Tuesday, February 18, 1890

Dunkirk Evening Observer

Location: Dunkirk, New York

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Text Content of Page 1 of Dunkirk Evening Observer on Tuesday, February 18, 1890

Dunkirk Evening Observer (Newspaper) - February 18, 1890, Dunkirk, New York VOL. XX. DUNKIRK, N. Y, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 1890. NTo. HEP KESENTATIVE USINE88 HOUSES OF DUNKIRK. I KULINO MAfHINK [or ull kmitf) blanks U the lnto.1 a Million t" the Mechanical Department ot Dunkirk Printing Comuany. i LKXANDKR'g Coal aud Wood Yani, Central Avenne, opposite Nickel Plate J'lOl All (mules ol IIaril anil Soft Coal, WuOO) Lumber. Shinglea and Lath. Free lehv Correspon'leuce for wholesale tola J'KOKUSSIONAL. R. T. KOJ.I'U, M. LMivcr Drugstore. Hi-Mi'Iem; Central Avenue. Telephone No. it. Calln inuy I yon'8. M. MANN, I'raeUcal Plumlwr. Una and Steam Fitter. Special attention von to SainUir> i'iumbiug KHtiumtoa Kiven on IMmnlnng, Gaa Fittinx. rfteam IlcfttioK and Mot Air Furnaces. 27 K. street. HR. and 925 Central Ave Artistic, rhotogmpher. InBUintHiieous fuulographii of [tallies a specialty. SUtent need not watt for aunnhine except for IKVING, P prittor, No. IB K. SeconU atreot. near Bul- (uloslreot. Dunkirk. N. V. MaKazinca, Mn- i u, I'amphletH, buuml iu ull atylee. Ur-lcra p ufupii.v to. All work guaranteed I CKOCKKKV HOUHK, I) 'HWCentrul Avenue. WholcHit'u ami rotail .lealrr in Im tortc China. Glasttwaru, Ac. U-HAS. H. HAKUIH, 821 Central Ave. Gen- urul liirunuico, Life, Accnlent iiuM Kire. Bufore travelog vour lie in the old "TrtivtMcrB1." Iteal Kbtate Agfiit. Ijijans on property. CUAUTACUUA HOTEL, iltaUfH, per Liver> and Uuiifling Stable in connection. Victor Knler, Stfaml 337 Lion street. I tITY DAUHKK ty thus. Nugle, Prop., Under leaker shore National IJunk, corner Center anil Third A due alock ol Foreiirn nri'l I'oniCrftir CON KLIN HON. ii3-> center btreet, 1'ractical horBe-dlioeid, Hurticulur altuntion poji' ft iDtcrJi-rmg horses. ot road ac tr 'ituiK hursos u upeoiaUy. 1 NKIKK KVKN1NU OIS4JCKYKK. i Comity. led n vlINKlKK ENGINEERING COMPANY. l n tvortising meitiuin. _ hdlew Pupule. ManufucitiriTe ol Kiigmcs, llailern, Pulleys, hitiung Haiigerw, utc. fjutt-rns, ForguiKS, aBliugh, ittut .Macinitt- Uurk tonnlur. SU1KT CO.. 'J', Mumifiicturcra uf Di tintl "Uuukirk" lilting Urvtm blurts. On sale in utl leaiinig clothing Mini iir> guudb luuinfa in Dunkirk, I i K. TOOMKY, 4.W a u.l vtli hum struct 'icaler in Ftotii, alt, nay, i IC1K HO i j fctic} ftcce.su U) nil IramBUiut I must tnmei'H. lies l iiucuimiiixluDiwH (or (Jum- uirrttif John J, Murphy, I'rop. EH I. KK3 A CO., y7 uml W K fund stivti. Kiue Furniture. Cabinet aiul Up- uuiBlermg. J'icture Km mow nimk' to order. 'li1 MATTKSON Jb CO., r. Central Ave., Lenten ol Fashion anil OJ en tie men OuttHlere. i i AUKIJ, STtfAM HKAT1NG CO., HanuTucVurers Hunting Apparatus. --.timUiry 1'lumUing a Specialty. II OMK STEA.U SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT Wanted al onoc. Local or Traveliiin. Pay. .Stonily Work. Slock tjuick Selh.iK Ouiist Tree. Hxpencncu UiiiieceDBiiry. J AH. K, Wll IT- NBV, Nursyoian, Uocliester.N. V, CO., Patent 7th SI, WashinKtnn. O.. opii. U H. Patent llcc 1-utcntn, Caveuf iui.1 fie I rude Murks refrinlcred. All Putcnt liuaincnn condnc'eil 101- inoilernte Kees. Information Advice nnd Hpecial references sent on reijliv KXI'KSSKS IN AD- AN( K.itllnweil diet) month. Hteuly einiiliivineiil Itt linnii-or traveling. No IIIK. Initn-tiili-iiveringaiiil niiikmn collectiimn. No Postal AiMrcaa with atanni. IIAKKIt I iqua, Ohio. Twish to employ a few liulios on salary to take charKO of my Inihincsn at their homes. l.iRlit, very lasi-mallllfr und licilllhllll. Wajres fill pur week. Uefcrent-.e Driven. Uood nay for part lime. with'st-nip. M MAK- ION WALKKK, Ky. til ferrccl who can funus'i a liorseafid give their whole time u i the busim ss. Span: moments may he- ahly employee! .ilso. A few va< nn in town-. and tines H. K. JOHNSON CO., KXX, Main Si., Kiihmcmd, V.i. hir Ki-iil or IIoiiHC ooriicr Second uml Hove Btrec-ts. Nfivvly tun; in tint' conihuon. Will sell MII ettsv ut tlie olllce of Murtin ilui'ter Co. rmon Elders' Book UlreiJJtlll, BULUed tSe? f. a. cSvacb. m Qnnd 81., Kev T Ul.lNli, s ich us blank-books-, ledgers, and V ad kuidd blanks done ut Dunkirk Printing Company, 8 and 10 K. Second >u RUDOLPH MOIDKNHAUER, Cor. Thinl and Buffalo Oealer ID Uranito. Marble, Flagging anil Builrtiii? Stone. Call on me buying your side-walk.. RISLKJ A CO., 7 anil East Front street. Wlnsky, Wince, CHr-eral Liquor Store for K.imily Cue. RUIIKKT M'KAY, Liou street, near Itie ilcpot, Snle, Feed anil Liverj Stable. Stabling by the day or week on reasonable terms. REID. J. W., 134 Centor street. Oealer in Mus.cal luatruments aMd Sowing Machines. We make a specialty of tlrat date makes ot Pianos antl Parrond Vote? Organs. OAJU J. SOI Central Ave. (Up O Genera! Insurance and Ueal Estate Agent. Kire-LUe, Accident, am) Lire -Stock lUBliraoce. Prompt attention giv en to baying MlltDK Kejtl Estate. ill C. JONES, I 75 E. Third St., cor. Deoi. Kxcelaior Meat Market. Fresh, Salt and Smoked Larrt, Sausages, Oysters and Poultry.______________ W ATCUES. JBWELBY, MX Buy tlio Aurura Bailroad Watch. Repairing a apeeialljr. Trunk f. S3 E. Third St. rM. MOCKKK, Merchant Tailor. JIB Central Avenue FJUB. 15th. A full line ot all the latest novelties in Spring Suitings! The Largest and Cheapest Line of TROUSERINGS! Ever brought into this City. WAIT! New Barber Shop. O. A. Ill K1IKE, loimcrly In Wliuclcr's bar- ber-shop, has opuneil the Ijarbt-r-.slKtp in the Kric Hotel. Ho has every (acilily lor good and c-istomors will find ita pood plitcu logo for shaving n ml hair ciitLinjt. Or the Liquor Habit, Positively Cured ADMimsTimm OK. MAims' HIDER smint. II can be given In cup off coffee or lea. or In an tides ol food, without the knowledge ol the perr ion taking It; It Is absolutely harmless and win effect a permanent anij gpeedy cure, whethei the imtlontls a moderate drinker or an alcoholic wreck. ,T NEVER wo GUARANTEE a complete cure In every Instance. 48 pace booS SPECIFIC CO.. 185 Rao St.. C. C. PENFOLD, MANUFACTURER IMPORTER, 304 MAIN ST., HUFFAT.O, N. Y. UKALHK IS VAKSB and J SLW, Clocks, Silverware, Leather Uoodn, Ktc. KXORA f'INO, OOLD <f SIL VKR PLA T1XQ A COMPLETE LINK Of HOLIDAY GOODS 304 MAIN STREET, Oppoalte Iroqnols Hotel. THKY CIIKKR FOR 1'LATT. HARMONY AGAIN REIGNS AMONG NEW YORK REPUBLICANS, Tho to Mr. Two-Thirds Proposition and He Is to Have Fair Held In KiidH Happily, NEW YORK, Feb. Cooper Union hall wah densely crowded night and hun- dreds of iK'Ople wt-re unable to gain adniis- alon. The occasion of the throng was a mass meeting prtitcat against legislative delay in [Missing the World's fair bill. Among the prominent on the platform were Warner Miller. M. Uepew, John H. Rtarin, Arnhrose Snow, Jowph C. Hnmlrix, A. M. Tcniicy, JIUIH-S W, Tap-pan and John Foord. Mr. Kturiii presided and called njwn Mr. Foorrl, as wn-rt'tjiry, read a of reso- lutions, which set forth that the original bill sent to Allnuiy UILS drawn up by Demo- and flcpublicans; that it wiw a purely busiut'ss, non-partisuti measure dcsiRiied for the IwnefH of nil the thut this nori- character of the enterprise jiuiBt be maintained, or rongrewi will not sanction the fielcK'tiun of New York as the site lor the fair; that tin- foniniissjon named in the bill non- portisun; that tiu- committeeH now in charge, which have been criticised Denincratic ceut-e to control the project after the coni- tnkes cliargp, and that there is no reason for politics into the matter in HIIV wuv. Tin1 resolutions were unanimously adopted antl thu amlienrt! tliree c-hcers. Klihu Moot then read a letter from Senator Evarts with the objects of the mt't'tinji. Kdward read resolutions adopted tit a meeting of the Central Lulmr Union, in nccnrd with tlie hentiineiits ex- pressed in the foregoing resolutions. Hon. Warner Milh r 1 hen iiunJo u slicing ho had thought for thirty years that he was a Republican, had suddenly found that ho was rcgarde'l by some as a THtiinifiny Demo- crat, he WHS in favor of the world's fair bill. He found consolation in the fnrt that he had ttwii read out of the party in good of M. Depew, Elihu Hoot, N. Bliss, S. V. R. Cruder and others. Mr. -Miller went on to deplore the cry of purtisanship that had been raised against tlii- I.ill. Mr. Miller turther said that the committee on wa.s composed of xjventeeu Re- publicuii-, and Do in Ir, letter Accfptliig M I'luce on thf> T( fltimonfal (mnmittep. UKTIV..IT, Feb. 1X. The letter Uvn rccehwl from Chauneey M. Depew by H. lirt-Mcly, proprietor of the Detroit Journul: NKW YUKK. 1890 W H Detroit: UBAK on request that J att as niHtniier of appointed by the lit th of Sun.s ol the Amer- ican f.-i IL> have clitirse of tho lu'Htu liu eil for some proper testimuiiiil to J-'r.inc it: iipjtr.-t'ititioii of her ttftnrt- in oui Ix-- hrtlf MI oui utitKinii.) inriepeuJence, I ac- cept posinon with pleasure. In any event there t-oul i b no more i act-ful act on the pact of the people nf tbr UniU'tl suites tliautheae- hy them In some pcnrminftnt and artist c f. rin uf ibe uiviit debt we owe t-i France Smce (lit- pivsentutiiiii to us by the French peo pit- of Lh- statue of enlightening the worKi. Hie duty devolving upon fo act seems to be Yoiirjt very truly, t HAl-.NCKY M KHtnl Wreck In KUMHHH. WICHITA, Kan., Feb. engine and baggage cur of theGalvestouexpress plunged through a bridge over Chicholni creek, six miles south of here. The passenger eoachea were left on the brink. Roadmaster B. Peters of Newton was killed; Engineer Wand aiul Fireman Smith each hod a Jeg broken; the express name learned yet, both anus broken: Jliss Caiu of DdelJ, four ribs broken; Josiah Ericson of Topeka, arm broken; Edward Whitney of St. Louis. tured collar bone, and several other passon- gerw from cuts and bruises. A Ufef train and six doctors have arrived at the wreck from this dty and tbe injured will be removed soon as possible. A Jury Secun-d. CHicxao. Feb. jury to try the dieted jury bribers was at last secured in Jud-e court yesterday, Assist> ant State's Attorney Neely made the opening address for the btate, and the taking of evi deuce was- begun. After Deputy Criminal Court Clerk A. N. Lee, an unimportant wit- ness, had testified, the court adjourned until this morning. CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. More Fighting In Honne Ov-i thr Counting of H Quorum. WASHINGTON, Keb. house yester- day spent almost all of the time until ad- journment iu warm debate over a ruling of Speaker Reed. After tbe reading nf tbe journal Mr. Car- lisle arose and said that since Jan. tbe Democrats had tieen protesting against the approval of the journal on the ground that it contained an entry made by dictation of the speaker, showing tho names of momlters pres- ent and not voting. LiRxt Friday a code of rules WHS allotted which gave the speaker that Ajraiust this they still protested, anil would continue to Jo so an on Unconsti- tutional practice. But, this question could not U- decided in tliis house, and whenevei proper arose it to Mime other forum where it could befinally and decisively passed upon. He saw no reason why the journal should not lie approved in tlie form which the house had a right to preserilje. The journal wns then approved. A conference committee was appointed on the senate bill to increase pensions of soldier and sailors toUdly helpless by i-eason of in- juries oi- disease incurred in the service. Under the susjw-nsiou of rules, the senate bill pitn idmg for a form of government for Oklahoma was made a sjteeia! order for to- A bill from the committee on war claims, providing for tho allowance of certain claims reportei 1 by the accounting officers of the treasury, was passed. [It applies to the 4th .Ttilv'i-laimx.l .Mr. I'andler then rejwii'ted the resolution fur the fliscus-sion of the world's fair hills on Thursday and Friday, nnti balloting on Mon- lay, unless the house, shall have determined n vote that, Ihe world's fair shall not be Mr. Mills demanded a second. Tellers were appointed and the result an- nounced was: Yeas, 14; nays, H. Mr. Kilgore made the point of no quorum. The speaker declared thut present- more than a quorum. llr. McMillan protesled (hat the rules pre- tellers a.s a means ol ascertaining the presenc" of a quorum After furlhcr protests from the Democratic which calmly ignored, hp declared tliat debate on the motion was iu order. The Democrats strenuously resisted this de- rision, Mr. McMillan contended thut there was nc i-ute tliat permitted tho sjieaker to count a quorum except during the progress of a yea and ijay call. Mr. Dockery of Missouri saiil that the nile i-ited by Mr. McMillan did not seem to pro- for a count hy the sinker at all. but only by tellers. The speaker replied that the rule provided lor the count of those who voted. The vote had resulted 114 to seemed to be a majority, jg- The deliafe'Tvjxs continued hy Messrs. Mc- Millan, Cunsle, Mills. Peters. ('andler, llitt, thosiieakcr and otheis Tlie question was linnlly tal.'-n on the nmtmu to the rules iiii'l make the special order [or the fair mid ivs in a vote by tellers -yeas noys and the special order was made. he call ot committees having been con- cluded, the bill for the relief of the Indians at Devil's ncy wns called ,ip and ]iassed under suspension of the rules. Mr, Bunks called up a bill to provide for the ap- ]Kiintment of thirty additional medical ex- aminers in the pension office. Considerable discussion followed, when the yeas and nays were ordered on tlie passage of the hill, but no quorum voted, so tile house adjourned, with the understanding that the bill will come up on the next day, JN TIIK SKNATK. Feb. is.- The sciinti' yester- day listened to a i......imiatioii bv Mr, Khin of his speech on the i rlncntlnnal liill. Mr. llnvvos picsented more titan I34U tions from .Mnssncliir-etts stating that more than NOO.IKKI gallons of liipior are exported from this countrv to Africa, anil tl.at tinder that section of the constitution, wln--h onthoriKes con- gress to regulate commerce witli foreign na- tions, this trailic should lie stopped. The petition was referred to the committee on education and labor Mr. rimndlcr presented severul petitions from Mississippi of the suppres- sion of tlie Republican vote in thut state and repiVM-nting thut the "so-eallid leKislulure of Mi.-sissippi had ri enacted a law for establishing a new constitution to] t hi'state on the l-'th of August, I W.KJ the .same not to be submitled to the people for ratifiryition, and thai it was the ni of the Deinocnil.s to employ fraudulent met hods to deprive many intelli- gent citizens of their franchise." Referred to the committee on privileges and elections. ill', Frye from the select committee on thji railroad funding hills referred to it nnd m lieu of them an original hill on the subject with two reports. [.The bill and reports uere covered in thc-e dispalebe> yesterday.] Mr. Frye oxplc.med the bill mid reports at some length. At the oTichision "f Mr. FryeVexplanation tho lull was plivid <m the calcn Inr. and Mr. g ive notii-e tlejt he ,-nil it up on Mar-h A resolution of Mr. Chan-lli-r. calling on the attorney general for information regnrd- ing the recent nssassination ol AV B. Snunders, Cniied States deputy marshal foi the northern district ot Florida, went ovei under object ion. Mr. Hock presented the credentials of Mr for the term Itegiiining March 4, IH'.U. and they were placed on Hie. A number of bills were passed, among them the follow ing- To enable the secretary of the interior U Indians in Florida on lands in sev- erally. Appropriating for a statuu of James Madison in Washington, Anthormng the president to confer brevet rank on otlleei-s oi the United States army gallant services in Indian '-umpalgils. Ml 1'jntt gave notice that he would call the bill to admit into the union at the earliest opportunity. At o'clock the edu atlnnal hill was taken up and Air. Blair addressed senate foi tferee hours in continuation of his remarks begun some time ago. He said the educa- tional bill would compensate the south in some measure for th'i passojo of the de- IK-ndent jv.'nsion bill thnaaleningi which vriinld distribute to S'lti OOO.IWI) a year almost exdnshvly in the Northern He expected opposition to the bill from many Southern senators whose power was built on the aristocracy that oivned the labor nnd the land in the South before the war. He warned them that education would be the entering wedge to establishment ot a new order of things, even in Texas. Mr. Coke defended the state of Texas, which 1m said, spout more niouey on educa- tion than any other Southern state. Mr. Blair continued, but did not his remarks. A conference was ordered on the bill tc take a crnsns of farm mortgages. Senate bill establishing two additional land districts in Washington was passed. At 5 o'clock the senate adjourned A I'llfSON LABOR BILL COLLINS1 MEASURE ON THE SUBJECT. It I'm ,1P, That No Miirhlnery shall b. lined hi Helm Inmltntloiu, mi, That No Shall b, Out Conl nkCted Kor. Given or Ap- proi rvlatiun for MainrlnU. IXNY, Keb. IS. Collins wil ce a bill which 1ms liecn reijuestec 'f the state, to as fnl' by the labor nrgaiiizati......... prison lalKir. The of the bill is t We. i .n NO motive power machinery foi mam pni'iwses shall lw 01 used i n Ilii- prisons of the state, ixmitentiaries refc.r nutorie.. houses af correction or any iwnnl ill-stitiitions of this state or the then nf h, prisoners areconfined hythe sente in-e of any court, fur tbe purpose of pun- ishm ill or reform, and no in any such Tistitutions shall lie required or allowed to wo e1. while under sentence therein at any trade or industry nliere his labor, or the profit .of his labor i, farmed out, contracted lor. gil1 -en or sold to any person whomsoever. Sec tt'in S -The of states priso'j. or other officers having charge of state ]iriso as, iXMiitentianes, reformatories, houses of coi or iiny of tho penal institutions of tin- state, or the count ies t hereof, shall cause fl to be manufactured therein by the in- maU'sr thereof, such only as nre com- in-ml needed and n-eil in such institutions lor ihili guild other of such insti- tution mid the inmates i hereof, and all ar- iiiaimfai'tiireil in Mich institutions, not be furnished, almshotises, 1 I'c.r therein, shall fmr prni'lical, to (lie iiK.rli tnis, penal ur other charitable reforma- tory institutions, supporled v, holly or by tbe state, or hy the counties or cities ther'Sin. for the use of their inmates the requisition of the superintendent, trustees or mum ;ers thereof upon the of ori-ons; and no article so manufactured -hall li' [.urrliused for the use of such inmates mil. s same cannot be furnished upon ie illlsiiinii. S, f lion Tin- comptroller, superintendent ut piisons and the president of the state boaniof i-liarities shall constitute a board whose duties shall lie to and determine the value of the price at which all articles manu- factured in the state prisons, reformatories or ntliur punal ins! il ulions ot the state and fur- nitthrd for use of such institutions, shall be so 1'ilritished. which prii-e sluill be uniform, and shall in no case exceed the actual cost thereof, bosrnl the expense of maintainance of such pn-ons ami the cost of material used in the of clothing ami the articles iilxwe set forth The comptroller shall de- and furnish to the nlmshoiisps, asylums and oilier I'lviritnlile Hiid eleemosynary insti- lutkiiis a proper form for such requisitions, and also a s-isto ol arcoimts to !K. lor all sir h transactn.ns All moneyrn- ceivc'l fi.rsu h ..rlii Irs so furnished upon re- quisition -li-iII I.e paid mlo tlie treasury, as now room rod by law in nw of sales of the product or-.t-it.' prisoners. Hnctiou J The sum of J.MXI.IKHI is hereby appropriated lor the purchase of mulerials us desired bv this act. tSoclion The sheriffs of counties of the state are herebv A PRISON BUREAU. ProrlBonn of Senulor Illll nlinf One Fell. IK.--The seniite mittee un jiuliriarr has a favors hie, report on the Ml] introduced in the senntfl by Mr. Wilson of Iowa to establish a prison bureau. The bill provides for the establish input nnd maintenance of a department o justice of tliis liureun u hich shall he under the charge of a rommissioner of prisons. The lull it the duty of the comiiiin- moner of prisons to collect, to collate and to classify the criminal ttatirtkw of States; to examine anminllv the pena institutions of the country, and ascertain their methods of treatment discipline, management of systems of labor, cost of support and sanitary conditions; to Rather informalion concerning crime and its causes; to establish a central ofnVe for the identification of criminals and to attend to such other matters as may he referred to him by the attorney general. The commissioner in to he appointed by the president and is to receive n salary of The bill appropriates tl.MXK) for the pnr- of paying the commissioner and such other clerical assistants as nmy lie necessary to carry on the bureau. JAKE CAUGHT A TARTAR. KilrulH In OutfiMiglH Kvery EVlatt, NKW ORLEANS, Feb. J. Corbett teacher of the Olympian club at Ban Fran- cisco, bested Jake Kiirain In a sin-round eon- test for a purse of at the Southern At lilctic club rooms litstniKbt. Kiirain bad agreed to Corbett out in six rounds, but was out-fought at every point. Corbett is well educated, ambitious and is regarded in the West as the coming world's champion. He has never been defeated. Kilraiu was in lino trim Thumday night, but thedeiitl: of James at Dallas, unmanned him somewhat, according to Muldoon. Bey.inah, who was implicated in the James iffair, defeated Johnson in four rounds. Mike deary whipped Mike Smith, the Tin- heavyweight, in two rounds. The chili rooniH were fitted ui- the and a large number of ators wore present. (iiri.. NKW YraiK, Fob. IK. --Th weather at Clif- ton yesterday was pleasant and the track in mile: Ban Hope first, ;ood condition. First race, Belling, Vengeance second, Bollair thirdjtime, Mocoud race, selling, mile: Osceola Ih-st, Ulessed second, Umpire third; time, Third race, purse, 1 milu: Henry Ueorge. irst, .lohn Arkin., second, (iallus Dan third, line. I Kourth race, fin-longs; Zulu irst, Can't Tell second, Wild Cherry third- 'me, Fifth race, selling, IP furlongs; Watterson irst. Nellie Hooker cult second, Insighl third- hue. 1 1 race, pui-se. mile: Hrait tli-st. -lilda secnii.l, (ilory third: time. tuey jiro in jurh u.sthe cause all persons who may be sentenced by tho judgment, of any court of this to in the county jail at hard lalxir to at work cultivating the fields.highways and other public Section li-lt shall i named insfitul ion -Ul acts Seel ion s-This act shall tak dll.lelv Tlii-li- Doiicli. NEW VIIHK. Feb. The steamer Finance different from Brazil, which arrived yesterday, had on Imard forty (iernmns Hungarians who sailed from New York last November t< start a colony near Mill-annum. Krnzil. They are in a wretch condition. They say that they were promised houses, farms, tools anil THE TOIUES ARE ANXIOUS REGARDING THE OUTCOME OF THE ST. PANCRAS ELECTION. Mr. l.lnlile lo bo Suc- cecdod by Thn Make a Clxlin for Kolinhu moment Their in thit Itocmil NVw Fell. IS.- The tion in the north di 'f St. l-nni-niH to fill the vacancy caused hy rlfViUKm Ihf (i nf the sitting Cnnwrvative mem- t ho lawful for any tc, msistent nlth this lint woiv jiniil W a month for each -inn not sulHc-ienl, to buy food, After grout Mirroring thpy woro Itiuillv Riven I liin-U NEW YORK LEGISLATURE. Kil.lt <len. 1'orler Fuvon, the O.inslrm'lIon 4if Armories. F.'b. IK._AmonK the bills intro- duced in tin- assembly hist night were the By Mr. rilommiden -Abolishing all charges for wharfage lor docking purposes on vessels engaged in freight or pns.s'irigpr trnllie. The lull was introduced .-il this request, of the ('mini ami Hnrbor Protective union. Bv Mr. Sohmer -Appropriating tor an nrmorv in New York cjty for the MiTtj-ninth the city of New York .-I.MI.IKM for nil armory site. By Mr. Hill idmg for the printing of copies ol I lie memorial to Gen. Philip Sheridan. By Mr. riovo- Amending the charter of Binghamton by providing for two assistant chiefs of police, and making July the begin- ning of tli- year of tiie hoard, By Mr. liliml, s-As to Ihe ventilalion of piibli.- hulls, assembly rooms, thnatres, cliuivlics, school houses, and public convey- uii'-es it ttieair [tdrtilttuitand ex- Imustod slmll nut to less thmi 15 cubic feet minute for each Among the hills passed were: Mr. (iuenther's, fix-ing the salary of the aldermen ot Buffalo at per annum ami I ha I ot Hie presidetr, of ih-. common "omicil at and Mr. jn-ohibltmg sons not licensed Hspiinnmi 'iststosell poisons i-xcept in N'evi York. ICiugs anil Krie conn- lies. Mr. Hilt's bill, creating three Iraards of meflical evanrncrs, was recommitted for a hearing on U'edu-'s'luy before thn general laws oommiltrc. Mr Rhodes' Hell bill wa.-i ordeivrj to third reading. Adjourned. ________ IN THK SKNATK. A communication from Ad.jt. Gen. Porter was laid befcre the senate recommending the erection of urir.ories lor the Sixty-ninth and Ninth of .New York city, Fourth of (ietiovu, the Twenty-seventh of Malone, the of Glens Falls nnd the Thirty lift h of Ogdensbnrg. [t is also thut an appropriation ol he niiid" for a new armory at Utica ami that tha old arm, .iy slioiild be sold. Mr Fussett oli'ei ed a resolution requesting the statutory revision commission to prepare a genera! bill. Adopted. Bills ware introduced; By Mr divorces oi) the charge of wilful desertions. Bills were ordered to third reading, Mr. Chase's Renssalear rifle range. Mr. Kodsche's relative to liquor licenses of deceased pel-sons, Mr. Robertson's Young Men's Christian association bill. Sir Clia-se's t'ohoes water works bill. AdjOJll-ned. pa Iron for Alii., Feb. IH.-The first shlp- uiont of iron from Alnlminn to I'lttsbm-g was sent from here yesterday. It miixlntN of tons and goes on nine via the Tennessee nnd Ohio rivers, in low of the steamer IVivy Kel-wy. The freight, .liargo lower than tho riiil- ronrt rate. A contract for another shipment of I'J.iKKl Ions has IHHMI make, A was held last at which [imiiiiiienl, business men of tins and nthri southern cities c-ele- To Take Strikers' Placei, IVi .KEs-BAnRE, Pa., Feb. hun- dred Hungarians left here yesterday for the Puuxsuiawney coal regions. Another lot of Huns and Poles, numbering over 100, are to leave to-day. A Mlditng Man Found. BOSTON, Feb. Katon, reported as missing from North Attleboro, was met on tbe street yesterday by one of his gons. said he bad been enjoying blnuell. F'or Klertrlo Condultx. Nltw YIIHK. Feb. IS. -The board of electrl- c-al control li.i, flecideil to of lords, is looliwl forward to with intense interest. The division to bn is really (lie key to the Ixmilon doc- toral situation. The Tory majority at last election was something less than SOO, and that, too, at a time when the accusations by The Times ngaitmt md the Liberal alliiw, together with ullegn- ious of siunlnr iinporl nnd gravity were irevalent. It, is now liehoved by the Lil-eraU Mid feared by the Tories that the revulsiou ,f popular filing resultant from Ihecom- ilete failiii-e of the commission to llnrl any wnrrant for the principal charges will throw he spat to the Oladstoniiins, an cvi-nt which would indicate positively n changed state of feeling in the ndja.....it (''onsen-alive it rongholds. I'AHNKI.I.ITKa' CLAIM llKIMBtlUHKMKNT, The cabinet again met ycslorday diacinn the rcjiort of the rarnell commiwi'ion, and the matter of allowing the 1'iirnellitesa sulllcient sum to their exjxmses in dcfeiidiiiK thuir i-axe More that body. The Pnrncllites base their claim for expenses on the stuUMlltmt of Mr. W. H. Smith, that they would he enti- tled to reimbursement should they succeed in themselvos of the clmrgos brought (gainst them. If they have not done this ab- solutely they have shown themselves nnocent of (he accusations upon which their iccnsei-s chiefly in the prosecution of he case, while the government (through Tho rimes) has nlterly failed to prove anything nore heinous than an excess of patriotic zeal u the few minor charges which are sustained, 'n these circnmstancos the I'nriiellites intend 0 hold Mr. Smith to his promi.se. MINKHK OKT NO KNCOnilAIIKHKNT. To a deputation of miners who called on lim, Home Secretary Matthews said that ,hey need not entertain hopcthnt the govern- iiont would support any men .lire in the iresent session of parliament looking to the wtflblishincnt of .in eight hour law Salisbury will his departure to- lay for Hournemouth, where he will sojourn 1 short time for rest and recuperation, llerr a prominent Socialist leader ,f Berlin, was arrested jesterdiiy for forge.-y, t is charged that he has forged the name of lis father-m-law to paper which he unlizmi large sums, the proceeds being ex- in the advancement ol Ihu SrH-ialist, ause. llerreii Klacli ami rloscnhanm, editors of he I'otsdnmcr NachrisU-n, have bwn seii- <.....ed to short wins of imprisonment for KILLED A BURGLAR. An Olil Olilonn the on n Hob- tier aiul Itrlnifs Him CKKHTI.INB, O., Feb. night about 11 o'clock ciime a rap at the door of J. Kengle, an aged fanner and his wife, who reside-our mile ...ast of here. A demand to know who knocked aud whril was wanted elicited the reply that they had u dispatch for him. Kengle the door nnd two men rushed past him and drawing revolvers com- manded I he coi.-plo keep hilelll under pen- alty of death One of the men grulilicd Iti-ngle, anil whin his wife started to Ins assistance sin- was by the other, mid in the struggle whicl WILL BUY. 10e Will buy a handsome lio edgw Itlaok Face Veil. 9Qc and Will luiy a lovely pair of black or colored Kid 48o Will buy un extra line in white or colored, or any size. See them. __ Will buy a beautiful black walnut genuine Marble Top Stand. Worth dou- ble what We iisk. 48c Will buy a (tentlenient Ve- lum1 Shirt. To fully ap- preciate thin oflVr you must see I licin an I wear one. 23c Will buy a fine knit blnck Hose, worth ERIE STORE. followed both and his wife wen thrown to the floor. Itongle reached to his ixickel and got his but pre vends! from using it on the mini who heli him dou n he leveled it upon the our win held Mrs. Hcnglc, and shot him through BK heart, The wounded man staggered to his feet, reeled out of the room and fell dead a few steps from the house. The man who held liengle then released him and made his escape. Itnclnx nt Nmv NEW OIU.KANS, Ffh. 18. first rut-o, mile: SkulK-loff first, Biinioy seeimcl, Mnrcbhdj-n third: time, .Sefoiul rai'o, X unlei Passion Hint, Mai'k T. wcowl, l.ltlle thinl; time, Third luce, Harvester first, Fremont Lottie F. third, time, .VI seconds. Fourth nice. Lida L. first, Harry Ireland second, Onnie third: time, I fill. A PrulMhlv Murdoi-, NKW YOKK, Fiili. Theljoflj'of awoinan appni-en'.lv olil, was found at the edge of n poiul in the vicinity ol Second and Harrison streets, Hoboken. Thcl-e were marks ol' iolonce on the head. The woman bud been UH'II tho niglit befofe in company ivilli n man not far from where tlm budy wtta found. An iiive-.tigntion Is in progress, An OM romni.t- WATKRI.OO, IN. a farmer living west ol' tills (tommit- teil suicide hy in hi.s liaru. Therleed was committed when llecker was in a fit of despondency prodiUKHl by sickness and a failure of tho post senson. He was about TA years old anil leaves a wife and daughter. A Pox Putlent MEBIDA.V, Feb. Hig. gins, !io, one of tlie uniall patients qimruiiUiifxl at (lie Fleming houw, died yi-s- terday afternoon. This is the first <leatli since the disease ma e its appearaiico iiere. The patients in the pest house are reported doing well. Higgins buried last night. A New Mull for Boston. BOSTON, Fob. Boston baseball club has signed a new catcher in the person of George F. Hodumao of Ooton. Indorsing llnvvrnitr Illll. NKW YOHK, I'eh. The, Young Men's Dem.n'rnlii- club Inu, itn former iniloi-Keiiicntof the Huxtoii ballot reform liill and indorsed (iovernoi' Hill's re......imendfi- tions on the subject. dobntx' wns n lively one. (Jovernor Hill was accused by some of wiling out to the Hepnblirniis, and was by othc-i-s as the tnost faithful of Democrals. A motion wascntciwl to con slder the action at a futnra meeting. Imrt" 'I Wltli rnunlMB a UUiuter. WII.KKS-HARRK, Pa., Feb. In ijxH'Uir Williams hu.s obtained a warrant of arrnst ol John Berkhei-ei-. inside foreman ol the Niittniitliaiii mine, lie charges him with tbe ri-npoiisibihty for tbe'recent disaster tlia cnu.scd Ihe death of miiieix The 81 rest is to be made to-dav and iu accordance with the finding of the coroner's jury. Trjrlnu to MKn Illicit OiNn.N-NATi, Keb. Day of the New York U-iigue club is here negotiating with the catcher. Buck Kwing, who is prom- inent in the brotlirrlKHxl. Mr. Day declines tc talk on Ihe subject, hut is reported that salary of year, with H three years' contract, been offered ax an inducement to Kwing to retura to the league. A Spectator Klllerl. Pnir.ADKi.PHiA, Feb. Car- bon county, a mob of Hungarians and Poles tried to demolish an Italian boarding shanty. John Bunkow appeared nt the door of the shanty and fired several shots into the crowd. John Paul, an innocent was fatally wounded. Baskow was arrested, PHILADELPHIA, Feb. IH.-A large number of witnesses In the IxsCom-y murder trial at Oamden yesterday testified to I he peaceable disjiosltton of Chalklcy and tliat bin i-lutracter was good. It is oxpwU-il thut la Uoney w ill occupy the stand to-day or to- morrow. Anollmr I.lno. IllN.VKAmi.18, Keb. local paper on high authority that a movement in on foot by the Northern Pacific railroad company to secure control of' tho Baltimore and Ohio, thus making with tbe Wisconsin Central, a complete line from ocenn to ix-ean. n III Auk for Renewal. NEW YiiKK. Feb. to Post from Ottawa states, on the authority .f the minister of justice, that the govern- ment had decided to ank parliament to renew tbe modus vivemli Doyle'. NEW YORK, Fob. schedule of GU- inartin Doyle, who assigned yesterday shows liabilities of and aauetn of UOO; outstanding, CARL SCHAUER, 59 East Third St., HUH jimt rocoivfil a full line of Qyereoats and Tmmrinp Equal to any in the city, and at prices that will pay you to see him before purchasing. LADIES! If you wiint an easy and comfort- able sluie, with a heavy sole, one that will keep your feel dry ami warm. pair of D. Armstrong A CO'H Hand Welt, common They will please you. SULLIVAN SON, 213 Centre Street. For Finest Wall Paper call at Monroe's.

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