Saturday, August 9, 1890

Trenton Times

Location: Trenton, New Jersey

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Trenton Times, The (Newspaper) - August 9, 1890, Trenton, New Jersey nian VOU VIH. NO. rUBNTON, 8A CIJKDAY AFTERNOON, AUttUBT 9. 1890. TWO CKN'IS VETS LN YANKEE I AND. THE GRAND ARMY ENCAMPMENT IN BOSTON AUG 12 AND 16 Progruiuiiii fur Imuseuieot and V 1 Idul of 1-XJM ctcii tu Imuile tlie Atheuft of thi. World I IJ i 'K' 1 n an 11 -elation 1 e Mti iai h im thi_ y, Luglaiid c tho twinty fourth atinu il n iinj nn tit natioiml body of the Grind Army of the Ittpublic, will bi> hi Id it Biston The return of the pt i A A.I-QER. eiicampiii Tit to the old eAStoiu states is alHofcoineihmgof cepttonofP rtliml 18X5, and Baltftfiore, IS82 the n m jnal encampment has held west of the Alleghinies everyyear rnnei It swung over to Pofynd in 1W) after New England for Bex en irs The v. EngUnd sesgions during the exihteiK e of the order have been e up t tin time BOB tonhinl it i'i Kiw ProMdene 11 1W77 m 1878 With that <f at Portland New England has ha 3 sessions out of f< ur en< iinpuieut of 1871 vrill doubtless neallndbv Bjbtomans after that ot IK'J) has 1 away as Ji very pnmiUvfe xtf air At th it enoampment there were df 1( from entcon de partments ai' 1 tlie' teitil reprocentation eutj t The encampment of 1890 will nuiubir at least dele- gates an 1 the df partmenta represeiitod will be ab< ut f The BMon tueamjiuiunt of 1871 -was notablo in resjweU Oen Am broso E Bunifl lo of Rhode Island the foremost s Idler cif New England, -was choseu m-ehief for ths year The quebti jn of politics in the order was then- ajfitiitmg manj fnpnds of ths mox omt nt as w f 11 aa its critics, and a resolution embodying the sentiments of the veterans passed unanimously It read as follow ThattioGraal of the Repub- lic is in no K- iiv- w uate crap Lnical or organizati n and anr ujraradc nao endftflvors to utjptlieeri r w a engine for the pur pose of grar v :i, auj i liti al ambition la rec reaut to lib, Hv uad his i jniiales This id i in different phraseology and in tono now appears aa an article of th" national rules and bonR as f allows Xj officer rr comrvde of the Q-rand Arm} ofth li pnblii shill J.n any man ner use this organization for parUwm purposes aiirlno rlKci ssiem of paiUsan questions shall be permitted at uriy of its inciting nor thall anj nomlnaJlon for jiohticil office b i made The Grand Ann} of Boston, and of Jlassachusctts PS well, has been true to the principles enunciated in the early lUjoeif tliio noblo in titution Ono of tha i.irllc tt liftti nuf WM Gen Clnrlps of Boston, who seved two and 1875 and bra% h indicated the order as an or ganizition at onee patriotic, noble and charitable Another Boston soldier who beeo at the head of rho order is Waj George S Men ill commander-ln-chlef in Both of these veterans are on tlie iocil eommince foi the eueji'Mpiueut of'he j par The t of the ctcrans of the city and pt tie duiingthe past quarter of a centnn s1) ;i b that with them the watchw i r Is Charily, Loy alty mi in v vt deal Tn 1881 the Lin m thrillt 1 with the patriotic words ot (jneiu r John A Andrew One of his p it i itie promises was that tlie familj of crj in in who enlisted in tbo T pi-nvulfd fot In ill in nt: five jears that fol prjiuis the btate expended iO 000 in nldition to bounties and th" nation 1 pensions to ke< p the flu af liV-alh (i? duimgthe stonn and stress ppnod of tin' ar No tl sum it fixed bj law but it IB obligatoiy that any veteran or the widow or 9ependenf childrsn of n Veteran, in indigent cir cutnstancea, must be supported by the ton u or city where they reside The support may be furnished ftt the home oi the benenciaty or elsewhere but it rails) Absolutely Pure. A of powder High Mt of nil In iMvening length U. a. (Jut fciJWnt Anpurt It, ISSf, nut bo in an li i i Anns ot tin? It I i nc i dinl urMiif, I u it bi the f jl! iwin i n i tui r 800 Thi is jiu thi, i (f the UKUKUt S I 1.1 II t A mmemait to est fl hjinebe gan in Ib77 H II r Sarftnt a> in nt Hi i nn- i uicd the hrsl iu wlut 1 il liutol dLrhurii hill (_ 11.1 i r a Tho ]ir h had t rf tt d ftt-iwi about bought f >r noi f wbith Bum dipt J B Th ina-4 f C h irli WTI (fail on' half TJ furtJirT funls a granil b 12 1 ir i hd 1 iu B in 1861 nettuu Ofln ,ut 1 thi HI i unt t 000 ajiar A fi w 'u ifi a rs car v, hell in B< t th b IIIL anfl tnimiH H '51111. the retiiit v, is jjint-l min ites h M IHI n ir 1 f r it Ldilin ViJ AVI uuti n t r u otat< cirtain Inn. t h me in i haiijB, imd th in 1 1 Kolief coriis of thi. drind h lp to furnish rooms attend tht uil gtn erkl rehif Am4o fiom thw feat q cf chantr the tu are tonspicu us r jr tbt good of tln< veterans Sime'ftb pjLta main quarters J in c jint ;rtb to those uf ail) beiiavjkut assx-ution or club have r'Xiu ban 1 illurd room and i i 1 f ir public on 1 conterta P u) Chelsea hai a fine hall arJPwt 11 of Chirks n an 1 40 if ur> port prjpeitits i 1 .it i JJO each B -ndu PJ t D iili Boston Po-.t 1> Brocktjn P jinjuth ml Po.t to D IL'I f cw-n their luids ne of tao N-WHIU.; tumiiiles at the tonrth CDcanjpmeQt wilJ Ijo cnterUijtd at t n SL lialli Post 11 idfor'iiip --ts Post will J i ij ibl fjr Poit i, of Plnlililphu ml P k-t t n ,m U jv p i H i P i 1 L -tou will ru L u Post n J unra It i w h j Lri. not b fortunate as 1 1 un tin. liit t local h finl thtinseHes property at HS [Kmf hill i (jnpt mnm Vitrben librm albo of h" f i O'W til in a strange lairf mil -vptprin-f are hospitable and iihc Tlu headquarters of the anon> tlepartuifnts are located comenienth in a up of hotels close together The New Enghutl department will by toother Tlio Vr Oman s Relief corps ill mei t at Tr uiont temple The to tlio fnt unpiutnt be a free hinchtcu dailj and tl hulls w ill be opt m il for camp h IM niul reuinoRs A erj wise and aVfUl itti IWSa 1m t n Ii c- il ev >rti n the department of inf iniiitt in Tin dfpirtment will innin( in im ut inirkril with .t M Merj hotel and i n station agencica will furnish full infoi m itmn to strangers tr e of The iiocomniol iVioni for veterans m Boston do udit t that ut) and to the Cridnd Amn It n intindtd that tltete ill bom nn 1 if a e imp All the posts in the city and Mcimty will Rltllf-i armor its halls ill be opened 1 j the score _The nnintnse Btiuctuio Mc lgin-( ftcumi n iHtioni for 000 nidi Till pi tee be a colossi! bar ink under tin: t mi It tar} nile Tilt i r vns of difTfrent be aa to hectious un 1( r control of their office-, Hot 1 And boirlmr houso piun bo re ;nlir it thi former tu i for full b 1111 fl foi r wins b laidlnir, honsns 50 cents to foi rooms, So enits upward f >i in iK Hie expense fo II ivi icTms ffs and to Boston will bo hciiM Tho appiopnuted council The i iriyi jiqjina a fund of dflO Tho encarupmentr exouises will open on the IBth wnth ugnnd street parads and probablj 000 man will in line There lie, promised from New England and New York eity alone In the evening after the narade a reception will bo held in CONTINUED OK BEOONU PAOB. THE CENTRAL IS TIFD UP I he Vanderbilt Roads Affected by a Big Strike Al WAR HIIHkMUHIS n and fair to be out of the most memorable in the of lubor trouble in the country Ordered br the Kritghts Tt Uy 1 ou the itmtl tttid tbe toHiplwtauesH ot the tie up eurprlbtd ivtrj otllcial of the road Ihe kmthta were fjuul in every depart ment fremi the dispatcher 9 oflice to the cleaners of the engines tire meu brakemen frt conductors switch men switch tenders dock laborers clerki dud every other class of labor fell Into line Ihti ntntti fit fhf, atrikft, which came so suddenly IB naid to lie In the fact that for months according to the workmen prom ment members of the Knights of Labor on se reason being as signed Committees w we sent from the several local assemblies of which the men were memberB to (reneral Manager Touct} and they asked for the men 8 reinstatement on the ground that thej were all old and efficient of the companv and It was a violation of the agreement mads with the company that the men were to be hiid Affjc the order of fhplr irnpiijj merit, the last comers and most Inefficient tnen lobe the flrit toh-o Ihe committee re ceived no sitisfaction The men had been discharged for cause it was asserted but the cause was ghen and that set- tled-tit matter- -At its meeting neefcs in Ltici, District Assembly No M, comprising all the knights ou the road also appointed its executive board to trv meu reinstated Ihe district master workman was discharged as well li wirrip rnfrflrieri of assembly Holland Refused au Audience. The dittrict board then appealed to tlie general ofllters of the order, and J J Hoi land who was chairman of the national legislative committee of the Knlgkts ol Labor at Washington was gent for He came, but Ice .President U ebb ot the Central refused to talk null him diHlrirt pTpdifhp trfu> anrmnsly waiting in the Grand Lnicn hotel for the return of Mr Holland 'W hen he came a conference was held at the close of which District Vaster Workman Lee gave out the following for publication The Knights Appeal Brother Go-workers of Occupations in Raflrij f berv e? The officers f ihe NCT lork Central and Hjifl SOD Rhtr railroad are engaging in aa effort to iuaufeUlAtcj the p IM r.aj icJ coi impacKi ou our organ zatjoo It will be but a fahurt time before the} proceed to exterminate all other organizations Huping you will appreua e the that thiy action on the j art of the company means what we have namely the extermination of alt labor organizations and that you will sw the necessity uf cj jpsratiug with to set aside this unjust action on the part of the company reniairj respectfujl> rows BoARn D A No 248 X, of L The Vemnndt oT the Men The follow mg demands were also form ulated for presentation to the company IBej show that tbe men through their or gamzation desired more than the reinstate- ment ot the men That all men employed by the company in any cspudly., testthan Jt per shall be Increased to W per day And for all etacfon baggage niaitera there shall be an in crease of month That tha men employed in yard service at Troy ftnd Green Island shall receive the same compeu Ration as the meu similarly employed at Kait Alhanv and Schenectady That All firemen firing six wheel connected en receive as compensation cpnts per mile and oil engineers rutininif stoc whee] connoated enRines recrlre 4 cenW pel mile Enifineers inn ninif four wheel engines ihall rece ve cents per mile an 3 firemen 2 cents per mile Ali men working ID any department shall re- ceive double for overtime Submitted respect, fully ExEccTrvB BOABD I) A 346 Done According to Webster Then the out of town members left tan-hi-lr TV in Thoy had decided to order a strike, and during the afternoon a dispatch was sent to all the forty six locals along the road, con taming the words W ebster's Dictionary That had been prearranged as the signal All along the road employes at once stopped "work At the Grand Central depot onlj one train out of fourteen that should left the station between 7 p m and midnight moved This was a fast mail train and carried no passengers Ab 11 o clock last night the Grand Central nan ClOli 1 tv tile U o I i ilfc public and the following official notice was put up at all the ticket Ihe sale of ticketB has been discontinued temporarily The ticket agent will refund if called upon to do so A Fulit to the Bitter Knd Vice President Webb says that the men who left the service of the company will Be promptly discharged, while those who remain true to their trusts 'will be pio tected and taken cars as wbTild all who come to work for the company with great emphasis that he wouldHglit the strikers to the bitter end of tluj strikers-were interviewed on the matter bnt'fieclmed to talk further than to say that H ould prove to be the bigtcst strike before It that the pioi l! m the east had seen for some years To Tlo the Vanderbilt Linen Not onl} did the New York Central em plojes who are Knights of Labor strike in this city but those at West Albany went otttnt the vork bj the extension of the strike to all the lines of raflioad In the Vamtirbilfc sj tllfl W est bliore the I ako Miora and Michigan S wtliprn, the Miefug in en tral arid the Nickel Plate The New railroad commission! rs That detention of the stomiioh which many people feel after eatlntr, roav be due to Im proper mastication of the food, bnt Inmost vmiknOHKOf UisdlKMUvp organs, the bent remedy for which IB one of Plllg, to be taken after dinner last report M. ti i unit Jl of i f 1 }i.s of thi. N i i i i ti il un 1 II I n River null il n tn4Hitt pro Inots ropnetor Pe LbL n i_r nil tbe n to all 1 parts of the People Stfll v illy; ut VII] IT It sent i missive t i states that lie In- re n tion from Gf en r territon at i t 1 in the v-h to l eiffht famili s ar the necess irien of lif a sIiTr) tt not nn CTd p i affaire Govern r Mf 1 to call tbt attrnti n f I 11 pi- pip T r men Is that the inn abo' t nnn if tl n f l tlie nlitf if the i-1 NiisHissippi rivei an i t given to meet tbr m t of the poorer pi ojHi in t Oklahoma 1 nt 1 in ninth he I i LOmmiinita ship 10 rn ne msi! i ited i irtnal of i i hat the town ti this -itnte of 1 s the president m t the eon t Idem ruom 1 il balance of I propunttd ftr Hood upon the tiibnt be nt mcissltiea 1 onia The} Wunt T BllJUIMilI IM VI V Dct locratic club ot t is the board ol ediu iti one of thi c loi Brhoftis He w ch more Republic in tl n g else HI his sch ol ri liuilea clui Iren of i Ihe matter will he imc- IB from Ohio an 1 I is 11 coloied schools f ir so r i Iior Removed 9 colored i has petitioned t remove J N 1 teachers in the nr.jeit with I lea than any i 1 maltreats and 1 red Democrats tttfated Clayton ii teaching in the 1 sessions Peculiar Pi o ib ir in c ulu itnn jrnportion, and [i nt nif i I i i Hi od s Sirs ipv i lijt i ss ilue ol tho htst IIOMI ruin o "10 vepit li c I 1000 k I n B d o m lien i n itustipniith n 1 economy Hood 9 S rs TH iis tin i liTj i ttrt "ffclrrhf m tr Ij ml OIK II h 1 Do'es Oi D 1 lir I till ir in Its n I ilmerlts, Huoil i rsap irilli icrmiilil s cures hitherto nn K i t the title of The pr iti til od purlller ever discovered reotill ir li III "good nimo it home tliero li 11101 it HooQ s Sirsi- pinlla Bild In Iiuill linn of ill other tilood pur flrrs Pt( 1 tr hi Its phenonn nil rrerird ol _, .1J athcrl ever idilnrd so ri] 1 lly nor held so sfeidfiMIy tho confid nee ol all .clisies of people Peculiar In tl n 1 riln work wlileli It represents, iniparilla com Wnos all tho which modern resoirch Itcflfln flelenco liis I O developeil with rrnny yetri prtctl il experlenee In preparing modicineq Bo sure to get only Hood's Sarsaparilla BoIdhTftUdmpiKlato nliforJS Preparorionly byf T HOOD A 00 Aiotl IOO DOSOB One Dollar IN THb BATtBALL WORLD t ijt" IfHBae At H s II si j j 0 1 4 0 0 W IHI, .jioa ooi 11 'tihc It II i Sew rk 15 tr OIH B s-t i N vs 1 Bui rica U ju br n an I KP! I i i- 1 i) a il hu lllg At I It I t, ttsb u 0 i 1 4 0 I 0 t U BufTal u J I 0 0 Z 6 llaw I Us 1 I I II IT Lrr I HI j B ITi C I) i ta Miut aid y i 11 11 Matk AI llr klj Br ukb ti i i 0 lad li f i u l U U il u 4 J Bus I i H j V 1 U U i f- rors Ur U) 1 I UJ v u b j. ,L l, i i uk B IHu u id II i a At n LhluiK 0 1 P 8 0 u I J LU ii-l u i 0 0 P 0 0 3 1 1 s 8 liubt. I Us Lb lovnliu 1 11 Ir I 11 ug i 1 lai I 8 Bill w ics l! i t3 and Jar U i n and s ik Nutloiml At u I (1 iflill i OOOOOOOOUl t.1 KOODOO Ua.i i 1 lai I 1 (.hkai, 1 1- s tlMfiani ftrttjx9 f Wulsw ill) at r II lUilnsuIi anil Klttrl Ig Liuc ui ai Oncrautttl 0 I 0 t 1 0 4 i 1 Intbt irt, 0300010116 C u a 1 I ti t 3 Htttttri i 1 a ui tl K rrnt t if- uu 1 Hut 11 as us full ws 1 Nat t i B i n1 11 i il kl x> i i-l 109 111 GH At I n Ur kU i i< an VnnottaUaii, v t i a n 0 0 S 3 i 1 1 8 0 x J k I U Mr rs o I 4.0. iui er f i D j lill 1 1 1 1 I n -I tl N V IT, U n Ut Of furthci iintstu 11 li 1 it n uu I tliL i uf 1 1 ens us return-, fr m th i f M Pi il Miati Setretan N i t _, i th rec in muni if i.m uf iu 1 ui l ii r h w dirc tbi_r n t f jun 1 by JIM Lxaminati n of tl t s 'it- 1 ilts ut luist 4 UW ill n> f nanit-i bile tx mtr-Htmg tho it i f M IJaul fruin au> i Slusj n it) ti tso ihttl tlie LIIOI-> dis( r i of sijtlj chnruttu tlj it a r t ui t it nt ta-ary Ibc work of liking Hit i (LUbua u ill be be- gun Miifjlt Tax Mm to Mt tt VUK -1 Vta meeting ot the Uere made for the first mm )iml t< meutiuu of single tax fit t JLJ uij) u Voudaj, 1 Iweiit) thrne srnfesniHberepre heutt-d an I il ul MKJ will be t I IIP 1 in fl Ihti HI t whc u there Hjll bt a rnos-< f tax peo{ ie Uti the tuiiowing a free tiadi, in i i ie w ill 1 1 1 1 1 1 Uu i i n 1 in her will be gneu at Cunt} JMan I ai which k i binglt tax bj tukir-, ft! intri ill I L iJotb Uie inetlnd and results when Sjrup of Figa is taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and acts gently yet promptly ou the Liver and Boweh, cleanses the sjs tern effectually, dispels colels head aches and fevers and tuties habitual constipation, bj rup of Figa is the Only remedy Of its kind ever pio duced, pleasing to the taste and ac ceptahle to the stomach, prompt in its action and truly beneficial m its effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commend it to all and made it the most popular remedy known. 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Our grnt to-dtjr ut SAMPr (r 0 VUBCOATS fa; svortli J13, oar HAMPI F dtTlTS wenh for 98 for Kctf Pmntu und TO O'kl LB. Ktanmtxr, pan u hwt hoajo n. ibi unotry irltk, nght slong to tl A M 1111 i (j Wo 3 Cor St fi i y Advcr YOUR "WANTS" IN THE '11MKH flip 1 irgpst Mirletl (if I M UNP Kf AM I 111) II i. l iriuil ell 1 elhi til est nimle In th I uillle li un I lit ANGKT.Q CAMERA'S Fine Confectionery Store, 1 KPN K N N J FimP} FrullH Irplrinnj 1( I reiitn s, Milk Sliikit. Umoniih <i n 1 vi I inJ vlu I tMthtu n it find rn U Itesf ur I i 1 n es lUtkr ill S 3 a ll'iifl fr n urrn JND AM) BI THE Trenton -Watch Ihe moht rUinbk fur tlic in un j t all jiniJ HOP tli' l at THB HEL AULE Ik.WKI.El 120 Peiry Street Opposite Trinity M B Ohuroh 1 .1 i u. tin ntllt) K i M ii In low, icatl Noivn this paper. f 10UNTY OF MElitJR PEOPOSAIS FOR B'lIMtF CON'STEUC Pu snnnt to n resolution adopted IIT Iho Boanl of h wtii Freetn hli rs of thn i uintv of M oil iiro) Hula will he ri ivod for the i oi firm tinn of iho !r in work for a ttilB iron brirtRnoVd Miry linn ft the luiul of Whlii hiaii B inlllp nl in II ami lion towrstilp n ar TIL ton, NiW lilliw I'lniis ai ii alnns fir nail I may ho si en nt tl o W trtofi n oftl i in the (onrt Kous Ul tho i itr nf fronton 01 til oik A M of Woihmilay August nth HoMctl propoiihls ninat lo r resented when illod for dor ng tho inoi tinp of 8Aid Boird i MOJININO. AUUUdT Hth in tho Fncho'dors In tho I onrt OURO, no couth Proad street Tho Hoard rcni rvcs tho right to nj 11 any ami all bids not doomed advantageous to tho ounty n r Miiui i uun OdUnoN WILLIAM N UNNINHHVM PR'OI! 4th iiniinlHoo IltTiiNBON tonnly 8 The Real Estate, Safe Deposit, Trust and Investment Co., and ES Nw ST A j. TRENTON N J T-rftEsocts-ft general Allows interest on cash dojoaita subject to flf t "ghf Bents boxes of various i zea in its flre sad proof vanlta (ho rontor Hielnsiyely keeping the key Acta as agent for colloctiut; reuU and for purchase or sale of real estate FxeCutes trusts of eve-n description, Executor, Administrator tluirlnn Trus- tee, etc Loaus money ou mortgage an I on col lateral Agoutfl for heijue Bank of London Cheques for sale iu all parts of the world. HUGHE. HAMILL President HENBY 8 LIULK Vice President AHA F SKIRM 4ormtjiry BAEKEB (JDMKHE JB, Treasurer WrrriAsf fl HOOEE Cashier D1BECTOB8 H T N Aitams i ugfirs, Barker Gnmmere Jr James Bu< hausn Wash'n A Kooblmg Owen H Locke H 8 Little, L B Eisdon B Meredith Dickinson J B Oasiill Edward Grant Cook, Edmnnd t, Hill, William S Yard Albert latest Novelties LADIES', MISSES' AND CHILDREN'S Parasols At almost First Coat Prices aloiLg with a now arrival of all stylos 8uu I mbrellas for liie hot weather, one of whixh huu bmhrol las every lady should Also a new arrival of ntw I tut ronlones and FlouncniKa of tho very htust material and workmanship at such prices as are below anything ever hoard uf Xgalu, We havfi rfiCGlvod anuthcr big loft of those beautiful Children a Hats ami Caps, for the sale of which wo have fetich a wide reputation as tbu Go to WalHft for a (tnkl a Hat aud it will look twice aa haudaotuu again juat ou ai. count of the styhah hatf Juat three more of our famous Fast Color Hosiery muny Nov eltles for tho vacfltJOi) time OPPOSITE UTY H N CTui very bwt m pi Y; Krlptt Book, f ihltnutton anrt ir WEOICA4.GOM Bf tOtmral aodNERVOUS DEB? Woikntuof BodyardMird Effectt i. DnrBtlinr HOJfX THUTtm IB Uttllr trom BO Md f irlr TTrllt I Bnrh, f t or. is I 1 frjft. 8UFFEEEE3 OF LBBOU8 Or consult Dr. 130 N FIFTEHMH I In Twenly jeurs experldioi H< urs 1 A M till r il 7 to 10 esenlnnn st ail f( r hooh (pealetl) -xintalnlng full parllcalura !or home cure, Iree of cbarfe RFAT) THE TRKNTON TIMES,

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