously. Idam, Meldrum Anderson DRY GOODS, Carpett and Draperies. aafBaOCAJI BUWC. 396-402 MAIM BTMXMT, BUFTALO. X. T. Go to Monroe's for Curtains and Fixtures. 'SPAPERJ

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