Tuesday, October 28, 1890

Trenton Times

Location: Trenton, New Jersey

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Text Content of Page 1 of Trenton Times on Tuesday, October 28, 1890

Trenton Times, The (Newspaper) - October 28, 1890, Trenton, New Jersey 'Him e JX. NO. 9153. rRKNTON, iUKttDAY AKTKKNOON, OCTOBRU 28, 1890. 4 BIRCHALiJS RAY OF HOPE He Gets a Letter from Benwell's Alleged Murderer AN AUOIM Oh IHI, 1KU.EDY The I fttft 'The olonel" am] the Hint lie In the Mttjer of Humull ttlllNort II ir.l for 11. pi It 11 lil l i- M N t -H 1 lie 1 prints tlie f Lk Out On Situnliy ufliruioii last Jaikr CumProTriruivctt Heveral other IttUiM ami ad'lrLSbtd tc Birclml! the Lm( iildnciug the couttiits of four of cJ iselj pencihid note piper the juler huri nil to Mm hills cell to allow him to ita I it 1 he [i lack sou Mich (Jet Wn itid was as follows lo 1115 ill w IKJJ I have wiitcliing nei fateful 17th of 1 clmiarj and I seethe Canadians have (jot jOu 111 their cluuhts at last I mu--t H ij Iain sorrv for al though jo i juu are p trtly to blame us well a- me cm no doubt woudei I inn u d uhcre I to after lemngjou 'i nn can bet I in ide quick tra ks out of Cu ida and have jtt un 1 to iHiderahh At prc sent I Tin in Ii sji Mull where I intend to staj ui til thcjut the mul lie of this month 1 t ost th li ttcr until the diy I here for ft ir that some stray dctectnet- niiHUt the drop on me Bj the time jou 4ct tins I will be where I will have to fear from Canadian or Amen can lav, lo make a long story short, and a bad one at that let me saj that as soon a-f I 1 It ou I brL.au to see it was not go- to be auj jjh ti ge that fellow willed on n firm fjr even weeks or miy length c f time I never got up to that old n oti rs with him and clou t Ihmk I could have luc I U oJij wav It would h iv e be< u e isj t nc if jou hadn't lold hliu that jou owned tile place IteiiHcll Threnttned Him "Westiui into that notorious swamp just for fun lo a shot if we could see anjthing tnd in there the devil sfctrne H c jini over me and I told him that t ic whole farm pupil business in Cauad i w ts j swindle and wanted him chum in as he u LS well connected in the old countrv e could all make a big Ihing bv usint, lii n tine and a lol on a string and that vh it he would lose now would soun m idf up again Great "Scott didn t lu t up sleam He threat euefl to shoot n t n the spot He would if 1 Ha In t diiun niv rtvjher blood w is up too I n isoued with him and did all I 'ouhl to gc t him around, but no go 1 the matter over for per haps half or three cm liters of an hour soinetinffs cinietlj sometimes otherwise At list IIK j impid up said he would ex pose the wliule lot of us and started for the nil 1 He heltled It Then and There I followed ind ki cuvuignhat exposure would mi in I scaled it thin aud there Now jou know it all I m sorrj I did it and thought of getting you mtc trouble of this kind You will now have to foiglve me Ilex His watch and re volver no one "ill ever see again He didn't have much money with him 1 should have thought that any fool ol a lawjer might see that for you to kill him would spqil your chances of getting the boodle I do hope the Canadian people will treat jou fairly aud at least give jou a reprieve If so I will write you again and give mj address and will expect k get a letter from jou. Please Wirn this as soon as you read it and don't give "my true name to any one You have kept it tc yourself well aud I thank you It will dc no good now I bid you a long farewell but still hope to see you in this world once more I hope jou are prepared for the worst Ihe love of money and excitement has caused me much trouble, but I hope tc do better lu the days to come Good by Ever jours TIIE COLONEL." "P see that 'Smarty we met in London last January has been trying tc get his eaj in, too If I meet bini eufrhere he'll get a different box from the one you offered him in the theatre that night and he'll get it just aa cheap, too Who Was "the After reading the letter Birchall's face assumed a pleased expression and lie sent for his solicitor, S G McKay Mr McKay went to London Monday and consulted with Mr Ifellinuth, another of Mr Birch all's counsel, and it is altogether likely that a reprieve of a month will be asked for at once Birchell's explanation of letter is to a certain extent borne out by a fact In that the "Colonel" between whom and Birchall it will be remembered certain telegiams or letters have passed and have been made public, was a pal of his and that his friend, the Colonel" was taking Benwell the murdered man, up to see Mr William Hersee, a well known and wealthy farmer of Blenheim, who for a consideration was to let on that Hirchall owned the farm they were going to see Birchall savs he knows the Colonel" but also says he will not divulge his name The letter appears to be genuine It will be noticed that although dated Oct 5 it was not mailed until Oct 24, Friday lost The question will now present it self, who IB the "ColonelT" ARRESTED FOR LIBEL Pennujlvanla Uuximoi I'attls Men Vroiiw Fl- IMiiI Am 1 1 III Oct vernor Robert h, Piittison ippearrd 1 1 1 M igis- trate Obs en tt his olhce at enth street and Ridge avenue Monday and sub- scribed to aflldavits chaining with libel James JUverbon prevalent if Ihe In quirei company, Charles 11 edit or of Ihe Inquner Clijton MtMuhael editor ind propuetur of llu Ninth Vmeri cm and b Jordan an 1 J J Me Claurm of The HairislmiL, ill rants vsere at once iisut d bj the trate w hlch were st rved during t he un Messrs Llvemou Heustis and M Miiliail and a heating of the case w is unaided for late in the afternoon before the same _ _ 'Ihe case of Messrs Juidin and Claurm, of I be llarrlsburg (all will be held on Ihe article upon which Governor Pattisou bases his libel suit was prepared bj Ihe Harrisburg Call a moruuig newspaper in that citj, aud appeared snnult uieously on Saturday last in that jourml and m 'Ihe Inquirer and Vorth American of this cltj Portions of the narrative also were printed in other tapers throughout the state- Ihe Cull's leading headlines weie as follows lurnon the Hubert I Pattison, Stand L p and Sec iv hat the lil uc of the Cal clum Keteals "The South Pennsylvania Infamj- True Inwardness of the ll lamous legislation Ihftt Kver UlsgiAced the Commonwealth of Penusjhauia Per fady Dishonor, Crime Judge, Blank's Scathing Exposure of the Veto i hat Never Reached the .Senate thrilling Idle of Base Treachery Lumasking a Self Lx tolled Champion of the Good the Irue and the Beautiful In the afternoon a hearing was given m the case Mr Kherson and Mr McMichael are out of town and the constable had not served the wamnts on the Harrisburg editors Mr Heustis wa-s present and after the testimony was held in XJO bail Counsel for Mr Liverson consi nted that the evidence offered against Mr Heustls should also be considered aa having been offered against Mr Klverson and bail for his appearance w is fixed at Ihe hearing of Messrs McMichiel Jordan aud McClaurm was set for W noon Ex Governor Pattisou, Kx State Senator Judge, J G Gordon, and W illiam S Stengen, ex secretary of sUte swore that every allegation published in the article complained of was false Ihe articles complained of charged that Governor Pattison had been briued bj the Vaudcrbilts to sign w nat were known as the bouth Penn bills of IhM and that the governor sought out and retained Judge Jeremiah S Black to write a veto message and haviug jreceived it with the uuder standing that it was to be sent to the he changed his mind bv the next morning and without notice to Black approved the bills, and that Judge Black denounced Governor Pattison for this alleged deception and severed ill am icable relations with him Ihe article also charged that 000 in stock had been paid to Governor Pattison and Attornej Gen eral Lewis fe Cissidv for the signing of a bill chartering a Pittsburg natural gas corporation pAl the- hearing yesterday afternoon Mr Pattison testified that the bills referred to in the article p isscd the legislature in the regular way and came to him for his ap proval Before they were signed ludge Black requested an opportuuitj to f sent some arguments to show vvhj tl e bills should not be approv ed llns was granted him and at the conclusion of the inter view the witness said be disigreed with Judge Black, and told him he could not concur in his conclusions Judge Black then asked to be heard furtl er in writing Durmt, the progress of his interview with Judge Black the witness said he never used such language aswts attributed to him or anv thing like it He went onto give the reasons which governed his ac lions at that time and the grounds of his objections to two of the bill- One of those gtounds was the amount of c ipiuli zation per mile on the new South Penu Continuing hisev idence the ex governor, to show the O'ood feeling existing between Judge Black aud himself up to the time of his death produced testimony showing that the judge dined with him as lite as June 1 following the alleged breech be tween them He made a general d ut >f tht mails P jslmaster H In tin paper p illishid an IUI unt if t the fall Miss Josie Douohue was shockingly cut up und bruised Ihe men were only slightly injured, butwtre so bull} frightened over the accident that they drove off leaving the women Later oil the men were arrested on suspicion of having caused the accident Absolutely Pure. A cretin of turtur HUng powder. of in Iwwing 8. GOT- Bvport, Anjfbit 17, He Jumpt t] fiom the Bridge N Oct Henrj I rantz, a well kn >wn restdout of city, while temporally deranged In drink, jumped from i bridge into the uiiLYfrsity ravine jesterday nfternoon find wns in stantlj kilh-d Frnnt? a of the ci vi 1 war He leavt s a w i f e and family Hrooklyn BROOM Oct lost the sixth game of the championship suits 0 2, 1 0 1 JOB Brooklyn 1 0 0 0 0 i 0 fl f Bafio lifts Louisville 12 Biorklvn 11 Fin 6 Brooklyn 5 Bittui H Stnt ton 1-hietnnd Rjan Terry BuMi HIR and Daly Mntk Twaln'n Mother DyliiR KFOKI K, Oct. 1. HILIH mother of Murk Twain, is ill at home of htr son Orion Cluntns, in tins cJty, and her death ia hourly oxpettod Correct for Fall and Winter. Dobbins, the Hatter for perbunul unit lei which appear in lot s book lie liurttclot before the publu iti >n of the book that many things could he bald against his bruthtr that had bettt r be left uiist id and that thcrt furc, lit i to pawsagea lu bi-> di irie-. Jle surprised that Burtttlot had ignored his advice Bonnj explaiuH tli il ht fook tommaad of the expulitu n on dtath tf liarttelot, hp( Tainf ion ho was h_eir to the command was then at a point seven hundred milts distant He emphatically denies that there WAS an> >un 1 for the deduction that Barttelot had m suited his muidtrei K ift Whil Herbert Sitis Herbtrt D nd me tber uf Stanley's lieutenants th it ht dots not consider it his fault that ht ind Stanlej are not on good terms Ht. said that though he waa with the rt ir jard he was absent most of the time an 1 wat IK t in a position to talk T he camp t) the upper O consmted of l-i> men tht we ikc'-t in b in command of ard and I'onii) It e ambuja camp was commandfd bj Birttelot Stanle} s kttcrof instructions stated that Hirttelot would c irriers from 1 ippu but nothing w is rerentd frf m the latter Promise Uter promise dttamtd the rtar gUrird until u w is nnpr s-ible to To have mircht 1 from as Stanley Buggtsttd wdb unpo sible ia he had left the bulk of the txj am munition to be carntd thin a dense forest bj nitn utterlj uurelmble of ac kno vlt bad tbancter and the weakest in 111 in Was Tuktii Prisoner" Prom the time the traced) m the rear KU ird commenced i i] pu lib continued to procr ist mate aid the iris and Soud inese fell sick ind died No news reached the unbava r-_ ir guard and as juonth after m mth of horrors passed aud aa Jippu sent no aid the camp became powerless to a't ciltulated he would return five m nths bib de parture Nine months after Stanley left Bart te lot sent J t meson to make a last effort to get c irncrs from T ippu ind sent ard to the const w ith a letter of instruc tions to the u muiittet I he latter replied that if the> could not m irch in accordance with orders the) sh brother tt winch he never hint- ed before in a lengthy private communica- tion to ui) fat) rr lucti does contain eight sep irate hether tins reserve his been due to consideration for in} familj as he asserts, or to the ciicumstince that there is no foundation for these entnelj new personal accusations brother, are ques- tions that have 3 et to be determined The Indictment Avoided "From neither point of view has Mr Stanley attempted to meet or indicated any immediate intention of meeting, the indictment against his own act m connec tion with the rear guard, gravely as his honor is by common consent involved Election Sciiaitiou iu BusLuit BObTON Oct Globe sajs 'Cer- tain inner cnues in politics are deeply stirred bj what is believed to be a discovery of wide maceuiaues m the congressional elections of two years ago, which it is dif hcult to explain on the ground of careless- ness 1 be discoveries were made by the men Who are over the vote of two years ago anil tlie check lists from certain towns lu the Eleventh congressional dis trict diserepincitb ulreach discovered are said to amount to more than a thousand votes while in the Mntha snjphis of 500 over the check lists has been found Hie mvestigition is proceeding and some interesting developments are promised The Furnell-O Shea Case LONDON, Oct Conservatves do not conceal the exultation with w Inch they look forward to the 0 Shea divorce trial, and openlj proclum their belief that the effect of the trial upon Mr Pai nell will be similar to that of the famous scandal which drove Sir Charles Dilke out of pub- lic life Mr Painell s friends on the other hand, assert that he has a full an swer to ever) charge and that at the most nothing more than indiscretion can be proven Capt O'Shea states that he will push the case with energv, as ht means to prove to tin world the falfiity of the alle gations that IK has been acting without just cause and with a malicious purpose sltl LJ part tl lie am tl i- lilf nil Uion i f and ill us ll i fait that tllil I as 1 1 i h i limit; to ft 11 u fust t nt i 1 ut for n i r s ual tn 1 i 1 i 1 tilt tn r famil} Subse- qutijtlv t In I jit tn n a hie i rtiele was taken out and lln remailed k stigtite l (In 1 h( nu mbt rs of 11 ti 1. r. 1 toap i iniiiluu to nttft to I stpone inn tl r elec. it ssurt t f TI Nl tin IHL loarl laM I pear I if re tht 1 asst tt 1 ill isk the i un taking tin n tt stun in tion on att unt ol tht liiisiiit ss lo In h tilt i rt sent sub- jeitul lu pitparlug fur the tltitt u lit tomnutUt s attoilntant Hfiir> M late has betll for lij- in exanuniny tlia books of the polltt tit partmt nt HeiiButlun Hit -JH Denver sot lal cir Its t bi t n disuirbi 1 t sens ttlonal HI ai dal L A Deaui a promini nt lailroul tiintta t r sued b rremh for f 100 000 f I the alleged sedllttiou of Ills' ri m ll is a wealth} re il est tte n an tf tins uti Dtani that I rent h has ininel his hotnt ami toinpensatioii ftu the shtxk it him the l ai l es me letit t nt FA! LAND WINTER c i b i N i 'N c Saturday, Aug. 30. 11 AT r THIRTY-FIVE WALKED OUT The Western tnions War on the Broth t-rhinnt of Telegruphfii toT I Mmn Oct 38 U cl >ck 1 the enliie night f rn. it tht tstt rn I 11 un office, cousistiiu f tl rt) opu itori out in a 1 uJj U HV oul> cluefs to do their u k i lit. men art all niLmbtrs of the loc il 1 >Jftt uf the JJn therh >od of Telegrapher i 1 Inrt. 1 lit u t i isul b} tin IHC! ii of ten of th i n u it er no reas a I e n for their IN n llns u nl b i Ih cripple the tstei n I niun dav-s as they bn.u faliuil of uptratuis for some tinu War on the Telegrrajiher- feT I oi Oct of tit. rldesi anibist c t r itorb in the I j f tht ebtein t nion leltyraph c n j i m this lii t IJLLII DOtified ilm thtir Bemcc-i it iiu longer requir d i t nui disch vrB 1 ire D B 1 I 1 C B and C McNull of tin qnarttttt (itamh has been t five jtars ui tht McNeill ntttu >earb IMMH beveu jears aud di >ears All ire proruiueutlj c u (led with the Incil Brolheihood of 1 U i pher- kiul claim ih it they wen not f 1 the I mon 1 I.SL 11 1 tl un less re 1 their con action with the brotht i i od tlitv wuuld be Ihis rcfu-iti to do Jol.T Ind O t Jb Peny of tht Uistun i ion Itlegraph office in this i i-. i 1 from Divisi ij 11 ntt i land, to di 1 members of ill-. 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Fill aljles of rieve- iiurs who are 101 of leleg Three operators net and they of the brother e older to retain f AMU ment 1 i Loui'-ia i t l li at isew Oi K t i harsh mi IMI Orleans tlistrimm ut h tion of hit f mattei u is i fet dej itin in 1 tat nt i tlit b t IJL tht It 11 i n ii i-' i that it w tion of Chi f 1 justtte bt in the tUu n punish tht ,11 bimpl} Louisiana tht the lew i f u Lotusi u t I iv UIH J'rotCHt -1 lit depart i In of I t he Italian colony ic contemplated H t hoi itus of f that city in l the issabsinu e Hennevij Ihe II i of the Mi d oige Levi, at i li iron de i 1 lie protest states n r the assassina i i t fear that in i ui n the. innocent t i i-i been raised to ei it it) BKine ha" 1 t j tlit, generuor of il M u c< of Mr Leu s, r in e n! tlie piotest with i i., tin authorities of i HI and" their ofh f J u J t h I f cia-1 reprint the subj tt t itne in ti s country felt on I 1< ttliil it Guilty oi the cir i H in 1 Keating Fied ROLHISIII cult court it d Iiri} k ii i unl little lerry Kt itnu Ii il i 1 "h the nun Itr of Ii Mount wnt in la i 1 foi i islm.jh.tti in the first dtgue ai 1 i] i f n it guilty tnter ed 1 ht i it Hit N nember term Nrtson ut Airman's attorn phce in the i i u Itl withdrew a form! r pita of n t i m i tharge of niurdtr in the (list 1 and pleadtd guilt} to maiisl in tb Hewasstnttn i 1 ui I ut trial b} lustico Adams to eijitun }ttis ami six mouths at Auburn pri n Is the most anrlcnt inil most general of all dheases Scirccl) a (amlly Is entirely free from it while th msindi eveiy where are Its luflering slaves Ho M Sarsapanlla has had reimrkible sucri 11 m curing every form of scrofula The m excellent qualities coinmti d it to all and have made it the most popular rpinc'h known rup of I ic's L foi Bale in 50c and 81 bottles bv all leading drn_r AD) reliable dni who may not have it on html pu> cure it promptly fir one wishes to try it. 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