Monday, September 10, 1888

Daily Herald

Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Text Content of Page 1 of Daily Herald on Monday, September 10, 1888

Daily Herald (Newspaper) - September 10, 1888, Santa Fe, New Mexico THE DAILY HERALD. YOL I. SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1888, NO, 41, The President's Letter. Washington, D. C, Sept. io.-The President's letter of acceptance was made public to-day. It is devoted largely to the tariff question and contains about 3,500 words. A TRIP TO CINCINNATI. Judge Wipiarnty: Tells What, He Saw] &n<jDiscourses To The Santa i'<t Herald; Cincinnati, Ohio, Sept. 5, 1888.- In fulfillment of my promise, I have jotted down a few items of interest noted on my way to Cincinnati, and send you a short correspondence today. We arrived in this city on Sunday evening after a journey covering nearly 1,600 miles, and which lasted three days and nights. My traveling companion, the Rev. J. G. Splinters, parish priest of Sapello, near Las Veg�s,.desired to visit the central states which he had never seen, and to meet friends of his youth whom he expected to find at the great convention of German Catholics, now assembled in Cincinnati, and which is attended by delegates from nearly every section of the United States. I may add here that his expectations were realized and that he met several acquaintances among the priests present here, who number oyer five hundred. Our journey was not very eventful. After leaving northern New Mexico, where the plains and mesas were covered everywhere with a carpet of bright green grass due to the recent copious showers, we passed through a region in southeastern Colorado and western Kansas which appeared all dry and burnt up from the effects of prolonged drouth. In eastern' Kansas, after the center of the state had been passed, the rains seemed to have been abundant everywhere, and the pasturage and crops along the road appeared fairly good, although I noticed that a considerable proportion of the stalks of corn, which were already mostly cut up and stacked in shocks, had borne no ears; which fact can only be accounted for' either upon the theory that the ground, although looking black and fat, is not really as strong as it looks, which I am inclined to think is the case, or that a protracted droughth must have reigned at the time of the tas-seling of the corn. The yield of corn per acre is certainly not as large in Kansas as it is in the irrigated valley lands of New Mexico, although it looks taller and apparently bigger than the Indian variety, generally raised in the Territory. As to fruit, the contrast is remarkable. While fruit trees of every species and kind are literally breaking down under their loads of fine fruit in New Mexico, I could not see, during our long trip, among the thousands of apple trees along the roadside, more than one tree in twenty that bore what would be called a fair crop of fruit. The peach trees were mostly in a half dying condition and without any fruit. As far as pears, plums, prunes, nectarines, apricots, almonds, and similar fruits, are concerned it is an uncontroverted fact that they can never be grown successfully on the plains, inasmuch as they cannot in the long run endure the blizzards and the droughts, and the extremes of heat and cold to which they are subjected each successive season. As a matter of fact, all these varieties of fruit are scarce-k ly known on the plains, except in name, and it is nonsense to speak of Kansas as a fine fruit country. It is safe to say that in one single orchard at Tesuque near Santa Ke, that of Mr. Miller, there ; -�-- '-- CITY MEAT MARKET ESTABLISHED IN 1859. monument. Can Kitchen to Parlor, on Bau Francisco St. to show goods. All goods sold on easy payments, .. you out In anything lrom Auction ami coinuilsaiou house Call and sco us. No trouble AUGUST KIRCHNER, Proprietor. Dealer in all kinds of fresh and salt meats. 8AU8AGE8 OF ALL 8ORT8. SAN FRANCISCO ST..............................SANTA FE, N. M 514

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