Friday, May 31, 1963

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New Mexican (Newspaper) - May 31, 1963, Santa Fe, New Mexico Wvst'i Oldest Newspaper.., Founded 1849 114-lh Ycur, Issue IVo. 156 14 Panes SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO, FK1DAY, MAY 31, 1963 10 Cents Supreme Pontiff In Coma Last Thoughts Of Unity And World Peace Compiled from Wire Service VATICAN CITY Tim I'nlimn linitio saiil nl MST) tlnit llii- Ims 'inilnrctl into litsl llirous of litmtli. Ha suffers no tlic Radio suiil. is Terrorist Anus Come From Cuba SANTO DOMINGO. Dominican Republic sources reported Inlay thai arms being used by terrorisls in Colombia were shipped from Cub.i. They said captured carbines in Colombia serial milliners of Pope of the Roman Calholic Church, received (he sacrament of extreme unction, the last rites, and then waited serenely fur death. Almost his last thoughts were of world pence and of Christian unity. He suffered a relapse al mid- night last night From the internal Ijemorrhages which have wracked his body for the 10 days, weakened steadily during tlw? day once shipped by I lie late and Inpscd into uncon.scimisticss Dictator Trujillo Generalissimo friend. Kafacl Dictator STORM'S .Tack R. lircnnand, who lives on Zia Rd., peers up through the shattered glass in the greenhouse. The greenhouse and its contents were among Ihe "casualties" Debris On Sea Floor Identified As Sub in yesterday's freak southern- Santa hail storm, which Fulgcnclo Ratista in Cuba. They (lius fell inlrj the hands ol Fidel Castor when he ousted Halisla in 1959. i_________________ PORTSMOUTH, Searchers have wreckage lying on the ocean floor some feet below the surface and have identified it as the hull, diving plane and sail area of the nuclear submarine Thresher. N.H. (AP) then be flown to the Navy Court I photographed of Inquiry at Portsmouth, N.H. The court is investigating the sea disaster, which occurred some 220: miles east of Boston. o Santa re Section "i( we have been I through a World War II shell- ing, 'lilac's how one resident along The bathyscalhe Trieste is standing by in Boston, the Navy Thresher sank April 10 ancl ,hc south city limits of Santa Fe a deep sea lest dive 123 men if ,nc Court of Inquiry decides !.dcscribcd lhe results of yester- more photographs areneeded. frcak Dr. J. Lamar Worzel, assistant! Ami olher jn ,jle arca Further out there was less hail, i trees and He said after and Pecos had only a storm he drove out the Vegas aboard. The photographs, taken by the research vc route today >o Boston. They will 2-Car Crash Kills Infant A two-car collision in the midst director of the Lamont Geological Observatory whose researchers photographed Ihe wreckage Thurs- day, said the pictures were def- initely of the sunken submarine. Vice Adm. Ekon W. Grenfell, commander of the U.S. Atlantic Fleet Submarine Force in Norfolk, Va., said the photographs "ap- peared to be definitely correlated of a blinding hailstorm near Santajwith lhc missinE submarine." Fe Thursday killed an have said lhat if que infant enls. The fatality Memorial Day weekend in New Mexico, and boosted the loll for the year to 106. State police said the victim, Darcy Miller, 3 months, Albuquer- que, died of severe head injuries. mournfully through the remanls of flower and vegetable gardens beneath denuded verified Ihe remark. which tattered a one-mile by five- mile strip along 7.ia Rd. and on west across the Las Vegas high- way just inside the south limits, were described as city the worst ever seen in Santa Fe. ihei The hail and accompanying night fell As if casting a [Kill from the [luring the afternoon. Mrs. Dorothy Knight, who lives n Rodeo Rd., reported all her trees were stripped and needles from pinon, junipor and cedar were piled in hejps ncnealh the highway and estimated the was piled up 12 inches deep along Uie roadway. R. Brcnmmd, who Rd., said the trees, fronds, "The irus look slic .said. like palm Rear Adm. Ernst A, Ruth who on Dr., his yard was dc-stroycd, with foliage stripped from all the Mrs. Jack lives on Zin demolished her hail and its contents, and the pinons around her home were stripped to half size by the slashing ice. There was some damage re- ported to roofs of older homes in (Continued On Page Two) "valley of the shadow of death' of which Dnvtd sung in (he Psalms, storm clouds dnrkcncr the sunny Roman skies ns word of the new crisis was announced. At 0 p.m. p.m. the w-ord was even more grim. Ai thai lime, the Vatican radio nn nutmccr said the Pope's comlilior was steadily deteriorating "am it is feared tliat even a more scri mis event is about to lake place.' He asked listeners to join in say ing ilie he to recite. A late evening bulletin disclosed he was suffering from generalised pcritonitiis, inflammation of Ihe membrane lining the alxlominal cavity and that his pulse and breathing were weak. The bulletin also disclosed the growth in his stomach had dc- Cyclone, Tidal Wave Toll May Pass DACCA, I'iikislan (Ul'l) Authorities feared today that the death toll from a cyclone and (idal waves in Ivasl Pakistan would cxcend The toll mounted every hour as delayed re- ports from Ihe stricken areas readied Dacca. Officials believed Ihe casualties would leap to hchveen and 1'rcss reports estimated I hat other persons were, missinn and 2 million homeless In (lie affected 178-mile stretch along the liay of Bengal. Thc district deputy commissioner at Chit- tafionf; said hud died in Hint area alone. is 120 miles southeast of here. The casually figure could rise drastically when the Tale is known of a million persons who Inhabited 500 offshore islands. These islands were said to have hec'ii swept away hy (he tidal up- sni'Kfi which followed (he cyclone earlier this week. Grand J ury May Be Called In Taos My WAU.Y OLDS Of Our Tnos Unreaii TAOS There was coiwider- con versa I ion around Tiias Day as to the possible aspccls of a grarxl jury invcili- gniioti hern, Tlic grand jury request, a tilion bearing 172 names, was Iiatidnl lo Fred Fcdrtci fllxnit -1 p.m. Wednesday. 'Hie petition Iliat a grand jury ix> called lo (1) inquire into Ihe dcjilJi of Elmer RodarJo ol I lie hands of Lawrence last August, nrul (2) inquire n? lo why the district attorney ilkln'i file charges against Martinez. vclojxx! into plasy" which "diffused means the Private Plane Lost, iiy tMiLL'ii dii i.. i_ -J..H. mi.i i i uau a j 11.1 j _ and injured her par- Thresher <lid sink to a depth oflrain, which left an official .45 J ii feel, she cojH not possiblyjinchca of raoislurc. came in I U LI, If L II was (he first of (hcih.ave survived. Water pressure chro-jgh much of tlic after-! that level would be i. per square inch, compared the sea-level pressure of pounds. The Trieste is constructed so bowcvcr, rnost of the Two from ,hc jage was caused as millions of Officers said a car driven by Alfred Miller, 35, father of the victim, was proceeding slowly through a severe rain and hail- storm on U.S. 85 five miles south of Santa Fo. A second car, driven by Charles Michael Salazar, 24, of Albuquerque, came up from the rear, braked, and skidded into the rear of the Miller vehicle, causing it to overturn one and one-half limes into a bar ditch beside the road. Miller and his wife Betty, 30, were taken to St. Vincent's Hospi- tal in Santa Fe for treatment of injuries and later were released. Their son Christopher, 5, and Sal- that than it can descend far deeper feel with men and cameras aboard and withstand the' mos Civil Air P.uro! were Ala- in the pressure i in the background. Die Conrad and other search _fe, hailstones lashed the area jn t h e after 1 p.m., piling up to 10 inches deep in some places. Thc coating of ice gave a look of mid-winter to Ihe area and lo Sangre de Cristo Mountains vessels have obtained their photo- graphs with undenvaler camera syslerns lowered by cable nearly a mile and a half below the water's surface. Since April 30, Navy ami civil- ian vessels have steadily circled Along Ihe l.a.s Vegas highway motorists reported Ihe bottom of their cars were dragging on ihe piled-up hail. scarch for four persons private aboard been missing from (he que Airport since it took off at a.m. yesterday. Capt. Preslon W. Simms, com- mander of the Santa Fe CAP, Joe Wilson, owner of Wilson's Plying Service in Albuquerque, plane InKman was Irom I-ubbock, 'bin officials were unable to fy his home address or next of kin. Wilson sai< which has cells bad mcta.stasizcd or spread throughout the Ixxly. Pilgrims gathered in St. Peter's Square fell to their knees prayed as each new huliclin of a worsening of the Pontiff's condition. They wailed for the sign the end had closing of the massive bronze doors of St. Peter's ar.d the Idling of the The Pope's death would bring to an end the Ecumenical Council he called to further lite work of church reform and Chri.yian un- ity, but so much preparation has gone into il it seemed able his successor would not com- ipielc il. A new Pope is elected hy tlic College of Cardinals meeting in Miles borrowed lhc secrc, conclave afler a rclalivcs Fe. icre'r. little that ilia grand jury will be impaneled. I-ikcly it will slnri in July. Though Taos County's court fund is always empty, n new law that goes into effect in July may make some money available from a stale fund. Grand juries have a habit of being expensive to keep and feed. They also have a habit, in New Mexico, of ending up wilh statements blasting this or that procedure but no indictments. It could be different here, though. For one thing, this is the first grand jury in the history of Taos County. For another, there's always t.ilk here of this or that public official getting his hand in Ihe till. That's one of the penalties of holding office in Taru County, and such charges are investigation, and that of the proved. police, showed that wasj Blll ,Jiat gct 'Ury. ime jury won't foe limited to in- M'idance, by a gang of several men. I vcwligating just the Rodarla warning any District Attorney George nolils contacted Thursday, Rey said lie had invited (he Rodarle rein- to seek a grand jury if they io see charges against Martinet, when the inci- dent occurred. Reynolds s--txl hi iincc Reynolds is lorney hired by involved. At- the Rodarte Bert Prince of Santa m ,J1U ciiafgcs like mat coi being beaten up while acting airing a :a deputy sheriff at a jury won't Martinez fired a then another that took the ''c they wish lhal involves possi- Elmer Rrxlarle. "f decided it was.Uc by officeholders. a clear cut case of self-defense. mcir to get and didn't Me Reynolds. plane from him and took at: Pontiffs death. There are 82 Oird- recordl practically un- limited. If A grarwl jury "ran The petition given Fcdrici also away" or really got their teeth asked that Reynolds no: be at-.inlo a scandal, ihey could sit in torncy for the grand jury, but'session for many months. lhatn special prosecutor he hired.' the role of courtroorn jspcctator is common summer CRUCEN NAMED [recreation in Tacvi, and so is gos- SAN FRANCISCO (AP) Thc it looks like lively Western Probation. Parole and Mlmmer Correctional Associalion has in-1 stalled Kenneth Barnhill of Us: Cruccs. N.M., as second vice! here. said today there had been a.m. Thursday for Lubbock i inals at present arxl all would, be'.president, 'lhc association closed; trace of the plane, which was be- Ilievcd lo be en route lo j In Santa Fe (here was No was hail and heavy rain in but the damage was negligible when the area trying to locate what he- compared with thai lo the south came an underwater grave for 16; officers, 96 enlisted men and I7j civilian technicians. The Thresher was commissioned' Boys Escape at Portsmouth Shipyard in 1961. She was considered Ihe most.1 modern of the nuclear attack suh-j _ cnforcc. azar were not injured, state policcl She had left lhat port April men! agencies were looking to- said, i after a complete overhaul. who c-' Sgt. Milton Matteson, who in-: The next morning disaster; trom lnc Matc vestigated the accident, said char- siruck. gcs were pending further invest igalion. BULLETIN KhrusJichev Sends Note MOSCOW Premier Khrushchev sent a message to Col. C. I.. Mears, superintend- ent of New Mexico Industrial School for Boys a( Springer, said today thai I wo of Thurs- John xxnr (od ss. nays youthful escapees Irom i the institution were recaptured today in the Slonewall area near Trinidad, Colo. He said ihey are in custody of An- imas County sheriffs there and will be returned lo Springer In face probable charges. Don't miss the bargains on pages II, 12, 13 today. The Mighty Want Ads I Adv. ing concern for his illness and praising his efforts for world peace. "This news moved us the Tass news agency quoted Khrushchev as saying in a cable. Tass said Khrushchev expressed School here early Thursday. It was not known how they hid made good their escape. Col. C. Mr-ars, superintend, ent of (he school, said the boys disappeared ahoul a.m. and (here has been no word of them. Two cars stolen in Springer shortly after the breakout have not been found eilher. "They went mil through a Mears saiil this morning. "We don't know how. Perhaps they got hold of a key." They were held in whal wjs described as an old dormitory." Slate Police said the missing The planes from loxs Alamos were piloted by Maj. Bill I-anc, with l-cr.v Green as Observer, and by Harley Allen, with Bob Klaer as observer. Tlic Los Alamos Santa Fe CAP's new plane, an [-5 recently obtained in a trade for ihe old Piper Supercub. unable to without filing a flight plan. Two! (Continued On Page Two) its annual conference Thursday, i hours later (he plane was re- ported overdue. The CAP said no word had. been heard from the plane since. il left Kirtland Air Force Base, and the .search would begin Irom Tijcras Canyon east of Alburnicr-' que all the way to the Texas state line some 200 miles away. About half of terrain in (he jsearch arca is mountainous, with. participate in the search because; lnB rest plains awl open prairie, it has not yet been licensed. Cept.' Simms said. Simms said fo? hampered the scarch early this morning, but 'by 8 a.m. planer were up from City, Albuquerque Justice Seeks New Procedures hope for the Rnrnan Catholic lead-l boys were Dale Zinn, 13, Por- er's recovery and the continuation tales; Jimmy Don Duboisc, 18, of his "fruitful activity in and Richard f.ce Thompson, 16, slrenglhening peace and peaceful both of liobbs; and Uoyd Clar- cooperation among peoples." ence Parnell, 16, Silver Cily. "l CAP. NEW YORK Su- preme Court Justice William J. Alamos, gordo and squadroas. Search for the Cessna 1821 Brennan Jr. says state courts can single-engine plane, was unwanted intrusion by ed Thursday by turbulent weather tribunals by adopting pro- in the same arca hampered byjcedures thai are swift, simple and fog this morning. free of technical pitfalls. The fo-jr persons on board Brennan spoke Thursday at the identified by the Federal Aviation llth annual meeting cf the Ad- Agency as Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Miles, AI Lindscy and Harry Ing- man. Thc FAA said Miles was the pilot and all but fngman were from Albuquerque. of Judges. The 50 members are visory Council council, whose judges of federal and state courts, is an arm of ihe National Council on Crime and Delinquency. Don't miss the bargains on MIKE'S If. S. Spanish Sup- II, 12, 13 today. The Mighty Want i per June 2; kids M cents, adults Adsl Adv. 51. Fallout Effects Studied WASHINGTON (UP) The Atomic Energy Commission announced today a broad new study of the cffecls on men, animals anrl plant] of radioactive fallout from nuclear ex- plosions. Thc AF.C said the comprehensive, long-range program place special emphasis on sludying early kind thai follows a nuclear detonation within hours or days. Thc work has been assigned to Ihe AEC I.ivermore, Calif., laboratory. During ils first year, the program will cost about S2 million. Thc f.ivcrmore facility a part of the I-iwrence Radia- tion laboratory operated for the AEC by the University of California wns Ihe key laboratory in Ihe development of lhc hydrogen bomb. Early fallnul settles lo the earlh within a few hundred miles of n detonation, aj distinguished from worldwide or delayed fallout which may lake weeks, months and even years to come down. Thc f.ivcrmore jludics will become an integral parl o( the commission's research program, Ihe AEC said, and will he closely coordinatead with AEC-sponsorcd research being conducted at olher laboratories throughout the nation. The broad studies of worldwide fallout and radialion effect] on living systems going on elsewhere will be continued. Thc commission said the program would be built up over a period of lime as scientist become available to fill the developing needs for specific NEWS IN GENEVA (UP1) The United Snfcs appealed lo Communist disarmamenl negotiators (o- <l.iy lo talk sense instead of demanding one-sided concess- ions from the West. SAIGON, South Viel Nam Communist guerrillas apparent- ly were gunning for Americans when they ambushed a government patrol Wednes- day, L1. S. military authorities said today. Two U. S. special forces advisers who led the patrol of 100 mountain tribes- men were the only ones killed, TEf. AVIV, Israel at- torney for the Communist parly sought Ihe arrest Thurs- day of Franz Josef Strauss, accusing him of war crimes. Thc former West German de- fense minister, a vUilor den- ied the charge. DELHI. India (Continued On Page Two) iWOAV! Spanish Supper Sunday, :5 to 3, St. Mike's Hi.