Tuesday, October 21, 1890

Trenton Times

Location: Trenton, New Jersey

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Text Content of Page 1 of Trenton Times on Tuesday, October 21, 1890

Trenton Times, The (Newspaper) - October 21, 1890, Trenton, New Jersey r VOL. IX. NO. NINE SAILORS DROWNED. h leeing from Fire They Find a Watery Grave. LOST YUIFN KISUI ff NEAH. The I'ropi Ht r Yuuiib Huriied uud Sunk in I iki Union ViiiitH of the Iti m iliuli r of the Crew lUsi-tiud b) u ruining SUiuuri Pour Hi tos Mi, I, (in >i _ihe pro- peller Annie was buint 1 and sunk about leu miles ui i th of hire Monday and nmelivts wtit h s( Ilu f Capt H 0 Millei She was ownet by I aKt snprior Iransit company of Bu Halt) 11 was usei'as a freight boat, running belvvttu Luttalo and Duluth bhe was bu It in IK- it Detroit was rated bj the Inland 1 1 v is as and ai 1 hi taptuti tiots not know how the fire si it til It had a good headway when discovert d b) the engineer A Banquit to Ill-hop BEOOKLIN Oct Jl celebration of the golden commemorating fifty yean semi s ol Bi-hop Loughlm, was brought to a httinj c inclusion last night by a banquet tt it! red b) the lait} aud served ir the assemblv rooms of the Acad em) of Music nnes McMahon the chair man of the jubilee committee, presided At his right sat the bishop and Mayor Chapin On his left w ere Cardinal Gibbons and Archbishop Corngan Archbishop Elder, of Cincinnati Bishop Keane, of the Washington university, and other digni tones of the church were present Cardinal Gibbons responded lo the toast His Holi- ness Leo XIII, Bishop Loughlm to "Our Guest Bishop Keane to "The United Archbishop Comgan to 'The Catholic Church of America" and Mayor Chapm to The City of Brooklyn The Tramp Had PHH.ADH.PHH, Oct 21 Bridge, who had the appearance of a tramp, was arrested in a Catholic church -here while asleep "thirteen hundred dollars in En glish gold and bank notes was found in his possession He told the British consul that he came to this country with the money to invest it in a farm He had a morbid fear of loosing the money and so dressed roughly, hoping thus to deceive people as to his real financial condition He had become- completely worn out be- cause of his anxiety and watchfulness, and when he went into the church he was soon overcome b) sleep The consul placed his money in a bank Governor Hill Off for Ohio. UTICA, J> Y Oct 2L-Governor Hill passed through here on his way to Ohio At the depot a crowd of several htrudred citizens assembled to greet him He was Introduced by Major Goodwin, and made a short speech from the platform of the car He urged his Democratic friends to secure him the support of a Democratic assembly, and predicted that the Demo crats would be successful m obtaining a majority in the next congress Carl Selmrz on the Tariff Bill. BOSTON, Oct 21 Hon Carl Schurz addressed the members of the Massachu setts Reform club last evening at the Brunswick He spoke for two hours on tariff legislation, aud characterized the McKlnleybillas the most monstrous bill ever enacted by congress He denounced the Lodge bill aud the course of Speaker Reed An incidental mention of Mr Cleveland's name was greeted with wild applause rKKNTON, TUK8DAY AKTKKNOON, OCTOBKK 1890. TWO GKNT8 Absolutely Pure. A eais A suit has been brought in the United States clr( lilt toilrt hi llliam I It run win translated and dramatized Ale van ler Du mas work known as Ihe Clemence in against the Pollard Publishing com pany for infringement of c ip) right J lerou claims the firm is publishing the book under the same name and selling it at half price The compauv will have to show cause why it should not be enjoined from publishing the work Peter Lampman aged 8J )ciirs a mail carrier and old soldier stepped in front of a light engine on the New Yjrk Central road at St lohusville V Y and vv is in I tautl) killed Professor Galbraith the prominent nat- uralist is dead Jacob Creps was nominated for congress by the Democrats of the Iwt utv. first Pennsv Ivania district LxSheiiff Guffey was nominated some time ago but de- clined to accept At the twelfth annual reunion of the veterans of the IrfthNew 'iorkheivyar tillery the following named officers were elected for the ensuing )ear President Col John H Graham of New lork vice presidents Capt Heurj L Smith of New York, W W Hanna of Philadelphia and Thomas E feearles, of Bambntlge, N Y, chaplain, Rev A Barnes of Councils ville, Pa secretary and treasurer, Lieut Joseph H Barker Isaiah S Lmery, of Rochester N Y, labor candidate for congress committed suicide by taking chloroform aud opening an artery in his wrist Charles Armstrong aged 77 heretofore much respected at Harvard Ills is charg edwith of mone> be longing to his friends Jack Dempsey has signed articles of agreement to fight Bob itzsimmons for a purse and the middle weight champion ship of the world before the club in New Orleans about the middle of De cember A telegram, from Dempsey says the articles are on the way by mall IT WAS MARKED "SUICIDE" A Girl's CorpHe Taken from a Coffin Shows felons of Returning Animation LASC Pa., Get 21 box bearing a weird libel was delivered at New Hoi land, alittlevillaEetwetvemilesfrom Lan caster, on Oct 19 It came by express from Mount 0 and was addressed to Mrs Caroline bettlej It was a large box and bore the startling inscription, 'buicide The hd was hastily removed and revealed what to be the corpse of Helen Settlev aged Drs Buahoug and Kohler were at once summoned, and the mother asked that a post mortem examination be held. But as the physicians were assisting m lifting the body from its strange resting place they noticed that no rigidity was a sign of decomposition The muscles were relaxed, as of one in a deep sleep Ihe hands were warm and a slight flush appeared on the cheeks Re- storatives were applied, but to no avail These conditions were the same through out the night and all the following daj Ihe phvsicians are greatl) puzzled They wonder bow it is possible for a ves- tige of life to remain after the confinement in that box for such a period even if the girl weie alive when the jouruej from Mount ernon was commenced Die au thonties have been notified of the strange case and are doing their utmost to solve the in) btery Tnin In Connecticut. J.ORWIIH Conn Oct wo attempts were made list night to wreck trains on the and railroad near Alexander m the town of Killmglj A large rock was put on the track in front of the freight which is due here at 7 20 p m The locomotive struck it and knocked it from the track 1 he tram w as stopped and the engineer went back to find theoSstruc tiou, and when returning to his tram was surprised to find that a tie had been laid on the track by the villians in hope of wrecking the passenger tram due m this city at 7 37 ibis obstruction was re moved but the villains who did the work were not captured O'llrlen on the American. Split, PARIS, Oct 21 O Brien was inter viewed and said that he attached no im portance to the reports of contentions said to disturb the Irish societies in the I nited States Mr O'Brien remarked that such reports were always rife just before the setting out of an Irish mission to that country Members of the deletion, he said, would take no part in rivalries of any kind, they went us the representatives of Mr Parnoll and the entire party in Ire- land, and he felt certain they would have the support of the Irishmen in Amenci aod that of the whole American people Arrested for Train Bobbing. BFLIFFONTAINF, O, Oct 21 F Smith formerlv night operator on the Cleveland Sandusk) and Cincinnati rail- road at Vrbana, has been arrested here on suspicion of being one of the parties that robbed the express car on the morning of Oct S A revolver S300 in bills aud four diamonds were found m his pocket He gave his name as H H Williams Warren's Victory. NEW ORLEANS, Oct 21 Warren picked up easily here last night by de featmg Ernest Bescher before the Coium bia Athletic club 1 he fight lnst tn I.ulll Hill ,1 Alt In i KttulUU.ii VI, mine Aiueilti Itutil moists Auuiu I poll I) iiktst I mil LONDIN (It t I Mi j mr nev from II ivv ir It n t j I iml has bee a triumph il toiu lit I pul ti lemoiistrs tionn at iv ei hue ht it i i p[ I (unit j to gret t him was afT nth 1 wt re s i n marka ble as t) tli iw t xj tesslons of surprise from the gran 1 ol 1 m in himself au ustomed he is to erjvvds and inse Much o this enthusiasm no d ubt is evoked b admiration for Mr Gliilstini s persona qualities and the done to d i hi mage to great I so HI in j use of nature to pass awuv the Libei ilsare confiden that it also nidu ites an nieietised popular it) of the jht i il plitfjim winch thei Itiler ri presents Mi Glilstjue dehv eretl his lust address tutla> HP the C01 n 1 hal vv Inch vv is p ickcd wit people ami the McKlnUj Hill Lord Granvilli hpeikmg at Newcistle said the C jnsiivttives pretended to b confident f tht result >t an appt il to th eountr) VM wt re tkl ivm0 tic disso lution of irlinntnt as long as possible He thought th Mi Kml v t iriff jtild in jure tht L nited Statt s more than it woul England In dis Ii sh th speaker condemned police shadow ing Mm lej Sioris liilftmr Mr Johu Alt rlev tlsj sp kt at "New castle ami n pile I to Mi I ilfeiiis reccn attacks upon him H i 1 that Mr Ba] foui s arguments wt rr fml f misit-piesen tatious ami irn levancit s ihe st itemen that he I Mr Moihvi had spent ouh fiv da) s in Ireland dm ing his tt rm as chle secretan for Iieland would not h ive been i bad joke if trut but is a matter of fac it vvas abst 'tilth nnti ue Hedenieitl u hf w is prcjudict dagalns the police but reitci mil h is statement th the police hid used s force at lip penrv It vv is irt tl bo lilv lujur) which is Mi Bi'f ur v ad s ud could b mendidbja itth sticking pi i was the au 1 insult cif tlie treitmen that inflamed the p He declined U reply to Mi Kalfo ir s invitation to expres an opinion as to th inn cenct o the lipperarv prisjuers He would forn no decision t n an) pert >u s until th accused had had ifurtiiil The rriiHh tlniiil.er Meetx PAPIS Oct Jl e chuubir of deputies yesterdav returned its tssi us the bil of M de trivunet minister of war rela trie to the pui -him-nttf i 11 in 1 proud ing forthe rell f of the fu lies oFsolthe: m the event of i m bi u u t f the mill tarv forces of tne ciintiv vvas also sub- mitted to the th imber 1 ne peseitation of boih measures was greeted with ap- plause No with Paho'iiej M I tienne under si cretar; for the colo- nies iluiied th it w u had been declarec withDihomev llienu il t xpedition which had been sent to that e untrv had simpl; defendel Puncn subjects felons Hf t ii th it the chamber proceec to the order of the d u and the motion was carried thus sustaining the government's action BoulaiiffUts Agun M Goussot f lioul nigisU tiemaii led tha' legal action 1 p t ik n BoulaugistJT accused of trc i-ou in order to throw hgh1 upon the retuith jiul lished cl aiges M Const in- mini-tir of theintmor replied that in v le-w of the fait that Gen Boulan ger had ilreat betu ofliciallj condemned it was tinnecessai) to prosecute him or his followers unless i new attempt against th state should be made M Deioude made a violent attick upon the ministerial policy The order of the 11) w is Imall) adopted, agam closing th Jebitt laiiff Retaliation Mr Roche introduce 1 i new tanll II provides for a mum rate of duties ap phcable 11 fr m n ttio is not couced lug column ill t h nit IL.IS to Irantc anc amiunmni i tie to be rtserved for coun tries cmseiting to rust mis regulations bencficiilto ireuch tnde Au'iicultura! proirfKts figuring exclusively in the maxi mum tariff will not be considered m any arrangement made with other nations Ihe bill provides for the exemption from dut) of raw materials indispensable to the important reach manuf ictunji-s, such as raw silks, wools hides and cotton Messrs Dillon and O Brien witnessed the debate in the chamber of deputies 1 he president on ing their presence, as signed them seats in the hall Dai Kest 1 ngland LONDON Oct 21 prtss comment at great length upon the pi in outlined bj Salvation Vrmv Genual Looth in his book D irkest aud the ay Out of It for the relief of the miserable poor of England Ihe oj iinon is getieially favorable to i tin! of the scheme Ihe t encouraging aiticle on the subject is thatof Ihe IIIIIHS and even this is only mildly in opposition Ihe book has made a profound impression upon all classes, and to many it is i itvilntiou of a condi tion of affans undieamed of by them No one can real the work without feel mg an uncomfortable seust of impending disaster, and it is perhaps tins which leads nearly everv one to cry out to Gen Booth m effect, 'Go ahead and try jour plan, and we will do all we can to help you Oen Booth s I'luii The suggestion of the author is, in brief, the establishment of houses of refuge all over the kingdom and the of volunteei bands to seek out and rescue the unfortunate nnd minister to their mmda and bodies until implojment is found 1 here are man} mutinous details m the scheme which could mil; havt been de vised bv n man thoioughly experienced in the needs of the poor and whoso whole heait wns in the cause He Got ii venllit LONDON Oit Ilu tnal of btephen Holmes alms btephtn Smith the Ameri can who VMIS charged with sttalmg jewels I Hit Duke of 1 dinburgb while thi dukt is in 1 dml uinh continuing the opening of the elocttical exhibition in May last, resulted in a verdict of not proven Fxplorci Stanli 3 H I'leii. LONDON Ott Mi Hiniy M btanley writes to Ihe limes t[ pt ilmg for public subscriptions to make up tht remaining the 000 reijuirtd to build the mission steamer foi Lake Njauza He con trusts English npathv, with German activ itv In the same direction A ItlK St. Louis ST 1 (it is Oct 21 Brothers' re tail drv goods store one of the largest in this cltv, wan dtstiovid by fire last even Ing Loss on stock, on building, ovtu 1 insurance A DARING ROBBERY Watch in un Dtit-rtt Overpower I uud OOO laktu IroDl the Stiff NKIIXINV nil Pa Oct -1 V most dur ing rol 11 n vv is eominlttt cl ttrlv day molding vv 1 n the ofiue l Co titbit 1 the wateluiiu John Devers K tl, bouud hand II t safe blow n open ami 000 an t a 1 t of val uable pipers taken II i rv ht inor number of the in n leaihed the i tli e I f un I Divers pr t e un tin ilooi bouutl hand and fool tu 1 almost dead An alirui was given and th l eoppei wne list 1 n fasten Devci s hi I md feel was urn vt I It had bee si 1 al o it his ankles a I vvnsts to cut dtep into the flesh u 1 ugli wountls red haudkt i rveii as a g ti, Devers tells tlie ft II w nj, stxiry Lxactlv at thirteen m i s to 1 heard a t ip at the door au 1 sn l is tha )ou Mi Vv Ii hn Open the du i vvtusth quit k itsi onsc On opening the door I is sliuek terrible blow with vvbataji <t 1 to be sau ib aud knoekttl flow n Uhu I re- covered mv senses 1 vvas b n i I I md au foot on the floir md unabl t ak word over me vv n I t piste pointed it mi htud was a tall nan wit his fat e cov ered Ivvo others were v olisly working ivvay at the saf win 1 wa soon bl vvut pen anil rifled 1 hi wmljv, sh ides wt re all pulled down an 1 iht- 1 tin 1 was usn _ replaced by a daik lai urn w is sullt pain frjn mv ankle anelwiists aud fought despt t itt tci re- lease mvself until complelelv Mr tioes not lies i ut tu sa) h was shadtwtd b) the burc, ais whocer tilnl) heard his a imouitiou t Devers tc be vc-rv caieful ihat night rii t omit o tht nun ml un mnt of moutv in the safe Dtveis is i bull) Irislnna i six tall vvevhs ]HJ p muds an 1 w ild held his jvvn with the burgl ir i i chanty was givtn him 'Ihere have) i i uum btr f t t] t r daring robberies I t e recently win h n 1 t ite the presence of a gang o professionals A txpress il Mlivvukir Oct Jl IhelJ Iv Jjurna pni ts t! e follov ing A rum h s rcachec Muw uikee f iiinded upon tht b si of au tl which if correct m n s tin. ui mti deal that 1 is ever oc- curred in th s ct untrv and ni n the con bolidation of the L nited Stat s md th neeiued I e meeting wai hat mom us throughout he suoject o: ammunition or mise with auj othei letLuc not even be iu broacned 'Ihe follow In etjr-i vvei chosen (repre oentint, ihestotkh Idti I Aithur IJixwtll li ie ind 1 Dal) represent the I S Brouthers Na h Jf Ju t u Isuu aud M J Kdlv lithurfnvm w ts chosen treasure: aud J B II irt se n tar) Shot b, H< r Lover Buium C il Oct 21 Mar} De7iui.ll 1 ens vv is shot aud In stautl) ki 1 lime v limn n Lopez Lopea h id 1 c u 1 11 ei n t he _irl with his at tenuous f i sun uncpist and h id mad' thrpitsof vi it nee u list her He went to htr fnlei s itsilei md called hei out to tli, tie "-it tlist-d to have any thmn to d j w th h n v h n he drew a re volvtr tnd sh t Iti thiough the body 'snt die 1 iln jst us tnh Lopez then shot it 1 i i s if ivviee v it bout effect, ane sh in ifteriv n 1 lulleir came up ant I c.j tin f sh ts at him without hit ting h m J i w i irrested and locked lip lip vv is t ikeli to for safe keeping, is t re it-, jf were made V H NI w n imudti- f g iv e a b t let 1 hotel to tl ir oh1 Paris n, h terdcld H iw i 1 1 itz John Porn r in in and bch Ii coined the to isted tht. pit-i 1 Gen Butterlcli Howanl Adminl of Piris also sp Potomac badge w Gen Slocnm I to the Count. -l veteran com f the Potomm i-t uinht at the Pl omr ide, the Count ol i -ts were Gens But i swauie O'Benue s ikies Slocuin, Sher I Gt-n Sherman wel f the evening and nt )f the United blate_ Gin bchofleld Gen. nut uud the Count k( Vu Army of the is i re nited to the count Up His I utliloHs MrMlliis Tenu -1 K Peter sou a mechanic en 1 ttl by the Illmoie Cintial Railroad con p inj shot aud killed his wife at their home m this city ha 1 been away from h me, and as he eu tend tlchoust lit f ind Mrs Peterson a ui a ndii nanit 1 M ixwell in a com pinnnsing situttion Maxwell escaped I i Pttti- n slut hi- wife in the left In ast dtath in a few minutes X litki l ol I 1 I hn R Rjun stroke iar of the Hi i If tl 1 Hint club of Cam tudgc lias bt t n siiittmod to six mouths n the house of corrntion for an as-sault upon Nelson J Innts of Boston a ro- Kjiin is alltKid to have pushed nnei ovu hoard fi jin the club house float u has apuealed the cast. St >l.lt S, till III, f u 1 1 II I-I 1 1 i uil t 1 1 Innts h n Du u i o s u- I i >i< h 1- f n lit- 11 -t tt i tl Hn 1 lit II l! jrt- 1 ll 1 1 t 1 I will a s ill i I "un i I i i i M i IH m 1m I Him tt iti n U -u ii ivh t. un an 1 f i ll I i ii i Jill I I I] nt i i linn it tl i i n !st it i ii l evil ht ii 1 I ni i I t k 1 1 n wmii I I i I Ins lti with wh m I t is t i I< ililni ,i H M l v i i 11 i 11, II it I i I n n t I I l I i lit 1 st I t i i I i luins has ilu n i n et inn 1 tl t 1 1 i m s I I u 1 I c c t _s i i U I i i i I ill) th it Slav i 1) iv l-i I t I ll m tttt l 1 a ut i i t 1 I it t' t i i I i n 1 it h i- I tin il led tl tl n, i tl i w ill I i i ik n I v tl t n n N i I ii It l l ot It I tttl II it it i In] n mil vv lli si u i i il tl n f u t I OtX 111 I lllll lit.Hit, II SHU I I- N v, I I I I n 1 in im B v l n ill it t t ji d i it v lit i i f tl In 1 111 p il n 1 tun i- u -t u in ih i I j ts M tl i i c f It t tuus -i i rnl irs w IK II vv is a I t i i i i f 11 t v n I M Ink N i 11 ni in i vv t n j v 1 v tl t vtn i ut t i n-t i -uiik i m tl t I i i hnli He ha- u ylt 1 u i i i t i i 1 sii i sst il i tli tlio nic'li il and K- Hb vl of 1 H J en, it Icis imT tt) tin1 a il acts rpntly }et luoniptlv on the Kiilnevs Lner and Bowels c1 in-f s UK trin CtfeCtu 1 il 1 cul dins and ni 1 iui liibitui on-tijiation. (t 1 ic3 13 tlie nly remedy of ih 1 ind pro Uiccd, pi .uincr to tlie taste a-td ac coptilile to the stmiuch, pi mijit in its action and tiuh Lei efici d m its prepared orlv fium the heal'hy and sub-tatiip- its nnny cxcelknt q l ih i 6 com netid it to all and Imc in ulc it tlio moot popular rcniedv k i n rup of i lb s tie in 50c ami SI bottles ill IVatlrtitr thuj gits Any iflu'lc t win not it in hiutl will pro cure it promptl) f r one who wishes to trj it. not accept any submtute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAN FRANCISCO C'L lOVISVHIF, f Yl t, Y Special Notice, The laches will find at Walks' all the late armals in Woolen Yarns, among winch we higbl} recommend the tolltnvmg iamous favorite brands Best imported German tutting Yarn, m all colors, best bpamsb Yarn, in all colois, best Wool, all colors, Knitting Wors- ted, all colors, imported Zephjr and Zejihjr Germantown only in vet) best quality Likewise we call attention to our grand, sup< rb stock ot Fall and Winter Under- wear, Clnldrens' Outfits, Clul- drens' Cloaks, Coats and Hats and Caps tor the Fall wear Verj latest handsome war- ranted made ot tht best materials arid superior workmanship Fall Kid Gloves, Cot sets, tine Muslin Underwear, All new goods Fine Umbrellas, in endless variety. One lot fine Gloria Um- brellas, which sell af we are now selling at cost; jes, truly cost, only 98c. Call and be convinced. w tliv IIAII. Wilsun Stokcc Wholesale ana Retail Dealers la beat grades of LEHIGH AND BITUMINOUS COM Anthracite Coal, For Baking, Machine Works, Blast Fnrmces, Cham Works, Rolling Ac, Our Jumbo, For Domestic A specialty Cannel Coal, For Open GrataB West Va Cumberland Coal, (the Stokes for Rteam ftild bldckBmithing, can't be bent Wood, In all shapes and kinds. WILSON STOKKS, PHONE 147. Umbrella FALL AND WIN IER i N i 'Ni C 1 Saturday, Aug. 30. IIATTKH 15 Baat State A TIMELY WARNING i- <3 CHESTNUT ST. ADVANCED Therefore look to your interest and purchase your CARPETS now while the figures are low DELAYS AKB DANGEROUS MEN'S SUITS 1 AND OVERCOATS FOR DRESS and BUSINESS. J lyr A c i'XJii i- YOUTHS' SUITS, 1 CAPE OVERCOATS AND STORM CO ATS. j CHILDREN'S SULTS AND NOBBY OVERCOATS[ from 3 years old. 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CLOTHING MADE TO OKDFR Ramtmbcr, ran u b t i u, otnntry to Hd otmt ngkt llong to MO. 9 Kftit State. Onr. Warrcm f p. EDWIN FISCHER, '01 merly DemonBUfttor of Operative Dau- nt FennA College of Surgery, Philadelphia, Removed to sie TP AST ST A J.J., Neit dror to Llorary Hall and Postofflce Teeth extracted absolutely palnlesa, with nt the use of gas or ether he largpnt variety ol BUPKRFINF TRFAM CHOf 01 ATEH Riiarftntood tohethoflnest made In the U B will be found at ANGKT.Q CAMKKA'S Fine Confectionery Store, IOC SOU J. M A D Bj.JR'wn'X, TBKNTON, N J Fancy FrnlU, Ice Cream, Soda Water, Ice ream Sodas, MI1X BhakM, Lemonade, Iwayfl on band, and the beat that can be had nd made Thsie are laotn. PrlvM txmvenl- ntlorMl 8UFFEKKR8 OF YOUTHFUL FRROM Or Hpeolal DUeanes, oonsalt Dr. I.Ol'.li, N Fin EENTH ST Phlla Pa Twenty years expertonco Hours 10 A AI till S P M 7 to 10 evenings Hend for book sealed) containing hill particulars for home core, tree of charge J. B. HOBEN8ACK, SaconA PHILADELPHIA, PA, Tie Imaini ipennilit In TonUimi impra- lenoe Tonng men Mod for Book. Mnt on reoelptof Oonmltmtion honnt 0A.1I I till 9 F, M., bom F. M, nntil i F, M,

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