Thursday, December 4, 1890

Trenton Times

Location: Trenton, New Jersey

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Trenton Times, The (Newspaper) - December 4, 1890, Trenton, New Jersey VOL. IX. NO. 2184. FTCENTON, TUUKBDAY DKCd.MBKK 4, 1890, TWO CKNTd The Irish Knurs' Mission Said lo Il.nt' SEVERAL TO SAIL SATURDAY Ullloii mid 1'robubl) Go to I'aiU And Not buitcniUr IheuiMelven to the Kn- Ifllsli nt ut It That Ihcj Gif at the Mr I'uniell Shonhieln Bin for the Limit ithlj) the Irlnh ParlluuifiiL try Still hurceeda In I'ulhj Delating a Uiun Sdienn Said tn Hnve Bffii IMinncd In the Interest o1 tlie Irish Statesman i C MH I) L I I ht I tilted Biati.s tl tt t lu r t ui tout of tbe Inali pjirliiii) nl in n h n betti aban dontd I) itches m nt i ut I ist night tl t ir LIV m r onte the dash and brill inncj of tht lj< i intrej id uriur in the o( li s i ounti '-etiiH d to ha t desert ed him 1) lir-t IH jw i unit? in the cable i th of lh' Unit 1 IV ss whichstatu] th it th c t t ouucil uf Dublin hid in efl truMns rr by an w helming in i] r lii f tuI -theh in the in 1 n onlj nt dtd mother ball from di will i 1 i pu t of irtilierj tc prudti i u j iNic I' w is n t 1 in com ing hiJt- the t hrte i it n vsert still de bating the i ffi t up m th( ir minsion uf the news from Dublin lunthe r cab e hand ed to O Hi K n Ht t JJ-L (pen the eu with nervous h iste at the con tents threw UK upon the table aud with the rum i k J no duubt now as to bo t Inluid fetls buried bis face in his li in s I s is w hit he had read Cork _ lie an 1 >ciet> to a man staii In ir H II to t h( de ith Cork Blandb 1 hin Ire1 ind b> wlijiuhestood when ln-p fricmln VM re It w ht mds by him when his comra It s le ivt him The OppOHition'H Death Knell What M as the nice of this com that it came from the om t of which libim O'Britn h rn-- any one Future of O Brien and Dillon In a short time my will be altogether guided by a gentleman named remarked ilham U Brien Andrews is the of Cloumel jail Billon smiled grimly, but said nothing O'Brien, is likely to be guided bj tbe wishes of his wife and it is said that this lady is strenuously opposed to his re turning and surrendering himself to serve the sentence rectutlj imposed upon him with Dillon 1 he probabilities are that foi a while, at least the two parliamentarians will locate in Paris where they can be easily reached and conferred with by their colleagues John Devoy'a Replj In response to the dispatch received Tues day by John from Sheriff Giant} of Dublin, the man who helped Dillon and O'Brien to escape from the English authori ties, the following message was cabled I earnestly hope for an honorable compromise ret-ftlning Parnell and his intuit al opponents. Irish Americans are strongly Parnell The publication of G-ladstont s letter Itft them no choice bubniissioii to f nphsh ditt-ation would wreck, thf1 National mot uncut IDE thi honorable in tnes I d letire men t mean tht surrtmltr of tlie principle of home rule It would make a ruinous pre- cedent Pm-uHl subtamed by Ireland the smash of the Amei Kan nt avuts the ruin of the tt n inK and 11] j tran and the stoppage of an MibsLiiptii The <f the rat un It r iN ihjseu kakr transcends the Libnt il til u questioned as to the truth of the lepurt Iroin C hn th it thij their would s il foi I mope on Saturdaj JHy disclauiied any knowl edge of biich an inttntion on the purt of their s As to tht 11 ow n ments, the> hud uo plins, weitau ut Ing developments UK y wt re disposed to discredit the leports fiom hit igo, w Inch, they though r hi i n nn t rs s. Absolutely Pure. A'orofcin of baking powder High rt of in leavenmg Btitnjrtti. U. B, GUT- out Irum n tt w itt ut t i 1 L n m (act Ihej Do Not Feiir the 1 rel itm I OM'ON Dtt 4 w t s in 1 in, the course of tht m j I l Ii I nn m beib I'utneil s gun v houi anil stands the t nl> t ei _ 1 kadtr of a (oht-sive Insh puitj li i 1 id lul low 11 T h e btt n much s n nni M i i. 1 und Ins jpuni nts disht-m i Liied tjj t lie tell jjuinii pi inn in lium iru is i lutes in the I mud iiLiirl) til u[ i Parntll and some in txpiess tt mis rt pudi uting Dillon and linen and ll LII col for him It is u aied that llie Itiah missiun in tin L 1 -M itt ma> i fulure owing to ll ment of eisiou Inch disj itches u 1 hab been m nised ai.aiii'-i i lu dt L-> u man) plates by then itnu 1'irnell action I lie il) is s< u 1 in s< vi je it rn i Panifll's fiitnls 1 i tlf s I twet-n Ins luls ot Mr Fartiell at the I einster hall nje itasou of the assurances of support received from America ri.uii uf thf It is reported that at a pmaU conference of Iibeial leaders it was res Uedtoset aside tht home lule is.sue as un Ui present conditions) impobsible of a< c nn jli'-hmeut, and go to Llie countr) it the tieit election on the pnncii les of fict tduuiti a under popular control fn t loin of s de ti tl trans fer of lati 1 just jax it on of in i alueSj tht disestablishment of tl e be jtc hurch loci! option as to thf 1 (j 101 traffic just div isi ju of rate-- between i w utr ind occu and tin reform of the ht of lordsa albo the establishm i t of pari-h and dia tnct councils to attend to loc il affairs ihere is a marked reputjnince in the party to espouse a hour law Mr Chamberlim s iu the house of commons ou the land purch ise bill was ver) friendh in tone toward Mr Glad btoiie, and this fact is taken as au indica- tion that Mr Cnarnbtriain is willin to make ovutures f< r a r oncil a tion ith Mr Crladsto e in c tl e 1 ititr ib oljliged to turn hib b ick up m Irish home rule It la considered doubtful however that Mr Gladstone woul 1 c ffi r indut ements tc the Birmingham statesman to co ne to hifa support tin biich supptjrt n proven of much value in tunes of party btrtss in the past iton fends Himself Karly in the proct-t of the Parneli lus an 1 tnti Pdruelhtes objec tion was raised to the reidmg in open meeting of addressed bv mdi vitiucils to ludividiiils the Ctiuse of the being an attempt b) the secre tarj to read a person il disp itch to Mr Parnell Mr Stxtou tldiesstd the con ference m defense of the p hill eif and tho--e ol ins who share I Ills v itWH is to the merits of the unhappv diteinrn i in which the repre sentatives in panun etit of the peo pie found thetiise e- Mi "--e de clured tt at he and thjse with Inn waUjlcl persist t i the end in tl eir t'e ei ni latiou to just if the leadership of the part) despite the ruffianl) attacks which were being made upon them The I'tiUe uf the Irixh IVopIe A telegram from Clunniel ii then read in which it was si ite I that the ev ided ten mts of thf f in Hi Birr) est ite D lion and U Brien aiU then assouites in their ef forts t i reurgani7e thf part eu though s ich reoigauization invohel tlie deposi tion from leaderbhip of Mr Parnell A dispatch from the iNatumU League of Belfast was placed before tl e conference In it ttie urgauiz ition 'ec1 ired that it would tram under no i ther le uler tliau Paruell 1 he ot the telegram brought Mr pio nptl) to his feet w ith the declaration that hlioukl the opiu ion of his Belfast constituent) pr< to be conti ir) to that eutcriamcd b) him he would pro t nptl) his -v_at m the house of commons Clancy Haw a scheme At this pomt Mr arose and said that he had a proposition to offer for the consideration of the one w hich he e iriiestl) hoped would Ie id up to a so lulioii of thednheultiebb) which the party found itself "n luuinKd After a bnt of Mr Clancj s suggestion it is itsuUed lo adji urn lur the day It is expected i h it t he eoiupro nnse meisuies referred to b) Mi L lane) will lead to totall) new iu tht lush political situation It is learned that .Mr Clauc) s compro- mise plan involves the temporary retire- lAnt from the leadership ot the Inah party of Mr Parnell feuth retirement is, how to be subject to the extraction from Mr Gladstone of certain conditions in con nectiou with the pruui st: 1 home rule Acliemc m the event ot a Liheial in tht next general tit u ion Ihe N itioual ists hopes are raise 1 that a. unanimous, harmonious ami silisf ittoi) set tie ment will be (he m tcnme ol tne pi sent eff irta at compromise In Liberal circles these hopes me not shaied ami tlie atttttitle ot thost at the front of the opposition to Mr Paruell m that is feiill one or uu yielding and itsolute dcterunuatiou to drive that gcntkmau out of the politics of the empire In I'arnell H Interest It WHS agreed at the Nationalist meeting that the proceedings should be k< pt secret, is believed that, Clniu) s pioposal is to ask Mr Gladstone to a satisfactor) undertaking iu rtgatd to the police and land qutstioite HI of Mr re- tirement Sexton and Henly met the pro posal in n fin ndl) spirit, but Mr Painell declined to state txplititl) w hi thi r or not he would nil re, and asked a daj s time to consult r the matter 1 he w hole move IR believed b) man) to be d< signed In Pnrnell'8 interest with Ihe double ob ject of gaining time and putting tlu Stxtou faction luittiLr m the w roun in the evuit of Mr dl ulstom s almost ct rt nn refusal to the nanind Ni OUK 4 Hem) George has aniiouiHtil liis letiiement from 1 he Stand ard Ho liter irj dutus compel tht change liliain J roatlale chairman of the national single tax committee, v talci ctini _cof i ho papi r It IH utnlt rstood that Mi (ti will write sevtial works on politiril (t nomy which he hns h id in view foi som HUP In croup and whooping cough It IR Import- Ant to have A remedy At once at hand that In relJRble and tnle Hires' tough. u re tills the n any medlolne that has ever THE AFRICAN CONQEST. Stanley Points with Pride to His Achievements. Ot IHI IU VK COLIMN. Ttie Great r I for the First 1 iuif L u orld t UIIIOUB Contro- lentil lug A of Messrs Hcibtrl ttiid J It I ruup. F tt oi K Dtc 4 tor the hist time in public M St tnley lectured on the rear column ui litl at Lbickiiing hall laat pie aced his drama! i Irjupai I But tht public iti n of Maj Burlt i Is m Idt is li nisi 1 inn put In, t 1 i i IIIL f- LT i 1 an 1 in just t j th dejid tu, v. ll t tu the VIUL, Mj lif <f Viritan txplordt n haft bet n u hie uj t the w TMLO of humanity and uviluati a father to h s n en HIM In-ti ut tioiii to liarlttlut He hid ueurd >nl ed tbe rm column i th ru will n jt leta el I n_er nt an t ma than a few r lh uin iloft! I yd m Matikj POJ! in u Ithti J i 1 a hf c ju d 1 i s wit i r t i j a a I It li) men i XL I is ft i i J l M j I aitt' lot who whpu j mej ttie 1 in n n fr nil 1 Ixi w tild f B.L 1 n ij th ullic is Utaled to conduct th i ir L 1 i n aft r us I U were an i i in> In 1 s 1 u c is a hltlw re-st an 1 i L h wewr U tli u n K w tjld tljt m j.ftt.r MX i t ib i i to perfect health Surgeon Par examine I the MIJ j hi of food in the neignbMho 1 H- r p il 1 thti tin re was enough It i LSI the jr f milji ja for years rxiJnsue of t is I jnit tw udb uf nee seven I a Is A nts ind i 1 i 1 f silt Mr lijiipbrt M seven 1 jad-j ur I i mio tutntj loads ot r 1 jads i. f baJt aud of It a Chinked Culuniu mj. irranh i tl mg tu it a-- essential [or ihcc JD Juct jf the rtar culuniu, we then the advance colun n set out fur aiulmj a on J me J8 an 1 un 1" IbM fourteen months later, we returot. 1 from the Vltrt-rt in search of the rear culunn of which no DPWS liad been htsard and on at a village niuet) miles east of found the rear column m the pitiable state alreadj described Messrs Tr jup and ard now criticise with preat subtletj leitei of wstructiOQs In Africa it might h en for me if such crooked con structmn an the} now use were placed on the simple orders to adupt uieaburus fj compel them to see trulj mteuued thej should see But the calamities be- lcnto to the past aud there is no necasMt} for me to ue otherw ise than dispafifiioiiately just Keaaous for His Censure. After describing faow the officers of the rear column came to go to Africa with him, Mr Stanle} said Lt was not until Aug 1? 1888, fourteen months M pirating from them I discovered reasons for pubhclj censurmg the officers of the rear column reasons were made manifest bj the official report and oral accounted the aur fhcers of tbe rear column bj the testi monies of the colored bjudan tst, and Mauj u em to it and by the awful statt. m forty two men were fauod b> us It therefore devolves upon me now to ex plain the reasons of this censure have read the statement m Ihe Times signed bj illmm Bonnj linauine that terrible storj detailed to me in u iich tht same wa) an it has been Imagine 1 mi tellmg me that his leader had been so uolcnt iu his conduct as to be in tlie habit of btalLniK au )iu m the tamp terrifying the poor pe pit uit jf Im-i! senses b> his dem mac con iluu tl men t 1 atli kn >cking n Man j uuiiit si out ki mt, a i s jui j that h li 1 --li jot u s 1 i i 1 i at ahi j., a i ce of u at u tt n t 1 i t, n t! ti whil m tl t a t of 1 it nif, -i 1 uin I MI 11 1 ad been s t t tl i I u 1 hus a 1 ll I i int. t in tn i H( Mr blan t> nd that ht let rt IIL h ul not ch i 1 aid H id li i tn it h b mg o dis ni lit t the) wiie in IT i 11 11 L i n U n 111 stnutiuns tl u l [mt Uit in is le in l folk t htir u i c.i i o lint if it bi tiuc th it Mr u i p il Iu n> 1 I-hiit irvj- iiiMtmt) -i, j I HH! U iittt 1 t s 11 j s in lie i out u n l j i t ht t is title I m suj -iiiiK thei s m tl u j, n n than nuh l i it. 1 in tin is f Ii ip w il 1 I i tl ji till hn smn istr i M r w r 1 th i in liff i tin. c Unuitmj, that Riiin It ImdlMcnst usivt m his maun i as t uj s n tu m r t surely it tak s ti. 111 ikt a qtiain 1 If tht} had been i urn st m tht to tht} cout 1 tasil} liuu dont <j Tin track as c luu hi f n them Th n r, uta tunswer in (hi ir own liuiuls to tnukt or mar f nir hill Riven them health SOCK tj linil ulu ciiti I tlitiii a liigo force of men ai "i NOTHING LIKE ITI Blood is thicker thin water, most pure to Injure good health SpBcirtO IB for this purpose It never to falls elimnate the and build up the general Is only one Swift's Specific, there nothing hko It sure and get the genuine Treatise on Blood and Skin free 'iJw Swift Specific Co., CV u t I L, II Ul II 1 11 it 1 I ll II U Oik tt I I I 1 ll out t, ii i lilt 1 U ami i %t th i i U IH It irtulot InmuM Mr stHnlej ul ititre n mj [j. jt cu il 1 n t u uli ist ind t tla j t l il t t mi i lit fnrihei s 1 MUMv Then I i Piti u n t ti it IlK'ntr this i e i I 1 i sitle v i a, v is tiLisin tf tht sllj N i I V I fu t i t 1 ai 1 i I tl t st i s i 1- t t i l I i i I L nr t tl e rs In n I I i ll tt Ij- 1 U q ius f I s sill t I nut n ih s i 1 t 1ms 1 i n i 11 t Hirtt 1 lh ins ht_a tha li r l I I sin an i j siti n Should liKie Left 1 Mone siid that in Vw in was nc ist itntd t tell sti i t I loLssfcc tit 1 1 is triM t Mjtlu is but r cm ti s u ui u 1 fount iksci ibed as i n ah0i tut feju u IT n 1 to ippear i- i in --Uan <illicer ai 1 i in in Mi li ij n a i n afli 1 n it had dcclart il th 1 oul the failure <f tht rtai u lunni w us altogether due t i M ij ]i trtte lot lo m Vmencan reportir at Cam iinLe Mass he attributed th of the c Inn n to him (blank Ii rt to 'ht alt K ICH niade upon him bj the Iain -jiii an 1 B irtttlot f in in Mr Nan It} u 1 th it these pet e I t 1 I t n HH un as tlcir relumes in V i i of tliecrinust intuittel b) liarttt, tl fHt 1 Jittneatui (tt d been w tinted tu bad enough alont I d lafe n that ti ci h Inr s o hi At m i 1 ar th U th i u cul i r v L. r ned tlie ll lev lull n of Its filcer tL n ,1 I of (ir i n i -s unit then mdnT t thiir -ittt u rl r I iiiamtciiu th il Ihtae cl i e trut m fr-i li-ani art! ular Tin up and Stoied HIP orer handled 1 roup and ard ith ctHinu saicasm Th could in furtlitring ila cxpedi ti n as fir us it was U withcutin persoi al danger or disturbing that b issful itr of mind hich is ol lounof hu dutj and deaf to thecill of M ith unblushing cffn liter; auu impudmce tliev had lead that tribe if nttrs delight in scandal and from AC tin e lat forms undertake to i insure and dem unc 1 uu as tlie of tin it pitiful .ufferiugs Ju the explorerbaid His Conquest of Africa In of immiT! nt danjj r r with n trrpat ask tn f i i I s n h u i r f t s s .f a soul is th i i 1 s i M. L t n v ai 1 .nd r mm i n t lif 11 n j lit! s HI e nami r I never j i nl r than whin n turn iifj f i in a 1 h a d in n t all 11 e re lief f I n frsl f s t i th u homo in 11 a. a land ih mj, s H an 1 i sp L ilatir n to I f un i in ul! tl it belt nfiphhonnj: tli. pi t r t tl f and r U l i ?o I urn 1 M th pad 11 s an ut a iltt t of tt aim rs Us I auks st i I I ns pu itiLil i. niifuul an) 11- Th r ar r r a tb i n i I-m j c-ans laboi in w ii'im t t lat n 1 t I ai i a fc in u vv i l s 1 i h shall ui t it D ui t I H i 1 f time Tl r nre cm m un 1 in le inmate an 1 n hie te i r 1 it u i ill uiiiii into th uu i In I un h tlie 1 tin 1 i I i will finl tint Hi f m l i deal in the j 11 f tm lai 1 is m UK i ss tit I allure -Ihe KiUeuhcu M nuf 111 i in t f t n ni N i h f uit 1 u i 1 i ll t 1 L 00 Hi issets( t fin it lit ibnut It- It i u w i I i u It} the en I i I I t u h u'-ts and the Iu 1 si i tt e m irkt i i t n ts 1 u i iu a shaky coiul t i i i p ist CAtARRh li md act t local ir' t; iocn ftppltcadoni II rcQjlrdi t lonitltutlotiAt rtmedy like Hood 8 which working Uirough the blood eradlcatei Itii Impurity which causes and promotes fnd effeota a permanent cure. 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KULM T LYMPH IN CONNECTICUT 1 utitnt s t d to He I ultr Ireuliuciit II in Dei small it kiii_( L t 1 i ft ss i K Ii s h inph was 1 in Uiis c n> direct Voin I If iiklbtrL, bv Profess r Russell H hitui leu in chaiKe uf tlie ale bib rat >r> IJiofessor J P C 1 ostei w ts 1 ii 1 111 thai ot tin 1) rnpb 1 ll) s af i n IIL u IminuUit 1 u tione h) pi dt i i i t a pat a u suffer fi ni ilin ntiiv tubtriu esis Ihe -H WHS i f n iiniuiii di HB rec n i It 1 1 Di K ch rtiid tbt) reaction nt ted in isbs abi ad was nuinediately obsei t d tb( f HI till nig to ttie in til inji. ti n ludaj in ussoc iti m Dr IJacou provtdts i i ist uf Input Di rusUr wilt real tl ist n id als a case of tubti cular iritis m IK ted Di aui 1 tie amount i f inpli is onl> su flic a tit for a tt st in llu si cases and it ill be Useless to in ikt a i pht it ion for trt itmeut of other i ases Ii is that tht Ijmph H the lirst reci IM 1 and inji ctul 111 Auu nca >Irt 1 un i j >Iust Hanjf I I) 4 lit ti al ut MM Pe nM u ill tl of m iidt r ended 111 a tM lu t of an 1 the i ris jiier was lUnctil tu It i lit- cnme for i th Mis I t iuc) is i die 11 commit ttd i u Ui last On the nn ruing of Oct tin 1 it Mi- found m tht mh lltini it i 1 1( tahtj Her throat h id bu n i ut md ht r skull fract ured t tuat i n tin pohc e soou t) e I t lh it Mis Hogg was as saulted and 11 uder 1 her husband's unstress il t in tt une 1 woman Mrs B infa il is als kilk 1 bv the woman IH s su h H, shocking one that it WHS it supposed to have been commuted I ick t ic Hipper iM I ui H tout LOMx N 1) 4 i IK dem ral Web- ster in i i said he td 1 f t in is would de n u I i u i ifut ii y their pro'ln i i o i -it HI He i 1 I't i> 1 Hit U 1 IM Otll u u t i tu It n u si ui i v t n i i unt of B( tli the method and results -when ot 1 us H taken; it is pleasant to the and acts ill) )etpi iiptl) on the and 1) iktiii-f the 11 tri'd-r hpid- dicfl and and (iins halntual n. 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HKNEY S LnILK, Vice President ASA F SKI EM Secretary BARKER Gt'MKRK, JE, Trpjwnrer WIIIIAM Q MOOEB, Cashier. DIRECTORS. Hugh H Himill, Barker Qnmmnre, Ksq Barker Qnmmere, Jr, Wash'n A Boebllng, H 8 Little, S Meredith Dickinson, Edward Qrant Cook, B Yard, T N Adams, Harry Rotors, James Buchanan, Owen H Looke, L B Blsdon, J B Oaaklll. EdmnndC Hill, Albert OUyton. 1 i i i J i i i i i 15 EAST STATE STREET. WINTHIU STYT.H! DHJ11UYS SEAL TURBAN'S, SEAL CAPS, i- .A- T tj- T o "V i- S 1-1 H ja. "V" jx, OJ- T O "V i-i 3 YOUMAN'S HAT, A SPKflAUY. ME Kl.Y BEOI HERS 3 an n St, New York. IMco 60 cU. YOB'l1 WRITING MAClUNHj. No Ribbon. Direct Printing. Perfect Alignment Challenger Co., OKSKKU AWFNTS, NO 1417 ril Rl t HJNI) FOR CATALOGI I HAVE NOW A FULL LINt ot N t DtSIK'BIE I NDLEWEAE HJB the Fall trade, for Ladies Oou'a HI t i Inn Nutiiral Wool Siarlet d, White and Merino ont thirl woo i Imlf wool al wool heavy weight, men urn weight Also ribbed goods wUu !i an o popular from iic up the new styles both K t L I pnd col is The btst Black and fancy color Hoae m the uty f )r GLOVES In Silk Cashmere il Kni Oc i o tarns, Saxony Tarus, beat Germantown Wools, Ztphjrb knit i t iiid roihot bilks in all co ora New Gimps, Fringes, Steel Trinimnifi Lai I idles, Htamped Oooda, Felta, P iBhes, China bilks HANDKESCH1EF8 The stock of Hand r 1 i fo is Urge aud carefully selected COMETS In all the leading makes Tl o Fo r s Waist ind C P Corset 123 and 125 North Broad Street. Opposite City Marke HAiJ JIIIS MAN Bonnst b a of tht AMERICAN CLOTHING AND 1 ilLOKING CO, woald not runok wind waistled hn W, ;rt> ilothmg Mc 'ion 6..J At mnck leu tkaa Philadelphia Oar Icidon to asj >rt SAMPLE OVEKOOATS fer J18, M onr CAMPLE S' WO' 'l il J JH, lor 8-S.a'J SniU OLOtHINO MAO r- witV, Md uam9 akag U ND HliyyG Kerns Have been aasigne I Hie AgenU loi ht Referee Safety, And Invite tlu'r friends aud all tn tafee Interest In cycling to stop In and rxi mine it at the Cor. Warren and Mill Repairing a s AT W A j.i, i lols1 Hoi's1 T'c lugcV a il Hi LSI ai Eoiluioiit to bo found 111 liu win U Dolt hinds Hrtus "hixsftnii doll l t s of every ind Dulls that d) i b it U1V, at lower pruoa tlnui i ver Also a grand ntw lock of virv flno ml stjl'Bh I'mbre las arnonu wli ill wo i ir r ore lot ODD ulona full t'nibn II is with silver nt only 'He wo ill 40 in 'ho nty a'l over Latest st> lea f Cuba Hutch Is anil Ila d Bags, Pocket Books, I idles Bihiu Slumber Kobcs, 8ilk Ilandkenhnfa Hid Mufflors, and ladies and gtnts of every make Among our Olovon wo iarrv the most durable kids, warranted the li st made in the market Fine Und-rwiar Cam' ric carm t orsots Hoait ry and many useful presents arriving n >w ovtry day Chi'drans and ttifunti 0 itflte our dally I'and knit phyr Worsted (loo Is a cwreful, selected assortment Vow am vals also in misses and children s huts anil caps, late t styles All our goods are the very best obtainable and pri cs OUABANrEEL) A i .1 i r 1 OPPOSITE CI1Y HALL. P Tnit received a lot Black ALL SILK. MnfHen for Indies and gents I I I N I P N C 1 Ol AI I KINDS AT THE TRENTON TIMRP JOB PRINTING OFFIOH Wart II BFAbLEY, COUNSELOR AT LAW, 143 Ens' atate Trenton, N. J TO' N U C'UNSELOE AT I AW, Forxt Rltihle IlulldliiK, corner State Warren Mtreeta. T AW OFFICES, EDtfAIiD H MUBPHY 144 etnte ritrn it Irenton f J. JOHNlAMmUE, AI UI1JNE1 137 KASJ 81ATE-STRKKT TBSNTT'N J j fit. AI.HAMHKA. 21 NORTH WABKKN 8TRKKT, TRENTON N J 1 OH-H J I..RT II, Proprlr'nrs hf old PR BOAKDMAN 18 not i.fadl is Ihe onlydfctor oJ that uarne hat t-r hvetl in Trf nlon OKHI K 40 Vi FBONT hTBBET j i kO AI'I'LEGAPE, (JEADUATE OPTICIAN, Corner Htate und WarreH Btieett l A M (Forst A Richer Building.) I I M TRENTON, N J. The Fj., a Specialty ANNINU CEOOK DKAIRRfl IN Heaters, Ranges and Hardware Generally [IRAS' MIXFD PAINTS (ALL Rrnad and PATKONI7B HOME INDUSTRY AND BUT THi Trenton Watch. The moat reliable wntch for the money t all and nee the large assortment at II. I.. IIICKH1Y'9, THB KKI I ABLE "U, 120 Perry Stroot, Opposite Trinity M. UhOrOh.

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