Saturday, October 18, 1890

Trenton Times

Location: Trenton, New Jersey

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Text Content of Page 1 of Trenton Times on Saturday, October 18, 1890

Trenton Times, The (Newspaper) - October 18, 1890, Trenton, New Jersey farenion VOU IX. NO. SHOl DOWN INTHEJAIu. Reporter Duffy Avenges Chief Hennessy s Assassination. SCSPtll SIOH'HMMOM'ISSION. It Onlj I'uitliil IJoath May Ef fectuaily tut It Miurt The Plot of a hft ret Itillun Society to Murder hlcf of 1 ulliu Ou 16 Anothertragedy clubL up rain B Harrison Inspector Bjrnes and many others Ihe feeling against the "dagctr" is so intense that 1 he Tlmes- Democidtand The Picayune have editorials urging that the law be allowed to take its course, and discouraging any general de- monitritlnn against this class of people because of the assassination, as 1" 000 or of them live in New Orleans, many of whom are among the best citizens and denounce and deplore the temble U.gedy The remains of Chief Hennessy lay in in the council chamber yesterday, ttioiin'nds of people viewing them The funeral, which took place at 8 o'clock, was all organisations of the and city, the fireman, military, etc p-i-tlcipatiug, Killed hf m FitUton Policeman. PulSTON, Pa Oct 18 Davis, a retired hotel keeper of this place, dead last evening by ilham Weath a police officer, who also received in jurlei which may prove fatal Davis, who was intoxicated, became involved in a fighi tn front of the Eagle hotel Weathers at- tempted to arrest is but the latter re- sisted so stoutly that another officer na< to be called Davis broke away from both officers and drawing a "black jack" from his pocket, struck Weathers several terrific blows, felhug him to the ground The Officer, Too, Will Die As Weathers lay prostrate he drew his revolver and flred four shots at Davis, two of which took effect, and Davis dropped Both men were carried to the coiridor oi the hotel, where Davis died m a few mm utes Physicians thmk that Weathersalso will die Both men are well kuowu here and the excitement is Intense One Opinion oi the MoKliiley Bill LONDON, Oct 18 Hon A J Mun della, Liberal member of parliament formerly president of the board of trade, at Sheffield yesterday, said he believed the McKmley tariff would dis appoint its framers, aud prove oppressive to American consumers, especially the farmers Austria, Germany, Belgium and france would suffer the most severely of European nations England, however, would undoubtedly be able to overmaster the dear labor of America If the Cana- dians should proclaim free trade the; would be masters of the situation I'KKNTON, BATUKDAY AFTKKNOON, OCTOBKK in, 1890. STIU A MENACE TO LIFE D LelbUid Hotel hlx Sti ry Llttvutui Hhufl Ifninlitiiltd u th it niinon N "i (let Ih luit.o force of men were put at w i r k in tin nutrning at the big p le f 1 n k and Iron injured is far more hopeful Ihe i i nt serious cases are those of Maggie Dujle, who jumped from afelxth story window, Annie Campbell, who threw herself from the fifth floor, and Mary ljuan who fell while .lending the lope Ihe Dojle girl may die, but there are hopes that the two others ma) M J Carev the LeUi d botel bartender who was supposed to have been dangerously hurt is preparing to leave for bin home at Glens P ills t Iward .hols, whose ankle was broken, has been taken to Dunkirk his home i Gil more, of Rhode Island, whose back was torn the entire length of column by a nail, was also well enough to for home P S Dnsdule, of New who dropped two stones but will not be in a condition to be removed for some time Rose Swartz and Bridget two of the victims of the fire, will be buried to- day the former here aud the latter at Mar cellus Th bod> of William I Haiiop has been taken to New b; his low and mother I here is a meuton foot to raise a purse for Henr) Kntcker the colored elevator bo) and Coia lanuer the actress heads tfy> subscription list with Hoecker ran his elevator until the flames actually began to IK k the sides and the whole shaft was filled with smoke More than twenty livea were bj the boy's braverj The corouor has decided upon a thorough invested'ion and sep- arate mQuests will be held lu the cases of all the killed I'nWD! K Absolutely Pure. A of powder. High rt of in ItCTmtng 0. 17, BISHOP LOUGHLIN'S JUBILEE The Great Broofcljn Presented with a Furae of S41.OOO Oct !8 A rccef tion in hon or of the golden jubilee of the Right John bi'-lu p of Brook 1} n, was held in the rink on Cler mont green last even DK It is es- timated that 8000 people were pres ent including the Tatholic cleig} of Itr oo k 1 n and New York Ad ebutrb Vv ti e uiadt bj Lardiual Gib- bons Archbihhop CorriKan of New "i ork Bishop BlfaHOP LOUGHLLN L o u g h 1 1 n and others The bishop was presented with a purse of contributed by the laity of his diocese, and a number of other val uable gifts In a short response to the various tributes that had been paid him by the speakers oi the evening the bishop said that not to him but to the Almighty must be gnen all the honor and credit for the work ac- complished m the diocese If anj good work had been noticed since the formation of the diocese it was the result of God s bledBing the tireless of the priestuood and the generous aid of the laity Archbishop Corrigan spoke briefly ol the Ime and veneration in which Brook iyn's bishop is held, and referred to the condition of affairs when he was ordained He was the first pr esU who was conse crated by the late Hughes Of the priests who were in orders fifty yearsagoonlj twoHun d Bishop Lough 1m and Father Balleiz both of Brooklyn It would hard, tw ftnd a-raore devoted prelate than he w ho was then be- ing honored The archbishop extended to him his most sincere congratulations Car dinal Gibbons although not on the pro- gramme, was asked to speak As he rose with his scarlet hkull cip he was loudly cheered. He joined heartily in all thegooc things that had been said about Bishop Loughlm The Prohibitory Law Dtclaied old TOPEKV Kan Oct 18 the Unitec States circuit court G Poster o: Kansas, and F of Missouri have rendered a deciMi n detl irmg the prohibitory liquor law of Kansas xiucon stitutional and void Ihe cast decided was the application of Charles Rohrtr an original package agent of this city, fora writ of habeas corpus releasing him from jail, where he hid been confined pending trial on the charge of selling liquor H original packages after the passage of the Wilson nnti-onguial package bill The court holds that the prohihitoty law, in HI far as it afTecU original packages, is m operative and can only be made by re enactment of the Kansas legislature In the K muling Railroad Offlre PHIL VDEH HIV, Oct The following changes -aie announced flu the Philidel phia and Heading railroad office Ihe of fice of first legmter second registei aii( assistant sectetarj, heretofore filled b; Messrs AHeife Fostu John Jr and L-hatles H Quarks lespectnelj, are abolished Mr Albert Foster m appointed purchnsmg Mr John Walker Tr is appointed transfer clerk and Mr C hark H Quarles is appointed auditor of passen ger tiaffic vice Mr Edward Mahler, wh< has been to nnothcr ocent A Small Ucndlng Strike PouSVHir, Pa Oct 18 ha sixty men employed at the Philadelphia and Rend ing compnnj's jaids to loid sciap iron have stopped work aud die land them selves on a sti ike 1 he company has he ei paying them 20 per daj, but it was an uounccd that in the future the men woul of New ork ou st tte that H appears from the enumeration taken b) the police force under the supervision of jouiself and 'a representative selected b) me tint there are many inhabitants of the ut> of New "i ork who were uot relumed by the federal census Ihere has been nu representative selected b> me tj s ip the enuuiera tiou taken b} jour ohee f made of the inn ibitants of the city of New and will adneie to tlie latne until conv mce 1 bj propt i proofs dul> pre-sCDtel that the si me is erroneous and to a decree that demands a re enumir atiou uuder the statute m such case made and prov ided Must Hustle, ou will pit further take notice that the work of thet nsus the uational authorities h ih so fir that the result of the uiumer iti m will prob tbly I: announced within a few dijs and that no gre it delay will be allo )ou m present lug jour and the evidence vou may to support it rt-peitfully A Jb Actmg Superintendent of d Valise iu mjise -wo a u iv o u uh.e uve, v hich thej can t do and thus the m itter stands, meaning that the ley-us taken in June cannot be compared with another taken la-October The Extra Session Quention WASHINGTON, Uct the char acter of conversations that the president has had with congressmen who are now in it would seern that he has not come to a conclusion on the extra session question the past few days co pressmen who have called on the president have beeu urged by him to give their views for or against the advisability of issuing a call, accord ing to the mdiMlual taken b> them. One prominent representative told the president that tie was against the prop osition and he waa persistently pressed to state his reasons entering into quite a dis- cussion ou the buijj cf with the president that he w is led to from the presidents in inner that the latter wants to fai-e congre-.s in seasion again as sooa as possible after t4K congressional elections The President B g of Rauomlnatlon. WASHINGTON Oct 18 an interview Treasurer Huston b ij s that if Indiana goes Republican in tl e bt ite election this fall Harrison's chances, for renommatlon are worthless Mr Huston believes that if tne state goes Republic in the presiden1 will not be heard o-t m the national vention, while if it is earned by the Dem' ocrats Hamson will be rtnommated be youd a doubt In illation of these statements Mr Huston that an Indi anian has no c'mnie for the nomination unless it is clear th it In li in i is a d mbt- ful state He also believes Indi ilia will go Republic in this fall b> a plmahtj larger than that of To >uiue Warships AfaHlMrTos Oet Ih irj 18 now engaged selecting names toi four tten new ships in emtseot construction Ihe number to be nanu i vvillprebiuttf him a wide rau0e in his versatilit) Ihe vesbelb t y be named aie Ciuiseis Nos 6 7 8 9 10 11 aud U gun boats Nos 5 and 0 aimored ciuiser No 2 coast line batik snip Nos 1, and 3 auc the naval at id< practice ship It i thought that most ot the cruise is auc gunboats will be namul after stites an cities of the Unueel bt lies They Made Him Open the CANTOV, 0, Oct bold robber} took place at Randolph, north of this city last night 1 luce masked m gagged their victim, ami taking his golc watch left A State f won 1! urn ml NASHVULI lenn Oct o clock liie was discovered in the piinuug room of the state prison and before the en gints could reach the scene the fire was be jond control Loss 000, full} coveref byinsuriiHP Ihe pi IM n m leased by the Cherty Morrow M tnuttu tilling company rlhe origin of the UKUS unknown but it is generull} bdieved to be of an mcendiar; origin A Kcropthm to lh< ount NhwYoitiv Oet IS Armutionmhonor of the Lount of Pans w is given last even ing by Alexandei S at his resi deuco Among tht JOG guests present were Gen Sheimau, Cliauucey M Dipew, Gen L James, of Philadelphia, Cyru, W Fiel4, Fitz John Porter and ben O O Howard. Hires' Root Beer fa made from the gennln roots, barks And berries. Not like a grea many others that are doctored Imitations it. five galloni No trouble to mate. LOSS OF THE LIZZIE C TROOP er Crew of Twenty two Are Re to Drowned PninDf-miu O t 18 ship I J I hreoj h jse oth age from Philadel- >hta tfi Nagasaki Jap m, an heretofore re- torted has been vvrt( Red on the islun 1 of joot ho i in iw 17 betvvten Nagasaki arid ar 1 utarlj all of the lust [his news his just b en received fr m j ml n tbla to the vessel a agt nti in his u I htn cause 1 much anxietv m hipi mrt i in len (_dpt Benjamin I. lit r mister was accompan f 1 b> us wife an 1 i h) 1 Ihe Troop ha I I ecu mt a few dajs out from Nagasaki j ur W.J1HK li II IMF t in nnmt H ounteit 1 one of tluse dreadful i us UIOHL eharieteri-ities are peculiar t the Paeitu Ihe chances are theuufuit t ae capt an s wife and ehild were th IHU IK p( iislied Ihe Iro )p was owned by Troop s f St J hn S U mrt ib fe t 1 nx et beam feet deep, 1 "i t s nn 1 built in St Johu N B wlieresln if not wholij jv ered b> i Durance 1 lie is a complete -t of the crew as bhip[ e 1 fr ra 'tire John K fro p mate George K in son second matt d Kube, carpenter U Diaz ate ward I) 1 nrabonelo, co( k ai d .men C Biggins J Pitten, H Jthiuu sen M A Mattstn C Smith C lidmau K Jans n S fall) N bhock t ra M Smgi 1 -sur p Rocib and O 1 wl ich inelu hug Capt Joiiues ais wife and child makes tweut) one in all THE BASEBALL WORLD The oild it Champtonuhlp Game Between and Louisville (Jtt first game for the woi Id PI championbhip betwet n the Brooklyn (N itiunil li uuej and 'American ass H ititiou; teams resulted ID a victory for Brookl) n by the follow ing score Brooklyn 30003080-9 le OPOOOOO-0 ase I ts lir nkHn n Loulaville 2 E i Brook MI 1 I i Mil G Batteries Tu Clark HL.J Dah S ill u md Rjan. At St Louis {exhibit! n Clneimat J 0 0 2 0 0 1- 6 'hi 0.2I01001-" Hasp h ts C L i ii.iti b Chicago 9 I rr rs Cim i i ati i 11 an BiUenes s u lici K i i d 111 r i K'on At ka L L ii ibiti n tit) uOUUOOOO-O 8t lyouu 9 Base I it Ki s L t> H St Louis I-r ror-. km t 4 S L ufs 4 Bait-- ies 1 tiiid L> n uf Seal anj Muu) UD Cungrefuitonil Nominations Rejedtl Al Oit Ib of OQKiri tht iili? tii nominee t r n lu thf i iHieeiitn c u 1 3 triet e died up n the secret irj of ue and upon -a own idrnjssion il it L ne nunil r jf thn ua nes att icht 1 t h petition iceonijMi v g his lerti i ic f nominal n iile 1 t the seer t t t state wt re w ntten lit ei 1 h niaelt jr I is and U-HV ef i i Ii davit ait tmed not buiu propcrlj din i these i> of st Ue lejeeted his i in p of noiiin iti u 4-4iii was 1 onlj Indep ueh it n Jiniuation so fu lile 1 w ith the btcrt-t u v uf Tlie rt tnr> of -itdt" al-> j u jf-ete 1 tiio cert i IK t of nemi inition of Fredenck BtunetTs t loukers the bociah-tic partj s nomiute for cou gress m the fourteenth dis trrt f ir tfip t hut the yi tinners had not signed the petition accoin pauymg the certificate Lilian Gould Acquitted (ji Oct LilunM Gould on tntl at Miuphv C charged with the m uder uf her husband has been ac quitted u u 1 u i-> m rughshmau of g jod f imi wh in u i e I beneath his sta ti jii ind npglf e e 1 i s u iff for ears For six Teats (j juld ha 1 n m America, while hi-3 v iff who w 111 1 ou a all iw nice IM rint of hifc nheitabouts w p i milted to come to him in Ge uu last Mir h wheu th couple went to Murp'u N where the) lived in i liouie in in i- i ite 1 On 7 the ce iple were "in k a id the wife in i diunki n il b J t ic husband ith a tov d n ll i f ttal wound t it Ihe wile now piopo- l f 11 thp lire GCKOI Is that impurity of the H o J w hich produces unsightly lumps or swellnes In lite neck; which causes running sores on the anus, legs, or feet, which develnpi ulcers In the eyes, ears, or nose, often causing blindness or deafness, which is the origin of pimples, can- cerous growths, or humors which, fasten- ing upon the lungs, causes consumption and death It is the most ancient of all jliaeases, and very few persons are entirely frefe from it. How Can It Be By taking Hood s Sarsapirllla which, by the remarkable cures it his accomplished, has proven itself to be a potent ind peculiar medicine for this disease If i u suffer from try Hood s-BirsiparilH "Every spring my wife and children have been troubled with scrofuh my little boy, three years old, being a tirnble sufferer Last spring he w is one mass uf aorea from head to feet We all look Hood s Sarsaparllli, and all hive been cured of the scrofula. My little boy is entirely fu P from sores, and all four of my childrt n Io N J. Hood's sarsaparilla Soldi fill PI sliforp I'reparedonlj by G I HOOD CO Apothecaries Lowell, Mass. 100 Doses One Dollar Wiluon Wholesale ana Retail Healers In best grades of LJSliIGH BITUMINOUS COM. Anthracite Coal, For Baking, Machine Works, Blast Fnrnnces, Cham Works, Rolling Mills, Our Jumbo, For Domestic nse, a specialty. Cannel Coal, For Grata West Va. Cumberland Coal, (Ihe Stokea for Steam and blackunithing, can't be beat. Wood, In all flhapoo and kinds WILSON STOKES, PHONE 147. th tlio method and itsults wlitn of IMJS 13 t iKui; it is jil< i- nit and rtfre4iing to the u 1 <u ts _c ntly jet pi miptlj en the and Bond" cli tin tera efft< tuulh <li 1 1 In id dies and mil (iius li ibitual (onstipation. iSrup if 1 igs u the only reinetlv of its liiud pro (luted, to the taste and ac to the Btomjdi, pionipt in its action and Inilv benefitiul tn its (litits, prepared oily from the mo t lualthy and ajrireable substance- its many excellent quali'iia commend it to all and 1m e in ule it the most popular kinmn Knip of I i.-i i- for sile in 50e and 81 bottles by 11 1'ihng dni_' gis-ts. Any lelu1 le dnu_i4 may not haye it on L ind pio- cure it promjitly f r one who wishes to tr) it. not accept any substitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRJP CO. SAN C4L LOUISVItlF, KY Af YlRK NY EMULSION of pure Cod Liver Oil with Hypo- phosphites of Lime and Soda la 1 almost as palatable as milk. Children enjoy It rather than- J otherwise. A MARVELLOUS FLESH PRODUCER It la Indeed, and the j little lads and lassies who take cold easily, may be fortified against a 1 cough that might prove serious, by taking Scott's Emulsion after their meals during the winter season. Beuare of substitution and imitations BLYS tzATMfilli Cream Balm tbe Pain and Inflammation, Heals the Sores, Kcstoros the of Taste and Smell. THE CURE. HAY- A particle Is applied Into each nostril and 1 agreeable Price 50 at Brugglfits by mar icglnered, 60 cents KT T BROTHERS 66 Warren at New York special Notice. The ladies will find at Walhs all the late aimals in Woolei Yarns, among highlj recommend tin, following famous favorite bianda Best impoi ttd Knitting all ivlurs, best bpanisl Yarn, in all colon, best baxonj Wool, all colois, Knitting Worb ted, all colors, imported Ziph) and uuly u very best quality Likiwise call attention to our gi and, supi rl stock ot Fall and Winter Undtr wear, Childrens' Outfjts, Chil drens' Cloaks, Coats and Hat, and Caps for the Fall wear Verj latest handsome htjles, war ranted made ot the btht material and superior woikmanship Ful Hosiery, Kid Gloves, Corsets, tint Muslin Underweai, 4e Al new goods Fine Umbiellas, in endlesi van-ety.. One lot tine Gloria Um brellafl, which selT at 50, are now selling at eost; }es, trul} cost, only 98c. Call and bo convinced. i i OPPOWIIF riTY HAIL I ll ll llf pnit o'clock n t i n tl i lu I inn A fmrlielil niii run ml i II pii t t 1 i- nvfr b) the tui elegant line and i of these garments from to T COATS I Dunt seeing them CUSTOM 1 Stocked lull ot all the novelties tor Suits, Htrcoits and trousers HEPAK'l MRN 1'. V perfect, in Sinclair, Vannost Co., Clothing Manufacturers. 39 Kast State Street. c J i .1 9 ALL ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO X'. II. i-1 'A'-J.1 JrC, i iOp., 140 PRAKL 8TRKKT, FORHvnLT HiUnTJJI TBBHfON, N J TKLSPHONK 4S2 YOS'l1 Wltl'l'ING M ACT ITN Hi. No Ribbon. a Direct Printing. Perfect Alignment. E. Challenger <fi Co., AGENTS, NO 1407 CHESTNUT STREET, Philadelphia, Pa. HFNI) FOR CATALOQUF IIAn 'Jills MAN Bought hu of AMFRTOAN AND TAILORING woold not how much thi wind whiitltd tiuongh clothing Boj. with th. but. 6E8T TAILOR-MADE CLOlHING At mach li pricr. Oar Ucdin BAMPT.E OVEWOAT8 W89, worth md oar BAMPT.K SUIlB, (12, (13 (9.98. Htmlqn-run for Ohildnn'i KHM BaiU ud Ovticuti CLOTHING MADfi TO OKDFk li ik d I right along ti-t NO. 8 dor. 8t R. EDWIN F18GHBR, Foiuierly DeinonHtrator of Operative Den- tlnUy nt Penna Collofte of Dental Sarferj, vhlUdclpbla. Removed to Eie BABT Next door to Linrery Hull and Postoffloe Teeth eitraoted painless, with out the use ol gas or ether linlnlatered also The largest ol RUPKHFINE TRFAM CHIKO1 ATE.H guaranteed tohe the finest made In the U 8 will he found at ANGKT.O CAMERA'S Fine Confectionery Store, TRRNTOH, N J Fancy FrultH. Ice CreRm, Soda Ice Crenm Hodnn, Mtlk Shaken, LviuOnBdo, Ac alwftyn on hand, and the best that can be had and made 1 entforalL Thoie are oonvenl- 8UFFF.RFRS OF YOUAUFUL Or Special Diseases, conaalt Dr. SU9 N. FIFTEENTH BT Phlla Pa Twenty yearn' eiperlence Hours, 10 A 41 till P. M 7 to 10 evenings Hend for book (nealed) tall partloalars lor home cure, li-to ol J. B, HOBEN8ACK, QOQ PHII.AIJK1.PHIA, PA The lyllng In Tonthfnl Impra- aenoe. Yonng men Mod for MedUvi Book. Sent on receipt of Oox'oltatlnn noon 8A.M. I till 1 P, M., from F. M. until I F, 01

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