Tuesday, February 20, 1883

Santa Fe Daily New Mexican

Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Santa Fe Daily New Mexican on Tuesday, February 20, 1883

New Mexican (Newspaper) - February 20, 1883, Santa Fe, New Mexico XICAN. SANTA N. M., M< I-'KIUMA I! Y I'FJlfE, FFVE CENTS. SPIEGELI PALACE STORE I'.iB'L'A HMO. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DKALERSIN GENERAL MERCHANDISE. Dry Goods, Carpets, Fancy Goods, White Goods, Silks, Satins, Ribbons, Cloaks, Circulars, Velvets, Hosiery, Cloves, Laces, Dress Goods, Clothing. Hats and Caps, Boots and Shoes, Blankets, Flannels, GROCERIES. TOBACCOS, LIQUORS, WINES, PSOVISIONS, ETC. Our mluil lU-pallm.-llt lin-i lln- fiim-y rail tin- .il rmlma.l miri-i-yini: parti.--. :in.l i- i i I nimtTs to our lovi pun--. I ivnulil llianl. iln- ]Mili'ii- t" and miiviiu-u k u I i I I ________ SPIEGELBERB BROS D.J ABEL CO. FISCHER CO., I Apothecaries, CIGAR DRUGS, CHEMICALS, Patent Medicines CIGARETTES, j OILS, Tobacco, Pipes, Smoker's Articles. Otilftrt from i] iillisl at "HENRY Fischer Brewing Company "NONPLUS STBiCTLY FURE LAQES 32 illff'iril Imporm] Ginner Alfi, Domestic Cigars Grand Central Hotel j First National Bank On tho i Mr.Tam.iny. lunlniK his nv I" It OM..-UI iMlmnniil In liMli; <Vulnil. IIITO In- tii nil UK. "'II'1' Hl ri.li., mill "I "11 l E-W'DIBTEICH Second National HOUSE, 8IW OARRIAOB PAINTER Vlrtl MJPOCtfttUy loHolU tho pj' l.iiinWrV.ril. M ni.r of! Kin- r' tAl }L.lLll III) anil I'toLlU f'-rry H. 1) 111. 1.-.I In.llll It I I N I 1 ILS M-JI Kl li. in. Ji] iV'i. There i inillfls' fjra 1 I 1 I I II III Mill Inn...In. .1 In I II I I 1 I I] a, i Illi III I i 1 1 1 H H I t I 111 I 11 I l 1 l III! I III I 1 I I 1 I I I V k I III I 1 I 1 1 1 1 I 1 t N I I 1 11 1 t I 1 I I i I 1 I I I ,i i Mill! II 1 I I II I k I f 1 I M 1 I 1 I t 1 i I I II I I I I 1 I I I "1 I I II If I II 111 II I' VIII I 1 tl I I I I III I I 1 II It I I I I III, l I I I 1 t I 1 I t I I I II 1 t I II I I I I I I i 1 I I I f I I M I I I 1 I II I I 1 I I II III 1 I II I I II 1 I I I I I I I I I I 1 k I II 1 I., .v. I'. L ...I. II I ,11 I II M k III 1 l Ill I t I II II 1 I Ml 1 I M I 1 I ll I I I I I II VARNI SH ES, i i i. 11 N i i n i i ofiSantaFe. UNITED STATES DEPOSITORY i i n i i i tl VUV1 I I Mil 'I' k L II 1 I I I Hi. II.IM.....I Hi. n OIT.N DAY AMI NIC1IT. i Cifiliil. 5.. ojo. Sinplos o OF NSW KEXICa, 4, till .llfinlli. li- O.U 1.1 1 UlllllJ lull 1 .mil Wi'nlovi-i llu1 slulii. 'rim. ll :i, John Sir" i i-iiiiMi in 'l-'ijT KnlKht :tihll' C, I wilUH'i-vivlfiniuM to.loill,

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