Tuesday, July 5, 1870

Santa Fe New Mexican

Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Text Content of Page 1 of Santa Fe New Mexican on Tuesday, July 5, 1870

New Mexican (Newspaper) - July 5, 1870, Santa Fe, New Mexico The J J Yni.rMK 2. SANTA FB, NEW MEXICO, TUESDAY, -TCI A -y, 1870. OKi'lCJ A L J )1 KKCTOiU'. i. A. nil. l.' I. -nil, lily U'.ll.-r. I. I'..! ii lA.-l.i'T t A In.li.i.i r i-ai-r. ,'l W. l.llll.-. I .-i.il.i- Ii. li.iVI.. ,1 ,-M.it, s I. lii.ni I A..... l, II. Kltilin. 1 Milol M.-il... I'l'in- lti-.-iii.-r ..I III.- I..HI.I W. I.Mil.'. .-i n Kv.-r.ii. l'Dl..luii W. l.llll. Tcrrlfiirlul The gluiiuus l''ourtli, tue !.'lth :innivers.itry of j the birth uf our I'i-publi.L, was. cvlebialcd in i appropriate manner. wen; startlet! from their fa 1 it i ill an tnrly hour in tL'i; pluming, by hi ing oj r.rma, firecrackers, etc. At lull'past three a ni a ..'enrleuian whose sleep bad been uis- cic. i in uf the I'alaee ten s. in. N.I. I, i Grand Arniv of the Uepubli.1, niaii'hn.g at of Ih.i column, i.i-sl to the ban-l. I having eonijilcled nianh and re- Chi... T. tl) jIH ol starting, lleul. U. A. r... Si-nth. IVesidimt uf ihed.iy, a stirring and patriotic aiWrcss. which w re'Tiie following corresKiihdi-nee lh- I'Sllll Ol dlspusiliull of the surplus fii.'idi. ii-ni lining in th'.-- A pli.-ate Ictttr from Dr. M'l.ing, h.iads of tin; Kimieit comuiilti-e, paying all of this cily, but now a reiiilent of tel- Ihe expenses inet.rie.l for tl.e ycster- ritury of Utah, contains the folloivmg ilMn- The railroad will be finished to Callville i v lirst of August, and connects with tl.e Ta-.- 1 lie nl the foot of Iv.-ho Canon. This road w.s built by people of Cjllville, without ai.v j outside instance, and speaks volume! fur j SI.VTA J-'K. X. M.. July iith, ;T. A. DIU.A.V. KSII.. .TIlliliii.T iii.i', A. II..I....... I.I. i.i. "i- 'i- r. Secretary IjanU Fe Mimi'in S. S. Santa Fe. X. M. herewith pleaseCnd (-i-jll.ii'J) enterprise and industry. The grading is ail t'iCKty dollars, oi.e half of Oie surplus funds, done and most of the lien have alrcadv m the city of IV, X. M., which, The grasshoppers, which for the past thru- S.huol, the purchase of books, the locusts of F.gypt through Salt Lake vallev .'or School of this city. Pieaci; re- aft.-r having lie.-ol.ited many (.-rain field-. erv our obdi, Servt., of tin; C.-'iinmUee. SANTA X. M., July ith, K. A. SMITH. lnnaiin runiinittce Finlti.-i-, t'-.r tin; ilh of July L'ulel.-atinn, l.ST'l, I'e. X. M. M' hards and g-iriletis. This is which Utah sec-ins drstine-l I to bear p'-iiodicaily. Many of the grain iiel is i Vutini; is on a tour through iin; southern of llns Territory, but will r'_- turii lo Sik l.aki- in a days. j 'J'iio I'L-jiorttid discovery of a in Salt I- is a Considerahle exrittnii'lit our coiiHiiuhJ.'ati.ii] uf this .laic, i is up here over the reported richness ot' livi-nty iJidlars. CIIIH half uf tins mines in mountains of L'lali. An old followed liy an jei.iijilent prill er by liev. D. Mcj-'arland. Th-n after '.he band plavi'd lln; "Sliir .Spangled lian- S. lead the. JK-ci.na- tiuii o m ipt.m IIHC, in -lu.is u 'liie surplus funds, rai.-ed fir the c.'l.d.r.-.tiun uf that in less than ,-lih of July in this cily. and dninted tn il.-.- Sin- live years (hern will be a mining population i-f Fe Sabbath S'-hnol, is respectf.iliy thirty tli'iusainl in tliis vicinitv, and he thinks jo..i u. (.ni.is.n.i, 1M ,neans of eradicating [iiilygamy A cunnuuiiii'iitiun iv is Irom tlie Father Truchald, in reply loan invi'.ition tu (.Htlndie Schools, lo the CN- i i ii I ernnt i ..i.. .in Hi.- MTuii.l M..II- nre.sMnt; thaiui.s tor !he. invitation, [jut L. n. j iii.im.i.i... ..Him (i K F.' .M. S. .s. to voii ilicirilnnkj trom (Ins cnnimunifv. i ,n ''hit I'lMcip Linnv w.it ilKfiil, nnd tnat lie Uu i.i i- AI. I.." n'li'im mni.j I a suitable wi.i dc made by tisu Jrai-.'l on Pacific Railroad u not verv IN. i Mi.i'.l.ij-i't not feel tu acei'pt the Jnvit.iliuii. i In I-. .-.'mi.! .-..NMi.viitii.s uu U.e >ab> .at h .'jcliunl m due time. lie-ivy just now. peiini to UK fearful ol Clemenle I1. read lln; De. Lm j lion of Ilidependenic, in Spani.-h. 'j'hcre was I .-k. llwi-y music in Knglish and Spanish by ladies n.v. iKth. m', -umnu'ik'iKir on I'IL- IUU' gentlcihe.n, which ivas nut the least agree- Hie llilr.1 i able leatulu of ilk! ctltertainnient. 'i'iie Sirlet1- lions Tveru the exefutiiin cleellent. V our obdt. frrvt., 'J'. A. Secrctirv Santa FB Mission S. S. I Indian but these fears r.re regarded an i by thp frontier population. John JleCullough. of Kliz.v bi.'thtown, h.is been appoimed by Marsha! IVatt SANTA July Mi. Assistant Marshal tn take the Census of Cnlfax i Cunniy. 'I his is another excellent appoint- ni'-nt, Mr.McCuliough is a young gentleman -.in .1 Hull Sena, acquitted ilk-niselvcs-wi-ll. '1 heir MA HAM Knelosrd herewith plfisn funl of intelligence ai.il energy, ii affabli! and po- tiun were well wnttvii and lust nothing in the j (-JO un) twenty dulhirs, one Imlt ol the surplus polar, and his appointment is gratifving to us Messrs. and per- raised fur the -Ith of July in and will give satisfaction to the people of his i-uumii-iidyy uu [Jit-fum-tli i i i May MallcKy hid charge ui the organ. >i-i n; M. IXCKNT, The orators, Messrs. T. F. (..'ot.w.iy, and Jos'j Santa Fi', X'. M. .1 idelivcrv. Messrs. hei-loi k and jicr- i-j, ids raised -Ith nt .iuiv in and ivi i' 'K j funned their [.'.-n't very ereditnldy: their icad-jSauta I'V'1 X. M., wliich is by dirertiun f countv. I" Hi" Mug was all that c..nld desired. Ijefore tiie Finance Connnittec donated In the Orphan C.lth- UJ M.unl.iy M cm i: r. ti in JSaiila i'V, commencing on i I v Ulfttrrt Cnl.i -N l l i. n li. Maxwell. l.os i. AN i Cui'M I'lililo Makjo-lri'T.. 1'n.baU' .liUsi-; Hii-i-llV. liHANT M I'' cot.clusion fd' the feremoiiies quite a severe i ulii: School under your i h'irge. Tiie other hi.t j storm of wind and ram arose, but the htand oc- j is dimatmi to ihe Santa Fe S. S. Very respectfully Your obedt. Fervt., (I. A. SMITH. Chairman of the V.inn.iitce. SANTA FK. July INTO. IKNKIUI. 0. A. SMI in: Most gratef.illv do 1 eiipied by the speakers, singers, etc., being n ell covered ami tne andier.ee being sheltereil, the programme was not interrupted bv the itorm. The stand wai occupied by invited guests, distinpnisheil visitors, orators, readers and musicians. The affiir was a decided success 1'ml.aU- .lu.lgv; .1. vcrv Krillifying tootir patnolic cit- Lnu- U. XI J'mliatc i. ri'iiliiili'.liiilge; l-Vniiili- Ml.ll I Xl.hiN, .-Ill'I'lir. lilu (iin.'ia, I'n.bate Ju.U" .-l..-nir. SANTA ANA Cut 'I'uinaw ('aWza uL-IJaiii, acknuwledge the receipt of twenty dollars A faril. SA.NTA July Olu, 1S70. ivls. X'ew Mexican IVrmit urn on behilf of the rommittr-i! to ten- I dcr our tlniiki to Mr. A. 1'. Sullivan for print- ling and valuable services rendered in behalf of the. late celebration of ihe 4tU of July, liy pub- billing the abave ou will greatlv oblige. I Cw. A. SMITH, Chin. Finance Com. izeni. Tlit'rij was juui'h interest inanifestcd unr poor orfhan i-liiUrun. i Fc Coninsninlrry K.'. T.'. and the slteinlanee was large. Don Antonio VJU is j Will meet in special conclave this etening at y Salazar, C'hief Marshal, nnd hii Assist- Of vdur grateful nnd humble friend. seven o'clock at Masonic Hall, northwest corner tMie.ilit. M lunluus. c UktllM t K......To, rrnliaU'.liHltfv .Ina.i .-'iim liez, I'rubale .In.li'n I Julian O r il r r rt T-V- X.i. 1. K- T. iwvts llie l-lli niniilli. nti! I'V invi'ln (liu Miiniluy of i-iit-l. A. K. Sc A. M., On tlif 'ulis J' .-v.'iy immlli. I. O. P. uvi-ry evu 1'ar' nuc. I'V NIL S, 1. O.of 11. T. D.i'llllg il i nVIin-t. I'iwlXo.1 II A. It. iiuvn tin; ami tlilrn Krl- every TUM- iiuinili.iiiJi.-if In ImlMlnn inT li ek. p. ni. lii'i'ii Awlirni'" "f nfWil- HninT. ilii-liin .1 u limikniiK l.y.ilu- I luiri'liy iiinllj- nil MMMW H'liu weiv Li'l'-litiil ainu-linn prim- in llu- A. ll.ls.l.l In niaki- inuin-illate ini-M uf in.li-l.l. .Im'i.. In mo ill iifri'iil ...r linn .ai.l Klmtlniu iiri.ir tu inlil ilny will .l.'livrr ihi: in me, or 1 will <ull nil 1SAXTI.VUO L, S. X., ISTO. ma. ints did Ih.'ir duty thoroughly: and (ieneral j Smith, the President uf the d.iy. was full i.f ami Mr. Drown, the fire works man, evidently i appreciate the fourth uf July, and nnuh oflht I of the demonstration is due tu them. Sism: M. j of the plaza. [Santa Fe I'vsl pleaso cot.T.J lion. Louis Clark, [of Alcalde, rf The yw in its last two issues announces and Pablo Antonio Ssna, of San Joie, are in tat A. 1'. Sullivan is the sole propiielor of thut town, c.nablishinent. In thy issue of June u'.'th the in- succi'sa cl Ihe demonstration is Hue tu tliem. is snid that M. Vcrot, the of Fill i My' sP'-e'-l' tl'c Kc'iitncnical. CiHiii- surprised a few days since to or aud on ihe 1st inst.. the j d, the ofin- seeintho Xuw York of ihe 24 th nil.. exhibits its instincts and good j that all the IMsThups win, a statement lo the i-ff.-rt that ilr. by denouncing as liars and fnols oil I in its favor would he jrniltT ol s.-ierile-c. Daniels had been nominated by the I'rcsident as ,io not nndentiinl th.it language j The majority met this Imputation with pru- assi'Ssor of iiiteriml rrvi-nue for the Jistriet of X'ew winch position has been held fur more than a year by Dr. S. Ii. who has to be an emphatic statement th it no chinge had testing erica, and the clamor became taken In anv not infallible, furious that the rresident Legate rang his bell. the language ipiotcd inigut nat convey that idea, ami called on the speaker t.) retract, the ox- proved himself faithful and impartial ollicer. j aml jt construction pivi-sinn. SupiM.rted by Stross- are entirely unaiivined as to the reasons for subjecting themselves to insult and ik- j the of Sinannah refused. this climigi'. _ mmcialion. The task of teaching mannor. i ami llu was eniiiled to nxpn-ss l.is A. De lUgue of Teeololf, Henry propriety of language and deportment to tin liecker Kso., of San Jo.se, li. F. Kino nnd i editor seems hopeless-. lion. Xicolas I'ino of Galisleo, also Don Am- brosio Arimjo of are in town. opinion. He said he was the of n country where every opinion was tree, and that, restrained in freedom, be 1W J. X1. Dawley, special agent of; preserve independence even in the Keii- the 1'ost Ollice .Depaitment, for Xew Mexico incniciil council. Monsignur W Thu numcrouTlricmls hero of Colonel i and arrived in yesterday's, coach. shop at Katishon. spoke with equ.il I--.it Marshall I. Aldington will pleased to learn i .Mr. Dawley succeeds Maj. and we are 'in more guarded language. ihe I hut espeded out from Wellington within to le.rn, will make his headiiuarters and lie the ,-f the vast miijoritv of (ienmin Ciilholies. Ihr the urxt few residence in our eili. ______' s ill big broke up in great asitntmn. ff Thomai J. Uirnum Eiij of the S. U. M. Co. arrived in coich. ff liyron Daniels been continued as U. IS. 'or Xew Mexli J. negro womi'ii fought Ca., last week.

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