Thursday, February 2, 1882

Albuquerque Daily Journal

Location: New Albuquerque, New Mexico

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Albuquerque Daily Journal on Thursday, February 2, 1882

Albuquerque Daily Journal (Newspaper) - February 2, 1882, New Albuquerque, New Mexico :f. ff -VA T i if A THE HILL _.__ ms .WIM. jliilruilaccil ,'ai 'd'no j In Jhe Ssimtp. i.M.-a-ed aiirr'tl'i.'- and b'.'.j' ACTED J. 1 re Feb. 1. ;ill -TT-T T'' 1 thu lion fur :ln- inn tvas ivporlud favorably, "of i i'So.pnalniK fur free il'ei-'.ii-. '.'.i in.jtioi, of. Senator n'indun.i. the j A Vn-r.d dcbat.- ;1, 1'rxident lo i! I'liii'icT !l: tin- t-oh-i-spoiuloinjH Iir-i adjonin...[ .1 i the ami i of the United Klats.1 I... the i-i-arlim SW Kd, 7: house l! I.'M, ._ ;lu- of- (if '''In.' .N-nair loot up .Nfuryiin-y CM i IM i i i in I built the 'tA' v also for printinLf tl.e i the IT-vid, I- IT whil--l' 'llii-y in n nv.- I' i lllR 11 is "'liicli wtc'of iniercsl is to .'If fmirlli .-I' i ''i, jiC-iicrcln- in '-'l tceoi-iliiii S'iUa ilisi-ussion i..! lilt R-iicf n( ii.-rs, had' i-oiiiinit- I'-pi'ii, i! hy d.-.-dinj; ,.f [own lots in the puMj.; fi-. with slight f '7 TO discussion upon suif.: tyij Ci JO Ii Ill-all's Wi-.s juedi ''I'- i. j !''-d by llir iii.scrliuii of i-m.u' I '-'I' Hi.: as valid'and j i I'oi.nn i. .vi'iin-, ;llso f i "f We-st l" :i m....... l I "'-Si I isl I :ir-d :vm n n n I I 1 II f" i .'-I -Ul'i F l -t r, i r "-11 authorize the in- i or public debt. Af I in; bill u-.-is then rtporU'd to tin-! '--m.: _. "j tin? coiiimiiUc of Ihe', tin- O I ll1" 'Jiu-stion beiiif l! y-u >r-n.I i X' g j I" ihe ani.-ndilitiH as H wliolc 'h'1 "p.-r- :i-.n: for .-scpnrulu vole 1 '.r.'ri-foais. applyinjf to i MAX. 'In' siii-plns uver Tin: ;.v. 1 'ui: and notaries to rn, up and" v, I, I "-illioa! d.-l.nd.-. if U'JHT !ion.-.c bills, aiiiont' them i-di ..f ...-t ir.s_ di-l.l. wori- ivfriTi-d lo I ho jiidiriarr I-KI-. and :ho council iht-n nd- iE_ OUT as otir Stofli loi-iiiii! over 'in. i.M Hi-'- rtdnc-.iu.i thi. i-.uld'iL- 'I'1 -sii.l if tin; proposition was i i''v wa.- >rn! tliubill. Ileurgei upon the) 7'., l.. apjuvcii.ti! lilt ilnporl.-iiir.c of; T i- E j h: t: fi (1 H pt a i "I- argueu IIHIIO prujioicd ___ i n-diieln..! w.i.s jt j ll'-addi-.l that-on tin pruvioil.s OVIMI-! 'liil in rinmlf j v..... sxid ihe l" Hiat joint- body >hl'n ndnce the redemption can in in.- (Piumij) knew on- i or.-ni I mail, i hi; secretary of the IreaHurv l" a-aiii-; ii. j miL'iu ivdnce it lo nothing, ami j TI---. '''''I11'''1 i 'r1'" I'.'M-I siar spoken 1 and 'in this he wasj mi llic vcj-v evil il Till, rising the 2Stl. ofj Giu-fiekl i Ihf which ;.i'--.-n: v. iti, Ib-. 1 in.U' him i lav. n of on] the bill ru- l" di.-cnsscd another hour's'' lin.e -i-i.-n iir.., -Tlii- report llnaily ailojit- doivn Ihr, ii.jinijiiirlanl uicasiiriiii lo (lali-i and relerred and otlier- 'p'i'-o l'.v llj-piv.silda- j in ihal conniy. after which i'-. and of tl.i.- HOI-.M. adjoiinied nnlil Tii.- other a-'icr ihey hadl _ tin- ice on .'net at 111 MI way., und Ihe work pi.-.-emed by thecomfiiit- i i' ..i. ol' for thesHond Nland. '.i-lio -ji-ems to antagoni-.c the .i'V'Vihe''irr "'c ''i-'-nssion which received from .-iiM-ucdoi his action lu wt-iv II.e mailer of paying and mm 'of' ihe "I'ilitiri and for the v, of nrms. etc. pnm-iiial objection to tho __' j ''oiiJiiii.-rali.-Hi of the five chapters the which have been ;i. f.-'.v O'.IVH tliu whole thiiis sli'iiild in Lho council, and oth- f Hin, day. IV a. f-w i "'.'it Ihe -hole :UKl I'M-senale adjourned l.--Thc "1'1'ui.ited by in Lho and oth- -p.Q-fXr -N'' !i'-' i! wwLn I -Fcb r ii cf which i! j" r.-.-i. I'a-j "lin" ln Hiw, inM.wasado'ilod'ru'r lii the ship-ier f in ail mat lsln"> TAILOR Cariie'id.' i liis''ivn to "'orlc for tv.'o years, and a joint a bill lln- moiv council and house .ycvannnc.lit and made. think it a -I p of liim- to the wliolu 'a; UB rea.l thioii-h m Spanish and before infi upon If 'il' U G E N :il. D I S of Ca I sei VICPS or for pH-formtd, which was no: i r.i.Kcrnox. i i "'iiil. and Rynerson, of m who have .oeeii hero for c business before the important wl-i'-'i Hi-.-, 0 i i-'.nii-NifiJ election caae "r' subndttcl in that rasy. Tliu'iin- p''e-..-i..iL i, thai Jiidfu liristold decl- [.-ion will ivscr.ed, and it certninly lo for ilioru'is'no doubt that i- I'm- I the- n-pidilicaii candidatcp for sii( [ri.-.iMirur and probate were fair 1 in.n'ii i and no .id ih" l.ii-i of law should ''n'eprivo HID i r, jpc-i-li- (if choico. f- 'I'

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