Tuesday, July 25, 1905

Allegany County Reporter

Location: Allegany, New York

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Text Content of Page 1 of Allegany County Reporter on Tuesday, July 25, 1905

Allegany County Reporter (Newspaper) - July 25, 1905, Allegany, New York i B te [v: volume 59. . WELLSVIFvLE, N, Y^ TU E S O AY, J U L Y 2 J 9 O 6. ISSUED 8EÍÍ3I.WEEKI.Y. Texas Oil Tanks Coveriiig. Tñre oí a Square Forty-Seven of Beanimgtoa Yictims On Board SMp Off the Coast of Sweden . It is Belie¥ed Emperor William WiU be AMe to - Enlighten " Nicholas on the International Situationo liorlin, Inly 21.—The Foroigiv^ofnce Thn action of lOinpcrnr Willinrn in he-e is advised that a . meeting ben," Rooklns a conf-M^nci^ at this tuoni.tiI nviru Emiioror Wiiliiim and Emperor ' Is gcii' inlly intcrprotfd as an as.ir-- viH.nMs took ph.ce today off th <>'' l'i- nf RuK.ir. Mcliol.ih looK I jn coming i>nnr parlors at Wasli, Swedish coast near ine ^^^^^^^^ T'oitKHKinf)! and to Hhovi' Bjoerkoc. 'that, Gorman narticipation in the r>'- The German Emperor will give the Japanese loan was not a mark of Czar his personal views on the Inter-j nH(-nation of German s.vinpathios national affairs of Rugaia. It Is bo- from Russia. llcvcd he will bo able to givo him Emperor William, whoso keen in-statements of fact and deductions terest In the lessons of thf Husso-.Inp incBO war: is well known, has also tak- from them unknown to the Russian Emi'cror. So far as rumors In other capitois thiit a scheme is afloat en advantage of the occasion to d's-cuss the detain- with eye-witnossoa aîtd i the presence of the navnl ofiicors whr combine several powers in giving Rub-fh^n^^^.j^os |„ ,he Fa.- sia moral support against Japan In ig ^ue to his special roquest. the peace negotiations, they are den-' ied oxp'.icilly. Czar's Visit to Emperor William. Paris, July 2Í.—Emperor Nicholas' St l-M.M >hurg. July 24.-On the ove ' fjuise in tho Gulf of Finland to meet „H. p.aco conference and with a , ^ " ' . ,, .much comment m the prc.ss. Certain' ludd.nn... aln.uly disconcerting to 1 diplomatic and court circles, the era-j q^^jj^j^jj emiioror will inlluence the peror K it l'> ti rhof Sunday on board ^ (-mi)(>ror over Far Eastern tlie imp'rial yacht Polar Star for ^^ matters and will hinder the carrying conlei'viue with Emperor Wiiliaii;, 'cut of the peace program, while otlu rs TVhü id (Tui.ing ou the llohen/.ollern in j nre of the opinion that Enipcror \Vi!l-Fiuni^h \v;i(. r.s. j iam will seek to estrange Russia from Thr liisi int. 'rvlew of the sovi'reit^ns ranc^.. The Journal des Deba' i , ,1 ,1,,. 1..., fays that the first acts^ of Emp'-ror Wci.-i rxiii <"( (1 to lal.e place lasi o\en-I , ,, ,, . , ... ; Nichola> on In.s return to llussia will Ing Olí Kn-nush port ot IJorgo, „.utieular tlie ¡¡¡e iih < ! lie Culf of Finlaiul, uei'r ) jj^f^^resc. lli'L-ii.uieiTills v»ill be follov.'eil by Mile Struck .by Lightning--Fi¥e Megpes anl^^W Mtiles Burned to lieath Trying to Stop' the Conflagration. ' ® ■ I ■ HUMBLE, TEXAS. JULY 24.-COVErllNG AN AREA Of THREE QUARTERS OF A MtLli SQUARE THE OIL TANKS OF THE TEXAS COIMPANY, WHICH WERE STRUCK BY LIGHTNING^ UNDER A.GREAT HEAT. WHEN THE f-1 RE CAN BE EXTINGUISHED IS PROBLEIVlATICAL. CERTAINLY NOT UNTIL 2,500,00 BARRELS, OR ALL IN TANKS STRUCK BY LIGHTNING IS CONSUMED. TWO HUNDRED MEN WITH 75 MULES TRIED TO THROW AN EMBANKI^ENT AROUND THE BURNING TANKS SUNDAY AFTERNOON. A oUDDEN EXPLOSION THREW THE OIL IN ALL DIRECTIONS, HEMMING IN THE MEN AND MULES. FIVE NEGROES WERE BURNED TO DtATH. FORTY MULES BALKED AND WERE BURN ED. MANY FAMILIES LOST ALL THEIR POSSESSIONS AND NOW ARE LIVING IN TENTS. AT 4 A. M., FIRE BROKE OUT AT A PUMPING STATION. A MILE FROM .THE ORIGINAL FIRE. IT |S IMPOSSIBLE TO APPROACH THAT PART OF THE OIL FIELD TO GET AN ESTIMATE OF THE DAMAGE. AT NOON THE FIRE WAS STILL RAGING AND THERE ARE NO PROSPECTS OF CHECKING IT. THE LOSS IS NEARLY A MILLION DOLLARS. " WAR DEPARTMENT HONORS LAMONT. Put in Single Trench—Oa Top of I/oma Promontory. ano;htr iii;crview today after whi-( li Emi» lor .Nicholas will r(!turn" to St.. Petersliin;; iiiul ICnriieror William v.i'.l coiulnue his cruiae. The (.¡iipt-ror is accompanied by he, brother, (Jraud Duke I\lichacl Alexan-drovitch, and a considerable suite, lu-cluduit;. ('(uiiit. JLIuukoudorfl, .niarsl i'. of the coiu t; General Baron \V. Fredericks, niini.ster of the impei'lal hou.se; Count Hey (leu, chief of the Imperial chaucellerir; Admiral Birileff, minii FARM HANDS WANTED. Most besirable Agricultural Irr ni-grants Do Not Stop In New York State. Albany, July HI.—"New York state wants 50,1)00 farm hands and they can cominaiid wages of from $151} to $250 a season," was the statement Hiado by C. \V. Larmon of Salem, who has charge of. the new informat'oa tcr of murine; Captain Vou' Essca, bureau established in the departmenr who commanded the battleship Seva.s-topol duiin.u tile siege of Port Artluir-Captain (.'hagin, who commanded the Almiiic. th" only cruiser of Admiral Rojestven>Ky s lleet to reach Vladi vostok afi< r the batt.lo of the sea of Japan; (.'ai'iain lUnt'/.e, naval attaciio of the (¡trnum eiuuaiisy; also a pai'l.v-of conn ii rs and tlTe^oniperor's eseorc of saihj'.s and mariiu s, with a guard coniUKimicd l>y Admiral Ne(;Iofi. It !.- iu,):ir-. able that, there is no reii-rc?rn;:;!it! (if ti\e UvissUui foreign ef Cce uiiini'.L^ Uie emperor's entourage nor til.' iinan ambassador. Count Alv> s!' n i>n board the I'olar St a'". This jvivts color to the report that the nu'diii.:; was arrangetl between the two -"eui[Midrs (.'{i-fctly v^ithout recour.so to the u-iial dijilomatlc channels, Emperor William suggesting the rend'-/;-Tous by j. iegraph from Hernoesand. Sweden. The idea, the report savs, met with the Emperor's favor, but the final arrangements were only com pletcd Saturday and. some members of the imperial family were bastll} commanded to accompany hla majes ty. Many diplonmtists were taken completely hy Kuri)rise by the news, the rumors that a meeting was contemplated which were current since I'ri day having tnel with the ilattest denials in otnclal quarters and the G-m"-man anibassad(tr having stated that he knew nothing of any such plan being on foot. linipf roi William's action was in-Btantly eonip ct'd with the Moroccan question ami adiniratiini for his-political asiiitiji, ss in realizing his opp<',r. tunltlrs was fxpressed on all sidos Lil.e !!,.■ uipt. iiiii'ting l)etween I'"!tii-pc-ror Xir l;<.!a;i and Emperor Wllli-'.r: at a huiniug seiit In iiussian Volan-l. where tl;.- i:nropean and l^astern sit-UiUions W! n." disi-ussed between tl.e 6tro!;.'S (,r a ganio of billlanls and Russia wa;: a.-sured thai she ner.l haveiio anxiety-regarding her weste'ni frontier whii.- engaged with tlu' Jap' ancK.-', the confe-rences in the cabins oi the Hohcn/.ollern and the Tola; Star will be entirely informal and jirc-liably without secreturles or other witnesses. unless perhaps Grand Duk.3 Michael Alexandrovitch should ,be a particiiiant. Thero is no set program of subjectij ior discussion aside from a general <'«tisidcration of the factorn In thtr present situation affecting the two empires, but it can be stated that the fining meet of the Russo-Japanese JJenipotGntlarleR will occupy a place ® the foreground. of agriculture in accordance wit'a Chapter i:i;i of the laws of 1905. "I make the estimate," said I\lr. Larnu)n, "from rei)lies received from eupervisors and others who have been e.Kked to send to the departnient information in relation to the number of farms, nature of the land and coniii-tion of stock' and biiildings. \Vu Oiel that the most, desirable immigrant i are going Wi-st. (iernians and Swed'-s are good farmers, but thi'v go to Minnesota, l^ansas and Iowa. "The valui' of farm [»roperiy in thir^ stiite has tl< pri'ei;ii>'d consideiably in the last lew yi ars. the principal reas 'U being that the West h;is affordiMi belter opportiinifics !'(.>;• agricultnrai work. Tills would stop now and tb" tid(! would turn eastward, were it cot for the fact tha* thousands of acres lu Arizona, Colorado and otln'r i)lace3 are being opened up by the irrigation system." Died Suddenly last Night at Summer Home--Was Out Riding in Afternoon. His ' Wasiiington, July L'f.—T!ie War department look cognizance of the death ()f former Secict of War, Dani<d S. ! La Mont, today bv isHuing an order ithat the flags at all military posts be 'displayed at luilf mast on tlie day of ; tlie funeral. Tlie order al.so contained an eulogy of the former secretary, whose constant and Kindly Intere.'it In tlfe welfare of the army strongly attached him to those with whom ho was associated In the conduct of military affairs. r<Mi:,'il,< ,Iuly 21.'—Colon- 1 'pan- il l Seoit i,ai.iiont, He< !i tary of Wiir during the ailniini. i ration of i'residen; Ci. viand, ilifd sndd( nly at his home ttt .MiUbrooic. Duiehi'ss county, la..-! ri;:!u at y : 1 ,'j o'clock. Heart' failure was tlii> cauVe <jf dealh. Colnnel and Mrs. L-aniont wer<' out driving in the atfernoon and .Mr. La-niont coinpiained of feeling ill and !)r Sl<'wa!l of New York, who is a guest al thf hous'' immediati ly rusln-d to hi.-; aid. The pb.ssieian diagno-ed the case 'is an attack of Ik ari failur»» ami in spite of the h'- roi<- treatni-nt, .Mr, Lam(.u,l liassed away inside ol' ball an hour. At his dr;t.:hbi'd wcr'.' Mrs. i.amoiil and two daughti rs, i-'ianccs and lì's-sie. Scvi ral gut st& at th.-' Laniont home v.-'-re also prv/si nl wh<-.u. the cad cani". FEAR YELLOW FEVER. Éá, 4 - *, % Washington, D..C., July 21—The ad-jvisability of removing al troopa from the fortB brdnw New Urleana is under •consideration by thn War Department on account of yellow fever. A FATAL ARGUMENT. Wa^b.iir.'ton. .Inly 2!.—Colonel La mont was (;u<' of till' most trusti'd po liticai and bu ite ss advisers nf i're^i di-nt. Cb-x .'1,111(1 dui ing lbi' bau r's minist ra.t ion. Ilo canio wiili him W.i; !i!t;"!',n - ik-^t in tiie cajiaciiy of pii'.a!'- ~!'<r<tai.v diüiii'-, .Mr. ('b'\'' an'i - br ! i ' : in. i'l oi.i Ma la'b COTTON REPORT LEAK. Grand Jury to Take Up Criminal Practices In Department. Washington, July 2-1.—The grand Jury of the District of Columbia will today lake up the allegations that there has been jugglery in the cotton crop statistical reports of the depart ment of agricullure with a view to pos Bible imiictment or indiclmenis. This action ia the imniedlale result of the rec<-nt disclosurt s In the depart ment which culminated in the disuu.s sal of iMlwin S. Holmes, the a^socia'i. etatistician. The announcetni-nt that the grand jury would ne el lo consld er the suliject was made in a stab-meni issued by I'niled Stales Disu b t Altornt v .Morgan li. lit aeli last, fiigh' Today's iiiciiing is in pnr.-uanco of a call i.ss!i.'d by the distriet allorn- \ July :;0 and is to eonsid.-i among otiin thing.s "cer.'ain criminal pjaetic. s .li leged to 1 xi.--t and'to h.'.ve e\i-ti'd in oiio of tlh' . .vreUMVc li. paiiUa UtS." Mr. lit acb :y elin.-d (o ad niit whirh oi:.- of li;.' d' I a: Uii> nts thi-siatonicnt li I'l It I'l'i'. nci' lo, but it known tliat li n l.tie:. to Uie dcpait-meal of a.e! ieiili uia-. . t- ri','iry to ih" nr>".b d( nr. Cci'M I 1 1 .uiion! v.-.-is brouglo inti' contact -A.Ill practically all ijubiic men wb.n (albd al the White Hou-'' and tlio iTc-ic], nl relied considei'abTy on his judenn'Mt in matters politic,il. Wliib' Ik i> .Mr. i.amont made frii nd-ships wiiicli be retained during bis later sei\ice in ihe cabinet. His fam New York, July 24.—Two men dying and another seriously wounded Is the outcome of an argument at Brooklyn today between four Swedes about the secession of Norway from Sweden. Karl. Anderson and John Trom-ler are dying, I.adwig Thegal Is seriously wounded. Victor Linquist is charged with Iho .siioolin.i;'. The men were close friends and had sp^-nt a social evening. HUNDREDS OF ANARCHISTS MET IN PAniS. San Diego, Cal,, July 21. -A eareftl: Compilaii<ui of casualties was made at 'J o'clocb bet nighl a.s follows: Buri'-d in military ci meteO' at Fori KosO' crans Stuiday, 17; d< ml now in morguo, 3U; dead in fire ;:/)()m of lienning'on, (dill imr'-cov. rcd. l;. Total dead, Di). Injured at variou;; liospiial.s 50. Mi';», ing. It;. Ciand total, ■ Of the injuied at hospitals seven or eight iire e.\])ect( d to die. Forty-niuo bodies weri; taken to tlio cemetery Suiiday but Iwu wyru brought bu'jk upon telegraptiic orders for shipment which readied here ufler they had been started for the cemetery. Enfiign Perry's body has been embalmed and will be shipped to Annapo- ' llu. I dan Diego, Cal., July 24.-Forty-aev-1 en of tho gunhoat Bennington's dead wero burled Sunday in a common grave in tlie little miiiiury cemetery on tho creat of tho promontory of Louiu, high above tho walerti of Sat: Diego bay on tho one bide, and within Bound of tlio booming of aurf of the raciiic on tho other. Without tho crash of drum.s or the COURT OF INQUIRY. t-i Bound of brass, without pomp or pa-! hoaid. Rear Admirai Goodrich Expccted Roach Can Diego Thursday. Washinutun, July 21.—Olle-' rs of lb-l.ureau of navi.üation w. re at the .-lav department to rcci ivc tt li gramn froM San Dl^'go . regarding i1k> Ib uninglo i fliirtiBtcr nnd were prepared to me' i. any requests that might como iron that city, where mauy «oüora are i* hospitals as a result of the explosion. Acting Secretary of the Navy Dvì;' ing wa'-, at the departnef-'nt. He ha-Kent to tho pi •> a!.'!.I i-opii s of nil tete' (.'.ratii'^ rt e« ¡vd troni tbe naval (dTlcri at San Diof^o and a full accnuni of al tiiat thf di partiiK nt has don*;. Jloar Adniiral (îooilrich, commander in chief of th(» PacDic ; tation. who 1» i:;ípeeÍ!Mriu j-^'aeh riau Db. gi:) Tliurnday ha.s full anflioritv lo order such itive.a tigation as !h' may deem necessary either by a lioard of ofhcers or by S couri of inqniry, which will deterailnt what action may b(> necessary. With his llagshjp, tiie Chicago, an*' the iris al Han Di» go, ln' will iiave a tiufflcieul number of oillcers fron, whicli to ajtjiidut an investigalinj j \v i? h l'I.- si l I liany wl e.i .Vi « 'b-v«-.;. ad was ntip o!' Nt 'v .ai 1 Mr l.aii'miif a polÌMial I' i-et 'î- .Mr. I.anioi.t copti'd ,\ir r.a v^l.'iîid's proíf. r of filias privati seí'i't 'ar>' ami miüi.ary a rt'tary :ìt that timo ami iho frifiidiln tlifu cemented gn w strociger :is li t rear.s p;.sscil by. ? . Voib, ,hil.\ 21. ne'i 'in:; oi Iri'ils ot anarebisi:-. wa'S lu^ il Sun ilay ni.ulit in I'.iris, ¡'"¡i re-!!. Iiali.,n ;UKi Spaiii.-b agii.aiMi,- wiai' p!'-- .'nt h ' aid iIk'V ,i to ¡eoi". . .1 .-m r a. a lea 11>' a lai i ii; ' I'l'in ip. 'a i; ra !■ ! BROTHERHOOD O'^ PA4NTEHS Wi.'.L STRIKE. \t\v Yosk, .liil;. J! ■'i . ii.i I a ' u Mi.-ari. iicing niad<> im striiv" o! iSa- lirol llfl'lK.IO 1 of i'■:ill:^'l ^, 11' \ 1,..'. .1 ini aibcrshii) ot" .iKU. rade, yet wiih Himple impresaiveneas. ali liouor was iKiid tiu; nation's dead. Tiiey havo iionored dead to k(H'p ihem colnpan.v. Ali aboul IheUi He those wlio di< d l'or .the nailon ui moro trying tiinc.s. ■ (¡ravesioin s, yelbnv with ag", bear the nanies oi men wl.o dle.i al Monter-y in Ihe Mexican war, oihers wiio gave np t.lieir life in tii,.) C(;nijue;;i of C.'iiiiornia and wbo lollow ed Commodoro Stockion al Obi l'as<inal. Tbes.- are their neigjiljors, in deatlr. Anny anil navy ¡labl iheìr la^t tributi.' no b ss sinceit; tban ihe .simi'lo grie-f.ot' tbo rejireseniat ives of'peace, who iH.'ide (he lon,g joui'iK'y ai"<Him! or aerosa the bay. Proni Fort liosicrati.; came the ll.ath company of coast heavy ailillery; froni San Die^'o t'-e naval je.scrv e.s.; fiHJiii the l'ni vergai Brotlierhood'a Home ou Polnt Lorna, a company of lihakl cia.ds, and from tiie i.,o> t, i niiu iu ; liii) rurluiiL a du.à U Bailors. lini t h<,' iikjsi impressi ve body of moui iieis wi rij the .-)2 nìen from the baitered Hennington. !ie-fci'.lcs t!i're Wt re lìunilì-eaK-, oi' eiuliaij.i, wbo, untlioughtlui oi" tlK' fatigi'iirg joiirney troni tbe <dty, In'otirJil tledr orfeini;;s ol llowers to lay iipi.in tl'e gravi .a. - a city of mouriri,'-:. I broimli tle- Miorse. .1 ^vJ^il arms ti'!'ti \vì;1i a tiie bb).-- auns b. ..' I .•:t...na; uiifor'innii s It is ( Njieetefi Diat he will bo in con Blanl <'f)rnmuiiicatlon wiìh the depart ment from the nionn iit hi., takes holú at l-î.ui Di< fully .nivi; ing the ofll cials in re ed tin' steps iie may take. Follov/in.i: i.s one of the teiegrams re ct ivi d by ilie department from Captain Drake: ' ........... ,"Fill 1 l; iinini'ton !} ing 1 asy on muu bank, gtiri deeii afl awasli at hi.gH water, e'entriluga! pump lowiared wa ter so an ro recover iiodiesi in flr*: room. Ex¡u et to {dug up bottom blon and eveniually float ship, sloppin.c minor le.iks. Will shipi to Mare is-latiti per ins. all unneeei.'-ary i>qiiip ment, ainiiiuniiion, g'uns, mounts, et', ct pt main battery, lioard of investiga tion ordered îo d(>t'armine extent ol .damage to huH and engines. Find all (.illeei'S and eia.'W doing iiold'e work Will nquire al baM tv,o more watcfi tdicers to relieve près» ni f-xhauslion fr'ìHi ennsî.'inf vigil and work". OfTi i.er.s live on lioard. Crew's <iuartcr» not habitable, (|uarlered and fed by conlrael in army barraciis adjaceai. to siiip' Working parti constanti;.'." Tlie follov, iliU tel on board UIÜ1 V,.iS Hellt te. —Q—®—®—®—©—©—©—©-@—©-®—@—©—©-®-©-©.—©-© CAN THE STORK OUTSPEED THE .ÄUTO 7 Japs Near Vladivostok. St. Petersb'irg, July 21—The correspondent of The Novoo Vremya with the Russian lit h army corps says that Japanese tori)edo boats ilurlng a thick mist and rain appro;iched several bays ûear Vladivost<di and that they sent a landing' party ashore In the Gu!f of Sashkevltch. near Posslet bay. \ i'"^í > JOHN PAUL JONES AT REST. Ann.'ipolis, Md., July 21.—The bod.v of ./oiin Paul .((jiu's was pul ash(»r<> ;it ten o'clock. Forty minutes later tho simple cereinonies attending the placement in a vault were completed. PATRICK GETS -NOTHER STAY. New York, ,luls' 21.—Justice (.Vlirieii of the' Court of Apipeals has granted an order sta.Ning tbe execut ii-in (d Lawyer .Albert T, I'a'-riek, convicted of tbe murder of William .M. Rice, pemb im; a lieai iiu; atei a del erminat ion of tbe argunieni u¡u.n u'lotion for a la aiainiieiit of bi.-' I'ase. 'I'be tiiiu' lor rt ari'aait'üi w,.-- live.! lor Oe'.i! ■ 2 nexi. GOVERMENT WILL NOT RESIGN. I i)!idiin, ,ÍMÍy '..'I 'file r,o\el ¡I!!!. nt ba ■ no im.iiMnn ei' i'" .■■!,"nim'; l'eca'.i^m-ol' Tlnnsda.^ s a\e!'~e \aa.>. 'Ibi-, wa:, the ri-'-t Ol Frétai,.f li.ad'our's state-meal to the !]o'.i-e Ibis afteriioon. Tb'' btiHse was li.'iel.ed. Tho birth rote in Now York hs0 Inoroasod to thirty-one In each ona thou-eand.—New York Dispatch. —Chicago Inter Oooan. COMMITTEE TO INVESTIGATE INSURANCE Jamestown, N. Y., July 21.-—Speaker Nixon today announced the appointment of tho following committee to investigato tho life Insuranco bus-ines.g of tho Btato: Rogers, of Broome; Coxe, of Erie; Wemple, of Schenectady; Prentice, of New York; and Mo-Kown, of Kings. ^ San Diego \ Tbonsan ! . ti!. 1U-I.ÍK' niOMi'ii Iloweis, «ill.Pi ami rl: dra.p. ,i ereil in Sioll III s lari, I'll.m V e h i I ' I. : ba.. lo ' sîtip !, foam ie I.' p:,i...j u li»-n< Capí,tin Vou 5i;n>' ei', n e.ii.Ml .-m! ta'l. lion le,-wi.ami I;;,i n full ,nitli ',n III. ; !<■ I road I!,- ! , !t ,'l I'.'.'. W.l- en d. aa wa: (la,-, an.! tin- l>od;. i 'le ; Ue'l.e'l in le avy > xpi'i wa;;i);i:. umi oiln r ordin.'iry vehicles laveiy casket bore u bi.au!iluli\' ex'-cu'i'l wreath of asparagus ferns, wbite car-nalions and immortelles, sent by the iSan Diego commercial bodies. 't'lu.; ilags came frcjin tlie n'alion iu who. e service ilie men dii'd. Every one of the plain, bl.n k s'ainec caskets was draper! with the nation;«! emblem, and Hie plain eoiuniereial utility of the dead wau-ois:; wa^ -.Ks guiseii under the lobls ol tbe- natio!:.il color,s. It'rom luxni. until J o'-ìik!» tlw. i'lHlS o.id 1 1.1 ha,d b. ' ! itold, Tiie a to'ai o reporte,! lientiti' ■! ]iaitHit n; linding t gram is ; ll)e deca; c \)iri - sa ' part a ' III ill A ;b bo¡! part men Tile mill s idliciaUv ad' an addit nai ¡ i i' to the ni ara : 1 ,!nno!im';m; 'I irity to e>r,' ■ha", such • n-eesc-.v!', oijr dlscre rin;.: of tho . I !, , 1) ' < "in toni ad 'a • man .'.M'. .1 !b.at , "• ii: • • ti.. chip's I'la; makes "li olliciallv and one un ' nr the di'^ i-eii of the od>. ttaie relativo of ' death ami id^ 'be de- these ib',1.1 ! wai'd the la.i almost hail placed in lb' Tla. dt t p Wei'e plaC' is Co b . 1 was tini.-b- 1 tlu; ai ri\ I Around lines ibe a-fori—-T.". s a. 1!". nt II wa-ai I W.l tip i b in vvl.u • ■■>. o ¡It v. s. ;:!. ! n r MS ton Skull C; at 'eddin-a. Í 1 to I • te i-'f or- fba.v, tí,I- iai:...... • : ....... lie ;!: , . •• , : Wi:i,e ,, la.,;, a' ; :'' ôfnifMl:-' ■ ■ ' . ..;'"n - ! . a 6nd rasa a,. ' ü, . •: •. . carril il un, >i,;rii,a'. - !; "nington p.'i ¡te a,, d Suuads of six fra n e:'in;e tin Ir r:inks in rapbl suce. A i 1 ; lut Uie easki •ntly, enien il tlu* tr'»^i b nt the heatl and deposited the !)odi« s as directed by Lleuienanl Tobin, The board placed at the h( ad of each body v.as properly marked nr. ! numbered. In' Jusl ono hour ana I'l minutee the last body had been deposited In the trench. man W,. a -. . ! ■: • >:.<.• ra- i -1 ,.pe,| 3tir-."t C.ir Strike EndciJ. . ino ^ , :.is !., .iu:;. ; - Tlu suii.o of '!!''■: i:.e'.s;i\ • 11,5.loves here, 'u-an.^iir.'i'eii .-i-vtn wei l.:s a.L-(i. was en-.l-(d yesterda.N wbeii an adjustment ot tVa matti!:^ in liispute was arrang't-d. The arranr-ement rf fer%; lUily to Bay Civy and does not include the Sagtnaw Ond iiitenirtain lim s, Tbe menn-elurii-cd to-work t»Lit mo'niii^ t te -1 - . V'-ti Iii

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