Tuesday, January 31, 1882

Albuquerque Daily Journal

Location: New Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Text Content of Page 1 of Albuquerque Daily Journal on Tuesday, January 31, 1882

Albuquerque Daily Journal (Newspaper) - January 31, 1882, New Albuquerque, New Mexico i I i: I i t VOIOE 'IT. SEW. ALBUQUERQUE, N. MOKNING, JMIJAOIY ,31. i88i2. NUMBER 82. TO YOSK, STEIN HARDWARE; J. K B A S Y, E, WATCH CLOCKS, Our Pacililirx An- Vii: InvMc joar all-.-ji; CHAS ;S; LOCKETS, ORNAMENTS, rrXXLl- PJNGS. rnsurpassr-d. 1J.DQE, Hroker. We iiivc AT COST: Thii in; by far ihe i U v'ery large aud r.iiiiit'-. ii> liie SCOVJLLE SCHEIIMJ For Sew Trial In the CaHcam ins .irri-AL i) lift HE u IL. r.nvci i "SVASiilNOTON, Jan. In criminal court District Attorney. Corthill ap- pealed io Ihe. court to set a for I.C'iring of argiimenln upon the niotipn for a. triwl in thy case of the Unit- ed .SUle.-< Guiteau, he wns willing that. to-inorroV should e assigned. i Scov'illc called the att.entloiv of -.the court to the fact that one of. the aflida- its in support of HID motion had an- nexed lo it of, the Eyening Crit- c. and the illegal ion TTHS that during recess of trial paper had been rend lo the jury. It bore on theinar- gin what purported lo be the signature of sever'a.1 jurors. The jurors (lent that they any newspiipers.or names upon any newspaper during thi" l.iuie they were- linpanneled. This raised tin fact Id- be determined1 but not a mailer Lhat could be delef- ir.incd ou exjiarte allidayit.il.. The jury that, during the' tims they were Jinp.'iiiiiulcd i.hat.1 hey bad given their uiilogriiphs 16 various .persons. lie thought it might hi important it he should have the opportriiitT to cross examine Ihe in to detenninc whether .the signature upon 'the hewsjiapcr genuine. The full ,tiro jurors wero in the the1 district one of them spelled wrong. Scoville said: "1 aski-d that the jurors be produced .in court, or the co'urt "iippoiiiL. Ti commission ,lo take their depositions, nnd that T hft Allowed to produce such further testimony think proper as the of their hsndwriling." As to the iirjfiimcntiof now trial, he thought lie.' could rcailyi.by the' latter part of ihe well.' as lo all questions he. cared about' as to this newspaper; and in respect lo newly discovered Theref6rc_ ho fixed Friday for argument. The flislriel'alloracy said tlrtt .ihis newspaper wns suspicions oil -its faeei. 'Che gentlnmen who had -nled the davit and who h.id a portion: ot'.lh'e paper', hmV already been bound ''orer for forgery in ihu district. He (the district attorney) vro'uld show that thi.s a clever nltempt'nl w had uld not their that iho who duty fiiithfully, shnu'ld be put upon trial and oath for such a m.v.1 a.s Hint placed against them. "J'he court staled he con Id only the to iiiiiVe amdarils. would clo so. Si.-otilltssaid while forgery al- leited. it was a "The court Hujrgcs'lwl that the jury be preseiit t'riday. and tho went over. Jirr.V IXDIONAXT. The jury indignantly denies they read newspapers as'alleged In Scorille'i motion fora ntw trial. 1'eople feel that Guiteau hai-had his diir in that further lonlon- is absurd'and. mischievous, and that whatever merits of appeal may be niHclp'. lawyers :do not think them U pretty safe now to predict that fJniteau will not get oft now that Ike vrrdict is rendered, on any lechlllcalily. John Cuitean siys the names oT: the margin of. Ihe so much reseinble those of the jurors in btillgi hiss than tin- appropria- his album, xs to inakt anybody ihinlc tion laat vear was less than think they are genuine. I.Ie uuliaves I thev are. LOTHINC, able' to handle-a pen on accounl of a nervous aflliclion: that therewM.no Ink in the the writing on the paper IMS in ink, nnd that J. Cluiluati willed 'on iill and got ih an autojjrrapli al- and. asked leading vi'herfeon to found his affidavit, CiAMIlLlNO ON CIIAXOV. The grand jury Uiis invest- igated 'the method of business -on 'Change, irilh a views of .asccrtainiiiR whether they were indictable iis being to gambling. Some prominenl members were cxituiiin.'il.'togetlicr iritti reporter.-) and experts and participants in corners. rROrtATK-COUKT lltiSINKSS. Seth llancheltl dwk of. tho probate court of this'couiilyiwiiioh.-was recent- ly, declared iHtgal, IUH made a stalo- in'cii'i of business; done in th'nl court; for the last four years of its ex- iatence. It includes cases trans- ferrctl fo county court, 2.97S 'new- cases.-. Value of transferred cases1 ael- iled and peiidiiig'in court.. SlO.lSD.OOO: value .settled. :ing', value trunsft'i red cases, distributed under orders of jiro- biile court. oC new new cases distributed, (U" Tuton by Ar'hi Inti-r-Ovuuiilc 1S.108 for me, is admitted, it will be in the face of all '.precedents.1 I do not think congress will dare to taki such u.nj-ist stops, or that the country will approve of such a course. My defense against this charge of ineligibility on ii'-cpnnt Of being an aliyn was ample nnd compU'tt. aud 1 havo nothiug fur- 'llict Lo add now. in to the question as to whether there was a disposition on the. part of .t.he ifor- i-.inns to resist UK; passage of -laws the government'will nieot with sisLance onilie part of the I'i.ih; .siich.a course wouUl bo hope- less. However thcyUnay 'regard any laws of this naiure" they will never sort lo arms for redress! They will re- tilry of the slate over the'''limmediali-. gard IheniH'.'lvcs- as martyrs and they, result of I'resc-oU's Hction in.' South I will remain in Vlali. when" all their in- America. Up to yesterday no replies I teresls :-.re relyins: on th> cern is felt by the president-iind secre- eic received from him' ing the receipt of Ihe Lwo telegrams of January 3d and 4lh, which were patched by way of Europe, and v were designed to show, the iinlry fur jiistie lie would express flhc with viile L oradi. opinion 1 tin.- proposition to di- ah and ]inrtjon her among Col- NVyuming and Montana. He iin-nl that his peojilo were selling guns THICKS, lilete change of policy adopted by the j denied that Ihb Mormons wereincjiting .These Irlegrams were seiitl the'L'tcs and other- tribes to. hu-t'illty, as most urgent, niutter and every ]ire- nor was there any truth in the slatJy caution was taken to insure prompt forwarding and delivery. The. days succeeding tho sending of the tel- egrams were days of grave anxiety. At the end of the fourth day no reply having been received the si-cri'tary of I he state sought a personal interview of .the Chilian minister ty impress up- on him-in ;in informal talk thill, ihe presidcnljiad no policy regarding iho impending troubles beLvreoil Chili and Peru beyond a desire of good oMiee.v. the United .Stales was im- partial -and in a-most, friendly' spirit with both nations, and uiuxious -to bringabout peace: pivside.ni led a W.WiilNOTO.v, Jau. w.ar.jiiy partment has received information coupe-ruing the arrest and imprison- meiiL of L. T. McDonald and-srouts at Ascension. Meicic.ij, liy order of Mexi- can truojis, fj-uni which it. appears thai, in crossing and Uic secrr-.tary of Stain were, very frontier was unauthorized b'v anyone, carefully ,cxaii'iniiig the and thai 'he was ordered "bv" Col; Mc- to I'roscoti, who are iniprussed l.hf, lielieC that if they were irseciited in the temper in which they were wriutn they were on Lhe threshold of a war. with Chili: They further believed Lhal prompt and decided action could, be avoided." A frank conference with the Chilian inini.ster for the adding gre-.il certainty vo the desire of 'avoid- of the iir'st stages of trouble, and anxictv Jiow is felt that 1'resi Kenxie. 15oth Col. McKe'ny.ie and Gen: Pope, commanding the department of Missouri, say McDonald is H brave oilici-r. and thai he did not 'intention- ally violate Hie order to cross the f.rbn- lier. The chief scout of McDonald's command says he went into Ascension on IL trail and to liny forage. The people nil treated tneru" well and gave them an entertainment during UK; night, when they were surrounded by Mexican Iriiops vrho insi.-sled upon LEC1SL.1 LOttK What the Territorial Couucll Dolnjr-Sfttnrtlay.. OUK MAII, SYSTEM DKKOTJKCKU. ig Cuunty f Civil A I'vi-Othi -S A.N'T A 1'ii; Jaiiuary eidity's JlogisUlivo jirot-eediiif were iinuiually public interest. dull and duvuid Tlie only measure of any iniportancc In cither hou.ie iras the resolution offered by Senator Joseph, of TaoH. memorializing posl master-general to provido A of mail Xew ifeiico with a view io the improvement of the ser- vice and ihe inauguration of much needed reforms, llo spoke at some length in favor of the resolution, and. denounced, iw Iho press of the entile territory done "or ihe last present mail service as ths most wreti.'Iicil and iHidequatr. The measure met wiih unanimous approval in the lenato. Till-: MILITIA Apodaco a reHoln- tion calling un the c-ominitlcc- on terri- torial affairs tu furnish certain infor- mation to the committee on nillitia. thin wi.s .gentle hint that the last, named commillee i.i or disinclined to inform it.ielf, is hot knomi to ouisiders, but in rirw of the ri-i.-i-nt rcjiuiL uf that' eummiiiee, and tlicndmoiiiMiiiigslapgivL.n iL by ihe governor in his terse irnm fore he received tliii new advices sent di.-uirming the 'This McIJon-1 him, may have lahi-n some step uiiih-r his' lirst instructions, which will lead loan open nijjlnre of diplomatic, rchi- lions. .Jt believed by thiit real inoii.vc of shown by the recent in-' instruction, and by the conference wiih the Chilian minister, reached tin: pres- ident and would in any event have made known his'.changu.in policy, bui it Wiis felt il would lie inuch less eln- iinil pro- it before Ihe for 'acts in hin improvements. .-Aiibill removing the duty iif 25 per upon iiftwstjapers, riculicals and magazines. Tor. the admission of Arizona and Idaho into thu union a.s .itate.i. :-lii relation lo the establishment of customs, also a union trealy with Mex- ico: IJy, bill .repealing all lawa grarflint; lands lo certain railroad com panics.iand for the benefit of such'j: companies, and declaring the iinerrsl of .snc-h railroad com- panies" and states to said lands for- rolates lo a large milliner of railroads, including the Atlantic and Piieille, Texas. 'Pai-iilc and Northern Pacific'and was, after a contest as to proper reference, referred to Ihe coin- jndicliry. by a vole of to fifty-eight. comniiiiee. on education and la- bor reported back Ihe bill tu and suspend immigration of Cliinest trouble.had actually arisen and bc-.-urnc publicly .It1 is not certain but lhat the iliflieuHies ,have, not already arisen, as those portions of 1'rescotl's dispatches not fully deciphered, are of a character to creule much uneasiness, and there will relief here when'it becomes ollicially known that 1'rescott has received and begun to act. under his new instructions. OAXAI.. The ss.ilj-eois.niit lee of ihr, house committee, on commerce, in rharjj.i of tlic: several bills wliicn have been in- troduced in regard to the inler-occaiiir canal met. and after consideralion agreed to report, favorably to the full committtfl Representative Gibbon's bill; which provides for the appoinU mentof iin inter-oceanic commission to duterminc the 'route for. tlie estab- lishment of a communication between the Atlantic and' I'acilic oceans, and authorizes the President to appoint a commission of one from the navy, om- fniin the annv, one from ihe coast :vml laborers, made the special' order Febru- j geological survey. ;ind on .Consular and dip'omri'-ic appropria- tion; bill reported, appropriates "1.UJ CHANDISE VEKY 'J'he Vashinffton corre-spondsnt of the Cincinnati Commercial telegraphs the vtiry imprabxblfi report tlial Pres- ident Arthur will pardon Guitnau. NKW TKIAL. There is no probability 'Judge CoA- will permil. a new Irial of Guiieuu. CHICAGO. Thc-bill'calling f'-ir information as to the removal- and appointment in the. poslollice 'department n'nco Starch 4, was j row. Th'e: resolution culling on the KDMUNDS WON'T ACCI-II-T. lary of state; forthe list of promotions.] -..Ian. ingtoi thnr no .j cited no 'R-reat lilaine. perhaps. 'i.SeriAtoiial :iiilluencel counts for little at prestnt. lora the.niiiiij'wh'o went to Albany less tlian' a in behalf of n, senatorial perpgiitiye and now ignores; it. is criticised fur his lain rising, and it isireported that Congress sometimes meets'. sidjourns before he has and tliat business .is greatly delayed liy his sliilh.somi habits. All of '-'nil pcr- appiiinimcjila will bring a The pxiri-me stalwarts accuse. hirji of intnguing for his re-election, won't succeed. However valua- bccn re- iiimself from old friends and making no new ones. An Inter.Ocean correspondent inter- fiiiilcau .jurors, and ob- indispulablc- proof that they 'had a "paper while on the jury; none of them wrote their that once waj K piece o( news- paper found in thsir room, anil then .it was delivered to ihe bailiff: that they w.ert.more carefully (uxrded and observed than prisoners; that the one fcund oa the jxpcr spoken of in (Juitean nfllda-rit WM lhat the, of another civil life. Representative JJuekner's bill to in- corporate an inter-oceanic ship rail- way company, which is in favor of the plan proposed by Capl. JCads, was con- sidered siib-comtniiici; and an unfavorable.report agreed np..n. These n-spectivu reports reports will be sub- mitted to the full committee tn-mor- :ilil with, after which the Mexicans disarmed the American's. The nexl day they were taken :pt pris- oners stayed there two days, llu-n were.taken U> Cast-grand, vrhure (hey were four day.-, when- orilers came for Ihe release of'the whole par- ty, and' direi-ling that all their arirs and ainmuiiii.ion. and animals bo returned. :nid if anything was not rcuirned it should be'paiil for when- Ihe party left Gunos. The .Mexican officer who made the arrest at Aacen- sion is reported under arrest. McDon- ald is on his way to Washington, aiid will be ihei-i-. on the. 21st and 22d, but Ihe men's moccasins are badly worn and they travel slowlv. Tin DnrrU Jim. has just I'een reefived that McOlow arrested in ('hit-ago lliia morning, and will be here to-uinhl. A post mor- tem examination on Mrs. is now being and. Ihe inquest will In- Ihis iifii-rnoijii. Slroet Cur Arqld.llt. CiiiCAOci, Jan. cablu cars mel with a slight accident to-day ow- inj; tu ihr careh-ssiuws of a driver, but will bi-tf'inu shoi'lly again. The SLniiilu .in.s j.s LONDON. K.rm-st XI. 2'J Grosve- iur square, l.ondoii. AV. and hyndhurat usscx, chairman. sir .Julius Voiful, K. C. M. 35 which fell on the report like a liiundcr .--.'ill demolished it, (he -best fiinr.Ml inclined to 'regard it. of the militia (.oinmiti.eu referred io, which attempted a rdlec- tion on Gov. Sheldon for his action in [laying the adjutant gancral for ser- vices in organizing Ihe territorial ilia, has bean the subject of much comment, n'bl at all favorable to the comma tee. or at least not favorable, to Senator Thoralon. who is know.n to have been the promoter of the whrile thing, spurred on from behind bv Tom Calron. Thornton sees his mistake.. now and is to saddle the matter and its attending odium on Senator Garcia, of llio Arrib.i. another incur bcr of the committee. The report comes up again on next but it noTrvseRinp certain lhat it will bo either rejected by the council or in- definitely tabled. Judge TTiizledinc will fight it, ,ind he is onelof the most Wurkers in the upj-icr house. Jt is the universal impression that Hornalillo comity Is ably represented and mo.tt fortunate in securing the ncrviccs Of Judge Hazledins in th6 i-nnneil. Ill is a good worker and Is tlioroiighly alive lo the J7ilerests of hia constitnenls. 'J'he talk ;ibout his fa- railroad monopolies and Iho like is known lo be nil tosh.. The Col fax county delegation .who have been for some (lays in the interest removalsandappoinlmeiit-i in the eon- sular the -Uh of March, 1877, adopted, i peri nt end- circular ndvcrtis- [ing'ayewafdipftiiree hnndrwl pounds of th'e body of the Crawford, siolen f rom'.'tlie'' family 'vault' in Ab'crdec', Eu- -will and the family pouudsto (irij'one-who: shall i.'glvo information leading to the apprehension of the thieves, i: A pardon is promwed anyac- complice who will. give information. It is supposed lhat the thieves came lo thia country. _ TV'ASUI.VOTON. Jan. minis- tersi paying great attention to'inor- 'Jfany 5iVrmons were preach- ed about it yosYerday, hn'J a ministers' rneeliiig was called to consider it. Itev.T. A. Xoble. of Union T'nrk Church, is among his brethren as being one of the first to bring into the pulpit the rliscus- ion'and a pulpit crusade agairisl it. He is eloquently urging to bring the influence of the ciiurco to bear against Jan. jmt receiv- ed from Ciayton, 111, siaies ihat Col. Thos. Ij'lact, one of the best ami most prominent of this county. a racmbar of legislature in '70, and onoof 300 (irant men at ihe Chi- cago convention, win asMJisinalyd in lid eicrpl liy special J. thai another appears who has not" been p wiiltdii iu German, a thing i his otfico at Cluyluii last night. The r.M-r.t is anJ thu unknown. Mornll expresses the opinian thal.Sena- lor'Kdmomla would nQt_.go on the supreme bench if he had an opportuni- ty, us he declined a plate upon it once before. Many think otherwise. .Ox! Jan! Repub- lican'says Ihnl Friday last the name of Wjlliani Nichols Avas sent lo the senate This renoriiination'of'Xichols was not made jnleiitionally; by. nor ivas it known by the president or the lirst The -president's attention bt-ing called tq.itl.hel-wus greatly sur- prised the nomination had been unwit- tingly signed by him with many others. The postmaster gencr'nl and lirst assist- ant found that the clerl; of the depart- ment had prepared the nomination without any authority, and handed il in with others ho had been ordered to make out. Tins president directed ihe withdrawal of the nomination, not be- cause, he changed his mind.hut because il wa.s due entirely to either a very sharp or very dull clerk. COXKIDKXT. non Deleiwte In NEW YORK, Jan. Cannon, of Utah, who is in town, v.as inter- viewed by a reporter to-day. TTc be- lieves that in thu contest which he id now engaged for his seat will) Camp- bell he will be successful, as precedent and right oi'i Iii3 side, and that if defeated it will be by the power in- fluence brought to bear against him by his and the government par- ty. There is rioth'fjipr new l-i be con- save, perhaps, the latest aspr-ct of the polvgamy ipe-stion, and if Camp- bell, Who only received votes, premier of New vice chair- man. Thumiis Hingham, ICsq-., 2-1 Dcisize 1'ark (iardrns, London, X. AV. .lami-s I1. (lorry, M. T., 9 and 11 Fn-nchnrd avi-nufi. London, C. of the removal of the county .seat of that county from Cima.rron to Sprin- llciiry Douglas, la Liwrunce 'I'ouiilncy I-anu, Luiidon, E.-C. .lohn Draper. Ksq., 22 AVin- stri-ot, London, C. S. C. Iladlr-y, Alderman city of London. Knigiilnder street, London, C. Kdwin Jouos. lOsrj., (Bayliss, Joins London and AVolverhamp- ton. Archibald II. Lemon, Esq.. Belfast. Cliiirles Esq., }l. T. Hani Elms, Burnes, Surrey. .Sir John Preston, (J. Preston i Ik-lfasl. Theodore E.Schilizzi.Esq., 121 liish- strset within, :Lomlou. C. TliUSTEES, Or THE FUNDS OF TOE COMI'AXV IN THE. USITED STATES. Gen; Ulysses S. Grunt. AVilliam Wheclock, Esq., Presi- dent Central Ksitional bank ___ .lohn J..McCook, Esq., of it Green, Eqiiita'Vilc .life building, Broadway, X. Y. IIJ-.AD orvici: i.v Tin: uxi'm) STATES. Broadway, Xcw York, John AY. .Simonson, rMideiit I'Acmc DEPAimtKXT. Sausome .street, San l-'rancisco, Brown, Craig Co., generil agents! In annuuncing HIT appointment from the above company, nnd respectfully asking for a of beJii'aess, I beg to rail to ihe character of the directors, and S. trustees; also, to state that the company has deposited S-jOO.iWi in Xc-.v York. the protec- lion ul" American ho'dtrs, that it is the intention to increase said deposit in within a very short pcriwl. All adjusted and settled at this agem-y through the San Francisco CM'AS. "KTHKKIDOK, Agent, >T. M. How solemn ifi the thought that the ni'iniing of day presents me blank l.-nf. which "l have lo fill i ger, have all gone home happy, having secured the passage of their bill. SI'KIXOEII NOW'LOOMS Uf as one of the growingjtowns of tho ter- ritory, aud we may soon expect to a map on which it appears as a groat railroad and commercial foeus, nnd in fact, as the hub of the universe. Town lots are said to have advjtnced in prico several hundred per cent since Uic pas- sage of tht bill removing the county scat The next thing in. order.now ii a newspaper, which it is understood arrangements aro being made to lish in ihe near future. still carries his hand in a the effects of his little sling from kuock-dowu with a drunken printer.the other iiight. The name of the printer is not given, but I siispcct it to have been '..Nestor Montoyn, a .well known and worthless character formerly of Albuquerque. snow fell here last night to tho depth of Inches and ia still fjllii-.g thin morning from the leaden clouds. The prospect is that ons of the snow storms of Iho ..'winter i upon us. CAPSICUM A Thrlrlnr Monopoly. AVeatcrn Unitn Tclegrajih com-, pany, by of low wages tO'Ciiu 'S 'u -ju ployoH and high rates to..ihe has been enabled lo realize 00 i n? s -a of profit during the a io p'oS'- is expeoyt'- 3 37 000; profits, a ons man In a score of this mon-jj rrn.1 Yet. paid J who never sio? ivn.inri; r fo Of.

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