Tuesday, July 10, 1962

Albuquerque Tribune

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Page: 29

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Text Content of Page 29 of Albuquerque Tribune on Tuesday, July 10, 1962

Albuquerque Tribune (Newspaper) - July 10, 1962, Albuquerque, New Mexico D-2 The Albuquerque Tribune July 10. 1962 CONGRATULATING M.Sgt. Charles B. McCubbins for i-eceiving the Air Force Commendation Medal is Kirtland AFB Commander Col. Bernice S. Barr. Sgt. McCubbins won the medal for talent in identify- ing and resolving complex logistics problems in the BOMARC test effort from August, 1959, to February, 1962. At the Movies West Side Story Work of Film Art "West Side Story" m u s i stand forever as a work of film art which proves h o great a motion, picture can be. There have been great dramas, and great musicals, but "West Side" deserves a separate niche for combining and realizing all the potential ly against a brick tenement, magic of the movie camera. It explores a socio-econo- mic theme without preaching, details .a tragic love story without moralizing and above all approaches the audience with the implicit idea that it has a story to tell intelligent people. And it hits with the impact of bare knuckles beating vain- Objects Now in Space By JOHN TROAN ScrJpps-Howard Science Writer WASHINGTON, July 10 The U. S. reported 198 objects now are whirling through space. -The total includes seven se- cret satellites launched by the U.S. Air Force and four semi-secret Russian satellites. Five of America's secret seven pass over the entire So- viet Union each day. The oth- er two miss only the extreme northern fringes which har- bor one of Russia's atomic test sites. _ The U.S.' .satellites, at least four believed to be experi- mental reconnaissance ships, are orbiting from 130 to ;miles up. Russia's semi-secret satel- lites criss-cross the entire U.S. daily at altitudes of 124 to 930 miles. -The Soviet Union says they carry only to make scienti- fic studies but 'some U.S. space experts suspect Russia is .seeking to.- -perfect "sky spies" similar to those this country is working on. all, 44 satellites are in -orbit around the earth- The .U.S. has put. up 38 of these and Russia ,five.1 One was launched jointly by the U.S. Britain. In addition, three U.S. and two Russian vehicles are or- biting the sun as artificial baby planets. The 149 remaining objects in space are celestial junk They are burned-out rockets Sandia and pieces of launching ve- hicles that trailed satellites into orbit. JEROME BOBBINS' great stage work comes to the screen and its completely flexible medium in a blend of dance, music and acting that s total theater. So well mesh- ed are the parts they do not ntrude their individual fea- ,ures but instead make up the whole, intact. Natalie Wood is more ac tress than star for the first time. Rita Moreno, however, shades her slightly in a great- er depth projection that strikes Latin sparks from the asphalt wilderness the setting. Russ Tamblyn has waited a long time for a role big e n o u g h for his excellent talent and makes the most of it as leader of a gang. George Chakiris as leader of a Puerto Rican gang is a new find along with Richard Beymer. "WEST SIDE STORT" scored to the restless music of Leonard Bernstein and carried by the nimble cho- reography of Mr. Bobbins, The. narrow arena of slum streets, alleys and fire es capes is explored by really excellent photography, and color work that contrasts in- dividuals against their grey concrete backgrounds. "West Side Story" is a new standard of iilm excellence which will .not be topped easi- ly. It deserves every one of the 10 Academy Awards it re- ceived. BOB LAWRENCE Santa ft Railway May Cut Personnel CHICAGO, July 10 UV There may be a manpower cut on the. Santa Fe Railway, it. was indicated here today. Other railways across the nation have said that they will cut personnel, to meet the costs of a 10.28 cent raise for non-operating employes. Ernest. Marsh, Santa Fe president, said he is unable to estimate -now the effect of the increase but he ''feels some manpower cut must 'come." Meadows Earns Master's Degree Capt. James M. Meadows, Base, has completed his master's degree in bio- logy at the University of New Mexico. He serves at the base as Chief of clini cal laboratory services, in the U.S. Army Hospital. A16 year service veteran, Capt. Meadows received his B.S. de- gree in biology from New Mexico State in 1950 and took education at Eastern New Mexico University. Capt. and Mrs. Meadows and their five children live at 3238-A .at the base. Meadows Building Conclave Set at Glorieta A church building confer- ence will be held at Glorieta I Baptist Assembly in Gloriet! next week. It will be directec by W. A. Harrell, secretary of ithe Baptist Church Archilec- j ture Department in Nashville !Tenn. Any church desiring confer- ences about a church building program should bring enroll- ment and attendance records for all departments and other information concerning build- ings and property, Mr. Barrel' said. The' conference will begin July .18. RETURNS HOME: Army Spec. George Fryett of Long Beach, to the-U. 3. after (pending nix M prisoner of the Communist guerrillas In Viet <UP1 photo) i Plaque for Plaza SANTA FE, July JO bronze plaque will be placec in the Santa Fa Plaza de signaling it aa a registered national historic landmark The plaque came from the Department of Interior which officially recognized the plaza lest year. Asked In Court Suit Two Oklahoma City men ,ave filed a suit in U.S. District Court here to a stopped payment :heck allegedly issued by a CLOSED FOR REMODELING 'ortales man as down pay- nent on u ranch. Bob Graham, a real estate rancher J. Alton Thompson, who sold his place o W-.V. Starnes of Portales, iled the action. They alleged that Starnes topped payment on a :heck written as down pay-' nent on the Thompson ranch. And Thompson seeks lleging Starnes let bulls mix COCINA de CARLOS 4901 Lomai NE WATCH FOR REOPENING LASTS DAYS' "Sex runs shamelessly Arena! Rd. SW TR 7-9884 B.O. Show Adults SOc, Kids Free DOS PELICULAS ESPANOL! PICNIC TIME! any srzol anywhere! Call AL 5-5553 L08QJMS 2900 CENTRAL, EAST 50c a SOc a DRIVE-IN. 325 T BROADWAY SE LAST South of The Pan American Freeway B. Show CH 7-0983 it wm with halters and cows Gambling Raid n a "registered H e r e fo rd CARLSBAD, July 10 (UPI) police raided a Carls- bad home Sunday and arrest- ed nine men alleged gam- bling violations. lord, He. said this wijuld make it impossible to determine blood ines in the next calf crop and vould lessen its value. Plaintiffs alleged Starnes as refused to honor the check on the Musteogee County md pay the balance ranch. J-in the sun JUEVES For Primera Ves en Albuquerque Para el Publico de Habla Espanol THURSDAY True story! Incredible storyl Merrill's Klarauders frfc, TECHNICOLOR JEFF CHANDLER TYWif PEIK BROWN- WILL HUTCHI BONUS GO-HIT ADULTS 75c KIDS FREE ;SHORTS START AT "JUDGMENT" ONCE ONLY AT Academy Award Winner! NIGHT Best Actor! Mixlmllltn Bast Screenplay I DON'T MISS IT! JUDGMENT NUREMBEM (ttlf Hww UNITID UTISTS GH 7J125 YAI.C BLVD., SE WYOMING PHONE 298-1031 SHORTS AT LAST NIGHT! 'BEST Winner of'10 Academy EXCLUSIVE ROAD SHOW ENGAGEMENT NO RESERVED SEATS 2 SHOWS TODAY MATINEE PM EVENING PM r ADMISSION MAT. EVE. ADULT 1.25 1.50 CHILD _______ .50 .78 LAST 2-DAYS TONY CURTIS KIRK DOUGLAS A Biyna Production A Universal-International JEAN SIMMONS PETER USTINOV PHONE AX 9-5922 9500 CENTRAL SE "LONELY ARE THE BRAVE" SCREEN 1 "POSSE FROM HELL" SCREEN 1102: SCREEN 1 ADULTS... 75c CHILDREN FREE LAST NIGHT! LIFE CAN NEVER CAGE A MAN LIKE THIS! KIRK DOUGLAS AODIEMURP JOHN SAXON JAMES MAUREEN FEATURES OPEN SHOW 500TENN. NE AL 6-000 OPEN YUlBRYNNER ELI WALLACH STEVE MCQUEEN THE COUNTRY FEATURES HELD OVER 4th WEEK SPECIAL .NEW MEXICO ENGAGEMENT SAMUEL BROHSTOH CHARLTON HESTON, SUPER TECHHIRAHA TKBHICOIOR' Show at Open No Reseorved Scots ADULT 1.25 CHILD LAST DAY! S