Sunday, October 2, 2005

Santa Fe New Mexican

Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico

Page: 90

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Text Content of Page 90 of Santa Fe New Mexican on Sunday, October 2, 2005

New Mexican (Newspaper) - October 2, 2005, Santa Fe, New Mexico FASHION Sorry Dove Bigger isnt always better Models like athletes work hard to look like that By Robin Ghrhan The Washington Post WASHINGTON Popular culture is in a tizzy of a debate over the female physique and the way in which it is depicted Much has been written about the broad concept of beauty and its role in cultural politics but the current conversation has nar rowed the focus from the woman as a whole to her individual parts thighs rear end and stomach The gang of amateur underwear models in the Dove advertising campaign smile broadly from bus shelters and billboards their convex tummies and soft thighs serving as righ teous protest against skinny models and the medias ruthless campaign to shatter the self worth of the average woman Who knew that a woman was such a delicate creature The Dove women have been lavished with praise for being social radicals posing and preening to further a womans right to be round rather than angular They are the antidote to advertisements featuring Gisele Bundchen with her washboard stomach and narrow hips in full reverie over her new Victorias Secret bra The Dove women are familiar not only because they seem to be grinning from every street corner but also because they look like the vast majority of the women one might encounter at the neighborhood gym not fat but not buff either They are commonly referred to as real an infuriating term that suggests a model or an actress or any woman who does measure up to an unspecified standard of svelteness is somehow artificial Real is equated with big chubby not sample size which is as real as it gets in the fashion industry It wouldbe more accurate to say that the Dove women are amateur models while the women who regularly appear on the covers of magazines are handsomely paid profession als Genetics have provided them with extra height and good bone structure and they have promised to do what they can to remain as thin as a reed In some ways these women are like profes sional athletes paid to maintain a fighting weight and a breathtaking physique Yet no one complains that championship marathon ers tennis stars and volleyball players with their impossibly taut bodies dominate the 6 SUNDAY Oct 28 2005 The New Mexican magazine