Saturday, October 25, 1890

Trenton Times

Location: Trenton, New Jersey

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Text Content of Page 1 of Trenton Times on Saturday, October 25, 1890

Trenton Times, The (Newspaper) - October 25, 1890, Trenton, New Jersey enlon -VOL. ix. NO. 0150. rKKNTON, UKDAY AFTKKNOON, OCTOBKK 25, 1890. TWO CKNTb P A STORM SW1IPT COAST. Sad Worked by the Waves and Wind. E. I) MOilMN S U ill SINK. The Mt tin H< ltd Anhore at I ut K U i-i I he at (.on j 1 I i I ooo it an the V u _ Nf M I J tl t r tr< men douH u ind t i in bus al trig the At- lantH ist tl f Ini-, the b n illcr seaport to and MI mini i itsc rts u rand ing Bels and cam t stnu 11 )ii IH fore it The ht( nti In j_ in h rt t on Ihursday mo r in it id lit ii in 1 until late last iug L nlikt the grt it of a week ago tlit waul um fi mi t be eastward and it blew with t ii tier f( rte The gale brought u itli it a blinding ram which fell nnt Sufi as pled m the jLrst-v an 1 on lln shoiPH of Long island 1 i n t been seen fur ye irs before Immense I) Caused Ihej t re iw bulkheils irmuadated manj of tin KS railuus sin wi d fishing criftall il hli res and undid in man) (ims i lit 1 u> r of Ihw morn hitf U r r jlls a! >n_, Island and N vv I IMV snoits there was boh 1 1 u 1 c ii I burs 1 h re t in be no emit P] u n nf Ui rlfrf f jree nf the wmii and 4 J H bi i d no olistat le and then is n iv f f timatintf at this time the mi unt i d un wrought MM. iiu Kt p Afthcire 1 h fr M 1- ir H (k states tli it i f ii i 1 i IH i is strindt 1 at L i 1) t I Ii i f r un itt u 1 is s ij i It L- tli i i of the Vther 1 in 's i i Inn wi K h u ii here jtstt rd fr i i i tt r I i n kl t left thnt pc rt i U 11 in I Mb n 1 h e reached tin-- n it i 1 c! i brin., 4 a number of i and suu ij-t, p ts-etigers and a gun i ir_r) Ti SIM toust Katuged Mn i 1 in hi lien 1 nc b) )esUr M-nrrn bt 111 I 11.4 lirin-ch and At- laiitie I i I if suffered most w r i M mrnouth lie ich an 1 ful 1 i 1 he nf FJ! (d ottr the trarku of tit N i v, Ii r--( juthtrn rail Ij llfo) an 1 the roadbed was waahed at d ff unt points At Mon mouth IJ i 1 nl (nlilee the bulkheads .and emhinknxriN wished by the unusualh hi i Mjortlj btfore t tl i winrc ereJ the low laudri at uht At Park tl f protneri ide at Sec- ond HU 1 11tti is b tdl) dam I iu u 1 riuuifd ihc jiLtlteljoi 1 uii nue wa.s consid enbl) d 1 an 1 many bath houses were e in i If ut t M i A liuouer Drlien At H 1 i i 1 i 11 n m is was i'i tb L, il ii 1 Ir n ashore ffie crew w i f r it life s men The n n 1 ire f uuld be hid with h 1! k tm iha The nnii'-n il ti le floo led the streets the shore it Citj and ee hawken At Vtlautic Cit> Clark John son a new hous It Alone PlTTsBlKO, Oct The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers in secret sesbion here, by a of 270 for to 108 against de feated the majority report of tl e commit- tee appointed to devise a plan of co ope ra tion winch was in a split me to affiliate with tlie firemen, condm tors and brakemen Ihe vote lacked a twei thirds vote by twenty two Ihe report w is sent back to the committee and the in it ti rig still a subject for consideration "No vote has been taken on the minollty lipoit A Snmmona for Secretary Ul title CANTON O Oct 25 -Sheriff Knder has received a summons to serve on Secretary of State Blame today Ihe plaintiff in the case IB Thomas G Vaughton, one of the stwkholders of the Ohio and Northwestern Railway company The Will be held in tlio Hamilton county common pleas court on 22 The suit is biought to enforce the statutory liability of itock- holdors, which is unpaid Correct Stylo for Fall and Winter Dobbins, the Hatter r. 8. for Trunks and Valisea 1SBI 8 .Lrrwt EMIGRANTS MASSACRED. Nine Defenseless People Shot Down by Russian Guards. "JU k I ill KIITIK' A I r t in in lltllttrd to Ueen in I M illll.t. I Ni ,r I onduu b) tin I u il II U ,11 .1 I Hill m -.nil 1uda> (gr VlliliLa t ihli- News t of .Kilssuin uus numbmriL; upward ut M) and holding ti kets for truisp itnttm to Bra- zil Ufttlit ullage of Hi to cross the KH-.-I in fi uititi M sit rday heu tit) iuu hi t the ti Mur puit in the nulit stoppe i b> the fron tier gudr IK, ho dun ided to sec then tickets permitting them to leavt. the coun trj Mui Weiu Shot Down Lpon learning tiiat the part) had Done BUch thL} wen- forced bock at the point of thebajontt J mule home re- tin J the fired upon the killing men two and a child and wounding A mimbii of others U Jirh-ii ami Dilhui Sill PA! Ii Oit and Mrs I) Brim and Mr Dill HI lune left Pirn in 1 will embark on tht steamer La LI amj fur New t' Dnrlny Mr (J lit len s uslt to the ch unbt r uf dcj uues rncmljcrs of the }j ntlc-5 requeM t 1 i s( nes of confen in es in to Irtl uid Mr 0 linen prrniKed tl at th Nationalists would sen 1 a dtltp, tfe to trance t [It-ad f uur flikht Tlirj Irubilil) Ciinada lint u in an nun UK last 11 ning sul th it hit C inada w juld d Incle _ LOMJ O t 1 nitlier [jarticuiars been n enel fr i tersburg concerning tl e in in i f t} e d indDuke Nicholas He ua-- in -the m jst acute in inner dun _tl m in euvers, and his ejljralie condition aroused the pity f all observers Ihe czar, tocovei th mat f m the world addrt ssed i ubh 1 t i i itulati m to the 1 d ike i the --S of the maneuvers alth ne KI 1 luke had nut in cl K I u mai 1 Vftervvard the eon liti jn of tlit i ind duke bLe imeao critical th it the tr an i 1 nj 1 jnger hidden pn in 'i u i ih threitens to prove fitil Ihe Oiaiid duke is the favorite uncle of the tr w ho is much dis- tressed bj the cal un n ri M mderfu.1 Vctivitj Los N Ot 1 iberil new-papers thruuUiout tne tountn i inte in as-ertmg thilLitn Uladbtoue a Midi hi in ceches areanuiiR the verv lest p n U effjit of his life mil eviu the [iress lueluding UK Ihc Milliard p i_j atril ite to his vv ve u (t tinted against the unlv mm who c< ul I in luce 1-nghsh men lu ie ept tlie drlTsion of -home rule He is sii] pose 1 ti hive alluded to Mr Gladstutu now M veils of The 1'irutll-O Mir i Case Lo DON Oct Ihe trial in the di voice pr bj Capt 0 '-hi i u i i st his wife in which Mr Parnell figures as c n spjndeiit his been set for tie middle of November Mrs Ofohei will make u unter against he! hnsbind sir Charles Unwell and Mr Helbtrt Asqnith hive been re tamed as cuuusel bj Mi Parnell Both these gentlemen defended him before the ParneH coinnnssi m "Jack the Hipper" LONDON Oct ii Ihe boiH of a mur d( ed worn in was f jund at South Hamp stead }esterd iv vv ith the he id almost sev ered and otherwise mutilated 1 he woman is supposed to hive been of abandoned character 1 he tin 1m.; of the has tevived the Jack the Hitltr sclie No arrests liavt been in ide tl police aie search ing for the lu udi iir Ilairiiur N it Visit Onlvvay Dllllis Oet V crowd of i tionahsts iss( ml 1 it tin mlw iv station fit baivv iv v i si id iv tlie arrival of Mi whom thiv munKd to receive with cheeis for t) Brien Dillon and other leadirs Mr Bilfoui was vvained of their intention and left the Irani at Athloue whue he tookucir to Lastl iean'h Ite will not visit Galw i) Klllnl Bj Single Blirw TON Oct 3.) -John tarra a livery stable keeper and Tiinuw, Devifii anemplojeot tlio Clnpp Tones Manllfact- uring compallj of Hudson N who was here npuiing tne I nendship fno engitu trot into an nlti n all m in thcbarnom of the Penusv Ivauia hotel last evening when 1 arra struck lue m the mouth and h fell dead hither the blow or the fall broke his neck 1 aria siirrendeied to the police _ 1 iKlitcen Incllitiupiits I onnd CAMDIV N I O t _, Ih< Camden countv jurj his made its present- mint to couit i" eighteen tru bills niu against I-taneia lingo for the murder of Mis Milhi and ell ag unst I avvyei Hogifte tvvi Ive of which were for forgery and thm for falso pretense A HlK onpr foi I iiulH of 1800 HMiTHiMi (um Oct Ji -lliediiectors of h nl i Oik park have decided toulTitt OIHJ fur foils if is'l) nlOOUOto hi trottc 1 foi m 1811 mil si, IKK] n, i nil UK i with a -p i il i rov isiou that no w nun is in c an M irt m IN 14 for I'll T< mil suichln to N i i Oil .1 I) HMII who killed his wifi Mini III n n 1 r ansu sha wns unfaithful to him liaugi d liimsi If by means of a poc ket haiidkc ic hie f while m Jail kt that plmi Hi foan d 1 1 mgljnched and piefcmd t i take- his own lifi Hlren' Root Beer li made from the Komilnp rootfl harkH and borrles Not Hke a fzrpat many others that are doctored Imitations o( it One ?fi cent package maken flvo Rallons No trouble to make H T E HeJI A hri inn U 1 IviufllW 1 it of ttie 1 n il J< 1 r-K V. il J U W I t r L, f tin i I ile 1 I A Ir U ll Ul in i s I e i hi trim 11 _ il i Ltfh an 1 It li i i t ui ve 1 i i i i i i 1 i-, 1 tl in Pulli L s all J tri k (in lllil s t ru up 1 I t 400 i 1 _, i i j rt 1 tn it s i I t s _ U I I i s i 1 i tit K ifi I it TIH 1 s uutl niju mal 1} J NS i I h mail f Kiuisfis in i i nil it j it i H nuill K tad bt i 1 Mr-4 I II i U N ik uty 1 i n the hi a 1 II If rrj evpress i i m_r Kai sas it) mjuml in sj I J John1) j i t a ;i_ ut i log hint II in L ti Inpeka i 1 in Hide an i liurt M ittie O 1 In raj. In il and liick mjn tl sirs Ur Utisltf lilujjl 1 brui 1 ind teetb kn ked out b M H aMet 1 lunde Culo cm L -.11 m Mrs G rv I ur U list C al 1 ack t 1 tut Mm I M I lind leiroll II I lead cut v liter Milton (al in {_ I Li-il t to lar b nt diilc catcd J I 1 nkley brikuint I i k hurt Elizabut Hal but Otklu 1 1 inn injured Mrs J Mi( Inr K uis is iM arm i m d I Hm Oikltnd Cal 1 I ur tii M George 1 K< [fn I) in i n I H Albnq ler i arl U II it 1 t As, n C 1 I i e- Kai i ii A Coulter Lulorado PORTER IS WILLING i Ncu lmk InriHinted Ppoplt ill He Ut In the is K O Robert 1 I' ner nttnl nl i f tht cm SUB, hi irrned h FL fi MiKft In regarl i there nit by tht Mr IJ rt r ud that the police retur ihjuld bt si t t in t i is) Hilton at t- tb ti! i i i cipu 1 ai f tht d Kt- I iMli rumal count v, t met If tin en TH offered u d itn Itl bin 1 tl tt the Hiu r in Mi mid a lot t i t in a not on th( ill ill mveitif., u i bj the ten1- is 1 irn i i 1 be made 1 tl t dis tri t Jin 1 ii the liee retarus of n imes w ii tht n f i in 1 to be correct tl L f nun 1 he itLCpted bv tl tuisus hurt t i tud ill 1 t j tin. cffie al hit In M Ituttt ruortli 8 Dem il HK I I j innn 1 u MS nb was u luiphati n 1 is It i K uXilie <-t th t he had t ui M fenced HI h s H v f n Iv the I i nn t 1 It i it ion he no npies J11 t i) i eh faK( s u 1 the let J tl an 1 it it esit it Ii i t i i I entci 1 iut ai 1 of bo Ii n t j nif un t-krd I e iteied int no UL il of anj kind to steure it Qu, cln t Mmir Oleasim Iinhtted UN ]--i VXD Lin I 1 Oit cnscoiuiiv T 1 urv live found me tit1- i_ un-t Mi r I ttriek J d dtoif, J Jiu] i i D untis Harry tr k J i u M ivor Gleason l vmi fthe'iii i il ich tl e Puritan i IH timer is owner i ir i t i ill 1 ng Both ire i Iv 1 I f i m in taming a pool t h in I m n 1 u maiiit lini h if 4n "Mvtfc D HI us Bin) for t tit over i I n wir s uid Loughran vi 1 I n mej from the M tu Mil, id dividing it i t 11 r 1 in its Ii II Hi 11 It Ni imrj Fallg. n v r vi l- om Oet 25 1 i u f t e Ir n and Steel a; n _ i s m v 1 here at 945 n il ir i f Pullman can v w i n it tl i kp t by Mr Erastus n I lie I t itci[ ion committee ,i v i ktu t the falls and ii n uli- i un 1 tin gieatcataract w i ii itit the Clifton house, i st i It was pre i i i n i in stj le, and con i i l i v 11 i i 11 _ime and prod 1 itv ire i ts of Mr Wiman lit lieu n i i nit I-. Insane I v ittiseppe Carus 1 mi vi i PI in! 1 V m i It vv hu was arrested hit si me icl _, and sentenced to six i i nth-i ill m i ill for distribut ii-, ill ic t in r i eircnlars about lisuifi firm nv M s nginia Knox, ol I is s i I i eunlmement in pi i n devtl 1 i monomania tint amounts t in mi He seems to Ih it his vv n 1 is i i ibed the prison c (hi nils t i ilt u m his food and th it 11 is I tnu killi Is! w l> by the poison Hi still his so ne vvieks to serve of his stuLel ut (t i police at I mon n uid b 11 j 1 a m in n u n 1 1 it n toni m in vu i 1 1 is Dun IvOlll i in M I 1 II n b t 1 I i ii i hi ed tives it ii[ in tin i-o in d last nitfht tin K rt nt 11 1 How ufsre t I iijMtei v I ht ti ti of Hohort I II both rettnt 1 b i dug mar tho uj tu n to the 1 i 1 been pulled out i i I the neck si 11., i i i tt ml or. t II mas MoCiilTtey a 'w t t nTl iPt 1 Jfobert OBiun ul s tl i t 1 N abash avenue u j i h 11 II b ting was tbo out f an I I (j mm 1 'Ihe imnilirul i-, fount il> e jniucted with (lit ad i (Ii pttlnit in f several in uipa tl t I'ac IK us! and lijt dl ibe t an 1 UK I st DiHpatdi f St (Ulet DobMni, Utttti. wi of tin Nmy. TI N (id Orders have hien issue lull hi HIM 1 pi Iment foi a ft ml n if (lit) Lulled States sh nnsl ip Phil i h Ij lna She 19 now at 1 I insv illo s 1 II navy depart nn nt is infoitmd of tlie atnval of the tinted Mates- Kiiamshii Biltimore at I isbon lew an 1 c fli ors aie i ej it eel well (ol Ilii.lli t MIIKI H. Fxnmlmel Nivv UK Oil Hie xeneial form of the Hiipie me c i 111 1 I as n fused lo vacate the e ide i f r Ihe iximii alum of il U ill mm Dullev I if i ninl in his suit fi r libel iigamsl tin 1'iess Publishing mm pan} 1 he i I unagi s for publish Ing the f in ions I lo Is f Mv e Ii tte rs .JoiiloiiHy fniinod Bulolde. Bitookns Oct Jr> Charles Rolbling, 52jears old eloik in tho Bedford bank, thin ott) coinmitti d suicide at his home on Sunnier street last niKht by Htablnng himself eight times Morbid jealousy il f %ld to have boon UM oan-t M ITf M III Dlllllstil 01 HIIIIItTH I'll Is n t i I he Phlla h I] Natm il I i i u v I as 1 I 1 t -1 IT tin Iv f n il 11 il is fr m ill 1 I lltsb IIB 111 i In i i i i it I nthiiti su[ t I Iht it f r isc a -he m v is 0 i I 1 tl II rs t mi mv is il u ll v an i ik i :nc i e v I j s 1 h tl t, is i 1 .onsun trs lirlU 111! 1 I IMm 1 t tk nil INDI l hNI I N l 1 i i I t I in i III) ill i I I l i 11 1 ti t i ti weri si i l xi 1 i t l n i t I b 1 1 bi--tlic j. l -UM if i ti -i III! I IV V 1- I 1 I 1 V II I ive Uhir I i n I iv i l I 1 vv i I 1 been aniisvniirk lletwjstut on M n 1 iv Both tlio method and results nip of FI.JS is ti' en, it is pin i-int and refrefclniig to tho H ti and acts jtt piora-pt-K n lite Lncr and B e' in- s the tern effec tuilh, di U n 1 ho id nhes and s .111 1 h il ituil cc n-tipatinn Svrnp it I the only reincdv of its kind pro duced, pleating; t i the taste and ac erptahle to the st niirh, pn nipt in its action and trtih bcnefuml m us eflects, prepared dlv from the in i t healthy and agree ilk1 t its many excellent ijiiihties aim HLI d it to all and hau nude it the most popukr remeeh kn iwn of irs is for sile in and SI bottles bv nil leading dtt Any relu'ilo dni. it may not have it on hind pio cure it promptly for any one wishes to try it. cut accept auj Bubsutnte. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SA1 FPAHCISCO CtL Kr YiRK. N Y TEN POUOS! TWO WEEKS) THINK OF AS a piesh Producer there can be no question but that SCOWS EMULSluN Of Pure Codliver Oil and HppRospWes Of Lime and Soda 11 without a rival Man; have {rained a pound a day by the use of it. It cures CONSUMPilON, SCROFULA BRONCHITIS, COUGHS AND COLDS, AND ALL FORMS OF WASTING DIS EASES IIAl li-R, IK Hast State A TIMELY WARNING. .tr'.UTC i- S W1L1 UK ADVANCED There fore look to your interest and purchase your CARPETS cow figures are low DELAYS ARE DANGEROUS! JSfir- EXAM of Prices And you will then see the wisdom of an im- mediate selection Wlltona 81 7 to 8f3 3d Moquettea 8150 CH ESI NUT 5 PHILADA fL Tapestry 55o up J 3 ply lugralns, and 81 OO Eitrs miol, and 75o A inotlar's tares ate luit ('lutli my; ten tlu ib no lotigii out i 1 them L liavt. assiiniLi] tilt eaie of that, mil tin lisi than homt inailt to tost, aufFLc to tlotht tlit Littlt and littoimno; ta--te Om is slnmn in tht stuiyth and duiabiht} so ntatl) A. n. YAHS uo. 6th Chestnut. 13th Chestnut. (ledger Building) MEN'S SUITS (New Store 1 suit lor I V Ln.ttLr suit from Ji to 2j AND OVERCOATS r V lint suit from to 24 Llsurs ind tape FOR DRESS and BUSINESS. I ir nn tu IT j. OIT. YOUTHS' SUITS, IVitLs range on thest CAPE OVERCOATS trom AND STORM COATS.j to CHILDREN'S SUITS i V URL suit lor AND NOBBY OVERCOATS 1 ,V t'ood ljr 5" 1 liar in r iti n from 3 years old. j linutitulK inidt uid tninnn.d SMOKING JACKETS h hid in in line and l-ol thi-bt. girmcnts Ii tu LOUNGING COATS, j Dont misi string thun CUSTOM 1 blocked lull ol ill tliL nuNtltiLs tor [Suitb, nRPAKTMRNT. j pcrku, stjh.h fit. OiTiclair, Vannost Co., Clothing Manufacturers. 39 Kast State Street. ALL ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO 1. II. i-' H 'J.1 J.1 i- UO PRARli 8TRFKT, I'OHMBRLT HAMWON STKBBT TBBNTOH N J A lao, 9-on.vra.l TFI 412 I1 WAITING MACTIINHI. No Ribbon. Direct Printing. Perfect Alignment. T. E. Challenger Co., UJ4NKKAL AOENT3, NO 1407 CHE-ITNOr 8TEEET Philadelphia, Pa KfNll KIR Tilly MAN Bonght hli pinto of AMERICAN CLOTHING AND TAILORING 00 would not how mack wind thiongh hu cott clothing Ohildrai wiU but BEST TAILOR-MADE CIO I H ING At ranch pric Our grot ut BAMPI F OVF.HOOAT8 tar >nd .nd oar SAMPLE Bull's, (13, for Pnte Md Saita CLOTHING MADE TO OKHFK. Ii the t- t in UM otamtrj U 1 with, nd right kleig to) ft-t A N Advertise n. 3 Oor. Rt YOUR "WANTS" ra THJ TJRKNTON TJMMS.

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