Saturday, August 23, 1890

Trenton Times

Location: Trenton, New Jersey

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Text Content of Page 1 of Trenton Times on Saturday, August 23, 1890

Trenton Times, The (Newspaper) - August 23, 1890, Trenton, New Jersey VOU VIII. NO. 9399. SARGENT FAVORS FIGH1. Labor Leaders in Session at Terre Haute, Ind KMOrH IS fl EKfc DISCHAttGEI) Webb at the Central's Alleged ho State Itourd of Arbitration Working tu Htive Trouble Settled Webb Ai.uiu IlefuHea to Arbitrate NEW Aug Commisslonei last tuning sent the following letter to ILL PrtHident tbb DEAH Sin Ithavingt me to the knowledge ol the state I uiird of n td atioii aud arbitration that u.uot] er Btillu is t-etfously threatened oil the Hue of jur L mpuiij I am Instructed by the board to tommumtate with you and Juiiit tuuftreiiLtj ki Ihe offices of you! ooniiauy aud riprosootatlveB ol four with a view of devising meaiid cttliei Ij aibi ration or such other raeth od as nmy br Tiiutuallj- aftrtod wlteteby the threau ne-i hope tiiat either arbitration 01 Buch other ti xli m iy ba agreed upon as will hate effect RecoKniziaj? In you an officer of ih state an i assuring you that we fr m tl e nlug Iwti willing and anxious BUbnilt the i to 3 our board for I am very truly j urn T POWDESLX What Mce PreKldent Webb Ihe fi lluw_iug letter is Vice President Webb M rtpl) to Commissioner DEAJI I 1 ave recen ed jour letter of thU date As is known to jou ami to the public a large t umbfr f t erh us recently and suddenly quit the st-tvice of thin c uiedua in mj to anoccurience and if the constituted authorities prevent law lens interference w ith our operatives I do not anticipate any mterrui tlon of traffic For tlic reabOBB-tt oocma to me anl to have theconfeience suggested by you H ALTER W ERB Men Were Discharged Mr was also interviewed at some length on the situation He said "No man has been discharged by this company because he was a h-iilghi of Labor or a member of an> other labor organization This company has discharged men, irre- spettneof their membership in the order of the Knights of Labor for drunkenness, incapacity, breach of duty, msubordina tion and for lack of sufficient work to em ploy them and it will continue to do so whenever proper occasion arises The peo pie of this state granted to rhis company its franchise and made it obligatory upon it to render certain services to the public, and provided that all its duties, including the emploj ruent and discharge of all classea of ageuta siiuuhl br- t-oiformed by oortam officers and Us officers do not propose to surrender abandon or transfer the dis- charge of these duties or any part of them, to an} one except their duly appointed sue cessors _ Against Pilvate Ariuy." Ihe development of thestrikajs a mass meeting to express the sentiment of the people of New YorV against the ex- istence of Pinkertoii's private army" and in behalf of the right of citizens to organ izc A meeting was held last at which arrangements were made for the demoiistritiou to take place next Tuesday evening I lie meeting was instigated by the Itadioiil club .Among the vited are 1 Samuel Gompers, Robert G Ingersoll, J J Holland and Roger A Pryor A personal canvass of labor organization in the city waa arranged for to insure the success of tha demonstration Hbftt Staiute rrovldtB. When a reporter asked Mr Donovan -what the state board of arbitration would do if the Gtutral persisted in its refusal to arbitrate he replied e can only proceed to the extent of our power as un der the statute creating the state board This statute is as follows 1 When aRtrike oi lockout shell occur or Is so riously threatcnii g in any pail if the state and shall come to the knowledge of ih( board tt shall be its duU and it is h ieb> directed to proceed as noon as practicable to the locality of t-uch strike or lockout and put itstlf in communlca tion with the pai tips to the controversy and en deavorby mediation to eflxet an amicable uettle- atidlf fiiIts jiilgnient, It is deo IIP 1 b- t i u i i ji tl or ti cuntr r j 1 ll e bourd in ei e i I j i i e in ptl thoii att i 1 i te (i I i 1 s iti i papers t 1 Le i i r i t t j H oa puvht 1 I) ill I j dj, i thereof 1 St ttt Mn> 1m t il_ If And will the 11 tu t 11 i_eei though tht, raili M 1 nij HIIJ does not wnut it u abide its re- aultsv i hat emK m rny s 1 huvo I ed tho if n> so far to the buuid un 1 l! l) i tuo mem bera on the strength ol tlm i iv leter mine to come duwn 1 an 1 j in me rKKNTON, SATURDAY AFTKKNOON, AUGUST 23, 1890. DASHED DOWN 10 DEATH TWO CKNTB AI It- Iu 1 Aiu i[ u1'1 not be the fault oil tank P buigtun irduttu any deficient) u bin p f iu uusicm if every emplujo of the "n rk eiitral railruatl wuu is a intuit (i of tl orders ulmiUhtd wilh tht Ii tiittioit oi Kttilruud L mi lojo d n jt Ii id 1 miseH enrolled under tl e I in it r ol tt linkers bj sundown to fiie graiul nmskr X The ii f! iluol of L comotne hiri.mui n irh i 1 n en nmj? with JIM tumH iullj in nh up tluit. tht, of the situ ill d n anded htrok action Irn null it 1> u] n his ar rual he nut b> dr ui 1 S r t i'j Lu gent, Uflw and the two ha 1 a confer P r f m pr Rn I lira dlliuU U H f n Dtbs hunted up fu rtc II ward the Kiand jrinef of tin Br jthorhoi <1 of Con ductors and Gran 1 M ist I ram men Debs piloted them to UN resi lence, where for three h it u 11 I e bv.ed up >n the ground that th< nt flight 11 out of capital t_ nn-t ized labor This was expre'-sl) statr 1 1 Grind Master hargtnt He is thoi that in striking at tht Ki ts of Labor Mr and his ass iatt are iuau pirating a war upon the of or gani7ed libor and that should the knight-J yet the worst of the fljjit h stihtifs would be inauguriUd i list the engineers firemen conductors, I rakemeu and switchmen ebb sal I Sargent t ikes the ground that no one has the t< question his actions In mj mttruew with 1 im I isked him whether supposing i flrein in w is dis missed without canst and is he consid to trur superintendent of motive power and was unable to obtain tic n th it he then appeiled to his ordt-r would I be ghen ifeuKiiitini 1 Mi b lepheil blnntlj that the omnals (f the ro id wem fullj able to settle all siu h umltfrs them sehes His manner ind st} le full) con Tinted me that m su h a nsp J m_actiou would be just the same as it h is been to ward nnd P I Mr Fowderlj 1 ulogiztd 'I had never met Powderh until tho preh< nt trouble but 1 nn tli ir jughlj con that bt is hoi eht rtud fair, that this trouble IH not of his i w n seeking and that if Mr dis- position to treat him fur i the limghts of Libor noti d 1m o been bat k to work be fore this 11 e present situ itn n has been forced on him I he artily indorse e t he lias d nt n tfjp rj c me--up to'd'iy so ir flctron we shall Utke regarling the request of Powderl) for assistance for that is tl e fui in in which the m ittex mil Itself It is not a question as to much beef is buried on the urk Central but win ther organized libjr fchill be crushed and buried to boot Thty Go with e ma) differ upon mm r questions of polic} todaj but man of us is fully in witn ljow decision is reached will be b) unanimous Ihe importance of inter lew rests m tbe t u t that m jre than half of the of the supre ne council h already exprc-S ed thur coufi lence In s judgment ml their willingness to a 0d 0 Vug Ji V correspond cut of the- I ulteel Press c died upon P M Artliur grand chief of the Brotherhood ol Locoinothe Engineers; and asked him ho intended to loin the nlnttsr nf Mr Powderly 8 letter heretofore publish eel Letters purporting to be from cer tain individuals said Mr Arthur, are sometimes published, and it afterward transpires that the alleged authors did not write them, and sometimes that they were not written at all W uile there Is no rea son to disbelieve that Mr Powderly wrote the addressed to me I have no per sonal knowledge that he wrote it I have received uo direct rntnmnnicatinn from Tilnr IfwoTiKf be very uQtleeomtllg-roi' me to discuss- 01 reply to such a communi eation before I posithel) received it Iherefon nothing to say atlout it If Mi Powderl) writes me a letter on that or an) other subject it will be promptly It ought not to be necessary for an) body to inojure how the Brother hood of Engineers stands in regard to strikei J hat has been declared in print anil otherwise hundreds of timei Vnnhicora Minding Their Onn Kuslnes) Mi Arthur spoke with grtat dehbcra tion aud apparently to conceal any leeliag one na> or another he may have in regard to the strike and the course of the engineer1! in regud theieto Con tinning Mr Arthur said nnd I know of no wa) of putting It stronger tint up ale minding our own business and mil continue to do so 1 notice Ponderly romp] uns- that engineers are acting us firemen and taking the placi of strikers word or notice of this has hern recehed by me In f ict, our position in the whole trouble is thoroughly in U pendent I know nothing moie of tho stnke than what has been published in the pipers I was not consulted or adtiid of the nil in in the beginning andthtrcfm hau no interest in it only so far as I am In with all classes who arc trvniR to hi tter their condition The engineers will s-tiIke only on their own n nd by the Awful Fate of Sightseers at Reading, Pa. CONDUIOH UETTBH'8 HtROISH. Faltlifully but Irnltleulr StralnliiB at the Uneleii linikes He Died lit Hla Fust. Four PerBuns Killed uitd Nearly a Score Scenes READING Pa Aug <3 accident on the Mount Peuu Gravity railroad in this city Frldu) killed four people and injured nearly a score The road end re lea Mount Penn and rises 800 feet above thin city and IB five miles long When the c irs reached the top of the hill they became detached In some wa) and ran down the steep incline at the rate of eighty miles an Tiour and were upset at the bottom I tilted Charlon -Rsttow, con- ductor aijedS? Edgar M lawyer, I nged 40 Miss Rosa Heiffer aged 82, all of Reading Miss Harriett Hinckle, aged 83, of Philadelphia, A List of Dead Injured Ihe following Is a correct of the wounded Mrs William A H Schmehl, badly cut and suffering with concussion of the brim she cannot recover William Schmehl both legs badly fractured and will probably die Mrs bchitler terribly mangled and unconscious Miss Kate Ho- rttaQ seriously hurt about tbe head- Misses Bessie and Katie Kelly nieces of Miss Homan both badly Injured Cor nelius Hanlon, of Allentown, suffering with concussion of the brain Mrs Cor nelius Hanlon of Allentowu badly cut and bruised Miss Sallie Bye of Wilming ton Del injured and uncon sclous Miss May (jUthne, of ilmluktcm Del head cut but not dangerously Mrs Arnold Lewis of Alleutowu, left wrist broken Miss teller of Allentown daugh- ter of a prominent merchant of that place, badly hurt about the head and chest Mrs Smith of Allentown skull fractured and will die now at St Joseph s hospital Mrs Cooper of Allentown cut in left temple and about the eje her baby was also se- verel) injured Mrs Schitter and Mrs, Cooper with her baly in her arms jumped from the car during Its descent, and were found by Harry Browu of Philadelphia, who had leaped from the car soon after it on its run, hut escaped without injnry Belplega on the Incline The ill fated open oar, with about twenty passengers left the gravity station and was pulled to the top of MountrPeun 1 200 feefalxne the sea level, "by a It is customao to stop at the summit to allow passengers to view the scenery but this was not done crwing to the brakes not working properly When the engine stopped wrthin 500 fcot of the summit to ran back to push up the car it was noticed that the brakes were not working and the CRT was held m place by blocks placed at the wheels The trato hands then set to work to fix tho brakes and thought they had done so properly 1 hey then reported to Engineer Kendall that all was right and the car was then pushed up to the summit and left to go alone as usual by gravity on its journe} around and down the mountain to the place of starting Ihe engineer saw at once that the car could n t be controlled by the brakes and that it as going at a fearful speed He startt 1 'ils engine in pursuit but could not overtake the car vrhroh was down the grade, increasing its velocity every second Moments of Awful Horror Conductor Rettew told his passengers the crew could not control the car and that they could jump if they wished, but that he would stick to his past Three young men had already leaped from the car and reached ground safely By this time the car had bounded around the north Horseshoe curve and Its npppd he came frightful Passengers became panic stricken and to jump meant instant death or frightful maiming Soon thp par was at its height of speed Passengers crouched to the floor to avoid the rush of cold air through the open car Some women shrieked others prayed, children cried and men stood with blanched cheeks At one time two men wanted to jump, but their wives and chil dren clung to them and held them lick He Died at Hll Post begged the people tojbe cool and not toiavwvjhat there was hope the car would slow up on the lowerlevels But it did not The car sped on with ter rifle velocity Another mile and Brake man Helter jumped for his life and landed on his back badly hurt His example was followed by Mrs Nathan Schitler and Mra JJooper, of A'lenfnwn Tbpj on their heads and rolled over and over The other passengers on the car witnessed this hoiilblenceue and many began to call on God to help them Conductor now alone at the Brakes workina franti cally but he could do no good The Moun tain picnic grounds were passed with a whirl and people saw the blood curdling sight but could render no assistance "VVorEmen run off but failed For eight minutes this awful jour ney dowu the mountain continued until finally Conductor Rettew saw the cemetery curve, short and sharp In sight He knew this meant certain death, yet he remained at his_post A Deadly The next instant the car reached the curve, and with one terrific leap it bound ed off the rails and went crashing dowu a fifty foot embankment, breaking off trSes fifteen inches in diameter like twigs, turned bottom upward and fell upon the horrified passengers, crushing them upon the splfntered trunks of ifie trees and sharp jagged rocks beneath The car smashed to pieces and a horrible scene en sued Crowds quickly gathered from the main starting station, a short distance awoy Doctors and ambulances arrived, and the work of removing the dead jand Injured began Supenntendent Dechart gives as the cause of the accident the refusal of the brake to work properly It was a new brake and was being experimented with It is miraculous that a single passenger escaped us- the car was smashed to pieces A investigation was commenced today b) the coroner Hit Letter t f tj turn e to the 7 HIIBJ! Mil I i s. Ult i PlIIHiHinu Vug 1 lUNon ha-s sent t the c mmlttte a the Dim i ill state tonviuti i him of his not iniatlou for tbt, shi) the f 11 u n K letter of ae Tu U Fiar II L 1 U 1 Cla a 1 I I 1 by 1 nn ivt rnor- tali lnb II the I) ii govern r terthant i i I J f n ii i tl u f 1 tell r t I f i t and Usafc parti a ptrfi u I art ai i i Blun t i 1 t pervu In i ed All w jillll i f r I of ul at a tl u t vyjj tti r a n tl IK glvn 1 i ?th t i Ii nili fthethlUL 1 j. uuv ntiu ill) i, who i c in In iti 1 tt t 1 1 I ULU If It r f ac l i tl u s 1 It n 1 o na 1 aa uud e I tf t t utest be I I of I In t Its tul 1 In I 111 parties in I i sj h ft U Ihe la f n s f U r specth tbe contr lllrfr urtuenc b) wind atl jns an 1 i l u re si ip d an 1 live dlscusM n f 1) c t dates I j ll ui i[ i sstf tl trj unn L t il !j 1 it not t of th tr ff bly nlr It In chaiH anlpt d and wi met and ded k 11 tit? people at tt 1 lu th s con t. tl r 1 may vein n tlou that ue 8l n il 1 i t permit th diverted Ir in IU and t t In r rt 8s ics from tl tl ndl I hues II I P I ut a i effort 1 un ti M m Pen ji i iirtn rtWreti tloti fiom tt e i ai 1 theh te remote sul J f i tv c id near Cascade Cltv r i Pi A train >f twenty freight st i n the imin track broke lo curs Struck another ficiuh t Seventeen the runaway cits anl t f the refill n freight c ir. were cim v wrecked and the trainmen wire I n 1 indcr tho caii The station at C i- i le f tv vvaa struck 1) the cars anl thr w i 1 ui an embank ment and the h tator narrow 1) escaped with ln-> 1 ff 11 sheds for a considerable i iw ro demolished In Poet O Ucillj NEW -3 having in th memorial K in I Ii Boyle O Hull) In >Hmory 1 it committee in i fsr i f the late John I 1 that the ex erclses will be h 1 1 n Opera house "vtuli y rvr governors of 'i rk Massachusetts luivi b ei Gilmore s band h i 1 Edward Strauss Ins (I r his haipist Mile In prominent B >st >ni 1 intention to be pn i notable men fi nn til ll e in PR 8ept 8 The N w Jcrse) and ted to attend cnvigtd and 1 the st rvict s of ui- Muij tlie-ir irts Alleged Swindler ArreHted Nfc w OUK Aug 23 Graen naeth of Montauk L I, was arrested here with swindling various firms of this city by falsely representing himself to be an agent of the Bad Debt Collection agency of Chicago Among the firms from whom Oriienbneth Is alleged to icecntl n Hi) in D Cu, Thttrb r 1 Co and L Miller Sou Ih prls )iier was remanded at his own no, list until he can communicate with the hit iirii rninpftii) Ayer'R 8ni saimrlllB, by purifying and en- rlchlnK the blond, improves the appetite, aids the anslmilftUve process, strengthens the nerves and Invigorates the system It Is. therefore the best and most Inorougmy for old 1 lie llful ul I PHIL MU LI HI u killed bj tht filing f Citizens Passing i I Twelfth si reel mi IhetleTjihuf tt Ih je irs sj i f A m st n being in itlf the possible the exaet tau 1 Itlphla 1 lie number of 1 ir sheds of the iv coinj) in) at i Ii uina avenue il to live I v the finding in Irtl) if I nn McChirtty U Boss Hirarn i n is r to ivorj if I thecata-stroohe Sure If you have made up vur mind to buy Hood's Sarsaparllh tl i tit. induced to take any other ABosttnl h whose eximile Is worthy imitation, ti 113 1 r experience belon In one store win re 1 nt to buy Hood s Barsapaflin the ciirrrrrtl to Inducomerlray their own Instead of Until lietoldmetlielr s would lut longer, that I might take It on ten lo Get days' trill, that If I tllcl not like It I need not pay anything, etc But 1 o could not prcv-ill on me to change I ti 11 him I Ind tikon Hood's Sirsapirllla know wlnt It vvis with It and cli I n t want any other wnen I began tiklni; II od s Sarsap-irllla I was feeling reil mlscril lo with dvspepsli and do weak that it times I could hardly llood'o stand I looked like a person In cons-ump- Iluud s ftaisii uiH-i did mo HU inn h good that I wonder it myself somctlmei, and ray friends frequently speik of It Mna ELT i A OoFr ct Torrioo Street, Boston Oaroaparilla Soldby all JI nlrfnrjls Prppdrpiienlj by 0 I HOOD 4 CO Apoll ooarlei Lnwoll 111 IBB 100 Doses One Dollar 1 I it t I .t u M i i ll nil. _ 1) i i 1 i i 11 i 11 i [nil I u "is- mn'nrch l i it k II tu Mi i 1 la 1 t 1NJ II P, I 1 t i I 11 1 te ul i< tt tt il i 1, M 11 tk ns 1 _ In the n I s! }l tlvrr Both the method and results feyrup of Figs is taken; it is aud refreshing to the taste, and acta gently jet promptly on the Ltiver and Bowelb, ckan-i-s the M- :em di-pcli c 11- he id aches and feveis in 1 cuns Ii tlntiial constipation bmip if ries 13 the onlj remedy of Us kind pro Juced, pleasing to the table and ac ceptable to the stom ich, jinmipt in ts action and tiuh benefiiial m its effects, prepared oi ly from the mosl ealthy and ngiecalle many excellent qualities commend it ;o all and made it the must populir reme kn hvrnp of I i s 1-1 fni sale in fiOc and 81 bottles In til leailinfr drtit, ts Any rcht'ile. may not have it en hind pio cure it promptly f r an) one wh to try it. Lu not accept any substitute CALIFORNIA-FIG SYRUP CO. SAN FRANLISCO lOWSVlllF KY YlsRK, N Y The Urges! variety of st PrhFINf Kf V LHOl gimrantcetl to tie the finest made In tbe I S will be found at ANGKT.Q CAMRKA'S Fine Confectionery Store, 2CS SOUTH BEOAI2 STREET TlUNTON N J Fancy Fruits Ice renm Sotla Water Ic Cretin sodas Milk Shakes I rmomide ,lwa) B on hand and the 1 est I hat din he hue inn le TheRB-aie laeta eonv ent tor all JUMIiU. Thotlinp tn puroharo best ReUcted coal Is in Summer Winter months the tradp is pushing bus the ooiil compuny In haste to get out pro ducts do not prepare as when not so busy e are making a special effort Summpr to gt t the best rual that grows and delhpr it In the best shape possible (nine and see tnestotk aud order f< r Winter Latest Novelties LADIES', MISSES' AND CHILDREN'S SLylLsli Atrsliiioit First Oost Pnce8 slone with new arrival of all styles Sun Umbrellas fo tho liot weather one of which San Umlirul las every lady ahmill httvo Also a new arrival of new Eml roideno and FlouneniKS (if the very finest matoria and workmanship at such (irlooi as helow anything ever heard of Agsin wo have received another big lo of those boant fill hildron a Hats and FIJI' for tho sale of whtoli vvo Imvo utich a wid reputation as this Go to WallU for ft hlld B Hut and It wil look twice as handsome, again jtist on ac count of the stylish lint I Juat received tiiroo nioro of fftmonn ras-t olor fernery and ninny Nov eltlos for tho vacation time i i t I .111 OPPOaiTK CITY HALL NB Oor goods are positively vert but. Valise iffVT IN i _ p OOBBINS, n-r _ Oelobt ated Spring no v on ale j HA II 15 Bast Btata ut eet HAi; JlIIS MAN honght pwitaof AMi-hlCAN XHHINQ TAILORING 00, woal not now lunph wind whintUd th on h nst Uili. clothiBg Men, Boyi B21 th Iriu witi T TAILOR-MAD[ PLOTHINQ Itu thin Philadelphia Onr grut 1 o day uv SAMPr F OVEKCO i fS for 99, l J.U, H3 onr lAMPUT. '0IT8, rth i a for f9 99 )U for Children's i It i. id MADE TO i tl onrt s be -o m tl deal with, ight j ti ivru i utl n'Ji, Mil lilllihliVj li-f 8 lait Stftte. fv r Tronton Ilygoian Ico Go. FR M DISTILLhl) WAI t K. ill In pn jnred on and after Y, AUGUST 90, i'O i- if tire FROM DISTITJ.KD WATKR. AT THE FOLLOWING PRICES Ll quantities ufune tun ui iiiuic, 50 Lents per In of not less than 300 60 tents per cwt. I UU WEIGHT GUAIIANTEMI. 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