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New Mexican (Newspaper) - March 11, 1963, Santa Fe, New Mexico THE IVEW The Oldetf Newspaper... Founded 1849 ll'l-lli Year, Issue No. fi6 10 Pages SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO, MONDAY, MARCH 11, 1963 10 Cent a Terrorists Dynamite 2 Pipelines In Venezuela Discovery Of Bidaull Jars French, West NEWS IN Blast Knocks Out One-Sixth Of Oil, German Relationship (S 7 Biff Fire from the pits to Parts Wedncs- OeJ O SANTA FIf YOUTH SERVED SENATE Danny Sadler, Santa Te High School student, shown ficrc receiving instructions from lit. Gov. Alick Ensley, was out of an interesting jub the Legislature adjourned. Sadler had servo I 30 ilays us a page in (he So tin to. lie des- cribed It as "hard work bill a wonderful experience." The youth, who plans (o study law, has hecn invited to serve again during (lie special session Sn February. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Sadler Jr., 1914 Tijonis. Legislators Face Certainty t Of Special Session In 1.96 Compiled from Wire Services (German Chancellor Konrad Adc- BONN The West German I nauer spurned Bidaull's plea fcr State of Bavaria announced today j asylum. it will grant political asylum toi Junker We will grant fiigiitivc former French Premier .asylum as sunn as he asks for il, George Uidault, the leader of jam! we are certain he will ask. underground forces seeking it." topple President Charles Dej cllicf of French terrorist movement sworn' The decision was announced byMo President Charles ,le: Interior Minister was located Sundav by roich Junker shortly afler 'German police in a pits (lay. Tliey want to present tlieir case for a wage hike directly to ['resident Qiarle-- dc Gaulle's government. The motorcade is planned by workers at the mines around Mcrlebach. in the [-orrainc basin. Miners from other areas may jnin. CARACAS, Venezuela (UPI) Terrorist saboteurs (ly mi loci two major oil pipelines late yesterday, knock- ing oul one-sixth of Venezuela's production and trigger- ing a vast fire raged out of control, authorities said today. Police Illumed flic on llic name here In identify Sanderson Reiu.ntiiig To Old Job at enrs bc- New Mexico legislators re- j lawmakers will have lo come (he must crucial in lurncd home (winy faced thejbark. Gov. Jack M. Camplul! and cause of the multiple problems certainly Ihey will he back legislative leaders agreed weeks facing Ihe slate. lire capiiol ahead of lime for a I ago on Ihe need lor a special tire session cruleil. ou t nca r he S wi s s horile r. ;inade bis ret] nest for asylum 'once. Adenauer's spokesman, deputy press chief Werner Krucgcr. snidj in advance what was in Bidaiih's! teller. "The chnncclior did net accept Kruegcr said. Bklnult is cjipccfcd eventually 't jtti expelled to another coun-j liAfillDAU, Iraq (A'') The warring Kurds of northern Hci appear finally to have won self rule after laying down their anus aiid re.snrl- ing to the negotiating (able. Communist and pro-Castro rorisl groups responsible previous ami government Hie ler- for out- breaks. Creole Petroleum Corp., t h c free world's largest single- oil- producing company, said the ex- plosions occurred in virtually un- sagcbnish country ad- special ses.sinn. isession. The 261 h New Mexico Lcgisla-j Campbell sent tnc lure adjourned sine die Saturdayjhoir.e with letters of praise afternoon, and Ihe 27lh session isjthcir accomplishments over -not scheduled until January session. But because the appropriations! Said one representative: bill was drawn up for only tine! "We'll need it." year in Ihc face of a dire finan-: Wlicn the session began early cial .situation in the slate, the in January, observers called it The lerm of appointment nf Barry Sanderson ns acting stale personnel director expires Fri- day and aflr-r that lime he will he devoting more time to his permanent pnsilion as Slalc Department personnel off'ccr. i Sanderson lias been on loan liiuoraws. the sales fron, Highway Dopnrlninnl 'in Bavaria put a new strain on tne revised school fund distribution, Adenauer had apparently roKYO <A1 China .says j pumping stations. its leaders and Ihc Russians I Creole was nol able immediately agree there should IK talks "onUo estimate damages hul said tanker schedules were being rc- _ arranged lo meet foreign com- nis! movement, nut the report 'milnicnts from Ihc Amuay refin- important quuslious" ing the international Commu- few: ihours earlier than usual, legislators-day, the legislature had rewritten! for try, perhaps Austria or Swiizcr- and. Extradition to France unlikely since he is wn tiled en a! political charge in-; lernational law bars extradition on political charges, ilis presence froni the New Agency did no! a meeting any closer. China News 5ecm to brine; cry. .since Jan. 21. following Ihe res- school and moved to build the state ignalinn of Milinn Scuddcr a tourist paradise, among many personnel director, other things. Sanderson said totlny the per- French-Wesi German relations. Erwin Gcrhnrtll. press spokes- StiOUl., South Korea, (Alp) The ruling military junta to- day nrrcsled 19 persons il said were Irying to overthrow it. Ti'osl of them vere army or air force officers. man for the Interior Ministry. BAGHDAD, plained that if Ihe authorities de- Need To Hear Case On R eappo r lionment in fhc Personnel Department. Fifth Dist. Judge Caswelt S.'u-ould drop from Iwo lo N'ca! said lotlay in Carlsbad Grant ihc same. McKinlcy County Some things (he legislature sonncl hoard has called a special icidc lo give Bidauh asylum, a didn't do drew as much alien- meeting for 10 n.m. tomorrow i regular residence permit will be lion as the bills lhat srere cn-! lo confer with division leaders 'issued to him as required of for- acted. For instance: failed dis- mally, with the Bernalillo Coun- ty delegation outvoted on sev- eral moves to equalize the dis- Irib'.ilion of representatives in Ihe House. I- (Continued on Page Two) Traffic Toll The dynamited pipelines carry Rnss Officer Faces Count Of 'Spying9 MOSCOW (UPI) The Soviet Union charged today a Russian army lieutenant colonel had hecn feeding government secrets to an attache of Ihe U.S. embassy. The spy charge was published in the government newspaper [z- veslia. It said an expelled American Sl.l-millioii daily. The Ihe flow in one worth blasts security officer had been crinlC Ojl of totally halted three to two; Quay from 2- he expects 10 set hearings and Eroi pre-trial conference in about a to-1: Rio Arriba ihrce lo oae, month on a suit filed by David Taos two to one, Roosevelt the Cargo and ihe IJcrnalillo County.same, and San Miguel from three Commission asking two representatives. men! of the .state legislature, j Pnrtics lo Ihe suit disqualified! Dist. .fudges Samuel Montoya j and .lames M. Scarlxjrough of. Santa Fc, and Hgrccd to Judge rin Ncal lo hear the case. j JL O A defense motion to dismiss Ihe suit on grounds lhat apporl mcnt language of the stale Mittilion is permissivcj WASHINGTON (UPI) House appeared set today to ap- s te- rtion- T racing drew strong sup- The purpose of (Ins meeting is In rn line areas nf respons- ibility and In try lo work oul boiler coordinations of cffnrls and communication hclwecn di- visions. There was no Indication today as to wtien the hoard planned lo cigners who want In slay more: New Mexico Traffic Toll In Dale (ban three months. -13 lie added Mint if asylum is not. Last Year's Toll lo Dale (Continued On Pago Two) 5.1 day pipeline nnrl sharply reduced Ihc flow in a second 300.000-bar- rel-a-day pipeline. The sabotage was the second major blow in six months to the oil industry, backbone of the Venezuelan economy. Last Octob- er, terrorists dynamited Creole power substations in Lake Mara- caibo. temporarily halting produc- tion of 525.00D barrels a day. The latest explosions not only louched off a Trc nF huc.e pro- (Cnntinued On Page getting secret information from the Soviet officer. The Izvestia accusation came in a lengthy article about the jspyinfi activities nf Russel A. [pelle who was ordered mi of the 'country in October 1959 nmid So- viet allegations lhat he had been -o--------o rta III tttlL'll UK" llu.ilu IU port, but died in a Senate com- name a new permanent director. legislation de- spite obtaining Senate approval, was summarily dismissed in the House. Like dog racinc. hills on "righl-to-work" have been intro- duced at almost every session since World War II. move lo make election of school Iward members non-partis- an died on Ihc lasl rlav of ihe session wiih a 10-21 vote in the Senate. A large amount of significant fl, c-legislation was produced, however, by a legislalure lhat prove a four-year extension of the proceeded smooihly. Following Scudder's resigna- tion, (he personnel board re- ceived 21 applications for Ihe job as slate personnel director. Six o( these applicants were called in (or interviews hy the hoard. I Sanderson said Icllers Merc sent oul today lo Ihe 15 ap- plicants not interviewed, advis- ing them !hey arc no longer un- der active consideration for Ihe job. Sanderson said he has devoled 100 per cent of his time to Ihe generally; position ol slate personnel di- recloi since being appointed Long Stride Toivard Developing Recreational Areas In Stale ralher than mandatory1 of the major mailers on wliich hearing will have lo be held be- biggest andi Jan. 21. (ore Ihc trial. Other less broadj <ajrj mc u n-mosl immediate- impacl is However, il has become neccs- molions will also have lo he 'Pcr ccnl increase in the stale; sary thai he begin del-mine some hoard. lax- ,he bill that caused' lime (o his dulies at Ihe liiph- Judge Ncal pointed out today fro'm 25 to 31 but both lhc most break between! way Deparlmenl. which he uill lhat by agreement of bolh parties! stronc 't' m S CamPue'l 'he lawmakers. do slartrng next Monday, he to the suit the matter was held i 's n' Effective April Ihe slale sales I said. in abeyance pending possible acJ s- D-Wis., tax goes from 2 lo 3 per cent-i I here are ccrlain things he wo'jhl offer Ihc Planv area, wiih, ing up oul there that cannnt he amendment He said Ihc draft {Conlinued on Page Two) he said. was a "necessary evil" ami gress should not commit itself for any longer (ban necessary. In a fluid world situation, I Reuss said, unforeseeable cvenls tion by (he legislature on rcap- porlionmcnl bills. "Now that the legislature has failed to pass a re-apportionment bill, we can go ahead with the he said. "I don't know exactly when we can get to it, but I have sent for t he f i fcs, and we wil I have The New Mexico Legislature, upon the urging <if Ihc administration, look a long stride loward the state's development of its recreational areas, and therefore ils economy. Gov. Jack M. Campbell called for ex- pansion of Ihc -Slate Park Commission to give it powers to its authority in setting up recreational sites, financing them anrl seeking Itnancia] aid. The legislature responded wiih a hill creating the Stale Park and Recreation Commission, giving il (he brond powers Campbell requested, and also passrxE l.t. Ciov. Mack Easley's companion bill, the revenue bond act. The new commission. of (he slate Kirjhwny engineer and six ap- pointed by the governor, was given added power, It has the authority tn "enter into agree- ments ami contracts and to cooperate wiih the federal government in ohlaininj; funds or oihcr assistance for (he acquisition, cr- eclion. maintenance ami operation of Slate Parks and Recreation nreas." 'Ihe old park commission only oversaw the maintenance and supervision of state parks. Campbell signed the bill last Wednes- day, and wiih its emergency clause, it went into effect immediately. The bill had passed both houses unanimously. Rasley's companion bill sets up a five- rnao authority to approve issuance of rev- enue bonds for construction of motels, lodges, hotels, and other recreational facil- ities at the state's lakes and tourist arca.s. of Ihe act is to interest ors in financing the developments so as In attract touriMs, Kaslcy carried the bill through houses and committee dis- cussions explaining ils importance, partic- ularly to the depressed northern counties. The net, still to be signed hy Campbell. is similar to an Oklahoma law thai has helped that state promote ils recreational nrcas. might eliminate the need For (he BULLETIN Ihc trial this summer if it takes ?ls" i snowed the draft could be ended The suit, on which Rep. CarROJif were made rr.orc al- is bolh attorney and n party behalf of Ihe state's lous county, would have Iier-i nalillo's representation in the: I'e Dist Judge .lames House of Representatives uppcd! M. Scnrliorough today scn- from nine In 16. Under terras of: ir-ncerl T-'rancisco I.irr.inaga, 21, the suit, Chaves and Dona Ana- lo live-lo-20 years in the slate counties would go from three (o: penitentiary under New Mcx- fnnr representatives; Colfax ico's "shnrl nabitunl" criminal slnlulc, after Larranaga plead- ed guilty lo manslaughter in connection with tht Sspl. 29, killing nf Oswaldo Juan Mnntoya. 1-arrnnnga look IMonloya inlo Ihc hills near (he city anil slew him. lie lias nol sen- Explosion Building Up In Haiti caught with Mosa red-handed in a meeting an American agenl" in HOT LANDING ROSWELL Tom Deck of Kt. Sunmer had loo much air- speed when he put his single en- gine Cessna ISO down on a runway at the Roswcll airport Friday. The plane bounced back into ihe air. ___ ....._ stalled, then nosed heavilv down; a again. The propeller hit the for prison for ___ _ _ I ,1. _ ___ loncod on the actual crime, hul way and Ihe aircraft nosed over. Hut damage was slight and Deck emerged unscathed. 1.0S CF.RRn.I.OS ART GALLERY MARCH 14th sons convicted of three felonies. He had an earlier conviction (fall of 1961) for assault with deadly weapon, anc1 wa.s given a .suspended onc-to-lhree-year sentence (or (hat crime. By RICHARD HASSOCK PORT AU PRIN'CE. Hniti (AP) explosion is building up under Haitian President I-'rnncois Duvalier, vocxlooistic dictator of Ih5s land of grinding poverty. If anti-Communist Haitians don't bring him down, diploma Is be- lieve Ihc Communists eventually will take over. Outwardly, the hespeclacled Du- valicr, 5S. a medical doctor, ap- pears to rule firmly En defiance of his enemies and the United Slates' official disapproval of his govern- ment. But the lense calm of graveyard peace visitors feel ihe pulse of growing discontent that threatens to make Haiii, only SO miles across (he Windward Pas- sage from Fidel Castro's Cuha, the next storm center of thf; Carib- bean. Some residents say Ouva'.ier may fall within a few months. They talk of May 15-22 as a cru- cial week. His first presidential term expires May 15 under the constitution. His opponents don't a rigged election in extended his time in office until 1D67- l-eaflcls of the underground Na- tional Democratic Union declare its aim is lo Duvalicr in 1563. Foreign observers have not succeeded in tracing UDN's ramifications, b-.n they suspect it is ami financed by Hai- tian exiles. Dread of Duvalior's "Iwgey- men." his private militia, Haitians fearful nf talking. These armed partisans are called "Ton- ton M.ictniEcs." after ihe bogey- man of Haitian folklore who is supposed lo go about ih'j country- side at night putting had children in a sack on his back. Duvalicr's presidential guard, his denim-overalfcd militia anil the Tonton Macoutes arc estimat- ed at 7.500. outnumbering the reg- ular army of 5.000 men. Washington has shown its dis- favor toward Duvalicr by cutting off 38 million in aid of Main's budget yearly. The United Stales is helping to build a jet airport and maintains an anri- malam program, hiu the end of other is c.vpcoied to a harsh blow (o Haiti's threadbare economy, based on coffee exports to riurope. Tourist from the United Spates is "W per cent under last year's. Haiti is pcrh.ips the poorest country in ihc Western Hemis- phere. Most of iis 4.3 million in- habitants live in hunger on peas- ant farms. All Haitian opposition leaders have been dnvcn into exile. Chief among them are veteran politici- an1; Ixxiis Dejoie and Daniel Fig- nob. Duvalier defeated Dejoie in the 1957 election. "I believe the stiffening of the U.S. attitude toward Duvalicr wilt bring aboui his Dejoie said recently in Santo Domingo. "If something is no', done quickly f fear dn invasion from Cuba." Discontent in the army could Eead 10 an eventual clash that could topple Djvalier. here share the fear of an eventual Communist take- over, perhaps within a year or two unless trailer is overthrown earlier. These diplomats believe that Communists in the under- ground are satisfied to keep the Duvalier regime as a target for .subversion until a force lhat the RMs can use for their own ends. Duvalier once shoved a leftist tinge. But people willing to talk to a foreigner in 'ear-gripped Hai- ti say he now is bereft of kicolo- gy or thought of raising the stand- ards of his hungry people. They say he practices a sort of person- al mysticism, wiih voodoo lean- ings, trappings of a cynical strong man bom on keeping power. Ir.vestia said Langellc had had espionage contacts with a Soviet lieutenant colonel "whose conspir- atorial name was Ma.x." The newspaper said the Soviet officer had been sentenced long ago. It referred to him only as Lt. Col. P., claiming that his full name was not being ijiven for rhe sake of his family. Langelle, who hail been embas- sy security officer, was described by Tzvestta as a rarcful and trained spy who could nol called a "weak enemy." The newspaper alleged that his wife Miriam aided him in his spy work. Council OKs Plan To Buy Mortgage O o Members of (he State Invest- ment Council completed their monthly meeting within a two hour p e r i o d Monday morning after agreeing to purchase a FHA backed mortgage on tfie Westminister Apartments in Phoenix, Ariz, and to provide con- struction financing and perma- nent financing the Park Plaza apartments in Albu- querque. The council members also agreed to sell municipal bonds drawing approximately per cent interest if buyers can be found who will offer par or above. Dr. Ed Kase. -.late investment officer, was directed to make up a list of the bonds which could be for cost or above and sub- mit them for bids. The bids on ihe bonds, mostly from small communities, will be opened in a public meeting April 5 and the bids analyzed by the investment council staff before the bonds are sold. The money realized from this sale would be invested in government bonds or securities yielding a higher interest. During discussion on the sale of the municipal bonds, Joe Grant, State Treasurer, said he hoped the bonds could be sold to Now Mexico residents. John Gott, chairman of the council, informed him they would have to be sold to the highest bidder who agreed to pay over par value. The Albuquerque V o r t g a g e {Continued On Page Two) TIFFANY'S OPENS MARCH Uth