Tuesday, November 18, 1890

Trenton Times

Location: Trenton, New Jersey

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Trenton Times, The (Newspaper) - November 18, 1890, Trenton, New Jersey VOL. IX. NO. 2171. TKENTON, I'L K8DAY AFTKKNOON, NOVtfMRKK 18, 1890. TWO CKNT< O'SHEA GETS A DIVORCE A Report That the Woman Will Wed Parnell GKMI IMMI.MIIOM'N IUILAND Many of tin tuinouii Home Bule i still BtlievH in Ills Innocence Mr I'tint 11 itiul Mrh OHlita Made No Appt iiriuic c ut the Trial I DM) N Ni IK 1 he latest report cur rtnt in L nut Uunnilh the O Shea scan ilnl is th it Mr I iinell vull marry Mrs O Shut un s n as slit is clear from her busbtnd OnniK to the Uelajs of the Hntiih JKI sj stem about seven months will i before the niarria0e can take place llnMuiiuM that Harnell has a to whom he was secretlj united itt wedljck. ilj not find any credit, and no substantial ground has been given for them den Sir t velyn who, al though a near relative is not on the best of terms with Mrs O bhea has openly stated tl at as a man of honor Parnell could t tkt but one step adequate to make the i ul condone IHH misconduct, and tliul muryMrs U bhea Attiuhed to O'fihea. It Is th Unlit that Mr Faruell unless thci is mulling in the btory of another man HL.C will not be to this, as he it bcln M! to be deeply attached to Mrs (J Mica who retains much of her younger beaim and whose family will compare faMjmbH with that of Mr Parnell as to soci il DOS IK a and public distinction Ilie Jtalcony Scene A ribald sheet has been circulating m London containing a caricature of Parnell in the to tilled unicorn scene when he 18 BaidtjhiiM jumpid ff a bilcon) to es cape tin pursuit of apt O Shea Ac seine in Hi meo and Juliet nlth Par nell is Rom o and Mr- (J Shea as Juliet The i- huMiig H larj' hale On Suu daj i liirKe number of Msitors went to Lltham in Kent, the scene of the alleged episodes and Hie polite were mustered m force uid turned a number of the crowd back to London The hi Ireland Dublin correspondents state that great excitement reigns m thnt citj over the MI and Unit nodieb of men gather in the htieitt ditiiissuii, fhe case and to mob an) one who expresses a belief in Paimll t guilt At lipperary a piofound sensation was caused b} the news tu w huh the police, apparently act- ing instructions are the ut most Mr Dauit ind the other Irish leaders now 111 Ijondi n refuse to enter into any discussion c f the result of the case They eudenth picfer to let Mr Parnell adopt a course tf hims-clf unembarrassed by any indiscreet utterances ou the part of his InuPs Tin Aerditt of the Jury IheMr! t of the Jim finding there spoil lent Mm O si i i to been guilty Of adulten and dismissing the r charge of coiinn inre in the crime made by Mis U she i against her husband was not a suij use or to the end of the trial both Mrs u she i and Mr Parnell re- mained unrepresented A decree of divorce with the costs of the suit ind the custoly of children was then awarded to the petitioner ipl O Shea Slurp Seriuntx Testify W hen the c ise (ame up Monday the first witness offend 1 v the prosecution was a servant who hid bet n employed at the Eltham residence Ihe witness testified that haunt; on one occasion discovered Mr Parnell and Mrs O'shea to be locked up in the dr iw ing room the latter had ex plained to her that the locking of the door while she w as closeted with Mr Parnel] because the agents of secret sotieties hostile to Mr Parnell's political plans were everywhere about In reply to sharp questioning the witness toW the court that she had been instructed by Mrs O'Shea in tbe event of her being ques- tioned by Capt O'Shea, to deny positively that Mr Parnell visited the bouse at Eltham Another serv ant, the second witness of the day simply testified to having at dif ferent times m 1880 found Mr Parnell and the defendant together alone after mid night Another former servant was placed upon the stand who testified to the fact that during her term of service with Mrs O'Shea Mr Parnell had lived in the house with that woman Other witnesses were presented by the prosecution who testified to Mr Parnell having lived at the house at Eastbourne, which Katie O'Shea had taken It was also shown that the house which Katie had rented at Regent's park had been shared by Mr Parnell Mrs Steele the sister of the respondent, was now called to the stand, and positively de- nied the charge of adultery with the plain tiff, Capt 0 Shea, set forth in the cross bill Capt. O bhea Recalled Capt 0 Shea, recalled, testified that he had hv ed apart from his wife at her ex press desire, and explicitly denied that he had at anv time been guilty of unkmdness m word or act to the defendant With re- gard to his having dined with Parnel after having challenged him to a duel in vindication of his honor, the witness sale that he had done BO because he had become convinced foi the time that his suspicions of his wife s criminality with the co-re- spondent were baseless Capt O'Shea con eluded his evidence with the statement that he had finally separated from his wif< ml88b Comments of the Presn. The provincial press indulge in a chorus of denunciation against Mr ant advise him to temporarily retire to private life Ihe Dundee Advertiser SRJ s thnt the spectacle of Mr Parnell sneak ing around back doors and sliding down fire escapes to avoid the husband of kit inamorata is a contemptible and pitlnbli I'UWDLK Absolutely Pure. A cream of tntir Mt of in A der. U. 8, Go. ue me cjiausLonmu paj eis n in u t ibes dvlse Mr Paini.ll to teuii i ditto imself polltl illv Ihe C! i nl It- It deplorable th it Mi Paincll si ill have wrecked his caieeraud destimill is pub L usefuluehs meroly to gnitifv a guilty ission IheUmlj News SUM! that even should the eader of the home rule cause sti jisl there will take his plate ai 1 tl st whj oped to Injure the cause bj injtii i g ;u 111 hldufl he disappointed 'Ihe Standard uudelstan la that Mr Pir ell has definitely jntin i "d I is 1111 i t n o retain the leadership b t it is expci tt i bat the Irish bishops will prott st and hat all (jladbtonlanb rt ill court in il le- tructlon if they continue on even p 1 iital timaey with Paruell Ih( lime-' sijs he whole squalid apparatus jf i e i li ig etters, disguises, aliases and sti lilen IIi_ tits make the Btory one of ignoble i f lilitv untouched by a single ray of seutimeut or a single flash of passion No Intention of Retiring DUBLIN Nov editor of The _ reeuian s Journal makes the fallowing statement 'I have direct authonty for itating that Mr Parnell has not the re- motest intention of abandoning either permanently or temporarily his position or his duties as learlei tif the Irish parlia- mentary party Ihis may be mijliti v accepted as Mr Parnell s firm res lutiou, and perhaps by learning it in tune the Diggottist press may be spared the 1 uuul atlon of indulging- in a prolonged out burst of useless vilification In arrivmg at this Jetermiuation I need not say that Mr Parnell is actuated by his sense of his respousi )lllty to the Irish people by whose suffrage le holds his public position and w ho alone mre the power or the right to u fluence his public action The wild, uns rupulous and insincere shrieking of the itis-ts on the platforms and in the press can and will do nothing to alter Mr Paruell s -e solve On Advice Mr Parnell s intimate friends say that de has not ielmqtiinhed the Vadership of .he Irish party j andjias no injentiouof do ,ng so as such action ou Ins part would it into factions It is also stated t lat Mr Parnell's interposing no defense in the 3'Shea case was in deference to the i U ice or Mr Gladstone, in view of the over whelming character of the evidence him Dillon Sarn There Will Be No Ch mge BRIDOEPOI.T Conn, Dillon and addre s 1 im mense audience in Howe's Opera house last evening Congressin iu elect De forest presided and n is assi j bv Serre tary elect John I Phelan thous ind dollars were collette 1 After the meeting a reporter asked the Irish leiltrs ab ut the future leadership of Parnell Mr Dillon replied Iherewill be no change of Irish leadt rship u p irhdim ut SHE MARRIED A THIEF The Tragic Fmltng of a T Ming Maine M Oman's Honeymoon SV.IUCISE, N Y Nov honeymoon was abrnptU r it sh rt by Chief of Polite Wright 1 he bud il couple were Alphonso T Berrjman and wife The young bride whose maiden name is Alexander lived in Saccarappa Me The bridegroom was arrested for steal nt, an ov ercoat from the hotel where h< spent part of his honevmoon here The bridegroom turns out to be an accomplished crook When the fellow's history was levealed to his young wife she went into hysterics Berryman, she says, appeared at her home in Maine about three months ago He professed to be very wealthy and took the little village by storm After a brief courtship Miss Alexander and Berrj man were married Ihey startec on their wedding trip three weeks ago auc visited all the principal cities of the east The bridegroom had plenty of monej anc showered presents and rich clothing upon his bride Berryman said he was a broker and investments that would bring in ample means of living The police say Benjman committed a series of larcenies and swindles in Washington Richmond Baltimore, Philadelphia, Brooklyn New York and Boston A dramatic scene was enacted in the court room when the joung husband and wife were separated Ihe bride was carried insensible from the court room, when her husband broke down and acknowledged his guilt He was taken to prison to serve a year's sentence TO STRIKE OR BACK DOWN? Representatives of Lrle Employes Dls< cussing Their Grievances BunALO, Y Nov delegates representing the various branches of employes on the Erie railroad system are here m response to a call for a confer enee on the subject of the recent demands which were refused by President king The meeting was called to order at 3 o clock by K B Yonrigson, of Meadville, Pa anc was held with closed doors The delegates were very reticent as to what was to be done at the meeting bu one of them stated that the purpose of the conference was to consider the question o: striking or backing down entiielj Hit men believe they hav e not been treated rightly, and they are mad Several others said there was likely to be trouble between the men and the officials unless the de uiimds are granted Fight with a Train Robber TIKI-OS, Ind, Nov 18 (jnitec States company was robbed of a package containing f 1 000 at an early hour yesterday morning Elmer Meeker th agent, received the package from the mes sengor of the northbound tram at 12 3C a, m and was leaving his omte wheu h was attacked by a masked man Meeker was knocked senseless, his to the safe taken and the money package se cured Meeker regained consciousness be fore the robber departed and opeued fire on him without effect Ihe thief returnee the fire, seriously injuring the agents right hand There is no tlew to the robber Each Gave Hull BOSTON Nov Potter an Wallate S Lovell, retently in the banking business here, appeared in the mumcipa court and through counsel waived an ex animation in the lower tribunal on the charges against them of o customers' securities left in their hinds a, collateral The court s-ent the c ic< to the grand jury Bail foi ea ri at tht mouth of the Kaw river L Mwlt dtstructiuu to t tram on tht North Msttrn r fid at 3 a in and causod the death aud striuus injurj of many men. 1.-N Men KjUert. The are frred Alku I-red Bell Fdward Burke David Brown Henry Coleniaii Crawford. Rilph J !hs Irank Huir} illmms Lint -i th Injured Iht mjureu are .t'lnk Herold oonduc xir, bru scd I three ribs broken 1 F Milhgaii head brake- man K u Cit} will probably die Christian P ttch engineer Kansas City, [eft leg an 1 h ick bruised and jaw broken S Smith Latham Kan se- brumed about back and D F A hittpatch brakeman slightly bruised An Awful Crash Came As the train reached the bridge the packinghouse whistles were blowing for the beginning of the day s work and many of the impious of those institutions took of the passing train to get a free ntte across-tbe mti to tbeir plnct rk The passed the first hpan and were just ent ring the second when there waa an aw ful which was heard for a mile, and fire fipran? from the sub- merged train and attracted people by the hundreds to the aid of the unfortunates Collision, Fire and "Water The engine tender and freight cars went to the bottom and then came the ca- boose wh ch stood U[ on the whole wreck, and from the stove, which waa overturned, the fire btirted which soon destroyed al! that appt ire 1 the water Engineer Patch and I1 ireman Allen jumped for their IIMS together as the train wei t down anc as the engineer rose he felt the grasp o! his compunon on the legs holding him bick Allen had been pinned down bythe wreckage and his awful struggle fur life came near his friend A Struggle for Life desperate efforts Patch succeeded in kit king himself k ose and tame to the sur face terribl} injured, but alne Ihe resl f t} e train crew were but manv o: tl e luckle-s passengers who were stealing a ride the mer went down Henry V illi un i culore 1 boj, who was an em in tie Armour packing house wa? night the wreck and held just under the water face not being more than two inches from the surface and m this position he drowned m sight of those were powerless to aid THEY MAY LEAVE THE KNIGHTS XUree Thousand Green Glaus Workers Contemplating Secession. PlTTsRi KG Nov has been started by Local Assembly 6 111 Knights of Labor composed of green glass workers which threatens to end m a big gecession from the Knights of T nbor ranks The movement originated in the allegec conduct of Louis Arrington t r w >rkmau of the Green Glass Work er-< N-aNujnal assembly, owing to that gen tleman s plan to build a co operative green ghss factory which caused general dissat isfdction to the assembly A committefi composed of leading mem bera of Local Assembly 6 111 has been a work for weeks and according to reports is meeting with encouragement, Ihe plan of the committee is to interes fueof the strongest green glass workers assemblies m the plan of seceding Dis satisfuctton with Mr Powderly haa alsi been breeding in the Pittsburg assembly for three 3 ears The secession of the green glass workers would take from the Knights of Labor at least 3 000 members A port on the subject is expected next Frida night That Albany Bank Scandal. A.LBAM it can be state positively that the cases of the Goulds wil not be tried at the Auburn term of th United States court but will go over uuti April Ihe officers of the City Nationa bank hue been subpoenaed to attend th meeting of the couit and give testimon; before the grand jury in order to mak1 clear some of the peculiar transaction! prior to the discovery of hitney's crook Ihia it is understood, will b done with a view of securing indictments against persons who have heretofore es- caped their nimes inentionec n connection with the suspicious financia deals that at one time threatened the m fetitutiou with destruction A Small Ctttrh of AVhalebone NEW BEDFOKD Nov pri vate cable dispatch from Dundee, Scot- land announces the arrival of one of th whaling fleet from DJIMS strait, with thre tons of whalebone bfie reports that th entire catch of the fleet up to Nov 6 waa but six tons of boue, and at that tim whaling for the season was over Ih imall catch will the effect of makin A good foreign market for American whalt bone MniiRRn Boy It tnlshed WASHINGTON ho secretary o stale has been informed that the uotoriou Moussa Hey whose n ported outrages ou American mmsionaius in that quarter o Turkp} where he lued so long en gaged the attention of the state deparl nient lias at length been summarily ban ished to the interior of Arabia Ihe sen teuce has be< n tamed out IMl Ysfi.uJ I in an Lie? I IS senetary of th Fnnn ulit'f c immiltoe derUiea that noth ing was giM-ii or promised to the Syriai interpreter Assad 1 arran to retract hi story of Jameson's connn unco at cann: 1 ti tan inadt tin rt tr iction volun tanl) PrmiM Uttnia Wanti an Alliance H n Pa ISov Farm ers' Allifince will hold a state convention here on Jxov 2ti for the purpose of Ing a state alliance and t delegate to the National Alliame convention, to b held at Ocabi, 1 Dec 2 FnctamPa First Inoculation LONDON Nov firstinocubitlo in Fnglnnd with Piofessor .Koch's HAS proved successful so far as the result yet developed THE NEWS IN BRIEF uiuli t si 1 Itl Bruins Gathered at Kan- tl HII ft iii Tin in u k iblt erutiotl of tiuntplaut u ui ti m a 1 dog to a bo) was per ru e t lit il f (_ I ti ity hospital on i Slack nil s -J n 1 H and ,ill i i b und togbthei until thtnr been shipped on board the steamer Uulhenburg City, now expected atthib jiou fiom Loudou, and piepara- tions ate bt ing made for its reception In iitiun to the cue on the Gothenburg Citj three others are to follow soon Ihe tuns ate all powerful, are of the tat make md have been thoroughly tested One which is now on the way is aaid to be twice the size of the largest ou tins si It of the Atlantic Ihe following description will gne an idea of us power JJ tous inches 27 fttt f j inches charge of jowdtr, 2oU pouuda At the range of WO jards a itiitwl will iioQoirato wrought luches thick Iwoguua of this size and two Iu L n will be placed in the new foil on s island Itoston Have a Koch Institute Bo1-! >N is announced that the pn jecL to C3btdblish m Boaton an insti tute wtiere coi aumptive patients ma} be tieited by Koch taberculosis cure is to be put in opeicUioiialonce A well known local i au enthusiast on the sub- ject ui luberculusia, who haa returned fium Buiii! w heie he had au oppoitunity 0 ue the proposed new cure for i--unii i MI is about to take active steps to PICA de a hu-.pi il for the recei lion of tho'-e u tl (-Led wuli the ihbeaae 1 lie 1} uiph for lliL 11 u ilauons is OQ the waj to this cit) and an have beeu com pleted tu inftke cukuies of it, so that a lull supph will be t usurjtly ou hand for the ol the medical profession who will it Guuhl Uithmonil Terminal .Si w t I KJ Commercial Advei tistr Among the changes go- ing on in lailw ij control the latest that is clearlj discuu jle is the passing of the coutiol of Richmond lermmal to Ja> Ouuld Lie uuderatood to have said to some of 1 ib fiieiult, that he had secured tie stock of that company to control it Richmond lermmal people were verv reluctant about the matter President Inuiau declined to confirm the ston but retused to deu> it Others who know tt hat is going on were less reserved, and while the} retused to be quoted, said the fict was uudeniabie, and that Ja} Gould had ued contiol of HichmontJ I rnsecuttng Rube Burrow's Cousins. Nov special to The irom Jack-sou, Miss, says J imeb and Ira Burner cousms of RubV: Burrows, were for perjury in connection wiui their testimony at the re cert trial of Rube south Jim Barker, the old r of the two stated that he waa the cause of his jounger brother's action and asked that the whole of the punishment be meted out to him ihe court upon investi gation of the matter allowed a nolle prosse to be entered in Ira's ease and sentenced Jim to two years' imprisonment A Wealthy >ew Yorkers Suicide. Mich P Crow, a wealthy retired ness man of New York ciu, shot Inmseit the head in a bathrouui at the Russell house, und died shortly aftei being to the hoa pital He has been here for three weeks, dunking il> and a grtatdeai of mouej Ihs wife lias been herewith him Iheir home 13 at No 146 West One Hundred and Iwentj street, New Robbed ami FOSTORIA O body of unknown man was found m a lonely spot in the outskirts of this town early yester day morning He h id been seen the even ing before w ith a roll ot money and a golti watch Nothing of was found on the bod i ami it, is tl that he was l I I o 1 t nir I eri iJKnd raurmd f-o Hio nl where fuuud Ihe affair IB shrouded m mystery To Bee tbe Lfttinthed s 18 conti auj of people Hiclu IMIJ, StLift it j 1 inty Assistant rttuiy of the bole> Coinuiodore 1 atqtihar (_ apt B trker tupt Col hii Meld Maj Ka) mou 1 ttii 1 u number uf bureau chit Is fium the department are here1 to witness tbt launching of Ihe crulaer Mama todaj HlnK Humbert Special Train Wrecked KoMI- 18 tbe trial trip of a railwa) tram constructed for the special use of Humbert at a cost of bOU DUO lire, an of gas occurred by which several workmen wue injured and the truiu greatly damaged The >orth River Bank Caiiuot Open Vov State Superintend ent of Banking Preston stated Inat evening that it had been definitely decided that the North Kiver bank would not resume busi ness tbe directors not being able to raise the funds required. Robert R iy Hamilton's NEW YORK Nov he will of the late lobert Ra> Hamilton has been offered for rebate Ihe document makes uo men ion of Mr Hamilton s wife who is uow in a New Jersey prison but provides .300 a ear for life for Beatrice Ka> the child which he calls his adopted daughter .he bulk of estate is left to the thil Iren of bchuj ler Hamilton Barnum Illneaa Exaggerated BOSTON Nov special from Bridge port Coun that P T Baruum B ill has been greatly exaggerated He has lad a severe cold, and by advice of his physician haa kept within doors for a few s past but at no time has his condition >ccn such as to cause alarm Want Their Pay Saturday FEORIA I1U, Nov tue freight landlers swi'chmen engineers and fire- men of the and Pekip Union rail road, numbering men are out on strike The cause of the strike was the men ed their pay Saturdays instead of waiting -Ul Monday A Great Bnnk Robbery ST PiuERfeBtRG Credit lank, at Dutiaburg Kusaia has been rob )ed of securities valued at 130 000 roubles .t is believed that the thieves escaped to ondon Gould Gets Atchlsou, Too CHICAGO special to The Post from Kansas City Mo says It is learned here that Jaj Gould has secured a controlling interest m the Atchison lo peka and Santa Ye railroad Last week it waa announced that one of the Gould boys waa admitted to the directorate of the Atchison It is know n that hist Ma) Gould secured at least one-fourth of the Santa Fe stock, and since that time he has been gathering in all that was offered at low enough figures If tbe most ancient and most general of dlieaaes Scarcely a family entirely bH from It, while thousands where are IU Buffering slaves Hood s Baraaparllla remarkable success In curing every foul scrofula. Tbe most seveN pinning sores, swellings In the neck 01 goitre, humor In the eyei, camlnf total blindness yield to pewttl-' of this medicine ihe Worst Tyiie. "My ion was afflkU'il with the wont of torofula and on the recommendation tf my druggist I gave him Hood's Today he Is sound and well, notwithstanding tt said there was not enough medicine In Illinois to effect a cure J CHBISTHH, nilpolis, flL tun to git Hoodfft Aiiotl ooirtti. IOO Doses One Dollar ThB larcest variety ol BlIPERPINE TRFAM CHOCOLATES guaranteed to be the finest made in the U B will be found at Fine Confectionery Store, fiOC BO u i-ti EEOAxJ TRKNTON N J Fnnoy Frnitfl. Ice resm, Boda Water, Cream BcxlM, Milk Bhftkea, LemoniKle alwavBon hand, and Ibe best that ran be hat find made Tbeis >acU Fricti loth the method and results >j i up of Figs is taken; it is pleasant mil lefresbmg to the taste, and acts gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the sjs 'era effectually, head iches and feveis and cntis habitual Constipation. of Figs is the only remedy of its kind ever pro duced, pleasing to the taste and ac ceptable to the stomach, prompt in its action and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most popular remedy known 8) nip of Figs is for sale in BOc and 81 bottles by all leading drug gists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will pro- cure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it. Do not accept any substitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. 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