Friday, January 17, 1890

Dunkirk Evening Observer

Location: Dunkirk, New York

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Dunkirk Evening Observer on Friday, January 17, 1890

Dunkirk Evening Observer (Newspaper) - January 17, 1890, Dunkirk, New York a. 'S Cement I6S. HIPS. f T. es, "S NEYS. i ces. i cook- VOL. XIX. HEP RESENT A TIVE BUSINESS HOUSES OF DUNKIRK. R to 4 l nil to 8 m Resiileni e call. No 1 C, ..tore lueiiil nn I nun, ili il t Jce jnCeiiLuil Auntie c onioe homs .ii, ni Sunil i i in I, ontia mn id. i 1 i, iniu 1. 1. It it I M s "II A KILINtt MACHINE lor rilling k i ih of hlankg the latent audition to M in, Artistic rhotographer. Instantaneous i of Mauien a Bpecialty. SUU-n i t unit for sunshine except foi 1.OOK IRVING, I'ro- I r t. r, No Ib E Second street near Buf- init Dunkirk, N Mu i I mil liltuj, etc bound in all styles Orders p, n il) All work guaranteed IJ-HEK'S CKOCKEBI HOUSE, 1) sou Central Avenue. u h Itiale and retail dealer in Inserted and (omi itit China, Glassware, ,11 vs H. HAltKIS, 221 Central Are bun t T il Insurance, Life, Accident and tire lid re traveling insure TOUT lie in the old rel rl to Travelers' Real Eetute Agent. 1 oexeitmtevl on properly. CtlAUTADQUA HOTKL, Itates, per day. l iutlfj luterfcring hordes. Shooing ol loud ii 1 tr ittiug hones a specialty. i) INK IKK KVENING OU8KRTER. I.arfest Daily In the Count} An unequalled advertising medium DtNKiRK COMPANY. formerly bellew A Popple Manufacturers of Engines, Boilertt, Pulleys, ilanecrs, etc. Patterns, >orgmgs, Cudtmgs, and Maohme Work to order. 1 vUNKIKK SHIKT CO., 2O3, and Center street, Manufacturers ot th ttrms Martin-lltatti to Kent in s i ninl and HUM ui [inn i lo DOM Mru tp n Hi, i m -Ire Y.B. h, mulled trei to Onuul BL. M .-.UPRIGHT GRAND PIANO IT 1 YO 1 ir ERIE HOTEL and Dining Saloon, Unior Depot tafly aceeas to all tramaand hus uiess liouses. Beat acooiuraoilatlona for Coin nerual Travelers. John J. Murphy, Prop EHLEU8 A CO.. 97 and 99 E Third street. nne Furniture, Cahmet Ware and Up bolstering. Picture Frames made to order IT< D. MATTESON SOI Central Ave, leaders ot Fashion and Gentlemen Outfitters. YTAKEU. STEAM tIKATXNG Manufacturers of Steam Heating Apparatus Sanitary Plumbing a Specialty II OMK STEAM LAU.SBUY. uur epecialties: Fine Shirts, lOc, Collars, Ic Cuffs, 4o, and Lace Curtains Ireolluliv ery A Oummings, 2O7 Center street I.Ik} Illl (JltVM) AM) ON Is} riFL THIN- Height o ft I nUh'.fl in, Di pih fl J in I I K. OtUM. E Tninl St., cor. ol Buffalo Mauuf ictnrer and dealer in Fine Boots A Shoes UENKY WELLEK'S NKW STORE, 103 E Third st. Books. Stationery, Musical In andWceVU Papers and tvtry thirx pertaining to a first cUss booii euire. achoo. Books a specialty. Jon PRINTdG of every deaciiption and at lowest liTing rates by Dunkirk Printing 8 ami 10 K becond St. JH. BUREM SON. Fire I He Accident an.t dencral Iiumracoe. Dual an in Keal hetate and Ixians. 1'arntulai attention paid to Hie circ of properly collect- ing rente 2tc. Center St., 2nd floor. PHARMACY, 300 Central Avenue Iluulqnarters for Wall Paper Paints. Oils, Ac. 9S Center street, Manufacturer and dealer in Harness, Sad 'les, 1 r itles, collars. Trunks, VV hips, Jluffalo liobes Horse Covers, Uobes T. W. Murray, X li on street. A ape. ialtv made of Satuutry Plumlung team and ITHS fitting. Workmanship guar- nteed T) 8CUOLTE3. Jr. H East fashionable Tailor. O 8CU.I1.- ____M Third itrect, iionable Tailor, dentlemen will nn.l It tc their outage to call on me before purchasing e aewhere. P B. CART CO., X SSS Lion street. (jcneral Hardware.Wlute Lead.Oils.Palnter'B Supiihts, oil Cloths, Gran te Ware. A special tyiof Shcrvrit Williams Pa ntand Monroe range. Does Piano Practice Annoy You? Then get a Mihlm Sons Pmno will. Patent Miillln, wlnc'i riihicis the loni to a m1 in rail in Uojoti mat the hunt of the pi .no with jour fingcis in plijina The Patent FmjjtrGuniil on llic Mill Im i, bons'Plain, pi iv tills that Do jou w int n genuine, t.iand in ip casev Then tlie Mclilm i. Sons will suit you vou like a sweet full louuil mellow tone' Then tbi Mchlin i: Sons will chiiim you Have you ft foi the nrlislu Tbe case of the Melihn eV buns Pinna Italian Kenai-sani-e stvle with bus-ic.- icf panels is a ical vvoik of in t and tit tor fl palurc Do jou want njunnnof iMini nliniiij singing (jnalitj, and deliiaiy of touch The Mihlm Sons uu tlust will win your praise But here we must atop for out limited <pace will not permit us, lo mention all the excellent features of tbise supeib instruments and wbitbii jon intend to purchase or nol we invilc yon to cull md inspect the Melihn iV buns Pmno for yourstlf field's Music House 134 Central Avenue, DUNKIRK, N. Y. BUTLER SANS THAT THE NECRO MUST CO An I I.HI ipnt Speech Rrf.ire tli< nato He Thinks It In an Impossible iBti tli< Miin lh< or f Hoar HII.I It) tir U HA Jnn r ,i, moii n n, ii! Ihe l i v ,r But I I t ,c i I f iti n Of PI i t I, M i, i anl Mi niuk t Ot till bill lo mind li 1 tl, s i t ii s t I" 'll tl I IIS, I I, 01 II (ll 1 1 I H'lls 1 I llh I I I tlllt II, i 'n .1 the i0itati -al eof in nt hi il I el Irmnwhnhail tat in the houw I f ri r rut HUPS and elw that there I Ill Iwn no bettor examples of the Intn clmraete-r for purity of exmduet I I u s und] i of jn Igment and for abilitj in Icl utc tlnn the ropicscrtatnes of that rae-e It w is not thinfjro (hat tho colored i. ill 1 n t lu (It foi frexilom that the pi ij Mt in made, but smiplv on th i K u id that the natine of things or the imtmnof was MI h that mn of differ (ntriKslnnl of com 1 1 T, s e, ul 1 lu, th r in haiin ,nv and Hud fi e 1 nn and liunoi un.ler tin laws ftlisiijull, 1C that wele thin tl dm it n f mil, [K-rielrn P w is a In nnil Ihe" lillltini ,fth Lmte I Stat s BALLOT BOX RAIDS. THE OHIO CASE COMES BCFOUE TH OUSE COMMITTEE 1 n tint not n i h in u li K ni n t tin i of In of th i piluv I ut n p In of ill spun t I I i. tint am u i si liuihl, I l m hi, ,1 to i his nihittliL Vin nun >t to ipjlj t) th ni am 1 ,t h n-skul uns the liainei I ing in pi a t thi I II s 1 1 MS tl I SM Wlllt( I 1C VMIIlllI mi in tins nntij (HO pilllllfttl pat (Uli ,lk I hut ll n, t, U it, .n n v 1 i I in, i II III Mil TM ks I ni I Mil N I I ii -1 l-i iiKuinst the lull win h he h( i a manifest inipossiliiliU IK l, p 1) ULING, snch as blank-books, ledgers, and kinils ol eloue at Dunkirk Printing Company, a anil 10 E. Second R0DOI.PH MOLDENHAFER, Cor Third and Buffalo Sts. Dealer in tramte, Marble, and Building Stone. Call on me your Hide-walk buying R ISLET CO., and 9 Ewt Front street. Whisky, Wines, Brandies, Liquor Store for Family ROBERT M'KAT, Lion Mreet, near the depot. ItauMing. Sale Foed and Livery Stable. Stabling by the day or week on reaaonable terms. EID, J. 184 Center street. BioM Instruments and Sewing v -1 a specialty of olaw makes of and Fan-anil A Voter Organs. FORMATION Ot I" ItSlll I'. Notice is hereby pnen th it 1 h IM fiiicn im <on, Uiidolph Koch, into p th nil in the Itiinitnro .mil tl, it Ilu I will hcrciltir lie i.iiilui el iinilu the Him nameof I OIIH Son I ot is u. rer Drunkenness Or the Liqior Habit, Positively Curei IT AiHimsnima n. HAIRIS' DBIDEN srtcino. II can be given In a cup of coffee or tea, or In ar Uelet ol food, without tho k mm ledge of tho per taking It; It Is absolutely liaimless and wil effect a permanent and fipeedy rme, whethe the patient Is a moderate drinker 01 an alcoholic wreck IT NEVER FAIL8, We GUARANTEE a complete cure tn evei y instance 48 page boo] FREE. Address In GOLDEN SPECIFIC CO. IBB Race St Cincinnati O- that Iji-ith se tiona nnd 1 Ih Well- llsjKinsible fm tins int ipipstioii question w is 1 ,t 1 liisth iinel humanely wilhmt luith i bniiee' Uas laic piiinilim stioi n and more binding in the South tl inn, thi Illelewiio i-l 701 s 11 ih Isoith I'l h th hid had ad f o !in ition an 1 i i n ni i 'Sot in tiiMimq; thic tin i tubs MIII Jill 1 nnt (hid i nifio at ,1 I n a i uli id nipnu 01 en a stint eii i i am pesiu n of ti ust 01 h m ji <n iin Innipiit till" si ite iniiient that tin us u ,t ihl 1 f ii r Uli si, i tl i s hut th n e I uli 1 11 i 1 Is p id i J is t i II s, :allmjs ll wns mini nlm, inn inlil inn e i li i If m i t liii pnli 1 thnt "U Inn ten vp us tho pi end niiensinn n nsn i ,M .ssim b tin a 1 tl It til. ills, 1 H in th M i nti I 111 I hllM I l u 1 ll us u the M l_ ll ir in aneitiii, id I that in nn ithii ih lit nil eno Hpic ol the n i wiuld i i i] it in th se ,ti i i a hup 11 t] 1, .KinJ nit this biond Iniul hi ni nld en vMittdi d jwii an nntnithf ll sexthsuer t 11 th ot tl had 01 mud 1 i i in would stand am 1 at tin pic h iin that within IHU a lull 1 i I I n t l, f ln "i1 hunt r Hi, 1 inn 1 states (ii mim thu hi 1 tl it n tiling M' i! it' 'i Uli I thn ,Tp.i lit i, "M "i di I" i luting t v nn and ti' l" IS II p, lilt 1 t (M hull fill C mi- Hi siud th qu -ti n ftskiil U In should tin li ,M- the stall- lii, ms, tip IKglo. s 111] in muss 01 in ninnlKis piiat I thin tin n whito is nun show 1 that thi di 1 n t aih nn i in th wait il n bntai tnnlh uti Oiadc 1 ir n r u M m i K i n JIi Putin iilhc lid not Hlieip m thp tot il dii if tin in ir H 1 i h .ri thin WPK gn it iiiMiuc Im him that it tl i inn, nt 1 1 it- h t v I him lii wi nld illn ml id tit r ntiiidit of his I ith. IN wilh th lull it lati 1 I liw It w is ii, m 1 tint the- m i i ,1 dtMl p thi Snith m i ,g, SHU t this Mi h I'll i sail thilth n stitu tl in ot shut i in I lit d In 1 n I u di 1 tin dtMl mint i f Ilu stit.s "hnitiMstil Ilu hnd 11 >t 1 n nt u u ml Hi had lein tiiusfnimc 1 fiom thi inlisuini ul tin to a eon bl m wl i h iinli him tit t ilx ,ni a ol a In m u tilnjHiai. tin him th Si iith n is thi shim Mi lut i that li v Ulricas m tin S h 1 1 lf Ibin oun anl (hat th ol m, ee intn uh le n 1 I u I i i h ]n n, l t-cntniit nt todiiu hint in m in thought IIP nil I Ijtttii hi unlit n All Until i om tin K I Iwiinl rlil ,1 t. inn ii> i t nils-thp f 'I "i In 11 IP HI ut it was an litv Rinl il tl did th n l bin le-n would IIP imposed 'n 'I niti in hi h i ndit bo i tiled an mi Ihp diHIeiiltips of thp inn- I1 1 m Mi Plmr dpiHicd existol m tho (xi iti 1 iis and pieju Imiof a few whit mil 11 I I tnpon the in.ts in of th, finm 'Vlabnnia m II it HIP ehoi e was liet-ween in tl 01 mm M ins; thpm, litnti i thim 01 assinnlatl igthpin In t'inii tlmt H eonisp of Inituus on 'itthiinl si nth [lln npnts would settlp the whl tl mir mi 111 it n i iiioio n ml hpni-lol ide him, tint was un m I an in nit to 0111 nn in ni hiinnnit v FIp lu winl n lo tliatthctnip solutliii f the bl'l nits h, m 'intnt of his I ill phi uti n I lie I ill then wrnt m i wit] n r i ,n I p, te I 1 to tBi in il mti m f nine Ini-n ut 4 KaljomiKHl the Tlin Hindi, v or Ilit Hoiv it and Digrlut oijetl tltibsrriptio! Illsri.t, nialr Mann UI'B storj OOP Ii.iitui HIP Sljn.l His B. 1 Mlth Iliiddon ami T Juu CO mitt, i t thn hi iis, HIM thi bill i ntii, t mil tin (mciimatifi p i us dm i ij; tlm ii-niit fjiilinnatonaldim n m u lipgin si s.-i ni ji-tiidi withMi Mns m of Him us in HIM him Mi Mns ,n )H in 1 th pi KIK Im sin iinntt( p a iiiiiiniii at i i Sh nn n St iikhi, M HUMS Huttpiw, ith I'i 111 I 1 II, ll Ml S I I I'll -I II Bin's mi 1 i In-tin U di-i nil t gati n tin tlM 111 -V in I tin! i1- lai t 1 t i I 11 I I', it ill I tl i m th, i l( 111-I first w i I K n'li I il il i full a IM 1 hi t Mi Ivmli-y ai that as it w id llllpaitlll invistl Imve Kipiesiiitn Hi 11 in witni n i-t in i Ih, ie i, I' pllsOIlt ItlM- 1 ntti who w. i. ia I i- m hind desil.d U. M k I 1 of Ohm was tin iiiiiniiii piistntdl I isss ,n the p j, J, amj ,f a a lime of thn u i ii Ml mil u TN TIIJ. HOI U N Jan 17 Tin I in t w is nl i -t f itn K nk l'v 11 Iiscn iluti >n ippoiltvlbv M N Isn ll i i th i mmtt.K, oil lul s pio ml foi tl ai pumtniiiit of a '1 eef thu t. rn to i eport nitlnil thlci h sa plan bv wliK h the- h uise i" 1 tiiiuni Ihp -iti I tin pi op is 1 tai i i 1 i I i th I ut a lull pi 'o, th I in Mi f i m in f Tlhn us a- thp minoiirj o hi K mn it'n in ml, nsiibstitut 'hill ni iiutnutlip lomimttie on foi afT, n t, iijmit to t he house-a mi I IIK 1 1 tl 1 ahu i f thp noil Is ii w II, tbi 1 in -hall be held eastn v s I tl All mountains ane m I Hi I. tionol Ilii !liie foi thnli nil il I'H im nnlaltci the li ration hn n 1 1 tli I MIS-, thatth immitt. 1 lill 1 i 'h IIIIL. loi a fairn it i i h ifpd hv the h HIS 1 li- 11 t ill iw.d m which a suji i i K l, ef i ntatues ti ok nit Mi Hi t i Inn nan of tin ommitip u 1 tin snl stitnlt and s.ud i ill I 1 idp the site the eeim tn< four horns fin win h would be satisfa. ip Bh len J S (lasliin all ili ,n. it that e nn lit Ol tin i i e pi Inn Hi m tin p I mal el. bal 1 i I m olu nn 1 Stiph n n Mini h both i I tl in f i, inl tin bin kail whit i i from n -i h nt l I I ii..... ll 111 Si i I Ii 1 n 1 1 I 1 I- n Mil i i n i i i II si i n it, m ol V in t u isti i (nini il nilttee 11 i] 1 ll 1 Iin I il th t t itin n nilliiK i ,1 ollipr mpnirirrs speikp on the 1 I' r I I m of t'i ill' mmtt e was tint it wonl 1 llk.H ti lial less piiti ill) with thp i U itiis thin thp d n ISM nlatinns eomniit h t" mills ail aiiKnt siijipoiter 1 l ae i I nnis Mi mi n hi ilh mndilcd his i s lulu n In sli I tbi ihns-c itipiiimn tin Mi'f t IK tiki n nil fair eist n ni-t if thp Vlli nhinit s A -vot.i was tnkin on Mi f aim in-siih-t tntp a-sniolihcd and it w s il f il in- mi navs 11; Mi j., ii-niK tciaqu.stion of piui- I i s u Ith it 1 hi I kipta clow e f tin v It an 1 hi t ilh di 1 not with tin olh ultilU Hnaskid f. i a rpe-innt A re- in 11 till fi impi re lilt and thp snli- -tltnti Vi Mas H rms 1' n mn Ii nfii-i n 111-11.d i-to the next st p t. li tiki n in j uh nn ntjiii puiietd n MTU m mb is oiit.nlid that thp i i 1 -h ml 1 In- tikni on the Mi Kmley i -iluti n a-ami nil d U the snbstitntu n nf "m n i- lit, n lut thi speaker hi M (tli IHN in 1 st itid Unit the wxtMite was n n-id tl i majoi it% in (a< "1 1 I'M tin iiuiinl nsehition nffncd ti tin mmitt i n nil s lln wan nitclfKl mil, mt nsp mtpipst nnd w i- In vn at tl end it th i ill call tl at Hi n lull n Illl Ijnn illicit, 1 by a In i ti Mi m, his t, I, ill, in i an nl- u 1 Mite i m tlm th mpitivo i nsi 1, mti m s 1 s, Mi Sj 11 i .1 KinI t n 1 I' p n.liii Hlil he hons, at 4 u 1 u n M 1 t I I la Kiemsiih i and Mr tl it 11 n tin 1. i th -i ml th s mint in C. C. PENFOLD, MANUFACTURER IMPORTER, 364 M ST ItVrPAJXl, V. Y 0AM J. 01FFORD, SOI Central Are. (Up O General Imaranee and Real Estate Agent. Pire-Lile, Accident, and Stock insurance. Prompt attention gi v an to bnylnir and selling Real Estate. C. JOKES, 78 E. Third at, eor Deer Sail and and mm Clocks, Silvern are, Leather Kt WATCHES, JEWELBI, Buy the Aurora Railroad Watch. Repairing a specialty ___ frank B. Third it WM- MOCKER, Merchant Tailor, 316 Central Areniu j ENOKA I rxe, OOLD ef SIL U'U PL t TIXG A COMTLKTE LIKE OP HOLIDAY GOODS MAIN STREET, Opposite Iroquois Hotel. M Ki v hi lin, of ti na ism mn in ui It M bt ITl OF I Ml IStitl i -Jiiil thnt afiai i d tint if th th i n ill 1 othn lali i lo till Hi, s il Jf, ih, n, t YUmt th Vinth in 1 ilanl i ,tt il n h Mil, l h i m i lu ,1 lab i u i in i 11 u i tl i lit in it liuhililu, m I ilthpio dnieiN this j e i, n th, pi Oitssm Ihiil, I m, nl ilthiSii, 1m in, the ]nst ikeale u In i ant n i nn pint 1 ith it Ilitnii pi n IP m l l i i Mi 1! n in i i Mi i hisgratificitt ouat tin to i, and t mine lilhpli in annual II.ITIIH Mt- i In iiiimbpranil if tl.i iluldrcn Ih i p HI i-tin at.s tin numb, i ot ixrsons lUthpflml in tliefenemnuj'h 1 at Jl In hi s r i Aiipd 1 I, id, nt, III 1 nil Itntifliil Wi Ih, mn lmiie.1 li qd innnlii i jlli Nil an I Imtiiil m Uian hitw cemetery Ruin (till selling mil sei on 1 i n Si i n i i ii p Mi Hum i I IK Thn lir M Ca t 1 I 11 Fo iMi i Ill-t ,1 t.O J j4' P it il tn -ss P'P 1 i l( ll II I bill I I sul, It t IF mill s i M 1 the nn in u m M k, i] wns hi in H iln Mr yi K nlty -inj ho appauiiin t foi tbehrst turn jliout a nn nlli Hfpic-siiitjilne Bntteiwi ith showed it him w us not Ins own ktiovi ne thing ulx ut mittei mipl hnllKHi, m th, n and had...... u 1 it Ihp ballot but bill until tin- hust nn Tisim ,f Cmcmiiiti who i isil 1 i i nphell in tin ball it 'as, w is n, H, was shmn iha I-IJK i dutnl July n nl i-l ,d lo U-ll all he km w ut it Ihe hid HIM i s. i n tlm Iw IP said that Iiinie- P Mmiaylml ill il on him alt i the pap i ap 'an linn I in iiinati n and said i f.i rfny and hui up in las Mm iay s) ofhi p Ml II niTHAiTMl Hdseeuii.l thi.K nihluMts ehlj lln- npxtdiy he tall d u Mm at at the offii-eof Hi t imm. (.a.e-ttci ond do niandcd to si i Mi said tin i wns mth, si Dejiosit e jmpivi) s vnnll but IIP piodiipul phi log, iphi, u du ti in >l i Ih-ivi in-, t. II Mi Halsti id th pip i wj-a I IL, n inel Ihp mall i to list f n twi iiU Ion, hoin llicnevt nioiiiin0 Mi H ,1-tca 1 pnhhshcil h s ntin tunm 'Ih omnipii tie- Un tin snmi mnmnB he u i iv la nol. fiom Mi H iMi id sta nij; tl -t h ha I e "iiMi 1th it (In IMIKI WHS a f y -mil 1111 P 1 tint LMi) cfTnit noun be nu li t i pi i! tin n fin VM1 s si I I IJ Innnsttc, tn a quest inn fiom Ot-n Onw- Jiuly HHI mail-ud that as thp names of who in IP impli atcd in the ballot- box alfan bal nt Ml 1 in foiward, lit did not eaio in out nt the tune the toipij wns disc >M ml H purpi-cK omittoil tlio iiomes of all i pt d >M t noi ampin 11 fi im tin. allidai it ninth ho show i 1 to Mi Hils-tiad In the iiiteiMnw with him Mi Itals-lnu said hp had JIHP i UIH r, yarding fie pniipi ,m thenftuiiKin of tho da) th njippaied m Ins journal lip HIM r is ei lamed n hi ie Mr Ilalstcad wuiitl tl o F igi 1 pap, r The t.nger TiMl hud tliimpd thnt tho p ,por was Kot up h a.- a si me by win, h xhat is kn iwn ns tho I ,p tt.i 'n 1 it ument thnt mij lit do dimaRe to th. Id pubIn mso h it. Siinlh Ji i lli.toi of custom if Um inn iti l he hrst saw tho pap, i it tho Itipnlli nn-till h il at t liimbus Hi txiiits.stel hisopini in ntth linn that lln, pajxr was n t num. At tin i pnstof sompof his tin n Is In toe k the Mr whosiempl to think tin pijier KIIIUIIP Hi nftcrwaid asnrt nn K! tint Mi IlnUtuul hid SPCII tin r lonslj KlHAkUl TLVTIFIH) TxCrOM inoi FoiLkei was tlio IIPS.H HP had ionu in ifkM thei in...... lad h On Inn. '7 tsso th. morning 1 wts i nominal 1 foi jrm i of (ihn I.onis-M -I id Im siliutoi .all.Kl Th( TO MISS m.. about Mi iinplipll Ml Had Ion said that it Mr Cam] 1x11 w-re i jisti i lay fin tin of the uih i-nl ii f 01 era ill n Hn a Iht pi.-.idint Mrs Hun h, bairn i Jlllill whlhwn-ii d Ipiliinllhat blfi I em- iit npiniim in iiu'h.dsui n nk and tin f ni. i plaillinlro- iii Ih; A VALUELESS VICTORY. LORD EUSTON'S EXONERATION ONLY SHARED BY THE COURT. suits IIIIM. Innnj; tin. hst fi n inn mpi Ih and nip no- >p intn ii nmoiii; u nfioush t ln> a piai ti I V IIIHI1J tl at hal mi nn is eo i (In who sim u Iv an 1 diir.ii-1 is nuinifislh ill intiinl s ;iiualion si-nn enl wis. in. s Hi il Ihi Inb us of go nl n inn, am tn and Ubtll 'II lii.h IMIIUS) tl -eimiiiK in upiny Ihi putiNin y of tho JraH of tin NatiiinIM 111KM, tlnistiaii am niiioii an 1 lln pr s, nt nun k. I tpiid, in y in Ihi saint- siippoitinfr linKiioi, -f mm IIIIM- ilisturlied thi'ii inli ifi ml wilh Imimim I tpinmis aft, i tho W I I' nas t, imivl piiiiyaiiaiilinos itnswii, and h ne ,luH n suits foi liwpil tin. w ilk Altei tin. last loimnlion bad re- fuse Inn mils, m-iii in, niramst the 111 III III Ul tu u t n. ill i noil iwilisins was h I I alwmt a Imm, om OHM ll d Is tin- i II tine, Mt i it i ii ;h ny (i mill mi li I h" l.pjlt H 111. lomu s It i, mimii, I- u fth oiKimiflit ml, ih yy hnstian eiuininiiii 1'pnns, haiiin II, M- till (III PC ti i-i jiai tisan mini Jin of i II u I a IMHI lit mt i now pn In imai v l.sol AFRO AMERICAN CONVENTION savor "ii It 1 Ufnolull .if lhtll At Hi m n 11 IHR session oni 11 i, y i sti idaj K 1( I. 1 1'itsident .11 pii-ulpiiN J it I II DBMS I (imsy hama A M mm Ohio, J ohimbltt. jnlnol, I i Ann 11 i IHr I Ilu I IN 111 M inniii Indiana y M ll me I ,n i Plllsspll Mlssenn, s Dabnc n-l a 1 I Kit ions Dis-liipt if Q Mumps, I i L W Menu ndone f i om, uhot th, nth l still -nte.1 s, I U Iilham ssi.t nits i I i i-, H Siinlh liv Jjhlls n cl t 1 nt was tin tli in and miido u Jl st Iw f 1 )j nt (J C shw.H loi ion "huh was -ilnti ,ns I he us ,n says nh rh l r u, .Aiii-ii Tbe Peonla Still HelUra Him Gulllr Kxpraucd the V.nllrl. The Judgo'i lilairil Dentil of ML Sollar (tovrra lo the UnlouUti LONDON Jnn 17 -Tlie verdict In tuo nue of the Earl of Eiwton anaiiwt Editor Parks abtoumh e-rj body, though ujxin a strict lu- 1.1 pi elation of tbe laws ivlating to libal it in doubtful that the jury could Imve found othciniso It 11 peifoetlv pluin, however, that Mr Parke defeat and Uwomflluro due to Ins mnbillty to produce reputable wlt- IH-SSOS, the siiiiixlied charai-lor of thiwe U-stitle-d hnUng milltnteil Birniiut their ereili- bihty and strong bias in favor of Euuton which c-haiac-teilaid Hawkins' nmrku thiYiughout hn Humming up The suit of thetiial luu no effeet upon the main ihauo howeic-r, and tho pupular belief ID Ii.uf.binN guilt remains an strong an ever If lu d.-od it is not Justice Ilatvkhu' oxpnwsioii of suipiiw tlmt a warrant agalnut Ixird Kustun had not IKHMI applied for Saul's y be mff ti no, rei-eived with a gmKiml simlii of deiiMnn, sinee it w doubted mnjistmto Ixwn found m England would havo dared to liaue a writ fiKaiint the and heir of B duke on miy slim t of murdor, an assumption amply tu ut, nil n I i ilu, s n p ml ul mil ,ih in sin inikiitht I wo f II, Linl f cf 11, s in N liitors titlilai (ciiiiiiinil 1 us I lu M s, s t iin iiitol th st t.s foiuini il, honoraWi- n .v ,ul Hie inrans If ,lf I il tin nn lms bv the expei lene-e of the reixirter Snmm In atu-mpting to seciira legal redrew for tho rolllanly conduct of ths Duke of amhildgoitt of the Are 1 last May On that occasion the royal ____ Ruaiil wan protected by every to "horn Simma applied, and it U fairlopre- niime that thp name ningmg servility uould Inn e Iwn dlspiajal to shield the son of tbe Uiikenf (Imtfon A IOSS TO TUB UNIOMISTS death of Mi Alexander Cialg Mi llnr, I'monist nn-mlHi Of parliament for UM Pat ink division of fjinaikfhiro is Inmoiethan me- a nerloiiB Ions to the Unionist fur lion Mi He-liar was the Uniuiitat whip mid in that lapaelty did almost invaluable mi vnelohis organisation, nhilw won miffl lently popular tviih hu e-oiiKtituKiicy to hold "Walnut all i outwtautx Hu i-pinuvnl I.iljeials will, tonndeme tlmt they will IK-able to oveie-nnw the Toiy Lniomut the hi.iuh diTision Mi Sellar ropiemiitwl, and the 1'oriea loiifulliwt tin seat be lost Mi VVflliani Hunt, the artist famous as tho pamtPr of Ijght ot the Ihe bliudow of and other well known pictuies, ill withbion thills. KRIE STORh Yesterday we gave you Dull Seasons Goods to reau about, to-day we give jou more. Trench shoe blinking 8c l.argC (Illll111 gc Assorted cuke tins per cloy lOc Kxtra Birong bird rsge Bprings Be Kiincv brne-ki-iN per pair Be Heavy lea spoons, 8 for do lloavy table Hponim fl for lOc wood milliard Bp.nms 3a Box tn, grnlfrs 2o Patent holders 3c CiMiibination Htovi-lihin 7c lit avy Iron stove lifters 4o I'lmuiix tdieai-H, nil kcl plalt'il ..lie H arrnnlcd bint hand steel acrcw dlivcrtt gf Puigrd hteulm-icw tiiivcn fle drawer oullfl 4? Uroim'il nanh lifll itroiizod Minuter knohff sti'i'l Ki-ralch awls <c 4-ini h bairel bolla Ac liroiiie-il i npboard calibers 6c Handy bench vin-8 Kiminilid tntk lawn 4C DIMII nnd gate gnriiig anil a tixiurea 12o coat nn.i hal b .okn, 3 fur Oc dcntii t< lino pull ion xltl iron Bhelf briukvlN. per pair srat Illls tho Foilh 'corr- The great hi nlKC over the Firth of will Iw formally with elalKiniU mniiiesoi, Maiih-l, when IbePrme-p of Kxt the struetiim bydiiMiiit th. I0< last bolt William of Germany ro.eivod a deputation of nllli era yesterday, reprmiilnii; nil of the iinnnonts comprulng the imlilaiy Fkrlii 18c Double rut gimlet bllH ie Tea and c. (Tee Hlralnem 4C Kxlra strong enameled Htruineri! Mr A Hrrnnled bcNl stool kitrLrn knives Hu ouk lowed rollers .IHr J 8-in ii w I rucks 9C li lunik hat und toat racka In, Fanners' laments ,Mo Kitchen whcl Blonrn 10o Kxlia tack hummers 5r l.iiriri! i run door bulls National ten and ceiflce Oc I'iiiiuiK led handle lolling ping ICiiRmi'lul handle potato masliera Unul wood p nato iiiaxhei-H Iliuil wiiod tipoonn IliHtcr knives Hu'lcr prinln Full huti hot llesl steel knives nnd folks per pair vie Untidy tire long? gijp King lemon squci 7ers a c Li Ira long poki-is CaipcnlerH marking joe H'aucy mono lea [mm CN-mhinaiion household tool Ho lllc Ilk- 5c He Be bV 4c fie Be folrt in ami nioiii i ho UelKian govm has decided Inbor Ui the lormutKjii of wl Hh all ipmstions affectuig ompln.i employes will bo rofe-rred. OFF An Accident lo THE TRACK iiliiniilcl in xt riii -Jim im and tho Cm n I, him i" ntlis 11 mil, -s mti 1 1 t. Hin-, h m n it ''lit II I HUSH lasmeivml hi th. i-1 t itliLs.uM iterests he n-pies m, sornu th< me and mnk B! it MI UM of it hi t Goiornoi r. i-ikei p mimed 1.1. p t nn irel askmi; te IK m 1 f0] s ispci toi at mimnuti Ihisi wu, hi Jlinmiiii itiiins with i ,d u xl n him on his K tin n to L I'miilnis horn soen llt tni ni tiling at the tiino SMT LAM., I ml, 01 lined on Ih, U I n, in 1 in illi h I I ssi I hf hn 1 Hi at full sp un ingm.s nlsli kui vl ni tin i ,st-.Hit m, miiBnlxiiit hit, I l s. rioiinlj 17- n. ident ,hp su IH lloul M i Hi- switch k spuailth, sut h i u MI, nn I nt i i ml iiaiinil p i n-, i J'l'" I' ''ins I and lin' niiiiid Iliiinn Spunks hi nil I HIM 1 Imnipjhs lulu (haihs Uiaihdilill alxnt Hi. In. Mi, MOIIIIS ,li, stbi ills I S] I hinland s ol (1 ul.s 1, ,hm of N..v W (J ut and hanlspiaiiinl 7. 11 iiliani of Og- n ttl II, ,n MCHIII.IS nn I l ]Uk nlliis Miss Mon shirhil dm link I i t sh 1 L nt Mtln- tho CM saw H ,1, lust Hi nit time knpi iii; at New Orli'ais s Jan 17 uithoi cloar tnrl r n-s-t rae-e SI loir lirst DBMS i thud tinie mil, KnoTVilliflrst Nellie I ijnij 1 1 ir mile Mirrlibuin in ml, Peanut thud tune, handinp mile Bi.i-nlcr Irelunii thud time, Ho tu -U on 1 h 1 to be nn, is tho position of si i k n sp Null.Mini N Y' Jnn 1T-'rnder hliwilf M aril of Wnrren county pur un.lnr ni iw i ntli Pattoreon, a the f ,p- N S N Y of Olwih Polls foi the- nun pay meiit of Hues and Ih, wnii mt niiHtheiesiiltof a court mnitialiu- putli hi 11 over by dipt if. n of A Ibanv Write cn, nitlorall neie- by County Jn.lgp ntimmble forthwith riisliirt Ati.iniBj, a brother of the delin- quent llpiH'nrml m lug bi-hnlf, ninl Pinii I nut Dai is foi the comiwny Atb-rwrni, iission tho UUKI adjourned mail mst Disl rie t Attorney Patterson withdrawn fiom thn Paso, as tliore a quwtion he nsdistiiet could foi di fcnsi- in a e-nw whem tho w.-.i. mtor Honh'u' exjimw-l tin- lii m of S T Brim n .Son will curry tho to tlio miirt of Ihn (lcf( ns.1 nllegoa thot no 1 gil eiistpucu tliat it has levnllj organized, nor has In. pvnrlip, n llmt tlmeviurt had no jiiiivln uon tn ti> di and that tho inlhtai y uneoiiMiliitlonal Mr Patterxoii is the i nstoilj of thn mt.-iwt will 1M taken in the h, Valionil CimrdHiiipn of the! nblt< It will hctlli nhi-thi-i an enlistment m the tciiy KIIVIIO means wimpthmpr nmn. tliar, a o ut the- option of Ihn piivnlo limn lioyal bl oc polmh KHI IIIITH' monkey Large handle ten nteip Fmelan, 0 Trnttldg Breed.r. In 8-..lnn. ,nkwjai1 n ,TOn ho National Trotting wns at the Fifth Avenue hot. 1 all ERIE mm THE STEWART WILL CASE. It M by tho Legal nnd union. Virtt YOKK, Jan 17 -'ITie proreedlnp in the surrogat.' H court in tho contmt of "I'lof Mrs HtowartKore diMiilmwd .hiy by mutual consent mlt of Mm. Hnuth agahuit Judge Hilton and Mr Clinch for an aci oimtmg an eiofutnni wan aim with- drawn tho oettlemont agrmd upon wan not tlie ternu at tat- llement were made publl. a> followii Them three quertiomi in ron Hind Judge Hilton n right to tho pronortliM convoyed to him by Stewart during her lifetime, Including the the nnlU, tbe elown town store, the Colonnade hotel prop- erty and curtain bank rtockj. U MtUed by a to Judge Hilton from all the and a by Judgs Hilton of a 'h'bit Italanc-e of M7 bfl due him by Un Btawart at the tune of hei death, and of a mortKage on Tcnth-ntmet whirh h< held u MX urity for IWO of the .lay josterdnv, Dnhswill fi Ple8njent Mall nt this 1 lit IN 111 I Imjr nil ,t J H nun thu ,1, mt t thon men toietiiiH Ifl ik wilh tin pio tlmt p, lie mad, Ifthrment tninth, hx k out nil! ll niidLMinndiiiK is th It ill c fictulj SjstpinwiU be ui died nmug To bo I- e! Neyv YORK. then wav Ni (cntial riinip Jnn il no 17-Foin s( !a} flom ro MmntH Tl oponniB, takes foi WtO and the question ol tin e up IB (rocoid Fnnr Kllli-cl and Several Injurre) NAsnvniK, men w me killed and several othors- liielly wounded by the pi, mature explosion of a blast at a oamp near Jphmon City, on the Atlantic and Ohio railroad William Uavis ol Kiicttvilk) was one ol the killed Cen. OoBT Klected. TON, W Va.Jan. min- ont> of the contest committee was road yesterday afternoon It shows a plur allty of HO for Gen GolT, and reconunends that he be declared duly elected goveinoi of this state 8cemid-Tho validity of Mm will Thin settled by a dorrra of durro- confirming tbe original of The validity of tbe conferred uiwii Judge Hilton by Htewart In her will to distribute the half oatate remaining after making certain pro- visions for the cathedral Thin nttlod by ihe oxeoutlon of said power by Judge Hilton by the conveyance to the cathedral of about entity ae IP, m addition to the area fmineilyheld.and by. fu, iher ondowment of me cathedral out of Mm. L tiwui t's estate and charged upon tbe Park Vvenue hotel, New York, and tbe Grand Union hotel, Saratoga, and by the distribu- tion of the surplus of one-half the among the legateea named In the will ui tha m which they would have been entitled theieto under the will If the power bad not been valid Judge Hilton and C net us .'xeeutors. J Clmrh continue to Herr Funeral. BFIUTN, Jnn 17 The funeral of Wedde the fvxrilistic loader, which took plaeeat llamlmig j afterdaj, n a.i made tbe occufcion of an immeimu Socialistic demon- sl ration, jxxxple mnrckiug in the nro- i A THIEVING TELLER CAUGHT. Ilflirv H. who fft-li> CIO.OOO from Snb-Treunry at New York. NFW Yoiiu, 17 -Thief of 'mtod States secret service has captured Henry H Jackson, formerly paying teller at tin who stoto from the funds uncter charge In October 1887 Jatlwon will be held to atrait the action of the grand jury Jackson was arrested at the Altaian hoiuo, rotirth avenue and Tenth utreet, where he had been "making a night of it" with a party of men and women He strenuously inaMad that the detectives had a mfttake af his name was M J HUI. He wai wm Id'en- illod, however, and then nude a oonfanten, leflnrmg that his ruin was cauMd by a Oman Hc> had two wiveg, and kai bemdJ- >..rnwlfrom Ixith One of he would my wblch-had e-atwed Mm to beoorne. mal After taking the moner be fled to where he Bfa. He nwhrnkcn inlieelth and witbeut fum... 1- ihe son at a highly iMder tm imsioimry work, and up to the Uneef Icfnl, ntion was much thought af by ah HKwjciates and mareA not i Immal Hi was remanded without bail for mation Jan M For Finest Wall Paper call at Monroe's.

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