Thursday, April 10, 1890

Dunkirk Evening Observer

Location: Dunkirk, New York

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Text Content of Page 1 of Dunkirk Evening Observer on Thursday, April 10, 1890

Dunkirk Evening Observer (Newspaper) - April 10, 1890, Dunkirk, New York sssSSisaes to T th, ,t >-n plnv w HTA T 10 V K f r the he poor f >r B -fie man n i u and (nrtthr Y VOL. XX. DUNKIRK. N. Y., THURSDAY. APRfL m. REPRESENTA TIVE AN OHIO SEflSATTOK. Fftttf WASRDTGTW USINESS HOUSES A YOUNG WHITE GIRL ELOPES WITH THE SENATE PASSES THE SILCOTT BILL. OF DUNKIRK BCUMO HACHIME tor ruling aUJMnrta ol olanlu w the latest amuttop 3 tir MMhanieal Department of Ak Wood______ j-j; grades o'f Hani and Soft Coal, I Lumber Shingles and Lath Fret Correspon lence for wholesale R 225 Central Aye Photographer lantantaneour Photographs ol Babies a specialty wa.t lor sunshine except (or No. M E Second street, near Bui unklrk, T Jlagjiin, s Mil boun' in all sCTles.Or.lrr> Promptly to. AU work guana teed. colored man wa. Kn-wn that they bttfa went to Cta tb. been m tbe "nptoy o< peop e eight --_____ ------J retail dealer in Is poru-d and marned and would raid, m China, Ac.__________ YOUNG PAOMAN INSANE UI.A April 10 meeting of the Reading board at Messrs. Buar Caldw.u .nd shiptoy resigned, and Hewn Thomas Dolan Henry S GIBMB and A. A MrLeod TIC. preadent and gea- manager were elected in their placw. This ieeaa aakf orbin stronger than erer It H said the two rnanasers who cvere flrst asked to mfayor of Dolan and Gibson declined Mr Baer will continue confidents MOD. u counsel and u manajerof the Read- ing Iron works and Shipley and Caldwell will retain artir. mterert IB the road ft the fifth m.m ter of th. r, wij be Mr Oibson. Mr will mtl le as pnndent. all nun, n to the contrary Mr Cald "ell and Mr Gibson uphold ezartly th. sam. interest so that ther. M no gain to th. new Party by the ele. tion of the latter and the resignation of the former Mr Dolan w prsrtieaily the only 4Pnl 10-The Senate res- further the '1 ,ntana efcxs e -oul I which ha, c- 1J IHACTALyCA HOTK1, U Uy anrt Boarduig acable in connection Victor Rider 335 and 337 L aa do-oet. Grief Over itrlekland'a Dea.h HI. rUTT BAKBKK SHUP A SON. 33o Center slreet. e- 0 horaea. Shoeing of roai! otting horses a specialty OBSERVER. Larieflt Daily in c tuity An imeqiiaJleU adverQaing medium coav VXT Cusarlc Cusack noticed that somethine Udedly wrong with Padman The eoald not tell how or why h. CMe here E IVOIUJti, SH1ST CO. 3U6 ml .1. Center street, lUaulacturera ul th laomwell Uuniirk uerlect Uttiii shirts On sale in all leaiLnif furmauiDi and dry guoila honaeii in Duiuiirk. "They have s, he continned "and he i not ta th. HeKl.l.T BIIL niemfTrwrind0 MflunJey bill mcreasing tbe duty on .n., and mcorporatme the prwent tariff duty and a y on ring them in the imported ba ag the Mr WUsou of [ow, a which to nwnKt ng rhe com on intentatar-ommerre to inquire "hat addltwnal leg ,lar o M in tc rCTnmiitanon and PT nr 5ati was to preyent m re- tart to mdmdu ,1s and lorih w The approorwtmg r5 (W to falcatio wacT by the de- h wax trom th. (onappropnations without amend and pasted. Th. WIMt. lt u OTMideratwn of tbe Montana untested elec ttOT cast and Mr Pngh rontlnued his argu meat m of th< Democratic claimanti- C lark and Jfapnna, _fc. 1 madt M argument m which he defended the right of tj BiMontana. He Uaaned that m no sense the county or temtonal canvassers of tion The prmtiple, laid low, by the majority .f the rornmrttee Mr 1 irpi. of aa of W "as nor entitled to r regar 1 At the hiai n jf Mr Turpie 3 remarks aro-e as to tbe continuant 3f the HIOBI.AJD ._ was ab __ Cathobr- before cue blast and fell J The houses of Jt Blettel win. west .ere blown arer, their escaping in their mghtdothes HC WILL PHOBAtLY BE OUSTED FROM THE CABINET Friendi ar. Indlgu.1 at BU U tK. Qu...-. Urging Mr to Item It Par, .r th. Doty an F.r.lcn __ j torn to piece. don. The front of Goldberg's itore was blown m and the stock scattered. The Centra} note! lost ,.n !_._ now ST e t rate. owning Ru lining Sleeping Coach is an the queens the carpet and upbotatery manufacturers appeared before the comimrte. anTaaS Th. Illlnol, ana M 'te ,hou d close Mr ilorgaH saving if the ques- up iiera pribatily retti h OflO The damage wi A CANADIAN ELOPEMENT 1 secretary a prphminary report D r. O on 1 OB Lion strse rset, Innane asylnm. committed to the Eaubliahed. 1ST" l, HUt HOTtl. an ,jinmg aa oon, L uioc JJ Depot taij tu afi muaa un 1 J Murpay Prop EHUEBS CO, Ionian E Toirl joreu Funucure, Cabinet Wire an 1 L p aotetenng ma le to order Lf U MATTESON CO, 3ul Central Avtt LOKltra oi f aaflioo and (joutleuien OutH.lers A ftTTssrBG 4pni ,o. th. Fedemtion of Labor wS gain a yictory over th. Kniebt. of u, th. was held IS-1 to whom members from the lineal The last named orgamaation wort. In oonjuntuon with the American Federi ten time. ja.uai3ai uui fanftj m com- with a provision in aarbor art of -Vug 11 i-tss ilarshaU of the cnrps of .1 k was ln9 tonfctniciaon estari sn over this route will i MajS inac ti e ierHiled estimates for the conjtruc- apnotth .ualiu not differ from Che mates already submitted namely W -i us, for the canal and feeder than of the The Montana case was then laid 'e and UP th' r Quintal Ron. Away with and Oth.r Peopled Jiol YORK ipril 10-A Montreal pat a imatej Quintal th Doyon the notary of the pro- i f church warden of 5otre an el president of the St Jean Bap- socurty Seigneur of St Bruno f to 'rom Loi Cl m ago? by tua <Urht to York S panied it u. asserted the wife of named Beauiien anJ K oM teay, a-------- Chm aIreadT JfrJrltChM1 "nth Mr "0 to have a law that would exclude all adjiurnwt ve ev ery available nqu9 du ot steam Heaung Apparatu. Sanitary Plumbing a favor, the musical eian J M nroe Shellenberger His father daim' ot by SheUenbPrspr coatinu. to be reported farmer, and the will probably much thaa that J ?h J' "afel that the of SheUenberger t wje ,hl] Mj fa D I Third cor of Buffalo and dealer in Foie Boots A 3hoes HBiniT WETLtR-s TEW STOKE, IDs E Third St. Books. Stationery. MaaiuU In AadWeekiT Papers aad evervuurg to a flrst citss book acuoo. ttouka a specialty J'OB o< every iescrtptionaml at lowwt living rates by Dunkirk Printing Company 3 and 10 E St. JH. TA.11 BCKEK a SOU, Fir. Lite Accident and Oeneral Insuracjs Deai- en in JUal buus and LMIU Pr- bow was so high out of water thaf it p< ie co flr DtBftrj fa tjjg wind. went aground at the foot of Georgia street! ndon who haa been som. time m a. Th. Old Van Killed ERIE Pa. April 10 -David Foeelbaoh of Summit township an old man abouTS be m tta IJeot. farm and getting oil cou.d not work much. man mart take care of himself The thought preyed on his mmd until he killed himself TB1 ssS-r- "r town recede from its amendme ,t. A lengthy debate ensued ifr motion ttnallv was defeated-18 to 103 The house insisted on th. amendment and a mn cerenc. was ordered. on the J on the naval appropnation bill offered an amendment appropriating 000 to improve toW Tard Verbal Mr w ilkmson of Louisiana advooated the estab- lishment of a na.v ya i at ilper. La, Mr Lodge of Maswthn-etTi. -aid the m, na- vTlrntteG, -1" 000 aad Hem- poor French oeople on the nvr are defrauded time alon. can tel tllev perfection in every re peer, aii.l nothing wanting to mak. the mort comfortable carnage m the market for ladies So. Best Fast Black Hosiery, not to orock 01 stllm the t new and full assortment enables to give vou jou m hwen Some new u, fancv stnped Hobiery cheap and Flannelette Shirts at -J7c 4> h k A new line of Udie- Fancy Tucked Aprons at 23c' and the V. hue Lad.e, and celebrated Ferns Conrt. lnd I Hose at 10 and Bovs and J Jc Bovs' 9c tollw. "ft, Rihbe.1 Black Hose, poor man s beverage Th. estate rf th. lat. L Iforgan ma mn "nved tn reutonic from i ore and Moot. Carlo br train A. movement la on f jot m literary d r va meoJeQ BrotterV sr-eeu Veit month we get tne rarent in nundreda from Hoi'and S re weemnjr rose lor tnneral plan anil many new tre unit, Ulem whirli we will no i fleup ifiat you buy >f Hem BUFFALO. X. Y We have frequent requests by mail for sa matter thoiijch mecew of th. moyement is doubtful that the contnbutiona the ace Patent. aa I rand acted'' A" MONTH a cargo of railway iron, in aodciiiM. B F St. RiUimond V d r Monte arlo whicb in hla deaT thrtt Mr 310nte Beauueu As th. vehicle was neanng railway tram paswd upon which Mr students wben they are in Siberia whither they will probably be sent Bi. Head iwi X Y Apnl 10 preen aged about U year? wa> plarine a ud. track in thu city Ha I a dozen cars rtood at OQ, g, trai-it andaa many more were two 9 POAKHACV. WO central iranim Paper Pain I punas, j w, XT __ cenier itreet, ataJialacturer aad liealer m Hai ness Sad ua r. GWee 17 Baal Third street, aoaa. Tailor, bentlemeo w3l and it to ttMT adrraatai. to call on me betore purchasing PB. CAAT A 333 Laoa 0tajidMoi 4pnl 10 -The record in the -'-......Clal case 19 now in the hands custody of Judge General Schodeid said that -----would beannounoal r. "T from hu This i ThT M i the record woold be m the hands of Proctor and finajly reach the preri dent The a that will simply be reprimanded thouirh be may be suspended for a brief period. Storm in ftrrsarKG April 10 -A heavy ram itorm passed over western Pennsylvania vesterrt.y Special reports f r m the a general damage to feaSi and fa many mstance, onilding, were destroyed principally to th. jinid street unDrovementa whlch U "uy a million dollars. Several are reported, but so far u fh h debate on Uie budget m parliament ended at 2 a m ir amendment wai ii :s am n meant a measure f tra 1. and called up thehoux-tnaddievi abolblun" or il! Juclns the taw now imposed on artulea of ot Pensai-o a P in- other places were or i without comme to a oni-hiMcn row 4t -i o clock the adjourned.' For a >ew HOOM 3IVGTOV A.pnl 10 nuttee oo publ u b i Ung, and 'nT rrade The boys uncoupled on. t run down the grad. to tke ote t- of the boy, tern, on the car brakes while voung Green went to trai-e w hors. broke a trace Mi M Jrgaa aaked the coach what had happened but before the Only th. J.w. TOUte taken br the rioter, on Tuesday who are still disorderlV but kept under subjection by t- marked by a litter of broken furnim wood crockery etc with Maron mn I ty Florida in tbe ph wphate be t I jr T ornm.HI quanuuts to suit mtxhaaers. Thm jniaifrowinu-iuoreriii llv ihun any Lh "ifitond t m''ls are to au- BuflFalo. is ROOMTrreENT tn the Men lunu Biuldmj In [Ulre ol lt Jot t W rtner )r Fmnk May CARL SCHAUER 159 East Third St, Has just rei cued a full Imp o! H stopped to up vhe coaphng pin anrt JIM m time to have ais bU ueath resulted instantly house and ap- T rk The bl" RVLJ2KQ. such aa blank-books, ledgers and f all kinda oi done at Dunkirk Pnnong Company, 9 and 10 K. Socond St. tlAU Jl Cor Third and Buffalo Granite. and scone. Call on me tor. Snytng H I and 9 East Front itreeL Whiaky, Wuiea. Brandiea. Ljqnor Store lor Family Cse. i M'KAT, Lion street, near the depot. "f- Fead L'very Stablt br the day or week on reasonable SAM J. OirrOKD, JO] Central 'Ave (Up general liuurance and Real Estate Fire, loie. Accident, and LIT. Mor. Priioa Prlnlln, 4pnl 10 -Superintendent of >ns Lathrop will to-day annul the made for printing at Smg Smg priaOB. p. reason fnr this move L.a.rop wM called upon byadelera-i Qon of printers from all ov.r th. state u i I at tfceir request be con. luded to annul it at I one. To-day th. order wUl be issued and the contractor wiU have to seek redrew from the state Snunen. PBTLADET.PHIA, A.pnl steamship Cuba from Bluefleld brought the captain ana eight of the crew of the bark Heruasand from Port S.tal for Progreseo The bark anick on Morant Kev March 2 and become a total wreck. Chained to HI, Bed CHASLESTOT W 10-Lewis Paulev who resirie, on Dav s creek miles fr.mthtcitv was bitten bv a mad log ten a-ro 1nd is now tied securely to tav developed violent t la within the past t ed bv strong men both r- .vent hm from njunng ni Tnere u no hope tor his recovery An Economlt. HlnMIC. PrrTsarBo Apnl 10-Peter Wefchanpt "T was tanking from a tree st Lf When dw llf. waa exrmi-t Vime time aifo he joinefl theEcono- and from that time he bus been de- because according to the laws of be ,oiietv he could not marry This pon hia mind until he became on Ma'SS AprU "-Tl" era at the Narragarewtt struck jmter claim ng that they were Tie ffl mlssaythe trouble caused by rew machjterv aad cimirastances beyond on rol but that it will be reme SP'nners Ln on las. strikers to return to work. A Republican C.nenn. w i shall be designated as rmtai States bnUding c and who ,hafl Barged the erection and constrTtmn the new custom house and appraisers ware The Committee C. WKW. cor Deer Death of Artatldn W.lrh. _ 10 Welch, breeder of horses formerly >f the famous stock farm 79 H> renred ancn. committee of the house has tall for a caucus for to-nwht to consrfer luestions of no lev The ind in nlver bllL t is understood w U be the nnncipaltopT considered and the caucus is ei W Arrmted SAI FRA-TCISCO, April 10-Ten more Buy the Aurora Railroad Watch. itopamag a specialtr f Stapf. aTiTTniTd SL WJ Merchant Tailor, lie Central Avenn. T M D Physician and Saxgeon O ova1 Lyoa s Dmj[ Store Residence, Central Avmme Taiepbone >o. t Call, may be loft at Lvon'a, a fisherman's boat from T v" J E. Williams, owner of the boat abo in custody imcHJHrmH, T Apnl 10 a Mor- gan president of the Morgan Reaper company died yesterday at hia home in 71 yean, ffm ipnl 10-At a late hora Randalls condition had jut little He is however easier he was night, bnt in ex -eedlnglv cnncaj eonJuion. An AriTunrr In PrleM. PrrrsBmu 4pul IO-A. meetmg of the Western AanwiatKn of Green Bottle Mann facturers was held here yesterday The trade proposed law would wipe B direct to the consumer worth proposed he sairf he would not be re wivtng 5 rents a bushel ror his sram. Mei SnT9" thC farmer bv idTanc man said bucket lo'rs and rade had opented to depress agn Pa. Apnl 19-William H Bar- the murderer of Aaron W DU- uard was hanged n the jad here m J" brokelL Mrs. Dlluard were intimate mud they con- cocted a plot to get nd of Dilliart Bar- tnolomew one night disturbed th. chjckem, which roofed on a tree e_r DUliard-, houw, Z order to Mve her neck mad. a hf6 m Bound t. Kill April 10 Wnrstar committnl suicide her. by cutting ius throat and abdomen with a miorthS footing himself near the ai cutting ew, Jews have been plundered testifies to the character of the dirturb.W The unions and soci.ties protest that requests we are pleastni to receive, bat we beg to ask for particulars m regard to the State whether edg insertions or flouncing also what width and the price, We have a stock ol lenes that u in the country and penor to any m The money value simplj unparalled There are edgings frooi i of an inch to 18 Inches wide in cambnc, jaconet, nainsook and Swiss mushn. Matched seta in different widths of edging and insertion oa all desirable tinds of ma- tenal. All-over eiu broideries in great variety Flpunciugs m the different widths from 18 inches to 60 inches. Special lines of cambric edges at 5c, nte 12Jc, IScand per yard. TU. Kin, t.rf Apnl 10 -The emperor has pur bl i bers, valuablV colle of eighth century and discovenrf th. Berlin Equal to an} in the cifj, and at prict-s that will }ou him purchasing curt. race selling l mile Tw years OTammK Aypoteted. TOBJC, April la-Thoma. Dunlap has teen appointed of Ladlow street Jail in piac. of Denn Crmy, woo talltd to fontsdi the nquind Oil Men's Meeting; Sew TOM Apnl 10 -The representative, of th. vanoua oil eichanges re, onvened m Exchange -regulating the-natter and _offheCoo Quirted bv the jther were unanimonslv adopted. Tte governors of the Consolidated Eichanee will the TObject to-day EJCnanKe "HI sbark.v JCS, O April 10 -Elmer E. Shar- retumed to the A Colliery to -----LAUD Pa. 10 coLJery will me work after several we vol-er under the bed. Burster, W1fe auiuue oy on the railroad and being struck by a Since then he has shown sanity r Th. Ca.hl.r Skipped. of f April of f ort Morgan assigned Tnessay AiMti are placed at liabilities Fhere was on deposit OUO of county fond. There was no money in th. safe when tiTaa- liird 1 miles t first Little Jim wcoml E time 2 i T the handicap 7 furlonjrs Specialty flrst r Onmaldi third tune 1 r cannier Hartlett Fort Morgan last Thursday for banks which, of Extend th. Modns TiTen, OTTAWA, April 10 -The Canadian has decided to e-rtend the time Sixth race kmdfcap few Orlcaiu Racm. NEW OKLH.V, Ann! 10 -Pint nee vea- VatteUBrst Peanut stont Regardless thu-d time 1-02. J-e-ond race K mile Maggis B first Sko- beloff second, Harry Ireknd third ttae 1 io Third race mile i second School Girl LADIES! If you want an easy and comfort able shoe with a heavj one that will arrangement by the'Sew England n, and the prospect of an earl' tion of the negotiau settlement of ter ftrst Ruby miles fudor first, Buck Bonnie King third tim., 1 th. DOYooRLAMP YOU GET THE WffOSC.SORT; THE G-N ES AHE CALLED PEARL ml1 "H GEO A. PITTi'SURGH, PA, T. EKpJor Wta WujTM-Biaai, Pa. Apnl 10-The has aothonzal ti New goods tor this are coming ln dailj. The nuislui underwear stock is complete, also the stock the cotton stock and the white goods stock By -complete" we mean they have all the new styjes in this season's new the vanet> that the best purchasing facilities 'Q the country can bring to- gether. The Winter stocks are of fmng great bargains. Ther-j never was a time when you could trade here more advan- tageously Adam, Meldrum Anderson DRY GOODS, Carpets and Draperies, StBttmMry, keep yonr feet dry and warm, pair of D Armstrong A Co a Hand Welt common sense shoes ------They will please you____ SULLIVAN SON, 213 Centre Street, 1-402 MAIN STREET, BLKFALO Jf V C. O. Penfold Manufacturer and Importer MAW BirrrALO. M Diamonds, and Jewelrj, Clocks, SUvenrare Leather A COHPIJBTE LUIj; STREET, I doing REWARDI ________ ft 4T Go to Monroe's for Curtains and Fixtures.

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