Friday, October 3, 1890

Trenton Times

Location: Trenton, New Jersey

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Trenton Times, The (Newspaper) - October 3, 1890, Trenton, New Jersey Hi4-III 011 VOL. VIII. NO. 2430. TKUNTON, FRIDAY AFTKKNOON, OCTOBRK 3, 1890. TWO CIVIL SERVICE MEN MEET. Busings oft is National League at Bos on tilt HI I Oil PHI 'iIIH N I lli 1 II V 1 I ti 1 h ill 111. Ih it I t II! 1 t tV I ll II IM M I t 111 I 111 I I 1 i I VH! II till- 1 I III Jin inn nt I I ilitj lu (umpi-UUmi I i n j i IK i ii il nu, tl i S ill HI il I ivtl s, M Ktfuim ill I 1 ist mil i In 11 r u In tl i- U i li i Its i 11 mini-, it th 1'iiM.r Ii l t i s le nm le I 11 n ,e u ii 11 l li t s f 11, Ihcjl l Russ 'l 'V u l' "il 11') I olllkc n -1 s lie MI V i s j J u lj n prcsilent f i is. i, dr Smut s tfl mu.itrst in 1 Ihe full m ics In t i is re id 1 1 li i! u N Ihi N Hi llll Civil 11.1 H f i i I i, 11. i il i tl c i i lij till i i it b u i t ji n f >im 1 In mbtr4 ut 1 I i I h t infil I tin i I u ie s th f L t M r U i 111 lilt- Ul UL Utl 1 >SV I 1 i 11 in J Ii i ij M iun i n nl i i I h Ii t_ it H il i H li s it N tt t tin Mi U M (I !JU ft! 1 I f t t (IT M I I -tl iUifl llflil S in s i i h i L i i in Lonuiiis i i a 1 in i t i in f t; i i i t i 4 It i 1 t re i n 1 il i I i sit hi i rm in fiu-, ti u i t ia iu i j t It Hit i i u uiun the uL II t i n i i i hoi t i i ll l It 1 O i pi l Hi LIIL ill q t 11 1 U l J t t UK IpitS Of K f mi I in )f t i ItaJinK j jui uI-> 1 I Lit I p il lll> C n tl n' i niiU ai i ih rt i cilt fui 1 at L j il met in u 1 r-t n m in tue i Uiuiiut cml KL i i-fuiin tj the f i 1 i t of bht I isii it is i h i du.1) LJ rt-tniul tilt cjuntrj uf the i i i 1 the s i W ul p nl it t 1 H( tl klltl ll 1 (tlJll (ill 1 tO II >U h i tht sc pk ti ivt been kept Ih 1 _, jf tht i limni'ti i i jn were 1 h it r f m f the civil c u i i ju-ili begun Miuuli b L 1 IjV Iht fU t vl i L m of tlH r r i in l j ill rtr idfs of the st Rt _i ll 'I '11 fmJ u.r a s >ill ot m all u ti t n n i in 1 1 u it all liws at with t! i1 j t if tut t xi-. uig reform a t v i i i b repL t t- 1 1 i L !_, s Oten ir i i 1 LI f> in m his not been exLeiuKtf __N t n] I nijt tin pin, >w of i form beta ouservc i iu all e d iMiLmniM but the) h ofteu bucn i j 1 i I Hit la v1) at a net with rtfor 11 1 It nu not bet i r pmit. 1 nor ha t b t i m> prupj itioii for rcpt il A U tills i K il c H llpt Of tin Ii t_ J IL r K its u i h with the resu'ts of tht ci isim i ljeinl this di-sre- gui 1 )f the-e pnuciplti lnle holding that the ol should be iu appoiutmf, olhcera subject oiily to a aoun distietion the als lioldy tha uo opyoptunit foi changes iu the public service which re not politic tl for reasjua partisan should be permitted It therefore urges all friends of lUtirmlo press upou public attention aud congress the repeal the laws pre rprrns of -office. Places w, nch are uot political, and which are tilled b> appointment should be vacated except by death or ition, only by the deliber ate act of responsible appointing officers after fair opportunity of explanation or denial of chaises a measure of relief from one of the worst abuses of the spoils sjatem the league the principles and ob jects of the bill introduced into congress during the present session to regulate the appointment of fourth class postmasters, by causing their selection to be made with our regard to political interests and opm ions Competition on Equnl TeruiB The leaOn-inn its un- swerving fidelity to the American and democratic principle of the equal light of citizen to aud to compete on equal term for appointment tu office, without the necessity ot asking aid from party friends or politic il kadira flho JJtiflalo asso( i Uiou invited the league to meet next }e tr in ti it city It was voted to accept the invitatiuu unless the execvtne committee shouul Und it vianble to where DtstingnUhed Mi u on the Cnnmitteeg >.KH Out At the nuoting of the trustees of the Pialxd} educational fund the following st indnig t miimtties wtie appointed committee, ex President Ilajes, lion J UHLH D Porter, Chief Justice lullir Hnn Uilham A Cnurtnena} Hun Hobu L ex oflitin finance coiismlitu Htn Willmm M J I1 in Ifjlinil V 1 v Praai dent Cleveland Anthony J Drt Hon Randall L dibson and the treasurer Mr Morgan ex olUcio Hun J L Cuir> was unanirnousl) re elected genual agent and J Pienepout Morgan was it, ileettd secretarj Iheothei ofucers of list jear subject to rt- election were re elected ttv frm ii luted Hum PittcJi'i Jump PROMDtME (Jet noon Patrick Devlin bv uuj of emulating the historic jump f Sam Patch some faixty ago dived fioin the parapet of the Pavvtiuket bridge into the scathing waters below find upon rtappe umg on the burface sw un safely to the shore amid the theera of the assembled thousands Ky OcU limn the negro shot and killed iJicy Millir another at Princeton Kj was taken from jail at that 1m e bj a in jb early m the morning aud 1 Miller was 'be. second man that Hunii hud ALLEGED TRAIN WRECKERS IN COURT Harrington Arrested for Perjury TI101 Oct drowns police court NH.S crowded at, un when the case of Michael Klernnn the nlh get! train wrecker was called at 10 o clock District Attorney itttej nod Attorney Delehanty appeared for the people and Kiirmii was repreHented h> LawyerH Ludtlen of thla city an 1 Meegan, of Albanv Cam was also piisent and was represente 1 bj 1 jhn '1 Norton Master Workman Lee ind a large delegation of knights also appi arid Superintendent F A HarnriKton tin i m plamaut aud on whose bworn statement Klernan was arrested was the fust He was cross examined bj Mr I udden, and his testimony elicited the fart that ho had knowledge that the l riso- nerwanm an} manner connected with the Bpikmgof the Wateivhet suiU h or uasat an Albany hotel on that night andhisonl) knowledge wis hcarsaj batkfd up on the statements of Pinktrton Htimpi an 1 Blssell It WHS not until several d the accident that he heard xwssns pected of the crime Cain was pi iced on the stand as a t ness Mi Norton refused Uj answer anv m i le U] lilt 01 I defendants cjiinvl us te-' i u stricken out as i miatuul In i ,t Grogan John H I obeli I r w i t ness to Cain s allc uli niftssi i s present but his lesti m IH d 1 lunnHteriil a il was i all i Ii I UoMcn then a keU c mil to ll l, ind aUo f i the tin t f Mi 1 11 minion f jr j eijnrj Juste (ji i cl tli it it h 1 11 n (i e led t i i It secure i st i >riaj er he w u l i i e his (Jcclsion until he had s t u d j jf U L Ujotltti ,u} anil il lif n d n ]j inn Ti case until a wick fruin i i_> A Hlg Tinni 1 1 UU C umpanj Pm-H iu (Jit I 1 is si Hid 01 g 1 aeuhont) ti it e i-tern eupit ih h i ganued it iju ip t il tor the p u pose of conductln, the i miss of ni unit .during tinned i 1 lies 11 c U a 1 qtllitirTiif the Wl 1 be it LI i [l more it will run its own tin mines and will trj to control the in tinue I ll tride will beeredel n I AtjOlller UJfiSffCi jJFTTi of 1'nglishmcn will in a few weeks the erection of a tinned pi itc pi ut ai Duei 11 bile ten miles east of Pitisburg The Monuong In Arizona WASHIM.TOS Oct d-N O Murpln, acting of Aruona 1 is made an extended report of the condition of the lei ntorv to the secretarj cftheiu euir Ihe population of the terntjiy molheialU guenj is or In Inns an! residents of mllitan reserv iti ins i i H gam in ten }tdrs, 19 iW) llie M jrm n- number one fifth of the total p i ui n and others are coming in from Ii tho Ht recommends that congress make the Idaho test oath applicable in Arizona to prevent the territory from being Mclmjuized Three Killed on a Grossing M Qiie- Oct 3 While Mrs Dostaler wifeofDr Dostaler oftlnsjii e was across the Cauauiin Pi in ti ic, s m a carnage lu-tlf Mi-, Piche Miss Heroun aneltwochildpeii about "i years tiiBiCirri i-strjck lj) a freight trim and all thi c la lies were ntty killed iliihln.ii cs i, t 1 injlllj Hin He 111 LHei illy Blown O I KIM SHIN N Oct V-i I) ill is li w is accilentallj slut b his b otl ei in law Chailes Si ite 1 lit. out ne ir Gardiner His he i! w is literati} blow n oil Tim Tumhed Him for 810 000 Pm-H f Oct F K (T i d ner an cna vc luinl tr dm n ui liu lrr Pa was returning from r st Inn pool O to some me h uresse 1 Jbrukemen cajkd out Goi finer started for tire door, hut wts mi mediately jammed into a coinei 1 v sev eral men He apologized to one of them After the city was reached Ganlnei fomd lie had too soon His pocket book cont lining OtK) had been stolen by the men HMS a HypoTilte BuudKlliN Oct d-Addition il chirks of larceny and one of foigery haie bi en biought agunst Joseph I Da) Ir the real estate and Metimiyed widows whose claims nggrevate 000 promised to make it wailn foi him if he is ever captured WHIU prominent mem- ber nt St Paul s Mi tho list chui chin Srnilh BrooKljiiandassuperiuleniUiit of the s in day school fin mid a ciicle of fueiu s an I M li i in THE THUNDERER SNEERS American Aid for Ireland Said to fie a Pol'tical Pht v nu 1111 i HI inits llll I hi e Illi I I il i h iliiliu 111 I 1 t Ihul I ill il llu X, 11.- S ill llll ll I I i in 1 In H n n h u U In I in I i I- rnlshi s Un nl 1 I I 1 i 1 i IT le f n IF i t i r n rnlunin Ir III 1 I I 1 M II I If f the t in me in lie! in 1 s i c in iTstnc lliH in i ill ins in 1 J ir tci fill i I I i w l i i milt f nu U tl f nun i Ih il I lie) h 1 i t HI (ill li sh tf h is not I be t 1 1 I h le o ll lu I ht oliilnli of i 1 H s I peiT in 1 th -e ate i ot bt r s L T HlxdLu lor sons [in i th tl 111 method I mil Ihe j filMthe la ci-iuU 1 m ii quen M i i tl inti I i eim, [Her atur it itb spit i i msistiiiM I i- f tne f tl is untn IM k i t ai 1 Is 11 i le in 1 i 11 sists n: tr it Ii in I l1 i h tn f i lesl i i ill m IM i 1 ha 1 bt l) i( jn 1 i I 1 u I) il I n w is alrea t Ihe i] l i! I i i 11 'i) i 1 i t p M r wh .illy d STI 11 If' ml re it linl un and kn t b> ties ol I 1 HI 1 trtmlslnp and poliuca alllan t t Ih L nite 1 Btates it ISilluIn >ot ImlilUTviit. Ih uilh r-> if tins remarkable mani- festo in tint f s rish haste t j antieijj ite the e men who pt rhap1 in Iielaud or eaten an Irish potato topniou of Ulead Ihe-M Junes Gizette rnminenls- in Bueering main cr upou the in Ameni i to e-t ibhsh i fund foi the relief of famine sutftiers in Ireland It sajs tb emtiit IT oimplj a dod0e to sccuie the Irish Ihe Pal1 Mall G izetto rebukes Thi Times fji its article denying that the dltlon of 11 eland as to" warnnt r hensi ns of a scarcity of food Iheitazette i KS Does Jackfaon's airj seamier Balloiu s plaei 1 absence from Iiclind or tne eager scepticism of Ihe Times that theie is no famine m Ireland Ihe Dill) News sajs KverytrueEn gllshuian h nors the liberal hearted men ofAmerei But true fcnghshman must feel ashamed ot his own ineut which ib onl) odering Ireland coer cion while strangers are offering hei BARBARITY IN INDIA A Brutal Iltisbitil Forcibly Curries O9 His Ten leu Old Wife LONDO Oct i I uijish rule in India Is prospert us mil nell established and the natnes appear eouteuted, although there is a stroi agitation on for a native Indian pirhimcut m winch both states -and peoj IMS! nil b" repieaent-ed Auother movement th t is b nig powerfully urged by intelligent Hindoos is for a reform m the man iws lemiles ale mauled in infant, i I tli I t iko them home wmle hty me children Gil it stieiij, h as b en idded to the agitation for lelorm 1 iieeelit eelilieui in CiltnttH A Hin 1 j wl hid been mm en si t w is a bibe4 month'old obji tt I s Mill ush when tliehnsbind emit) 1 in i her at the igp of 10 y is 111 h i-1 i I mi i tied tlie n i ne p ice 11 'ill the gnl w is bt me 1 f i 1 I] u hlle liPi f tther in 11 h i II I Ml' i tin d il f i the hilt I ll 11 l i Ul' (Us i m 11, i h 1 iw i 1 IH mile! llie lollowing day the girl lull w is dead of the inhuman husband Ihe lattei was inestidTm a n of mu tin fcut nothing could be I against him und he was cleared. I is now sixt) j ears since the burning of widows with their dead husbands was iniolishcii in India, but much more remains to be accomplished to redeem women from their dcgnded condition A DlHliirrtd Attorney Shot BOSTON Oct loner aged 41, of No 7 Charlestown street, was iliot and piobibly fatally wounded m Hay market siiuaie by an Italian named John Gaz zolo of 177 Blnckstone stieet Toner, whi was finierlyn. member of the Suf folk b u wist muled s M ui ui Mat km nl ii] n M, thc Lutl a d s n ,1 iiitii of i Ihe jenrs ti I l n ut (hi tnnn Why Royal Baking Powder is the Hcsi. "The Koyal Baking Powder is absolutely pure, for I have so fonnd it in many tests made both for that company and the United States Government. I will go still further and state that, because of the facilities that company have for obtaining perfectly pure cream of tartar, and for other reasons dependent upon the proper proportions of the same, and the method of its preparation, the Koyal Making I'owder Is undoubtedly the Purest and most reliable baking powder offered to the public. "HENRY A. MO IT, PH. D." LMt United Staffs Government cipciic i i n l i al r wits i u tor ol tl lie I I I i 1 i brothel t 1 J hi mil t ilt latloi aud 1 on i the 11 h is I 111 fur BOmu I M u s l K t ll l i ilieged had In ei ll) tint Uei e 1 h loner t life Tim int I nliin M I I iidil I (INI l I 11 e N ill, iswork ers uni n his Si n an 1 i il 1 union Gashjit u 1 C ke c i si all i Inj only uni n me i 1 i w il 1 t ill upon Ihe t mpan) s rs tt to receistj tin ir icsponsi ihi. lit maud Tile ton HIIV h is a a; I KXJ 000 and diu) 11 00 m i ti i ih. r i v LlMH li K Ot I i in sei ue oe curietl in tin 1 nmi 1- i t n meet Ing when a m lion ot r ll I p peiar) mi sis w i u d [le motion w is Ilnall) 1 tills jppo Dents n n i w 1) esc ipi I 11 0 t je le i fiom the mectni.. Th-py {Jet i Vothhig tion styled Ihf Miituil I lit u soelntion started here w it 1 in il i lui smi hir to the one m Jlur iU Syracune un lei tht 11 a e'uw which allows <Iulw to estabh-n (or benefit of its meml) rs 11 e s 1 erne is En h member pays- Mo i nil i and per me nth clues lie n in tiie trt- tsiirv is pal 1 t im i i r N j 1 the secon 1 f 1 oiiO to No 2 it UtH a mt m her s Ins ?I he an withlraw lie scheme is looked jn ly mam here ae a sw mdle and the asso a u n s plans are exp ised bj 1 he Post Lx] res, 1 here is no per i anent fund and the qn -ti n awses win refill members up m the high uuin bers their momy denee ceases and the iss It H b 1 to be a 1 bers under numbt rs i members now in tin i y.nsiHiui ii in LONDON Ort the ehuieh cjt socialist situation thc L.I and othei leading tjin l to declare that Hie m t Is the statement made, I to the Iron and Vec 1 c i L that America has rpa I tho greatest iron -pr-i i i world Ihe I significance of this fa it es I 1 t mense n cai i ig. i h future i l i p ibhc confl Jiigjtsuueler 1 t me ft r mem- 1 here are 150 l n here mt I hue I mes Gazette r ss Un German t laboi troubl J s t f the day i uportaut news r Jim Kitaon ess 111 New I ti t i usition of on in the 1 i s_m.on- the I It J.jrcs that i i i the im l y, to her If you have made up r nu id to Hood s Sarsaparilla do i t i u to t ne any other ABostmljh en worthy hmtition, tills hi l c n itHon In_one iloia where 1 uu_u 1 Ilm i Sarsapartlla tne cleric tn d t i me 1 uy thn 1 t Indldii would last longer, that I imtl 1 1 iki it t n ten lo Cct dajs trial, that It I did not lit t it I need not pay anj-ttilng etc But he c ud m t pr 1 1 on me to change I t iAM01II) II Ts' OKClll-IltA IlmJ Mini I 111 intl Qulti r tiiuirlelte Mis K I V SANFOKI) inprnn i Hnr) nid Vliilln Miss f I OHII I HAM OHH VoiKllst lorn II I mill f n for 11 N KNTH tuitseTtra Open (rom 10 In 1 V M i to j and lo 101' H AiImTflfilon 1 refrrveil Reulw 2ri cts TiokiitR on sale lit I he 1 ibrary ril lHE ALHAMIIRA. 26 NORTH WARREN BTRKKT IRKNTOR, N J UPDFGKOVK liRITS, PropriotoMi 1 Ii i m II 1 a 1 lesulta -alien M ,1 i t I 5 n I il in, it n pkits 1 ii in slminr to (lit. an 1 tuts nt jet pinmpth on die I und linuls eh in- s tin i in cf'i 'ttnlh, ,1 Is i Ins anil anil tuns habittml t n-tipation Sirup (f I igs is the i h jiniidy of its kind ever pro I mil, jile ising to the taste and ac <t iitttUle to the fctniiuvch, -prompt in its aitiou and truh btnefitial m its ti's, pieiiaied from the most In i tliv and agrepalile substances it in un excellent (juahties tommend it to all and hue made it the mosl popul ir iLine U known ot l-i_'s u for sale in 50c and SI buttkb In all leading drug gists Any reliable druggist "who may not have it en hind pro cure it promptly for any one whu to try it. LJ nut accept any substitute, CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAN CAL LOUISVILLE K1 At ROT H t pccial Notice. The laches, ill fiml at Walhs' all tliu late annals in Woolen Yarns, ainontr rec-ornmtnil tht following kinous Drandb" Beat mipoitLilGtimail Knitting Yam, in all colors, best Spanish Yarn, in all btst Saxom Wool, all colors, Knitting Wors- ted ill folois., mipoited Zephyr and Zejilijr Gtinuntowii only in best Likewise c.dll utti-iitioii to our ijrand, supi ib htotk ot Fall and Winter Under- (liilclrc.ui' Outfats, Clnl- clrtns' tloaks, Coats and Hats and Caps ioi the Full wear. Yin latfst handhome shies, the-best materials" and -upcuor workmanship Fall TCicl CoibOts, fine Uiukrwear, Ac AL All Fine Umbrellas, in endless One lot fine Gloria Um- bicllab, which sell at 50, we are now selling at cost; }es, truly cost, onl) 98c. Cali and be I OPPOSITE CITY HALL At the Fair The White Cycle Co will exhibit that linn flrnmip ties, the Colum L'e'1' R er Sllfety lbp VlctorSafely the Swift Hafety and aconipletelliie of I adks Men s liojs and Qlrls Safeties A SAFETY WITHOUT A CHAIN rank motion) Ihe Itroncho, noiseless minUsN sftfety Our space Is In the new Mm hiuery Hall Building The largest ol SUPERFINE CM AM t rturuj guttiHiilfed lu the flnesi made In the II S will be found at ANGK.T.O Fine Confectionery Store, EI5O-AJD N J Fancy Fruits, Ice Creflm, Water, Ice Cream bodas, Milk Shaken, Lemonade Ao, always on band, and the beat that can be had find maJe These ure tnvtf T, ftco wnvcuK ent for all The Real Estate, Safe Deposit, Trust and Investment Co., 2SOLD.42S 1ST A Xil TRKNTON N J Iransactd a general hanking business Allows interest on cash deposits, subject to heik at sight Rontg boxes of various zes in its fire and pro if vaults, tho renter exclusively l! oi ping the key Aits ss Agent for collecting rents rarl for purchase or sale of real estate l-xtcutos trusts of every description, as I1 iccntor, Administrator, Guardian, TrUB tfe etc 1 oanb money on mortgage and on col atual te for C heque Bank of London luques for sale, good in all parts of the world, HUOH H. HAMIIL, President LlTrlF, Vice President ABA I1 IK l KM Secretary BABKFR CiiiMKRF WIIUAM O MDOEE Cashier DIBKCTORg. Hngh H ITumlll, T N Adams, Barker G immnre Esq Harry Vogem, Gummore, Jr, Buchanan, Wwili'n A Koehling, Owen U Looks, II 8 Little, L B Hindoo, Meredith Dickinson, J R Ouklll, Edward Grant Cook, Edmnnd 0 Hill, William 8. Yard, Albert CUrton IAII AKMANIIOO-i mm m Du m and Abunp, w LoltVtfor kBd Vftrlcoceleearid PkrtieaUrftd, Hiw Home TrefctlM fTM kid If ftlld rc'y I'raC II s. 1T4 HI., N. V. il MOST APPETIZING EASILY DIGESTED. 1'' X 1X 1! n-ss rendeis their cocoa easy of 'Vstl "1 1 I i n the highest Iccjree its dehcioui u in i It is m Hesh former, Jifty percent greater "BEST GOES FARTHEST. l ''Mo reined UHd 1. .A. pnr. I Intiiittd und ,i lilfd In HolUnd End I. to b.u.r ..4 i, ,.nl numrruu.lrallutlon. In I w rl el-it.ll... ,h.i d n iir tirti umlitiei. Unjeit ul< In r 1 k f r AN H tv UKt S THEH. Umbrella and FALL AND WINTER i I NTcJ. Saturday, Aug. 30. CORRECT STYLES. 15 State Btniot. UNI DOI LAR I OH ONI 1 All Li tla method uj liu h al conducted business, and made it a -unc.-- c [in o-e and do ifive customer for dollai in lotlniu and a companion in QUALITY, MAKING, 1'HIt'K with any other house in or wut-ut tin, titv, J-ili4i- tKida In, satuAtd cannot be undci-dld on H'all Overcoats, Dapo u I AND OVERCQAiS OF ANY DESCRIPTION. Clotlnni; m w and tic-h toi 1 ill aud Winter Fine Clothing to nicaouie one o! mu lalttt-. Full Dresa Suitb ready made. Sinclair, Vannoat Co., 39 First Floor and FAST 39, 41 and 43 Second Floors EAST STATE c i i ALL ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO X1. XX. Jf i- J. iOV I4O PKAItL BUCK-KIT, IKLI HiMrioH STBirr TBH-TUH, N., rgfcBFHOHB 438 YOST WlilTING No Ribbon, Direct Printing. Perfect Alignment Challenger Co., NO HOT niraTNin i rnEhp Fhlluili Iphln I'll HFNI1 FOR KVr-lU ONb SHOUIUaLb lill' slue KOI- TJCORICR IN OF Broad Street Pharmacy. A lOc. STICK t OK 5( [he finest Chewing Gum Unit Is mil U is the tiamoH Brand, ut FITZGEORGE'S, Corner Bmncl Mtikrt S r cts stokes 3 Ht tail Dealers lu best Ki atlen of LEH1GH AND BITUMINOUS COM... Anthracite Coal, For Baking, Mmhuie Works Blunt Chain Works- Kolliuy MilN, ffC Our Jumbo, For Domestic nne, n Bjwnnlty Coal, For Of in West Va Cumberland Coal, (The Stokea muif) for and blnckBruithing, t ht bent Wood, In all shapes and kinds WIT.SON STOKKS, PHONE 147 881 The United Ice Co Wholesrie J flj OiilC- 8 W COB STATE AND MONTGOMKRY wA P. O Box TKLKPHONK Stations for delivery Willow street, opposite Bank, and Hmn UUiU PAi'UONIZB HOME AND BUT THI Trenton Watch. Ihe most reliable watch for the money. (.all and see the large at I I I II. I i. 1 v I w ri' K THE BKI.'ABI 120 Perry Stroot, Opposite JLrfotljr M R unuroh. J. M. ATWOOn, SncoMnor to HoDanlelt it Smllk, DIALER 18 Game, COUNTRY PRODUCE 1'RTJHS. i

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