Saturday, March 16, 1946

Santa Fe New Mexican

Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Text Content of Page 1 of Santa Fe New Mexican on Saturday, March 16, 1946

New Mexican (Newspaper) - March 16, 1946, Santa Fe, New Mexico SANTA FE NEW MEXICAN The Oldest Newspaper in the in 1849 97, 95 'tssocititcd I'rcss SANTA FK, NEW MEXICO, SATURDAY, MARCH 16, 1916 United I'ress Price 5 Ccnlf tt'AVE FARKWELL to their Bikini aloll tnm an kST transporttnj them lo a new, home on Kongerilt atoll, 103 miles away, Bikini will be Ihe sile of Ihe forthcoming atom bomb lesl. ly Fcldhake Be Head kl Ticket liiyol a third ticket in the city election was renewed group ol Independent the name of And? r for mayor. formerly of the state ffcpartment and now tn the and retail shoe business had heard of the move- added: "As Churchill no comment maybe i be something to say In a no." cf the movement who Li their names not be used lie ssirf it was proposed to liaie on the Independenl Kc ticket which was lilec deadline Wednesday, and 3 two of the three candi- uted for the ticket have I people who are behind this i are permitted to place is name on the ballot he Itsndidate lor sale i sponsors of the move- is proposed, he said, to iien for the two alder- on the Independent ticket. it somebody who imder- "s conditions that face Itbd the growing problems he said. Isroiin QUITS TDEXf TICKET heating contractor, I his name from the Inde- Democratic ticket today i SheN as the only re- CAPITOL By WILL HARRISON candidate on tlie slad i rump convention at the Wednesday. First ofl Or Glass House The state board of education has expressed a very low opinion of school superintendents who attempt to draw extra pay for so-called ex- tra duties. That kind of thing is just awful board members opined, and adopted a resolution recommending that the comptroller disallow such claims State Superintendent Georgia a member of the board of education, said the resolution referred to J. V Robertson oi Las Vegas, and Burton Williams of Santa Hosa, attempt- ing lo draw some a month fo secretarial work. The rebuke, though a long timi coming, won the approval of peopl' who think that school funds shouli be expended in n business-like man ner and not raided through every loophole that pops open, but it raise a delicate pojnt regarding one the members of the state board o education, Mrs, Lush herself, The state superintendent has legally authorized salary of year, but draws more fo "extra duties" in being "ex ecu I iv officer" of the state board of voca who had been nom-1 Uonal education. The vocationa mayor. board is the same as the stale boai J's trying to Mart somc- Spohr. "I didn't know 1 ibout it and I didn't have 1 te do with It. If I run It is going to be a Ji'tfl and not. a half-breed I Paper Says Is Fight Over Oil Interests V, March 16 So- Times said today that liercc battle lor Iraq nth half-hiddcn'froin tlie JfM the present time s'ied between English and oil trusts." '-tfcle written by K. Seroz- nilltled "Contemporary New Times saltl that illhough it acknowledged ol Iraq in 1927, tilts acknowledgement to 'tees about English ad- political counsellors of British trcops in _ in Iraq .during the have ''been deprived of -ind subjected to cruel i lor the slightest eitort fapin lor their national silicic said. Marshall fearful For China Envoy Calls Mnnuluiriuii SilMillion Critical but Counts an U, S. Help WASHINGTON, March 16 George C. Mar ihall said today that the iituntioii in Manchuria is 'extremely critical." He add- ed tliat there is no justifica- ion for any nation suspect- iiK American motives in 3hina. Marshall, President human's special ambassador to 3hina. returned yesterday for con- sultation. Must Succeed1 He told a news conference tha the next few months were of tre mendous importance to China and the Juture peace of the world. H explained thai he was referring the long-range Issues Involved ii the Orient. (Marshall, according; to the Asso ciated Press, said additional troop are being sent into the area. Tries troops include elements of 39 Ameri- can-trained divisions that fought in Burma, lie said, and they are "now embarking fcr Marshall praised the vast job of economic, political and military re- organization that the Chinese people have undertaken. He appealed for the United States to make every effort to assist the success of these Chinese projects. "If we are to have the world wants peace there are com- pelling reasons why China's efforts U. S. May Make UNO Take Up Iran Issue of education on which the super Intendent serves ns part of her of ficial duties. Comptroller Caesar Sebastian when asked if abolishment of th board member's pay would be con sldered along with that of the extr pay claimed by the municipal perintendents, said that the matter had not been brought to his atten- tion. Gciirgn Wusliingtou St. Corporation Commissioner George Washington Armijo whose steep is pothered by visions of swarms of candidates running for his job, shook politics out of his mind today and It'onllnufil on rircl bint Session ailed to Strid foiid Issues. A Joint meeting of chamber tmmerce membership and the Tax lyers Association of New Mexlc to be held noxt Friday night iscuss proposed bond Issues, No: lan Shenk, C. of C. president, sal oday. The meeting place is St. Fran is auditorium. Both the city and the city schoc oard have proposed bond issues he former ot for sewers an southsldc fire station, the latt f (or additional school t ilities. The city Issues are to be j must succeed." he said, oted on at the April 2 municipal creii lection; the date of the school bond lection remains to be set. Shenk says in a letter to C. of C. Hcmbers, announcing the meeting: "During the troublesome days of he war period, your several boards jf directors have endeavored to guide he policy of the chamber of com- merce in the best interests of the membership without the necessity of calling general meetings, but now with the approach of more normal conditions and the need of making plans to protect the best interests of Santa Fe, your board now consid- ers that such a meeting Is quite desirable, "Our city is on the verge oi a very natural expansion, and the views of our membership could contribute much toward shaping this expansion in the test interests of the commu- nity as a whole. Tlie majority or unanimous opinion of your organ- ization will contribute to the shaping of Santa Fe's future, In accordance with the interest manifested by the membership, so let us have a gooc attendance at this meeting. This Js your organisation, and the greater your participation, the more repre- sentative and forceful It will be- come." 'Little Joe' Shark Clipped By Uncle Sain RIVERSIDE, Calif, March 16 was a pretty goat game Ihe boys had In Europe. "I won some dough shooting craps a bcrlbboned soldier told the internal revenue department man yesterday. How asked the deputy. 'About the soldier re- sponded. The deputy gulped, did some lig- urlng, the soldier peeled something over off his ouLilde roll and strolled out. In Los Angeles, In- ternal Revenue Collector Harry C. Wwtmover hLs name could not be disclosed. E ES1I gc dfWl Gets [Court Ruling March 16 mo- o station KOB, Albu- require New Mexico regents to be "more 3 certain" in their _.! Ml against the station to part and overruled t Judge A. W. s of counsel here 'i Attorney for the Al- Co., and attorney in AlbuquerqU' :ree on a bill of with Judge In their sui had not bern I KOB annoiin cements SEU contract under n u-as sold, am ation be directed t contract. March 16 (AV ratlc Un >scd Col, Juan tntial election in lnter Jrfitlon "appears def as lhc I iporlsnien Form Body An enthusiastic crowd ot sports- 1B11 met last night In La Fonda to cvive the Santa Fe Game Protec- ivc association. The body elecled lames Harvey to serve as temporary iresidcnt and J. W. (Bill) Ilhca as cmporary Eecretary-treasurer. Djes were set at a year and any icwcomers Interested in Joining are i.sked to contact lite ifficers. April II has been set as the tcnla- Jve date of Ihc next meeting, al which permanent officers will be elected. Definite dale will be an- nounced later. Vegas Theater o Wall Collapses LAS VEGAS, March 16 Damage caused by the collapse ol a large portion of the rear wall o: the Duncan opera house in Las Ve> gas was estimated at several thoiiS' and dollars today. A, large section of the wall an( about half the roof fell last night apparently from excess weight o snow on the roof. located at a main Intersection !n Las Vegas, falling limestone, blocks crashed- Into a smaller one-story building occupied by Dr. W. G. Rives; completely burying the In- terior under five feet of rubble. All stores on one side of the build- ing have been closed because of! water leakage and gas and electric- ity have been cut off. The historic opera house Is one of the oldest buildings In the city, having been constructed about 188.1. The collapse occurred about. p.m. last night- u-hen no one In the building. Police have roped olf the street side of the structure for fear that other vails may fall. DUTCH SHOT THE HAGUE, March 16 Blofczijf, 61, former Dutch Nazi prop- agandia chief, -was executed today by a 22-man firing squad. China's success in these projects epends a great deal on the efforts if other nations." He warned that If China were ;nored or "if there is scheming to hwart China's present China woulii fail. The United States is best able to ruder assistance to China, he said, (Conltnued on ttatk Ttft) Catron Says Young Appeal Decision Near No decision has been reached ye I whether to appeal the conviction of Louis Young, 45-year-old Houston Tex., Negro convict under death sen- tence in the slaying here last Nov 19 of Mrs. Elolsc Kennedy. Fletcher Catron, court-nppolnltx counsel for Young, said he wouk meet Monday "with a group of Ne- groes from Albuquerque who are In terestcd In Young's case." He said the Albuquerque group Is acting private individuals nnd not as an association. Whether or not the case, will be appealed to the supreme court maj be decided Monday, Catron said. Catron conferred with Young this week at Ihe state penitentiary- am said Yoimg told him he wants L take an appeal. Young, however, wa pa Id to be without'funds for a Iran script ol the court records. Young's execution date was set b District Judge William J. Barke for April 23. The negro was convict ed last month at Gallup. George Pelligrcw Scls Show Record for Calf-Roping PORT WORTH, March 16 W The fastest known calf-roping I in' nl any Southwestern Exposition an Pal Stock show rodeo'here was s< by George Pottlgrew of Grady. J M., in an after-show contest toda; lie roped nnd his. calf in 12 .seconds. The best previous tim known at the Fort Worth Yodeo wa the 135 seconds set by Troy Port Hobbs, N. M., last year. The be- time at this year's show had stoo at 14.6, set by James Kenney c Comslock, Tex., also In an aftc show contest. George Petllgrew Is a brother i the more widely-known Homer re ligrew, also ol Orady. Spain Neutral Throughout, Franco Insists MADRID, March 16 (UP) foreign ministry announced toda} that Spain ts replying to a Unitet States charge of wartime Sponlst iks to the axis with a vigorous ntention that Spain always main ned Its neutrality meticulously The bureau of diplomatic fnior allon of the foreign ministry Issue communique sketching Spain's re y lo the United States white booh tie full text ol the Spanish not expected to be Issued nex ucsday. clhod Criticized The preliminary statement sal en. Francisco Franco's governmei as replying that Spain maintained independence throughout bat civil and European wars, an jyally fulfilled her obligations eulrallty. The Spanish note criticizes the American State Department's meth- d of making public the documents ontained In .the white also eals with American-Spanish rcla- :ons In wartime. The reply observes that of 15 doc- inents in the white book, 13 deal the 1940-41 period when both he United Slates and Spain were .cutral. Mission Sisters Know No Time Clock .........coorm It was 4 a.m. and a light was burning upslairs in Ihe Santa Fe Catholic Maternity Institute at In E. Palace avenue. One of Ihe Mcdicnl Mission sisters was packing her sick bag preparatory to maWn; a call far Into the country. The same lignt Nickered on again at 1 a.m. tnc following morning-It was the sister returning from a 20-hour vigil, dur- ing which she has assisted in bring- ing a rcdtaccd boy into the world. hour of the day or other Medical MUsIon sisters are penetrating parts of India and have been since 1927. However, there are three other i to Santa Fe and when she Icarr.tti nonsectarian midwifery organize-1 New Mexico had the highest inother- UOTIE In the United Stales: the Ma- baby death rate of any slate.5. start- Churchill Raises Poser ii Dardanelles Demand NEW YORK, March 16 Churchill's disclosure that i'sia had demanded a "fortress In the Dardanelles" at the Potsdam con- ercnce posed a new problem today (or the United Nations organization. Churchill made the disclosure In an address at the Waldorf-Astoria otel last night In which he urged that the Iranian crisis and the IliusUn emanris on Turkey be "thrashed1 ut" before the United Nations sc- urity council "as a very great test or the world oi-ganization on which o many hopes are based." It was the first official disclosure liat the Dardanelles had been dls- ussed at the Potsdam meeting, al- :iough it was recalled that the Turk- sh foreign minister, Hasan Saka was u London during the conference last 'uly and had been very attendant ipon'the foreign office at that time, ipeaks Before Churchill spoke before a backdrop American and British tings to an audience of 2.000 persons who hac ;athered In the grand ballroom o: he Waldorf for a S15-a-plate dinner given by the City of New York. The dais from which he spoke was iilled with dignitaries Including dip- Test Of Powers Predicted omatic representatives of more than 40 foreign countries. Speakers at the dinner included John G. Wfnant U.S. ambassado lo 'Great Britain; Mayor Wllllan O'Dwyer and Gov. Thomas E. Dewej of New York. Russia Xot Itcpresented Russia was not represented at thi dinner. The Russian embassy falle not meet today. ISSUlg Found on Ranch In 'o organize the medlca] mts After receiving Archbls'io GerXln'5 comnnunleatlm she came j WASHINOTON, March 16 OPA Approves Bread Size Cut temlty Center In New York City; the Frontier Nursing serv- ice In Kentucky, more popularly known a-i "Nurses on eel plans for sending the r.ewly named order west. However, It wasn't until during the war, when the sisters were and the Institute in! barred from entering India, that ''hey turned westward, moving Into Alabama, II was through the laic Archbishop i Santa Fe lock, stock end barrel In that the Medical Mission I November, 1543. Since that time sisters were brought to Santa Fe. they've rciktered 403 and de- livered 284 babies. The sisters stre.ved fpur-of- Ihe-motncnl cases arc beyond as- sistance. Sisjcr Michael, wlio Is In charge of Ihc Institute while SLster Tlieopanc Is In Washington talcing n course In administration the Catholic university, (old of one fian- tle lather-to-be on the door In the hours of the morn- Ing and asking htr !o come Immediately. "We Just can't do, because tConllnntd Titt flti) American bakeries had their gov- ernment's permission today to rc- In Ltind Office Essay Contest Joe Aaron. Portales High school student, today was announced as winner of Ihc'stalc land office essay Commissars, under a decision taken U'pntest_on the public domain by the Supreme Soviet Slalln will head the new government, members of wlilrh will he called ministers liulratl of commt'sars. Stall; Commission Seeks S 10.000 Ulilily Ii The state public service coinmU- slon hM filed with the U. S. circuit i contest. Tlie winning essays Ten-year-old Albert H err era, mi-sing <lncc last Sunday, has been found well and cheerful at a rancn near Embudo, Sheriff Ernest Lopez o.' Rio Arrlta county reported today recognized from a duce the of bread and rolls picture published In yesterday's New without cutting prices. Mexican. No details of his wander- The OPA authorized a 10 per cent ir'Bs were available Immediately. He reduction In the weight of brtad 1 's 'he sr-n of Mrs, Sophia Oatcli, m and rolls in line with the rceom- j Jelftrson street, mediations of the President's fam-' Inc. emergency committee. OPA said It would be Impouitfc lo cut prices, however, because other faclors Involved In the change-over lo Ihe lighter weight loaf would cat up any savings. At the same lime, OPA .officials fald an order would be Issued Mon- day amending the national restau- rant regulation which how much food hotel and restauranl portions must contain. The ruling w It now stands prohibits any re duction In the quality or quantity ol food served by a restaurant or hotel without A corresponding rut In price. Mrxicn If'cntlirr Fair tonlghl fol- lowed by Incrcas- ing cloudiness and to- j morrow. Low to- High tton. HP will be given a trip Washington EIS pucM of Land Coni- tntsAlnner John K. Mllrjt. Evelyn Idcll Pope of the Loving- ton High school was announced AA second-place winner, auci will be giiCAt ot honor at a banquet hexe to- ntelu. She will be escorted on an all-day tour of points of tnteren in the Santa Fe vicinity tomorrow. The winners were announced to- day at a luncheon given by MllM tor ail county ftimirrs in the state- urt of appeals al Denver a "leclrd by the M.lte baud It n In Intervention In the Canadian niver from the Cl.ijtou j with the mineral r with- das Co. public service commission. Its petition averted, W In to thr; Slate of New Mexico." Miles has advocated iramfer of 10 million acres of public domain to the stale. He ar.d CUucie Wood. rlerS oi thr efficr. relundlng the to cm- suiners In the C'Uvton arc.i. The federal couiml'-slDri In April. WI2. enierrd an order re- quiring River Gas ti.i re- duce Its rates, cffcftlve May 20. 1912. Tile order has been in litigation since date, aiul Ihe Supreme Court thf United t <n I'll 1A1, States -iccrnlly orilrrcil OF Gl'X WOl'XHS River Gas In comply with the powerj TEHRAN. March IS commission nrdrr. Ncrvar MelH Mid lodAy that t'lhobm VaJivA. deputy m'.nls- ter of war m thf .'ell-prc'vUlmed ami (irah.un. hint office i jilan to le.avc nex: Tues- i day for Bait l.iii- City for a con- feicnce of westrrn land commls- Alorscr.s on the public (Ic-in.iin UlUCOl SIGNS A lins been ;ipproMd AcMng <iov. ,1. 11. Jniiis tw Uw return Kay Hoycr [n-ni An- s to rouniy mi of obtaining by teases. Ince, died al political .iy boLvcru Tabriz Mid

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