Wednesday, June 24, 1908

Santa Fe New Mexican

Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Text Content of Page 1 of Santa Fe New Mexican on Wednesday, June 24, 1908

New Mexican (Newspaper) - June 24, 1908, Santa Fe, New Mexico SANTA FE NEW MEXICAN VOL. 45. SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO, WEDNESDAY JUNE >4, 190s! NO. 11' SEVER RELATIONS 1THJEHEU Members of Amer- ican Legation Quit Caracas AEHIOtilf IMMINENT RepretenUtive of Turbulent Republic at Washington Still on the Job. Carcas, June members of the American iegaiioii arc awaiting ihe arrival of the United States gun boat Marietta, at Porto Cabelio, the warships having been ordered (here for the purpose of transferring them TO BUILD SANITARY i SEWER AT ONCE j Council Decides on Long Needed lm- j provement for Lower San Fraiv i cisco Street. A sanitary se-wer will be huili on lower '3an Francisco street at once ana as soon hereafter as practicable the sirc-et will be paved from the t Ciaire hotel to the intersection of Oal-{ isteo street. Such was the decision re-ached at an adjourned meeting of the council held last night Property owners of lower San Fran- cisco street appeared before the coun- cil, they having been notified that a bearing would be given lor approval or the proposed improvements, sug- gestions or objections, Nathan Salmon, J. G. and Fred JfuHer, pro- perty owners, were in favor of the! pavement or at least the improvement j of the street. They insistsed that a j sanitary sewer be built before the j street was paved and that if possible j tht> telephone and telegraph poles b< moved off the street. Judge X. B. Laughliu staled thai le wouid object to ihe street beinf: unless a sc-wer is built and the (PIER SINKING Wife and Physicians Only Ones at Bedside When Final Summons Came BECAME UNCONSCIOUS PEACEFULLY AWAY of Demise Came ThunderboJt From Clear Sky at It Was Not Known He Was Dangerously III- A Remarkable Man. to tho United Stales. Jacob Sleeper ]poles taken down. It has been acting: as charge d'af- by .Mr. Muller that instead of paving faires since the departure of the American minister. W. Russell and the street that it be macadamized which would be much cheaper just as ilurahle. He will not oppose vhiij it the majority of the propem Lieutenant Hujrgics. the lary attache, withdrew from the lega- tion at Caracas on Saturday and desire it and from the expres- ceeded to Porto Gabello. The interests Isiori of those there last evening a o[ the United States were placed In i pavement is favored, charge of the Brazilian legation as the Considerable discussion resulted ov- representatives of the European na- cr building a sewer on San Francisco tions nre having considerable friction with President Castro's government. John Brewer. American consular ag- ent, remains her in charge of the arch- ives. Revolution Brewing. President Castro returned here sud- denly a.few days ago after a Jong ab- sence in the interior and bis arrival attracted much attention. All kinds of rumors are current and the with- drawal of the representative? of the United States government is not quite understood by Venesuelans. It is prob- able, too, that there will be an early rupture with Holland and there are re- ports that a revolution against the ad- ministration is being organized in Co- lombo. As matters now stand, the United States. France and Columbia, practically have no relations with the Venezuelan government. Ureat Drifain and Holland have several questions Tending with the government. Germ- any alone has no dispute. Venezuelan Minister Still on Job. Washington, Juno Venn- zuelean charge d'affaires here has not yet been advised by life government ol the withdrawal of the American charge d'affaires at Caracas. Mr. Sleeoper. Consequently he will not ap- ply for his passports unless ordered So do so and -he does not -cxpocL such an order. The diplomatic relation? ihnso qualifications are complete- ly severed between Ameriou and Von- icla. Charge d'Affaires Sleeper has t yet reported his departure to the department. Acting Secretary Adee. is to confer with Secretary Root ana Assistant Secretary Bacon and will then probably make public the last diplomatic correspondence, relat- ing to the Venezuelean troubles. question was raised .is to who appointed. Mayor Sena SHERMAN RESTING EASY IN HOSPITAL Considerable Improvement Noted in Condition of Vice-Presidential Nominee. Cleveland. Juno o'clock 'Ms morning the physicians attending James S. Sherman suited Iliai the patient's temperature was 100 M-5; J'WfSfl SO, and respiration 32. -Mr, Sherman fell into a sound Sleep fli C n. m. and awakened after two hours of refreshing sleep. He was during a greater part of the nisht but his physicians say there a decided Improvement in his rmi- 'Won this morning. Following n of intense heat a cool breeze this morning and this added greatly to the comfort of the PRtiMit. Some would checkmated the only chance for a row last night by stating that ho would expect, the two coimcilmen from each ward to agree on a man ami t.Iwii lie would appoint whoever they chose. No firecrackers will be allowed set off !ii the on the Fourth, The forbidden district wns not definitely fixed last night, bul the mayor, by proclamation will designate the for- RENDERS MANY IN- DIVIDUAL TAX JUDGMENTS. f nllj- four hundred imlivi.lunl JmlR- have been issued in tho district. by Judge John n. McFio and 'if-iiiR rocordod by of the" Cwitt Francis C. Wilson ngninsf per- for back tuxes in Santo Ke comv Order of sales have been issued ftltont 200 summons gotten out 10 be served on tlift allcRcd dolimiuent Wyerfl ns required by law. Those judgments arc for taxes of and The "back taxes arc contnined in it sop- Judgment from those of 1906. claimed thnt there Is fl serious upon the part of somofone a lux payers, f whom these have Issued, liold re- street. It was proposed that the sani iiry sewer on Water street be up from the outlet into Santa Fe river ind connected.with the sanitary sew- er to be put in on San Francisco street, running tho latter sewer to the arroyo in the westeni part of the This n-ouM effectually solve the pro- blem of unsanitary conditions along Saiita Fe river below the outlet of the Water street sewer. After a thorough discussion the matter was referred to tho committee on sewage and drain- iy Mayor Sena with instructions to report- at the next regular ins in July, Xathan Salmon brought up the ques- tion of buildng a sewer on the south side of Santa Fe river. Mayor Sona stated for the benefit of the residents of that side of the city that prelim- inary surveys would be- made and that some work had been done already but that the matter was still, in its in- fancy. In thy discussion relative to moving telegraph and telephone poles off San FranciiKo street where it is propsoed to put down the pavement, an investi- gation of the franchise granted brought out the idea that the coun- cil could not remove the poles without consent of the1 corporations. City At- tornuy C. C. will be instruct- srive an opinion while Mayor to Sena will endeavor to got the aiions to place their wire? in con- itayor Sena asked permission from tho council to appoint three extra po- licemen to serve July -Uli and 5th. The council gave him ihe required au- ifiority. mcronsnvs tho tin tuber to four. Priiici'ion. X. J., Juno Cleveland, former President thc- United States, died suddenly at YYesthmd, his home, here, at o'clock this morning. Death was due to hoar: failure complicated with other dis- eases. His passing away was not immediately announced but wns delayed until an official statement bad been prepared by the physicians in attend- ance. This statement was issuetl at o'clock am! read: Official Statement of Physicians. "Mr. Cleveland for suany years suffered from repeated attacks of Cas- tro intestinal troubles. He also had a. long standing disease of the heart and kidneys. Heart failure complicated with pulmonary thrombosis and oedema were the immediate causes of his death." Death Came as Great Shock. While Mr. Cleveland had been seriously iil from time to ;iine, ihe an- nouncement of bis death came like a. thunderbolt 10 those watchins his llness; Last night there was a slight flurry among hi? friends, occa- sioned by ihe visit of Dr. Bryaii of N't-w York, Cleveland's old physician. Mrs. Cleveland Not Alarmed. Mrs. Cleveland later in the evening, in discu-ssius Or. Bryant's visit id ihwy wns no occasion for alarm and that her husband was getting nicely. This reassurance totally unprepared their friends for the ai.' who were .u the bedside- of the former were -Mrs. Cleveland and three physicians. The otjJy other fiersons in tlie house, ;tr tJie time were the servants. End Came All of a Sudden. Doctors Bryant and Lock-wood, who cisme from New York :iay evening, remained at Hie Cleveland home ul! night. When the" announcement of liis deatli. Th ['resident when the -end cume i FOREST FIRES RAGING IN SEVERAL SECTIONS! D.saslreus Destroying! Valuable Timber in Va- lencia and Otero Counties. Cuij-P.-, X. M., JULC- :i -The fnrpsi fire, un south of Mount Taylor ranw, whM, i burning for .lay.-, is pi. visible from this from :he yreal volumes of ?mok-- which invert sky the blaze is an The fir-.' j.s said to Sav belonging to A. a McMilloQ of Aibmiuerqur-. and thai J. H, isoii. Forest rangers the reserve trying to co Thriving Town Rightly xtende. spread In Named I PROMISING HIM for Large Citizen? Enterprising. (By still ii iho have not been liere for j MI b nil" retuni- Distributing Point can b-.- made 01 the wtteiii. or area fov-i JT rrtti by ihe Hrf. Every available In-i !lan In this vicinity im? put to! rori-i in assisting w stamp out thcj fire. According to ad rices received- Supervisor D. HP.TI. of Albu-' the forest rangers ru employ all ir-i essaiy in the md U. extiniculsli it ;lt any cost. lh'- of BIG rOREST FfRE j Batter. I; almost In cfni.-T M- NEAR CLOUOCROFT.! gn-at S.'iashinp Tt-rriiory and hi- Clouticroii. X. M.. Jsnit burned all Monday afternoon aui! nielli, in Pierce canon, four ami east of Clomienm. The ih-.- Sacraiaeaio If Jajjies siai- Jiiat Forest near Carter's saw ami burned a area of tim- tor. A force of inoa fought .ud ii is thieved thi-y have it uinier optrol uule.s.- froni: to'iiiy. wind up IRE SWEEPS UNCHECKED OVER MAXWELL GRANT of VTiTiar.l in-saii uir k'li of Sanui Fe Central P.3.I.- chison. a ail Santa F- from Xew Mexico, miliariy Unovrn a5 the Cut-Off. first buil-iiiiirs in WHiard reeled about feu- years a.oi and cor: sistesJ of a fc-'-v buiit to ihe needs of J railroad camp. The rapid influx; of per Soy and the with wh.Vfi fJiey niei in their pursuits sc-vi: about the establiAliment places. A special policeman kept in the Plaza to see that this iiroclamation is enforced. It was 'hat it wotiid the mi- bidden will bt tho patient this morning thuy found him one c-xyrcsseti it, uul Dr. Carnoclian. who lives in t'rinceton, ivas w step over. Sbort- y after eight .o'clock Mr. Cleveland seemed to fail and the physicians worked hard over ihe patient: with every resource possible. Finally he ajised into unconsciousness and the pmi ratne at o'clock. It is bo- icved the lerritic heal ol" the last few day? contributed in a great decree ;o his sudden death. Scores of telegrams are (touring into the littmt- from varfoii.- Ktris of (fit? country antiT Europe offcrinir condolence and sympathy. Funeral to fie Held Friday. The following bulletin was issued m the Press thf.- loon, "The funeral of. former President Cleveland will he held Friday, iune 20. at the Cleveland n-sidence on Bavard Ijiw Priut-efon ml will be strictly private." 71 Years Old Last March. Mr. Cleveland was Tl years old on March iSth, last. During the itf-st winter he kept close to his home in Princeton imii] the approach of his lirthday. when he went to with his family. He was a tnisteo if the Equitable Ufe Assurance POCUMV of Xew York and up to tho time f going to l.akewood. attended "to correspondence in connection with his uties for that society. After lie went to Lake wood he discontinued al! vork and it soon developed that he was suffering from an attack of jaway. The fire is on the ;iropcrtj i the ilaxwpH Land Orant company, which has one hundred nir-u fisatius it, but making no headway. Timber and of valut1 are in fhf line of the fire and unlcs-? prevents further spread of fir-1 daniage will be enormous. ment. Hero, within a period of years .1 city S0'3 wiih -arge whoSesaic- ant! rfltili bank fr'c.. hav-; erects aad with m a fow morstiif waterworks ana a [JishHns? systen-. run by will GUAU MACTTD the surrounJ- on AH un? conntr-- are found hundreds o' OF farniers who OTmf- _____ this fertile valley to make their T manent homw. lill iiie soil and Troops Put Nationalists ..rotTV Route and Retake Parliament Building in Teheran, Teh..-: laud occurred before niiu; th no word had been n; ceived at the Cleveland summer huiue here from o'clock this afternoon. The news was telephoned to estate by the Associated Press, but he refused to mai Jiotist'hoW. He expl.'iinei! chore -iiati fci'en so man. Cleveland's condition thai he would not communicate with household here until he received word from a personal friend of the fami- ly in Princeton. Those lie were his instructions. The Cleveland place s in :m isolated district far from teltwaph ami railroad. Three of the :hiMrcn or Mr. Cleveland are with .Mrs. Perruie. the mother of .Mrs. Cleve- land hero. They will so lo Princeton n'coim of the news Princeton up to one it known to the imors coocernini; Hcmliers pf the of thrir father's tlfalh. News Flashed to Oyster Bay. Washington, .Iune unofficial notification of ilie death of Former President G rover Cleveland was flashed immediately to Oyster Hay for the information of President. Roosevelt. The Whit? House roceivod Its flratnows of his death from the Associate Press, Secretary of tlu? Treasury Uoorge B. Curlelyou, who the senior cabinet oflicer in Washing-toil at present is now acting head of ihe administration, the first word that came from Oyster Bay was insUtutional. which the secretary iinmctliatcly lit in to keep the small hoys from try- vromiilgnmatMl to all executive ilciiiirtmcnts to place their at half ,r unsutt- imasi. it is probable ihoy will (tins nmnttn for thirty days .n. June id genera] confirnifd that tlu1 Srst shot in yest the foot ot the motin (aina, tho surface of which is broken nuineron.t fresh water Ijikca an.l covered with rich of gram- ma, the mojit nutritious ot (Contlnutd On Thr

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