Saturday, December 21, 1889

Dunkirk Evening Observer

Location: Dunkirk, New York

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Text Content of Page 1 of Dunkirk Evening Observer on Saturday, December 21, 1889

Dunkirk Evening Observer (Newspaper) - December 21, 1889, Dunkirk, New York VOL. XIX. DUNKIRK, N. Y., SATURDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1889. NO. 115. MPRESENTATIVE BUSINESS HOUSES OF DUNKIRK. itllllO MACHINK (or rulcnjf I lanka H tlic IfttetAnuditiun to il Department of kirk rnntiiife Company vMJKKSConl and Wood Yard 71" r I opposite Nickel 1'laU VII irriules of Hard and Soft Coal 41 L robtr Slnnglca and tree Lorrespon itnce for wholesale luu t SI SON, 2.J Center street r is I'rot HiiMig Canniil etc v fitt ojuia Klectnc Bread received vi r) lay BVHtHbtlli aoVHKS-lmMnurd. TC. JONKS, Thud at, cor Deer Meat Market rruili, Salt and Smoked Alcate, Lard, Su usages, Oyntcrs tnu Poultry. TPHB PKOPLE-S DRV GOODS STOBBS i efl Block, Dunkirk Wood'u Rl onn ilrue store tlaj.anl bo pr uij 11 dc lyoccl un I ultuiUttil to THE GREAT EXPLORER. STANLEY OBJECTS TO SOME STATE- MENTS CONCERNING HIM I t M MAUN, Practical i'lumbcr, Gae n I 8tuuu i itter Special attention 11 lanitnry P umbinc tstiinalrt given nl nip, oae Fitting-Stcam Heating am II i v i t uruates 27 b Third strict. i, II G1FFOKU, 2ii and 225 Central Avc l> Artistic Photographer Instantaneous i of llabies a epic, ally t wait for sunshine except fui SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT EH IBVINO Pro I r tU r, No lt> b Second strctl. near liuJ I irn. Dunkirk. N i Mu i l uni liltts tb bounl in all styles Orctcre f t v atttndtd to All work guaranteed I CBOCKKBY UODSK, 1) SOS Central Avenue In lewile and retail dealer in 1m jortetl and i inestic China Glassware, Ac (HAS M. H VKKIS, Central AVt (j eral Insurance, I ife, Accident an I i r SON, Fin 1 ift, J c lent mil ttt-ntril Itisuruc P Ut il ti i uiul riUtt mill I rir.icular i 1 lo rnt i irv ol l n pi rlj collect r n! 210 enter ot.inil Hour II-' hot s I'HARIACV oOC Central Avenue Hi ill, in tr (or Wall 1'apc1- Pa nts Oils, Ac )FKKfNS J 1 .'09 Center street, Slsru icturcr anil iltulcr in Sad Its Br if t rtand Monroerange IkB icli .'i- blank books, ledgers, and i-- 1 Hanks loueat nkirk 1 rmting Companv, "u 10 I- Rl HIM I II MOLDENHAUEK, I r i liiul and Buffalo Sta l.nn to, Jhirule, flagging t Call on me before bn i! r TC ir a 11 a Kast Front street. in inca, Brandies- l iquor Store lor Family Cse RORtUT M SAT, I ion street, near the depot l oar ing SMC aod Stable Al v; nt (HIM I C l p 1 <c I'D ten tn Cav< and III) Kims sunn I radt Miuksitf.1 tend Alllalinl undue i I f i m Icrnte KLH hf unati n i an I spi i il n -i si it on it. [lit pi A R 00 miles foi the pnrp >so of re- llev ng JUaltellot's command Ho justillas the payment of a salary of i. A a month to Tippoo lib to avoid a war, and di cl ires tint if both parties are honest in thoir actio is wih be tout! lued indefinitely btanlo} especially bitter in rebuking those m England who had lost laith in 1 is steadfastness of pin pose to tho extent Df ciediting i umois that Ii9 was imiichlng in thy dn cti n >f Khaitoum an! treats it length of Haittclot, removing entncly the imprissloli that bis pievl ms letters were ro- floetioua on tho inujii s conduct He ai mil-s that liartfelot onivniodid pmlities jo bo gamed in no oth< i nay thnn hy long eir I i IKO in Afi ita, to exti n ilo liiinsdf fi it his dilemn a He highly eul i high qiialitHS Ho knew tlmt lifii ttcl it nut of an un f u bearing disp isition mil had 11 tended to keep hinulth If 1 uc sity compelled his htiiig left 1 chin 1 Uil ttclot was ign 11 t f tl o I manage of the natives with him and in whose teintotj be was anl Stanley thinks Iho i inaj have plu> eel him tain thus, occisionn g a ecoliiuss winch wav novii lit iled and led to his death He quotes in detail tho instill lions he gave Bai tfelot anl t nally elemis emphatic, ally the alleged ntrocitir tlie Manyonni canmtmlism th i h Ing of a dmmg h reveuiuen ete During ho entile expc liti jn he bo executed only foul IIHMI ENTERTAIN'NG THE SOUTHENERS Tirana Shown York g Police and Fire YOUR Doc 21 Pan leit the 1 ifth Atenue hotel at 10 o clock yes teiday an 1 atiivetl at the fire department headquarters at 10 W Here they wtre bhown throughout the entire build ng and PXI i tsstd mu s 3 mid 1 r t >wer hove r H nn I 5 ftro pntt 1 >ns ni 1 tl r-ja steam rethtre wnkitth Inilcrrf s t oamt fi urn tht tow i i an 1 out f f mi tho t >p of the 1- vcrett hjtti Ho mi d lighted the I an Amen i 1 n tilt j r ty a Ijonrne 1 to tb( h jtcl to lunch u At 4 j in tho pni ty went to Mr nit) m 1 iHh avenue to o his ait ly lime tliov wero i teivel by Mr C M Do pt w anl liew Hintgie After mspt t tl irt ei an 1 the mansion go (.rally tiuyjartotk ot 1 and a lotoption Jifld w u 1 htl 1 in tf i nirlors In tbo truing wno ban Delntriiui s by the Spm ikh KTtiC nnmrcj U union The HI rf I arty i i it ui thn balron> (lining the a S cictaij 111 me who was to li t i h i s nt n t I rxpitw, ing ro L.I t I hat K f 111 ill iczits ma IP it i nj s il 1 ft Inn to att n 1 A lai nniiibti i l m 1 t t w re M ivoi f nmr Mi isi i Kom r> CniMil Mdih tu i and RLV J R. RECOGMZING BRAZIL NOMINATIONS CONFIRMED. MR A SECRET ALLIANCE GRANDEST MODEEN DISCOVEHI 'I i oi Pit 11 in u y. I h only true lUinI LLIXIK Ofr MFfc AM) UtALIII uc th it pr >n t s in pelile c e inses (lie liver n I it I n n U ne %el a ill one li i n i il It r f t I r in vili ruin or h lei wlmk v s v uulcr tin I I I I lu s elfvCb. f ir iv rst lh n lln, di' arc takei l III 1 it tl I i 1 ink L I ml l) r Vt. I rod t 1 r hicl th lnici" pure tonic si wltliout titiug iMuiolit H hlooil pu.lilr. without poiitttii nithottt jHirg liit; and all a lift nlvinu ntlniuliint tluxil ate Me h nt-lm t s 1 powers in the uurhl A (IBM IM flrsuriuss ng PI Ml I 11 VM i Ill> I It K Icolun in any il] tpt, LS i tooic.iiMl situ it ctunul i CH n itr ti I 3H I IF1 Its nil itis ti n L r spir U d II II e fiiiielions wher lilt is in nnt ue hler I ike il litollty In It li, n I too m tell lo issert thAl the equal of InCRar llittartt not exUt, ind no cen ul trp ul e r ci inpouiid wilh siiniUr virlues 1 s C Mil OHM V tie pre ehictio I {f the me hen d IniitH n e 11 an 1 ht-hf, of u Inch t ns Hitters s eoiupi stel >1 ol lllun us (11 v tlie Ineli ins inel the al I re 1 ss n the ire mm t eif chills mil rhe matiiiin, citirrh, consul pt n ne ir Ig i, fell ichei, liver L >inj 11 it k d il e ise J l n lie eoiit p les hulls, ski] lib i ts Ve. I j numerous to mention, hill e isdy u ilerst mil when he imon ot the B tiers >n t ie fi tu i r mi ml ere el I !IL ehst, n er> i irtl> iccieleli ti 1 hut the re cm I CT Itll TEill IS 11IL llliaLITdV Stll M lh >ns of sufferers ef in I tnl reel elurlng the pas ej i erter e f a ee tl e nulerf d sue cess of thii IIIINOMINM 1ONK OP HI! n or ler to in el everv p h th e iein n I is if the s dients ire nv j] 1111. 01 1> s, 1111 IM t ry up is SI UONOI- H HMHI t Allv V AND CIIII Dill N ItKMKMIILl of lov it lit! lei l u of r it o 1 vl li it nn i r H8 IN Nor d HVIIU mil ts si j, lar r tl t low r Hsins rcii lers it llie implacab e foe oi mi- vui v MICHO 11 M 11 HI V ihstascs cholera co s in l its I i in in lUnal is tc i gernneiik ttut it LM-QQAII H) UM1H I nlv A hook c u iJ be wntlcn oi other ft testtnio n tls lull it is mh r its jftntril el i i up th nitt nil s uf tiir illt tluit flishU iitir lu, und tlmt no futnil} should t be u bottlo OI I> AM) 1 MNhfHH HI I I! US IN Illh end u Mir I i ht-s bo k 1 Iress It 1! McOONM I> U1U ELYS CATARRH tin tho of Taste and Smell PRV iiiF tuiu HAY-FEVER particle is applied into cich n Ktril and IB ax'reenlilc I'lite iti oontsat by mail registered LM UROllims Wttairon sueet, New 1 ork C. C. PENFOLD. MANUFACTURER IMPORTER, M UN ST BUI 1 VI O. X. 1. M.HE. and Clocks, SIHtrvcorc, I eatlu i I It IN ItHllrvml to llure Heen Formed It. Austria mul It ilcitrlu NJVOO whose utU ratiH-9 aro re gnnUd nircd ofHcml tjcpiossu ns u applied to pohtual affairs, is res] OHM bio foi tho htat UK nt tlifit a HI n the first attempt of the fut m r to nvail himself of tho provisions of tht pnct whuh contempl a virtual invasion of Bulgaria the having long ago reached the cision tbat if Bulgaria is to bo invaded he will do the invading hii'isi If 'lliB Russian press is also alarmed nt the now very stioiiK probability tbat Germany will accomplish her desire to establish a strongly fortifled position on tho Danish island of Bornholm In the Baltic sea, and the grounds of their fears will no doubt bo made the subject of diplomatic correspouduice and protest AUSTttAIIAN FEDERATION1 A number of est Australian delegates are on their way to England chaiged with the mission of holding a con foi once with tlio homo government on the subject of Aus tralian ftdeiation, which scheme has grown immensely in popular fnvor m Australia since the recent concessions of the Victorian authorities to tbe proposals of Sir Henry Parkes The chief point to be urged by the delegates is the introduction in the English parliament of an Australian autonomy bill AI I1EHT VICTOR OKDEHED HOMK The Prince of Wales with his usual pro- ince and astuteness hns peremptorily or- dered Pi mce Albert Victor to abandon has tour of India uiul return home forthwith Tbw step was decided npon by his loynl highness ns on answer to the now common rumor that Albert depai ture was acceleiRted by knowledge that the West End scan ial had btcorne known to persona out- sulo the Cuvon hsh street house and the allo- gation that for tho same reason hii absence would be tndt finitely 1 It is ex; peeled thiit bis return will be followed by nn indignant protest against the scandalous rumcfs anrt the piompt prosecution of, any one pei skiing m their circulation A IOCKOUT THRKATEVPD The journeymen shoemakers of Bristol having litvome involved in u dispute with then employers over a question of fnci a-sal wages the latter have decided to declare a lockout if tho men lefuw to ret edo from thur dtmands Upwards of men nro in vohod in the dispute jind a lockout would result in nuseiy almost impossible to con Tht Got man eminent has puichastd a tract of 10 000 acres of laud in ANrue foi tlie purpose of establishing thereon a mihuiry camp An eh vated railwfly ro be ntert by ekcti is in course of tion be- tween Bui more aud fclboi ft 11, Khemsh Pi ussla A Leather Mercliunt Missing WOBURS Mass. Dec -1 Hcnrv C Rei Cfllffakin manufacturer, left his home Dec 10, ostensibly on a business tt ip to Toronto Out and told his wife that be expected to return ibe following Friday, or if be went on to Chicago he might not retuin unt 1 Tues lay of this weel He hns been manufacturing leather for Taylor Bros of Toronto and is agent of tho grease firm of inkier choff of Chicago and his connection with these films has fiequentlv called him to these cities A telegram from Toronto stated that be left thei e Wednesday afternoon last in tbe direction of Buffalo On Thursday his pred itors took his iifTairs in hand a ui petitioned him into it solvency His business affairs are now being investigated. He is said to have been selling leather for cash lately and must have realized from to Reid s f i lends think he is ill somewhere and are making efforts to ascertain his where- abouts__________________ More Shut Down. SHAMOKIN Pa Dec 21 evpwng woi k was stopped at Neils >n sf aft and Bu 1< i i n nt nungingthe which the hnd givf n one if hib nt ifehl is uh 1ml b titf n nn old in 1 lu ofieiod fclOiPwaid for the J it 1 call (11 I un J liny out nnd iht-ii enc Jiinfi r -.ult 1 in tho v. >unding of ii} n ig white rnnn who dial Wednesday 1 hutsday m irninx nbnut J o tl >ek a pai ty of nun on 1 nsts ntut I the town and went to tho nbin i i ly Jones They bioke tl d 01 (iown i ci tton lall satuiated with w rm h fiiniinublB liquid into tlio house to pi 1 i o u an 1 tJ on f IL 1 two loads Of llKks.ll t Into thu btd J lUSOCCll I J Ji sltjt v ih a in hestfr i iflo FII 1 a pist 1 in th) b 1 anl at tho fli- lor i usliali n ho also opened fnoaiiddii charge J u nr 1 ots ut his ass ulants A ha r j ost s t, 1 I lift It naught fom of th bit 1 sli fc a 1 scattered the bal amo >t tho 1 md Ihieu sculped his left temj 1 IH tnit led tht left ai m H d throe rna 1 si t j in Is m the left si ie Iho l ttfulut us lu 1 t J ill 11 noikqn Idy for tht n IK! f i h 1 i, nn 1 tin y left J CHIOS Ixhev u g ht was de i i In n few mm utts Muisl al burn r aud I'olict UK n Dmkin' ai d Dan Spiei wero on the ground but the it on ha 1 1 J ho lu .eat esti inatp of thenumbei is put at and the huh st nt 100 AN INDIGNANT COMMUNITY PUtsflelfl Mawi Excited Over Dr Colbj'd 'Ulue Book" Scheme FITTSFIELD Mass 21 Oilman Colby erlitor of the Bar Harbor Tourist carmi to PHtsfitld a month ago and announced tlmt be would shortly publ sh a 'blue hook containing a nst of tbo peopla of the town and giving the tatingsm eachcasaof in livid unl pi eminence in social religious literary and financial circles The town ih greatly stirred now berai evorj body has receiver a prosj e ing Y nn nanu will appeal in lie book wlnt'i wili ron tun nn in lex oxpl lining the significance of tbe signs I he best people of the town leom the whole thing insulting, not 1 nn 1 loca papeiq are nllei wi h comnuinications do n uncing the schorno and requesting th< victims to squ Icb tie int b me ol the most prominent men propose hoi ling nn in lignation tiii-etinp; to i PX piessuig contempt of Colby and hia netliods 1 fte< ts of mi Open DLO 21 Iinus 10 c 1% ed rej 01 ts f i oni its oorresj un lento in twentj flu conntiLS of Kiistei n Ohio ant i n on tho circcb of tb< mis tison iblt neituT In stveral 1 tcahties gi is is jj tsinsptiDg bu is are burst- ing on tr es in 1 wint i vviitut far ad inr-e 1 that firm it will U rumei w li na ol 1 snap jnias Fi uit will linltidh le tfu ul) darnogpl In Kuyott tc u this st ite buttei fl es ure (lj uuiin in olu nhiana county Ohio pea utts are in bl js-nin Ihe open mater ha hud a dmistu is elToct upon the genera health lj pi OKI f ver is on the inriease ir the Ol 10 valley, nnd a scourge of pulinonar is fiwecrmg Biair county Pennsy] vunln Busmpts depression ia reported from w hei i, nnd the business failures in btftik Ohio are due to the unreason able utatl ti EXGRA I 0, GOLD SIL t JSft PLA rib G A COMPLETE LINE OP HOLIDAY GOODS MAIN STREET, Opposite Irorjuois Hotel. MORGAN'S CUSSED IN RESOLUTION THE SENATE. The Senate Takes Action on DIS- lumber of Appnlnmenta. WASHINGTON, Deo. 21 Tba senate i confirmed the following1 nominations Dip lomaticand Dunn, t u oppowrt by Thmie Senators Who tary of legation to Jantft, William R Gard Think the Rnrolutlon Was Not Accoro- ner of Indiana, second aecretary of legation pliKhed by the People but by the For- to Japan John L.ttle of Ohio, mar Slave Action Taken. Hills Introduced. to Venezuelan claims. Consuls Hidden Ed wards of Ohio at Berlin; John M. Crawford of Ohio at 8t Frank H Mason 21 -In tho senate o, Ohlo M Frankfort-on the-Maln, James trday Mr Morgan called up bis joint reso- utlon recognizing the United States of irazi! as a free independent and sovereign 'nto, anil proceeded tn address the senate on ho subject He said tho president had gone s fai as his constitutional powers and the iractloe of the government warranted him 11 go HK m the matter It necessary iovv that tlieie should bo a conjoint declara- ion by the legislative and executive powers f thn gov eminent an to what is the status [no in Ihe sentiment of his resolu- Bradley of Illinois, at Nice, Oliver Simpson ion wus 11 jbably, be said, approved by ei- of Colorado, at Hong Kong Enoch J Smith xnstivtiy one in the United States, he of Delaware, at Osaka and Hloga, Mason night safely say by every man of Sampson of Kansas, at Hb. John, Hugo gpnce m thn United States In approving I Starkeloff of Missouri, at Bremen, Irving J hat sentiment, and in noting on It and in ei- Manatt of Nebraska, at Athens, Samuel Leonard of Minnesota at Shanghai, Oliver Dockery of North Carolina at RJO Janeiro, Henry W Severance of California at Hono lulu Zachary T Sweeny of Indiana at Con Btantlnopla C Pugh of Indiana at New- castle, Eng Wallace ot New York, atlolth, Henry W Dtedetich of Indiana, at Lelpslt., Charles B Train of Maryland at France, Joseph P Bradley of West Virginia at Southampton, William H ssing congratulations to the people of that they had cast aside tlie principle monarchy and had adopted that of re- tlRaiiisin there was not the slightest crit- cism m tho public tniml of the United States the con lut t of that patriotic and em- nent man, Dora Pudro who hod been de- i from the imperial throne Grutwy of Ohio, at Belfast Horace Kiiowlos of Deleware, at Bordeaux, B Mackey o n on all occasions to Ijo solf governing ponei of the jieopla them- .1 IVL-H had been so conspicuous that tbe Ann rican people felt a more distinct per- 1 attachment toward him than they bail felt for anv emperor in the history of ,lie woi Id That very liberality, and ttw nn essions made by Dom Pedro, had oper- itud as an inducement, if not an invitation, thu pnople to ctmngn their form of govern uonr His viitual abdication (not formal) m 1 boon 'lO immediate so peaceful so kind mil attcndtKl with such affectionate doclara- .loiM on IIH pal t toward tbe people of Brazil, hat it might well be believed that he had dntely made up hts mind that the pnople of 'irazil vine entitled to self-government, and Jmt tba liniisfl of Braganm had no longer the moral or political right to say who should be ;ho successor of Dom Pedio Caming to the discussion of the Monroe doctrine Mi Morgan declared that the atti- tude of the United States in respect of all the 'Onnti lea In the Western hemisphere was a rory distinct one That attitude had been assumed early la the history of the Ameri- can sedately and con- had been reasserted on every oppoi tuno occasion from the date of its nouiu ernent by Piesident down to lie last messagu of president of Unite 1 htatew Several otliT senators spoke for and [ain-t Mio resolution Mr Edmunds said 10 had no knowledge tbat there was a repub- ]K in Btai 1 If th re was be would be in tily glad to maintain it by every means Ho hope 1 the outtome might be good, but di 1 not think it light to declare tbat congress r cognued a lepublm which was kept up at the point of the bayonet Mr Plumb referred to tbe Brazilian rero- utlon as a palace revolution The first ac- counts of it stated that the slaveholders ob- jected to the emancipation of slaves by the impel or, and that the republic was an association of persons who objected to the C Fisk of Vermont, at St Johns, Q if Hiram J Dunlap of Illinois, at Bi eslau, Ed mund fi of Michigan at Lyons L. P Adams of New Yoi k, at Horgen, Oscar K Wiliiama of New York, at Havio Delos II Smith of Arizona, at Nogales, N H Kmitu of New York, at Three Rivers, Que Roger Spoouer of Wisconsin at Prague Alex J Reid of Wisconsin, at Rotterdam and W Jf Griunell of New York, at Manchester DENSE FOG IN NEW YORK Collision of Ferry fiom NEW YORK, Deo. 21 the dense fog yes terday aftarnoon the ferry boats Pi and Moimchle came into collision on tho North river in the middle of the stream The Princeton waa not damaged 1 be Mon athie had fifteen feet of her bow planking torn away One man was struck with a bit of flying iron, but not seriously injured was tbe ouly person hurt There weru about SQO passengers on each boat Many were women and some of them fainted Thu dense fog greatly impeded navigation In tho riven and harboin and several oul luiona between ferry boats and other craft occurred, but without loss of lifo oi great damage to property Moat of tbe East river feiry boats stopped running lata In the day This caused a jam of passengers oi Brooklyn bridge, and tbe crowd was so great and impatient that many fears of a patik and disaster word entertained To add to tha exasperating delay, a com plete blockade occurred about 0 o'Uock, caused by tbe collision of two trains at tho Brooklyn terminus. A trainman Uad his leg fractured, hut none of tho posseiigeis were injured The fog caused tbe accident While traffic was blocked by this accident the crowd at tbe New York terminus filled sidewalks for a block in all directions Fool passengers and travelers on tbe elevntod road using tbe City Hall station had to light thcii rr and other vehicles at tf him that that laid a proper foundation for aiepublic He hoped tbat that was not the T K fi was the dictator of Brazil, ai% said tbat tbe most piominent official In the new gorern- mant bad never been an army officer, but was a newspaper editor Mr Teller olTered an amendment to the resolution which be asked to havealso-re ferred to the committee oa foreign relations It was to the effect that when the people of Biazil shall signify intention to estab- libh a republican form of government, it will lie tbe duty of the government of the United States to furnish material aid and encourage- ment to the people of Brazil in the matnten ance of such foim of government, if such governmi nt lie assailed by foreign govern- ments on of its republican character lliat, Mi Teller said, looked like practical em ourngement to tbe people of Brazil, and it would be saying to all tbe world that so far as was concerned they must keep their hands off Ihe question was taken on the motion to refer tbe resolution to the committee on for- eign imtlon? All the Republicans voted aye and all the Democrats, except Mr Call, voted no There was, however, no quorum votini; (ayes 28, navs and the whole matter went over Shipbuilding In Chlc.go. CHICAGO, Dec 21 project fora gieat shipbuilding industry en the banks of Calumet has at last taken definite shape Ibe announcement now gomes from Cleve- land that tha Globe iron works, the most ex- tensive builders of steel ships on the great lakes, have joined hands with tbe Illinois Steel company to construct steel ships In Chicago The new corporation will be known as Chicago Shipbuilding company, and Biz big steel steamers will be on the stoaka In Its yards within a few months Theyarc will be situated on the east side of the Calu met river, m South Chicago, extending from One Hundredth to Hundred and Seconc streets. There will be three slips i mining o right angles to the river giving six building bertha. It Is not Intended to put In boiler and machine shops at once, but this wi 1 be done before long, as alao a dry dock Srhnnok Will Got m Pennl< CBICAOO, Dec ai a meeting of tbe board of police pensioners, Cnpt Michael J Bchaack was placed on tbe pension list on without definite action Tbe senate then half pay Sthaack acquiied fame in oonnec proceeded to the consideration of executive tion with tbe trial of the Anarchists He busings and when the doors were re-opened wag suspended Jons 5 last for hi3 action, 01 the usual resolution of regret at the an- rather inaction, in the Cromn case Subse nouncement of the death of Representative quently ha was stricken with pal alysls in the Nutting of New York was offered by Mr right arm The eertif cate granting Schaack Evai ts and agreed to and as a further mark his pension declares tbat he woa retired be nt respect to the mt mory of the deceased, tha mwe disability About twenty five Olhnr WEEKLY TRADE REVIEW. MILD WEATHER CAUSING A GREAT DEAL OF TROUBLE. wid adjoin neJ until to-day POSTAL TELEGRAPH BILL Mr Cullotn Inlrodurra It In the SOD a to Other Measures. WASHINGTON, Dec following were among tbe bills introduced in the senate yesterday police otttrent were also the pension list etlred and placed on Farm em Kill Kach Other COUNCIL BLUFFS, la Dec 31 terrible tragedy was enacted in Nor walk township, nine miles northeast of here Hitter enmity has for some time between two farm- ers nnined Holrnan and Gill took He Must Bo a Heliever. BOSTON Dec J a theo t a Maniac nLizABFTHpoRT N J Dec 21 Biennan, an employe in the Older depart- ment of the Suiter works deliberately ap- Oidci Clerk Harvey C Ellis und pointing i revolver nt i is head fired the ball Elhb ear Brennan imme dmtely lieinii to act like a maniac He was overpowered in 1 lodged in jnil By Mr cuiiom-To provide for limited faU ibotgun and went to Gill's place Meet- postal telegraph service [Tb. bill author- jng him, he Bred both barrels Into bis body the postmaster general to contract for A ,t foUowed wolcJh period of fire years with any telegraph com- Olll Wre9ted froln and panv for the transmission of postal messages I ,masned stalU with it Nelgbbors hoar between postoffirefl to be designated by tbe postmaster general wsere tba free delivery system exists or may exist after the passage of this act The bill also provides tbat ing ttu shots, ran to the scene of tbe terrible alfray, only to attend the men in their death Agonies messages shall be received upon the payment of postage stamps as In other mail matter, and shall tw An Alleged Forger Canght. 21 Withers- ton, 2A, of Herklmer, N Y was ar- Cliil KlKMi Repeal Hill Killed COLOMBIA S C Dec 21 bill to re penl tl e chapter of the general statutes in reference to offenses against civil rights, winch HIS passe 1 by the house of lepresenta tives w is killed In tbe senate. delivered bv letter cm riera with the Brst de- rested in tbe here on papers from Coal and Dry Quods Trades the In Clothing AlllannM Killing Busi- ness In Parts of Vfcll- lua; Off In Iroa. NEW YORK, Dec, 31 -R. O Dun ft Co.'s Weekly Review- of Trade says- 'Mild weather causes increasing trouble, Perhaps tbe cool trade lulfers most, many "cilleries ID have stopped, iver men out of employment, nd great suffering rssulta. dry goods and boot aud shoe are much affeuted, aud tn some quarters even the holiday Is itrictwl by the unseasonable weather Tbe state of country roads outs off much and renders many retail dealers un- able to meet their obligations. Collections are slow from retailers In some trades at Philadelphia, "only fair" at many Western points, "hardly satisfactory" at Cleveland, and unpleasantly slow at Milwaukee, where nuob excitement Is caused by a heavy failure at Fond Du Lie, and smaU failures bare be- come alarmingly f i equent. At Phila4plphia unfortunate in the clothing trade are feared unless winter weather HKSTHICTED BV ALUANOE8. "In some southern states is seriously affected for the time by operations of alliances, which enlist farmere into 0 trading and absorb Money which night ge otherwise to Indebtedness with merchants The In some local I almost paralyze trade, But Ihe general onor of reports as to condition of twst- IOSB, exoeptmg its temporarily affected by he weather, is by no meant unfavorable. The volume of trade continues larger than a 1 ear age, and though tbe comparative Inae- ivtty uiiual at this season everywhere ap- >ears transactions still show a fair in the holiday trade. Clearings outside uf Now York are still about 10 per emit larger than last year, and railroad mi i ings show a handsome increase notwith- standing the Inability of many roads to fur- b cars for all the frsight offered KKLAPSK IH THE 1I10H Til ADR 'The iron business seems for moment a shade less promising Dealings are now small in >st of beavy consumers having r legitimate business at Western and Southei n points generalty The treas- ury has made heavy disbursements, and for eign exchange lias advanced during the week Ihe general level of prices ban changed The speculative Imve boon compnratively dull In tbe stock market dullness and depression have been followed by a stronger tone, a settlement of difllculties between roads in which Mr Gould is Interested, the declaration of a divi- dend on Missouri Pacific and tbe success of the Atcbison reorganization contributing to restore confidence "Tbe buslnese failures occurring throughout tbe country during the but seven dan num bur, for the United States 306 and for Can adu SB, or a tolnl of 344 failures, as compared with a total of 200 lost week For the cor- responding week of last rear the failures weie.2U4 lu tbe United States and 18 In Canada A BIQ TRANSPORTATION SCHEME. A Mew Line to Bun from Virginia to Faint In Central RICHMOND Va., Deo 21 Mil Intro- duced in the Vlrglaln bouse of delegates con- tbe incorporation of a gigantic transportation scheme II for Ibe incorporation of tbe Columbia Railway and Navigation company The capital stock li to be not less than 11 000 000 nor more than 1100 000 000. to be divided Into shares of (100 each Tbe pi inclpal office is to In Rich- mond Tbe company Is granted right to ao- qmre and hold stocks or bonds of any com- pany chartered by any of republics of South America, and to acquire and own stock of any steamship company that nrar be incorporated to run between any port >f the United States on the Gulf if Mexico or Atlantic ocean to any port upon he Caribbean sea. It is also granted the lower to construct and operate railroads, nstabllsh steamship lines, build shipyards, ockfl basins elevators, mills end ind to construct canals connecting works. At the head of tbe list of incorporetors u> Col H C Parsons of Natuial Bridge, the ightrband man in Virginia of Secretary ilftlne (Jon Nathan OoflT of West Virginia, Cyrus W McCormick, James Whi.nsy, Logan 8 Roots, A Baldwin, C 0 Sargeant, L Armsteed T I Beal, Charles Elliott, Charles Tabor, K S (julntard and William 3 Elliott Among a few Virginia Incorpor- itorsareGen V D Orouer and Park Ague w of Norfolk _________________ Means and Dec 21 Means, president and Jobn R. DeCamp, vice preel lent of tbe defunct Metropolitan National 3ank of Cincinnati, were acquitted bj tbe jury in tbe United Hiatus court, Judge Sage with Judge Hammond ot Memphis on tbe bench 1 hey were accused of falsifying a EXTRA One Day for Them to Wipe 'Em Out, Our New and Novel Line f PLUSH GOODS AND TOILET CASES will sell at 10 cents less on the dollar Monday Decem- ber 23d. This beautiful rich assortment comprises all the latest designs in Allninw, Toilet Cases, Shaving Sets, Tiavoling Sets, Mirrors, Music Manicure Nail Sets, Woik Books, Autograph Books, Cushions, Plunh Box Note Paper, Glove and Handker- chief Boxen, Collar and. Cuff Boxes, Photograph Holders, Broom Holders <fcc. and many other articles too numerous to mention. ERIE STORE. HEAVY DAMAdlS by Yoaaff Mm docMoni down by thcweoorj dltiiiM of court of appMb oa Tmsdfc WM affirming the judgment of oourt Mow to Important aaw of WflliMB U JUbtrtf Railroad company. action was broujtl by ptaMlff to recover danugas for ptomal fa- Juries received wblto ftmmgtr OB MM bank at Cedar and Broadway, lotbe Cunard steamship docks. are inveetigftting tbe nutter. ban part of a shipment which ville aud Nashville railroad ran into an open shipment which Mag switch at Grange Grove, thirty three taken to Uie steamship Umbria which to to south of this citv, and was wrecked. The sail to-day The driver of Ifce frock has bean locomotive turned orer, burying Engineer Pierce and killing him instantly Tbe fire- man, name unlearned, was fatally injured. bix cats were wrecked Death of Warren B. Keely. READINO, Pa, Dec 20 B Keel; caibier of the state treasury, died here yes- terday of paralysis at the age of 40 years Mr Keely baa held positionsof trust under the state goverment for twenty two years. He WM execuuve clerk under Ctovei nors Hart- runl t aud Hoe} engaged in tbe work of carUng bnllloo tor many yean and b considered entirely trust- worthy Faror MM Blght-llMr Day. t INDUNAPOLM, Deo. il -The eoavwtioB of miners continued yesterday, tbe flrrt action being the creation of a detente And by asmsiog each miner W. A retolntton wae adopted (irlna; she sense of thn mxMiia that after May 1, 1890, constitute a day's work. The retoluttoni reported In ot MMtf with District AaeenWy Just Take a Look at MONROE'S HOLIDAY STOCK! S 4

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